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Will Collins

I was told that I didn't have an emergency without being examined whatsoever.....I have pain in my mouth and the "doctor" is assuming that there's nothing possible the ER can do! When she hasn't even taken as much as an x-ray before she " diagnosed " me!!! So my question is if you don't examine anything how can you be sure of what I do or do not have!! Last time I checked you can't tell what's wrong by just looking at it? Do doctors have x-ray vision now days and are apparently psychic Pathetic

Robert Gray

HORIBBLE PLACE.. NEVER GO HERE. I have seen better ran animal shelters. They made the wrong post up for me so my appointment was a week late then the day comes and I sit in the waiting room for 2 hours with out ever being called and NO ONE KNOWS A DAMN THING

Joshua Breaux

Good job

Indra Martinez

My mother went here recently and had nothing but great things to say about this hospitals service. Everyone was helpful, kind, and patient. definitely a great hospital to try out if your looking for some exceptional service.

Nicole Mercadel

730pm. Dad started choking. I called nurse (Jaelyn/Jazlyn)and her nonchalant attitude towards me reporting him choking was as if I was bothering her. He was trying to take the oxygen off to choke and the nurse started hollering and trying to forbid him to take it off of him and as he kept choking he tried to sit up, she treated him as if he was acting like he was insane verses choking. He had to throw up and was trying to stop him from sitting instead of assisting him with the garbage. The attitude was ghetto and unprofessional and when I spoke up and asked them was he a burden or a problem she looked me off and said no, She was just trying to figure out what was wrong. The next lady came which was in respiratory, Debra, white, she walked in the room and asked was he starting trouble. I asked her was that the word of the hospital that he was the troubled patient? I told them I was going to report them and the disposition was shifted into a sign of concern as if the sound of being reported was a wake up to be aware that someone was watching who was competent enough to see the lack of empathy and professionalism. Janelle. (Respiratory, black)- assisted Debra in respiratory. She was neutral and wasn't sure of what was transpiring but did all she could to help. 745pm After a while, the black nurse (Jazlyn/Jaelyn RN) asked me what was wrong and that I looked frustrated as if she was being sarcastic. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY WHY New Orleans has the worst reputation. Overlooked, swept under the rug Unprofessional and inhumane staff working in their most needed Facilities. My father is a VETERAN, SICK AND CHOSE TO COME HERE FOR MEDICAL CARE AND THIS IS HIS DAUGHTER'S EXPERIENCE WHILE THERE. I am definitely going to forward this same message to the VA and the B.O.N.... If there's no changes or any attention brought then that will raise further questions and actions. No one should feel like a burden NOR should the family have to stop total focus on their family to WRITE REVIEWS FOR THESE SITUATIONS TO BE RESOLVED.

Rock Weber

The restrooms are the worst ever , you'll should get rid of everyone in the housekeeping department......EVERYONE PLEASE

A Stockton

It's a beautiful hospital. The staff is fantastic. The only downfall is how huge the place is, it takes a while to get from place to place.

Cathy Seeger

I've been to the er several times not all for myself. The staff is friendly and helpful. However today i am having 3 mri's done. Due to the fact i am claustrophobic i have tried to find pictures of the machines they use so i know how much i need to pre medicate. I have not been able to find any thing to go by. Just praying my head isn't in there too long as its a 3 he l hour procedure. Wish me luck!

Ricky Burns

Great place for healthcare. Top of the line docs and best nurses in town

Todd Toups

The dental clinic and oral maxi surgery clinic is The Best! Before even signing in im greated like a friend

John Summers

They take care of me.

Mary Francis

If I could give this place zero stars I would. The cafeteria part of this hospital is very unprofessional. I have never seen such horrible management in my entire life. The Manager Eric is very rude and does not know what he is doing at all. I cant believe such a beautiful hospital would hire such unprofessional people for management!

John Halstead

Whilst on holiday 9/18/2018 we had cause to visit A&E with my wife during the night who was feeling unwell, we booked in was seen by the triage nurse straight away, but then had to wait sometime before seeing the doctor, but when we did the staff could not have been more helpful, polite and sympathetic to my wife's problems, the treatment was done efficiently and proffesionally needless to say my wife and I have been able to continue our holiday feeling a lot better and would like to offer our grateful thanks to the staff and in particular Dr S Griffin.

Adeline Isaac

How come here for cancer treatment very good Hospital wonderful doctors great receptionist

Mariesa Hingle

I work here.


Went to ER for very bad ankle/leg break (4 plates and 15 screws). I was put in this little room for 7 hours alone with no call button, room phone, or anything. I finally was able to reach an instrument on the wall and use it to bang on some type of panel to get someone to come into the room. They said ‘don’t do that’ and left me there for 2 more hours (9 hours total) before I got any type of treatment or even medication. Spent a week there, the whole stay was just as bad as the ER visit.

tim kenny

Very nice place and excellent staff willing to help you anyway they can they take their jobs seriously best hospital in Louisiana


had a TERRIBLE experience in the emergency behavioural health unit alot of the staff there seemed to hate their jobs and were uncompassionate. I was cursed out and called a 'junkie' by a doctor. some staff member in the psych ward harassed me badly while I was VERY sick in bed in the psych ward. very unprofessional. I have ptsd from this incident. I really should sue. EDIT: So months later, I see my PCP to make an appt. with an endocrinologist, through university (as its the only hospital that takes medicaid). and she sends a referral and they reject it, I call to ask and they dont tell me why it was rejected. I have severe Low T and thyroid problems and bloodwork to show for it. they rejected my refferal more than once. I called again and they told me to FAX it(also the person who answered the phone was very impolite and ghetto). I asked if they take email or sms, but no. they want me to FAX it.(keep in mind 99.9% of the population doesnt own a fax). either way I'm going to fax it and lets see what they put me up to next.....

NewOwlinz Finest

There have been numerous incidents where my appointments have been rescheduled without my knowing. I have been caused to lose time at work and to multitask all the other responsibilities life forces you to have. And the service some of the women working as receptionist is ridiculous. They are so rude and at times incompetent.

Rose Wise

Send a confirmation without an address or time. No human available for check-in- charge for parking and I didn't bring cash. Hope I can get out. Computer phone system completely unuseful. Got address of hospital from friend and drove around until I found someone (not connected with the clinic) who told me where to park. Kept asking questions until I found clinic and another patient to help me sign in. It's good. I came an hour and a half early. I hope the actual providers are better than their other systems.

Melanie Anderson

Is a good hospital to go too

Terri Lewis

I had to have surgery on my wrist and I had the best pre and post opp surgery care of all of the hospitals I have been in

John Long

Best Hospital and gr8 people here.

Melissa Melancon

I had uterine cancer and had a radical hysterectomy done by DR Robinson and his staff and they were wonderful. Everything went well, the new hospital is great and so is the staff!

Samara dumas

Ive been here since 4 pm. I had to wait 2 hours to get my vitals taken. I got told to wait in the waiting room after and someone would see me to draw my blood. It is now 9:23pm and I still havent had my blood drawn and I never even saw a doctor to explain whats going on with me yet. If you are seriously injured or hurt do NOT come here. This emergency room is a joke. I have never in my life been to a hospital like this. This is my first and last time coming here. Im having a terrible experience here. This has to be one of the worst hospitals in NEW ORLEANS!

Jonathan Russo

Can't even get doors to work correctly. How about securing the doors of the ICU so people can't walk in and out freely.

Amanda Brunet

I've gone here several times since my accident. The staff are very helpful and kind. I had ortho surgery here a few weeks ago and don't have any issues so far. You will always have 1 off attitudes, maybe someone is having a tough day. But I never had an issue with the staff or services. I will update this review if needed.

Marty Dufrene

I took my little brother there. Suffering fron cereberal atrophy a severe memory loss due to the brain shrinking due to a brain disease. They did an MRI after reviewing said it may be more depression than atrophy. An Internal medicine Dr. here said this 48 yr old man has the brain of a 72 yr old after seeing the photos I took of the MRI. The Neuro Dr. said to bring him to ER for admission on a monday and he would get him in. We spent the day there and the neuro wouldnt even answer his phone that day so said the ER doctor. Apparently the brain doctors there are dealing with something out of their league but to ashamed to admit it maybe. They gave him drugs for alzheimer patients and created a totally worst situation that was so bad that he nearly was committed. We took him off them and he improved somewhat.

Ana Shelton

When I made an appointment with them, they told me that American Sign Language interpreter would show up for my appointment. When I arrived there, they were not there. I asked the lady where interpreter is, she said I don’t know. I can’t help you.. she seems don’t care.. I learned that they never called interpreter agency. Why did they say that interpreter would be there when they never contacted interpreter agency? I’m so disappointed. So I asked them to reschedule my appointment. They said they would call me and reschedule appointments with ASL interpreter. They never called me back. It has been a few days. What they did is NOT professional.

Michelle Fagot

This is the worst hospital in the world. Stay far away. Doctors don't communicate, they left my sister with stage 4 cancer in horrible pain and did not care. Doctors don't answer calls, this place is totally lacking in all phases and the nurses don't give a damn either!

Kelly Wolfe

When first arrived I was very dissatisfied with the nurse I had .She was very rude and treated me very badly.Once the night shift arrived I was happy with my nurse ,she was very kind to me and treated me like a person.Wish I could get the name of that first nurse she should never be allowed to care for people she had no compassion. Also went a full 24 hours before I was told I had to order my own food .Any other hospital brings you breakfast, lunch,and dinner unless you are told there is no way of knowing how it's done there. My starvation finally led me to ask but that first nurse should've told me how things worked but like I said she did nothing for me except make me feel very unwelcomed.Otger than that my 3 day stay was pretty good.Somebody please get rid of that lady!!!!Nurses are supposed to be compassionate!!!!

sandi jones

Incompetent doctors I feel for the staff. ( Nurses , therapists,etc.) You never know why someone doesn't have insurance and yet are treated with absolute contempt by doctors , interns and residents. Apparently the Hippocratic oath means NOTHING.

Joe V

It's a major improvement from the old Charity.

Ronald P Riggin


Ann Give

If you want assistance from people who simply do not care, come to this hospital. These are the most unprofessional, uncaring, rude, ignorant group of personel that I have ever encountered in my entire existence. My husband was in a terrible car wreck. They sent him home with staples to the head, a broken arm etc within hours And in severe pain. When I called the number on the discharge papers for further assistance once he returned home, the nurse STEVEN was so nonchalant and non cooperative to any of my questions til it was ridiculous. They treat you like garbage here. They dispose of you as such after giving funky treatment. I always choose Oschner where you get top notch service. I would never stoop this low at seeking help at this disgusting hospital. Even the ER receptionist is rude. I will be writing a complaint to the medical board. This is grossly unacceptable. I will get every last one of your names and report you. I give you my word. And to add insult to injury, how do you guys have the audacity not to offer a wheel chair to someone who is in severe pain and barely even conscious enough to walk. Don't even worry about getting paid. Y'all can take your service and request for payment and shove it. I can't wait to report y'all idiots!

Patrick Browning

My wife had open heart surgery here last week and i must say the Doctors and Nurses were great! We could not have asked for a better experience. The nurses were very prompt from ICU to regular room! The Doctors had great bed side manners! Our overall experience was exceptional


This is probably the worse hospital that I have been to. The wait time is unheard of. The staff is not the best at all. My mom came here because she took sick it took the forever just to get the test done. Told them I understand things come up but it doesn't mean that you forget about the rest of the patients that need care. The staff was not attentive at all. This hospital needs to be shut down. Definitely go to another hospital if you can.

Charlene Knieper

So quick and efficient compared to how things were years ago...

Tina Bell

Been to orthopedic on the 4th floor and I've been 4 times. February 7,2019 @ 2pm was the time for appointment I got there at 12:15 and was called to triage 5 minutes later and from there to a room where I waited until 10 minutes till 2pm and at that time I got validated for parking and I left. It's enough that I have driven there from New Iberia, LA., but to wait 2 hours for nothing is unacceptable. Then I've done this 4 times. All anyone can tell me is that I'm here for a follow-up when I need a knee replacement, but nothing is being done. The doctors say do therapy and I do then when i finished therapy I still can't get a knee replacement. I fall numerous times and yet I still can't get a thing done for my knee. I'm just upset at the doctors. I'm tired of the run around that I've been enduring. Some thing needs to be done about the way some of us get the run around especially when traveling from out of town. I can't speak for anyone else, but I guess that one really does have to be half dead for your hospital to do anything. Thanks for wasting my time, ill take my business else where.

Moe Dingo

Just got here. So far so good due to friendly staff.

Sonia Saenz

YOU get seen fast .good Drs., pharmacy inside hosp. They provide proper attention to your ailments.

Billy chiasson jr

The nurses on the 3rd floor are down right lazy and totally neglectful towards their patients. I know from experience, like waiting hours to get help to the toilet after calling for help. Sometimes I’d call for my food tray and they would just hang up without asking what I needed. I was in a motorcycle accident and broke my foot, knee, hip joint, and forearm but I received very little help with day to day task from the nurses and aids. They need to be held accountable for their neglectful actions. I just don’t know who to call, but hopefully this review helps.

t. r.

They would get so many more stars if they would just pick up the phone. What about the hour+ I’ve been sitting waiting for my “appointment”? Between this, the hang-ups, the lack of answering, the unreturned’s hard to think of this hospital as terribly well administered...

Sam McDonald

I am really impressed by the level of care given to my brother. He had triple-bypass surgery. I was kept informed of his status throughout, and the care and attention he was afforded post-op was of the best I've ever witnessed. I am 65 and have been in and around several hospitals across the country. University is by far the best and cleanest, with the most attention to patient care that I have ever seen. I've told my family that if anything ever happens to me, "Take me to University Medical".

Toby Legrand

Awesome place to go.

Eric Roberson

5 out of 5 I love everything about this hospital. Keep up the good work!

Latrise Love

I would not recommend anyone to come here. I have been waiting 5-6 hours now (AND STILL WAITING) I haven't been called to the back yet!! They are extremely slow and unorganized. The people who checks your bp think they they are the real doctors and think they know the exact problem.. They say rude and offensive things. Its just a No for me. I would never ever come back.

Tanya Robinson

In tears,so sadly been miss treated

Monique Cain

This place is awful , the wait time is to be seen is devastating, i went in at 5pm in the evening didnt get out until 4:20 am. And for the information i was given i could of googled it .

DeJa Gould

THE WORST! Nurses are lazy don’t know what they’re talking about don’t tend to the patients ! I know other patients are here but literally you have to ask them 10 times to do something

Julie Martello

I recently visited University Medical Center for the first time for my fathers surgery. It is a large beautiful facility. It is indeed so large that it is very easy to get lost and or turned around. I was wondering around trying to find the area where my farther was having his surgery. I encountered a maintenance worker named Chad. He could obviously tell I was lost. He imdeitly approached me and asked if there was anything he could help me find. I explained I was looking for the surgery waiting area. He walked me all the way across the hospital to the surgery waiting area. He was so polite. Most of the other people I encountered were polite and friendly aswell. Overall my family's experience was great. Glad to have a first class facility in the city of New Orleans.

bobby madison

I'm hear now in the worst pain in my life and the nurses refuse to give pain peels on time or even ice for the sore area of my leg. I've just had interior fixation of the tibia. And it's like my legs on fire... A throbbing, deep akeing, muscle spasming, intense pain. My leg is leaking fluid all over the bed. I haven't had morphine in over 5 hours. In they give 2x Percocet every 6 hours. I feel like I'm dying. And Everytime I complain to my nurse she gets mad. I so wanna die right now.


Got here yesterday at 2:37 pm it is now 1:58 am (11:00 hours later and still waiting) this is absolutely ridiculous! My doctor referred me to this hospital because they were supposed to take me in right away due to high blood pressure, pain and bleeding; nope it doesn’t matter...swallow your pain or find a different hospital this has got to be the worst hospital, well it’s right next to third world countries.

Tiffany & Talayah

Been here 9 hours and havent seen a doctor yet.. Ridiculous!!!

Kea HasIssues

Sitting in the ER waiting room for 6 hours after a surgery that im not supposed to sit for longer than 5 min at a time.... finally I just left. NO HELP AT ALL. Maybe if i called a ambulance instead of just checking in on my own.... It couldnt get more disorganized.

PeggyBlansett Angelle

It's a very nice hospital, they took care of my friend that has cancer very well, prompt response to get him what he needed!

Nia Jefferson

Everyone has their own different views, but I can honestly say it is the ABSOLUTE BEST HOSPITAL IN NEW ORLEANS RIGHT NOW ! ! ! The workers are fantastic with good spirit and energy and the hospital is cleaner than the board of health it's self ! I love it ! 5stars

Keifer Labauve

Brittney in the E.R. was more than helpful and very thorough! Great bedside manner!

Kevin Shannon

Doctors are students but well trained

Michael Trevathan

Honestly, the worst medical experience I've ever had. I highly recommend not going to this hospital. Went for an X-Ray, walked out with multiple bills from multiple doctors and centers - unorganized and will hurt your credit if you don't pay very close attention to your mail.

Gerri Willis

The staff is totally awesome, everyone is so helpful, courteous and friendly.

Angela Ward

I was diagnosed with a severe bacteria of my kidney that is causing severe pain was drugged up on Dilaudid morphine and the drug Fentanyl.. with all the medications together it almost shut down my organs such as my liver brought my alt and AST is up to almost 400 each To be told that I am a street-walking drug addict that does not do drugs So since I am a street-walking drug addict in their eyes when they are the ones that gave me the drugs they refuse to treat me for the bacterial infection and wants to release me with no antibiotics! Now out of the four days that I have been here I have not received anyting that would help me relieve myself in the bathroom which can cause other problems. I have been threatened with the police because I asked for an antibiotic and if they can give me something to use the bathroom This is the worst place to come to if you are in dire need of help!! They use me as a pincushion bruised up my arms messed up my veins and act as if I did it to myself. I believe that's called slander in malpractice!! I also refused the medicine Oxycontin back in 2014 I was told if I did not take Oxycontin for pain I wasn't getting anything I didn't know that the hospital was in the business to turn people into drug addicts I thought they were there to help people but if you are not a drug addict and you refused medications that are very harmful they refuse you treatment. In 2014 I have received my last surgery here which was replacing my bladder and to my body due to a car accident of 2013 at that time I was told I had IC disease Interstitial cystitis!.. dr. Sullivan where's my OBGYN for the surgery that never taught me how to use the bathroom or cath myself she thought it was funny to send me back home with no way to urinate. It became a problem where I sought out other medical attention from other providers and quit going to the doctor's until I had this flare up! I thought since my kidneys were acting up this would be the place to come back to but obviously I was wrong! If you are a drug addict and you were willing to take their drugs and sell their drugs for them you can get whatever half as treatment they offered! If you want to die with some type of infection this is the place to come to


My brother was admitted yesterday evening with Non-Life Threatening Gunshot wounds I think they will treat him correctly.

Ciera Cresswell

I was referred to the neurosurgery department well over a month ago. I was scheduled with an appointment but not with a neurosurgeon a neurologist because apparently the person doing the scheduling has no idea there is a difference. I drove almost 2hrs to get told that I have to wait to see a neurosurgeon. I called Angela Davis Collins and was assured this would be taken care of. Ever since she went on vacation I've yet to hear back and no one will give me any answers. I am in constant pain from my back and have had several falls but yet they don't seem to care about the health of their patients!

Thomas Casey

Was admitted to UMC for acute liver failure, was certain I would need a transplant. In less than a year, I'm completely healthy, no transplant needed, thanks to the outstanding care from the entire health care team at UMC. They literally saved my life.

Charlotte Wolfe

Best medical care in city

LJ Robinson

Still cannot get anyone to answer the phone. When, after over 10 minutes on hold, I was disconnected. Called back, was on hold for over 6 minutes, was disconnected. I called back a 3rd time, was on hold for a short time, and someone actually answered the phone. The person who answered was so unbelievably rude, unprofessional, and obviously without a clue about how to answer my question, I was stunned. I was literally speechless for a few seconds. All that has happened, as far as I can tell, is the same inefficient system and people have been moved to a pretty new building that destroyed a neighborhood, screwed up traffic for months, and cost millions to build. When I went to the hospital, things were just as bad. I was so hopeful that things would be better in the new building, that the people who deal with the public would be better trained, that patients wouldn't be seen as a bother, but rather the reason for the hospital's being, that the "treat 'em and street 'em" attitude would have changed, but it is all exactly the same. It may be more attractive to look at on the outside, but it is still rotten to the core.

Shelby Garcia

Do NOT TRUST EVERY DOCTOR ! Be alert on who is taking care of you and your health. I once fell on my head and did not feel well at all, they just kept trying to give me pills that would hurt my spine. They kept messing with the medicine over and over again. I tried to tell them I kept getting hallucinations the best way I could but for some reason they didn't understand English. I told them I had an accident and they told me it was marijuana so they wouldn't have to deal with a law suit I could care less for.

Wing Stop

In defining greatness, "All companies have a culture, some companies have discipline, but few companies have a culture of discipline" (Good to Great). Louisiana is underachieving despite the number of requests made for standards to be applied. The vast majority of employees are good to very good workers who will provide excellent care and in some cases carry the work load of others. However, watching one employee come in everyday for several months do close to nothing but breathe is disrespectful and unprofessional. The manager witnessed this on multiple occasions but chose to ignore the behavior. Why? If the work gets completed, why bother, right? In the end, any under performing employee was treated exactly the same as the hardest working staff member because as a team, the work got done. Look. Everyone has the opportunity to be treated equally, but at the same time, it devalues the work culture when your best workers who do double the amount of work with greater effectiveness and efficiency is incredulous. There is little accountability. I understand the politics of all systems, but this is the true state of Louisiana culture. We are living in this situation with little hope for improvement. In the book called "Good to Great," it states, "The right people will do the right things and deliver the best results they're capable of, regardless of the incentive system." There are excellent employees who will deliver great care. No doubt. However, juxtaposing them with a number of under performing team members is unprofessional and appalling. It is not to say this person(s) is incapable or unpleasant, but it is a problem when they purposefully underperform allowing others to do the work. For instance, to carry on hour long conversations on bluetooth everyday for 4 months straight before it was addressed shows how leadership is lacking. It took 4 months to correct this behavior even though (s)he did this everyday for 4 months. That's 80 days of various opportunities to gently remind her that patient care comes first. Nope. Management doesn't have the willingness of character to lead by example. Honestly, the hospital provides good care but quite often there are these kinds of people who jeopardize what the team is trying to build. But allowing them to exist without much of a documented correction is why Louisiana ranked #51 out of 50 states (#USNEWS 2018) in opportunities, education, healthcare, etc. This exemplifies the lackadasical-lassed-faire-motif. This is a systemic issue that is far to common and with no hopes of elevating itself to #1. In the end, I would be happy to discuss improvements and suggestions to change the work culture because if one was ever curious, the data is saved in EPIC documenting the productivity of Bluetooth Guy/Girl.

Alta Montgomery

I would like to commend three employees at University Medical New Orleans, Janelle Jett, Rochelle Howard and Sylvia Kennedy, they exemplify what patient services should be. These emplyees demonstrated the desire to put patient first. It is such a rarity to find employees who will begin working before their shift begins to make sure a patient is completely served. I thank you again for demonstrating the true meaning of patient services. From a satisfied patient, Alta Y. Montgomery

A Crawfish

1st time patient in the ER- lobby is disgusting and the process is slow.

Latoya Trenae

Please avoid this place if you can. They have no real concern for you; it is STRICTLY for practice for the students. I was there for TEN HOURS last night, and all they did was give me some pain medicine and told me to feel better after giving me an ultrasound. The front desk women were very rude and continued to carry on with a conversation as I asked for assistance. Still in pain and confused about what is going on with me. It is nice inside. I guess that deserves a star?

Russell Baker

Many nurses and staff attended to us often and made us feel comfortable

Jessica Taylor

After waiting 2 hours in the inpatient reception area for my sister having surgery, I asked the receptionist (that's job would be reception) if she could give me an update on my sister and she said "I know as much as you know".... WTH? Why is this person here?? Fyi my wait has been since 9 so 7 hours total but in inpatient for 3 hours for a surgery that wasn't suppose to take this long. We obviously care about the person we are waiting on so updates would be great especially if things are taking longer than usual...

Renisha Whitaker

The stuff was nice thank ms. Anna taking care me thank goding me in the right area

Michael Scott

The only thing this facility has going for it is the latest operating rooms and equipment. Other than that, this is an absolutely terrible hospital. Their infection control in certain places is poor. Many of the technicians are inexperienced. The physicians are not coordinated. The recovery room didn't control my pain and properly tend to me. Resident physicians were not available in the middle of the night. It took 5 1/2 hours to receive prescription medication. There were a few nurses and physicians that were kind and did a good job, but there was such an overabundance of inefficient personnel to make me never want to step foot in the place again. The building is a one off custom made structure that the State of Louisiana will not be able to maintain. In 15 to 20 years, the UMC facility will look like the old Charity Hospital after 60 years. As I was told by a physician friend; "the place is a pig with lipstick". If possible, I highly suggest you avoid the place.

Eric Isbrucker

Friendly helpful staff.

Jack Sickman

Great staff going to the dentist for work on my teeth

Johnny Walker

Went to ER New Year' Eve after bad fall in house. Did not see doctor, no x rays did not ask about pain or what level of pain I was feeling, and just told me the NO Narcotics policy and I left with new bandaid on gash. I had two nights with no sleep for unbearable pain. Got pain meds my dog was using. Thanks UMC for nothing!

Justin Lui

"The good-to-great companies understood a simple truth. The right people will do the right things and deliver the best results they're capable of regardless of the incentive system" (Good to Great by J Collins). There are a great number of excellent individuals who carry the workload. But when you settle on nepotism, excellence is only hindered. And without any accountability or work standards, we might as well perpetuate the standard of Louisiana being ranked near the bottom 10% of education-and-the-like. Remove the bluetooth and mindless wandering of the employee who does nothing for an hour. Then we might rise and move forward as a hospital and a state.

Lin Pha

Excellent service from my mom being in the ER, ICU, Acute ICU, and having a specialist appointment. The most impressive thing about UMC is they have a Walgreens Pharmacy (located on the first floor) here!

Mike Mayosky

It saved my life. Nuff said

Oscar Thomas

Had a terrible experience with one of the Nurse Assistants. My mom was admitted and he was very rude and careless. Caused her to have an anxiety attack and when I made a complain to the head I never heard anything back. Do not recommend this place to anyone!! Can’t trust it. Terrible terrible place.

D'Shawn Raymond

Sat in the waiting room for 12 hours before seeing a Dr. They will not validate parking if you decide to leave because they are taking too long.

Danisha Mckinsey

I was scheduled for surgery at 8 am, its now 12:30 and have yet to even see my doctor. I can't eat so im starving and getting nauseous and light headed. This place is super unorganized! The doctors are nice but the administration is ridiculous!

corliss larks

I had a total knee replacement and everyone was very nice and helpful.


Worst hospital, brought a friend to emergency area. They got us waiting for several hours, so I decided to ask for any updates , all they can tell me is to wait more. Must be heavily understaffed. Waiting area is a disaster


By the time they answer the phone you will not make it. Seems like the same old gang from the old location. Those doctors are still arrogant. Poor doctors, they have a problem treating people who are ill. If you have a staph infection expect to suffer in pain, you will not get proper medical care. The doctors are close minded, don't listen, and contradict each other. But will agree to lie to cover up mistakes!!! Dishonest and incompetent doctors, ready to help gutter punks. They are monsters who do not care about those who are sick. No wonder kids have been dying from staph at children's hospital in the city. I wonder how long I will have to suffer. Its the old gang from the Interim LSU Hospital (ILH),They spent $1 billion dollars on this place and it is all the same doctors from the old clinics and hospital. No matter how much pain you suffer from you will not get pain medication (unless you are a white waitress with minor pain)!!!!!!!!

alvin anderson

Too cute happy day love you all yes GOD bless day love you all

Tiffany White

I didn't even want to give it one star.i wouldn't even bring my dog to this place...please don't go there. ..this the worst hospital ever and I lived in three other states... My fiance came in for abcess in gums and they bought a student dentist to work on it and she didn't know what she was doing....she only was in residency for 8 months..don't be fooled by the brand new hospital it was a horrible experience...


Very good if you have time !

janie fuller

Looks like a hotel. Staff is great... i just don't feel well. Guess i'm in the right place!

John Prestenbach

Just got seen by Dr Yolande Thomas-Ellis for lower back and neck pain with migraine she came into the room asked where I was hurting started poking and prodding my neck and back tells me she is going to give me something for the pain which helped the migraine but not the neck or back pain and then an hour or so the nurse comes in and discharges me no test were run no x-rays were taken nothing but just from her poking and prodding and causing the pain to get worse diagnosis me with spinal stenosis and sends me home without even making sure I didn't have something more serious going on I'm going to some where else and if I find out my condition is worse than what this doctor has said I will be contacting a lawyer for her failing to do her job

Marcus Ricketts

One of the worst hospitals I have very been to. The nursing on the 3rd floor is terrible with no respect. Have complained to the doctors but nothing has been done about it.On my 7th day here the worst Hospital ever anywhere stayed at no leadership no supervision whatsoever.

Chucky Gorealla

I went here feeling bad and left feeling 10 times worst I waited from 5pm to 4am in the emergency room no kidding if you want to die waiting go here.

Sara Gothard

I come to UMC for my OB/GYN appointments, but after today I am never coming here again. No matter when my appointment, I have never been in and out in under 2 hrs, and often closer to 3. They ask you to arrive 45 mins before your actual appointment (so you can wait extra long??) even though you will never ever be seen earlier than your appointment time, and usually much later. The actual face time I get with a nurse or doctor is usually 20-30 mins, whether it's an annual/pelvic exam or, like today, literally just waiting to hear scan results which I expect will take 5 mins. I have been here since 8:20a and it is 10:50a as I still sit in a consultation room. Thankfully I am at least fully clothed. I was once left sitting in a cold consultation room with a sheet over my lap in a paper robe for over 30 mins. It takes a lot to anger me, but I am just done with this. I have no complaints about the manner or quality of staff except that with wait times so comically long, they are either far too few or far too slow. I am missing work which I will have to make up. I will end up missing at least 3 hrs of work for an appointment that substantively shouldn't have taken more than 15 mins.

Courtney George

This hospital is severely lacking in proper signage and could really use better patient navigation. The patient registration process is extremely confusing and counterintuitive.

Donald Bellow

The service is better than any Dr office.

Melissa Roby

I had a horrible experience in the behavioral health section of the emergency department. This hospital engages in the practice of psychiatric boarding, which is rarely at the patient's advantage. I spent over thirty hours waiting for an inpatient bed, only to be transferred to another facility. Important decisions were made without my or my husband's input. It was very noisy, and some of the mental health workers were the loudest, discussing subjects not remotely related to their job or patient care. I was directed to two restrooms; both had clogged toilets, very disgusting. I don't even know the name of the psychiatrist who was "treating" me. I had to be taken to the regular ER for low blood pressure, but no one explained what happened or why it happened. No one called my husband to tell him about this change in my condition; I told him when he came to one of the two 30 minute visitation windows. The only time the staff had spoke to or interacted with my husband were during these visitations times. I was transferred to another facility but no one spoke to us about the decision until after it was made. We were not given options or allowed any input. My mental and emotional condition deteriorated with every passing hour. With few exceptions, the staff were unpleasant and lacked compassion.

T We

I Am a 29 year old male, I had a recent emergency room vist at the new umc new orleans. It was the best hospital visit every. I had a young Doctor by the name of Dr. J. Landry He was very courteous, very professional And attentive to my problem,(He knows his job). I was pleased to see a young Doctor or a Doctor period, That made me feel like my problem was there's Thanks Dr. Landry.....

Topher Jones

This place is a great example of what happens when you put a broken system, run by incompetent management in a shiny new building. You get a polished turd. Are you experiencing a medical emergency? 8-12 hours wait in the smelly waiting room. Need surgery? Next available appointment is 4 months away, just for the consult. Need to see a specialist (pulmonology, gastrology, hematology, etc)? Next available appointment is 3 months away. If you want decent care, go to an Ochsner hospital or Touro.

phillip wheeler

UMC is my preferred health facility. In 2014 I was diagnosed and had surgery for oral cancer. At that time I was uninsured and did not have a choice. All the surgeons, physicians and stall were great. There was and still are a couple of personnel that should be removed and replaced but that happens at any large facility, be it at any public hospital or a commercial business. The new building is fantastic. Yes there are long lead times at the clinics that needs to be addressed but unfortunately the workload of caring for so many indigent and Medicaid patients takes a large amount of resources. Dr Beomone Kim is absolutely one of the finest men and surgeons I have ever met. I have had private insurance now for two years and can seek services from any hospital or physician in Louisiana. UMC is still my preferred health care facility of choice. Sure it needs some refinement in the appointment waiting issues but I haven't any plans on going elsewhere!!

Belindao Price

Say what you want. It's been 5 years and I am still here. Umc and the surgeon, nurses and staff saved my life. And that was at the temp old building. Still taking care of me. I really think it depends on the doctor. What he expects from the staff makes a difference on how well you are cared for. This is true in any hospital

Jama Ridgley

I went to see my daughter today she had surgery. I waited for over an hour and a half the nurses were ride and not helpful at all. I would not recommend any to go to this hospital.

Joey K

For days, I have been calling the GI & Urology department. Maybe 1/30 calls were picked up. When the call was picked up the first time, I was greeted by a rude lady. All I wanted to know was what the appointment date and time was because I did not receive a letter in the mail yet (I needed to find a ride to the hospital since I'm in pain.) She gave me a date but no time and said that I would receive the letter in the mail with the date and time. She REFUSED to give me a time. The next time I called, the same lady picked up after 9 times of calling, and immediately had an attitude. After I asked her for the appointment date and time, she IMMEDIATELY had another attitude and said she already told me it'll come in the mail. Finally, she told me the date and time after chastizing a bit more after. She didn't even have the genorosity of saying "bye"; she just hung up.

Jessica Justice

I would like to first off point out that Doctor Ingel is an outstanding and caring Doctor. I had the chance and pleasure to have him as my Doctor which was and still is an honor!Doctor INoel should be nominated as the best doctor at UMC. And also LPN Mitchell Handrich that goes without saying a caring and understanding Nurse. Mr. Handrich goes out of his way to make sure that his patipatients are happy and being taken care of. I visited the 4th Floor on 05 02 2018 at around 730am,and I was disappointed that the cable for each of the television was out, there was only a static screen with no picture. Did UMC forget to pay there cable bill?Please look into this matter regarding no picture on the t.v. !

Teneha B

They got it RIGHT!!!!!! This facility is state of the art & definitely a focal point in the area. Located between two main streets, Canal & Tulane, the renovation & relocation of this hospital was a long time coming. This renovation is GORGEOUS to say the least. The lobby is huge & marble floors are abounding. One set of elevators for clinic access & the other for hospital access. Named The Reverend Avery C. Alexander Hospital; this is a beautiful place for the eye to behold. Formerly located behind LSUMC, in the rear corner, this hospital has advanced leaps and bounds from its predecessor, Hotel Dieu. In the absence of our dearly beloved, Charity Hospital or MCLNO, University Hospital is the only other 250+ bed facility in the area. I find the swiftness of patient processing to be commendable & quite refreshing. Robocalls are placed to remind you of your visit & you are at the desired place of your appointment, you are taken in & processing begins in a fair amount of time. Residents & student treatment is the norm, as this is a teaching facility, so patience & tolerance are on the menu. Quite a refreshing change for days of old. It is a great part of the Downtown Medical Center Corridor.

Davella Elzy

Quick & fast no waiting for long hrs.appt. for 1 n a room and it's 1:30 I'm next to be seen.

Savannah Taylor

Update!! I lost time and money at this hospital! No communication at all what so ever. If a doctor tells you that your implant will be in 2 weeks it should be in within 2 weeks. It's been 3 weeks. No response from the doctor at all! I paid $980 for this part, and I cannot even get a response from the doctor. I left messages a week ago and yesterday. The nurse says the doctor will respond within 24 hours. Nope, no response at all! I may need to report their failure to communicate to the corporate. If nothing changes within a few days, I will get a refund. This is sorry customer service! UPDATED! 3 weeks go by. I call the dental clinic, and I ask to speak to a supervisor. I had to leave a message again. My doctor (Bradley Lee Moses) finally calls after 3 weeks of no response. He tells me that they are no longer doing dental implants as of June. I went to all these appointments for nothing! I did all the CT scans for nothing. I went to two apartments for nothing! 2 months wasted at this clinic! I'm not paying the bill for the unnecessary CT scan since I cannot use it for the bone graft that I was going to get at this clinic. I paid $980. He says I will receive a refund check in 1-2 weeks. Why the hell did you even let me pay if you were not going to do the surgery in the first place! I gave you $980 to pretty much hold for a month for me! I will lose money when I cash the check! I lost time and money at this hospital! Sorry!

Cleopatra Jenkins-Hilred

Long wait! Nice building.

ur daughter-in-law arboleda

My son is currently hospitalized. There with an infection.. They are not treating him good...the staff is uncaring ..some with bad attitudes..they dont clean his room everyday. .he is getting worse..he needs antibiotics. Through. IV and have not given it to him as of yet.. His fever is bringing him to another hospital!! Before he dies there . i was advised not to keep him there!! just shocked at his treatment. They tell us NOTHING!!!

Latoya Roberts

Horrible wait time it’s ridiculous

David Frazier

I've heard many good things but I'm starting to wonder. The nurses here aren't to be seen, when you do see them it seems like they don't care. My Mom is here right now and I seriously considering having her transfered to the hospital she normally goes to. She was transported it's wasn't her or my choice to come here.

Kristi L

The lady at the desk infront of icu was RUDE!!!! Also letting the phone ring, not answering it. The nurse taking care of my friend was an angel though. People are going through a hard time with their love ones and to be completely rude, inconsiderate, and uncaring is uncalled for. They should be fired or moved to the back if they hate there job dealing with people! Also you have to pay to park! Which is ok, I guess but when I tried to put in my ticket for parking it wouldn't take. And of course no one was there at the gate to help. So you have to hit lost ticket.($12.00) ridiculous!

Charita Johnson

The worst ever in history. We arrived via Acadian around 1:30 pm now it’s 11:20pm still waiting. I had to tell the night nurse to wash his hands and put on gloves. Also I had to tell him to clean the IV port before reconnecting the fluids. That’s nursing 101. The nurses and cna’s Judy sit on there phones and computers. They are not attentive at all. We literally sit here for 3 hours before I knew who was my nurse and that’s only bc I walked around asking. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY COMING HERE. I

Latasha Kees

I brought my son here and I was very satisfied with the treatment they gave my son. I had to drive an hour 1/2 to get here and would do it again, my son had some very nice doctors and nurses.

Barbara Nye

Great care in the emergency room during a busy and stressful time (Mardi Gras). Everyone was kind and informative. My family had a bad experience with the lady at the ER information desk in the triage area, otherwise 4 stars.

Christy Pitard

Let me start by saying this would be a 5 star review if it wasn't for 1 VERY negative Er experience. I have been a patient for over 3 years, since UMC was across the street. I had a lump at 38 years old and was seen immediately, mammo, ultrasound, biopsy all the same day. The team that performed my surgeries and followed my care over the years have save my life several times. They staff here is empathetic, bright, talented. They continue to be. My negative experience i didnt even want to mention because i though maybe I was overreacting, but now a year later I am just as appalled. I was in a car accident where i was t-boned on my side less than a mile from UMC. After waiting an hour for an ambulance in a totalled car in the heat my father in law drove me to the hospital. I understand walkins to UMC might put up red flags. I get it. I really do but after several hours, and an exray, I was pulled into an empty part of the hospital by Dr. N.B. and told i had no issues and shouldn't be in pain. I was fairly certain I had at least one broken rib. Very long story short 6 months later on a bone scan as cancer follow up i was informed of healing 5th, 6th ribs and sternum. If she would have looked at my chart she would have known that I wasn't currently prescribed any pain meds, and known that because of my extensive breast surgical history I was being proactive and deserved a little attention. I can almost gaurantee that most of my care givers at UMC would reiterate how patient and low maintanance I am. Thankfully no major complications developed as a result of her negligance, but I hope others are as lucky.

Yeet Yeetington

My father had a heart attack and the EMT brought him here. The next day they called and said that by the time he arrived he was already brain dead and machines where what was keeping him alive. Knowing that he wished to not be kept alive this way my grandmother and I decided to go there so that they could pull the plug. We waited for three hours before the doctor even saw us. They knew we were there, but the doctor just didn't show up for that long. Then they said that after they unplugged him that it may take hours for his body to stop breathing on its own. Had the doctor come faster then my father would have been able to pass sooner instead of lingering. During our stay in the waiting room there was no peace and quiet. They let this large group of people hang around and make noise without telling them anything. If this is the amount of care they show for a brain dead man who's family is waiting to let him pass then I fear for how they treat others. This place should honestly get sued for malpractice and be shut down.

Dylan LaRocca

Good hospital good staff clean and nice

Anal Sheriff

Went in for surgery, got my pre op done and was told that I will get a call back for surgery time. They never called, and when I called back they couldn't give me any information. Completely useless staff and terrible service all around. I wouldn't bring anyone who is seriously ill to this place.

J Loreal

Nurses are rude, doctors are.... ok.... they spent to much time on the appearance of the hospital instead the doctors/nurses

Kris Thomas

Nice, clean, friendly staff

Faizah Doss

The people at the front desk are extremely rude. I went in with a pain in my side that was so painful I thought I was stabbed. I will say the woman who triaged me was very nice and very understanding but when I got to a room the nurse was very lazy and did not check on me at all. When I was brought to get my ct scan the tech was also rude and impatient. When they ruled it was a kidney stone over 5mm that gave me a pain medicine and told me to make an appointment with the urologist. I was told by the nurse it was taken care of. I told her I was still feeling funny. But they rushed me out. Being discharged I asked the woman was my appointment set and she said "what you talking about?" You already have one in June!" I said I can't wait that long and she replied "YOU ALREADY HAD THAT APPOINTMENT ITS 2015!" So she goes to the back and tells a co worker someone didn't show up. I'm looking like and you're mad with me I didn't do you anything. So she comes from the back and I threw up everywhere and she handed me the paper and told me to call it in myself! Lol Wow! On my way out the door and asked front desk for a new barf bag and she sat it on the desk and pushed it off. Never again! Also, parking is ridiculous!

Kevin Cameron

Really impressed with the care and professionalism shown by the staff at the Emergency Room/Ward. Special mentions to Dr Max and Nurses Angie and Mike. Nothing was too much trouble. Thanks again, much appreciated

Alexis O'Brien

The only ppl i can thank at this hospital n respect at this hospital are the surgeons that saved my friends foot. There were doctors n nurses i watched n observed that i was completely disgusted with. There was some nurses n doctors i met that completely just made me feel uncomfortable. Alot of the nurses have a dont care additude. You press the page button and they still dont come help you for like 3 to 4 hours and you look out into the hall way n they just chillen ignoring there patients. The rooms where not sanitary for the patients as well as visitors. It was a constant battle to get anything. Water, ice, garbage taken out, clean bedding, food pick up, towels to shower with . The floor in the room i stayed in was sticky like it had never been mopped. It was a really discusting feeling. I watched the nurses opperate some of the minor machines n they looked like they had no idea what they were doing. One nurse gave my friend his medicine through his iv n shot an air bubble up in to his line and in to his vain. Umc can probly save you life but i wouldnt go here unless you are dying because the hospital in the day is way different then the hospital at night. Ive herd nurses yelling at patients and even giving patients so much medicine that the patients seem completely defenceless. I am afraid to leave my bestfriend there alone at night cause i have been a witness to the disgusting behavior i witnessed at umc.


I was very impressed with the standard of care at the emergency. Special shout out to Dr Labas and RN Jill who were very competent and kind, and went above and beyond their duty to provide the best care possible. Kudos and many thanks to them and UMC for the state of art resources! As a feedback point, there should be a sign on canal street to say that the Emergency department is open 24/7 and is around back of the hospital and on the second floor! In an emergency at night, I can't imagine frantic people trying to look for the place!

Taylor Roberts

This place went down the shutter with in months of opening it's just as bad as Tulane hours of waiting discrimination against children and junkies asleep in the lobby

Stephen LaGuardia

Beautiful hospital centrally located in the down town area. Full service lines in all major medical fields. Friendly competent staff.

Jasmine Platt

I have been waiting to see a damn doctor for three hours now and when I went up to the desk to speak to someone and ask how long the lady response was this is a good day usually you would would be waiting longer then three hours this is ridiculous university needs to do better

Beth Larkin

Outstanding care for my boyfriend who has some chronic health troubles. Caring competent staff. It's a teaching hospital and they di a good job

clifford williams

Wait times are absolutely horrible if you can ever help it do not come to this hospital the worst Service Ever and also you will be seen on First Come First Serve Basis....

yvonne farmer

Have always had very professional treatment.

Jeremy Bourgeois

Was required to wait 6 months for my first appointment with dr Kumar. He looked at old (over a year) MRI ‘s of my neck and back in less than 5 minutes. No way he saw all the damage that fast. I’ve seen 2 orthopedic surgeons, and 3 neurosurgeons before I lost health insurance because I lost my job from 5 slipped discs in my back, and EVERY SINGLE ONE said I absolutely need surgery. Yet he refuses, why?!?! I’ve been doing physical therapy for my back on and off since I was 15, I am 31 now and he tells me just keep doing therapy!!! After my initial consult, he tells me to continue down the same road and come back in 3 MONTHS!! So I do, only for my symptoms to keep getting worse. I go back for my second visit, same story. This doctor tells me it’s a muscular problem when the mri’s CLEARLY shown ruptured discs, torn cartilage, and stenosis. How is that muscular? He had no answer.... He also refuses a new mri, which is asinine since my symptoms are getting worse. And to top it of he refuses legitimate pain medicine and gives me tramadol. Anyone who’s dealt with serious back issues knows that’s junk after a few days. He REFUSES to prescribe me medicine that would actually make my life slightly tolerable. I’m in so much pain and agony everyday, that I’ve sometjmes thought about suicide because I can’t find a doctor to help me. Please avoid this place, you will regret it

Laura Hacke

I was brought here in May of 2017 in an ambulance after a car accident. A lot of what happened in the ER is a blur, but I do remember everything taking incredibly long to happen, including getting an ibuprofen for my pain. When I asked what was under the bandage on my arm, I was told they didn't know, would I like them to look? Of course I said yes, so 45 minutes later I changed my mind when they tried pulling gauze off my dried wound and that was the end of that. I was admitted around 3 pm and was not awake for dinner, but was never offered any food when I was moved into neurology for an overnight stay later in the evening (I was assured observation was standard procedure for being admitted with a concussion). I left the next day without having my wound checked or even dressing changed and no information about my recovery at home. I set up a check-up appointment and walked out straight past the check-out desk with no one in it. I could have just left at any point in time and no one would have known. The doctor that filled out paperwork for my insurance sent in that I was admitted for a headache and some pain. Flash forward to now and I've just received a letter in the mail from a debt collection agency requesting $40 for LSU Healthcare Network. Looked at my bills and see that it's a co-pay from my checkup and that I've paid. Thanks for that University Medical Center, and thanks for not asking me to pay it any time in the past 15 months since you've apparently lost my payment.

Robert Warren

Clean, bright, friendly staff

Olivia Jordan

3-4 weeks to get approved for a refund. 90 days to receive refund. This hospital is a joke.

Lucas Rifkin

All new spacious place to work with lots of art. Can't really comment on the patient perspective.

shannon lewis

The nurses and the doctors are compassionate for the most part but the people responsible for handling phone calls r the worse! They transfer u all over the place instead of trying 2 help n make sure you reach the person you are trying to contact. They are also extra rude...if they dont like their job they should quit n let some1 more patient friendly accept the position.


Wonderful hospital! Everyone is kind hearted, patient and caring. Any procedure I need, I schedule it here

Pat Tardo

I do agree that it is the worst emergency room. I went with some one twice who had a feeding tube put in and it was accidentally pull out and his throat was hurting from radiation treatments. Really a long waiting in the back and the doctor put his medicine in someone else name. He also was told to go there and a ENT doctor will come and see him. Twice that never happened I did a complaint to the patient advocate.

Tiffany Armant

Today I had an appointment at University Hospital in New Orleans. I went to the registration section where you go to check in and came across a wonderful lady named LaShelle Hollins. You know you never get the second chance to make a first impression. I know when somebody loves doing their job. Actually it’s not even a job, it’s something more than that. I MUST GIVE University Hospital of New Orleans their due compliment for hiring quality people with Customer Services Skills; something that is needed in every medical facility. From past experiences, I know when I am treated like a number and I definitely did not experience the negative vibe here. Mrs. LaShelle Hollins treated me as a value patient. She was like a breath of fresh air. She was so nice and thorough with the paperwork I had to sign. She asked if I had any question that she could assist me with. She really made me feel comfortable. Then, when I actually went through my procedure that I was scheduled for, I came across another wonderful lady, Wendy Fednar. She did a wonderful job for the procedure I came here for. Again, she was very nice. Thank you University Hospital of New Orleans. I will definitely make sure I get all my referrals sent to this hospital for upcoming appointments. Retired Veteran Tiffany

Julian Billiot

leg infection in hardware, over an hour wait just for triage.

Joe Dyer

I had ankle surgery here in 2016 and was completely repaired! The staff and everyone I came in contact with were all very knowledgable and pleasant. I'm having another ankle surgery and am sure it will go good. I will update after this one but am sure it will be just as good as the first one. Keep up the GREAT WORK UMC

Shelvis White

I Nicole White would like to Thank Jesse's My Husband nurse who took care of Mr. Shelvis White on Aug 13th in ICU Trauma ward. Jesse's Thank You some much you was awesome taking care of my Husband shout out to Jesse's in ICU Trauma Department. Thank Jesse.

K Hulsey

ER front desk was very pleasant and helpful. Everyone worked together and was quite efficient. We progressed thru the whole ordeal in a timely manner and everyone we encountered was pleasant and helpful.

Ebony Simmons

I have been meaning to write this review for nearly two months now, but here goes...This review has nothing to do with the care I personally received, but rather, the care that was rendered to my brother. He was involved in a serious car accident on February 1st and remained hospitalized through February 25th. He had some very unique injuries as a result of the collision, but what stands out to me more than anything, is the level of care provided to him throughout his hospitalization. Of course, his treatment began in the ER, then he went on to TICU, then MICU. He ended up undergoing two surgeries in the process, and needless to say, there were so many people involved in his care - various doctors from various specialties, nurses, and many other personnel from various other collaborative departments. There were certain things that I did not care for during the course of his treatment, but I will say, having been there throughout those long days with my brother, I can say that the care that was provided to him was hands down EXCEPTIONAL. From day one, I knew he was in the best place possible. Again, there were so many integral parts that went into the successful treatment of my brother, but there are certain people that stood out more than others and I'm sure my family would agree. My brother unfortunately was unaware of his surroundings and what was really going on with his care for the majority of his hospitalization, but Dr. Bennett Deboisblanc, with a specialty in pulmonary disease and critical care was the one person that literally brought me to tears, and still does. The education, skill, time and compassion he put into caring for my brother was beyond outstanding - no words could describe. He is truly an expert in his field and he should know just how much he is deeply appreciated. He has truly been a blessing to my family. I'm sure he has been just that to other families and I pray that he will continue to be just that in his care for every other patient he encounters. He is literally one of those people you meet in life that you will never forget. Veronica, Fred and one other guy were the nurses in MICU that also provided exceptional care to my brother and I could never forget them. I feel terrible that I can not remember the third nurse's name, but he was the nurse who cared for my brother on the first 2-3 nights after he was transferred over to MICU. All that being said, thank you UMC for not only providing an impeccable state of the art facility, but for also providing some amazing, experienced individuals to care for your patients. Because of this, UMC will always have a very special place in my heart.

Robin Grant

Promptly started caring for my boyfriend. Not even in the e.r for 5 minutes and already being treated

Samantha P

They lost all my huband personal belongings aka wallet with id credit debit ss card and $127 in cash. Then they digcharge him and say they have exhausted all efforts to find his things..oh did i mention that all of it was scanned in by ER im supposed to deal with a husband with a fractor in his neck and back and cant get his prescriptions filled..thanks UMC

Melinda Finley

It took the ambulance over an hour to get there with a head wound and the emergency room was so hot we couldn’t breathe and the staff couldn’t offer any relief. The staff was very helpful with directions on how to get around the hospital and the parking garage.

susan mahoney

Absolutely disgusting treatment. Let with 12+ unexplained bruises. I do have one (not including the 12+) bruise the is from an IV attempt, but the other are NOT from needle sticks. One bruise is on the side of my breast. The hospital staff wants to blame it on tje seizures, but that is NOT what type of seizures I have had (4) in the past, nor is it what has been explained to me. The hospital says "In the ICU, you don't get privacy ". Absolutely wrong, a hospital MUST adhere to privacy of patients, no matter the department. Of course, the administration will back the employees....but this is straight up assault. For example...if you spank a child, you can not leave a bruise or it is abuse. Painful stimuli in certain situations is warranted, but you must NEVER leave a mark. They said the did several sternum rubs, bit funny how that is one place I don't have a bruise. The hospital administrator stated, "it might be from lifting me up in bed", again wrong, if you manage to give me 12+ bruises, while "repositioning me", you are not doing it right. If it was from when I fell 2+ days prior, it would have been noted in my chart from the ER to the it is significant. I called the hospital police...they did show up, but they did not take pictures and "when" the report is completed, I can request it. I left because I did not feel safe, as I was alone on a work assignment out of town. Yes, I was taking a risk, but I was NOT going to allow myself to be a punching bag because "they didn't like me".

Sarah Clouse

WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!! I went in for my appointment. The lady at the front of the check-in was so rude and made a very inappropriate comment about a family member and she was extremely judgemental. She wouldn’t even provide her name to me. I found out her name is Mazie. She is old enough to be my grandma and acts like a child herself. This is why wisdom does not come with age. When I told her I was upset and I didn’t appreciate it, she ignored me. She didn’t even apologize or take responsibility for her actions. She also automatically denied saying those comments and then tries to gaslight me. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s a sociopath or a psychopath. Seems like this hospital has a bunch of immature adults running this hospital to the ground. I already spoke to other staff members about it and they were all very pleasant. The manager called me about the situation and she was also very pleasant on the phone. This hospital needs to get their act together. I won’t be shocked when this hospital turns into another Charity Hospital.

Raymond Keelen

Thanks to all the doctors

Derrick Strong

Thanks again to the ER staff for saving my life , blessed to have a place like this in New Orleans, the students should have set class times , but the doctors and nurses do their job to the best of their ability, some nurses don't show consideration of the patients but most of them do , and the doctors try their best to see how they can make you feel better. All in all , my time spent there was great blessing, and I was in ICU .

Antione J Anderson

This is my THIRD emergency room experience and I don’t know why I keep fooling myself into thinking the service will improve. If you don’t have at least 7-8 spare hours DO NOT come to this ER. It is now 4:04 A.m. and I have been here since 9pm. From 9pm until about 2 am I waited along with I counted a total of 10 people just to get service. There is NO excuse for a wait time of that long ESPECIALLY when there wasn’t even many people waiting. Then to top it all off, I was helped by a MEDICAL STUDENT not a doctor, I have had multiple people come onto my room without knocking while I was NAKED and no one seems to know what to do next! Here I am now with all of my shots and pills taking but STILL waiting for a WHOLE HOUR and counting just for discharge papers.


Very unorganized. Poor patient management. Arrived at 6am today and still here at 5pm this evening waiting to be discharged.

Stephen Hadskey

Edit: Ive called that number and left messages already. You dont respond. You do apparently care about your google reviews. Either way youll be hearing from my attorneys soon.

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