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Autumn rain

My little sister has a heart condition, and arrived at the hospital ER by ambulance due to this. She is a registered nurse herself and a compassionate one at that. What we were subjected to here was the most horrific, awful and downright disgusting experience. She listened to the staff of nurses mock our mother who fainted in the waiting after seeing her daughter in poor condition. She cried, not only being in pain but in anger at how these so called nurses treated people. They didn't bother to tell me my mother had fainted, my ill sister told me. We were next to the nurses station. They also misdiagnosed my sister. You are better off elsewhere, ZERO STARS.

Stacy Wadsworth

I sat there for 4 hours with my sick 9 month old, they said it was nothing and set me home I turned around and went to Maine Med. where I found out he had RSV! I couldn’t be more disgusted at how they treated me. When I asked when we would be seen I was told “they go by who is sicker” “people are sicker than you’re son”

Cynthia Davies

I was inpatient for 8 days and very thankful for the excellent care. Every nurse, aide and respiratory therapists were exceptional. The treated my medical condition with support and understanding. Respiratory therapists Patty and Tom were exceptional in their are and had amazing personality. They made my days brighter. I was in rm 412 from 7/7-15. Thank you to everyone! I was so grateful to you all. I have worked on the medical for over 45 years and I was very impressed with my level of care. Great Job!!!!!!


Evil hospital you think there here to help there not . There taking over with there evil practices . They only care about money. Forcing my kids to vaccinate , Mis diagnosing my kid when I damn well know she has something wrong with her kidney. Two years ago it's still ongoing . I never get results going to any of there hospitals . If we don't stand up against these evil people we will fail our children. I will fight until the end for my kids sake . Action needs to be taken and I've had enough . You do not own me or control me or destroying my kids lives no longer . I no longer remain silent. I see what's happening to my kids after vaccinations it makes me furious . THERE SUPPORTING And trying to force vaccines on my children I stand against this until the end .


Delivered my daughter here and had a great experience! Midwifery services and maternity ward staff are wonderful! Mom and baby are happy!

Marjorie Johnson

Krishna H. Patel

Worst hospital with the worst nurses. Absolutely disgusting staff.

Mary-alice Westfall

I do not like the er. I came in with a lot of pain. They put me into a room. I was there for about 1 hour. I put the call button on. For 10-15 minutes no one came. Then a security guard came in to ask if there was anything I needed. I wanted to know when I was going to be seen. I was in a lot of pain. He said he would try to find my nurse. Not soon after that, a lady came in and said that I had to be moved into the hallway, because they needed my room. She moved me down in the back by some doors. They were for the ambulances. I was having an anxiety attack and I was crying. I was hurting a lot. I was hearing someone talk to a guy who was also in the hallway. I did not want to hear his info.. people were walking past me and no one stopped. After a bit, someone came to me and asked if I was ok. I said no. I was taken out of my room, put into the hallway, letting people know my personal business. I know the hippa law, and this was not it. She told me she could not get me anything for the pain, until I was seen. I asked when would that be. She did not know. I was uncomfortable as it was and in the prying people's eyes. I said that if I have to uncomfortable, then I was going home. If I was not going to get help, then why spend the money trying to get help. I wish parkview was still here. Or I should have gone to cmmc in lewiston. They would of helped me.. I feel like midcoast er does not really care. While i was there, i heard someone tell some who brought someone in, that he could not check them in because he was leaving.. he ended up helping anyway..

Gretchen Pianka

My son got hit in the face with a baseball and needed stitches. It happened at 7:40pm, we arrived at 8pm and we’re heading home by 9:15. The PA who sewed him up was gentle, kind, careful and had exquisite skill. The nurses were kind and compassionate. I could not have been happier with our care. Thank you for being there when we needed you!

[S]-Helen Bertlesman

hmmm... good hospatel

Somnang Wilson

I can careless about Midcoast ER after today's visit. I was very unhappy and very upset with the way they went about my situation. Next time I am going to Maine Med. I hear that they treat people alot better there with actual care for their patients.

Dennis Levesque

Misdiagnosed me 3 times in the ER and even drug tested me without my knowledge (which came back as negative because I don't use them) and without a reason to test me. Because of misdiagnosing and a "scheduling error" at my PCP that pushed back my care 2 weeks (ironically days after filing a grievance) my stomach suffered serious consequences from a parasite because of their refusal to listen to me and practice sound medicine. It has been 5 months since their 2-3 week delay of my treatment and my stomach is still trying to recover and I am fully lactose intolerant now and have various other stomach problems because of their incompetent and rude behavior by the ER doctors I saw. They have also refused to remove the bills even though they misdiagnosed me 3 times and are well aware because of the diagnosis that was discovered weeks later! Horrible!

Julie Wright

I just moved to Maine and after falling ill, it was recommended that I go to this hospital for treatment. My mother was with me and also feeling ill. The PA gave her antibiotics since her immune system was weaker. The PA told me they don't treat sinus infections so they did a flu test (which was negative) and sent me home with instructions to take tylenol, fluids, and rest. I was told if it persisted to go to the walk in clinic. I was still feeling bad a couple days later so I went to the walk in clinic and they determined I had strep throat. I really hate I will have a hospital bill despite the fact I didn't get treated and my diagnosis was missed.

[S]-Acadia Morse

absolute unit

Brogan Teel

I delivered my son here and the entire staff from the midwives offices, OB's and staff, the lactation coaches, and entire maternity staff were amazing! We loved the centering classes, personal care and attention all the way from start to walking us out to our car when we are discharged. The nurses Wendy, Mary and Dana were our special favorites. 5 stars all the way - and I hate hospitals! Pleasantly surprised.


Excellent hospital and staff. My mother had a bad stroke and the staff was excellent. They explained everything that was happening to my mom and really cared about her and my family. Hospice nurse was great. Everyone including the cleaning staff keep asking us if we can do anything for you just let us know. In such a bad situation as it was they were friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this hospital and staff. Thank you.

foxonhound Coffin

Place is a joke I'm sitting here coughing up blood with pneumonia and these jokes won't talk to me or answer the damn phone talk about malpractice

Mark Cheever

While the medical staff and care I received was excellent, my overall experience at Midcoast Hospital was poor. I tried to decline emergency room service (my issue was not serious) and they took every opportunity to book me for unnecessary services. At no point was I given transparent information about the price of services incurred, despite my requests for information. I received final billing for a brief visit from 5 different sources with no clear explanation as to what I had paid for - I even received duplicate bills from multiple sources that fortunately my insurance caught. Sadly this hospital visit was like so many other healthcare issues in America: it is a business that seeks to optimize profit over care. Good riddance.

taylar wise

This hospital is a nightmare. I have never in my life experienced such inept billing department and lack of accountability and transparency. I have never felt scammed by a hospital before this place. I will never go back to this hospital, please save yourself the headache (and $) and go to Portland

Donna Clark

Both my husband and I have been hospitalized at Midcoast within the past two years. We received EXCELLENT care and found the ER and hospital staff to be caring, thorough and efficient. Five big, happy, grateful stars!

Maryanna Bock

This is a great hospital. The staff is not only highly skilled and professional they are also warm, respectful and caring.

John Boucher

Kenn Kid

My wife was admitted on a weekend and spent 3days being tested and under observation due to a potential heart problem. The ER portion was caring, very thorough, excellent in every way.

Zeb Hammond

In the end they got the job done. Mother and baby are happy and healthy. So I'm happy.

*A. Hugs*

Working in the nursing field myself I know that you have to have a level of compassion for people regardless of their medical issues, lifestyles, and put aside your personal feelings and realize they are people with feelings. I went to this hospital for kidney pain and overall feeling unwell. I have kidney disease, with kidney stones so I wanted to get it checked out. The doctor order me to have pain medicine. The nurse I had from the beginning was very rude. She asked why i was there and I told her. She snapped at me and said "how do you know you have kidney stones, you can't diagnose that". I told her I know because I HAVE been diagnosed with that. She then was trying to put an IV in and asked my why I had scratches on my hand, she acted like they were track marks from drugs. I told her they were from my kittens and before I could finish my sentence she cut me off and left. After seeing the doctor she ordered me to have a pain med shot. The nurse came in and said "you dont need that, you dont seem in pain to me, you seem fine, you don't need that do you, I'm not trying to say you're a drug seeker but I don't think you need that. Why don't you take some ibuprofen". She basically was trying to get me to agree with her. I told her I didnt care what she gave me. She rolled her eyes and left then came back with the med the doc ordered and was throwing things around saying how it was rediculous that it was ordered. When she left I broke out in tears. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. She acted like I was faking and made me feel like a criminal. After the results came back that I had a huge kidney stone, my kidney function had dropped and I had a mrsa infection she still was incredibly insensitive. Me, my husband, and a few others I know have had bad expiriences there. It's a beautiful hospital but they need to give the emergency room staff a lesson in compassion and empathy. I would drive down to Mercy hospital in Portland before I will every go back to midcoast hospital.

Braden Marstaller

If I were to get hit by a car on the highway and was told I had 10 minutes left to live and midcoast was the closest hospital... I would risk death by taking an ambulance to Maine medical instead. Not only did the doctors misdiagnose my mother and send her home WHILE she was having a stroke, the CNA’s and Nurses here were confused, irritable and overall unaware of how to do their job properly for the most part. This is such a poor excuse for a hospital and I feel awful thinking about how many people send their loved ones here

Cody King

Catherine Johnson

marie cohen

I highly recommand HBM staff is so professional And so friendly

Mohammad Abdullah

STAY AWAY!! FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!!! If it was possible I would give negative stars. I have never met a more condescending, Islamiphobic, disrespectful group of people in my life. Worst hospital experience of my life.

Alvin D.

I was a patient in the emergency room today with terrible back pain from lifting furniture. It was very busy there because of a number of seriously ill people. The triage nurse got me into a stretcher and gave me a ice pack very quickly. My nurse, whose name was Nick, was very attentive, compassionate and made me feel like I was the only patient he was caring for.(which I know I wasn't). The P.A. that examined me was pleasant, professional and thorough. They had me feeling much better in a very timely manner. I feel very fortunate that we have a hospital like midcoast in our area.

Jess Watson

Medical staff is pretty good, but they don’t have anyone who can talk to patients about their bills, ever.

Brent D

Pierre Valette

The physicians at this hospital were outstanding in helping treat my son, but the collections department is beyond abysmal. They have required me to do multiple back and forths with insurance company to resolve billing issues -- and then are trigger happy in sending outstanding bills to collection agency-- The Thomas Agency. The representatives at Midcoast were courteous in trying to resolve, but they seem stubbornly attached to sending active bills to a horrendous collection agency. Until they change their policies, this problem will cloud the clinical experience they deliver

Terrie Cope

The care I received at this hospital is above the excellent level. The doctors,labs, nurses, equipment,cleanliness all make for a healthy and stress free recuperation.

jerry laber

My wife came in with back pain that kept getting worse. There were 3 people in the lobby at the time of entrance. While we were waiting for a room 10 other people came in and we're seen ahead of my wife. Not expectable

Whitney Hurley

Do to the poor care I recieved in the ER after a motor vehicle accident, I got an infection. Which made me have to return to the ER. While sitting in my room over heard my doctor discussing my case with another doctor who said "give her pain killers and get her out of here" seems like a caring bunch to me. Please go to any other ER.

Gordon Jas

Good thing no one was blessing to death I get that it was a shift change in the morning but the old nurse couldn't come in and let us know even what if anything new before she left and the new shift just hanging out at the nurses station talking about there weekends and just leave us in the room for HOURS WAITING to find out what the HELL IS GOING ON VERY UN INPTESSED

Jessica Dwelley

Worst experience ever. Absolutely no regard for patients health or urgency. Emergency room is a joke.

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