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REVIEWS OF Tulane Medical Center IN Louisiana

Bruce Brower

I have had four appointments with Erin Boh in recent months. One she kept, for two others I waited more than an hour and left. For another, he office moved my appointment but could not offer me an appointment for 6 weeks. This is disrespectful and unprofessional incompetence, at a time when Ochsner has a policy of seeing patients within 20 minutes and usually does so, and my Touro doctor sees me within half an hour. Boh is probably a great physician, but the delays are straightforwardly inexcusable. I teach ethics. She, and Tulane, ought to think about the fact that the people in her waiting room are giving up dozens of hours of their lives every week.

Vijay John

Excellent experience. Great doctor, minimal wait. All questions answered very professionally and based on good science.

Donna Duplechin

Wonderful staff and doctors and nurses.

Jerry Guitreau

It is always quick Dr.Chaffin is great along with her whole team. She explains everything in depth where you know what is going on she is the best.

Tracy M

I love Tulane Medical Center! The doctors work as a team to find solutions to medical issues. I recently had a surgical procedure over there and it was one of the most organized hospital settings that I've ever experienced. The staff is happy, everyone has a specific role, and for me, that's a good sign that it is a great place to be a patient. (probably to work too

David Minsky

Wait time on the website said 6 minutes. I was there and then processed immediately. I was on vacation and really didn't want to spend 6-8 hours in an emergency room. It turns out I had strep throat, I was out and about an hour. Very professional caring staff. I had medication and prescription by the time I left. An example on how an emergency room exhibit should be.

Rose Wise

Horrible Hospital if you can call it that! I'm from out of town and here on vacation. Went to this hospital for chest pains and sat in the waiting area for three hours before we left and went to University Hospital. Don't go here if you want anything more then a band aid and maybe not even that!

David Maag

The staff was courteous and efficient. I was seen quickly and Dr. Rodriguez was patient and communicated well.

Anna Smith

I slipped on the wet sidewalk and broke my wrist just around the corner from the ER doors. My husband went to get help and a nurse followed him to me with a wheelchair. The ER trip was quick and the staff was amazing! Great teamwork by everyone, from entry to discharge, made the whole process run smoothly. Not that an ER trip is high on a person's list of things they want to do, however this is great place to go if you find yourself in a medical emergency.

Its About Faith

Physicial Therapy Assessment: I was assessed by Mark for PT. I learned so much about my disability from Mark because he explained to me what I need help in to improve my current disability. Mark is a people person that want too help improve patients in all areas. Thank you Mark● For your great kindness● One Of Tulane's Finest♡

Mike Atkinson

I was a patient at Tulane Medical for a kidney transplant. Everyone I met, doctors, nurses, and general staff, were lovely to me. They were attentive, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Tulane to anyone!

Victoria Blanchard

My recent visit with cardiology was excellent. Didn't have too much of a wait to be seen by the Cadiologist. He was not concerned about my high pulse because all the other indicators relative to my heart are excellent.

Willow LeMechant

All of the nurses and hospital staff were really compassionate and efficient. I felt very comfortable and informed.

Susanne Chaix

Went for Physical Therapy. Great visit! Mostly my visits here are great.

Karen Lenczyk

Appointment for EMG with Dr. Shamniza MD had total disregard for pt.`s time. I had an appointment for 0900 and MD did NOT come to Clinic until 1030 ! Told me they should have told you I`m always late ! I`ve been here since 7 am talking to MD and taking care of business ! He is NOT a Surgeon he was NOT in Emergency surgery he just doesn`t CARE !! He was RUDE and rough used the same needle over and over to stick into my muscles. He may know what he is doing but he is a *&%. Asked for someone to contact me after appointment but no one has !

PHANtastic 5

The staff at Tulane was very informative and helpful. They were also very fast and comforting. Thanks.

Louis Frught

Dr. Michael OBrien is by far the best Orthopedist on earth!!! He has completely restored both of my damaged shoulders to where I can return to my passion of playing golf competitively in just a few months. I wouldn’t see another Orthopedic Doctor ever!!

Michon Shinn

I was on time which means all paperwork, id checks, etc. were completed in a timely fashion. The clinic was clean, the personnel friendly and efficient. There were no long waits between getting into an exam room and seeing the doctor. These are the reasons I go to this particular clinic.

Michael Diaz

1 visit 3 bills Including a “facility fee”. Basically, you pay your copay to see the doctor, but then Tulane charges you a fee to see the doctor at their facility. This is an extremely dishonest billing practice. They know it’s not covered by any insurance which means it’s just a money grab. They also do not inform you of this at any time during your treatment. Do not go here for care.

S Toms

I found the medical and security staff to be very accommodating and really listened to your medical condition information and thoroughly followed through with the appropriate medical treatment. Extremely happy, thanks for giving me peace of mind for my journey home. :)

Chuck Melton

Dr. Cyriac and his staff are hands down the best at what they do. Friendly and world-class in every way.

jim jeanfreau

Great experience Thank you for making my life better

Shawn Newman

I love the care I get at Tulane. I was tossed back and forth from Dr.'s that just couldn't go any further with my treatment. It was so frustrating until I found Dr. Gaspard. What a gem! Kind, compassionate, patient, genuinely listens and cares. I went from weekly er visits to good health and my ability to live life again. Thank you Tulane and Dr. Gaspard in particular who helped me get control of my life again and guide me through treatments that have brought healing to my body.

Ernest Thomas

I can't say enough about Dr. Sartor , Dr. Barata and the whole staff at Tulane Cancer Center. While their expertise in the field of prostate cancer is absolutely "world class" the compassion and attention they give me personally is much like that of an old friend who cares very much about me as a person. I would recommend them to anyone battling this disease...they are the best IMO.

David Parsons

All of the staff at the Cancer Center are outstanding and caring. From the receptionists to the nurses to the technicians, to the doctors. I cannot say enough good things about the care they give.

Alan Rubin

Medical car was 5 star. For that I was willing to put up with some inconvenience. However there is no excuse for having to wait almost 2 hours past my scheduled appointment to see the Doctor.

Jackie Campbell

We went there on a Sunday morning around 6AM for my fiance. Everyone was very kind and helpful. He was in a lot of pain with kidney stones and they took great care of them. I was very impressed by all of them and how they weren't dismissive of him at all. We were on vacation so that is an added stress of not being near home but everyone made the experience as pleasant as possible.

James Randolph

Dr. Raju Thomas has been my urologist for a number of years, taking over after Dr. Ben Lee went to Denver. Keep in mind that Dr. Thomas is popular; you may have a bit of a wait. He's well worth waiting for and he will address your every concern and answer your every question.


great service, short waiting time to see Dr Barata.


I’m from the west coast,been in and out of hospitals by far the best hospital I stayed.

Karippelil Mathew

Excellent facility with friendly staff and knowledgeable and caring surgical team with the cutting edge technology. You made my uncomfortable diagnosis and radical treatment bearable!

Yvonne Simmons

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING experience ranging from the Patient Care Coordinators during the check-in process through the examinations conducted by the physicians. They treated me as if I were the only patient in the hospital. We're all going to Paris, France when I hit the lottery.

Steven Paul

Check in was prompt/professional. Dr was very thorough/professional. Excessive waiting for surgery procedure. I'm out of work an extra 4 weeks. Gonna be out 3+ months. I didn't realize that bypass surgeries had a 3 week to 1 month waiting period. I'm not complaining, I'm very Blessed with having one of the Best CVT Surgeon. Thank You Tulane.

Ted Krumm

Always seen quickly. Great Dr.'s and staff.

Lawrence Rowland

Neuromedical ICU was amazing. I wanted to give special thanks to Taylor RN for her friendliness and care. I was cared for with professionalism and attention. Special thanks to the cooks who I must say made great meals for the patients. To all of Neuromedical ICU thank you for your care.

Duke Truby

As a patient of Dr. Paul Friedlander the past 8 years he is always cheerful, optomistic and makes you feel good even though my condition is serious. I am lucky to have him as my doctor.

Jennie Pinac

Treated wonderful, being a health care professional myself I truly appreciate feeling safe and in good hands with the surgical team Jessica RN, Anesthesia, and post op nurses Emily. Great Team work

Dan Castillo

Team was able to see me with less than 24-hour notice.


I have been going to Dr. Hellstrom for at least 12 years. I recently had a procedure done and he took excellant care of me. I will continue to go to Tulane for my Urology need as long as Dr. "H" is there. Dr. "H", hope you read this sir, you are the best! God bless you and your staff. Oh I also forgot one other person that deseres recognition and that is Deisha, Dr. "H"s nurse. She is so kind and compassionate.

Dennis Gares

First off, if you have not been there it is hell to figure out where to park. Once you figure out which building to go in, difficult to find the dermatology as the elevators only go to floor 4 and it is on floor 5. The doctor, Mia Jacobs was not friendly and was rather sarcastic and rude. I will never go there again.

Mary Wolf

Everyone I encountered were nice and professional. The care I received was excellent.

toby cothren

I had hand surgery procedures. Excellent medical facility & staff. Will recommend to friends and family.

Gary Palmisano

The care , time spent with me, and welfare by Drs. Kenda Harris and Dr. O. Sartor are far beyond any Doctors I have ever experenced . They truely care about me and respond to my phone calls in person. Tulane has some system kinks sometimes but would not go anywhere else because of these two Doctors.

Ronald Musacchia

Arrived 15 minutes early, filled in paperwork, saw doctor promptly, did agreed upon process, went home. Very professional and friendly.

Thomas Foutz

I have always had a good experience at Tulane Medical Center. Scheduling personnel are accommodating. Registration personnel are friendly. The lab techs are the best. My doctor's staff are helpful. And best of all, free valet parking!

ken langenbeck

Great visit with Dr. Boh and her staff Ken Langenbeck

Lauri Hengl

Sedonia was very helpful and Tracy is just amazing! The ladies at the front desk were great as well. Good experience.

Sharon Fleetwood

New patient consultation with Dr. Murano. The staff was excellent!

ceddrica Thomas

My mother had a brain surgery here and my mother had bed sores my mother was not cleaned properly. The staff on the 5th floor is pitiful they lazy and the head nurse is disrespectful they never checked on my mother and me and my family had to change her bathe her and make sure she was good. I wouldn’t put my dead cat in Tulane y’all can go to hell !!

D Schnatz

This hospital is clean and every physician we have had experience with has been excellent. We have received fabulous care at this hospital. However, the process to have lab work done is atrocious. There is a sign in sheet and a box to put your orders in upside down.. On the sign in sheet is a spot for the sign in time - 1:20 pm. My husband had to sign in on the second page an hour behind the first person remaining to be served on the first page (12:18 pm). There is No One at the reception desk. You ring the buzzer and no one comes.

Severan Jones

Great place bedside above and beyond. I love this place

Gabrielle Oree

The ER staff were great. Patient n kind. I needed to get stitches in my chin while on vacation and just went to my ER back home in Philadelphia to get them removed and they said it looked so good they thought a Plastic Surgeon Doc did it and it will probably heal with no scar! Dr. Marcus and his Nurse were awesome!

Tonyai Garrison

This is the worst hospital that I have ever been too. The service was horrible and I felt that I was in a horror film. They had my sister in the hospital for dehydration for a long period than what she needed and they wanted her to stay until Monday. She asked for her release papers twice and they never brought them until the next day. The doctor on site kept using scare tactics to keep her there based on a low risk that never happened. We are from out of town and my sister should need to see her own doctor in which she was communicating with the entire time. The staff is not professional and I suggest no one to never go there. Walking in to the emergency room felt like I was walking in a prison. We were checked by security and scanned. The entire hospital reeked and looked abandoned. They took time away from our vacation that we would never get back. This is the worst facility ever!

Karyn Miller

I went in through the E/R a few weeks back for a kidney stone, and have had some follow up appointments for another issue. I cannot say enough about the wonderful care I received in the E/R, and the continued care I'm receiving from my primary care doctor and her team. I've had several tests done, and the folks in radiology and the lab are just are professional and kind.

LaShanda S. Simmons

I would like to first say, Dr. Shank is awesome!! I have not had an experience with a doctor that was so informative and just great. I would recommend her to everyone who may have had the same issues as I. The hospital was very clean, the doctors and nurses were wonderful, they took care of me, sometimes going above an beyond to do it. The one complaint I have is with the dietary department and food. The food order was often incorrect and the dietitian delivering the food wouldn't do anything to change or help the situation. I had a family member with me in the hospital, they did not receive the requested guest plate and when asked about it, we were told that it had not been placed with my order. Again the doctors and nurses were great, I would just recommend having someone to bring you food if you have to stay overnight.

amanda montenegro

Incredible hospital and staff! Dr. Friedlander and his staff in oncology are absolutely amazing. The surgery department staff is also amazing very attentive and very informative. They keep you posted every step of the way and are so great with the people in their care. This will be a long road for us but we are in such incredible hands and everyone in the hospital let's you know they are there for you. Even the volunteers. Mrs. Joanne is a volunteer that was working in the surgery waiting room who we met and she went above and beyond for every family member that was in the waiting area. She has a heart of gold and so very sweet. She had so much compassion for a lady was visibly upset while waiting for her family member and Mrs. Joanne was so attentive and had such an amazing heart with her. She made sure everybody was good!! She is beyond amazing with a heart of gold. Tulane you are amazing and so are your doctors and staff! Thank you for taking a worried heart and putting it at ease!!!!

Julie Calvin

Best hospital great neurosurgeon and awesome ICU staff

Favor Pause

If I could give them a zero I would. Worse hospital staff, Angelical a RN should be terminated. I'm certain the good reviews on this page are fake!!

Holly and John Trotter

My trip to Tulane was sad and unexpected. From out of town, in New Orleans on vacation, ending up in the hospital was NOT what I wanted to do. Having to go through security was incredibly off putting but all of the staff members were amazing. It was such a difficult time for my husband and I and all the staff were sympathetic and helpful. I felt like I was in good hands with them and they took exceptional care of me in my time of need and reassured me that everything was going to be okay and we were going to get through it together.

Charles Melton

From the time I arrived for my surgery until the time I was discharged I could not have asked for better care. Dr. Cyriac and the rest of the doctors, along with all of the nurses and everyone else at Tulane went above and beyond to make my experience the best it could possibly be. I highly recommend Dr. Cyriac and Tulane to any and everyone!

Liz Ellison

Visit with Dr was fine. Sent for blood work and had to wait 1.5 HOURS! WAY TO LING FOR MY 91 YEAR OLD FATHER!

kim dennis

We loved Dr Williams in the Dermatology clinic. Friendly service from making the appointment, to checkout. Dr Williams was caring, and very thorough. She took her time to evaluate and explain everything we had questions about . We love the Valet parking option, too. We highly recommend this place!


The care my family member received in Neuro ICU was excellent. The nursing staff is professional and very caring, each time they came into the room they made us aware of what they were doing and kept us updated. The Rehab services were great and the therapist really educate the family and involve them in their love one's care. The doctors were great at communicating with my family and provided quality care to my mother. The Social Worker was always there to help. She was very caring, she made sure she spoke with us when needed, we were very pleased with her services. Overall, the hospital is cleaned. There is a coffee shop and cafeteria on campus. The staff members seem dedicated in providing quality care to their clients. There were no safety issues or concerns the security staff were friendly. We were very satisfied with the care our family member received.

Carol Whelan

My experiences with the doctors and nurses at Tulane Medical Center have been great. I do have a problem with the online system of communication - My Chart. I have checked it numerous times and not found the results of my labs and other reports like my PET scans and x-rays. For example, I checked on 5/20/19 and the latest lab report was dated 4/9/19. I get labs done on a weekly basis. When I have had to cancel an appointment on the online system, staff at the department where it is scheduled do not seem to get the message.

Sam Leone

Discharged without a diagnosis, didn’t have any Summary of the test that were given. The intern discharge me really didn’t know anything about my case. Set me off with no prescriptions. The folks in the cath lab were professional and did a good job. Otherwise, I would have given a rating below 2

Debbie Bowers

I've tried having a surgery here 3 times this past year. They wait until you are at the hospital the day of your surgery to look over your pre op tests only to reschedule you. If your surgery isn't for something major or worth TEACHING to residents, you get put on the back burner.

Michele Garval

Visit was great. All the Doctors at Tulane Sports Medicine are great. I hurt my foot and they were able to fit me in on the same day for Xrays.

Katie Henderson

We were visiting a family member admitted to the hospital. The doctors seem very knowledgeable. Overall we are satisfied with the help we have received so far. They need more rooms for family members who are admitted to the hospital for unforseen circumstances who live 5 hours away instead of just for people who know ahead of time for surgery. Everyone has been very friendly, constantly saying hello and waving at our little one, very helpful and very knowledgeable, especially front desk security Lee. I hope we don't ever have to come back but if we were sent here again we'd be happy.

Linda MacGeorge

Very fast, professional and efficient staff. Doctors are always personable and never rush you. Nurses and all other staff are great, too!

Paul LaRosa

Wait time was minimal and the attention to detail and overall care provided by Dr. Williams was exceptional. While a small issue I was unhappy with the parking experience. On entering there was no attendant, no tickets being dispensed and the gate was raised. On leaving there was an attendant who asked for my validated ticket, having none I was charged parking. I was not happy.

Josef C.

Everybody at Tulane Medical Center was very professional, pleasant, and attentive. My surgery and post-op recovery went extremely well. It was the best hospital experience I have had. Thank you for your excellent treatment and care.

Hans Luetkemeier

Phenomenal experience. My doctor and all of his medical and administrative staff were so good to me and were always welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. I had a fairly complex procedure which required about 6 weeks of healing. While the medical care was exceptional, one of the things that stood out to me was the open level of communication. I always received a timely email response to my questions and requests. I received a wonderful card in the mail post surgery signed by the entire staff. At Tulane I firmly believe that in addition to superb medical care they care about you personally and want to make sure that you are comfortable, understand everything clearly and offer to help in any way possible. Just awesome and kudos to all who helped me through my experience!

Sydney Dursse

Dr and nurse CJ wonderful. Attentive. Patient. Concerned

Yolanda George

Upon exiting my care in the parking garage I didn't know where to go. A very nice employee directed me to the elevator and walked me to the clinic. She then directed me to the elevator. When I arrived at the check in desk the clerk was very pleasant and helpful. The doctor was very concerned about my issues and took time to address all of them. I really liked that. I must say I'm so glad I chose Tulane. You guys are the best.

Antoinette Sandstedt

I was visiting from out of town and thought that I had developed a blood clot. They took me seriously and everyone I felt were very competent ( that’s not always the case!), kind and took good care of me. The hospital was clean also! It’s always nice to feel like you are in competent hands.

Jim Goff

Great experience. Fast, efficient and professional.

Dudley Darbonne

I was very pleased with the service, care and professionism of doctors and staff at Tulane Medical Center.

Frank Sampson

Everyone was friendly, Great Service, Dr's Explained everything in detail so I could understand

Carol Chapman

I was very pleased with my new patient appointment w/Dr. Medvedev. He was very thorough and explained my options well.

Lenette Young

As a person from another state, I felt that they were very warm and caring. I received excellent care. The only reason I didn't give five stars is because of this: when taken to any testing, you are left out in a hallway to wait. In Minnesota, the tester (say radiologist) comes to get you and you are then tested. No waiting in a hallway. I'm afraid it made me feel a little like cargo. A person picks you up, whisks you a way to another location, and then leaves you on a gurney or wheelchair in your gorgeous hospital gown, alone in a hallway where everyone who walks by stares at you. It was very uncomfortable.

Jeanne Boin

Reception was good and the doctor came out immediately to do a very quick assessment. After that I waited for long periods of time with no one checking in and no way to contact anyone. The x-ray crew were very pleasant and efficient. I saw so many nurses, I lost track of who was caring for me. The IV spot on my arm has left a very dark distinct bruise which I've never had before.Discharge was very cursory.

Pamela Purpera

Friendly staff, great doctor and nurse, explained my situation in great detail. He spent time with me; I didn't feel rushed. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

harvey ramshur

Although this was my first time at Tulane cancer center, I was very impressed with Doctor Safah and her team, they seemed very concerned about my problem an in helping me through my cancer, I think I should have been sent here from the beginning, so far I have only good to say about this place..

Brenda Riddle

Didn't have to wait long at all to see the doctor. Dr. Bowles is always prompt.

Terri Walbridge

Appointments are always on time . Professional staff, very caring.

Christina Silvas

the ER staff was great. My only complaint was I never saw a doctor I waited 2 hours while the ortho docs were in surgery. they checked my x-rays and told the staff my elbow was broken and for me to see my doctor the next day. I am from California and was on vacation the nurses spoke with the doctors and were told to put a splint on my arm and for me to see my doctor when I returned home. 5 stars for the nurses and EMT


Dr. Dumont is OUTSTANDING! I had waited about 2 MONTHS for this appointment! He is THE BEST neurosurgeon! Very thorough and he has strong medical knowledge.

Edward Williams

I received expedited care and was sent home quickly in good shape!

Kevin Hemenger

The physicians and nurses there are always caring and helpful and will work around my schedule. Highly recommend!!

Beatrice Flair

I had an MRI scheduled for 7:30am. I went in for 7:30 and was on my way to other activities by 7:55am. I was treated with respect and all of my questions were answered. Great experience... for an MRI.

Suzanne Goudin

I have started Seeing Dr. Fernando Sanchez. I was very nervous about see a new doctor. I must say that my over all experience was an absolute amazing experience. From the front office staff to the radiology department to the back office staff last but not least my new doctor. They all were extremely professional, compassionate, helpful. My entire experience was an A+ 100 and over and above.

Harley Choate

Excellent experience. Everyone was helpful and listened extremely well.

derrick braby

I was on vacation in New Orleans when I had to use the hospital services. From the ride in the ambulance to being admitted to hospital, things could not have gone smother or been more professional. While a hospital is not my favorite place, everyone was so friendly and concerned they took away my apprehensions. Thank you to all!

zack finitz

I went in for a kidney stone and they were very friendly fast and quick to diagnose my problem.

Katie Moore

This place is disgusting. I went to the ER. Was placed in a waiting area with an IV. Not very sanitary in my books. It also smelled like urine and the bathrooms were disgusting. It needs a good cleaning. I pray I never have to visit this place again. I'm only giving 2 stars because my nurse was great.

Dorothy Louis

I would like to give a "Shout Out" to Tulane Institute Of Sports Medicine. Dr.O'Brian is an EXCELLENT physician. Very professional. His appointments are timely. His mannerisms are very friendly. His Nurse is the Best always complimentary! Also Dr. Laurianne Wild in Allergy. I've been going to her for years since Charity Hospital. I Looked her up after Katarina. I knew she would lead me in the right direction! That's just a few of the Great Physicians that has helped me in my Constance fight to maintain my health. I DEFINITELY have more!

Rob Steinberg

Double billed from doctor and clinic. Continue to have communication issues and bad information coming from staff. Until I complained of complete mismanagement nothing changes.


I'm a traveling nurse and while visiting another traveler working in NOLA Ive never been treated with such disprect. This place has a complete disregard for professionalism. Security wouldn't even let us in use the bathroom that we could see across from them in the ER lobby. Security treated us like trash and threw us out just for asking if we could use the bathroom and never gave us a explanation. As visitors to your city this looks terrible. I simply asked a question and was treated like we were below them. They refused service to me and my girlfriend.

Tracy Michele

3D mammogram was so much better than traditional mammograms.

Harold Morris

I checked in a bit early for my appointment, was treated very nicely, and called in within minutes of my appointment time. I was promptly and professionally treated by the doctors and technicians responsible for my care, and was out without delay. Thank you to all the professionals and support staff at Tulane. Your treatment of my illness gives me confidence that health is improving.

Maureen Carey

My ophthalmology appointment was quick but thorough. The staff and doctor were friendly and knowledgeable.

Janet Rudderham

Tulane Medical Center took excellent care of me with attentive, caring personnel. I was visiting New Orleans and was grateful to have great medical facility available.

Francis Winkler

I was very impressed with the attention I was given. All the staff and Doctors were very knowlegable , professional and kind. Everyone made sure that I was taken care of as well as my wife. My hat is off to all of you!!!!! You are great!!!!!

Gary Timphony

I must say, The doctors and tech people at this hospital are amazing and or world class! Yes I said world class! absolutely amazing. I had a very aggressive type of cancer in my prostate, we didn't have to time for alternative treatment. Before you know it, I was scheduled for surgery two weeks later I am cancer free thanks to Doctor Thomas and robotic surgery. I had a few rough days but not bad at all. I'm back to work already!!! Now I do have a desk job and no heavy for about 4 week! Hey you can't beat that. Thank You Tulane!!! I will go no where else!!! Gary Timphony

Antonio Magana

I called twice. Was hung up twice. I was just trying to make a doctor's appointment. And it was till August. I just didn't want mail sent to my house. Bad receptionist or just customer service. Pity. Now I have to go to another hospital. Hopefully better service .

Jane Piper

Dr. Billings did a great job on my total knee replacement! I’m grateful!

Michael Gerhold

My latest visit to the Tulane Cancer center was very good the check-in process has improved greatly and I saw the doctor almost immediately and was there for a much shorter time than normal whatever changes they have made into checking process have greatly increased the he's at which a patient can check in prior to seeing a physician

Scott Herrin

Tulane is a top notch medical facility. I had hernia surgery July 11, 2019. The entire staff was just a t awesome before, during and after my surgery. Dr. Grace Lee performed the surgery. She took the time to explain everything and answer questions. She is an awesome lady and an excellent surgeon. I am very pleased with the surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Lee and everyone who was involved with my surgery and recovery.

Barry Robinson

Had a PICC line placed in my right arm and as that was happening I got a electric shock feeling in my right arm and they hit a nerve and now my right index finger and thumb are numb and have been 4 a month! As the process was proceeding I informed them and was told to stop tensing up! I only tensed up because of the numbness and the feeling I got as they proceeded!

Yvonne Hill

The nurses,Doctors and the clerk were very friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable because I was soo nervous. I was anxious to get it over. The wait was just long. 2 hours because all beds were full and I had to wait for a bed. The treatment was really good.

Lorraine Foret

I am not from New Orleans, however I have lived here for a bit of time. This is the first time I have needed to visit Tulane Medical Center . Your doctors and Staff are excellent. When I needed anything they did their best to accommodate me. The only problems I see they have are old hospital computers

Sam K.

The staff that I have experienced there is top notch! Doctors, nurses, PCA’s, etc. I was kept up to date with my care plan, very involved in the decisions needing to be made and they turned a somewhat bleak situation into a more bearable situation.

Bob Simon

Much better! The delay in the waiting room was way shorter than usual. What happened? Did you fire the lady behind the desk who was so slow checking us in? If so, that's a great start but more is needed, especially downtown at the hospital.

L. J. Schenck

Normal visit. Still waiting for visit summary from Dr. Wait time for visit was minimal. Dr was attentive and informative. Everything was professional.

Larry Peart

very nice employees, awesome Dr Obrian.

Mischa Hildebrand

I am extremely frustrated by the hospital administration’s incompetence. The doctors were super nice and tried to help me as much as they could. Thanks for that! (That's what the two stars are for.) However, the staff seems to be incapable of providing me with a simple, itemized bill! Despite explicitly asking for it, they didn't hand me a bill when I was at the Medical Center for examination in June. After I returned home to Germany, I tried to get in touch with the billing department which was hard enough. First of all, the hospital's website was not accessible because they block anyone who is trying to open it from outside the United States, may it be overseas patients or US citizens.

Beasley Reece

My experience at Tulane Medical Center was extremely positive. I will go back for more exams when eligible in 5 years. I will also keep in touch with the team in place for follow up or with more questions. I will recommend others to take advantage of the expert care at TMC.

Dagion Streams

Tulane has all the modern technology and best doctors that actually study what they're practicing. The workers at tulane will guide and lead you through whatever process that is needed. Everyone makes you feel like a person and not number. Thanks Tulane for everything.

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