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Jennifer Burton

I was transported here after I got rear ended in a fairly serious car accident. The nurses in the ER, the ICU, and on the regular floor were all so upbeat and on top of their game. They made everything a lot less scary, especially when my parents felt reassured enough to head home the second night of my stay. While there are some things they can't handle at this facility, they have very close ties to larger hospitals in Portland and Boston, and the means to transport patients there. Overall, everyone works hard to make sure that the patients are receiving the care that they need, and it shows.

Frank Johnson

Bad nurses on night shift think that they can make there own rules.on t Last night I was subjected to junkie's and Derick and angile refused me my medicine when asked . made me wait three hours extra because they didn't want to give it to me and I will not come back to grant four

Cheryl Csengery

Was there while my Hubby was getting a cardiac Cath, I wanna say ALL the nurses and Doctors were AMAZING. I highly recommend.

Lisa mixer

Took my mother in law in for chest pain. We waited for over 3 hours with no updates of any kind. I finally found a nurse who told me, "there's a lot of sick people here. She came here for a reason: to be seen" Wow! Nice customer service....not. If I had another option for a heart center I would have taken it in a heart beat, no pun intended.

Emily Scharfe

Absolutely aweful! Took hours to get an emergency MRI which I was transfered there to get by ambulance. My vitals were taken one time, no pain medicine given the entire time and when I was told I had herniated disks causing the pain they stated due to new regulations in the state they could not give me pain medication. Way to serve your veterans! I have been in IUD blasts with PTSD and they told me to go fly a kite and deal with the pain on my own. Thank you for making me feel suicidal and hopeless once again.PA Sam, highly would not recommend seeing him or any others on the team. Nursing service was RUDE and being a nurse myself I know there are way better ways to be "patient centered" than to send a patient home with no options, still in pain and trying to figure out how I will be able to pick up my little girl and feed her with no feeling in my left leg and back!

BobbieAnn Winslow

Trusting than our local hospital.

Johnathan Swift

Thank you for letting me talk with my girlfriend after she was injured in a accident :)

Katy Tickle

Nancy harris

I went into EMMC with a stomach pain -- was diagnosed with appendicitis -- and operated on all within the same day. I want to let anyone reading this know that my experience there was absolutely marvelous! The ER doctor and staff was very knowledgeable and responsive -- delightful. They brought in a trauma surgical team after normal hours who were outstanding -- the surgery went very smoothly. I was moved post op to a very nice room with a wonderful staff of floor nurses. My stay in the hospital was great. Everyone I met was so well trained, friendly, and responsive -- and I mean everyone -- the doctors, nurses, and the support staff. If you need to go to an ER, I can recommend EMMC very highly.

Alicia Lumbert

Awful unhumane.

Travis Smith

Janice Small

My husband went there for his left side being swollen and barely able to walk and the emergency room did nothing for him plus made him have to walk down town bangor. You doctors need more education obviously or find another profession

Chris Boone

These idiots let my gf go there 6 times for extreme pain, including our induction date. Each time, they sent her home telling us shes not in labor. (The first time was 39 weeks) we never thought she was in labor. We went because family practice told us to for the pain. Now the geniuses there tell us that she isn't ready for labor, after telling us that the baby is over 8lbs, contractions are constant, and the mother is a small woman. 5'3" and 100lbs normally. There 2 female md's, lee and Melissa are total ditz's that inspire no confidence in anything they say. Stay far away. With that said. Nurses elaine and Jamie were very sweet. Out of the 6 we've had so far they are the best. And dr brown seems friendly and intelligent, but Im having a hard time trusting this guy after all we've been through. Were seriously considering another hospital for delivery at this point.

Eila Lang

My husband and I have both stayed there several nights and we can't say anything bad about the staff and our overall experience there. Everyone was very attentive and thorough.

Christine Matson

Best Hospital!

Madness Mayhem

I would give zero stars if I could. My son is in the ER there today and I have found the women I have dealt with to be absolutely void of compassion or respect for my son. He actually went back today after waiting so long to be seen Monday that he could not bear it anymore and left. A person ahead of us on Monday had been waiting 5 hours. If you want to be treated like a number by arrogant staff that could care less if they are making you feel worse instead of better, then by all means. Go to the ER at EMMC. It has been 6 years since the last time he sought help with a mental health crisis because here in Bangor the process is so dehumanizing and terrifying. You are made to feel like a criminal when they take your belongings and they completely ignore the fact that you are not suicidal, not going to harm yourself or anyone else.

Walter Strom

The employees there are to busy with there phone's and each other, to help patients with needs. Do go some were els for medical needs...

roni saul

I recently had a scheduled stay at the hospital for a medication change. Everyone that I dealt with was wonderful. The staff are all incredibly compassionate and caring- I felt well taken care of and totally appreciated how they all were willing to answer questions and set my mind at ease about things- what a great place to have available to us!!!! Thank you.

Alex Malaspino

Had been a patient here last year and was so impressed when my friend got sick I had him moved to this hospital....what a mistake! The care here has gone to the toilet. The nursing staff could care less about the patients too busy talking and laughing at nurses station. No one communicates with each other my friend was gone from his room for 6 hours before anyone could tell me where he was. I was visiting one afternoon around 4:30pm and nurse came in and laughed " oh I forgot to give you your morning meds" and had incorrect ones for his afternoon doses. Very scary. Not sure what happened in one year very sad

Katherine Leblanc

I have yet to have a bad experience here. Then again I don't come here that often. I wouldn't mind working there if I could.

Bangor Motorsports

There here when you need them.

Jordan White

Dispatch Desk

My wife was recently a day surgery patient there. The care she received was top notch. However if you plan on day surgery plan the whole day as they were running almost three hours behind towards the middle of the day. Keep in mind surgeries sometimes take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances or may be interrupted or rescheduled due to things more urgent that may arise i.e. car accident etc. Very nice staff and hospital, we would use again in a heartbeat.

amy kenney

The team at the Hampden family medicine office are great!

Sam Katz

DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU ENJOY PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE Out of respect for my 2 year old son's privacy, I won't speak to specifics, but I will provide my opinions based on my experience as a parent. These are my opinions and not a statement of fact. Eastern Maine Medical Center is dangerous. I found several members of their staff to be incompetent at best and at worst, malicious actors. In my opinion it is not a question of their whether EMMC's toxic culture of mismanagement and incompetence has caused permanent injury or worse, but how frequently it has happened, how often patients lives have been affected, and how many times confidential settlement agreements have covered it up. Other comments have mentioned being banned from leaving reviews or blocked from the pages on other platforms... If that isn't a sign of a toxic culture that avoids accountibility what is? It's very clear in my opinion that many of the positive reviews here are out of ignorance, an exception to the average, or perhaps they are even paid promoters, especially the reviews with perfect grammar, lots of buzzwords, pictures, and reviews that read like an advertisement or press release. To the others who have had issues.. take the time to file complaints with the appropriate authorities. If you find the process too intimidating, speak with an attorney. This is the only way to make a difference. Complaining on Google or Facebook won't work. Providing your concerns to the hospital, in my opinion, is a waste of time. They will only handle it internally instead of providing the proper level of scrutiny to any alleged misconduct or incompetence. Things will only change when people make enough noise and apply the right pressure from regulatory authorities or in a court of law with the assistance of an attorney. I would suggest starting with the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine. Do your research. Ask questions. Do not be intimidated by someone with a fancy title and credentials. Advocate for yourself, your loved ones, or your children. Do not allow yourself to be bullied. Just because someone claims to be acting in the best interest of their patient, don't believe it. The sea of negative reviews here is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Samuel Knight

I tried 11 times to update my insurance info to no success, it's like they refuse to accept anything but the meager amount of cash I make each week

Shawn Beaulieu

traveled 3.5 hours to come here to get cath procedure done for my heart. my check in time was 8:30 am it is now 2 pm and they still don't know when I'll be able to get in to the operating room haven't eaten since 11 last night. was was told that I was going to be one of

Heather Jordan

I'd give negative stars if it were an option. Avoid this hospital by all means and if for some reason that is not an option, DO NOT LET A PATIENT STAY THERE UNACCOMPANIED~definitely poorly managed as the staff have no patience and nothing left to give. They are frustrated, short fused, and will not be taking care of your loved one.

Nancy Robinson

I don’t know where to start. My husband is patient now. It’s horrible. First doc came in. Called him someone else’s name. I corrected him. He said oh yes that’s who I wanted. I asked if he knew who he was seeing. He became arrogant asked if I wanted new doc. I told him to do a better job. No apology. Floor is very busy. Went to CCU Very noisy. No sleep for him or me. CSU docs felt they were only competent docs. Would not listen to others. Requested transfer out after 11 days Went to p6. Beautiful rooms. But staff seem to feel that they are in charge of pt. Had one ask me tonite how much I knew about his situation . I assured him I was top of it. I stayed for 23 days but had to go home to go back to work. Every day I have to educate someone that the nonresponsve old man in the bed was up and living a good life a month ago and that we are going to give him every opportunity to recover. Luckily he’s making progress. Some docs are great. Some aren’t. Nurses are for the most part ok but don’t leave anyone there. Stay with them and be an advocate for them. I’ve been a nurse for s long time. I never took care of people like this. I hope we never have to come back here. And I e been so verbal I’m sure they hope we don’t either


Truly a giant behemoth of inefficiency and poor service. The bigger they get, the worse they get. When you call, expect to be on hold for long periods of time, expect to wait several months to be seen for routine care, expect to have messages go nowhere, expect dropped, missing, and incorrectly communicated prescriptions, and if you have a doctor's form that needs to go to your employer or insurance company- just forget about that right now. They will simply lose it or not send it, no matter how many times you politely call and ask them to remember to do so. Meanwhile, your employer will be leaning on you for the form and you'll be stuck in the middle. I'm still waiting for the office at Husson Internal Medicine to send a form that was due two weeks ago. My mother was a patient at Northern Light Inland. Same thing- long wait times, messages and prescriptions dropped, and referrals that were never made. Her new office at Northern Light Family Medicine in Orono- same thing. A referral to a dermatologist for an acute, red, raised rash she had all over her face and hands took five months to come through. Five months! I can't tell if these people are completely incompetent or if they just do not care about an elderly person's health problems, but if you plan on becoming a patient at a Northern Light practice, expect to fall through the cracks at every opportunity. Unfortunately, Northern Light is acquiring so many medical offices and hospitals in the area, that it's getting to be impossible to avoid them. Something really, really needs to change. At this point, I'm willing to drive a long way to avoid these folks and I'm actively seeking a practitioner who is NOT affiliated with Northern Light.

Lynn Lawless

I find that people with serious conditions get treated quickly and well here. Everyone from housekeeping up is very helpful. Stand for one minute with a confused look on your face and someone will ask if you need help. Sorry to the people who didn't get a drink fast enough or who felt the Dr didn't come around often enough just a guess from having worked in a hospital but I suspect they might have been busy with someone who was in danger of dying.


The staff and crew here have been amazing. My father has been here over 6 weeks now fighting cancer. They have gone above and beyond to help make this time a little better. From the cleaning crews, to the dietary people, to the physical therapists, and of course, the AMAZING Oncology Doctors and Nurses.

June Murray

my son is still in there! I have not heard of any complaints yet!

Sara Reimer

Nurse staff was wonderful. What's not wonderful is who let's someone leave a hospital who hasn't been able to eat in 2 months due to extreme abdominal pain and is still vomiting despite medication.. that for some reason no one can find just by running some blood and a ct scan. The wait time to get into specialists is even longer. One could be dead by the time they get in to one.


My daughter went to the emergency room because of major pain in her abdomen. She got there at 6 am and not a sole in the waiting are. She sat in the lobby crying of pain for over 2 hours before some came to get her. When asked what was taking so long they said they were between shift changes. They put her I. A room and it was still over an hour before anyone came in. Long story short she was there until 11:30 and the only thing they did was a urine test and a ultrasound to look and see if the cyst on her ovary was inflamed. Then they send her home in pain and said well we don't know what is causing the pain. Am I suppose to pay for service like this? We will see about that after I talk to my insurance company. I will never take anyone to this place again. It's to bad. It is a big hospital. To bad they dont know how to run it.

Tami M

Wait time is low. However. Making an appointment is difficult for the lab. They don't check your orders and try to send you in circles

Bill Brasskey

Darlene Formanek

their billing is a horrific mess. they do not bill correctly and then takes years to straighten out if ever it gets straightened out.

randy Grindle

Ill give it 3 stars its a complicated story well 3 stars because this place is huge and looks super nice at the maine entrance but they lied to me i was out messing around on my dirt bike and smahed my head on the pavement blood coming from my ears well they said my cat scans was bad but wouldnt show me any proof then they claimed i needed brain surgery or it would be "fatal" in less then a few days so i said no and i left with my mom the called the cops on me for leaving well i hid in the forest and i am perfectly fine with no brain surgery i dont trust what they say or do its my opinion though you can be the judge

Annissa Nicola

At the Er for my daughter she’s been puking and is not eating or drinking anything she finally asked for a drink of water had to ring the bell twice to get a nurse in here and the nurse didn’t like so she it gave me attitude because The first time and nurse told me that she would ask her nurse if she could have water no one told us anything and it was about 20 minutes later so I press the button again she came with the biggest attitude stomping her feet and said they didn’t have cups. well do your job and get some cups... and fined out if she can have water instead of gossiping out there in the nurses station not doing your job must be nice to get paid and do nothing when there’s people that are sick at the hospital wow

Amber The Maine Girl

NikaLee Esposito

Emily Annis

Hailey Boudreau

The service/ nurses were not the best, the short story is, my mom is a drug addict and she went there due to her having a heart attack, and they treated her like she was a scumbag and not with good care. She is still there, but I have no clue how to transfer her to a different hospital, but moral of the story, even though she isn't perfect because she does drugs the only thing they should be doing is helping her and doing their job instead of judging and criticizing her mistakes, awful service to say the least.

Breanna Kernick

My father in law went in for a fairly simple procedure- adding a feeding tube which is complicated by his ALS, diagnosed a few years ago. My mother in law called ahead to explain his progressed neuromuscular degenerative condition, that he has a port, that he sleeps with a bi-pap machine. My FIL has no use of his upper body, but when my MIL asked for help moving him into the bed and propping him up she was met with resistance from the staff. Before the surgery a nurse was about to insert an IV when my MIL reminds her he has a port. The nurse said she had never used one and asked my MIL what size needle it takes, which my MIL doesn't know because she isn't a nurse. After the procedure, my MIL replaced his oxygen with Bi-Pap because he said it was more comfortable. She left the room for a moment and returned to 3 nurses in the hallway staring at him. They told her they weren't sure if the machine was on, but stood oggling him from a hallway instead of asking him (he is perfectly capable of speaking). When he needed to be de-accessed from his port, the on staff nurse told my MIL to do it. As they were leaving down the hallway a nurse asked my MIL "Does he have MS?"

James Kenny

The emergency room is slow I've been waiting here with my fiancee bc of her stomach is swallowed up and is rock hard and they said that everything was fine and I know it's not bc we been here 3 different times and it's gotten worse for her and they still won't help

Lea Sutherland

I work here :)

Cameron Ledesma

Waiting room experience wasnt the best. However once you’re in the staff is wonderful everyone is incredibly nice and helpful and in room wait times are shorter than most places!

Erin Williams

The nurses and staff were really pleasant and caring, but the overall organization was terrible. The transfer from day surgery to recovery to an actual room was close to a 6 hour process, that's not including the actual procedure time. Then, when my mom was ready to go home, it was a whole different process to discharge. It took nearly 3 hours to discharge her, and they had to bring her to a completely different floor, room and sectional of the hospital. It was all very inconvenient and the time of the processing was terrible. Again, the Nurses, CNAs and Doctors were all great. Everyone was pleasant and answered questions. Just the organization of the hospital was crazy. The whole place is under remodel and it was inconvenient as well.

Alec Benter

A warm and compassionate organization who focuses on your health and your concerns. They have a positive impact in our community in so many areas. Thank you for standing out and being awesome!

John Delamater

AM I GOING TO GET A RESPONSE FROM EMMC TO THIS REVIEW OR NO? . . . Don't go to EMMC. I liked the Dr.s, but they are overbooking them and they cannot give proper care. They will book you in whether they can treat you properly or not. It took months to get an appointment with the Dr. and when I got in they put me with an intern who couldn't possibly osteo-manipulate someone of my size. And the Dr.s admitted the appointments needed to be closer together to be effective but they didn't have time. In fact the appointments got farther apart, they couldn't see me for 2 months when I needed to be seen in 2 days, so the treatment didn't work. I went elsewhere and with consecutive treatments, they worked my back problems out in roughly a month. It cost a fraction of what they are trying to charge me at the hospital. It was a complete waste of time to go to EMMC yet they want to collect on something they didn't deliver. And it didn't help my condition by not only delaying my treatment but to be stressed about their big bill and usless treatment. Also, the company they use for billing reported my non-payment to the credit bureaus, not as one delinquent account but as a delinquent account for each visit. So they reported a dozen delinquent accounts instead of one for their bill. I see in the news there's an exodus of dr.s from there for this reason.

Tianna Braley

The pediatric floor is top notch.

richard detwiler

Horrible...uncordinated effort to transfer my wife from Bangor to the Lafayette cancer center...3 times she has had to wait hrs after her proceedure to get transported to the cancer center for her internal radiation which makes a 10hr day become a 15 to 16hr day..very pathatic and unprofessional...alot of passing the buck is all we get...thanks for making a cancer patient even uncomfortable

Eunice Chase

They don’t have their heads on straight,they confuse patients family and friends when giving information to them about the patients health, one moment they say one thing,the next they say the opposite of what they said and back again,don’t get people’s hope up for nothing

Jonny Luxifer

Staff were extremely abusive and dishonest, I even witnessed some of them laughing at a woman with a disability. I have PTSD and suffer from flashbacks and night terrors involving the way they treated my partner and I. The management is absolutely callous and flippant, I filed a complaint and they made it painfully obvious that they have no concern for integrity, accountability or compassion. They were extremely rude and dismissive and sent us two letters which completely contradict one another, one deeming unwanted sexual contact by security staff as appropriate and another saying it never happened. This place is just Orwellian. They violate your rights, laugh at you, and press charges if you try to defend yourself when they attack. They even lied in the medical record and when I informed their patient relations they said "if you disagree with it you can file for an amendment." As though fraudulent medical documentation is okay if you treat it like an opinion. My partner and I are scarred for life, and the higher ups there would rather lie and at the same time accuse me of lying and refuse to identify the people who mishandle patients than actually do something to hold those thugs accountable. I do not feel safe at EMMC because of the abusive ER and security staff, the absolutely clueless rubber stamp they call "Patient relations" and of course the extremely arrogant, cruel, and just plain rude director of the ER, who refused to answer simple questions and hung up on me instead of just acting like an adult. I will avoid this abysmal hospital the best I can and I suggest you do the same because in my experience they actually did more harm than help, and don't even have the integrity to ensure bullies on their staff are even kept away from victims upon request.

Patricia M. G.

RoseMarie Young

Donna Ridings

Very good care here


My experience has to do with the 6th floor and the cardiac doctors and nurses. My Mom was transferred to EMCC from another town due to severe chest pains and a cardiac history. The nurses that took care of her were so kind and caring. And the doctors I encountered were extremely thorough and ran other necessary tests aside from cardiac tests just to be sure my Mom had no other issues. The doctor that performed the heart catherization was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to us in a clear and concise manner. My Mom also had her own, very large, private room on the 6th floor which made being in the hospital a little more bearable for her. We hadn't been to the hospital in over a year and I was pleasantly surprised by all the remodeling and upgrades they did. I can't speak for the care on other floors or in the ER, etc. But as far as the cardiac unit on the 6th floor, they were all very wonderful and helpful.

Alonzo Harvey

Be couse god is there with u

Allison Hawksley

I broke my leg and had no choice but to go here. Absolutely the worst hospital experience I have ever had. No one would tell me what was going on, and I was so uncomfortable and in so much pain.

Tenma Spencer

Both myself and my father were in here several times. The facility is clean, the quality of care is world-class, the service is friendly, the food is good, and the building is absolutely beautiful, especially since the renovation. I would not hesitate to come back here for treatment in the future. I have been in hospitals in New York City (I was in a hospital in Flushing, NY, and my mother was in Mount Sinai) and EMMC exceeds them in terms of cleanliness, friendliness, error prevention, and standard of care. If I had to make a negative comment I would say that according to my father (who was not mentally stable at the time) one of the male workers who was assigned to watch him for suicidal actions made a disparaging remark at him. However, this was far out of place from the ordinary at EMMC and not the fault of EMMC. Other nitpicks include the facts that parking is not the easiest and that you would think there would be healthy food in the public cafeteria instead of pizza, fries, donuts, whoopee pies (!) and cake. To be honest, some of the food stations do serve healthy food and there is fruit and oatmeal in the morning.

Greg Wall

Monday, September 16, 2019 I went to Northern Light on a referral from their walk-in care, which was great. I wanted a Lyme's Disease test, but they found I had atrial fibrillation and sent me to Northern Light Emergency Room. At the end of a long day, I reflected on this 2.5-rated hospital. This morning I had been to their walk-in clinic where I saw two outstanding people, Deb and Rebecca. At some other location, I might have just gotten what I asked for, a Lyme test. At the ER, they took me right in. I saw an excellent nurse, a Lyme’s doctor, an excellent ER doctor and two physician’s assistants. Not usually doing Lyme’s in the ER, they had done mine and reversed my atrial fibrillation. I don’t know how many rooms they have, but I know they had a lot of people with a lot more serious problems. I give them top ratings.

Cody Webster

a Amnth

This hospital is in need of a serious investigation.

Shelby Hinkley

Horrifying experience. If you value your health do not go here. I wish google would allow ZERO stars. UPDATE: Met with Jeff Parsons and Victoria Merry. COMPLETE waste of time. They were only sorry for my feelings toward EMMC. Did not acknowledge any wrong doing. I would not recommend wasting your time with these people. If you think this hospital has injured you or a loved one I would seek someone outside to help represent you. PLEASE take my advice and avoid this hospital.

Camryn Flaherty

Everyone here is nasty to talk to.


The nurses were great. The view was wonderful - it made my stay so much more tolerable. The food is pretty good, if bland and repetitive at times. The staff sent up cinnamon and raisins by request for my oatmeal. The hallway art is intriguing and informative at times. Thank you!

Ian Goode

My friend was made to wait 4 hours for the ER and then left on a stretcher in a hallway and forgotten about.

Sarah Chamberlain

New tower is beautiful. Ob and NICU staff were wonderful. My family is go grateful for the care we received.

Mr. Review

Run away from this place. A family member ended up with sepsis from this place two times and almost died both times. I also had knee surgery here, Dr. Oldenburg was the surgeon. I had a pain block in my leg so I was awake during the surgery. The first 1.5 inch of the incision on my knee was not "numb" and I felt him cutting me. I asked repeatedly for him to stop but he refused. His bedside manner was equally as horrible. While in the hospital a nurse attempted to hook up a bag of autoimmune medication into my IV. I questioned her because I don't have an autoimmune disorder and she just laughed at me. My wife luckily came in before she finished hooking the IV up and straightened out the ordeal. Finally the nurse figured out the meds belonged to my roommate. The same nurse also dropped a syringe on the floor and attempted to still inject it into my IV (no wonder my family member ended up with sepsis two times from this place). I complained to the patient relations department but that was completely useless as well. My incision was infected and Dr. Oldenburg squeezed it with his bare hands. This is a horrible place. If you care about your loved ones please don't bring them here. St. Joes is a much better choice or go to Portland.


Nicole Violette

I went to er in October. I was given a pain med that is very strong and was not told I was getting it until after I asked why I was so light headed. That is when I was told I was given Fentanyl. I was not happy. Then was given another pain med. Then another. Did testing to see what was causing my pain in my abdomen. Then was given a medication that I told them makes me sick and was told to take crackers I will be ok. They gave a diagnosis of something that was not even correct. I was able to get into a new dr and was told was wrong and we are dealing with it. I contacted patient relations and waited for a results from this complaint/concern and was told in a form letter that what happened they are sorry for and there is nothing else can be done. This is will be used as a training tool. Really? I really do not want to recommend this hospital to anyone. If I could give negative stars I would.

Cory Astbury

One of the best hospitals in the state !!

doug bevan

The nursing staff was great, but it was painfully (literally) obvious that they were terribly understaffed. That is about the nicest thing I can say about this facility. It would be generous to call the doctors competent, and doctors from different disciplines never seemed troubled enough to actually read my chart. The physical therapists were even worse, as was the administrative staff. My recommendation is to avoid this hospital at all costs...

charlene kozerow

My son has been at the ED 3 times in the last 2 weeks for depression. He is bipolar/sociopathic. He has been manic for months. He went in for help. They called me to ask if they should let him go home. I told them no. They sent him home! Today he was going to come see me but called to say he was taking an overdose so they would do something. They let him go home!! I called and talked to Dr. Todd who sent him home. She would not talk to me about his situation which I could understand but I told her she shouldn't have sent him home he was asking for help. I also told her to turn in her license and degree because she has no business treating the mentally ill! When someone comes in for help you don't call the cops on them and send them off when they are suicidal! Hence the reason jails are filled with the mentally ill!

Brandy Warren

Stop worrying about what the building looks like and make it functional. For example hire some doctors. It is beyond inappropriate to staff so little and think you can even provide minimal emergency care to this area. You are not a hotel. We are not paying you to provide us with a room by the hour to sleep. Heart issues, over 3 hours in the room with stage 4 edema, not a single person checked on me, Just to be told by the charge RN that you don't have any doctors? You cannot charge thousands of dollars, for absolutely no care whatsoever. No labs, no nurse, not even someone to give me an emergency pull cord or button when I am unable to stand safely. I seriously am concerned with the lack of focus that your administration has for the actual service that you are selling.

Joshua Fickett

I took my girlfriend there to get some help with her pmdd which was causing some mental health problems. In the 6 hours we were in the emergency room she was seen by the most unhelpful people. The doctors and nurses didn't provide any useful diagnosis beyond the one my girlfriend provided them, the pmdd. The security guards watched her like she was an animal and not a person. The mental health counselor asked if she went to church and tried to take her to an institution that would only push pills on her and further treat her like an animal. When these addictive pills are no longer available to the patient they will turn to other drugs, such as heroin and fentanyl. The doctors are causing Maine citizens to become addicted to dangerous drugs that have increased Maine's heroin/fentantyl overdose deaths to above the national average. If you need help with mental health don't go anywhere in Maine.

Ariela Zucker

Stayed for 5 days for and emergency pacemaker. Everyone was wonderful and caring and professional. Thanks so much.

Maggie B

If you are having mental health issues do not go to EMMC. Find another location, go to a clinic, your php, call the hotline, higher ground, anywhere but here. If you do go, expect a prison like, dirty facility with little to no communication. Also, you will be stripped of your phone so you can not reach out to your loved ones to let them know where you are and not offered a chance to phone anyone. This facility will cause more damage to your mental health. A fine example of the broken mental health Care system in this country. A person walks in looking for a Dr to look at their medications and you end up locked up in a round room with 8 other patients.

Karen Wilson

I have no complaints about the hospital. I have a problem with the young man who works for security at the entrance to the Webber Building. I have a disability placard on my mirror, it was 17* out this afternoon, and I just left the eye doctors where they dialated my eyes. I had to get RX eyedrops. Pulled my car around the circle, parked and locked it, passed my keys to the young man in exchange for my ticket and explained it wouldn’t be long because it’s eyedrops not pills to be counted. Kept checking on my car and in less than 15 minutes, he had had it moved. I was and still am...livid! This is the second time this young man has done this to me. I asked why he had it moved and he smirked and said I had no idea how long you would be. Gets 15 or 20 minutes and we move it. ( I was joking around with another young man that was retrieving and moving cars and said “ now don’t you move my Toyota okay?” and the doors were open so I think perhaps the young man taking keys thought it would be funny to “move my Toyota”) I’ve been fighting major depressive disorder, have coronary artery disease, have had one and need another hip replacement, my sister had a stroke yesterday, I’m having chest pains waiting to hear from my Cardiologist and this wise guy has my car driven off on one of the most stressful exhausting days of my life and was a pukeboy about it. I swore some foul words at him and told him if I had a heart attack getting my car, he can take the rap and headed after it. When I got to Hancock Street end of parking lot and the young man moving cars was there, I asked if he had my keys. He told me they would be in trailer (which I recalled too) and we walked over together and he walked up the ramp and opened the door, asked if my keys were there and they said, and I quote “If it’s the Toyota, he radioed down and said not to give them to her.” This young man is about 6’1 or 2”, good looking, but has a mean streak for some reason and I don’t think he should work with the public. You never know what people are going through and being spiteful just isn’t nice. I’m still upset. If a coworker or Human Resources worker reads this, please show Mike Parsons, this young mans boss.

Evan Vidas

My most recent experience at this hospital was horrible. The patient I drove to the ED had to wait for 3 hours and 15 minutes in significant pain before she was even brought into a room, and the waiting room wasn’t even halfway full. During this time staff did only one check to see if we needed anything and did not offer pain meds. The only useful person we encountered during this time was a security guard who I knew personally. Once we got into a room, we waited another hour and ten minutes before a doctor came in. The doctor seemed distracted and inconsiderate during her patient interaction and kept asking the patient to repeat information she had just said. The best part is, the procedure took less than an hour. I get it. It’s hard working in a hospital. I work in one myself. There’s more things going on than you can possibly keep track of. But this was absolutely unacceptable quality of care. It was unprofessional, unethical, and in hindsight, we should have just gone to Portland. I would never reccomend this ED to anyone who could seek care elsewhere. Disgraceful.

Bob Potts

Great care by caring people!!

April Nicholas

Bob Baker

The new rooms are stunning and state-of-the-art. The staff is wonderful and knowledgeable.

amanda rezendes

Absolutely horrible experience, see why more and more people are going out of state for treatment and surgeries. Place is understaffed, no bedside manner it’s quite a joke!

Robert Grant

My wife is currently in the cardiac care unit and we feel that she is receiving excellent care! She has been in a lot of hospitals around the country and we have not had better care anywhere.

wiggy sullivan

Very very disappointed in the care my brother is not getting everyday grant 5 no matter when I arrive to visit he is in a wet bed never washed only bath he has received was by me his left side is no longer functional and on the board of needs is help moving ,opening his food,and cutting it,which was not done until he called for someone who would help ,so i tryed to be there for his meals to help him.A TOTAL LACK of communication between staff ,he went for a test and for 5 hours not one person could tell me where he was until I saw a dr.who I asked and explained the situation they all of a sudden found him.The day before that at 4 in the afternoon a nurse came in and said to him ( with a giggle her voice I forgot your morning meds so guess what also noon time meds ) needless to say when my brother was stable enough to be moved I took him to a hospital with a caring staff.

David S

Even though there were times I received fair treatment most the time I did not. Also considering family and friends that also received services I'd have to say that I am extremely disappointed. I give overall quality of all services an F be it from ER to check ups, to any other services offered there. Also a lot of staff seemed to be rude, unprofessional, and the ones that were nice seemed to be "acting" rather than sincere. I could list out all the things I didn't like from the sloppy doctors work to the boorish staff that use the local bus stop as a smoking shelter and blow smoke in patrons faces, to the treatment some of the burnt out nurses give everyone (I understand that nurses work hard and they have to deal with some horrible visitors but they seem to take it out on innocent patients and clients that don't deserve the attitude problems). And too many times I've seen people get serious infections from the operations there or their surgery was botched somehow. All in all the entire area is lacking in so many ways it's not even funny that is why we moved out of state. Im surprised not to hear of some huge Law Suit against EMMC or some huge Scandal break out by now. We moved because we didn't want to stick around to see Bangor finally go down hill. Everything from Physical Health Care to Mental Health Care is seriously lacking real quality. Same for their local colleges like UMaine. We just did NOT feel safe in an environment like that. Moving away was our best decision.

Michael Robinson

The Drs are overworked, the nurses are under staffed,

chelsea soule

My Wife and I have been waiting to be seen by walk -in care, going on 2 hours now! Not happy with the service here at all. Crappy service.

Jodi Grant

Great service. I had an operation done on my back and now I feel awesome everyday

Bruce Edwards

It is one of the most impressive medical facilities impressive in terms of buildings care quality of care scope of care it is a medical city but also the staff medical and support nicest most curing people I've ever experiencedit is a most positive experience

chris vespoli

I would encourage anyone considering medical attention or a procedure to check out St. Joseph's hospital first. I don't trust a hospital that's for profit and trades on Wall Street!!! And truly take a look at other comments on here and you may feel the same way.

Tim L

Very disappointed with with the care I received at the Neurosurgery at Eastern Maine Medical Center.Doctor Fromke and Doctor Waterman was very rude and seemed like I was taking up there time and had better things to do. The doctors was not helpful at all and didn't answer all my questions in which were very important to me as I was scheduled for major back surgery.EMMC Neurological Surgery/Spine Is a joke.You been warned...

Eric StCyr

I don't give out man 5 star reviews but in this case its not even a second thought. I read some of the other reviews and cannot speak for other areas and care departments of the hospital but the pediatrics floor is down right unbelievable. The staff is beyond amazing, knowledgeable, professional and is 100% there for the kids and families involved. They go above and beyond what would be expected for such a busy place. We spent several days here in more than one instance over the course of 13 years and both times I could not come up with one thing they would need to change to make it better. Every place that deals with the public will always have downfalls and things that need improvement but the pediatrics unit at Eastern Maine Medical Center has broken the rule and proven it can be done. Highly recommended if ever you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to use the service they provide.

Kat Batey

Although the Dr and nurse we had were very nice, it took almost 6 hours for anyone to look at my daughter who was having difficulty breathing. That was scary waiting because no one even checked on her. The emergency department is run down and dirty. Although there were multiple security gaurds, there was a really high guy that was dancing and yelling and swearing and being disruptive around sick elderly people and little kids and they didn't even look at him even though the party went on for a good 4 hours in the waiting room. There was only one triage nurse even though there were more patients waiting to be seen then chairs. A person was doing intake paperwork in the waiting room so there was no way to protect anyone's privacy. I heard like 5 people's addresses and next of kins names and phone numbers and whatnot. I think the very few staff that was there were working very hard and doing their best but whoever is in charge of staffing needs to do better. There were a lot of people who walked out without being seen tonight who were in need of medical care and never got any. I have gone to Eastern Maine medical center for years for various reasons and although patient care has gone downhill this is the worst I have ever seen as far as understaffing, wait times, cleanliness, patient care and feeling unsafe. I hope it gets better.

Joshua Lapierre

I learned that the hospital doesn't know everything there's still much to learn and now they will I rate them a one because of the emotional damage bestowed upon me from there organization I can only hope they will continue doing better work for other people in the future

William Po

So I had a heart attack. Middle of the night pressed my call button. No answer. Saw charge nurse seated in front of cardiac monitors, head back, mouth open, snoring. Reported this and was told I was smoking in my room after my heart attack while hooked up to oxygen tubes. Huh? I ended up answering you wouldn't have known if I was cause you all were sleeping.

Andrew Morgan

Waited waited for doctor and or nurse all day. Waited over three hours to be checked out once it was decided. The nurse said she had not looked. I saw her twice in 12hrs.


Disgusting and horrific. I came here a few months ago because I had a very bad reaction to a new medication, I was incredibly dizzy, light headed and nauseous. It was so bad I fainted trying to walk from the parking garage to he hospital. They saw me in very good time which I was thankful for and they took a small amount of blood (I think to check for an allergic reaction I do not remember) but as soon as they did my nausea doubled I become more disoriented and I heard a loud ringing in my ear. Up until this point the care I received was 5 stars and I was thankful..then I met this nurse and everything went very bad. She came up and said that she needs more blood, I told her no and I explained that it made everything so much worse and I was already feeling very weak. She told me: "If you do not let me take blood you HAVE to leave" I was still incredibly dizzy and light headed but I said okay but I need to collect myself so I can walk. I passed out not to long after that and was awoken in my horror to the nurse grabbing my arm and trying to DRAW my BLOOD. Not only did I not give consent but I explicitly told her NO I do NOT want my blood drawn. I am pretty sure this alone is a crime but I am no lawyer. I have never been so afraid, I got up (shaking and stumbling to get on my feet) and hobbled over to the nurse's desk and told them I demand to leave. They gave me the typical "if you leave we are not responsible if something happens to you etc" and the head nurse advised me to stay. I told her that I am NOT SAFE in this hospital and I will take my chances on my own. Shaking, stumbling; light headed and terrified I managed to escape the hospital and my fiance drove me home. I can understand how this might sound dramatic to someone who was not there but never in my life have I ever been afraid of a doctor, nurse or etc. I have always blindly trusted and had faith in them but after this I now have this nagging doubt in the back of my mind. I hope I never need to go to this hospital for an emergency, I am truly afraid of this place and I understand if others may find that silly. I have never had a medical "professional" intentionally and maliciously go against my decision and it honestly shook me to the core. I do not blame the entire hospital for these nurses actions (the nurse with her did not grab my arm but she supported the other nurse) but I do not trust this practice anymore.

Hilary Thibodeau

Caught a nasty case of C. diff that caused me to lose 30 lbs in 3 weeks after I went here for an emergency delivery of my preterm baby. No one warned me of the dangers of c. diff as a postpartum mom who'd been given prophylactic antibiotics and then stayed in NICU with son for 3 weeks. Now I'm stuck with this bacteria that will jeopardize my medical treatment for the rest of my life and affect my health forever. Still not cured of the disease and the antibiotic treatments range from $800 to $4000 per treatment. This has ruined the first months learning to care for my child and sent me into a tailspin of postpartum depression/anxiety. Be aware this bug is floating around this facility. Touch nothing, don't eat in cafe. and get out of maternity as fast as you can.

Greg Wimer

I have had two major bowel surgeries performed here in the last six months and have stayed as an inpatient for a total of eleven days. I can not say enough nice things about the wonderful staff and facility. From the admission process through the end of my stay when my take home medicine was delivered bedside by the inhouse pharmacy, i encountered only committed and caring people. I felt at every moment that I was being well cared for and that my concerns and needs were always addressed professionally. I would not hesitate to return for future procedures.

korianne thibeault

there birthing aria and nurses whaen it came to that was great but there emergency service is horable i thought i was going throw apendisidis and they took cat scans and mris told me if i died it would be my falt so i went to lincolin after waiting 6 hours just to find out it was a torn muscel im only 17 and the person unegicadedly told me i was going to die but once again i liked there birthing rooms just dont listen to the only 30 ml thing thats the only thing

Rusty - Roberta Martin

My daughter was there 4 weeks....intensive care was ok but minute she was put on 6 floor it was totaling discusting.....walked in to fine her laying in body wastes, soaking wet from leaking iv, feeding tube unhooked running down her side, pillow on her side was half didnt just happen....i had to clean her privates myself after they supposedly just cleaned her....they didnt know what the procedures were with her anal tube to be flushed or to keep it unblocked under her leg. DONT EVER LEAVE ANYONE THERE ALONE WHEN THEY CANT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES....

Cassandra Lindsey

Dr. Gilman delivered and saved my baby with God's help. The nurses took such good care of my premie while we there for a month. She had great serverices all around love going back for her appointments to visit them. Now one particular little blond headed old lady nurse with glasses was so rude and lazy. I hope she is still not working there. Terrible services she offered. Had no sympathy or empathy to a patient who just had c- section surgery the day before, wanted me to get up and walk when I had wires connected to me and let my pee bag full to the top. I would never be admitted to the hospital again if she was going to be my nurse!

Bradley Drake

Michael Callahan

I arrived at ER when it was very hectic. I received very prompt care. There was a time lag getting to the 4th floor but once there I was very happy with the care and comfort. The nursing staff paid attention to what I needed and everything was accomplished in a friendly and private manner. Thank you

Christian Belanger

Almost always takes 4 hours to be seen let alone actually taken care of even when you get a room. My personal experience as well as family and friends say that you are paying to sit, sleep, and watch TV. You might get your vitals, blood, and urine tests. Then you will be forgotten. If you get treated, you will be ridiculed and possibly lied to about your diagnosis. I was told I had a stomach flu, the paperwork I had handed to me said it was stomach problems caused by anxiety. They didn't even ask if I had other problems, like gallbladder problems or Crohn's or a food allergy. Didn't look into possible overdose or anything. I'm glad I wasn't dying cuz I would have died of the heart attack I was thinking I was having at the time as it fit EVERY symptom. It took a friend of mine nearly a full two days to be brought into a surgery, even after being told after day one if he didn't go in when he had he'd already be dead, which in my mind would mean they'd expedite the process as he was a ticking time bomb. I want to say wonderful things as it does have some of the most up to date equipment and is helping progress continue. Unfortunately, the management and staff seem to care less about people as a whole, as well as individuals, and more about business and money. I understand that money is a huge reason why it's doing well and, apparently, always expanding and having construction done; but the reason these people are in the business is because they supposed to actually care about helping, treating, and possibly curing people. Its a shame to the trade.

Julia B

Billing department is absolutely incompetent. On one occasion they charged me for services which were supposed to be covered by insurance. On two other occasions they billed an insurance plan that expired 4 years ago. They have yet to resolve the issue despite many phone calls on my part. I have wasted a lot of my time on problems that should not happen with good record keeping. Simple things like changing health insurance plans should not cause so much of a head ache.


My mother received excellent care and the entire staff were fantastic to deal with. The communicated with us well and even explained the medical stuff in plain english that was understandable.

k lewis

How can a patient write you as 5 star, knowing you are trying to shove a contagious patient with wounds that have not healed out the door. Potential infection possibilities to the public, and be the place the infection happened to begin with? ALL because you don't have single infection rooms, and cant make money off 1 person in a double room. When does the hospital take responsibility for the situation?

Sarah M

Had my son here last year. My labor and delivery nurse was pompous and had horrible bedside manner. I was not informed on what was going to happen as a first time mom. I felt disregarded and trivialized the whole time, except for 3 sweet nurses after I had my son that made the stay a little brighter. I had pitocin, a pill, and my water broken all around the same time. I had completed labor in under 3 hours, because though I was being induced for a semi high bp, I did not have a true medical issue to warrant such a rough process for my body as a first time mother. I would have progressed naturally as the day went on with just the pill and my water breaking. The labor caused a panic for the delivering doctor, as she was dealing with 2 patients at once, so I was the main focus because they only seemed to have the one doctor available, and my son's heartrate was dropping. I was not allowed any pain meds at any time due to the short span of my labor, so imagine having an episiotomy while being able to feel it. Not fun. I hated my experience here and am so glad we moved to southern Maine, where I know there are better options available than this horrible establishment. I WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN. My response to business reply: Thanks for the cookie cutter reply, but I've spoke my piece here, there's not much else to say other than I'm never coming back.

Liz W

I’ve been in the waiting room for almost 5 hours. They put everyone in a room and come ask personal information in front of everyone. I’m sick. I’m exhausted. The last thing I need is to sit here for 5 hours in pain. The funny thing is that there aren’t even a lot of people here, like 5. So they are terribly understaffed or they just don’t care. I will only go to saint Joseph’s from now on.

Arthur Benson

Pat Goodnow

Roger Brasslett


Worst experience in my life. CNN'S were rude & were passive-aggressive. I was there for cancer treatment & was treated like an inmate at a prison! ! Never take a loved one there.

Tyler Beach

Place sucks!


Worse hospital in the state of Maine ! The care on the 5th floor was Horrible. Bloody gauze pads on floor along with sheets and robe. very dirty place! Patients are neglected and have to fend for themselves.

Mary Beth Fraser

Changing the name of this place is like putting lipstick on a pig. BEWARE! My mother came here very sick and left much, much worse. They misdiagnosed her with STAGE FOUR COLON CANCER and almost unnecessarily removed a large part of her colon. Thankfully, she ended up being sent to Boston where she received actual care. Also, most recently, they also admitted my brother and left him unattended for EIGHT HOURS! I feel sorry for and, frankly, concerned for anyone that is forced to seek medical care here. I strongly urge you to go elsewhere or at the very least get a SECOND (or third) opinion.

Mr Bob

Dis-functional administration. The nurses were not notified of certain medicine I was suppose to take. I would have to tell them or ask them for it. I gave them a complete list of the medicine I was suppose to have and the amount. Evidently it was not relayed to the nurses. To top off. The Dr that diagnosed my problem and set up the appointments and I assumed was suppose to be the one to do the procedure was a no show. It was going to take 4 hours to be discharged. They requested I sign a statement not holding them responsible is something should happen to me. I did. No wonder the nurses are on strike.

Yvonne Pamela

Be an accommodating hospital, embrace new culture!

Sonia Archer

Google user

They are very caring

Alex Nyiri

Get the tuna melt on white with fries

Gregory Cerini III

If I could give a zero I would they hav ed you sign a HIPPA form bring admitted but that's a joke cause the was no confidentiality the entire time my wife was here the PA didn't even have any!!

John Denszo

Billing needs to be fired and replaced. You will never get a call back and they will never send you documents you request without 5 calls to ask where they are.

Dean Basher

I want to let everyone know that the entire staff at emmc was amazing. Our mother has spent several months there. She has made many friends with the staff. Among the amazing Dr's and nurses and there were alot of them. A very special thanks to Dr. Gordon Peru. The entire grant 6 staff. Especially Delight and Allison. The entire ICU you were great as well. Today September 12,2018 she went to grant 3. I didn't get the nurses names but thank you for making our mother comfortable. She lost her battle.

Stacy Hersom

EMMC is a great place to work and it is a wonderful place to receive medical care. My son had to get a chest x-ray recently at the EMMC healthcare mall on union street. All the people there were very nice and the tech was great with my 3-year-old. She even gave him a couple stickers when she was done doing the x-ray. Everyone was very helpful and polite while we were there.

Tonisha Lank

First off this hospital doesn't even deserve a star, secondly I do not recommend northern lights emergency department. Came in by ambulance last night 10:30pm struggling to breathe, heart racing, and trouble staying alert and was made to sit in a the waiting room and then taking to a separate "waiting room" 3ish hours later.... let's just say that thank GOD I was able to bring myself out of it somehow.. still having coughing fits but hey who cares if I can fully breathe, right!? Cause this no patient care here at this hospital

Joshua Saucier

Offering many vital services to Maine and beyond. Medical imaging, orthopedic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, obstetrics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, oncology, pediatric, many other inpatient and outpatient services.

RoseAnna Hardie

Various types of medical practices and good upgrades over the years. Currently going through a constructive phase which makes finding what you are looking for an inconvenience, though staff is vigilant to help you find the way you need to go.

Amy Beaudry

Joyce Currier

Since my father-in-law needs bloodwork done constantly due to cancer care, as well as an iron-deficiency issue, his veins are a challenge to find for the needed care. He was sent to EMMC to have a (temporary) catheter put in, so he could go back for the necessary care. The nurses were very caring and kept their patient calm and entertained (talking about sports, soaps, etc.), so he did not concentrate on what was happening. The valet service was also great, especially since he was weak from the iron-deficiency issue, so I could place him at the door, into a wheelchair, then to his appointment.

Joanne Buteau

How is anyone supposed to rest to get better here? People are in and out of your room constantly, the nursing station is super loud, and everything beeps constantly. I have been on this floor for 4 hours and have been woken up 6 times by staff. My favorite part is, as a thirty-something woman, being put in a room with an elderly person who has severe dementia that keeps yanking her IVs and wound vac, fighting with staff who are trying to fix it, calling people on her room phone all hours of the night, calling out to staff for help dialing her phone to call people at all hours, won't let me pull my privacy curtain, won't let me turn off the lights, and won't turn down her tv. I did eventually get a room change, but I'm just exhausted. The staff do their best, but they are bound by the rules and have to keep waking me up for things that could wait until the morning because they are required to. The staff I had were nice and did their best, but like I said, they're bound by the rules and protocols here.

Winston Durkee

Honestly ... I dont know what to say. What the heck is going on here? Is this a hospital.?

tonya koehne

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