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Angel Cumbersom

I normally like this hospital. But recently while I was there for a procedure, I accidentally asked for help with pain not meaning too (my body was still flooded with anesthesia). Said they would give me all I needed & they wheeled me over to their ER Dept. That ER doctor (older man, Dr. F... Dr. Faust??) refused to help my pain and nausea. He was going to bill me for effectively a placebo that has a well documented history of NOT working for me) waltzed out of the room, later had a nurse tell me to leave. I never once asked for any medication of any kind. I merely asked for help and answered plainly to a simple question about my health. I ended up wandering the streets ALONE, confused, sobbing in tears, on anesthesia, my arm dripping with blood from the IV I had. They are NOT suppose to let you leave the hospital without your ride & watched for 24hrs after a procedure. I'm so traumatized by the whole event in the ER! They are ANTI-Intractable Chronic Pain Patient. I am a law abiding citizen with a team of specialist doctors, not a criminal! Don't Punish Pain!


I had foot surgery here and had to stay overnight because I couldn't secure a ride afterwards. The staff were GREAT, the food was good, the facilities were dated. My TV had no volume, then maintenance fixed it but it had a minimum volume that was too loud. The bed adjustment didn't work, I had to continually page the nurses to adjust my lights and every small thing. With a little investment to update their equipment, this could be an amazing hospital. Instead, it's just a good hospital with great and caring staff. Still highly recommend.

Sonny Coffin

My 8 yr old son had to get stitches in his nose. The ER staff was super nice and did a GREAT job calming my very nervous son down. From the time we got there till we were done and back in the car was only an hour and a half. Great Job.

Mikayla gordon

The staff here is absolutely lovely.

Katy Tickle

Lily S

The room I was in had a used band aid on the floor!! The floor was gross looking!! Room 4

albert webb

Evan Kizer

I went here tonight with a broken arm and I was shown a complete udder lack of any morality and compassion. I experienced extreme disrespect worse than negligence. It appeared they only intended to make my injury worse so they could rack up a hospital bill.

Rick Sattler

Back in 2014 I had total hip replacement and I couldn`t have asked for a better hospital. From the admitting to the care I received from all the staff I was treated like I was the only person in the hospital. well,it`s 2016 and I`m getting ready to have another surgery, and there`s no other hospital for me . I`d like to give a shout out to Dr. Brooks and his team, very professional and very caring. Thank you St. Joseph`s and keep up the good work!

Kristle Hanscom

I dont get why people say they lack compassion, they have gone out of their way to make sure my grandfather is comfortable. Of course most of these negatives are from junkies wanting to get high. Most professional and caring team in the area! Love the lab ladies! Always get blood on the first try

Brooke Dawson

Michael Spurr

Not sure this is the right place, but Heidi, Lynn and Stephanie were amazing with our father's care. We never felt we were being talked down to, always showed respect to everyone during a very difficult time. In a word they cared. thank you!

Michael Robinson Sr

it's always so much nicer than eastern maine medical center and as far as sebasticook hospital in pittsfeild I wouldn't take my dog there . st joseph hospital is not just caring people but much cleaner too !!! THANKS ST JOSEPH HOSPITAL

Hannah Petrycki

I just had to get my leg stitched up by "C freshie fresh" cool dude 10/10 would get my leg stitched up again

James Orth

Not too happy with this hospital or Eastern Maine Medical Center for getting my wife hooked on a benzaprine drug called ativan, now my family is now living Hell. Thanks to big pharmaceutical companies that tell the pill pushers there's no such thing as withdrawal syndrome for this crap. Everywhere my wife goes she's labeled in the medical system with conversion disorder a convenient diagnosis to cover up. Update thanks to this hospital for getting my late wife hooked on to Benzodiazepines drugs two years ago of which she died from. I pray God's justice will come down upon all doctors in this state for what they did this to my wife.

Amy Baron

Horrible experience for everyone, both the patient and patents.

Lee Evelyn Dawes

Came in late in the evening with two fingers having been cut of in a freak accident. Nurses were rude. Threatened to kick me out as I was sweating in pain but refused to help with pain management while waiting to be seen. I was treated like just another junkie. The doctor took forever to come in seems I was missing two fingers. In another instance my father was brought there as he was dying. When I first arrived I was told I couldn't see him his fiance had said no one but her was allowed to be with him. She was the ex. It took hours of waiting before they got it fixed and my family was able to see him. He passed in the hospital 3 days later

Gracie Smith

Great experience!! Would not go to EMMC. My mom went to EMMC ER, waited 2 hrs and was never seen. Groups of people walked out of there. Never a long wait at ST Josephs and staff is always nice. I have to stay there numerous times and Doctors & Nurses always go out of their way.

Tammy Harrison

Excellent Emergency room care, very quick to x-ray & beginning treatment. However human error does happen, timeline prior to admittance was confused, and now knowing that, 100% understanding of the staffs great concern for discharge. Thank you to ALL the staff, and extended services for taking the time to truly care, and to also listen to what is NOW, and understand it. Thank you for the excellent care!

Julie Morringello

The staff is wonderful and professional - no issues there. But check the pricing before you schedule any imaging. A bilateral breast MRI at St. Joe's is $4592! Compare that to First MRI, also in Bangor, which is $1297. A rude shock which I unfortunately discovered after the fact. Call around first to be sure this doesn't happen to you.


I have been here today (September 11,2019) since 3:45 this afternoon on account I have a potential cracked rib and they do NOTHING. I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR TWO HOURS AND NOT A PEEP HAS BWEN SAID TO ME THIS IS SO RUDE

Alyssa Wardwell

If I could give the hospital no stars I would. They submitted a claim to my insurance but messed up the name. For a YEAR I have been trying to get billing to resubmit the claim and they have been extremely rude and unhelpful. Do not go to this hospital.

Melissa Moreau

I just got a call from my doctor and she said there was a 2 week delay in having St. Joseph Hospital send the referral to my specialist. This is not the way a modern hospital should operate. This is not acceptable.

Gary Lindsey

Just had a full knee replacement and would like to Thank all of the ones involved with the surgery on the 3rd floor and my stay on the 4th floor. Dr Brooks has always been excellent and so has his staff. This makes my 3rd time at St Joseph and it has always been a great experience. I can't remember everyone's name but I will remember you by who you are. My therapist were awesome also. Special Thank you to CNA's Annie, Connie and Loretta for all you did keeping me comfortable and above and beyond for care I received and putting up with my comical humor! Thank you again to all!!

Sara Reimer

Regarding emergency room: I have had off and on decent care here. I've actually had an amazing doctor before I believe his name was doctor haydir?(spelling). He went over and beyond to try and help me. But what I'd like to note is more education on rare illnesses...same with other hospitals as well. I endedd up having a rare condition called biliary hyperkinesia and was insanely sick for like 8 months and nearly lost my life from rapid weight loss alone rather than all the horrible things that came with it Didn't come up on anything, got my gallbladder out, was sent to pathology, cane back Cholesytitis. I no longer have pain...but my body has to now recoup all the weight loss and getting used to just eating again. I still have minor issues but none like I did before as all of this was absolutely gallbladder related.

Aaron Huffer

I called the emergency room there at St. Joseph because i have always had good experiences there.However, i called about some emergency dental problems and first was put on hold but could still hear the ladies talking very unprofessional. The person finally said "is there someone one the line" . Thats when the phone was picked up and hung up. So i called back asking the same question about a emergency dental problem. i was the told "we are not a Dentist" . Now maybe I'm not to bright but i would think they could r maybe let me know of a place or tell me to come there. Nope just told they are not a dentist hmmmmmm. Well i pretty much knew that from the Emergency Room i looked up to get the number. This just blows my mind. How pitiful, if you going to work in the emergency medical field you should want to help people not refer people to nothing.

Jane Smith

I have always been cared for like "someone that is important" at St. Joe's not just a "number" like at EMMC. I will only go to EMMC when I absolutely have to. Thank you St. Joe's for all you do!

Crystal Angelo

randy Grindle

Nice place not long of a wait even has good food

Amber The Maine Girl

Beautiful hospital, very calming atmosphere, the staff go way up and above. The doctors are also very knowledgeable yet personal.

Cheyenne Sabattis

Just spent 6 days in the ER for a septic infection and was best care possible considering what was going on. They were very accommodating

Heather McQueen

way better then emmc....

Travis L

Very nice people and care

Amethyst Crowe

I went here in 2010 as a college student. I had severely injured my knee being reckless and came here for support as it was the closest hospital and I did not know where else to go. They not only did not deliver care, but they had me sitting in pain for 6 hours in the emergency room before an exam, treating me like a criminal, ignoring me while chatting at the nurses on a slow night, and violated my right to privacy by giving out the information on why I was in the hospital to unauthorized personnel. I now have permanent damage in my knee due to their lack of care and I took a hit to my credit score because they didn't charge my insurance and instead billed me the full amount and I had not found out about the charge until it was too late. It was a truly disgusting experience and I would not recommend any one go here at least for emergency care.

Jamie Spencer

My mother went into the ER back in February with "Flu Symptoms". She was admitted and was in the hospital for two weeks. It was only when we started to complain about the care was something done. My mom was in and out of consciousness, delusional, and on the edge of sepsis. We demanded something to be done by the head nurse. She ordered an antibiotic and as soon as it was administered my mother was back. She recovered and began to feel better. Why is it it went to that level of sickness and demand to get someone healthy. Why did we go through multiple Resident Nurses & contacting the head nurse just to get an antibiotic? Why did your staff CONTINUOUSLY push her symptoms under the rug by saying "Its the Flu"? I was in the ER last night (9-27-18) with my cousin, a recovering addict, for a domestic violence issue. So the fact shes a recovering addict has NOTHING to do with her domestic violence issue. Her nurses were rude and the Doctor was incredibly inconsiderate & showed ZERO compassion. In fact he wrote in his report she was "Drug Seeking". There is no drug to fix the problem she had. She was brought into the ER at 3:00 pm and left on her own at 8:45pm because she'd had enough being jerked around. She needed an exam & Xrays....... however nobody brought her to get them after her exam UNTIL we both walked to the desk and requested Xrays multiple times. Side note.... every nurse including the doctor were on their Cell phones ignoring her requests and doing what they wanted to do. Only until she got dressed and made a scene did the doctor pay attention and listen. He did not keep his eyes open while talking to anyone..... if your doctors are tired or on drugs they probably shouldn't be there! My cousin was so swollen it looked like she had a softball inserted under her skin. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, ice packs..... NOTHING was offered until she made the scene. All she wanted was something to help with the swelling. Your hospital needs re-staffing and a complete make over. How can people sworn to help the sick turn their back on anyone? This kind of care is highly unacceptable and will cause Death! You, meaning the hospital in general, including staff are VERY VERY lucky my mother and cousin did not die due to lack of compassion & health care! My family and friends will NOT go to your hospital EVER again because we don't want to die. Reevaluate your staff and how they operate before you do kill someone!

Beth Hersey

Have always had good luck there staff was awesome! ❤

Earl Duke

Visited the hospital ER with a medical problem while traveling. Staff performed tests, correctly diagnosed the issue, prescribed medication and sent me on my way to complete my vacation. Thanks!

Patricia Marie

Great hospital. I was treated very well in the ER. Also when I was admitted a few years ago. The nurses and staff treated me very well. Good hospital if you need one. And you don't have to wait long to be seen by a doctor when you have to go to the ER.

Benni Marie

Very unhelpful, unprofessional, rude, and the opposite of what a healthcare provider should be!!!

Billie Oliver

Wayne Randall

Been here a few times. The staff are always professional yet personal. Definitely a comfortable environment even if you have to wait few hours, because reason. Unless my head exploded, I'd stop here for emergency care before running across town.

Barbara T

My recent visit to 900 Broadway was a surprise. I thought I was driving into a 3rd world landscape. There were potholes that you definitely would have lost your tire and more (I wish I'd taken a pix). There was absolutely no landscaping done for summer. Plant pots were filled with weeds and gardens had not been planted. All that was there were perennials. And worst of all, there are cigarette butts all over the ground. WHAT'S WITH YOU ST. JOE? Ever since Sr. N, left the whole organization has been quickly going down hill. That was outside. Inside there were 3 ladies in the office area and all 3 looked at me. Not one of them acknowledged me to say they'd be right there, but they continued on their project of some kind of computer stuff. (Perhaps Solitaire). Finally I got some GREAT service from the technician who was friendly and efficient. Wish I could tell you about my 2 previous visits to the hospital. They were worse than this. Covenent should not be in the business if they can't do better than this.

Holly Dvorak

In Bangor for a meeting and ultimately Visited ER. Check in quick. Staff very friendly & efficient. Wanda in X-ray was incredible. Dr. Flanagan was amazing & explained everything thoroughly (as did entire Nursing team) While at St Joesphs. Facility is dated so my first impression of hospital was not to expect high level care or staff which was incredibly incorrect! I was pleasantly surprised & satisfied with my experience while there. I would recommend this hospital.


I had Shoulder surgery on 9/20/2018 my Doc Dr. Brooks (Owns a private Practice) was a decent doctor he did a good job with my surgery but I'm a little upset because he left before I awoke due to his kid having a dance recital. Not a huge deal but it would have been nice to know how everything went in the OR. anyways..... The Hospital... Stay away! Ive had multiple operations but never at this location prior to this, at other hospitals when you awake from surgery you are usually woken with a nurse asking how you feel, if you would like a drink/snack and to take your time catching your bearings.. At St.Joseph's I was woken with "well, your going to be a while recovering" I asked why and she said you will have to talk to my Doctor tomorrow, and that he left (My surgery was a Thursday and my Doctor isn't in his Office Friday). I had to wait the whole weekend for any real info, and thats a bit scary when youve had no real answers about whats being removed/repaired from/in your body. The nurse Didn't ask me if I needed some time to wake up so I wouldn't be so disoriented, I was not offered a drink or something to eat ( I had not eaten anything for 24 hrs.) Within 15 minutes from waking up from Anastasia the nurse had me in a wheel chair pushing me to the Entrance of the building. It was unbelievable how fast they rushed me out the doors all I could think was that something serious must have gone wrong or else they would make me stay at least an hour to catch my bearings. My discharge paperwork was so generic it was basically a copy of what you would get if you went to the ER for a sprain, the paperwork should have been written by my doctor and aimed towards me and my surgery personally. The whole experience was rushed and has made me feel very insecure about my recovery. I think the hospital should really work on their patient relations and treat people like people, not like objects on an assembly line.

Kayleigh Lydick

This is the worst hospital I've ever been to I my whole life. Staff is rude and inconsiderate to patients in pain and suffering. They removed me from the emergency room list instead of another patient and called security on me when I got angry about waitng for 3 hours with no explanation or apology. I left without any medical care due to thier incompetence and unprofessionalism.

Harrison Cyr


great people..good care..way faster service than Emmc

Sarah lane

Here with my 8 year old who has been sick. The doctor a male in is late 30 or 40s is an ass. Treating me like I know nothing. Hate being treat like I am an idiot.

Paul Farquhar

Very pleased with the surgery and care received. Dr. McGuire is outstanding to say the least and also Adam and Jaymie in Recovery are the best. I'd highly recommend this hospital and staff to anyone.

Amber V

Clean,calming,compationate...they do their job and more.I had last minute life saving operation away from my home and family and they made me comfortable and even asked about grand children after I showed them pics.they 0aid attention to what I told them and made it a point to let me know they cared.

David S

Unsympathetic jerks that are sometimes unprofessional. Besides the building is old, outdated, and basically looks more like something out of a scary movie than a Modern Day Hospital. I was having a seizure and they accoused me of faking it. They sent me home when a officer game me a ride. I then called Eastern Maine Medical Center and they said I was showing signs of a stroke. My blood work also indicators of a stroke. The CAT scan showed very little but there is a good chance I had what was called a TIA (mini stroke) which I was that I had one a long time ago. I have to admit that I came in because I am an alcoholic and was looking for help, I was overly dizzy and something didn't feel right. Normally I could sleep it off but something felt different this time. If I had not called EMMC it might of been much worse and St. Joseph would of just sent me out to die. - A similar thing happened to me a long time ago when I had a blockage from a bacterial infection in my sinuses that blocked off my breathing through my mouth and I was breathing through only one nostril. The doctors at St. Joseph sent me home with a prescription for an antibiotic but in the night it got worse and I could hardly breath. I finally had to go to the ER to have surgery. Again if it was up to the Docs at St. Josephs they rather have me go home and die. I don't know what's wrong with these people! Im actually FRIGHTENED by their services. Someone should sue them until they are closed down. Also a lot of them are sarcastic. I also noticed that sometimes some of the nurses instigate patients that are acting up being passive aggressive for example tell the patient to "stay calm" but then say something instigative, sarcastic, and rude that sets the patient off again. They get the patient to calm down and relax and then do this condescending thing. And even if the nurses and doctors and TAs are right with their statements it's not helpful to keeping people under control. It's kind of like if I told a drunk person to remain calm and I say and do things to help them but then I turn around and start pointing out flaws in a stuck up condescending tone until they become upset again. It's like putting out a fire only to throw more fuel and matches. I believe a lot of them do it on purpose either because they are burned out for their jobs or they are just mean people. Seriously I don't know whats wrong with these people.

Holly Tzus

Went to St Joseph emergency room on March 31 with severe throat pain, swollen throat, can not speak with out pain, blood coming from my ear, nose, I was not seen waited 3 hours. They would not take me, told me every one else where more important then I. I was seen by this same hospital with in 3 wks before, my symptoms getting worse both two times before they put me on antibiotics and not able to tell me what I have or what is wrong. Instead they ask me what I thought it was, really? My mom called the hospital to see when I'd be seen as I'm a college student far from home, The emergency room lady answer the phone like she was talking to a friend she asked to call her, when my mom asked if this was the hospital and went would I be seen, she said everyone else that came in had a heart attack and a sore throat is not important. My mom talked to Blake head nurse, he said 3 hours is not a bad wait for the country emergency rooms, wow real concern for a persons health here. This Hospital needs real improvement all around, THEY JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AT ALL OR PEOPLE!!!

rose watson

Caring kind service.

Maureen McCormick

Ralph Tripp

go to emergency for something serious and wait to be seen for hours just for them to make u wait longer what is going on withbthis place. There are people who work here standind around not doing anything where is the pride.

Eric StCyr

Let me start by saying the staff at this hospital is beyond great. I have been going to St Josephs for many years and the care given is top notch. For a smaller facility they work hard at staying up with the times while trying to keep relationships personal and make you feel welcome. That said over the last year they have sent their billing and business office out to a third party and it has become so much of a cluster that I'm swapping hospitals and primary care from St. Josephs. You cannot get in touch with anyone at the hospital to discus anything as they push you to the third party company that is no help at all. They are more than rude and do not care about patient relationship which is what St. Joseph's model was built on.


I have to say that my experience was extremely positive. Great staff, nurses, and doctors. I had a hernia operation so I knew I would be sore afterward. I am 4 days into my recovery and feel blessed to be mostly pain free. I believe skilled surgery makes for faster recovery. My surgeon is top to the line. Anyway , I recommend this hospital and my surgeon, Dr. Vanadia to anyone.

Studio 64

I brought my daughter into the ER last night with concerns if an appendicitis. We were in a room within 20 mins and nurse Vivian was so sweet to us. She is clearly very knowledgeable with an amazing bed side manner. I highly recommend this hospital and ER.

David Webb

took my son in for a head to toe body rash which i was told to do by walk in care. doctor comes in and confirms that he has a body rash . no kidding that is why we were there. he suggest trying benadryl which i explained that may be what caused his rash. the doc did not want to here it. sent us on our way doing nothing. the bill arrives for $1,000. my son was not weighed did not receive any medication and no blood was drawn etc what a rip off. .


Very poor service, The charge nurse is was very rude when she didn't get her way.

Abby Hargreaves

Horrible treatment and no respect or care for mental health in their mental health ward.

Donna Bragg

I'm writing in concerns with the handicap parking I believe this should be limited to 2hrs not all day if they would like to stay all day they can use the valet parking so other handicap people can also use these spots as well, around the city handicap parking is limited to 2hrs not all day if more than 2hrs they are issued a ticket instead of a ticket they can use the valet parking I would like to see this be in forced so that other handicap people may be able to use these spots as well

John McDonald

Don't go there with Tricare. Thought I had good insurance with Tricare for life, retired Army 31 years. I didn't realize St. Joseph does not have agreement with Tricare. They charged me $11,422.56 for an umbilical hernia procedure and Tricare paid $6160.67 leaving me with a $5261.89 bill but Tricare says they paid most of the bill and that I owe $500. Can't reach anyone at St. Joseph to help.

Sarah T

Christophe Cochenet


My sister was taken by ambulance because she could not walk. She also asked for bloodwork because she was afraid the people she was living with & who were supposed to be caring for her were drugging her (she told the nurse that). The bloodwork revealed she had indeed been drugged. The nurse in charge left her sitting in the wheelchair for 3 hours before she finally was seen by a doctor (and I use that term loosely!) who couldn't even look her in the eye, she ultimately was discharged and told nothing was wrong with her and the nurse (Brook) screamed at her that she needed to go to the homeless shelter and get off the street (she lives with a family). I know there are good doctors & nurses there, unfortunately she got bad ones that day. There are some doctors & nurses there who should be fired!

Timothy Smith

Excellent. Doctors, nurses, and technicians are extremely competent and extraordinarily nice. I didn't like having to go to the emergency room and I can't imagine anyone that would, but if you have to go, St. Joseph's is the place to be for expert care with a friendly demeanor.

Serena Routhier

Best hospital in this area hands down!

Jessica Jordan

Dee Rand

Dr Carl Rickshaw "treated" my fiance for a spider bite without an ultrasound or antivenom. Turned into necrosis BC/ of no antivenom. Almost lost an arm many month's of physical therapy ahead. Please send a prayer.

Alyssa Setz

The lady at the front desk was very nice and pleasant but i took my daughter in to this hospital about a week ago and it seemed the nurses where pretty weird they kept giving me and my daughter strange looks and one nurse even came in and asked me if my daughter eats. She is 22 months and eats very well every day when i said yes she eats her favorite food is tomatoes his reply was "as in ketchup". And then went on to say that if she does not eat i can feed her shakes. I felt like this was very rude considering the reason i was there had nothing to do with her eating.

Addie Cyr

I had a wonderful experience with the doctor visit.


Mother discharged and sent home with her IV still in after a week in there. Yes...they forgot to pull it out. To make matters worse they put in an unnecessary pic line in just to get more insurance money. That is the type of IV they left in. Readmitted 3 days later and after 3 more days in there a Dr. called and had still never read her chart to know she was a re-admission.

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