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REVIEWS OF Anne Arundel Medical Center IN Maryland

naaila paige

I had the most traumatizing experience from the emergency department! I’m from New York so I have only trusted this hospital when I needed immediate medical attention! The first traumatizing experience was November 16, 2018. The lack of compassion, and aggressiveness that I have endured have lead to constant distress on my mental! Not only was I physically being mistreated, the documentation for my visits were not thoroughly recorded! Now I have to deal with the hospital record management to resolve everything! I will never visit this particular hospital again! As an out of town patient, I have lost hope for the healthcare in Maryland!

Marquita Williams

They have the best staff...arrived earlier than my Mom's appointment time and was seen in a matter of minutes...they are all polite and welcoming!!!!

Scott Kinsley

I had several nurses that helped me but there one in particular that helped me and I couldn't even thank her because I started crying because I couldn't thank her enough. So I wanted to do it here. I was on the 2nd floor just below the cats floor. I'm a pretty tough guy who never cries but I did it twice I'm one day. I asked her name twice. I see why she's a nurse. She makes people special and it shows. You should be very proud of her. She knows who she is. A very special person. I'm feeling way better because of her. Thanks for everything. ☺☺p.s. I'm the guy who kept getting out the bed who was a pain the ass.

Alexis Pyle

I do like working here but who makes up the prices in the cafeteria? I’m tired of eating chicken fingers and fries because it’s the only thing I can afford. Today I decided to get something different so I got a grilled cheese and it was $3.65! For two pieces of bread and two slices of cheese. I mean come on. Eating anything from the hot foods bar for 1 person you better expect to pay $15 or more. They use to give employees %10 off but took it away :( many co workers complain about the prices and now just pack their lunch or don’t even eat at all. I think you guys would make more money if you lowered the prices so people could actually afford to buy something from the cafeteria.

Nela Brown

Love going to this facility. Always clean. The ObGyn department is amazing. Parking is tricky but there are plenty of garages.

Danie Brown

This place is LITERALLY one of the reasons that there is so much DISTRUST for healthcare, particularly for African Americans! This is the second time I’ve experienced blatant racism from the staff, not unconscious/implicit bias, but BLATANT racism! I am a successful professional African American woman with a beautiful husband and family and I am above all, a God fearing woman and this place right here is the absolute worst. There is a reason why the mortality rate amongst African American women is so high nation wide- I almost became one of them when I gave birth here because my nurse refused to take my concerns seriously- AND I’M A NURSE MYSELF! The reason why I am writing my review today is because this can’t go unchecked! I went to the ER today with a severely swollen and partially obstructed airway due to what I assumed was a severe allergic reaction, but of course NO ONE CARED☺️ the “nurse” Kelsie did not greet me when she got to the room I was in and she proceeded to cut me off while I was answering questions she was asking me. She jammed.. and I mean JAMMED the swab stick down my throat when she obtained my sample. She then called the lab to follow up on my order she seemed to mess up and she gave them an incorrect birthdate for me(so much for triple checking

Rhonda Kavanagh

I only gave four stars due to the extrodinary wait we had with my daughter who needed stitches we waited over 7 hours! Once she was seen the care was good. Apparently the hospital was full and the e.r. beds couldn't be emptied to care for the patients in the waiting area.

Cherie Martin

Thank you for the wonderful care given to my three-month premature grandson and his mama, as well as the consideration for my son, so he could stay with her.

Do Ra

Had a chance to give a birth to my child in this hospital. Almost all nurses were careless. Very negative memories.5 awful days and nights of my life. Do not recommend this hospital.

George Swanson

I had a colonoscopy yesterday and EVERY person that dealt with me was a normal, efficient, nice, helpful and qualified person. I am grateful for the excellent care

Erick Villacorta

Great hospitality! Drs and nurse staff are all friendly and very helpful to whatever you need. CLEAN HOSPITAL. Had our delivery here and had an overall great experience. Very organized, positive staff even with the crazy late hours they work. Baby girl was never taken from our sight.


I came in for a simple pregnancy blood test. I had taken 4 urine pregnancy tests and they were all positive. I stayed there for 4-5 hours waiting on results and was sent away and told it was negative. The next morning, my first sergeant told me to go to the base hospital and they immediately came back with positive results. Entirely disappointed and glad I got a PROFESSIONAL second opinion. The hospital is very dirty and the people are rude.

Jessica Ann Zimmerman

The staff are indead fantastic.

LaToya Samuels

Best hospital ever . Plus all the staff and nurses and the best NIC Team

Nathaniel Martin

Its my place of employment.

Henry Pomper

This place is crap. We showed up at 2:30 for a minor scheduled surgery and have been waiting for things to get started since. It's now 8:00 and they are telling us 'maybe another hour'. I swear I think all the money the medical industry makes just goes to big fancy fountains for the lobbies and boats for the the doctors. I know they aren't spending it on scheduling or providing decent service. I'd rather go to a vet.

Nola G

I have always thought that hospitals were caring facilities. I have had several surgeries and gave birth to my 3 daughters in hospitals. All of my hospital stays were great experiences with kind and caring nurses and doctors looking after me. Today, my Dad was transported by ambulance to the Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis. When I arrived by car my Dad was already in a room in emergency. His nurse was in and out of the room and was barely civil to me and my father (at times you could say he was rude). My father is 88 years old and has dementia. I was raised to respect my elders but it appears this man must follow a different rule. The doctor on the other hand was pleasant. It turned out that my father was okay and could be released. Another nurse came in to remove my Dad’s IV and other equipment. I thought she was nice, at first - until she roughly pulled out my Dad’s IV and the wires connected to him. I was worried that she was actually enjoying hurting him! Initially I ordered a private ambulance to return my father to his assisted living home but the wait was 3 hours. I finally decided to take him home myself (he was begging me to get him out of there as soon as possible) so the nurses’ station called for a wheelchair to transport him and told me to go get my car. Before I left to get my car, I asked if my father could leave on his hospital gown and we would pay for that and the 4 blankets he had on him. They agreed to this but when my father was wheeled to my car, he only had the gown on, no blanket around his shoulders, 1 blanket barely covering his legs and a completely urine soaked Depend like diaper that fell to his knees when he stood up. It was COLD outside! This is NOT the way a hospital should treat anyone, much less an 88 year old man! I was so appalled that I started to park my car and go back inside to place a complaint - but my Dad was in a hurry to get back to his assisted living facility and he was tired and hungry. I do plan to send a letter of complaint to the hospital but wanted to share my experience with this hospital online. Arundel Medical Center what is the criteria for getting treated decently in your facility? My father is a military veteran! He has Medicare and Tricare and has enough savings and income to pay his medical bills! As I wrote in my first sentence, I always thought hospitals were caring facilities - but your treatment of my elderly father was such a disappointment and a downright disgrace!

Wendy Roomian

Caring and amazing staff. Very patient. Can't say enough good things about this hospital.


Staff was very friendly in the morning which is the only reason this is two stars instead of one but they certainly did not help with pain. I have had major back pain for two days to the point I could barely walk and get out of bed. They took X-Rays and said I had a slipped disc, lumbar scoliosis and arthritis in the spine. They gave me some muscle relaxer that doesn’t do anything for the pain and some pain patches. I could have just done that at a Rite Aid. Disappointed that I can’t get anything to help with the pain. I’m forty two years old and this is the first time I’ve ever come back from a hospital visit and feel worst than I did when I got there. I called later that evening and the lady on night shift was extremely rude and unhelpful. Wouldn’t even pull up my name or file. She just asked what questions I have. Explained to her I’m hurting more now and had a few questions and all I got was we don’t look up files or reports from the earlier shift and you can come again and we’ll help you and you’ll be charged again. Basically blowing me off within one minute of the call. I asked her if there’s a contact number if I wanted to look into a malpractice and she refused to give it to me, said she doesn’t like be threatened and to have a blessed day. No help whatsoever....

Jerry Adkins

We've always had great experiences here. The er can be overwhelmed at times but the Hospital and Doctors have always been great.

Joseph Driscoll

Go somewhere else if you can, the worse care I have ever received in my life. Would not recommend to my worse enemy.

Cheri Drake

Thank you, So Much, for Dr. Kerry Thompson! He is a truly great doctor!! Thank you, So Much, to Renee Lester, RN, Jolaine Laccitello, RN, and May Gillis, RN. They All took such great care of my husband and they are all wonderful people!! You have very great and kind people working for you and we hope you will share our comments and reward them well for their great representation of the hospital!! They were All very comforting, sweet, professional but kind and that just put our minds at such ease! Sincerely, Cheri Drake and Jim Felesky (Procedure on 11/26/18)

Rashawna Tate

They got some very racist nurses and doctors that work here.....I’m throwing up blood & in serious pain & they refuse to treat me !!! Do not go to this hospital please if your black you will not get treated how you deserve to be treated!! Im in the process of getting an attorney to handle this matter !!!

Emily Piper

Absolutely fantastic. I’ve been seen there twice as well as my 6 year old. Everyone is super nice and friendly. The Ped ER is mind blowing. It’s fast and all the staff there does everything they can to keep the kids calm and relaxed. Best ped facilities I’ve ever seen.

Sydnie Corley

This is literally the BEST hospital to give birth. The staff were very friendly and made me feel as comfortable as possible. The food was also pretty tasty despite past experience at other hospitals. The rooms were quite spacious and could hold about 6-7 people.

Brian D'Souza

Our baby was born at AAMC. The nurses and doctors are very supportive and care for the patients. The facilities are excellent - the rooms are clean and patient friendly. In addition AAMC is conveniently located. I recommend this place.

Victoria Bako

In 2012, I had emergency surgery here. The staff and OB/GYN on call were all knowledgeable, caring and saved my life. Since then, two of my sisters have had babies here and were really happy with their own experiences. I also brought my son to the ER once last summer for a suspected concussion and they were professional and the children's waiting area was just wonderful. I would happily bring any of my children here again.

Richard Betters

Long wait. 3 and 1/2,For 9 stiches in the hand.

kaila ann

I came to the ER here yesterday for some side pain and the staff was extremely helpful. Dr. Helen was incredibly kind and helpful, and everyone that worked with me was super friendly and accommodating. I got a proper diagnosis here after being misdiagnosed at an urgent care and I’m very grateful. Definitely the best ER hospital experience I’ve had, compared to other ones.

Anne Gotimer

My husband had shoulder surgery here at the Edwards Pavilion last year. Everyone made us feel like family. They checked on us, helped us, and gave us lots of updates. When he was disharged they gave us get well soon card that was signed by the staff, it was so special and unexpected. Everyone there seems really patient centered and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Cricket Williams

My mother's entire care team is here and they are all phenomenal! From cancer to cardiology we would pick AAMC over Hopkins or University of MD.

Camella vines

I came in at 12:05 today and was seen by three people in the process, which entailed vitals and admitting and was told I would be getting pain medication and no one else has come in other than the nurse practitioner and , it is now 1:45 and I’m still waiting for meds . I was under the impression a Dr. would come in but it appears every one is gone to lunch , this my first time here and will be my last time, the patient service is terrible and very unconcerned about the patient.

Krysta Lemm

Had our baby girl here and can't rave about the staff enough! Annapolis OB was wonderful throughout the pregnancy. We ended up with a scheduled C and the hospital staff that day was so friendly getting my husband and I ready for delivery. There was another emergency so we had to sit for a bit but they staff kept us informed and comfortable during the delay. After our kiddo was born they were fantastic at taking care of all of us, listening to our questions, and making sure we were as ready as possible to leave a few days later as a new family of 3! Almost all of the moms I know in the area deliver here and none of us have had a bad experience.

Mike W

Worst hospital billing department in our area. Called them 10 times with my insurance info and they still haven't placed it into there billing system. I now have collection agencies calling me and messing up my credit due to AAMC's horrific billing department. There will be legal action taken for these damages I have incured.

Ann Kane

Everyone is professional, informative and friendly

Evangelina Montgomery

Very nice hospital and staff and security. They have a lot of seniors as volunteers

Shannon Mount

Been here 3 hours, switched rooms 3 times, but have had no one even check what's going on.... and there's no major activity elsewhere....

Jennifer Shreve

Substandard hospital at best - if you can go somewhere else, I highly recommend it. You can die waiting in the ER, once you get in, your nothing but a body and a number and they want to push you our ASAP.

Jon Nowak

I waited for 13hours in the ER to see a psych physician. Thankfully my wonderful mother was there to hang out with me. Otherwise, I probably would have went crazy. I understand that mental health issues aren't life threatening, and there could be other more serious problems with other patients. 13 hours though? Really? I only needed to talk to someone for maybe 10-15min. Not cool Anne Arundel Medical Center. Not. Cool.

Debbie Patterson

I spent 2 wks @ AAMC. I received excellent care & attention during my stay. The only complaint I would have is with the Dietary Dept. Cold, Tasteless, Items ordered missing from tray.

Dyana Quinzi

Very little continuity of care or pain management being a priority; my fiance came in with obvious gallbladder issues diagnosed through the ER. When he was moved to observation, a nurse refused to believe the gallbladder diagnosis and strong armed whoever into a barrage of cardiac tests which kept him up all night. When I suggested they were unnecessary, another nurse told me that "if I loved him, I would want these tests." When he finally had surgery to remove his gallbladder, the surgeon was amazing, but the staff couldn't locate him or the room he would be in. I was led around 3 levels of the hospital looking for someone who had any information, all the while being told that they don't have room for him. I'm thankful for the surgery finally getting done, but we only had one nurse who seemed to care about his pain, which was never really addressed despite his constant honesty about pain levels. All the observation nurses could use a lesson in bedside manner.

Avery Furey

Girlfriend was in for possible gallstones. They tried 1 thing and discharged her after 4 hours. On top of that, the doctor never listened to her and kept running his mouth and ignored her oxygen levels when they dropped. They treated the symptoms, but never looked in depth to identify the cause. The nursing staff was very polite and kind, but the doctor we saw WAS THE WORST!!!!!!

Tyra Dunscomb -DORS-

Excellent Staff and care! The emergency room staff was kind, the escort staff were extremely caring and the 4th Floor Nursing and tech staff were the absolute best. My mom was well cared for and loved during her stay at AAMC.

Christopher Dashiells

I love everything about this place! Never had a bad experience that I can recall.

Carolyn Lewis

Staff was great Patient was in severe pain and the RN stayed with him all morning until his pain was under control. Rooms were clean and decent size, flexible visiting hours, I was able to sleep in the room with him . I have no complaints about AAMC EXCEPT someone was coming in the room every 1.5-2.0 hours poking and prodding, vital checks, meds. Both of us were unable to get more than couple of hours sleep at any time which left him exhausted and begging to just be allowed to sleep.

Wendy Midgette

Amazing staff and care. Above and beyond anything I could have expected.

Paul Schuler

Beautiful blood donor center and all the cookies you can eat!

Akram Alam

When I was seen after a 2 hr wait i didn’t even get a room. Been in the hallway the entire time. I had abdominal pain which was very painful but they didn’t give me anything for the pain so I couldn’t sleep. Arrived at 2 am and it was 8:30am when I saw the doctor for some actual help.

cedric Johnson

I had a ok experience from the staff could have been better but my first child was born there in 2013 and while my wife was their it was a older caucasain lady probably like in her early 50's I think she worked the late shift either overnight or midday seem not to want to cater to my wife I try not to jump to conclusions but I felt it too, think she may have been a little racists and didn't want to deal with black ppl. Also in 2014 my daughter was born and the interns they had checking her vitals and all when she was born seemed not to know what they were doing don't think you should have interns working on new borns but guess they have to learn somewhere but not on mines also didn't like how the intern told the father of the baby before mines congratations and the baby girl was beautiful but didn't acknowledge me when leaving or say my daughter was the same their interns need better customer service training don't say one is and not acknowledge the other also by the way my baby girl is gorgeous by the way.

Cynthia A. Britton

Always a nice and efficient experience

General Impa

I called to make payment arrangements months ago to this hospital and then some fools in the billing department said no then turned right around and lied when I had called the collection agency they sent my bill to when a guy on the other line told me they do arrange payment plans. I told the guy that they said that they do not. He says "that don't sound like Ann Arundel to him." "Oh really!?" I said "well I did negotiate but they weren't having it, now I have something petty looming over my credit score." Heck even my husband called these people and they refused his offer too. Look mostly anyone who is responsible wants to pay their bills to keep the bad credit record off their credit score. Especially people who have high profile jobs who can't have debts looming on their record. Also for the record I have no control over government shut downs. That is what stopped me from paying it all up front the first time around. So I was offering to pay $45.00 or $50.00 every two weeks until the matters on capital hill cleared up. Then I could pay it all off once everything went back into operation. They just wanted all the money right there and then and they didn't even provide the best medical care anyway in the first place when I went there. I pay all my bills on time rather it be a payment plan or not no matter who it is and never once was I denied a payment plan. Seem to me there is a major failure to communicate. My suggestion to Anne Arundel medical center is Get your act together right now! It's not polite to lie! Next time you people there either take the payment plan or don't but don't lie to people saying the person never tried to arranged anything with you. You had me and the bill collector sounding like fools on the phone! Mainly me sounding like a fool which has me right now in a deep sense of anger! I hate when people play on me and other peoples intelligence and lie! It is unnecessary and time consuming when the matter could have been resolved from the jump street. When someone offers a a payment plan accept the plan or don't but if you don't accept it then that is a problem that weighs solely on you, not me, my spouse nor the bill collectors. I won't be coming back this to hospital ever again. I will weigh my chances in Baltimore next time I need medical attention. At least the hospitals there are willing to negotiate a plan rather than refuse it and then lie on the person later saying the refused to pay.

Sherri Cook

Love Love Love this hospital staff from the cafeteria and custodial workers to the doctors and nurses.

MyNameIsnt JoeW

I know it's a hospital but I feel as they went beyond during my stay.

Hayden Lamb

This is where I was born. Would be born here again.

Dianne Parker

i have completed rehab here, and my son has had two orthopedic knee procedures completed here, staff is very attentive and very clean facility

Des Rob

This was a totally unplanned experience and I regret stepping foot here. My daughter was born via c-section, will never know if it was truly necessary. My birth plan was not followed at all, laughed at. I was also scared into other procedures for my newborn that she never needed. The intentions are pure from most nurses, but of course they have no idea who they’re working for. As a result of the manipulation, she was in the NICU for 7 days when she could have been with her parents... she had jaundice as a direct result of the vitamin K injection I specifically declined as well. I need to get access to her records so I know exactly what they did to her.

Melissa Boley

This review is for labor and delivery. I planned on a natural birth and went to Bay Area Midwifery for their birthing center. Unfortunately I went into labor a 4 weeks early and had to come to AAMC. I had Aileen as my nurse during my short labor and delivery, she was awesome and I don't know if I would've made it without her! My baby was facing the wrong way and was really hard to push out but she helped me through it. In addition I was going through transition right after I got to the hospital and instead of giving me drugs (I didn't want them) she git the midwife to come and check me, who told me it was time to push! I also had a retained placenta and can't remember the doctors name, but he was able to get it out and keep me out of the OR so I could spend that time with my baby and husband. All around an excellent experience and will plan on coming here for future pregnancies.

Kate L

AAMC is truley has amazing qualities. I birthed my two children there. I have a great experience both times. Dr. Lori Sweitzer is an incredible doctor there. Many of the doctors and nurses there are incredible. We are very lucky to have this kind of hospital in our area. I’ve been in many areas of the campus with mostly always positive experience. I unfortunately had a terrible experience visiting the ER. I understand the ER is busy, and the staff may possibly be tired, stressed, etc. But going to a place, where I excepted to be in great hands, I felt unimportant, uninformed, and extremely unwelcome. The front desk staff were efficient but uncompassionate, a little bit of warmth or empathy would of been nice. Again, they were doing their job to the best of their ability. I just expected more out of one the greatest hospitals in the area. There should be more communication and transparency of wait time expectations, and better plan of care communication ( not just put in a room, curtain drawn and you hope somebody walks in soon.) I hope that is review might give the appropriate people, the extra information needed, to make AAMC ER fantastic.

Walter Johnson

Nearly all the doctor's I've met at AAMC have been competent, professional, and pleasant. Services are pretty good for a hospital. Things get hectic, and there's often a wait for non-emergency requests to get filled, but the majority of the nurses and nurse's aides are helpful, pleasant, and appear conscientious. The food deserves a special mention. Though I wouldn't compare it to my favorite restaurant, it's surprisingly well-prepared, moderately tasty, and not too unhealthful, especially for a hospital. They don't do special diets all that well, but they try.

Kimberly Collins (CPCS)

Breast care center is top rate!!

Patty D

Very impressed with this facility. Only downside is there are so many buildings that parking can get very confusing.

Nancy McDonald

I was admitted via the ER and the staff and care were great.

giesel B

To start off my experience when I had my daughter was the most amazing experience ever they were so attentive and caring but mind you it was my due hospital BUT what I experienced today with my sister today was just disappointing I was so happy expressing to her to have her kids there and she would enjoy it but all she kept saying when she went there was that she has to go to her assigned hospital which is holy cross and they kept repeating it until my pregnant sister felt so unwanted and left . If you ever want to go to that hospital with out your doctor being there be mindful of wasting your time and feeling unwanted.

Lawrence Frederick


Jewel Woodson

I would rate AAMC with ZERO stars, if I could. This is the worst ER I have ever visited in my life! I was diagnosed with a ruptured ovarian cyst and was in a lot of pain. The care (or lack thereof) I received from Dr. Metzger, RN Holly, RN Megan, and Katelyn Watson was terrible. While Watson was bringing me back from an X-Ray, she bumped my stretcher in to a cart. The impact jolted my body, making the pain from the ruptured cyst more intense. I cried out from the sudden pain, and she didn't even apologize!!! I left the ER crying from frustration. I have never been treated so poorly. I didn't even feel like a human being. *Other incidents occurred, but I didn't go in to detail here, because I didn't want the review to be so long.

Eowyn Angle

I was at the Anne arundel medical center in odenton today to get my boot off when I walked in they ask as usual what doctor will you be seeing today. So I told them the doctor and they said the doctor was not there do to an emergency I had, had this boot on now for 10 weeks I had it on for an extra week as well and I was ready to get it off. They said they had called eailer to inform me when I checked my voicemails there was no calls from them we ask to see a different doctor they said there were no doctors available at the time and that I would have to wait till the next week at this point my mother and I were pretty mad because I had taken time off school and my mom had taken time off work to come to the appointment that we had scheduled 4 weeks before. They told us to wait a little bit to see if one of the other doctors could give me an X-ray and put me in a brace but then after waiting they said that we would have to see the same doctor we saw last time.

Sgt. Cujo

Its a 50/50 for a lot of things. I recommend you go in with some understanding.

Sheryl Allen

I took my daughter to the pediatric emergency room because she had been vomiting and complaining of sharp stomach pains for several hours. Within minutes we were checked into a private diagnostic room and the doctor on duty was examining her. All of the staff from the admitting clerks to the nurses and doctors were professional and compassionate. My daughter was made comfortable quickly. Anti-nausea medicine was administered to reduce cramping within short order. A stomach virus was thought to be the issue and they monitored her for several hours. An attempt to insert an IV tube to gather blood for lab work was not successful due the state of my daughter's dehydration. However, the second dose of anti-nausea medicine finally quelled the vomiting and, with the added symptom of diarrhea, the doctor was satisfied that it was indeed a stomach virus and not a more dangerous condition. We were released and sent home after the staff was satisfied that my child was no longer rejecting liquids. My only concern is the information on the prescriptions we were given at discharge was inaccurate. My daughter has a severe allergy to penicillin but the prescription said there were no allergy concerns. Considering that she has been treated at AAMC for this condition in the past and I made mention of it multiple times to different personnel during this visit, it should not have been overlooked. Also, they did not update my address so it was listed incorrectly too. Despite this one concern with the information on my daughter's prescriptions, I am overall very satisfied with the level of care offered at AAMC. Highly recommend.

Daoiz Gutierrez

Emergency room staff were absolutely fantastic. As a tourist needing urgent treatment I had a fear that the process to be dealt with would be long winded, I was completely wrong. They treated me like a patient as they were very polite and friendly which made me feel at ease. All staff very professional they asked all the relevant questions, followed through with all the procedures and informed me step by step what will happen next so I wouldn't have to wait anxiously. Bed side manner was terrific as doctors joked with me whilst being treated and they made sure that when they had finished I was informed about how to follow through with my aftercare accordingly and better still I from beginning to end I was only in hospital for only an hour and half.

Shamar Mcneil

I’m currently in the care of this hospital I just had a csection everything was goin ok until 20 minutes ago I have been very nice with staff and very polite so for a nurse to come into my room and be very rude to me after asking if I could please just go take a walk Down stairs after being in my room for days the activity they gave me was to get up and walk around and to my knowledge they could care for my son while I ran downstairs to the cafeteria for 5 minutes not only did this woman make up and excuse she got very ignorant with me made me feel upset and cry trying to make me feel dumb for asking to run down stairs then I asked if my friend could watch my son while o ran down stairs and since my mom accidentally took her braclet home to jersey they refused to make another one for me and said theirs nothing they could do and forced me to stay in my room my friend went out to go down stairs and the front desk woman were mocking her when they thought she had left out but came back for her purse and caught them I have never been treated like this in my years of living or at any other hospital and I have 3 other children I will never come back here and I recommend mothers to go to somewhere else if you wanna be treated like an actual person

Todd Cinani

Totally incompetent. If you have to be hostipallized all you are going to hear is distgruntal complaining from nurses and staff unless you are lucky enough to be on the sixth floor. Checkout takes 6+ hours because you have to wait for several people to come by to try to force you to give a good review or purchase some service. The general lab has screwed up most of my blood tests.

Whitney Kutchman

Your nusrses are so rude and mean.i never been so miss treeated as a pacient before!! I was never seen.cuz i was tired of being mis treated.

Stephon H

I usually take my children here due to the nice pediatric area for the children. Unfortunately, I've had two bad incidents with the same ER doctor. I brought my child in for stomach pain and complaints of a migraine. The doctor only wanted to treat her for a migraine. When I refused to leave because my child was still in excruciating stomach pain, the doctor had an attitude but had an x-ray of her stomach done. About an hour later a surgeon appeared talking about how they were going to do the surgery. I had no idea that my child was going into emergency surgery due to her appendix. The surgeon was just as surprised as I was that the doctor didn't tell me. The pediatric ER doctor didn't even have the decency to come in to tell me that my child's appendix needed to be removed and that she was set up for an emergency surgery. I'm glad I spoke up for my child because, the ER doctor was going to send us home! I was furious!

Neisha Wright

Excellent staff, beautiful facility, clean, efficient processes and timely services. They're doing a perfect job.

Shaharyar Mirza

Have been waiting in ER for 3 hours and still haven't been called.

Michael Siehl

I was a patient in the observation unit the week before Thanksgiving holiday break and the nurses were friendly and helpful. Also some of the ER staff was great during the daytime. I was a patient of ER a month or a little bit longer and the night nurses and technicians were great.

Aaron Mathes

The Rudest People Ive ever met, my fiancee was getting blood taken and i was told to wait but when i asked why i was the only one to leave the room when everyone else had someone back there they told me to calm down which if i was anymore calm i wouldve fell to the ground.. then after that they Proceeded to ask my Fiancee if i abuse her... not knowing i grew up in a Extremely violent upbringing watching my mother and myself being beat everyday of my Childhood for no Reason, ive never Hurt anyone in my life and when the Nurse said that all i could do was cry..ive never been to any other hospital that has treated me this way, I was born at this hospital and im not trying to take away from what this hospital has done for others but just as a Warning if you are young, and do not speak in a well manner just be prepared for being Belittled and made to feel as if you are two Inches tall.. ive been here on 4 Separate occasions and each time i have Recorded my visit because any time id complain about the staff they would just Shrug it off like i wasnt suppose to be there anyways.. if you have the option go to the Glen Burnie Hospital.. they will treat you like an Actual human Being when i told Glen Burnie Hospital what they did the Doctors were Shocked to hear about their behavior and told me id never deal with that at their hospital and to this day Glen Burnie Hospital will be the only hospital i will go to. Thanks for listening the Choice is yours.


It is like any other ER. Long waits approximately 4-5 hours. There is a wait room for kids which is very handy when you have to bring kids.

Michael Barkdoll

Have no idea how to treat families and have had to come back because the Dr got it wrong more time than i can remember.

Katie K

Billing department is AWFUL!!! Has taken me TWO YEARS to get a bill resolved from an accident and I've done more work than they have. You'd think they'd want payment. I give up!!!

Tammy Brown

Best hospital ever they always had been sweet and nice


Aye my mom is finna work here. Anyway when I went to visit with her the staff was really nice. Super clean place. The Place is really nice and the TWO cafes are really nice and big. Lady at the front desk was nice too and told us where to go.

Cz Tober

Day Surgery - I have had day surgery at 4 hospitals in my life and the day surgery at this hospital is behind the times. There is very little privacy. There was a man sitting 2 feet away on the other side of the curtain with his foot sticking under. The doc wanted to talk about my private health issue but there was someone sitting a foot away. They did move me to a more private space which was good. There were no call buttons for the nurse. When I had to use the restroom, I just had to sort it out on my own. It was very noisy with little privacy. There is a patient liaison, when I mentioned this issue she said the building is old. In general the nurses said the building is old and out of date. In the recovery room I was sitting elbow to elbow with some strangers, no curtain drawn and again a nurse came to talk about my anatomy and procedure. I am used to other hospitals where there is far more patient privacy, call buttons for the nurse and a second gown to put over the first gown to avoid "bare butt". The pre-surgical nurse was very nice, the rest were aloof. My husband asked about me and one nurse just said "she is not my patient". I would avoid day surgery at this hospital, but we all need to go where our doctor is, so it is what it is.

Rich Kidwell

Excellent care and wonderful staff!

Bay Bell

VERY rough mammograms. The "new-age" digital machine is supposed to be a gentler system. It is but the technician then turns the manual handle to crank it up even tighter. will not go back, happened twice. They love pays the bills. Had to come back for "additional" ultra sound, another mammogram, now they want a biopsy. All this for a "negative" test result. What happens if it is positive?

Andrew Salzman

Just had our baby there on Thursday. Everyone was great! Thank you.

Norah Geary

Horrible experience, an unusually long wait even when not busy. I would suggest St. John’s, I’ve heard it’s much better. My grandmother was admitted here. The day she was first brought here, there were no doctors checking on her, it took more than five hours for us to even talk to a doctor. They were very defensive and looked to my semi-conscious, confused grandmother to back up their claim. Of course she remembered nothing. Once admitted, still no one took care of her well. She was in a terrible state of mind, and pain. Many of the staff seemed to be doing nothing, and when they were checking on her they were very loud and blunt. She wasn’t given anything to drink some days (unless we asked for some). She was too confused and loopy to ask for anything herself. She was promised to live, by a few of the nurses. I don’t blame them for her death, just displeasing to be told something different from what the actual outcome was. After my family decided to stop the medication and just have her as comfortable as possible, she went into a state of not talking and not being awake. But she was obviously still in pain, as seen with her face expressions and moans. She was regularly in an uncomfortable position, and only was fixed when my family actively asked the hospital staff to help her. Many days she reeked of body odor and poop, because they weren’t cleaning her often enough. Retrieving her watch, wedding ring, and a few other rings was very difficult; with a few staff members showing no compassion to our current situation. I personally never will go there again, the staff seemed to be rude, loud, and unhelpful, except for a few outliers.

Brianna B

Outpatient Lab: Friendly staff, No wait time (while I was there anyway), Quick and easy blood draw. I've never left a review for a medical provider, but I'd been putting off this appointment for months because my last experience at another lab was unpleasant, and the difference in atmosphere here was remarkable. The staff went the extra mile to make sure my orders were correct (I'd printed one twice and missed another) and waited patiently while I corrected the issue; everyone was friendly; the phlebotomist Ashley was quick and efficient.

Elisa Kennedy

I took my 1 year old son in to the pediatric ER, and we sat for 4 hours waiting to be seen. Finally, I asked if they knew how much longer it would be, and they said there were still multiple people ahead of us. We left. No use sitting there trying to comfort my baby and keep him calm if we won't even be helped for hours. I understand that people are seen in order of who is more emergent, but there is absolutely no reason for the wait time to be hours and hours on end. I didn't want to bring my child in to the emergency room, but I was still waiting on his insurance to kick in, which was taking longer than my other 2 kids'. He was running a 105 fever and was completely miserable. I had tried unsuccessfully to bring his fever down. 2 days later, still running a fever, still miserable, and still no insurance, I called to find out if the wait time would be long if i brought him back. The woman responded to me very rudely, and said they couldnt give any info about wait times. I just called BWMC, and not only was the woman I spoke to very friendly, imagine that, but she was able to let me know that we wouldn't be waiting long if we brought him in. Again, I understand that it is an emergency room, and therefore things can change in an instant, but no reason to be rude to me about it. I will be using BWMC from now on if it is needed, AAMC needs some improvement.

ellana stanley

I love this place

Robert Atkins

Arrived Sunday nite about 8 pm with the shakes, 150+ heart rate, and 104+ fever. Was immediately taken into treatment. I was not a friendly patient. The ER nurses and staff quickly and very professionally got my situation under control. Turned out I needed emergency surgery for appendicitis. Surgery happened at about midnight. Recovery nurses and staff were wonderful, friendly and helpful to a fault. I wouldn't recommend the food, but at least I didn't need a reservation! Really nice, really professional people.

Sparkles00 One

Emergency department is only concerned if you are ODing. Sent me home with a possible blockage and didn't even give me fluids. Now insurance won't cover the bill. Never again. Anne Arundel is right up there with Laurel Hospital. This is only in regards to the ER department. Looks like a shiny penny outside but that can't cover up the lack of good medical personnel. ***Just to add I did reach out to patient advocacy and they didn't help. I put a complaint into the doctors emergency and also with the hospital. Not a single thing was done but my bill reduced by $50. Maybe they missed the concern about my health and wellness.***

Ed Kelliher

They have different departments so I am addressing it as such. My score of 3 is an overall summary, some areas were great, some lacked. The ER forgot about me and a few other patients, they became busy, but even still, gotta check on people. It took me 5.5 hours to get water or food, even though I was admitted with dehydration and almost fainting. I had to ask for water finally and food, they apologized and grabbed what they could because the cafeteria was closed at that point they said. Once I was in a room, in the cardiovascular area 366, the staff was amazing! Very attenttive and caring. I have spent months in other hospitals as a visitor for families' procedures, and the staff here seemed better than most I have interacted with. They made my stay pleasant and truly cared! With that said about spending time in other hospitals, I have to say the Food from dietary department is incredible! Very good! Even better than most restaurants these days. I told them as they made their rounds. Kudos!

Rick Bailey

Accidentally logged a one-star review, and changed it to 5. Have had nothing but good experience at AAMC.

Brittany Johnson

Delivered both of my kids here! Absolutely beautiful center. They have such attentive staff members!

Tauruz Cutz

Great place

Barbara Mattison

I was treated better at Baltimore Washington medical center this past week than my visit a couple of months ago at aamc. I get sick easy because of my childhood. If you have had a bad childhood and your health is off because of it they do not understand it. The billing department is rude as well. So i rather go back to BWMC they treated me better.

Rob Fowler

Thankful of this place everyday.

Zoe Garcia

My mother received excellent care from the staff and doctors. In fact she was transfered from Easton to AAMC because of our concerns of treatment. She did not need something they wanted to do. Thank you to Kathy RN and Susan Tech from the 3rd floor. I'm sorry I cannot recall every ones names. EVERYONE was absolutely wonderful. My mother would have gladly stayed just because of your caring demeanor.

Kathie Stapleton

2 knee replacements for my husband and the surgical team of Dr. Paul King and the hospital staff were fabulous.

James Bridger

I had wonderful care for a cardiac event. I was admitted through the emergency department and then was sent to Washington hospital center where I had bypass surgery. If the cardiologist at AAMC had not taken the time to do a cardiac catheterization I might not be alive today.

Laura Dick

Wonderful hospital. I hope BC/BS and AAMC work out their differences. Otherwise this very ill 66 year old woman will lose her PCP, pulmonary doc and cardiologist.


Not what it used to be. If you are a medicare patient. It's in and out as fast as they can. The medical Dept deals with medicare Dept. Medicare not worth the money you pay for it.

A Williams

Poor Scheduling, Poor Management, 85 Percent employees doesnt have people skills! From the outside its beautiful, but has a long wayyyyyy to construction of a warming and Safe environment.

Lou Mich

Clean Hospital, excellent care, just if you're in the hospital and you get taken care of it seems you wait longer for a return to your room from your nurse for help unless of course it's an emergency. If it wasn't for that I'd give it a five-star

Dawn Mazyck

I am absolutely disgusted with the care my dad received at this hospital. The nurse named Stephanie (not the tech), was exceptionally unprofessional. I watched as her superiors covered her despicable actions. I haven't seen care this pathetic since Greater Southeast 20 years ago. They need to restaff that 6th floor. Now Stephanie the tech & Ashley(or it may be Amanda-I forgot her name) were exceptional. They were great workers. I will never refer anyone to this hospital. You need to retire Stephanie (the NURSE). This is NOT her calling. He was in the hospital only because the wound care clinic instructed him to keep on a bandage for a leaky wound for 1 WEEK!! He was near death. To compound his stress with the despicable actions of the staff is absolutely ridiculous. They took 10-15 minutes to answer the call button unless I complained. This caused him to almost use the bathroom on himself multiple times.

Fatima Thioune

LOVE THIS HOSPITAL!!!! Hands down the staff is amazinggg I have had friends be ill here, deliver babies here, I personally have doctors here and I have NEVER had a bad experience.

Audrey Caylor

My mother (82) was brought in by ambulance to the ER around 5:30 am for uncontrollable vomiting, I arrived to the ER around 10:30 am. They had her set up for an IV but they had not started her on fluids even though she had low potassium levels nor had they given her anything to calm her vomiting. When I arrived, she was freezing cold, vomit was on her cloths, hospital gown and her bedding. No water was available to rinse her mouth and the bag they gave her for vomiting was full. I tracked down her nurse who FINALLY around 11:30 gave her something for the vomiting and brought her a cup of water. 6 FULL hours..let that sink in. I had someone, not sure who, get me a clean gown and a cloth so I could clean my 82 YEAR OLD mother up. I couldn’t get clean bedding though. I turned the sheet over and straightened it, both thread bare blankets had vomit on them as well and the room reeked. Mom asked me if I had wet wipes/tissue in my purse and I asked her why. Did they not have any tissue?? She said she needed to use the restroom but there was no toilet paper. I thought I might lose it at that moment. Also, the room was filthy, as in the floors turned the bottom of mom’s socks black. There was hair crusted into cracks in the floor and yes I have pictures. The Dr FINALLY came in around 1:30 (8 hours after she arrived) and spent exactly 3 minutes to say that he was admitting her, I asked WHY just for clarification and he didn’t answer me. Someone stuck their hand into the room and laid paperwork on the counter about 15 minutes later of which I read through but it STILL didn’t state a specific reason for her being admitted. 2:30 rolls around and I went to find a ask when she would be transferred to a room. I was told the room was ready but they were LITERALLY waiting on a bed for her. Unbelievable. We finally got her into a room around 4 pm. Mom desperately wanted a shower or to at least get a sponge bath and a fresh gown. I got her settled down and after getting assurance that she would be given a fresh gown, cleaned up and given a little something to eat/drink. I left around 7:45 pm. I TOLD the nurse mom’s throat was raw from so many hours of vomiting so something liquid would be appreciated. Also, when mom says she needs to use the restroom that means within 5-10 minutes at most AND that mom had a cyst on her shoulder that had been irritated by the hospital gown and had began to drain. I had an alcohol wipe and a bandaid in my purse that I used to clean the cyst up and cover it but could she PLEASE get a proper bandage for it as it. She said absolutely. I called mom when I got home, no answer. I presumed she was asleep. I get a message from mom the following morning saying she hadn’t really eaten anything because they brought her chicken and green beans WHICH SHE COULDN’T EAT! I asked her if she got a bath etc..NOPE! Still in the same gown from the ER. Did they check the cyst and replace the bandage? NOPE! They had FINALLY given her a sponge bath maybe an hour before I arrived around 6:30. The nurse who was coming into her shift asked me about the cyst on mom’s back. (This is now more than 24 hours after being admitted and put into a room and over 36 hours since arriving by ambulance.) Also they had placed a pressure pad in her bed and her chair so if she shifted her weight at all an alarm would go off and it is LOUD. She has had anxiety attacks but no meds. She got nervous asking for help. I can’t tell you how furious this made me. She has waited over an hour (more than once) after calling the nurse so she can go to the restroom. Being on IV fluids for more than 24 hours now, it would seem that they would understand that she HAS TO USE THE RESTROOM! She had no fever when she got to the ER but within 24 hours she was running over a 101 temp. Never again.

Barbara Hagelgans

I took my husband to the ER yesterday morning, & we were met by a staff member who was uninterested in giving us guidance. She didn't really seem to care about the patients (should have gotten her name--auburn hair!). When I asked if I could accompany my husband back into the ER, she just shrugged. This is unacceptable. Once back in the ER though, the nurses were extremely compassionate & efficient--Natalie, Eddy (sp?), & Taylor were a few of the names I could glean from our visit. I thought that my husband rec'd great care once he got past the admitting desk area. My biggest kudos though go to Dino in the engineering dept. After getting to the ER at around 6:00 am, & having gotten up at 4:30 am, I was in a fog when I parked (had not been to this ER before), not to mention my concern about my husband. After wondering around in three parking lots for about 20 mins. looking for my car after my husband's release, I came upon Dino, who was power-washing a garage staircase. He asked me to not use the stairs, so I struck up a conversation w/ him about my plight to find my car. He gathered up his equipment & put me in his modified golf cart & drove me around the three lots until I found my car. I was terrified about finding my car, & he came to my rescue. I offered him $, but he refused. He told me this sort of thing happens all the time. What a blessing this man was! I couldn't thank him enough. He said that he was a new hire in the engineering dept.; therefore, he was low man on the totem pole (not complaining--just responding to my inquiry as to whether he was an employee or a contractor). Pls. consider rewarding this man! He made my day after an extremely stressful morning.

Yvonka Deridder

This was the worst ER experience I've ever had. Unfortunately, I have been in various ER's across the nation and even abroad and this is by far the most outdated, careless, and inattentive emergency room. My report indicated that my call bell worked which is a lie. It did not work and I had to physically get up numerous times to get someone. Small issue but that just rubbed me the wrong way given the trouble I consistently experienced with that. The patient next to me was clearly disoriented and mentally incoherent but all I could hear was the nurse yelling at him over and over berating him for abnormal behavior. I didn't see him but judging by his speech and the circumstance, he was clearly old and physically/mentally unstable and if I knew that, she must have - get some bedside manner or mental health awareness training in there PLEASE. How insensitive can you be? You CHOSE this career, if you don't like it, do something else but to me that is an extreme HIPAA violation. I heard everything and not by the patient - by the NURSE. I was never asked if I needed water or a snack after medication given that I was getting nauseous from - nothing. I constantly felt dismissed when I expressed discomfort, anxiety, confusion, pain, inability to sleep. I understand that I may have appeared like an unimportant individual but I was there because something felt seriously wrong. I'm an educated and well established professional. I wouldn't have been there if there wasn't a reason and had you spent a few more minutes learning that, you wouldn't have just written me of as someone just making things up because that is how you made me feel. I also understand that there may have been some other patients with more serious circumstances but if if my concerns weren't that "concerning" then they should've sent me home sooner and communicated with me a bit more clearly. Not keep me there to run up the insurance bill. Not to mention waiting over 2 hours just to get into a bed and another hour just to be seen for any type of relief - even if it was a Tylenol. I don't know exactly what is going on with me and thankfully the visit allowed me to get tests done that would help rule out a lot and provide a peace of mind. I don't care if they perceived my issues or expressed symptoms as important or not but I did not feel like myself and it would've been nice to have some empathy at the very least. I left there with such little information and clarity. The moment I discover what is really going on by a physician group who really cares, the first thing I want to do is send them the report just to feel better because I'm certain due to their carelessness that they missed something. I trust my body and my intuition far more than I trust their judgement. And please don't give me the standard response of "i'm sorry, call our patient advocate". Perhaps you should have a "patient advocate" scheduled on site in the ER department more regularly to make sure your patients are better taken care of and you wouldn't have an abundance of reviews like mine and then maybe, just maybe improve your patient experience a tad bit more. Your management team needs an overhaul, someone is failing at their job.

Tanya Padilla

Been here for 2 emergencies and compared to other hospital wait times, I️ was seen at a decent time frame and got diagnosed correctly. Would def prefer this place over any other place

Didi Doyle

Live this hospital from cancer treatment to room and board surgery ICU CCU every single part. Emergency room included. If the ambulance tells you they have the take you to BWMC get out and go to AAMC or refuse to go

Andrea Hogan

The Emergency Room Staff are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! Their bedside manner, attentiveness, and overall competence are unsurpassed! You are SAFE in their hands!

Sheila McRae

The facility is great. The billing office is rude, never answers the phone or if they do your placed you on hold forever, which is ridiculous. Forget about leaving a message and getting a return call, that never happens.

Kharlyn and chaun Correa

The ER is a complete mess. Disorganized. I waited 6 hours in multiple waiting areas with no explanation on what's next. Only one check out nurse so checking out to get my prescription and leave took hours. Pitiful!

Dylan Barnes

Grandmother was treated very well .. the rooms are nice and the staff are excellent

Juanita Harmon


Candis F

We had our son there OMG the staff is AMAZING they comfort any needs you have they are so nice and helpful very professional very very polite,the hospital is SO CLEAN ...I LOVE THIS HOSPITAL I TELL EVERYONE TO HAVE THERE BABY THERE OR JUST GO THERE PERIOD..I WISH I HAD MY DAUGHTER THERE BUT HANDS DOWN AAAAAAAAAAAMAZING❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

patty Preston

My son was seen in the pediatric er and it was fantastic! All the nurses and the doctor was amazing! He had been to his regular pediatrician twice and was no help. This doctor knew what was wrong right away and treated him accordingly. We also did not wait at all. We were in and out. I will be going to this er over a regular er with my kids.


Anne Arundel Medical Center released my mother after 1 night when she was still extremely sick with a life threatening condition. The doctors claimed that they treated her for what she was admitted for and could not address her additional symptoms. Some of the ER staff was very rude as well. When my family expressed concerns about her release, they told us to follow-up with her Primary care Doctor. She left the hospital with no diagnosis and minimum treatment. My family and I made her an emergency appointment following her release from Anne Arundel. The Doctor was SHOCKED that Anne Arundel did not keep her longer. Within 24 hours My Mom was being rushed to Holy Cross in an Ambulance for emergency treatment. At Holy Cross they conducted multiple special tests, treatments, and provided excellent medical care from a knowledgeable and caring team of Doctors and Medical Staff. They also kept her for 4 nights until her health improved. She left Holy Cross with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and feeling better than she’s felt in months. I am so thankful to God that my Mother is Alive and Well today. I would never recommend Anne Arundel Medical Center to anyone. They need to change their protocols for keeping patients. It is likely costing people their lives!

Tarsha Huff

My sister is in this medical center for treatment. I called 5 times in an effort to be transferred to her room. The 1st 4 times there was no answer. I let the phone ring 5 minutes each time. Finally gave up and selected a different dept. They hung up on me because I complained about no one answering the patient line. Called again, this time furious and finally got someone to give me her phone number. I then read reviews. Saw some horrible reviews and I understand why. If the way they handle calls are indicative of the way they handle patients it's no wonder the reviews are horrible. I hope when I go to this hospital tomorrow that my sister has been well cared for. She was transferred there yesterday from Bowie, MD. I go to Washington Hospital Center. I would recommend that hospital to anyone needing excellent care.

Mary Jackson

This facility provided excellent care to my terminally ill spouse

Drew Fletcher

I have been sitting in this waiting room for almost 5 hrs nobody has said anything to me this is thed worst patient care. At least address the people in the waiting this is very poor i'm so disappointed in this hospital.

Grace Imaga

Very warm environment with great staff

Jerry Israel

The pediatric emergency room is slow as molasses. Don't bring your children here they will probably die due to them moving so slow. I dont know how this hospital got 4 stars.

Tishjuan Taylor

The nurses here are excellent. The food is delicious. The care I received was the best

Geovanni Bravo

The ER is a joke, stay away. Waited 4 hours no service so i left. Where they put me there was no privacy just one big room with curtains separating you and the other person. I could almost reach out and touch them.

Happiness Ministry

This hospital saved my daughter's life in 2012. I wish I can remember the doctors name, she could not breath and they went to work with competency to save her. I am deeply grateful to my team of competent doctors, lovely nurses, and technicians.

Juliana Schmidt

The care I received here is over the board, their nurses and doctors are exceptional and altruistic in providing care to me. I am really grateful to the entire team of their medical professions. Anne Arundel Medical Center is really a patient-center environment. Thank you so much for all that you do to put your patients back to their feet.

jose martinez

Checked in at 8pm, currently 2:31am and still waiting. ...

sharon Hyatt

My 85 year old mom was brought in by ambulance today after 5 pm for a fall which injured her left hip. The time it took till she was triaged and xrayed was poor. She remained in that ER cubicle for over 6 1/2 hours During which time they had no food to offer her and she hadn't eaten since 11:30am. Finally at 11:40 pm they have brought her to an observation room which isnt much better than ER room. This is our 4th trip to the ER in two years and first time she has not been given an actual room on the eldercare floor Never had she been deprived of a room or food. The staff is pleasant but don't have the authority or ability to provide the patient with quality care. I had to request oxygen for her when her levels dropped to in insufficient level. Alarms were beeping and no one came till I got them. I have always given this hospital glowing reports but unfortunately this has and is an awful experience.

Tiffany Richardson

My grandmother was in the ER from 11 a.m. until about 12:30 a.m. the next day. They didn't offer her any lunch or dinner. They have all the patients lined up in the hall way on stretchers. She couldn't even get somebody to take her to the bathroom the lady walked past her and told her she have to wait for a nurse so she had a accident on herself. The worst treatment she ever received from any hospital.

Charles McNear

Everything; the medical staff, volunteers; especially the warm personalities coupled with friendly actmosphere; my Mom was connected to "ACE" which has proven to be a remarkable medical treatment procedure. Recommend you share with your sister hospitals.

Rannieta Torres

Checked in my 85 year old grandmother in at 9:30pm for a fall, not sure if her nose or wrist is broken, it's now 1:44am and they haven't even ex-rayed her wrist yet. The front desk lady has no problem telling everyone that there is only 1 doctor here tonight. The ER is a joke! Avoid this place if you can!

David Rigot

I went to the Spine clinic at AAMC yesterday for an outpatient procedure. The nursing care was the best. They explained the procedure and what to expect over the next two-three days. Not once but twice, before and after. Dr Clark met me in my room and told me what he was going to do and marked my back. During the procedure he talked to me and announced each step before he did it. I am virtually pain free today. Thank you for making this experience as good as possible.

Mike Houck

Great Doctor

Sean Fitzpatrick

When I woke up and was coherent enough to understand where I was on Wednesday, December the 26th, I received the best care anyone could ever ask for. All of the nurses and nurse techs from ICU and the 6th floor were so caring and helpful. Also very patient. I can't imagine my care could get any better. Thank you to everyone...

Arlene Pascall

Poor communication and a huge dangerous let down from provider team. The primary family contact of a stoke patient was excluded from decision making concerning discharge of new cognitive impaired elderly family member who lives alone concerning post hospital care. Waited several hours requesting instructions from MSW, OT and SLP that never came while patient was inpatient. No follow-up post discharge phone calls or promised mailed resources for Medicare recipient who lives alone following a stroke were ever sent to her home. No discharge planning nor problem solving help was provided with a patient impaired with cognitive and visual-spatial problems who lives alone post stroke. Patient became unsafe at home within 48 hrs after discharge. Services promised were never received.


I went to the ER on 10/19/14 for severe stomach pains. By the time I got there I had started vomiting from the pain. I inquired about somthing for pain and they said they wanted to WAIT for the other meds to settle my stomach,,,,Meanwhile I am vomiting from the PAIN, The put me in some dark hallway waiting for a scan,I laid there for at least an hour ,moaning and crying from the pain.No one came to check on me. A few hours later ,After I got my scan I was returned to a room and told I had a kidney stone and they asked me if I wanted somthing like Advil for the pain.... By this time the pain was reduced.....and I was pissed. I have been to the ER for Kidney stones b-4 and they gave me REAL pain medication within the first hour. I will never go to the hospital again without someone to be a patient advocate .

Frank Guidry

Have watched hospital grow and grow over the last 15 years, while there have been opportunities with care, my recent experiences have been more then satisfactory

Amit Kalarikade

Didn't like it. Hopefully will never go back.

Donna Whitby

Thank you all, healing my dear friend. God is good!

Tim McRae

My wife and I, and our three kids, went to Anne Arundel Medical center to get checked out after a car accident. ALL of the staff with whom we had contact were professional, helpful, and did little things that made the experience more pleasant. For example, they grouped my wife and me together for our medical reviews which saved time and felt reassuring to be there together. The staff allowed us to move frequently between the adult and pediatric area to check on our children who were also being treated. The staff engaged the kids and spoke with them in a very appropriate manner. The facilities were clean and well maintained. I would definitely return and recommend the Anne Arundel Medical Center to family and friends.

Michael Mitchell

I took my wife to the ER on yesterday (6/16/2019) around 6:30 pm and received services from nurses Helen and Nick. Nurse Helen was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! She took a genuine interest in my wife's well being. Nurse Helen took the time to explain what she thought was going on with my wife and answered all of our questions. She explained all of the treatment options available to my wife and detailed the pros and cons. Nurse Nick was also AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! He repeated some of the same information that nurse Helen shared which provided a degree of comfort to know that they were on the same page. Often time the ER can be stressful place and Nick lightened the mood with some appropriate and appreciated humor. My wife was discharged later that evening and we both shared what a pleasant experience under the circumstances.

YDiva Gee

Wait was extremely long, patient got worse waiting and no assistance was provided.

Reed Smith

I had a love one in aamc he arrived on a sunday for minor problems and within 4 days was told he was brain dead and they quickly removed him off of life support I think that was so they could get my loved ones organs for organ harvesting

Ron Hoff

Very clean nice hospital everyone was extremely nice and caring. I had to go to ER today do to extremely bad cut on my finger. I gave 4 stars due to had trouble finding opening parking spaces in garage by ER And employees were chatting bout unrelated work stuff!


This is the WORST hospital I have ever been to. My whole pregnancy was a nightmare because of them. Let’s start with the rude staff (white girls that don’t care, black ones with attitude). I was induced and had to wait 45 minutes because he (anesthesiologist) was held up. The place is so run down and old. Please if you want peace of mind when delivering your precious baby into the world DO NOT EVEN LOOK IN THERE DIRECTION.

Alicia Stukes

This hospital has an extremely slow pediatrics emergency room not to mention that the registration staff being incompetent and incapable of being able to properly read health insurance information and enter data correctly for proper billing. Totally dissatisfied with my experience there!

Priscilla Huffman

Had an amazing experience in the ER Surgery Unit . Everyone encounter I had with a staff member was incredible and went above and beyond .

Jeanetta Hobbs

The breast care center and Dr Laing and her group are the best.

Lauren Gaches

This past week my family had an excellent experience with the pediatric emergency room. In quite the panic, we rushed our daughter in since she was breathing irregularly in the middle of the night. We were promptly directed to the pediatric ER from the main room, greeted immediately, and someone listened to her breathing on the spot. We saw a nurse promptly for triage, she was diagnosed with croup (thankfully just that) and we were in a private room within 30 minutes total. Dr. Fitzpatrick saw us promptly, provided us with an education on croup, treated our 1 year old, and had us back out the door within a total time of an hour and a half. I don't think I have ever had an ER experience that was as fast, and certainly not as efficient. Both of our babies were born at AAMC and I continue to be grateful that they are my local hospital. Kudos to the pediatric ER team for a stellar job.

Joyce McKenzie

What a horrible, sad excuse for a hospital. My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer on Oct 26 of 17. We had sooooo many docs in our orbit; non of whom were talking to each other, let alone to the hospital. There were some shining stars amongst the docs, but mostly a bunch of big egos with hot air talking over each other. My biggest regret is not going to a "real" cancer hospital. We had failed surgeries, lots of mysterious infections, and NO communication. The hospital coordinator was less than useless. Dean wanted to stay close to home, so we bit the bullet and went with the AA system. RUN, do not walk from this hospital. Feel free to contact me for a full disclosure list of the faults that they made. I'm happy to share. There were so many mistakes and mishaps. My beautiful husband suffered needlessly at the hands of misguided and substandard Doctor care. I will tell you this. The nurses are amazing Angels. Best of the best. But they know the truth too. I wouldn't go to AA for a splinter. Note; this is an edit 6 months after the fact. Same response to everyone who criticizes this place. " .......we appreciate your feedback, and refer you to call our patient advocacy line blah blah blah". My husband DIED here due to incompetency. Don't go here. EVER!!!

James Stickler

Amazing staff and facility. Thank you so much!

Candace burch

The emergency room wait time is terrible I came on 10/27/2015 @11 pm did not get out until 3 am and came again 10/30/2015 @730 am and I still haven't been seeing. Nobody has checked up on the person I'm with. I have had surgery at this hospital as well which was a great experience but ER ROOM SERVICE TIME IS VERY BAD.

Nautica Gaskins

Birthed my two daughters here. Great experience for my family and I both times. My husband and I didn’t want to leave the hospital LOL. The desk staff are awesome, the nurses, everyone!

Bradley Adams

My girlfriend has asthma, and had a cold that started a week ago. Dakota was stagnant for the first 4 days of the week then the last 2 days of the week it really got bad we treated it with vitamin C think dayquil just normal cold medicine and it did not respond Saturday evening she was coughing up phlegm and gagged don't it and threw up during that she couldn't catch her breath had a really bad asthma attack and she has not been able to catch her breast since since we got here Saturday evening the staff has been amazing wonderful bedside manner personalized care answers any questions you have and very informative the nurses and doctors do not just reach you like you're another patient on their around of shots they have to make.

Cigdem Ata

I delivered my son there and I am very upset with my experience. On August 14th 2017, I arrived to labor and delivery around 11 am. I was 40+4 days pregnant and having back to back very strong contractions. Triage nurse was very rude, I was in terrible pain. She started saying things like “this is just the beginning and it will hurt more” even before checking me or anything. And then my midwife Jennifer came in to the triage room, checked me and I was at 8 cm and almost ready to push. But the triage nurse was very very discouraging with zero empathy. I already knew giving birth would be painful and of course it would hurt but no need to say those words to me at that point. As a first time mom when every time I remember the most special day of my life, giving birth to my son, I remember her. She was an older lady with short blonde hair, I didn’t pay attention to her name. I was with my mom who doesn’t understand any English and that nurse figured that. And I was in so much pain that I couldn’t defend myself so she definitely took good advantage of that situation. I ended up having an emergency c-section after so many hours of pushing. When I was pushing I requested an ultrasound and said maybe it’s the cord. And nobody listened me. My son didn’t cry at birth and the doctor didn’t show him to me. When I asked how was he doing, the anesthesiologist next to me said “That’s not my department” straight to my face. I didn’t know how to respond him. I already knew his department but he could have stated that in better words since I was still having a surgery at that moment. He was very rude. All I needed was some empathy, I was already dealing with lots of emotional distress. And guess what cord was wrapped around my son’s neck 3 times!

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