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REVIEWS OF Terrebonne General Medical Center IN Louisiana

Johnny Sircy

Tina Savoie

Doctor Pennison was great, my nurse Logan was great, and my lactation consultant was great. I did find some of the nurses to be really rude when they would just roll their eyes at me when I didn't know what I was doing or they didn't mention something and I didn't do what was expected. NICU was great except for one lady who was extremely rude to me. I was talking and touching my child and she got snobby and told me that I am going to make my child fussy and shouldn't do that. I really didn't get to see my child too much when she was in the NICU because I got cut so it was hard to move around. When you are away from your child and only get to see them once a day then you are going to want to talk and touch them. I really didn't appreciate that but other than that my experience was great. If you get any of the names I listed then you will have a wonderful experience as well.

Marlando Surratt

Ben Nutter

Chris Martin

Joshua Gautreaux

Peggy Boudreaux

I have been admitted to TGMC serveral all times in this past year service by the nurses was great. They were friendly and very attentive to me. The nurses assistants are something else they need improvement.

Pauline Kelpsch

David Dupkov

Great. Visits are fast and easy.

Georgia Randolph

I haven't been to this emergency room in 14 years, they may have redone the lobby, but the service is still horrible. We checked in at 8:30 PM processed then ignored for 2+ hours. There was not a "sense of urgency" anywhere. All the people around us, in closed little rooms, were also being ignored.

MawMawMary Breaux

Dove Jc

My daughter broke her arm and I took her to the ER and they told me it was just a "deep bruise" that it should be better in about 3 days. Well a week passed and she was still in pain and not able to use her arm. When I took her to her pediatrician she gave me the ugly look like saying that my daughter was acting she was only 2 years old. Well the dr did some X-rays to find out that indeed her arm was broken my poor baby suffered for a week. Few weeks back I took my baby because she was having high fever and been vomiting so they prescribed a medicine that's been out the market for only God's knows how long. I'll not trust this hospital ever again. Ochsner is way much better in all ways.

Ry Try

The two stars are for some of the nurses that actually did there jobs. Our experience rating would be zero stars. Negative to be more specific. Some nurses were sloppy in there duities. This is a messy hospital. If you decide to eat at the cafeteria and/or food court be ready to get hit some of the rudest individuals in this place. Staff in there should be fired. Save yourself from that and just go somewhere else for food. Rudeness abounds here.

TheMrs Mrs

Michael Thomas

K, so I have to put excellent on this one, not because of my visit last night, but because the hospital has always treated me very well in the past. Last night it was a little odd. Maybe to throw me off to see if I would give them a bad review, but that isn't even an option cuz I love them too much. I made my 10 mile hike back to Terrebonne late last night. It was around 2 a.m. when I made it to the Hwy 316 Bayou Blue gas station. I had been throwing up numerous times and I thought I had seen a red mixture in the vomit. It was dark on the street and I was rushing to get back to my house. I felt pains in my chest and in my stomach not to mention the pains in my hip, lower lumbar region, and the blisters on top of blisters I has sustained on my feet. I asked the convenient store attendant to call 911 as per my phone had died on me. I then used a portion of the money I had left over from earlier to buy a pink Nesquik milk and a honey bun. Breakfast of Champions, lol. I got impatient because I have no patience and I took off walking toward the hospital. My pride kicked in and I did not flag down the ambulance as I seen them pass. This was a good thing indeed I found myself saying this morning as I reflected on my day. I met one of the best police officer's ever because of my impatience. He was the first of two that stopped me. He rode in a SUV. Both were good cops but this fellow was squared away. I showed him my hands immediately, he noticed my surrender and never once reached toward his firearm. He was a stocky Asian gentlemen. He should be promoted because this is the kind of officer I want watching my ass. The other sheriff's deputy made up for a early faux pas by staying around and making sure the ambulance personnel were safe. The ambulance personnel should get a raise because they did a great job.*thumbs up high* got to love a good quality EMT staff. After arriving at the hospital, I was brought to the waiting room. This is when it got confusing, because its not how they do things. I was brought back and forth to different rooms. Usually, you show up, sign in, talk to admin, then wait for a Examination room. So, like I said " excellent service". I ended up leaving the hospital and going home without treatment because I saw they were playing a game with me. If there is one thing I know, its that if you want good treatment in Houma, LA. Go to TGMC. Hands down. It is clean, visually appealing, and run by some of the best professionals in the industry. Keep up the good work.


These folks can't care for their patients.They send them to New Orleans when they don't want to work hard! Unskilled at all levels

Kellie Guidry

I brought my mom here, due to her having symptoms of a heart issue. With her dr. being at CIS in Houma, I thought it would be a good idea. I assure you, she will not be coming back here, unless, sent by her cardiologost! This hospital, has, some of the rudest employees, that, we have ever dealt with. She has diabetes, only once, in the e.r. was her sugar checked. She was admitted the same ni ght. Breakfast came, after, wondering and asking, about her food, we were told she was on npo, still no glucose check! I would not recommend this place to anyone!!!

Jeannelle Bourg

I was admitted in to the hospital for a medical condition and made ALL staff aware that I had a gluten allergy. Every meal that was brought to me was everytime full of gluten and was told wait until tomorrow to get it straight. In the mean time I sit hungry. How does a hospital not accommodate all patients!!!

Tammy Adams

I worked at this place and I have heard staff talk about patients. The way they dress, the condition of sickness...etc. Everything is SUPPOSED to be CONFIDENTIAL. MOST are very snotty and unprofessional. Pretty sad when you hear the nurse and Doctors talking about THE PATIENTS. Most are too young and very in mature. I had to rate it a one to give this review. There "I CARE" shirts don't mean nothing to SOME! Pathetic!

CanDee Lee

If i could give negative stars I would. Rude, dismissive, and dont really care about the patients. They want you in and out so they can sit back and do nothing on there shift. Went In with serious pain...test were all negative and said I was day saw my primary care physician and they were floored I was discharged. .they seem to have missed CANCER.

T. D.

Jaider Montes

(Translated by Google) highly trained and heart full of love medical personnel. (Original) Personal médico altamente capacitados y con corazón henchido de amor.

Ian Ballantyne

My wife had her pacemaker replaced and they made the experience very pleasant. From start to finish everyone was attentive and thoughtful.

Seth Scott

If you need special services like cardiology or labor and delivery, they do well. But in my experience, the ER staff has a serious attitude problem, and if you are admitted to the hospital the staff that is supposed to take care of you is rude and lazy. Have had many experiences with the hospital through work and family

David Mathews II

Dangerous and shameful. I am not thrilled with the care and attention my father is currently receiving here as i type this. This bloody trash has been on his table for hours after i asked that they clean up this biohazardous medical waste. They got off to a bad start by repeatedly telling me lies when all i was asking was if anyone had attended to my father in the 4 hours that i was absent. At first they said they didn't know but that i should wait in his room until the nurse came. I said that we needed to find out and so the nurse was called. The "lady" behind the counter was rude and subversive. I asked about his ECI number and at that she became irate and told me to leave. Naturally i told her that i would not leave until i had an answer. The nurse showed up and i thought i would finally get a straight answer. Wrong. The nurse asked what i needed and i obliged her request. She said yes, someone had picked up his chart and been to see him. I asked who had been to see him and what was his status. She told me she did not know on both accounts. I asked her if she could find out. She sighed and rolled her eyes and said that no one had been in to see him. I told her where i come from that is called lying. She told me to leave or she'd call security. As you can imagine the situation escalated from there. I demanded the ward supervisor and they called security. I waited a moment and Jimmy, the ward supervisor came. The nurse continued to mouth off. Jimmy asked what i needed and i told him i needed straight, honest answers and asked my questions. He gave me straight, honest answers and i went into my father's room where i found the above mentioned biohazardous medical waste improperly disposed of and waited for it to be taken care of. Bottom line: If it was not an emergency and i had the time i would have taken him to Thibodaux instead. This place stinks. Edit Just so it's known, they released dad. His doctor said that they were under orders not to release him until the next day when the cardiologist could execute multiple tests but they did anyway. Dangerous and shameful.

Brittany Hamby

My 6 month old son was brought to ER by ambulance for chocking. we sat in the room for a good 4-5 hours never seen a doctor. Ended up just walking out l, will never go back to Terrebonne General ER. But on another note had surgery last week 8n tf he Women's Center and couldnt ask for better. Nurses and staff were very friendly.

Lynne Napton

my PCP sent orders over for me to have a breathing test pre and post workout to check for exercise induced asthma. they didn't tell my dr that they dont perform the post exercise test any more so I paid for the test and didn't receive the testing my dr ordered. also good luck trying to get a refund for a different surgical procedure that my obgyn canceled but i had already paid for. left numerous messages and no one has called me back... did finally get my refund. after finally getting a hold of someone who knew what they were doing (Karen- patient rep was very helpful) received refund quicker than she estimated.

Ann Matherne

Jessica Boudwin

Julia VanEtten

I think it is quite stupid that u have to have passes to wait in the day area. I could understand if all 16 rooms were slap full but really. Only one family member allowed in the day room.

Paul Dupre

4 hours been here and don't let me take food to my wife. As much as health care cost they should be serving 5 star meals. Should've went to Thibodaux

Querida Golden

My 13 month old granddaughter's ER visit here was awful. We took her in for a high fever. The triage nurse was very nice and caring. Once we were taken to a room, everything went downhill. The nurse(Ryan I believe his name was)entered with an attitude. He was not at all caring or gentle with my grandbaby. He stuck the temperature probe roughly into her rectum. The doctor finally came in and was the WORST EXCUSE OF A PHYSICIAN EVER... Not 1 time did he ever touch or examine my grandbaby. He talked down to my daughter in law and tried to make her feel like a bad parent because the baby wouldn't swallow the motrin. I couldn't believe my eyes. Instead of trying to see what was going on with the baby he was more interested in giving a lesson on motrin administering. Finally after saying oh she just has a cold,again no examine. He walks out and said he didn't care about us or the baby. I feel no PHYSICIAN should ever practice with this type of attitude. I thought that CARING was apart of the oath taken that PHYSICIAN took to become a doctor. This man PATRICK NICHOLS should have never been appointed the title of Doctor. I will not stop here. We intend to report this person to the highest department we can. Nobody deserves to be treated this way.

Ciara Allen

It’s alright, it has a room where you can watch tv

Zane Plunkett

Sheila Lambert

Lacey Bach

I had my daughter here in 2015 and I am still dealing with problems! The night I went into labor, I was complaining of how bad the pain from contractions was. The nurse was just so patronizing and rude, just said "Oh honey. This must be your first child. If you think this is pain, just wait" with a smirk and laughing at me. They were about to send me home because I "was barely in labor" but she decided I guess to humor me and have the doctor check everything before they sent me home. The doctor goes to check and I am FULL 10 cm dilated and she could feel my daughter's head! So then I realize, this WHOLE time, they've had me hooked up to the WRONG PATIENT'S monitor! So this girl, who barely was in labor, her contractions are showing on my screen! I tell them, and they just non chalantly laugh it off and fix it. Then my daughter was born, they messed up my stitches, which I still have issues with to this day. Well today, after MONTHS of me asking about why i never got any paperwork stating what my daughter's blood type is, and them telling me repeatedly that I lost the paper, I finally had their medical records dept admit that they never even took a test to see what her blood type is. One star is what I have them because there are no negative stars. Please have your baby somewhere else!

Mary Kate

I've read complaints about this place, but I never really had a bad experience. All the nurses I had when i was internally bleeding were amazing.

Daisy Griffin

My daughter and baby were very well cared for, however I have a complaint about the baby care while in NICU. After my daughter was able to take baby home after 6 days she changed babies diaper herself and baby had a rash so bad it was bleeding. Baby was allergic to diapers they use and didn't say anything nor did they put any cream on it. This is very upsetting.

Ledonia Price

I was brought here in 1976 after I was hit by an 18 wheeler. They saved my life, simple as that. 38 years later I had a knee replacement surgery here. Could not have asked for better care from this place. My first cousin was involved in an accident 3 days ago, and again the staff here saved his life. I don't believe that anyone could get better care anywhere.

Aarence Price

Most of the doctors and nurses are great hospital is clean however there were a couple of doctors and nurses who need to remember there job is to help their patients. The women center took great care of my wife and my three children the hospital also teaches classes to new parents. They just updated their cafeteria looks great


Gabe Orellana

Second to none!

Tuyet-Van Nguyen

I don’t usually write bad reviews but as I sit here going into the second hour of waiting hopelessly for someone to come help us, I had to get off my chest about how one of their nurses is completely unprofessional. My boyfriend and I came to the ER around 9PM because he’s suffering from excruciating pain from kidney stones. I have never had a nurse tell a patient that the level of pain that they’re in can be solved with some “Toradol” because she is a nurse and she knows that they’re great for kidney stones. She also was very condescending just because I told her something about giggling outside in the hallway as a patient in the next room was supposedly dying and my boyfriend is screaming out in pain. I understand that there are patients who require immediate attention, I’m not completely ignorant. But that excuse is only viable if she was actually helping the patient instead of making her rounds for tea time. My boyfriend has had multiple instances with kidney stones and it would’ve taken 2 seconds to pull up his chart and administer the medication that he requires. This is a Ochsner hospital, all of his records are with Ochsner. I can’t believe they let him wait an hour before administering medication. They also made him do registration as he was crying and puking from the pain. She also said it’s inappropriate to ask for narcotics when the previous nurse had asked us what was the regular course of treatment that his doctors usually take because he get them so often. It’s completely unacceptable. Don’t waste your time and come here unless you’re sure you have 10 hours to waste in the ER.

KP Frechette

The only reason this review has a two stars is because of a few of the nursing staff who were professional and empathetic. We have just been through our 2nd stay in Terrebonne General with my Dad. He was in ICU the first time and had a very long stay and was in a regular room for this 2nd stay, where he passed away. CARE?: I think it is fair to say that the care at Terrebonne General is hit or miss. You might get professionals who care, and you might not, and you had better be on top of your loved one's care, because without you, they might not get the attention they deserve much less the attention they need. I often felt that we were disturbing the people at the nursing station when we approached to ask for small things like extra towels to wash my Dad's face, for example, or for someone to come and shut off an alarm that kept pinging loudly because a medication was finished dripping, or when he called to ask someone to cut up his meal, or in the extreme, for someone to respond to a call to clean him after a bm (not pleasant but especially not pleasant for him). He could not move and we weren't allowed to move him because of his picc-line or we would have done many things ourselves. We do understand that the teams are busy with other patients and are not available on the spur of the moment for every patient, but I do not feel we were ever overly demanding or that our requests were excessive or harshly made. DOCTORS?: Since we've been through stays at Terrebonne General twice, I think I can attest that there is very slow, if not poor communication between the doctors and staff. As we came to understand, there are doctors that are "attached" to the hospital and those are the ones you must have to get any consistent attention or communication, even if you would prefer to use a physician of your choosing. It felt very much like, "you need to play along to get along" and that is just not what you need when you and your loved one are fighting for their life. Too much politics for a small hospital in a small town. BOTTOM LINE?: You must always be on top of the care you or your family receives in any hospital but especially in Terrebonne General. If your patient is an elderly patient, make sure someone is there everyday making sure they are being cared for and someone is speaking up for them. Wipe down your room and all the accessories with the alcohol wipes they provide in the hallways. You can be your own germ fighting team. Do not accept everything the hospital tells you. Ask lots of questions and follow your gut about the answers you receive. Do your research and speak up. If you have a choice, you may want to go to another regional hospital or New Orleans.

Thomas Satterlee

Selena Charpentier

Nellie Lambas

They sent me home with blood pressure at 165/104. I could have gotten into accident if I was driving alone!

Sue Bordelon

Very negative experience with the outpatient surgery unit .... I and my family were treated very poorly, one nurse Marcel was so rude and disrespectful to my family that my child was crying. After my procedure, we were there several hours nurse ever even offered me a cup of water or juice. ..The staff seem miserable, and one nurse complained to my sister that they were understaffed........I am an RN, we came from New,Orleans to Terrebonne General because my doctor goes there; I would NEVER recommend this hospital again. The lack of assessment and nursing observation created an unsafe environment to a patient who's just had a cardiac procedure.


The only place in the world that serves 2000$ salt water

Luis Sampayo

Me asombro la manera en q nos trataron y aunq no sabemos muy bien el idioma nos atendieron maravillosamente amables todos hasta me dieron ganas de tener otro bebe en EUA ☺thank you very much for the wonderful attention you gave us congratulations for being wonderful people

Glen Romero

Lori Fonseca Bennett

I am not sure how the rest of the hospital is in comparison, but the maternity ward was very good. They support mother child bonding through skin to skin contact and were breast feeding friendly. They took very good care of us.

Betty Castle

Visit my dad

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