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REVIEWS OF Maine Medical Center IN Maine

Scott Duboff

I wish I could give this hospital less than 1 star.. If you value time, or life for that matter do not go to the ER here. The worst standards I have ever experienced. I am not sure how this place is still in business. Complete waste.

Joey Savage

Very informative and helpful advice very good care from the nurses on t 3 love them all very professional and knowledgeable very caring they will listen to all of your concerns and discuss them with you take care of everything you want within reason there very gentle and well informed The doctors are very concerned about you and very good at what they do very very professional they check in on you periodically they also have professional teams that specialize in certain types of illnesses that check in quite often and they take great care of their patients not enough can be said about these great people I would suggest that you go there for any major reasons or minor problems Sincerely Joey Savage

Cooper Fulton

I came from NH for surgery for the first time, little scary but let me just say. They may be the nicest people I have ever met! They made sure I was almost never in pain. I got to now all of them quite well, they all had a great sense of humor and selflessness. They made some of the best food and milkshakes (thanks Maria). they all made it much easier. Not to mention they’re pretty great doctors, all very smart and talented. Thank you all SO much!

Maria Kinner

Brittney Glover

What a terrible hospital. Oh my goodness. My sister brings my nephew up there to get tested for hemophilia, a blood disorder, no big deal. Runs in the family. Basically just lets us all know if we need to panic over every bruise. So, she gets there, everything seems fine. Then they whisk him away to the pediatric unit(they were supposed to have a room in the birthing suite(aka maternity). He is perfectly healthy and they will not return him to my sister. He is breastfed, they keep him away from his mom OVERNIGHT with no explanation. None at all. And 7 hours after showing up for the tests that were supposed to be given right away, they still have done no testing and denied the baby his mother's milk for the entire time when she was in the hospital requesting to feed him every 2 hours. We are not from that area, and were told "oh, best hospital to get the testing." Well, guess what? NOT!!! My advice to anyone in need of any medical care at all, even a bandaid... Go somewhere else. I will never return to that place unless every other hospital in New England is shut down, I have no transportation to get farther than that, and someone drags me kicking and screaming into that disorganized hell hole.

Allissa Lee

12/10 I went to the emergency room due to excruciating pain, and actually never left the waiting room. They even took my blood in the waiting room. They gave me an ultrasound, and told me the ectopic pregnancy I had been treated for by their clinic since November 7th, was still there and was still the same size but my HCG levels were down so I was OK and just to have my HCG levels checked in a week. --while I was in there we watch a woman become unresponsive while waiting well over 30mins to be triaged. Scary! -- 12/16 after being in such bad pain I couldn't walk, for over two days, my fiance called the ambulance which resulted in having a laproscopic surgery at CMMC, removing one of my fallopian tubes, because it was tearing and had started bleeding.

John Cormier

Debbie Davidson-Stewart

Nicki M DePeter Shaw

Awesome hospital

Jean Pettis

Brainbender Interactive

This hospital failed to diagnose a genetic condition for over 5 years of appointments. They said I was med seeking when I had a genetic condition causing me to dislocate in virtually every part of my body. This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. I wish I could have sued the doctors for this. They literally put me outside screaming in a wheelchair after a severe dislocation. I went to Mercy hospital and I was diagnosed in 1 day. Remember this is a "Teaching" hospital most of the "DR's" are only students and what they don't know is just about everything except for putting a split on a broken leg. Don't risk your health and safety going here. I suffered for years because their negligence.

Cornelia Cartonio

Best hospital ever been admitted at

Heather Laforest

Kadima Ronaldo

Harrison Rice,Jr

Here visiting with my wife, praying for a speedy recovery. She fell on ice Saturday evening and broke her hip. Surgery went well and on the road to recovery.

hamed abed

sue briggs

The MMC ER is the last place you want to go. Treating patients in the waiting room, not registering or discharging patients by protocol, and the worst practices. They register you and read out your information In front of everyone waiting so they can here your insurance etc! What happened to HIPPA? This ER certainly has never heard of it. Will choose Mercy the next time I arrive by ambulance and am parked in a waiting area.

Stephanie Henderson

Staff was good, surgery went well, its the post operative treatment, I have a problem with. So I dont qualify for Mainecare, I make 2 much money, dont have insurance from work, so applied for free care through hospital. Got it. Since I woke from surgery, I have had a horrible POUNDING headach, numb/tingley hand, nausea, cant sleep, and very high blood sugar, pain!! Surgery was at 3pm, its 3am now, still have all of these issues. I'm so disappointed. I'm honestly think I'm being discriminated against, because I'm on free care.. why should I suffer. Not like I have EVER abused a prescription, and I just had surgery!!! This is what pain meds are for!!!

Scot Seltzer

I never thought I would rate a hospital at 5 stars but your ER deserves the rating. Meredith Bryden MD is an excellent young doctor. Many years ago I had an occasion to use your ER and it was bad.Can`t say that now as the entire staff were great and I do appreciate having such great people around when having a problem. Sincerely, Joan Seltzer

John Lovell

Donna M

Always professional and kind.

Dara Derrick

I must say, what a great hospital. From the Emergency Room to the third floor staff: helpful, caring, they take their time to listen. Good care; sweet; doctors at 2AM. Food is good. ER staff went out of their way to make me feel better. The 3rd floor staff was caring and were quite amazing as they cared for my older roommate. They took the time to help her. I only have good things to say. Thank you everyone.

Javier Carrion

Not sure what the other reviews are mentioning, but I went into the ER at 9 AM with severe abdominal pain. Triage took about 20 minutes and was brought into the hospital. Turned out I had appendicitis. Roughly 3 tests, 1 male nurse (who was awesome), a couple of doctors and surgeons later I was lined up for the appendectomy. I was able to leave the same day around 5 PM after they made sure I was stable enough. Everyone was friendly and quick there. Definitely the best experience I've ever had an ER and hospital.

Tayla Foster

Had my daughter their and my stay was amazing. Then i had to go back 3 months later to the er then got admitted and my nurses we great then too.

Joe F

Had an excellent experience on New Year's Eve at the ER. I have an allergy to peanuts and last night on New Year's Eve, I ate something with peanuts. The staff was amazing! They took me in immediately and had two doctors in the room. I was out of there in four hours. Amazing place!

Brandon Andrew

Chris Sady

Faith Briggs

Been in the ER waiting room for the past 3hrs, in pain & still haven't been seen. Worst service I've ever had in a hospital. Especially a damn ER!!

Mark Wheeler

Will give $17000 for James p wolacks address..I am in beverly hills so I can send you it pay pal western union or any way that is convenient for you.

Elaine Deluca

Horribly treated... Road ambulance to hospital with fiance to find out a treatment for him and a dianosis stayed the night my fiance is dying was told 1 oclock in morning i had to leave his room i was sitting in chair quieting minding my own business the nurse this is why we do not have family membwrs in the room i need to wake up ......blank to check him every 2 hrs for neuro assesment very gruffly that i would keep his room mate up mind you i was very quiet they both were snoring she made me leave room oh you can come back every 2 hrs to check on him...605 so i went to cafe for a while went back up and found a stored transport bed that was half folded i was at visitors elevators far away from rms well a nurse fond me .relaxing shes says to me snortly we dont want you on dirty equipment a said you know this is harrament i was harrassed from 1 am till 600am said that so every chair that patient sit in are they dirty also .??? Im totally exhausted mind you im my fiance proxy slashed care giver...been in care giving field for yrs

Hannah Calkin

Roger Ames

Went in with serious angina - was seen promptly, given very personalized attention by a WONDERFUL nursing staff... from the ER to the ACCU unit - they were the best ever - and I've been in quite a few hospitals with my heart disease. Dr. Deitz performed an angioplasty that was skillful, difficult, and risky with aplomb, and the entire staff treated me like a king. Terrific hospital.

Brandon Gallant

James Semple

Sargon Jjoken

This is by far the best hospital I've been to in all of Maine. Don't waste your time going to any other hospital in Maine. The staff here is most excellent. I'm in ER right now and there on top of it. Extremely compassionate.

David Sambenetti

I had a heart attack tuesday the care at Maine Medical Center was the best I have even seen everbody worked as a team I thank everyone for helping me ds

Dee Goodell

The nurses here are the best. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the people working in the ER somehow "lost" me while I was in the waiting room. I was very sick and ended up waiting 5 hours.

Abby McInnis

Elijah Matthew

Overall terrible experience, the "doctor team" throughout my sisters pregnancy was just terrible, the nurses were condescending, and rude, and to top that all off while my niece was in the nicu, nurse's on the overnight shift were sitting at the nurses station swearing, making fun of babies, and on their cell phones. On top of that, communication between patient and patients parents is terrible, and its just an overall bad experience. I would not ever reccomend someone in my lifetime to have their child here, nor will I receive care from them at all. On top of that my sister got told that she couldn't even hold her baby after she was done feeding her EVERY 3 hours, she had to put her back into her crib.


Be fully aware that this is a teaching hospital and you may be whisked away at any time to be used as a guinea pig so the interns can see how powerful the attending physician is. Accordingly, i underwent an unnecessary, risky and painful procedure. i was not forewarned, was given no information whatsoever, and most certainly did not give consent. When i was returned to my room, there were tubes hanging out of my neck and more from my wrist. The terror of this event has left me diagnosed with ptsd and after a year and a half i am still unable to sleep through the night without crying and trembling.


donandlisa arno

Was told to go have a CT scan by doctor and had to wait hours when I got there. Was put in a dirty room and there was LITTLE BUGS crawling on the floor. Nurses did nothing about bugs. Nurses were awfully rude. Doctors were okay. But afterwaiting 6 hours CT scan was finally done..

Sara Reimer

Nurses and some of the doctors were great and friendly. Gastroenterologist staff had no Clue or knowledge on anything. I'd rate that a 1 for the care from them.


David LeRay Jr.

Arrived @ ER about 9pm on a Sunday with a 1" scalp wound requiring 3 staples. Triage was pretty fast, but the ER wait was about 3 hrs. Once in the actual ER, treatment was timely. Staff was professional and got me out about 2am. The gash occurred when an automobile hood slammed onto my head. Happy for quality care and a good outcome.

Rama Erhayem

Karebear Freezepop

I’ve had good experiences and bad experiences at this hospital but for the most part this is the place you wanna be, if you have something negative about this hospital then you should try some other places first like central Maine med in Lewiston. Maine medical is one of the best hospitals in New England and definitely in Maine. So like I said before try central Maine medical center in Lewiston and Maine medical will look amazing.

Zoila Gomez

(Translated by Google) How nice to be able to visit I would like to go pass be nice excellent (Original) Que bonito para poder ir a visitar me gustaria ir pasiar se lindo exelente

Queen Elizabeth I

I delivered both of my children at this hospital, and the staff there are always attentive, professional, and polite. Wouldn't go anywhere else

Mitt Tamblom

The doctors saved me in 2013 burst brain aneurysm and in 2018 quadruple bypass open heart. some nurses were great

Meg D

go to Mercy. 4 hours for an x-ray result

Olesya Shkut

Very poor post surgery instructions which led to the results worth than previous condition. So I wish the surgery wouldn't have done at all or done at a different place.

Cole Parlin

Their NICU is one of the most well run hospital facilities I have ever experienced. Excellent doctors, nurses, and staff. Highly recommended.

Dena Withey

Went to emergency with my daughter last night after 4 plus hours and her vomiting 6 times right in the waiting room we still did not get seen when we left we got to the parking area and she was still vomiting I find that after 4 plus hours and not being called was long enough she was tired and just wanted to lay down she had a Dr's appointment the next day at a maine medical affiliate and explained she was in emergency the night before and they say it's a cold and gives her nothing well this so called COLD has been with her for 2 weeks and she has sinus pain..OK..and this is not the first time I have been to emergency and didn't get called after a ridiculous amount of time..HATS OFF TO MAINE MEDICAL CENTER AND IT'S AFFILIATES!!

Shawn Myrick

Wont get another dime from me. Ill lay on my couch and die first.

Shawn Cummings

Best hospital north of Boston.

Harvey Anton

Michelle Fox


Bev Stevens

Helpful staff. Clean and bright.


MMC, the best in Maine - BULLSHIT - a cancer patient, me, has to wait 90 days to get an appointment. Cross your fingers,pray,whatever, its stage 4 all ready and now its going to be allowed to grow untreated for 3 months!! So long and short if you want to die from a curable, treatable illness, go to Maine Medical Center!

Kathleen Langlin

Zeke Bryant

Eryn Boucher

Had to take an ambulance to Maine Med when I was touring USM. The EMTs were amazing, my nurse was very kind, and my doctor was funny and nice to get along with in the pediatric emergency room.

Stephenie Reynolds

Maine Medical is the worst place ever that I will never go when I'm pregnant

Bridgid Murnane

I went in with severe pain near my appendix, I informed them what I though it could be. I spent 4 hours in the waiting room, and saw no one. I left and told them when It bursts I will be sure to call them and let them know. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that but it was a horrific experience

Shannon Satterfield

Natalie Griggs

I had surgery here one week ago!! Worst experience I've ever had!! The nurse's in Short Stay Unit were careless, rude, demanding! If I was dying on the sidewalk in front of this hospital I would not want MMC caring for me! The only nurse I would allow to care for me is DONNA!! She is a compassionate, caring nurse!! To top everything off I ended up with an infection because the last nurse sent me home with some bad instruction's!!! I was never wheeled out of the hospital, they lost my belongings and I've never felt so rushed to be released.... Regardless how you feel people they want you out by 10am!!!!!!! If I wasn't trying to get right with the lord I'd have a few names for the nurse's!!!

Steven R

Been here many times to visit a family member, easy experience every time.

Lace Dean

My boyfriend came in to get help with his depression. They triaged us and got us in quickly. The initial staff of doctors, nurses, and social worker seemed to care about his mental well being and said they would try to get him into a psychiatric hospital. I left him overnight in what I thought was good care and the help he was asking for. Got there the next morning, they wouldn't let me see him. Apparently, they woke him up after neglecting him since I left and threw him out of the ER and left him more of a mess because they said they would help him and they didn't. He didn't understand. I got him back worse than when he went in. I would give negative stars if I could. He wants the help and they denied him, kicked him to the curb like a mangy dog. I definitely give this place negative 5 stars. Disgraceful.

Julie Alexander

Margo Lodge

I just spent time for surgery with Dr. Rana. The whole staff gave wonderful care.

Sheryl Lee

I give this low rating to Maine Medical, and their Associate, Spring Harbor, for their glaring failure to change their model of help, #CBT. #CBT is an Old model that 'trains' people to try and change their negative thought pattern (Pavlov's Dogs). But, from my experience of it, it is only a stop-gap measure for mental health emergencies. Good long-term care is mandatory. Only through good #CaseManagement can someone benefit at all. If people fail to recognize where a behavior started, one that made them feel safe in a scary, toxic environment, they will repeat the same things over and over again. No amount of #CBT will change their immediate reaction to tough situation/words that trigger their emotions from long ago in environments that haven't changed, maybe even for generations. Life for them will be constant #Suffering. #Educate, look at #Statistics from around the world on the #BestPractices, and step into the #Flow of time. #Change and the passage of time are inevitable. Be the best that you can be and the #World will follow. #Technology. If you need any help with the #change, I have many suggestions and would be willing to advise. #Dirigo (We Lead!) #TheThreeStreamsPhilosophy

Chris Pratt

I have been to this hospital many times in the past six years for a multitude of issues. There have been bad experiences with staff here and good experiences, I won’t lie. I’ve been treated terribly in the ER from symptoms being ignored to transphobic comments made. But I’ve also been treated really well in the ER by genuinely kind and competent staff who went above and beyond to make sure I was okay. I’ve had two hospital stays here for similar reasons, and one surgery. Both stays were mostly good and I was treated with respect, professionalism, and kindness. There was one nurse in particular who really went out of her way to help me when I was very sick. ( I wish I could remember her name but I was in such a bad place at the time I can’t.) My surgery was handled masterfully and, again, the surgeon went above and beyond to check things he didn’t even have to check just to help me. The only problem I had with the staff during my surgery was I was supposed to have the leg cuffs on the night after and when they weren’t working no one bothered to fix them so I went without. (Potentially very dangerous/deadly.) Other areas of the hospital have also been a mix of experiences, from blood draws to the cafeteria. Generally, though, this hospital has been a force of good, and has kept me alive.

Michael Beggs

I work here

Donald Oakes

The worst experience ever. Unprofessional and uncaring

Trevor Axelsen

I arrived to Maine Medical Center around 2 or so by Ladder 12 Rescue. I was there for about 5 hours. You know what this and what that. I asked them if I could get a voucher for a cab and they said and I quote " HELL NO! " so they said By by. I had to walk from Bramhall Street to Croqeu Lane in North Deering and thats at least 15 miles. NEVER AGEN!!!!!!

Shannon DeWitt

Fantastic! Best hospital I've ever experienced. Was under their care for 4 days and they're the best! Didn't experience anyone in the 4 days I was there that wasn't overly helpful and wearing a big smile! Forever grateful!

Nick Rushforth

To try and do Maine Medical Center and all it's Doctors, Nurses and staff justice I have to try and tell my story in its entirety. I appologize ahead of time for the length of my review. On May 16th, 2017 I was at fault in a head on collison that took the life of a young man after I fell asleep at the wheel driving home from work; we collided at 45 MPH. I sustained many injuries, a couple of them life threatening. Initially, I was taken by ambulance to the Maine Med ED (Level 1 Trauma Center) where Dr. Carter and a team of trauma surgeons saved my life. This was surgery number one which was successfully performed flawlessly in spite of countless complications. Following this first surgery which included stopping internal bleeding, removing a piece of small intestine, a piece of colon and a significant amount of pulverized soft tissue and muscle throughout my abdomen the team of doctors were not only successful in continually updating and answering questions for devastated loved ones but from what I'm told they made themselves readily available and genuinely cared enough to go above and beyond all expectations to comfort in those crucial first hours as I recovered in intensive care. After I was able to be seen following the first surgery the entire staff of the Critical Care Unit did everything in their power to accomodate many immediate family as they visited two by two leading up to my second and third surgeries. My Third Day at Maine Med is where my memories start albeit hazy at best. I woke up before my next surguries to family and nurses. Although confused, groggy and in excruciating pain I had an overwhelming feeling of safety and at every step I was assured I was in the best hands possible and that they would be doing everything in their power to make me as comfortable as possible. My Second Surgery was a massive Hernia Reconstruction performed by Dr. Hallagan. The Muscle and Soft tissue was completely destroyed upon impact on both my left side and center of my lower abdomen. Dr. Hallagan opted to focus on my left side (more severely damaged) where he anchored a Mesh from my Ribs to my hip. Being a Level One Trauma center and having some of the best doctors in the Northest they understood my situation unbelievably well, even in uncertain waters the amount of preparation, discussion and planning was truly staggering which showed when they were able piggyback my third surgery directly off my second to limit my time under anesthesia in my fragile condition. My Third Surgery was done by Dr. Raymond White, by most standards one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in the business. Dr. White Successfully repaired a severe and rare fracture to my right foot called a Lisfranc Fracture using 5 Titanium Screws. After the First three surguries I was moved out of the Critical Care Unit and up to the 4th floor. My first couple days out of surgery was extremely rough but I cannot even begin to explain the level of care I received. I had nurses and CNA's caring to me around the clock while my team of Doctors remained incredibly visible, involved and present in my daily care plan. I wanted and needed for absolutely nothing and I was treated with the utmost respect and gentle care. Before every test, blood draw or medication dosing they explained what was happening, why, and what the hope was. I was never once belittled or passed over when asking a question I undoubtedly asked ten previous times. I was always given more than sufficient time with my team and never felt rushed. During my second week on the 4th floor I went from healing and recovering extremely well to relapsing almost over night. The Culprit was infectious fluid collecting under my abdominal incisions which gave way to surgery number four. Here, they reopened the incisions scrubbed bacteria away and inserted a drain. In total I had four surgeries and spent 44 days at MMC. I owe them my life. MMC, along with all it's affiliates were beyond life changing in my experience. I am forever grateful for every single soul who touched my life.

sarah craig

Horrible visit. They called me to come down for surgery, got there, was told my surgery was tomorrow be there at 6:30, we arrived to find out it wouldn't be till the next morning. So I missed thanksgiving home with my kids and family. Different doctor doing the surgery we were told another doctor. And they would not pay for our hotel. Two days away from my kids, so far, not sure when I will be able to go home. I'm sure the doctor spent his thanksgiving with his family. We were in admissions for an hour and a half the night we arrived, to get the wrong information. I was not told my diagnosis or what surgery I was having all I knew was it was my back.

Donald Szlosek

Great hospital! I had a shoulder surgery there and within four months I was back to swimming!

John Boucher

Amber Bernard

Been waiting 2 hours for my husband to even be seen by a doctor for his diverticulitis. NOT A SINGLE PATIENT has even been seen in that time.


I went into the e.r. for something was slow of course, but in and out in 20 minutes. Fastest hospital service I've ever had! Staff and doctor were friendly and helpful.

Hayley Giles

Dan Svenson

Altagracia G Rauda

(Translated by Google) The best attention we could have, both my daughter and me. I feel good that I could be born in such a place (Original) La mejor atención que pudimos tener, tanto mi hija como yo. Me siento bien que haya podido nacer en un lugar así

Gerry Doyon

mahamed dayax

i like

Joshua Wiggin

It worried me, that I have Hep C, and a nurse when she put in my IV. She didn't wear gloves. She didn't wash get hands afterwards. Whatever happens to BSI?

Beth Prosser

Dr. Kotick & all the ER staff were great! My badly twisted finger got reset speedily, comfortably, and professionally. It felt like a miracle when the doc snapped it back into place and it became functional again after I had twisted it to a 90 degree angle to my hand when I fell on it clearing my roof. Major OUCH! I was met with smiles at reception and the good will continued throughout the visit. Although my primary care docs gave it an earnest try they were simply unable to do what a larger facility with a more diverse staff and greater capability as Me Med was able to do. We are surely fortunate to have these folks at our doorstep in southern Maine. Alan Prosser

Anthony Quintal

Richard B Emmons

Gini Winslow

MMC had some of the best nd most professional yet warm and friendly staff I have ever met. KUDOS to the nursing and clerical staff in the clinic. Thank you one and all.

Rachel F

I would like to thank all the staff on r7 cticu and r1 for the care they showed my dad before and after his open heart surgery

Ken Pinet

I went to pick up me meds I said how much please she said it would be $130.00 and b I Said wait what just last mth it was $20.00 thay told me that was the cheapest one that med.she went to ring it up so I said I am not paying $130.00 for something that should cost $20.00.So I said I can get it cheaper and the same amount for $17.00 she said no way can u get that for that price so I went to the other pharmacy and what do ya know $17.00.So main med would have made $115.00 dollar profit Main scamming thare consumers were there in patient or out patient Main way to big for their little brains can handle.Main Medical claims thare loosening money Like Hello thay are.

stephen o'grady

Anne Lagasse

Spouse was admitted inpatient on Psych6. What a joke. The psychiatrist has an ego as large as the hospital. Wanted to do ECT until there would be no memories left. Attending psychiatrist doesn't know how to treat a patient. Please get a competent psychiatrist who can treat a kidney transplant patient whose mania has been elevated by the several immunosuppressants. Psychotherapy is not even available to the patients. Lots of seclusion and restraints. I am desperately trying to get my spouse transferred to another facility. It has been 16 days in with no improvement. MMC should be assigned no "stars". They have drones for employees. Extremely dissatisfied!

John Williams

Very good Hospital

Jes M

Imeley Zhang

It was Amazing. The doctors was nice and also the nurses are nice. And I also get to go to the playroom. And I get to move around. A special shoutout to my Doctor. Dr. Camous. He fix my hip. Thank you Dr. Camous.

Sara Collins

Worst nursing experience in ER I have ever experienced. He had to of been in training. Had an awful male nurse did not seem to care at all more interested in talking with coworkers and I did not feel priority or that he cared in the slightest. Rushed, over spoke and I felt like I was treated like I was incompetent and unintelligent. I felt like I was being spoken down do and felt like he was uneducated in what he was doing. I’d hate if I had to go back

Alex's Psychedelic Channel

Megan L Tranten

Grethel Aguilar

jerry wark

trial run , very efficient & informative.Front desk & emergency.

Jesse Russell

Sherry A.

I give this Hospital an overall 5 star review!! They are simply AWESOME!! Clean hospital, up-to-date on state of the art furnishings and pictures throughout the hospital, gift shops, waiting rooms, vending machines, and a Cafeteria that meets your needs in diet of ANY KIND!! The food is just outstanding! The Doctors, and Nurses, and staff are friendly, caring, and when it's time to leave, you will have just experienced one of the BEST OF THE BEST hospitals in America!

Beverly Farrington

The staff in the ER was professional as always. I was there yesterday. Then sent to a room up stairs. Day nurse was fabulous not the cna no sense of humor. I haven't seen much of the night nurse and it is3:27am. I only say so because they put ear wax cleaner in my ear after shift change...we will see

Joan Koval

5 hours in the ER and still waiting! I came in for my heart, good thing it could stsnd the wait. HORRIBLE experience!

donna koval

The ER is horrible. We were there 4 hours with nothing done. We asked an er orderly to speak to a supervisor. Apparently emergency rooms don't have supervisors because he said we couldn't. When we questioned him about there being no supervisor he informed us they were busy. As we got up to leave, all of a sudden a supervisor was thereto talk to us. We should have gone to Mid Coast.

B - rad

MMC was fantastic but the staff on T4 were amazing they treated my mother and I with professionalism and kindness And words alone can't describe my thanks towards Dr Howell and his medical staff

Frankie Puthoff

Very hard to access your providers when you want them. Everyone seems focused on when they want you or perhaps when it is convenient for them. Perhaps because of the staffing shortage. If you can afford a different option; run for it. You don’t want to be here. Care st night is BERY slooow

Katie H

BIG ZERO!!! This medical centre has the very unprofessional habit of not seeking out proper professional assessments of patients and labelling patients they do not have the knowledge to help as having "CONVERSION DISORDERS" --- illegally holding patients against their will and refusing medical assistance ---- When a patient has medical anomolies unbeknownst to doctors labelling them with a made up psychological term to wash their hands clean of them....The lawyers are coming after them!

Teresa Nichols

My mom is there and the lack of care by most is sad. The cna that was assigned to her room did not answer multiple calls for help. The nurse examined my mother with no glove and neither did she wash her hands when she touched things or left the room. The answer we got repeatedly was its the weekend we are short handed. No excuse for the behavior.

Ernesto Fernando

A very nice hospital

TrinaGill RobCrosby

Worst experience. Was taken there for cardiac issues. Was realeased in 24 hours with no answers. Went back to ER a day later with chest pain and was realeased with plan to make an appointment with one of there cardiologist to see me in not more then a "few days" I called they had no idea what was going and no info at all. Brushed me off to an appointment in Lewiston in a couple of weeks. The lack of communication there is outstanding. For the 24 hours that I was there no one talked to me about what was going on and no could explain what was happening to me. I still have no answers. Very frustrating. Will never go back there again if I have any choice in the matter.


Theresa Anderson

So far so good ! Staff is awsome !

Ant Lowry

Worst hospital ever. Admitting asked me to announce what I was there for in front of a line of people when I had already written it on the stupid sheet. My visit required a follow up dose of meds and no one ever called for a follow up or anything. I hate this place

Benjamin Lachapelle

i was born here

david ngala

Nice place

David Flanagan

" Brian Higgins" was one of the most disrespectful, rude and condescending people to deal with. Truly a negative reflection of what I believed to be a positive mission.

Carrie Marrero

We have been treated so good here, would like to thank each person individually but there is so many, every human right down to the customer service men at the front desk at the CTICU, SCU4 area, THANK YOU

Tasha and Lila Dolls

This place doesn't even qualify for a one star rating, I didn't have another option. Completely unorganized , uneducated, unprofessional, manipulative group of so called medical staff I have ever encountered. Staff is defined as everyone involved with your stay.

wolf wolf

The nursing staff is the best and most caring but the doctors are rude jerks that are only out for the money and don't care about the patient I'm alone and the doctors at Maine medical don't care about my alergalles or what causes it to flare up and the doctors have a poor bedside manner

Dan McCarty

They are not knowledgeable and let my daughter lay in the hospital septic with high fever on a med surg unit for four days. They haven't changed her antibiotic which is not working. If given the choice I would bypass this hospital.

Ltown Knowledge

We came to Maine medical center today to see the OB/GYN, talked to a social worker for about 25 minutes, the appointment with the social worker went vary well, she took down alison's information and some of my own history, she gave us some information about how to get a crib, then we seen a nurse. We talked to the nurse for about 30 minutes, she had alli do a pee test after mentioning that she is about five weeks pregnant, she prcided to take down a bunch more information. We set up a few appointments, and out the door. It was a great experience.Please take a moment to press the like button. Thank you graciously

Jeremy Parroco


Crystal Bowie

Jennifer Willard

If you enjoy noise and chaos, this is the place for you. They sent me home with double pneumonia. I finally went to Mercy and stayed for 10 days

Bennett Petrescu

Cafe has one of the best lobster rolls in town


Been at Maine Medical Center since 10 because my daughter is weezing and they aren't doing anything for her she has been in the waiting room for over 4 hrs which is unacceptable

Kaleb Hull

almost died

Christine D

David Maura

One of few class one trauma centers north of Boston. Big place. Mix of architecture. Mix of medical treatments and approaches. Innovative. Great little grill hidden in a side hall.

Corey M

Always taken care of.

John Moody

I had total knee replacement last June and was very satisfied with the care I received.

Jean-Pierre Kabanga

Good place to work or to be taken care of when you are down.

Brenda Rice

We have been here for 5 hours and seen the triage Dr and had an x-ray. Seriously what could possibly take this long__short staffed well hire more medical persons certain the bill for my 5 hours of time sitting in your waiting room will be large enough to have paid for extra staffing today. Next time it will e a trip to Mercy or a quick care.

Mark Lomonte

Ryan Laking

Sarah Wallace

I had to go into preterm labor with my daughter at 20 weeks due to PPROM. The hospital local to me had sent me home prior to coming to Maine Medical because "it was all in my head" and was "freaking myself out by researching too much". I research so much so that I DON'T freak out. I knew something was wrong and had been ignored. My local hodpital never returned my calls, they always shrugged things off even when my water broke they told me I had just peed myself. I had such a different experience at Maine Medical Center versus my local hospital. They were so amazing and attentive and gave me the best birthing experience I could have possibly had given the circumstances. They ran every test, gave me IV therapy since I'm a hard stick, and even offered to test the placenta. I was only in contraction pain of a high severity for an hour after the Nubain had worn off. I was then rushed an epidural, which really only took about 5 mins for the anesthesiologist to arrive -- meanwhile my nurses rubbed my back and calmly affirmed I did everything right. As soon as the epidural kicked in and I was relaxed, my sweet little girl was here. They placed her in my arms and she crossed hers, tilted her head towards me, and died in my arms. They let me have as much time with her as possible and told me that the abruption was caused by PPROM, and that the cause of PPROM was most likely due to infection as everything else looked great. They checked for genetics and the screening came back negative, but was confirmed that it was an infection like I had thought, but was neglected by my local hospital. If I could give a million stars to this amazing hospital I would because they turned such a traumatic experience into one in which I'll never regret giving birth to my precious angel and replaced grief with hope. They made me aware of the risks in subsequent pregnancies but told me of all the special care I would receive from them were I to eventually try again. The experience didn't tarnish my view of babies or giving birth, but made me excited to work with this hospital again and love babies even more.

Delores Anderson

I arrived at the ER at 8 pm with a friend who hurt her knee bad enough she couldnt walk on it. Xrays were by 8:30 pm. It is now 1:15 am and we are still in the waiting room. It is obvious this ER is not on a first come, first served basis as many people who arrived after us were treated before us. When we asked where my friend was on the list no one could tell us or explain anything to us as to when she would be seen by a doctor! We would have gone to urgent care BUT they were all closed! My friends injury was not life or death, however they offered nothing to relieve her pain or try to make her comfortable. In fact no one has said anything to even understand how she was feeling while she waited. This experience has been exasperating.

Diane Leavitt

Maine Medical Center is one of the best hospitals I have been to. The staff are EXTREMELY friendly, nurturing and caring. It's a very clean facility. Food is good too! Thank you for taking such great care of me... especially R7!!!


My wife and I have been hospitalized twice each in the past few years, and have needed the Maine Medical Center ER 3 times each. During each encounter, every doctor, nurse and other staff member has treated us promptly, effectively, and compassionately. This record is just too consistent to be due to our good luck - we believe that Maine Med is an exceptional combination of excellent staff working in a well-run hospital. The only mysteries are (1) where do they find so many good people and (2) how do they sustain this high quality environment? We are so glad to have access to the Maine Medical Center for our hospital-based medical care.


The children's part of Maine med was terrible! some doctors were ridiculously disrespectful to my family and where rough with my 11month old son... After three days of staying overnight with no beds or couch thu still couldn't figure out why my son was sick! The CNA's are very nice and helpful to the fullest just the doctors are some of the worst I've ever seen and heard before. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

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