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REVIEWS OF Woman's Hospital IN Louisiana

Kori Alexander

I have nothing but good things to say about Woman's. I just had my baby, which was 4 weeks early, and every nurse and doctor treated me with the utmost care and importance. The entire process, from checking in to being discharged, was positive. EVERY question or concern I had was answered. The nursing staff at this hospital is EXCEPTIONAL and I wouldn't have chosen another hospital to have my baby be delivered at! Awesome, AWESOME job Woman's!!!

Sparkle Breaux

Cassiana Carter

I spoke with the Chief on today Kim Sangeri and her staff in regards to discrimination I had received from one of they’re staff members. Let me just start by saying I had a rough time during my pregnancy here at Womens my doctor T. Brignac MD wasn’t a very good doctor say the least. However, I was told 34 weeks into pregnancy to just switch doctors by a Veronica! Found me a doctor who didn’t conflict with my schedule so I was unable to make an appointment. Fast forward I’m sitting in a board room at woman’s hospital with all these women. I said my peace and once Kim started to speak she immediately started playing the race card. I couldn’t take the conversation any further so she rudely handed me discharge papers and told me to find another facility to finish out my pregnancy. Then she had security escort me out to my car, I had a office upstairs and officers downstairs waiting on me and followed me to my vehicle. I am 8in half months pregnant what was I going to do? This was not only racist but embarrassing and caused me emotional distress. So my attorney is looking into this matter and i will have Ms Kim either demoted or apologizing to me after this she just don’t know what she did. I also recorded the entire conversation these 4 white women tried to tear down one black woman.

Candace M

I've been going there for my first pregnancy with twins. My regular doctor and MFM specialist are great. I had fetal surgery, and Dr. Moore and his team did a really good job. As scared as I was, their comfort helped me feel safe. The nurses that took care of me that night were very nice! The problem I have is with some ultrasound techs. I just happen to be someone who is sensitive to touch. I have a couple techs who are my favorites bc they're nice, caring, and gentle with me, but there are a few who push too hard on my belly and when I mention that it hurts, they don't care and usually don't lighten up. The one lady in the MFM office pushed harder when I told her I was uncomfortable! I'm not tolerating it anymore. It's not worth the pain. Someone needs to address this issue. They need to remember that everyone is different and on different pain tolerance levels. I was going to give this place 3 stars but then I remembered how tasty the food I had there was so I bumped it up to 4 :D

Dawn Sherman

w wolfson

Caring and kind staff.

Maggi Berwind-Dart

Wonderful, caring staff. Truly dedicated to women's health and wellness.

Pablo Cardone

Scared my family into being induced. Marines DO NOT GO HERE!!! Go to Oschner worse case. AND FORGET about the birth center.... Think about it....... look how close it is to the hospital......Its one of thing to be close should something happen but close for well you do the MATH..... hmmmmm. And let me guess, they only take cash... wondered it that changed. ( Things that make you go MMMMM)

Alexis Denise Rodriguez

Not the best experience. Rude nurses and a long stay.

joselinne Martinez

Daidrell Jackson

The siren98

The nurses were okay wasnt to fund of them much. My most complaint id that I went into labor 2days before going to assessment center when i did i was not in pain at all with my contractions, my original dr wasnt on call but the the other dr was so he came and i told the nurse i wanted a all natural birth as possible but the dr came in to check how far dialted i was and without telling or asking he broke my water and hooked me up to more IV's which made me later on get an epidural which i didnt want to but i started having extreme contractions i couldnt handle...a first time mom didnt know what he was doing tell it was already to late and my mother was there but turned around so i could have privacy but stayed in the room with me so she couldn't stop him in time when she turned back around.

Jose Castillo

Thomas Coon

The new location is at: 100 Woman's Way Baton Rouge, LA 70817 I really miss the old location. I felt like it was centrally located in Baton Rouge making it very easy to get to from anywhere in the city. In its current location, if you have an appointment in the late afternoon, be prepared for heavy traffic. The new place is very nice through and will be the location of the birth of my first grandchild.

Savannah Johnson

Horrible care, no bedside manner, let’s see...what else? They are extremely rude, unprofessional and slow. Not to mention that they barely have the capabilities to do anything there if you have to go to their emergency department. Came because of the good reviews and ob/gyn specialty, but I WON’T be back.

Laura Seal


Johnny Porter

The site was amazing well put together something were not so easy to get to smelt longer to open up but the film. Was great I'm not having a baby but I look at it to all I can say is wow. Keep up the good work.

Luis Castellanos

The hospital is great, nice staff , clean place. My only complaint would be the Cc's coffee shop , the lady working on March 7 2016 at 4:23pm was so rude!! Clearly she hates her job, rudeness to the max , I went to buy me a latte after a long night of standing next to my sister who just had a baby. She raised her voice at me for no reason, took my order treating me like I was asking for free coffee. I'm a bartender and yes I understand that some customers may be hard to deal with but I was very nice to her, softly ordered my coffee but she really killed my vibe!! #grosscoffee #rudeness #badcustomerservice


Ash M

WOMAN'S HOSPITAL doesn't write emergency contraception Rx for patients whose insurance covers 100%, instead referred me to CVS to pay $55 for a single tablet. Did not even ask if I was sexually assaulted, just assumed irresponsible and sexually promiscuous. Thanks so much for your compassion.

Frieda Addison

I used the outpatient surgery,thought it would good but they were very slow and had no info on what I needed and in surgery they hurt my tung its swollen and purple, the woman nurses were nice , the men where rude ..


We were visiting family and friends from Houston TX and unfortunately my wife had complications with her pregnancy, we lost our baby, but the hospital staff was so sympathetic with our loss it made things go lot smoother Thank you womans hospital for all the attentions and sympathy, social workers helped us to get financial support for the bill and funeral services

regineka johnson

Lisa Primeaux

I am here now. Nursing care is the poorest! Following my surgery, I am only allowed 1-1/2 teaspoon of water or combination of ice / water per hour. I call early so I can receive it timely, it arrives 20 minutes late. The nurse laughs, indicating she forgot, that I should call her on the exact time it is due. I do that, it arrives late. Comfort and care is not priority here. Bathroom breaks are not timely either. Nurse Bridgettette is a zero! I only wish I knew the names of the ones that preceeded her on shift. I cannot wait to leave thisvery poorly run hospital! I post this at 2:35 am because I am parched and cannot sleep! Only if I had opportunity to show them the same care! Lisa Primeaux

Princess Sistas

Great experience

April2019 Blessed and highly favored

These people are the absolute worst. How in the hell do you become a nurse and have no type of compassion towards your patient. My sister was I. Pain in the nurses did absolutely NOTHING. They hung up in her face when she called the nursing station and Nurse Whitney was the absolute worst. Jesus whenever I have my child I will not be at woman’s hospital. If I could I would put no stars. Please if you can avoid WOMANS HOSPITAL AT ALL COST!!!! They wouldn’t do my nephew surgery to remove his extra fingers

Michael Brady

High tech baby security. Women's has a chip on every new born. Sensors in every elevator and door. As well as a security person at every exit.

Dalia Lopez

(Translated by Google) very good hospital (Original) muy buen hospital

kacee theriot

Been sitting in assessment since little before 12 and only had my blood pressure checked twice .


Kristi Doucet

Kaitlin Savage

Vanessa Hoffmann

The staff are so wonderful and sweet. I would highly recommend going here for whatever you need.

Rebekah Hurley

Denver Pierce

Our OBGYN and delivery nurses have all been amazing. However everytime we have gone to the assessment center the nurses and doctors there are condensing, rude, and sarcastic. No wonder people don't want to go to the assessment cent.

Devin Daniels

Just had our 1st baby here (3 total) and the staff was super amazing. My wife loved everybody. Lived up to the reputation

Gail Garside

Was in the emergency room...the nurses at their station were cackling for hours. I thought unprofessional.

Ambrosia Buckner

Had my procedure today & when I tell you for my first real procedure I COULD NOT HAVE PICKED A BETTER HOSPITAL & DR.!!! Dr. Sunshine Willet & EVERYONE I came in contact with today were so nice, made me feel super comfy and took care of all my concerns & needs. Womans is THE BEST!

Wendy Duncan

Wow! I am so impressed with the care and treatment of my adult daughter at The Woman's Hospital Assessment Center. Whether she was in early labor or it was a false alarm remains to be seen and we should know this morning... However, our nurse, Amy and Dr. Alfred were extremely kind, comforting and caring. And let me not forget the rest of the staff; from the time we walked through the door, the girls checking in wore beautiful smiles on their faces and checked us in quickly. In fact, before I had time to pull around and park, they already had her back in the triage area. Everyone was professional from the beginning to the end. I can not say enough about how sweet and comforting Dr. Alfred and Amy were!! The 2 as a team were absolutely incredible!! THANK YOU DR. ALFRED & AMY!! Thank you to the entire staff of Woman's Hospital Assessment Center, YOU ROCK!

Tykendra Keller

They have great service I go see Dr.Rousset him and his staff are always kind and im extremely comfortable with them.

Jackie 4Chan

The employees, especially security guards are heartless, sad souls who NEVER tip the people that bring them food... What's more is they expect you to be there almost instantly with said food! Considering most of them hardly get off their butts all day and act like they're guarding Fort Knox, we find them to be a joke and go out of our way to make sure their orders are late! Oughta call it RATCHET hospital!

Rochelle Puccio

On Tuesday, October 1st I had a mammogram. Their department was quick but very efficient. I then had an my annual appointment with Dr. James Stenhouse. I have seen Dr. Stenhouse for over 30 years. His bedside manner is top notch. He also addresses any and all questions and concerns in patient terminology. I checked in early for my doctors appointment and was called back within 5 minutes. I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to move the process along quickly. I waited longer than 30 minutes in the patient room. Dr. Stenhouse is worth the wait but this happens each time I have an appointment. I know he gives each patient and appointment his time and knowledge but I wish when an appointment was set that he and his staff could stay on schedule. I'm not complaining at all, it's just if I had to find one area of improvement it would be shorter waiting times. Sincerely, Rochelle Puccio

Richard Foster

Called to check on my wife. She is seven months pregnant and is AICU with nemonia I was informed to call her cell phone. How in the hell do you speak to someone on a cell phone who is to weak to talk and has a oxygen mask on. What idiots!

Emalee Allen

Amazing people my sister just had a baby and the baby is safe and sound no problems at all absolutely amazing

Laurielle D

I just gave birth to my son here on November 7. I was scheduled to arrive/be induced Nov. 7 at 3:30am. My pitocin was started at exactly 4:30. My two nurses during my delivery were incredible. Once in the recovery room, nurses are suppose to check on you every 2 hours for any pain, vitals, etc. They definitely are on schedule. Every nurse that I had the 2 days I spent there were amazing. Very attentive, kind, and informative. They were a lot of help with baby the first night due to me not being able to get out of bed and baby was having some congestion issues. They are also very on schedule with all of baby’s tests. We were discharged almost exactly 48 hours after my son was born. He was born Nov. 7 2:36pm and we were signing discharge papers Nov. 9 at 2:38pm. I can’t recommend Woman’s enough.

Shakel Matthews

The women's hospital is great it's the lsu health clinic inside the women's hospital that is horrible. They have the worst doctors and staff they really don't care about any of their patients at all. They treat you like you are trash and send you on your way. With no care of how you are doing before or after your visit they just want to collect a check from your insurance company they should have closed down right with earl k long

Lynne Wells

My visit to Imaging Services was smooth and fast. The staff was super helpful getting my records to my doctor.

Christina Mitchell

ABP Films

Very impressed with everything from the facilities to the staff and doctors. They really seem to go the extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of!

Brooke Bell

-I had to repeatedly ask my nurses for things because they kept forgetting- pads/pain medication/ etc. - the nurse that gave my son his first bath didn't even allow the water to get warm and bathed him directly under the VENT with air blowing on him. Not only that, she dressed him in his long sleeved footed pajamas and when I took them off to change him she had left POOP smeared down his leg!!! And this is right after his bath!!! - the nurse asked if I wanted the rubella shot and when I asked her what it was for she said "chicken pox" when I told her I already had them she told me that I had lost immunity to them so I could get them again if I didn't get the shot but even if I got the shot there was a chance I would lose immunity again so really it was just up to me to take that chance. - when I first asked about all of my charges I was told I would only have to pay my deductible so I started making monthly payments on it. They posted one of my 100$ payments on the WRONG account and tried charging me for it TWO times after I had already paid it. - come to find out I also owed a huge delivery fee which I was told about 2 days before my due date that had to be paid before I delivered and that would take care of everything else... so I paid that day IN FULL and got ANOTHER large bill. When I called to inquire about that bill I was told to "ask my insurance about it" so I did.. my insurance company called THE SAME NUMBER I called to ask them THE SAME QUESTION I asked them and supposedly the bill was correct and what I did in fact owe... today I got a check in the mail from the hospital for an amount even larger than the bill they just made me pay. Overall - completely lazy and incompetent. Clearly no one takes their job seriously. I really wanted to love delivery at this hospital but it was a horrible experience.

amanda moyers

Terrible experience! I will never step foot back in this place! Not natural childbirth friendly even though they advertise that they are. They also have a horrible billing department that is grossly disorganized.

Nam Vu

MANAGEMENT NEEDS TO SEE THIS Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 4:15 pm. Who ever at the front desk really need to re-evaluate their life. Call in to make an appointment and she hung up on me, saying that I need to call the doctor office, this is a hospital. Didn't let me ask questions or anything else. Conversation: me: Hi may I make an appointment? she: with who? (rudely) me: with Dr. Jolie Bourgeois, that's who my mom usually see. she: you have to call the doctor office, this is the hospital. me: well.. *call hung up..* Really? Is this how a professional environment should be like?

Rachel Masters

Divine love

If you ever plan on having a natural birth this is not the hospital for you UNLESS you have a full support team/doula of your own . However I would highly recommend Dr. Terrie Thomas so nice and very informative.

Christen Romero

I am at a loss of words for this facility. I have previously been to Women's Hospital to visit family members and friends and was astounded the great service then. Today, however, was my first time as a patient (for an MRI). The entire staff from Imaging Services was nothing but cordial, quick and informative each step of the way. One staff member took initiative when dealing with referral doctor/insurance issues and resolved the issues quickly while I waited. I've never seen a hospital take such sincere interest in their patients, and to finally have one do so was a treat. Women's Hospital in general (and their Imaging Center in particular) will certainly be my preference for future medical services.

Chelsy Key

The er part is great just make sure you dont get a obgyn in the lsu section cause the dont answer phones to answer any of your question after 9 a.m and you'll have to be in the office aiting for them to see you for atleast 2 hours for an appointment hat will usually take all of 10 mins if nothing wrong and your just there for a check up.

Lana B

Staff during my first delivery was amazing! I couldn't hv asked for a better experience. I'm currently expecting my second child and this will be my first time in the new hospital, so I hope my expectations aren't too high compared to old hospital. I don't think I'll be disappointed. Woman's has always been there for me and I will always recommend their prenatal care and pregnancy services over any other hospital in Baton Rouge. Thank you to the ENTIRE staff at Woman's Hospital!

angela nopee

I'd a half a star but given that's not a option I'll leave a star the staff there are incredibly rude and lazy... and most of the hospital smells like feet The mom wanted to take a little nap nurses said they were bringing the baby to the nursery...they parked his cart in the nurses station like some kind of dog laying there They don't use the nursery because they say it's best for baby to be with mom for can't even get up out of bed due to c section They were all rude,lazy,and unprofessional.

monica fisher

Jianguo Fan

We are fortunate to get a good OB doctor. But today's experience at the injection lab was totally disastrous!!! The black lady was so negligent and gave a casual flu shot to my wife. My wife told me that the lady didn't even look at her arm when giving the shot. It only took a second for the process and a lot of liquid came out immediately. she's still feeling the pain after a half day. If she told me earlier I would immediately look for the supervisor but of course I could imagine no penalty would happen. Nowadays some people are protected and can't be blamed. Better to find in a livable place than complaining.

Saul Diaz

(Translated by Google) Serving pregnant? Or do blood tests to find out if someone is pregnant? Help! (Original) Atienden embarazadas? O hacen pruebas de sangre para averiguar si alguien está embarazada ? Ayuda!

Dana Cannon

This hospital needs so much improvement! Not the doctor r nurses . But they NICU was a absolute nightmare. There was one of the Rudest ladies at the front Dest. She has to be the most heartless person I’ve ever met . The mothers in there have a hard time leaving their children in there as it is .You do not have to have an employee that is horribly rude and makes them cry . There hormones are bad enough at that time . please hire someone with a little compassion !! Please get a lot more security guards outside .

Tiffany Smith

Cost $900 to go to assessment center for a wrong diagnosis. Literally in with the dr for about 30 min total and it cost a ridiculous amount to get told something completely wrong!!!!

Antonia Carona

This is the absolute WORST care I've ever recieved while pregnant. No one knows how to properly enter in an order. And even if you're early for your appointment you WILL NOT BE SEEN TILL 3 HOURS LATER!! Its ridiculous I will be changing doctors and hospitals just to try to find decent care. At the rate this place goes you might as well train yourself to do all the damn care they are supposed to provide. You would get it done faster yourself going to school for everything before they ever get anything done. I'll never come back

jaci aaron

Keyana Brown

every time i go to woman's i feel so welcomed

Keisha Minor

I have four children and I delivered three of them at womans, vaginal and c section. I couldn't have been more satisfied with the care that my babies and I received. Love love love the nurses!!!!

Anthony Chilton

Brand new hospital , for women excellent service staff

Valencia Thompson


These people do not communicate with each other at all it’s all about me and not you. You have a lump in the breast and have to wait 3 weeks for a mammogram because they don’t want you to go back to you’re original place ( St Elizabeth Hospital ) where your other mammograms are so they can get the records. Just give me an order I’ll go today

Aline Jackson

Mary Robert

Jessica Hawkins

Tina Tran

Esteban Muire

They are good

Rachel Podnar

Beautiful new campus with the same exceptional staff as can be expected from Woman's top notch care!

Sandy Simon

There service was outstanding

Fernanda Ocegueda

Alyssa Braud

Dr. Bader is amazing but most staff on the first floor are absolutely awful and rude. If i didnt like my dr so much. I would never go back.

Elijah Mckenney

Dr. Pearson was absolutely the best doctor during our pregnancy

Jamarius Whitaker

hka mai

Excellent service

Lucero Ortiz

My delivery here was more then amazing, I had a great experience. But on the Obgyn usually wait time is an hour to hour and a half.. Takes to long to get seen with appointment but other then that great hospital and staff

PinkDawgMama Turner Hoyt

From the Information desk, to Outpatient Services, Xray Dept and Dr. Mindy Bowie and her staff I have nothing but the best to say. All of these women were professional, courteous, kindhearted and warm. I was never rushed and all my concerns and questions were dealt with and at no time was I made to feel insignificant and bothersome. KK was the best. She made me calm during my procedure and went the extra mile in informing me exactly what would take place. All were super nice and nevery rushed. Dr. Bowie takes as much time with me as I need and shows genuine care. This place rocks!

Tamika Burney

Great professional hospital

Suzanne Fife

Great caring staff

Nisha Bowers

This is where you want to have a baby ! Dr. F. Henderson delivered 2 of my babies!!

Sarah Carmical

I love this hospital! I was here during my first pregnancy and had my first baby here. They were very informative throughout the whole process, so I always felt calm and secure. The doctors, nurses, and staff are all wonderful and caring. Even the hospital food was delicious! Thank you, Woman's, for being there and making sure it was as wonderful an experience as possible!

Nicholas Newport

My mother told me horror stories of this place about being there and when we were born how the hospital handled it.

Julia Johnson

Nicole Stuart


Im disappointed. I’m not from this part of town and I’ve always said the hospitals here are way better. Everyone is so polite and kind. Actually care about you. But today I went to the assessment center since I was not feeling too well and I am 6 months pregnant. They didn’t even acknowledge ALL my symptoms I told them I had. I felt as though they were more worried about getting me out of there. Or didn’t believe me. Who knows. But i felt so uncomfortable there. One of the nurses was so nonchalant. OLOL nurses are WAY more sweeter and more kind FOR SURE. Especially to pregnant women. I just said I was better and left. Last time I visit the assessment center. Next time, I will just deal with It or go to the regular ER.

Crystal Mueller

Had a diagnostic mammogram today after working there many years. Their imaging department should get an award. Wonderful crew. Thanks

Jade Walter

We recently moved to the area, in the last month of our pregnancy. We were a scheduled c-section, and I have been so impressed with all of the staff at the Women's Hospital. The doctors were attentive and not rushed. The nurses were caring and always quick to answer questions and take care of the baby and I. Literally everyone was so nice. Hopefully we'll deliver here again in the future!

Precious Woods

The nurses were so nice! They made my stay there pleasant!

Deneyce Cole

Conman N

Recently had my daughter here and my doctor and nurses were amazing!

Lifeof Shanice

I love the doctors here

Darrell Hampton

Nice facility

Sandra Fancher

Beautiful new campus. They took the time to get input from nurses and patients on how to make the experience better. Staff really cares about doing the very best. I think it's inspiring to talk to staff who said their parents worked there and loved it so much that they wanted to work at Woman's. The walking path around the campus is a nice break for visitors, patients and employees.

Andrew McGinnis

Im sorry but who ever said this hospital had short wait times they lied. Me and my wife just recently moved to Baton Rouge and crazy enough this was the only hospital that would except her but almost every time we go in for something like measuring the baby we always end up waiting on the car at the hospital for two to three hours because they don't allow kids in the hospital. Another thing is you can't even call the hospital because the don't except phone calls until the end of the day all in all some people say this is the best hospital to go to which is extremely sad

Danielle Ramsey

Jessica Johnson

Lisa Knox

jennifer rebert

Never been treated so well by any staff. Amazing group of people here.

Travis Edwards

Dirt Remover BR

Exeptional care, great stuff, profitional doctors, delisious food and mostly it is all complimantary !!,... and painless giving birth, infact i had 90 %of unwanted pregnancy but the caring and the congrats there is just amazing, Amazing hospital. That place was blessing for me!. Was More than happy!!.

Michelle Funez

(Translated by Google) Very bad treatment you leave as an hour and a half waiting for the doctor inside the office and that before all they leave you in the oby as an hour too

Fratonna Brown

Ashley Tippitt

Love the nurses I had a hysterectomy they were great just one I wasn't happy with but all the rest were great and they treated me very good

Linda Holloway

Best of care. Love the free vallet parking. short wait times, comfortable wait areas, and SOOO sweet nurses and staff.

delta lo

Im 12 weeks pregnant and I went in for my first prenatal visit. It was a poor experience. I felt very rushed. I wasn't able to get any questions heard. My doctor schexinder was a rude individual. He called me 'Kiddo' 3 times , I'm 27. I was in shock. I wasn't able to have any questions heard. It felt like I was on a conveyor belt. The ultrasound was the only genuine part of the experience. The nurse was very nice. Everyhing else felt like I was a pain to their existence. I didn't talk to anyone about what I should be expecting in the next couple weeks. For a first prenatal for my first pregnancy it wasn't a positive experience.

Casey R

Loved having my baby here. My doctor is wonderful and the nurses are great.

Fidelina Romero

Esmeralda Gonzalez

JulieRene Freneaux

Clean and friendly and fast in and out appointments

Jamie Clement

Cherie lauren Canedo

Donna Doucet

This place is amazing. The nurses here or the best. They make your stay so comfortable. I'm have a fear of hospitals but when given a choice of hospitals for a procedure I chose Woman's Hospital and I am so glad I did. They took away most if not all of my anxiety.

Shelby Brown

The women on the 3rd flood are RUDE AS HELL & one is a bit racist ( she barley has any hair & a mustache ) anyway when we came to see my nephew in the NICU yesterday the lady raised her voice for me to lean in the window for her to check my temperature just because she didn’t wanna reach her arm at all (mind u I am pregnant & have a hard time leaning over counter top things) then we came by again today & they let 8 people 2 adults & 6 kids UNDER THE AGE RESTRICTIONS but for us the rule was 2 visitors at a time & that rule is suppose to be applied to anyone going in the back of this area PERIOD it doesn’t matter if the babies have different issues or anything that’s THE RULE OF THIS AREA , it’s even posted on the big board by the doors ! I completely see why women’s has now went down hill & why there are so many bad reviews about this place now because women like the ones working the 3rd floor .

Lucero Giron

Scottie H

Baby brother

Maudraenna Brown

Dr. Ryan Dickerson and staff are my favorite. They have seen me during my ups and downs. I feel very open and at ease about any conversation i need to have with them. They have gained a patient for life. Thanks for all you guys do....

Jennifer Nicks

If I could give this hospital negative 5 stars, I would in a heartbeat. Because of this hospital and the choices of the "administration", we missed the birth of our daughter. You see, we adopted a baby girl who was born here. Due to hospital protocols, we (the adoptive parents who did absolutely nothing wrong) could not see our baby until discharge. They would not even confirm her birth or that she was even there until her birth mother (who was incarcerated) was discharged. We went as far as to get written permission from the local warden to be present for the birth of our child. But according to the sheriff's department, the hospital supersedes their decisions. I (the adoptive mother) was to be present in the delivery room while my husband (the adoptive father) was permitted to see the baby after she was born. We wanted this time for skin to skin bonding and to actually get to see OUR child. In fact, because of the permission from the warden and the fact that the hospital knew of the adoption plan ahead of time, we spent thousands (on top of the tens of thousands spent on the adoption process itself) to fly halfway across the country over a week prior to her birth to ensure that we didn't miss anything if she was born before her due date. That was completely pointless as we could have flown down on the day of discharge to pick up the baby at the hospital and wait for ICPC clearances for a few days. These power tripping heartless administrators literally caused us to miss the most important moment of my child's life at this point. I called numerous times and could not reach said administrators. I called to speak to the head of security...did not happen. Instead we were bounced around to social workers. They actually went as far as to change the room of the birth mother because the jail had made us aware of the room number. We literally pulled into the parking lot all excited for the birth of our baby only to be told that we were not permitted there. I assume the rent-a-cop security team would have escorted us off of the property or called the real police, who had given us permission to be there...ironic, huh? I am a Master's level RN and my husband is an RN as well. I understand hospital procedures well as I teach nurses basically how to be nurses. Yet I had to deal with these rude and obnoxious incompetent staff members who blocked me from my child. And on discharge, I signed the release papers! So they had consent from the birth mother to discharge the baby to me yet could not tell me that the baby was there or even born. I received minimal information on the birth and health of my baby. I learned from the birth mother that she had aspirated meconium. The nurses NEVER told me this. I learned from reading the minimal records that she was also born jaundiced. I was never told weight, length, time of birth, etc...I had to ask the birth mother who luckily was able to provide the information. Then, to even twist the knife, although they were aware of the adoption plan, the placed my child in the room with the birth mother and continuously referred to her as the "mother" even after she corrected the numerous times. Can you imagine how hard it was on her to be going through an adoption while being forced to care for the baby (birth plan stated that she would see the baby for 30 to 60 minutes before giving her to us) and while being called "mom" by the heartless nurses. Then, the birth mother and other witnesses present told me that the staff not only treated the birth mother poorly (because she was incarcerated, no doubt) but were also "rough" with my daughter. Let me just say that the staff members who were rough with my newborn are extremely lucky that I was not present to see this. As a nurse, I treat ALL patients with the same respect and dignity. I do not base the quality of my care based upon the patient's social status, race, gender, sexual preference, or incarceration. These nurses are not judges. Who do they think that they are to judge and mistreat the birth mother and my daughter? This is abuse!! Horrible hospital!

Kelly Dutton

My sister in law Brenda Hyde works with the preme babies at woman's hospital. She also had her baby there. When I went to see my nephew the wifi was not password protected and the connection was good and fast. The new woman's hospital is the place to have a baby. My mother gave birth to me and my brother at the old woman's.

Briggs Vince

My wife and had recently had our first baby there. While it wasn't planned the way it happened (she was 4 weeks early), the nurses from labor and delivery were nothing short of amazing, the recovery was a bit rough on my wife but everyone was exceptional in explaining everything and helping with any and everything we needed. Our baby spent some time in the NICU and let me tell you these nurses are angels in scrubs. They encouraged us to stay and visit as long as we wanted, call as often as we wished to get updates and showed us the proper way to care for our baby. Our little miracle is a month old on Christmas and she is doing great. Women's Hospital is the best hands down.

Betty Smith

Baby on the way home

Gladean McCarns

I work here and i just think it's fabulous

Deborah Gautreaux

Renatta Thomas

When I had my surgery I had some of the best nurses and doctors on the hospital side.

Rachel Mitchell

I've tried to get care from Women's Hospital twice. The first time I was suffering miscarriage and needed immediate help, the second time I was pregnant and needed my first appointment scheduled quickly so I could get the early care I needed since I have a history of miscarriages. Both times the receptionist refused to allow me to make an appointment until Medicaid had cleared completely. I was completely willing to set up billing and pay the expenses out of pocket until insurance cleared, but they refused service. I feel that they don't care about their patients care, but only about the bottom line. Neither time have they offered any options or help for the position I was placed in.

Isabell Spencer

Patricia Bivins

All the staff we're very helpful and the nurses took very good care if my sister!!

Genevieve Robichaux

Had an appointment and I have been waiting for almost 2 hours and still have not been seen. About ready to walk out, this place is ridiculous.

blayne fielder

Beautiful new campus and warm, friendly people. A top-notch place.

Allen Virgen

Lisa Arceneaux

Malik Selvage

Saliha Orak

If you want to wait 3 hours more than your appoinment, come!

John Braud

We are very happy with the hospitality and professionalism here while our daughter came into this world. Thank yall so much for everything !

Mrs. DeDe Olinde

they are amazing they have the cleaners Hospital in Baton Rougethey have very nice and sweet doctors and nurses to help you I had my son in this Hospital and they treat us so well always Mercy Hospital no matter what

Austin Butters

If you like spending 4 hours here than its great

debbie madden

The Dr.'s are great. The staff is so sweet. Love this place and I would recommend it to anyone. Love my Dr. and nurses!!!

Brian Giandelone

The hospital staff is wonderful. They are so helpful and really care about the patients. I couldn't have been happier with the care they gave to my wife.

Ashley Ivy

Came in for an appt and was told the doctor was running behind but I could see her nurse practitioner. No big deal. After an hour I finally asked what's taking so long. They never put me on the NP's list. After waiting longer I was told the NP cant see me. Then I get put at the bottom if the doctor's wait list. This is ridiculous. I will not be back.

phil s

Terrible Administration management!

Rochelle Reeder

Assessment nurse Ginger was ridiculously rude , daughter student at LSU arrived in pain and was told she didnt need to be there that her pain was not an emergency. Not what you want to hear when your 500 miles away from your child.

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