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REVIEWS OF Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital IN Maine

Walter Strom

Nurse's only have time for each other and their phones... With doctors you flip a coin... Do look for medical treatment else were.

Erica Garvey

Eila Lang

My husband was billed three times for a mere $6.30, for a visit that Medicare can't even locate....let alone pay. A collection agency was sent after him. And let me clear.....we are not slackers. We have always been covered and we've always paid our bills...and on time. So we got the shaft. I've called billing and was told the bill was actually paid. I called Medicare and AARP and non could find the reason for the bill. I've always given you good ratings but I don't feel like I can do that any longer.

J Turner

Donald Turner

Dr Yannick NKeng is not qualified to treat anyone...doesn't look you in the eye, leaves the room without answering your question and isn't seen again for hours...trash and food stuff left in room between patients...wanted to admit me for pain management of kidney stones but released me when I gave them a treatment plan and told them how to do their jobs...this place should be reviewed by the State of Maine and the Doctor should be removed.

Alyssa Marie

Waited for 2 hours, having troubles with the iud. Get in the room, just for the doctor to check to see if I’m anemic & giving me a bag of fluids - NOT going to check why I came in of course because he’s not an obgyn. SO when I red button the nurse she didn’t even come in she answered over a little computer thing across the room. PURE laziness & horrible at listening to what is actually wrong with patients.

Erik Pate

Paul Duffy

A bad joke..

Bill Thornton

We brought our four-year-old here to the ER after she burned her hand, and the staff was wonderful from the woman at registration to the nurses, to Dr Baldwin. Treatment was fast, courteous, respectful, and humane.

Thomas Strehan

Visited emergency room for a mental health emergency. Staff behaved under trained and we're unprepared to provide positive care for unwell patients. I was non threatening and non violent but in need of help. They did not want to wait for an ambulance and instead called the police. The police put me in handcuffs and walked my half naked body in a hospital gown down the halls and into a police cruiser and taken to acadia hospital. I was looking for help by those I thought I could trust with my life and yet they treated me like a criminal for being sick. If I could I would bring this hospital to court for this inhumane form of treatment.

Jacob Silverman

The staff is rude and uncaring. They used COERCION to get me to sign papers I had already told them I don't want to sign three times. They did absolutely NOTHING to help me and footed me an exorbitant bill for wasting my time. As another reviewer has pointed out, THIS PLACE IS A SHAM. I might sue this Mainer establishment. Screw Mainers.

Amber The Maine Girl

Beverly Blough

Went to the ER for kidney stone. Was attended to right away. Staff was professional and polite. PA made sure he answered any questions I had and explained each action he was taking. Staff was also dealing with a psychiatric patient in the ER and did it with dignity as she was very loud and vocal several times. As a tourist in the area being cared for so well when far away from home, it was comforting and sincerely appreciated.

Andrea Perry

mark webber

I was sent home with Lyme disease last year, 103-104 fever and was told I had a viral infection. no Lyme test performed. went in today to the E.R with an insect bite lots of swelling, the ER doctor/nurse asked me if I am a IV drug user?!?! terrible services there better off going elsewhere.

Rogier van Bakel

Bryan Allen

Pore quality of workers, select few did a good job . I would listen to bed alarms going off all night long while staff did nothing but chat with each other while a gentlemen had to use the bathroom soiled all over the floor.n the staff call for other faculty to clean it up even the was there fault .I could not get a good night sleep due to staff leaving lights on in my room after multiple times asking to shut it off.also would not address my pain seriously.

sherry taylor

Tracy Robar

The staff here, from the front desk to the nurses and the nurse practitioner were kind, funny, lighthearted, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. They examined and tested my "young adult" child thoroughly. They pulled him back quickly and went to work immediately to try and eliminate scary possible diagnoses. They gave good follow up directions and asked many times if we had questions. Nothing but praise.

Brad Bachelder

There are signs everywhere advertising that the cafeteria is open 6am to 2pm. At 1pm today the doors to get in were open but there wasn't a soul in there, the register was shut down and all of the drink/food coolers were locked shut.

liza mcchesney

Actually they do not deserve a single star at all. Worst hospital ever. My loved one has been there several times in bad condition, and rather then actually take time to try to treat him properly, they just kept assuming that he was just an alcoholic and treated him for simple withdrawals....guess what? He got transferred to bangor and found out he has a blood clot and Will never recommend this place ever as he also overheard negative conversations between employees. You people are heinous and deserve a lawsuit.

Martha Hankins

Went there for help..not much help..was there from 730am til 130pm n it wasnt busy..just send you home with more pills..pills..trying to feel better. N I only feel worse..

Nick Couture

Worst place I’ve ever gone to. I wish I’d have seen this 2.6 review score before bringing my poor wife here to give birth. Never have I seen such ignorance in a hospital I’ll never come back to this place

Modern Misfit

If you want to be stripped of your dignity, and treated like an ignorant insignificant thing, have your every move controlled and watch, and listen to nurses mock and trash you, this is your hospital. The care my husband received wasn't even consistent. Every shift change came with a different opinion on course of care. Everyone is so concerned with hospital policies and maintaining their rating that there's no room or time for empathy it respect.

Keta Bennett

I'm in my 60's, my mom is in her 80's. I have a torn rotator cuff. My mom is in a wheelchair and weighs in excess of 200 pounds. Imagine the horror I felt when I was told that MCMH, in their infinite wisdom, decided to "do away" with valet parking!!! I can't just drop mom off at the front door and go park the car. She has moderate to severe dementia! I can't leave her with strangers! I heard a woman has already fallen and gotten hurt. Today I witnessed an elderly man barely able to walk with his walker cross the road and try to walk up the hill to the main entrance of the hospital. What happened to the volunteers? They have been parking cars for disabled and elderly people for years! Why would you do away with such a valuable service? I thought you cared about your patients, I guess I'm wrong.

Bre Allen

Jane Pette

I received uniformly excellent care from kind and expert staff during ER visit and subsequent surgery after a hiking accident. Everyone I interacted with was wonderful.

Ariela Zucker

Only good words. Had the 'pleasure' of visiting the ER twice last week. Everyone was wonderful and caring and professional. Couldn't ask for a better treatment.

Brutality PlaysPc

I was admitted to the ER after suffering severe abdominal pain for a week or two and vomiting a lot. I was told I had mono and I just needed to take a week off from work until I was better. The next time I went back for the same thing minus vomiting, I was told there's nothing wrong, I'm fine. When I told my doctor I was diagnosed with Mono last time, he said, "And you believed them?" That's very worrying to hear from a doctor about people who went to school for years to be able to tell me that. All the staff with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions doesn't seem to care about the people they're treating. I'd rather die, or go to MDI/Bangor before returning here.

Carla Vance

I was admitted for severe pain management after surgery. Upon discharge, the Hospitalist said, point blank, " If you have any other issues, call your own Dr., don't come to our ER." ??? I had called my own Dr. and she sent me there for a quickly closing airway. I will never go to this sham of a hospital again.

Jayme Lou Loges

I worked there for 14 months as a nurse. They are disrespectful and don’t care about their employees. I will never go there for health care and I’ll never work for them again.

Lisa Bane

The administration here cares more about their ratings than they do their patients.

Casey Kaemerer

The Drs in the emergency room are terrible! Their bedside manners are rude and condescending. They never seem to be too helpful either. A waste of money.

Galena Conrad

I got right in at the emergency room but after being given fluids I waited hours to see any nurse or doctor. A week later I went to another hospital and Northern Light Maine Coast had no record of me being in the emergency room the week prior. I was informed that it was common of the hospital to lose records or input them incorrectly. Overall disappointed.

Julia Morris

My husband was admitted with a stroke recently. He received wonderful care. We were very impressed with the emergency room, the nursing staff and the physical and occupational staff. All caring and competent. Thank you for making a traumatic experience a little easier.

nancy drew

Dr.s treated poorly. high turnover. No quality care as a result.

Skiles Howard

Highly recommended. The doctors are expert, the nurses attentive and compassionate, the emergency staff responsive, and the atmosphere cheerful and friendly.

Josh Ryan

Seems good, as far as hospitals go.

Victoria Murillo

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