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Matt Scott

MAINE GENERAL IS A DEATH TRAP!! YOU WILL DIE HERE WITHOUT EVER SEEING A DOCTOR!! So I was at this hospital for the first time last night. I'm on vacation from new jersey and I got violently ill, non stop vomiting, shortness of breath, dizziness, and a severe pain in my stomach. I swear to god if I could rate this hospital less than one star I would. I was there rolling around in pain, filling up puke bags, and stuck laying on a wooden bench for 3.5 hours. After, being ignored for that long, I managed to drag myself up to the nurses station to ask why it's taking so long. They told me their AVERAGE WAIT TIME IS 8-10 HOURS!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! There was screaming infants in the waiting room who also had to wait that long. I have never been to a hospital where u need to wait half a day to get seen. DON'T GO HERE YOU WILL DIE IN THE WAITING ROOM AND NEVER SEE AN ACTUAL DOCTOR!!! THIS PLACE IS A DEATH TRAP!!

Brian Saunders

Avoid if at all possible!! They truly do not care about their patients. Its all a money grab scheme for them.

f f

I'm not sure I can legally post the whole name of the nurse without reprucussions, but there is a smug faced gentleman named Ryan who works in ER and in the psych intake. He takes advantage of his position while maintaining a complex derived of superiority and pure ignorance. He won't help you, but rather call in security so he can have 3-4 extra security guards huddled around his feeble body. Don't waste your time with this place. The nurses are a joke. The psychiatrist have no concept of what it means when you demand the phamacokinetics of a medication recommended. They just go and print something from WebMD and hand it to you.| The best part is if you file a grievance with any of the workers and further the complaints, you then get threatening letter sent to your address by the director of HR and resources! This place is a complete joke.

Robert Gilmore

I cannot begin to praise Dr. Wexler and the nursing staff at Maine General Healthscripts enough! My knee replacement surgery was completely pain-free during my stay at Maine General Healthscripts and everybody at main general was extremely friendly professional courteous and fun! I highly recommend this hospital for the same knee replacement surgery I had

Brooke Mazeroll

There are alot of rude nurses...(maybe 2 amazing ones) ...but i never have had a good admitted there all the time...

Andrea Alden

My daughter struggling to fight through severe depression, was admitted to the ER To await placement. The male RN told her that if she'd act up it would be paper johnnies and threatened her with 4 point leather restraints. He the looked at my Ex Husband and I and told us that our attitude was going to be the deciding factor in whether they found a bed or not . BTW while he threatened my daughter with these things she quietly spoke to me, likewise when that ugly nurse "holier than though" attitude got in his way as he spoke to my ex husband and I! TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winthrop Smith

Speaking about the lab and Augusta Family Medical, your entrance to the facility says much. A new building. A major investment in the community. A praised cafeteria. Patient services personnel who remember you. I do sense lots of turnover at the lab. But you are consistently greeted by an unrushed staff member who explains what she is doing. My family medicine doctor is off the charts, which is an opinion shared by anyone who has ever come across him, as a staff member or patient.

esther creamer

They were extremely nice and friendly to me, my wait time was 5 minutes, they explained everything to me and kept asking if I was doing alright during my procedure, I will definitely go back.

Alysa LeClair

Raymond Orff

6 hours and wife still haven’t seen a doctor and the nurse forgot why she was even in their worst hospital ever to the point it’s not even humane I wonder how many leave and don’t get treatment

Desiree Therrien

Thomas Galarneau

Lack of experience, professionalism are the major sources of poor quality in our experience. The Chief medical examiner investigated themselves and it was determined that they embrace and excuse their low quality standards. Not surprising considering it would be embarrassing and damaging to them to admit they mishandled a majority of the birthing process. Across the industry, the standards are much higher. I would avoid this place because you’re subject to a large risk. To caveat, there are no repercussions/accountability for the business despite their negligence.

C. S. Hamel

On multiple regrettable experiences, I have found that a majority of the staff is rude, slow, and will give you the runaround and try to avoid doing their job as long as possible. I understand everyone is human and can have a bad day at work, but the amount of thorough rudeness experienced, was not just a "bad day" coincidence. They clearly do not enjoy their jobs, and are not interested in helping people. I have more than a couple acquaintances who have been misdiagnosed, nearly resulting in death. Thankfully these people did not die as they went to OTHER unaffiliated facilities. Nurses flagrantly break the patient confidentiality in the hallways to each other (in front of any patients or bystanders who happen to be there). It DOES seem like the nurses are more qualified than the physicians employed here. To give the nurses the benefit of the doubt, I will say it seems like they are trying to work around lazy overpaid doctors, with an agenda to create a bigger medical bill for you. Desk workers will roll their eyes at a simple question regarding directions on where to go to go, and If you are dying; traveling an hour or two out of your way will be safer than going to this dangerously unaware and unprofessional hospital. Expect to wait at least 5 hours in the ER (my recent experience was 8 hours). I would give this "hospital" less than a star if it were an option. Hospitals should a place of healing. Not negativity and stress. No wonder this place has a reputation for killing people. If you're having a baby, based on these reviews it seems like this is a good hospital. I have no experience with the maternity unit. For ANY other medical assistance, literally any- (read these reviews but be weary of the pain related reviews, e.g. addicts) These one star reviews are absolutely and unfortunately plausible. I would advise to seek help elsewhere.

Jamie Mann

Labor and delivery is amazing, I just gave birth to my first child a week ago and we were very well taken care of. Elizabeth S. is an amazing delivery nurse, although all the nurses (and doctors) are very good and caring.

Mick St John

They suck my wife was in the er yesterday for over six hours sat in the waiting area for 2 hours got a room waited almost another hour before seeing a dr for him to walk out 2 seconds later asked the same thing took blood and fished for a vein. Instead of investing in a new hospital they should have kept the old one and hired better people I hope I never have to go here no one should be treated like this

k brandt

Jodie Ryder

Elisha Peaslee

Charlie Davis

I changed to Oakland family medicine. I used to see my doctor at least twice a year as. I have many health issues now i am lucky to see him at all. Had a blockage a year a go have not seen the cardiac doctor yet just the P A . Had hard time breathing yesterday can't see my P A went to express care they said they didn't see any thing amd gave me an inhaler. I was up all night now setting here coughing my lungs out and can't get anyone to call me back or answer the phone. So if you want to talk to answer machines never see a Doctor and hope you can get better pn your own go to Maine General.

Nicholas Jackson

Jennifer Murray

Been waiting 7 hours to go into a room for my fiancé's messed up thumb, all they did was x-ray it; terrible service. When asked they didn't know when we'd be going out back while claiming they're swarmed with ambulance

Travis Vo

I was in the ER and the nurses were professional and were able to respond to my requests quick. It gets really busy at midnight on fridays

Zach Loudin

I went to their Express care where they misdiagnosed me. They just gave some pills and pushed me out the door. My pain was significant enough where I had to go to the ER. It was the same deal only way more expensive. Gave me some pills without a specific diagnosis. They took samples and never told me what was wrong with me. I had to go to another hospital to find out what was wrong because their lab didn't even have any records of my visit. In the end, I ended up paying a couple grand out of pocket for some pills.

Pauly Langton

CCU for my mom...very nice staff ..CNA was the best sweetest young woman beautiful soul. But they (nurse)told my mom she had a stroke and she dident. Drs.n staff need to fact check and get on same page mis-imformation going on..sad

Brian Ingalls

The billing and payment situation has been relentless. With another local hospital we qualified for a 50% reduction in our bills due to household size and income amount. However Maine general has threatened us with collections WHILE we have faithfully been paying nearly $200 a month toward a small $3,000 bill for the birth of our third son in which we spent one night after she showed up 10 minutes before delivery. And now we just got a notification from their collections group, The Thomas Agency, even though we haven’t yet missed 1 monthly payment and have also sought a reduction in our bills because of the same reasoning another hospital granted us it by state law. They actually told us we could not apply for assistance since we are making payment. Smh. And also their ultrasounds are 3 times more expensive than another imaging center 30 minutes south of them.

mohammed adnan

Calvin Buzzell

Excellent care

Lynn Farnham

Cali Davis

Gail Labbe

Rachel Risinger

Rupert Rau

Found the place to be beautiful but the care was terrible. Outpatient procedure done by the dr., terrible. Dr was asked by my friend if I was in pain, was told no ended up telling me to go to my own dr. Because something wasn’t right went from hospital to dr and found out I had pneumonia caused by procedure. It came on fast and I thought when you were in a hospital already why send you directly to your own dr. Shouldn’t the hospital taken care of it. Why did the dr. Lie.?

Amanda French

Treated very poorly and told my dads problems weren't an emergency when the man can hardly walk, swollen, and in so much pain... Makes total sense. Than tells him they can't do anything for him. Also can't prescribe anything for pain. The dr was extremely rude. Was shouting at us. We sat in the room for 30 minutes or more before we saw anybody and than the nurse and dr come in together... They were in the room for about 4 minutes tops!!!

Rebecca Rodgers

i don't know much about the hospital itself but don't sign up for automatic bill pay and then pay off your bill, apparently it is not common sense enough to stop pulling money out of the account once the bill is paid off.

Catherine Rolerson

On Wednesday, the 26th, I had an appointment at Maine General Health. As my appointment was ending , I began to have symptoms/ mild pain in my kidney region. I went to my car, and the pain began increasing amazingly fast. I was unable to find my phone, I wanted to call my urologist in Brunswick. I ended up going by ambulance to the Emergency Room of Maine General Medical Center. I was vomiting as I was being taken out of the ambulance. The pain by this time is way past 10. I informed everyone from the EMTs to the ER staff that I have a history of kidney stones and had no doubt that I was in the process of passing such a stone. I just needed something to help ease the pain. I was tiraged and stuck in the waiting room. People came and went , but I was not called . After about 2 1/2 to 3 hours I asked IF I was going to be seen. There was a vague "ah, let me look at the screen , There have been a couple of ambulances in , etc, etc, etc. " During this whole time I saw others come in get treated and leave who showed less distress than I felt. My husband had joined me in the course of all this. No one even mentioned collecting my urine while I was waiting , several reasons to do this, checking for blood and if a stone was passing. I found some containers and took it upon myself to do this. The man who was doing tirage when I asked him about this dismissed me unceremoniously. After 4 hours, I'd had enough . the pain had radiated down to my groin. I left. I was able to connect with my doctor and the urologist to get the help that I needed. JUST A SIMPLE PAIN MED. ( and it wasn't even a narcotic ) No rocket science. here. It was totally unnecessary for me to have had to endure that pain when a simple pill would have eased me through the passing of that stone.

Mercedes Debowey

Carli Negron-Maron

This is by far the worst hospital that I have ever been to. I am currently in the emergency room and have been waiting for SEVEN HOURS and have not been seen by a doctor. It is for my niece who is seven years old and very uncomfortable and tired. It is currently 1:40 am and she is exausted and wants to go home. STRONGLY DON’T RECOMEND

Megan Ellis

Can I give this place negative stars ??? If you can avoid being admitted here I would. Clearly they need more staff, new staff. Patients wait forever for a nurse and they leave you in a soiled bed.

Carla H

I got here at 6:29. Was second in line. It's taken over half am hour to get in....ok. so, are you open or not? I see no reason why the wait time for this procedure is so long. Only one person was here before me. I was an inpatient last year and response time was amazing. If you can't handle doing outpatient lab draws at 630 please don't open until your personnel is available to do them. You need at least 2 staffing for this.

Jodie Bennett

This place is an embarrassment to the great state of Maine! You can put lipstick on a pig but it will still be a pig-i.e. Brand new building. I can't begin to tell you the horror stories about this place. You'd be better off driving to Miles in Damariscotta than risking your life here. I don't know what the hold up is-seriously! My 65 year old father went there last night at 7:30 pm with stabbing knife like pains to the side of his head! Anyone knows when you have a headache of the likes you've never had before that you need to have it checked out! Nope, not here. At midnight and after never even being seen, he went home. Pathetic and unconscionable! He's currently at Togus getting the care he deserves. I'll say it again you'd be better off driving anywhere else in Maine than waiting to die at Maine General.

Dick Morin

Took my wife to ER last night at 7 pm. She was pretty sick. We waited over 2 1/2 hours saw no one. I watched other people come in with supposed sick children. They were jumping around the waiting room, laughing, playing with cell phones & they went first. I spoke to Triage Nurse & she said they were very busy & she would find out when we would be seen. She was quick to tell me we could leave. Waited 15 minuets, never saw her again. We left. Horrible place !! Never again. Maybe the nurses should check the waiting room to REALLY see who is sick

Sheldon Overlock

The best all around medical center I have been in, my wife have birth here and we were both very impressed with all the nurses and doctors as well as the clean and bright facility, I hope all out kids can be born here.


Emergency room is very slow. Not sure if it is a staffing, management, or money issue. Went in for day surgery left at 4 pm back at the ER at 5:30pm not seen until after 8pm.

Chris Fitzgerald

Terrible experience

joe Albee

My last trip to Augusta mainegeneral saved my life Dr Reight stopped a life threatening infection raging in my body that truely came so close to taking my life

Mariah Cottrell

My daughter got sent here at 5:00pm for a X-ray of her lungs because she chocked on Candy at home and the paramedics wanted to make sure it did not go to her lungs. Not once was she seen! I am highly disappointed with this hospital!! Anytime I have had to go here I have sat for 6+ hours. I am also pregnant and was sent here at 15 weeks, it took them (at 2am) 3 hours to even get me into a room to be seen when I was in agonizing pain and was sent there because my OB was worried my appendix had burst!! Worst Maine general ever. The old hospital was better. Waterville is better. Augusta needs to get their sh*t together!

Betsy Connor Bowen

I would like to commend Dr. Michael J. Isaac, who took care of me in the ICU. He is an outstanding doctor. He was diligent about reporting lab results and always explained their meaning and what they planned to to next. He made things clear. When I didn't understand, he tried again, He also (in retrospect) handled me wisely (and quite firmly) when I insisted on going home. "Don't you know you're in an ICU?", "We have things we have to find out before we can know when you can go home." Eventually It got through to me. But little did I know I was speaking with a member of a team who had saved my life -- from an infection that could have killed me. Thank you, Dr. Isaac. Mary E. Bowen

Kevin Mitchell

Alex Colson

Mary from Express Care was the rudest individual I have ever had the experience of dealing with. It got to the point where I asked how to get in contact with the Hospital Legal Council. She insisted that you did not have one. My attorney says Marci Alexander is your Chief Legal Council. Might want to inform your rude employee's - that I or anyone - should never have to "deal with it or leave". It referring to the poor quality of care and negligence.

Laure Williams

I arrived at the emergency room with abdominal cramps and passing significant amounts of blood through the colon. I had bouts every 1/2 hour while I waited for a doctor. After waiting five hours after triage, in a public waiting area with not even a check on from a staff member, I left and went to Memorial Hospital. There I was attended to immediately and found to have severe enough blood and fluid loss to be hooked to an IV and admitted for treatment and a three day stay. The lack of attention at Maine General was deplorable, inexcusable, and incompetent. The delay in treatment worsened my condition. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to realize that Maine General was not going to help me, and find treatment elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend anyone use them unless there is no other alternative. If the rating allowed, I'd give them a minus ten. What could they be thinking?

Michael and Erika Frank

Everyone seemed friendly for the seminar that i attended

David Auclair

clean, professional, good food, well taken care of. thank you.

ginger martin

Ambrosia Estrada

I was attacked by a lady. I was biten EVERYWHERE. Im still waiting to be seen. Its been over an hour. This place is the worst! do not come here if you are seriously hurt. drive the extra miles and go someplace else where you will actually be taken care of like you are suppose to.

Christopher Dilts

Called for detox and was greeted with rudeness... very encouraging.

Captain Trips

Terrible treatment of patients, told my grandmother she was dying in the next 48 hours and took her off normal medicine and put her on morphine. Then told her she would be fine the next day and could leave.

Frank NORWOOD Norwood

When this hospital first opened, they were very good. My wife has been here 2 days. Countless tests done but absolutely no results of those tests. Vomiting for 5 days and no relief. What happened?

Mayami Hashim


The hospital is very clean, staff are very friendly.

Katherine Bennett

The medical insurance I get through my employer has an $8k yearly deductible for my family (thanks, Obamacare), and when we asked about payment plans to help spread out the cost of multiple specialist appointments and a minor surgery we received a lot of odd stares from staff as if that's not a normal thing for a person to need. Even the financial services councillor treated us like we were poor, asking about our annual income because apparently anyone on a budget should probably qualify for Mainecare, right? The facilities, doctors, etc. are all seem to perfectly fine, but apparently you should only go there if you're loaded or on welfare.

Ron Guay

30 minutes to register for lab work- receptionist very nice but only 3 registration people who were not very attentive- chatting and long delays between patients. 3 people processed 12 patients in 30 minutes.

Davia Holleman

Dale Music

Had the worst experience after the birth of my child, and even 6 months later, right now, all I’ve had is problems with Augusta doctors and all of their associated offices. They very obviously don’t care, the staff very obviously shouldn’t be employed, and they are over all a very disgraceful practice. My experience with these doctors has been the worst in my entire life. They make everything about simple care, hell.

Charles Fontaine

Ean laflin

Michelle Ouellette

This hospital is the best around and wouldn't go anywhere else Dr Gammatoni and Dr Reight have saved my life more than once and the nurse's are so informative and helpful wouldn't catch me at any hospital's in the state but here

Paul Terenzoni

I worked for this Hospital for 18years great please,to work

Chuck Barnes Sr

After several ER visits over a couple years with family members it is a minimum of three hours before anything is accomplished. Tonight 5/25/19 is no exception..even worse! Why have a multi-million hospital with a cut rate ER? If possible, go somewhere else is my recommendation.

nikalee esposito

Maine General is a wonderful hospital. I have had he pleasure of dealing with many of the Drs, nurses and staff, and they have all treated me with compassion and care. The hospital is well equipped to give you the best treatments and service available. The facility is clean and the care

Katie Rybakova

I delivered my daughter here and the midwifery and nursing staff honored my natural birth plans and were generally AMAZING and incredibly supportive and professional. I am also glad I went to centering through the hospital programming throughout my pregnancy as I met folks qho were also pregnant and learned valuable info about birth and infant care!

melanie breingan

This place is absolutely terrible!!! Very rude!!! We were down with our dad and they put him in critical care unit and told us to wait in the waiting room for a few minutes while they got him situated. We waited and waited and finally dozzwd off.... Bein up over 24hrs. They NEVER came to get us.... We went in to ask if we could see him and they had transported him to portland 2 hours earlier and NEVER told us!!!!! Hes in critical condition!!! We were very upset!!! As we were walking out we told a security guard of the bad service we had and he told us to keep walkin and dont come back if we didnt like it there! Very rude!!!!! We will NEVER be goin back to Maine General!

Ashish Trikha

We went there for an x-ray at the radiology department, they were friendly & quick. We were all done in around half an hour.

Nick Couture

This poor old lady was crying stating she couldn't breathe or walk.. they told her that they didn't understand her and it doesn't matter get dressed an ambulance will bring you home... How rude.. They forget to deliver a girls placenta after she had a baby.. Sent my grandmother home dehydrated... I could probably go on with the stories that I have heard.. you either get a better staff or more staff stop rushing patients out WE PAY YOU... YOU WORK FOR US don't forget that.. if you don't like working with sick people then you should probably get a new profession. Oh ya and to add just sent my sister in law home with high Blood pressure and she's due to have a baby anytime.. I Don't get why there are so many ugly people in this world.. careless..

Jonathan Hughes

Bill Ackerson

Please if you know someone that is going to this place get them to go some where else. It's not a good place.

Kelly Seiders

Takes forever to get care. Bled through and saturated a hand towel before they treated me. Went into severe Dka while waiting to get treatment and this is quickly deadly.

Tom Clarke

Terrible communication to responsible parties , no matter how much you show them a POA , or have the Physician office advise that I should be advised to what is happening to patient,

Dino Miles

In the er for a couple days it seems like no one pays attention had to ask for every little thing even my meds. On one passion I was brought someone else's meds good thing I was paying attention . Filed a complaint . This stuff is , it seems , berry stressed and over worked !!!! If you find yourself needing this er. PAY ATTENTION BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE ! WAY TO MANY MISTAKES ! $$$$$.they are more worried about the bottom line ($), than people ! No compassion .

Nathan Haynes

Patricia Flagg

The staff has been fantastic at all levels. They are professional, responsive, they explain what they are doing & why. They have a good sense of humor. I have no complaints about anything here. This is my second knee replacement. The first was July 19th. My surgeon is fantastic. The Building and rooms are very nice. The food is is very good. Room service style. Keep up the good work Dr Golden, Dr Berry ,Wanda,Jesse, Jessica, Marcie,Shana ,Karen et al.i hope I haven't missed anyone as everyone I had contact with was excellent. A rarity in this day & age. Admission pre surgery recovery & 3rd floor.. Kudos!

leann kingsbury

They ready you like your bothering them, then they just discharge you saying go see your regular doctor, don't even really do anything butmake you sit there half the day...they suck

Ellen Gammon

I have been to Maine General in the past and.well, lets say it was not a.good experience. However, do to the reduction in the so called patient centered care in my usual provider systems I was urged to seek medical attention here. I went in on a Sunday to the ER. The wait was a little long, 2 1/2 hours to be seen and a total of 8 hours in the ER. BUT, I did have to stay so maybe if they were going have been shorter. Once on the 3rd floor I was utterly shocked at the attentive, respectful and competent care I recieved. From the cleaning folks to the docs, the information was given and not once did eyes get rolled nor were their sighs of exasperation. All the aides and nurses were completely awesome. The "dining" was a great change too. No nasty food here and it was at your time not a slot the hospital felt was the right time to eat. Caal, order and within 45 mins a tray appears carried by a friendly face ready to cut it all into bites if you so need. Best 9f all, if you had a visitor, you could order for them too for a small fee. It was great. So, if you have need, based on what I have seen so far, I would highly recommend these most excellent people who man the stations at Maine General Medical Center!

Miranda Carey

Worst hospital in the country. Do not go here. I’ve had far too many bad experiences at this dump. Just take my advice, go ANYWHERE but the Augusta Maine General.

Scott Ward

Terrible wait times, no rooms available often if you need to be admitted. Not recommended.

Derek Farnsworth

There insanly slow no matter what ur in for unless u plan to be gone 10 plus hours dont go to this hospital

Josh Gallant

I think I have a broken sternum, labored breathing, been sitting in the er for 5 hours so far haven't been real, dont come here unless you are prepared to die from your injuries before being seen

Jeremy Murphy

Insufferably slow

Glen Shaw

I have had several major experiences at this hospital since it opened. My mother was hospitalized at her end of days. She was treated with the upmost respect, received the best comfort care and my family's decisions were also respected. My family and myself know we choose the RIGHT HOSPITAL for her. My father was hospitalized prior to passing and with the hospital staff's guidance and experience we were able to transfer him to an appropriate rehabilitation center. This was hard in all aspects including financial for my family. We were listened to during the process. I was hospitalized within the last year after visiting the hospital's ER. I received appropriate and compassionate care twenty four hours a day for almost a week . Thank you!

Jannette Paisley

Dylan Koenig

We just welcomed our new son to the world with there help. Labor and delivery team was amazing. After car was amazing. Such a smooth and comfortable experience. Can't thank you guys enough.

Casie Grierson

We have had to vist the ER on 3 different times this year..always OVER a 6 hour wait. With The ER SO FULL and people sick and hurt getting up to leave to drive to another hospital.

Heidi Ridley

I have been in here for 7 hours at the emergency room with my mother who broke her arm in two places, ridiculous we have yo wait so long This new hospital is awful no better wait or service

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