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REVIEWS OF Overton Brooks VA Medical Center IN Louisiana

Bradley Lehman

A call to this VA medical center ? It as a joke... I needed help and told me to call transportation to see if they would come get me...I cant drive on the drugs the VA has me on...really now why do I have to call transportation. ..its an emergency. ..on top of calling 911 and then getting stuck with the medical bill...and im a 100% disabled veteran with a combat Injury. .. and even better how does a dis-honorable Navy seaman have surgery ...some one answer that....

Kimberly Smith

Love my VA!

Ed Roberts

I was late for an appointment by 6 min's app, was for 11:00 am at 2:30 pm I got up and left and came home. The waiting room had at the most at any given time was 4 people. There is no excuse for that.

Dave Grindle

With all the negative info out there about the VA, ...I can say to all, These folks have done a good job. Thier job is a difficult one at best Good job my friends... GOOD JOB.

Francis Roubique

I was hospitalized two times last year and the Overton Brooks VA HOSPITAL did an amazing job in the ER and then getting Me admitted an into a private room. I Am 100% PTSD Related, I also have a severe chronic case of COPD which was the reason I was there. Everyone treated Me with the utmost respect and I received excellent care. I was treated as a WAR HERO .Since My discharge I have been put in a program that monitors My vital signs on a daily basis, the VA discovered that My oxygen level was dropping to a very dangerous level while I slept so they sent Me through a sleep study and now they provide Me with a new Bi-Pap machine along with home oxygen. They are a 1st class group of Dr.s and Nursing staff and made my quality of life much better. They saved My life.

Jatina Mack

Worst place to leave your loved ones...

Trudie Jackson

I have always had a great experience with Overton Brooks VA Hospital..even when I was hospitalized...they rolled out the Red Carpet. It was EXCELLENT. I wish I didn't have to commute so far to get treatment here. Even though there is a clinic in Longview, it would be nice if they provided Urgent Care.

Mark Hicks

Always slow in getting to see someone

David Hendon

Great care for veterans

Suga Dingus

I’ve been using Overton Brooks VA for healthcare since 2004 but I quit going there last year (2017) because of the rampant incompetence. I’ve been denied two claims because the support staff and doctors didn’t document things properly, or …

Global Interest

The services at this Medical Center has greatly improved.

James Leo Evans

Nice people

Paul Jamison

It is a great facility Jameson

Kambreigh Smith

Russell Austin

My primary dr oshida or something of sort treated me like criminal on a witness stand after i disclosed i had given up pain contract for mmj cross examined me on whereabouts of my exrays mris and medication he made me feel helpless i had 40 plus injections and a spinal oblique and now in so much pain i cant function mental health was great dr Schneider was great and made me feel like a human

Karen Fory

Would have given no stars if it was a option. My husband goes here, the emergency room is very slow and it isn't pack at all. Doctors have been very rude tonight towards my husband and me but they nurses were nice.

Henry Ward

Great staff. Excellent experience.

Angela Kipp

Though the emergency room needs more attendance for helping patients come through, the nurses and doctors are great to both patients and their families. With my experience, I was grateful to have had such gentle people to help in our situation.

Kametra Hall

Very large

Debbie Upshaw

My husband had a heart catheter procedure done here in Sept., 2014, and had to be admitted for several days. I stayed in the room with him and we were treated wonderfully by every single person who cared for us. The doctors, interns, residents, nurses, aides, and all support staff were excellent, and I agree with another reviewer- the food was good, too. A big thank-you to Dr. Mosely and Nurse Erika, and everyone at Overton Brooks; our difficult time was eased by all you good people.

Sadsha Watts

Went to Urgent Care away from my primary VA center. The service was Great and Quick. My physician was very understanding to my situation.

Josh Stuart

Good VA facility

Scott Murphy

shannon romines

The doctors and staff treat the patients with the respect they deserve. I drive my father 2 and a half hours here. Well worth the drive. Everyone has been extremely helpful with a pleasant attitude.

henry hering

was admitted into hospital 4/16/2013..the only comment from the point of being admitted to discharge is "professional". The caring by all was way beyond what I would anticipate from hospital employees. I have been in numerous hospitals in New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, Minnesota, California and here in Louisiana the VA Medical Center, Shreveport tops them all...yep even the food was good. Actually there were meals if on a resturant menu I would order and recomend to others. Thank you Shreveport Medical Center. Thank you Dr. Keller.

Harvey High

Simply, they take good care of me.

Rebecca Rivera

Excellent service for Vets

Joe Brady

I visited the ER while in the final stages of the flu, with a raging UTI. They wanted to admit me for acute renal failure but I refused admission as I had animals at home I could not leave unattended overnight in sub freezing weather. I promised I would return the next day. They provided IV fluids and IV antibiotics while there and I signed the waiver & left w/specific directions and advice for self care until the next day. On return the next day I was seen by the same Dr (Dr. Black) and the tests showed renal state as normal. Greatly appreciated the honesty and not being talked "down to" like a child for not accepting admission. Awesome bedside manner. Great at communication: hearing as well as speaking. Upbeat and positive, cool, calm, and collected. I am also seen here for routine care and disability care on regularly scheduled appointments. Has to be one of the best VA med centers I've ever had dealings with... Hands down!

Roy Carter

Micheal Baines

Total joke was told one thing and get there and say another and issue is still unresolved

Danny Crawford

Been going here for about 12 yrs or so. After finely learning my away around. I really do Love this hospital. Everyone that is working there from the top to the bottom are ALWAYS friendly, caring, and know their stuff. I have been put in hospital rooms from over night to nearly one month. I have NO complaints at all. The only thing I gripe about is at shift change the come in and wake you up and draw new blood and take your vital's That Sux. And they really need good Wi-Fi and much better TV selection'S on channels to watch. I give this Hospital 10 stars.

Lyn St.Peters

My appointments are usually pretty fast and everything is taken care of.

David Mathis

Best medical service I’ve seen in a while.

Ken Jarrell

Cedrick transfered my Waco records quickly and 2 nice women processed my new meds in record time. The pharmacist was friendly and cute. Good job everyone. Thank you. KLJ

Rick Mathes

people here dont care about the Veteran, they just care about their check and who they can ax out of their job... true peyton place and hell for the Veteran... dont believe what they tell you. get a second opinion.

knMiguelito Camfar

Fast and quality care!

Randy Arndt

Just had my 13th surgery. 1st with the VA. Worst treatment I have ever received. From pre-surgery to recovery and now outpatient. I am now having serious concerns and not surprisingly no one will return my call. I have never in my life had a worse medical experience even when I was treated in Iraq my medical care and treatment was better there than at Overton Brooks. If the new director really wants to make a difference why don’t you start by contacting people who have filed a complaint with the Patient Advocates like my wife did on my behalf. Hear from us personally. Not likely. Can’t even get a nurse to call me back after surgery. Sender Fi Mr. Crockett and Mr. Sage.

David Cunningham

I’ve been seeing doctors at OBVAMC for 10 years and I’ve always received great treatment on everything from Dental to Sleep health center. Highly recommend this facility to all veterans.

michael williams

The aaudiology department iis manipulating test data to control ccost. Hundreds of veterans are being lied to. Write to your senator. The culture is suppported from the top.....Including VISN headquarters.

Samuel Bell

Doctors and nurses seem to be uninterested in their patients health as they should, doctors seem like they have no clue what a patient's diagnosis would be and even try to treat or cure it at all. Seems their best decision in caring for their patients is to give them pain pills as a solution.

Kevin Johnson

Joyce Money

I have been coming into the VA for several years now. The people are helpful and most of them are nice. It is easy to get your medication filled there or over the internet. I like the fact that we do not need to get a referal to other places such as foot clinic, eye, etc.... The parking has gotten much better since the made the garage.

Robert Fox

Very poor help

Bobby Davis

Va has problems but they are trying to get it together

Joshua Brown

Takes hours for anyone to answer the phone

Rockrabbit Rehabilitation

March 13-2018 I went to a appointment this afternoon at the 4W CT scan. Lack of accurate information and Employees and unable to convey pertinent information lead to me sitting on my ass all day. No one told me that I needed bloodwork before CT scan. After I checked in I was told to go into a room where I sat down. If there had been a note on the window to check in there I would have checked in however there is no note on the window and no one told me to knock. Now I am sitting waiting for I don’t know what. This is wasted a complete day of my time and the person in this office does not seem very concerned nor friendly. Someone who is in charge of this hospital and has some authority needs to pay attention. Please hire someone to answer the phone. I have tried everything I know including writing a post on Google maps to get your attention. E benefits is trash and doesn't work, most veterans are unable to use the system and if you do not answer the phone they are not able to get help! I don't dare attempt to call the suicide hotline for fear it is probably the answering machine. I have written letters to my congressman complaining about the E benefits and not being able to speak with anyone at the VA hospital On Stoner Road. This would be a good beginning by getting rid of these automated answering system that only transfer you to another automated system. Not everyone lives in Shreveport and has the ability to drive into the office or the hospital. Therefore it is imperative that someone answer the phone dam phone when it rings!

Bridgett Jacobs

They are very helpful.

Josue Morataya

I have been recieving care for over a year now and have always being taken care of excellent care for all vets. Thank you

Simon Stanley

Dr. WEISS in the white team primary care is a joke. I have almost 2 decades of evidence of back problems, countless mri's. He lies and changes his story. He refuses to do anything for all the pain I am in.


Clean, very friendly nice people but it's like a maze unless you have been here many times and even then they move offices around.i also wish they had more options of things to eat from the little coffee shop or vending machines that can easily be found.

Arthur Lafayette

The staff at Overton Brooks will go the mile to ensure your health care needs are taken care of.

Robert Taylor

People serving our veterans


Cancel post.


They are liars as to what say they will vs what they actually write in your records. They say one thing out of the left side of their mouth but turn around and something completely different out the right side of their mouth. They don't know how to tell the truth.

M. C. Holmes

Great place and people

Aditya Dewanto Hendrani

Best cardiology staffs. They have best interventional cardiologist in town as well as wonderful and attentive cath lab staffs

Donnie Greer


Daniel Cantú

Jordan Price

This place needs a whole new system in place to help Veterans of all ages. With staff that have every type of Military training marked by each floor. So no one could possibly get lost/confused with where their next step is in processing through this system. It will main stream the process so it won’t have the chance to kink up like it has been in the past.


Jessica Raack

The worst parking i have ever seen in my life. Took me 45 min to find parking and it was in a distnant parking lot they have where you have to take a shuttle bus to get to the hospital. From there the wait in the ER is forever.I have never seen an ER take so long with so little people in the waiting area. On top of that the shuttle bus stops at 5. So when i finally get seen by a doctor ill have to walk 30min + in the dark alone to a my car.

Rooster G

In the ER at 09:30 out of surgery and on my way home by 11:00


Kevin Monette

Great hospital for the veterans

trudy morlock

I enjoy volunteering here and l am happy l could help those gave for our country. Doug is wonderful to work for, he tries to please everyone.

Patricia Iles

Friendly overall staff

mark crabtree

Excellent health care provider

Nancy Still

Very nice staff and very fast service.

Ron Reeves

Fast service. Good doctors. God bless America

Wayne Tyson

Clean. Courteous people

Nathaniel Gage

Worthless place to get any help. They seam to not care about the vets


The people at the va know that veterans don't have many other options for care. This VA is no different.

Sandra Bennett

My husband goes here and like Mr Austin, Dr Odisho treats my husband the same, like he is a criminal instead of a veteran who fought for Dr O’s right to be here practicing medicine . He never listens to his patients needs. He just pushes his agenda on them. As far as the staff, some of them are some of the best people you can ever meet. Some, not so much. A lot of issues need to be addressed and if the doctors or anyone else working there does not have the veterans’ best interest at the fore front of their job, then they can go elsewhere to just get a check. Federal spending is over the moon and the veterans are paying for it through their healthcare.

Robert Maxey

Great place

Bruce Edwards

Would give less stars if possible

Bobby Allen Bryant

While some Veterans have a difficult time locating a particular department at this medical center, I found it to be easier and the staff are more helpful than when I first came here in June 1983!

Renee McElroy

Great employees and they care

Virgil Roark

The fastest I have ever been seen at a VA facility.

Jason Freeman

The VA gets a black eye in the media, and there are some issues in its administration for certain. BUT the medical staff ha e almost without exception been top notch people who genuinely want to help veterans. A big Infantry high 5 to the folks trying their best in a broken socialized system.

Jim Norman

Good service and attentive staff always have gotten excellent treatment. Have run into rude People during check in. Mostly it is a good experience.

James Hamilton

This facility has really came a long way since I have been coming here, overall staff is very attentive and personable.appointments are made pr omptly and evaluations are in depth.It is a no stress place, for sure.

Ryan Sloan


Luis Hernandez


Joseph Johnson

Very good place for Verterans.

debbie millering

worst hospital i have ever dealt with in my life. you call and wait for 30 minutes or more on hold to only be routed to a voice mail. i have been calling for 2 days now with no return phone call from my father's doctor/nurse. terrible place to have to go. i would rather spend my own money and pay for my father's medical than him have to go to this unorganized place you call a hospital. i wouldn't want to bring my pet to this hospital let alone a family member.

Leon Hinkle Sr

Outstanding acupuncturist great for pain relief

William Randle

Eye clinic clerk Lee and patient advocate was very rude and unprofessional.

Cliff Perkins

A fairly decent facility but time consuming at times. Limited availability to record sharing. Parking is horrible and a moron must have designed the elevated parking as it is one way with limited turn around.

Eric Mays Sr.

Excellent staff, best doctors, best VA Hospital in the nation.

John Gearheart

It's getting better but still has a way to go. Parking is difficult. Give yourself 15 to 30 minutes to park even if you have handicapped plates.

Tina Williams

The VA saved my life... I want to say THANK all ER staff!!!

Betty Neathery

Always get the best care.

david bahn

Great service. Thank you VA!

me me

Initial impression: Rude staff, slow service, poor care. More recent visits have not been as bad. Hope they keep it up.

Jim Peel

They have always done me right

Linda Shackelford

Went to visit a family member. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the place. The employees were very friendly. The family member said he gets excellent care. So I have a very favorable impression of the facility.

Harish Bv

Good and beautiful place big hospital I like u

James R. Wilson

They are fast and efficient.

Misty Salazar

Awesome staff

Mozella Bell

My brother was a patient at Overton Brooks. He was prone to aspiration, and during his stay at the VA, they allowed a nursing student to feed him. This student was unsupervised, she did not follow a direct protocol from speech stating that he was to be fed upright at a 90 degree angle during meals, and when he aspirated she did nothing. I was there and witnessed the entire thing. My brother coded for 8 minutes before they were able to revive him. He later died from complications due to her negligence. So no, I don't feel that the VA is a great hospital. When veterans come, they should not have unsupervised students doing anything to them. When a family brings their loved one to the hospital, they should be able to trust the facility. I no longer have that trust.

Dan Hoper

I absolutely love this facility. I get all my medical needs there


The Dr. I was given is horrible

Robert Perkins

I Always receive excellent customer service at Overton-Brooks.

Rex Coday

Parking is terrible. Service is what you expect at any busy hospital.

maurice shepherd

The staffs up really know their job and matter to me.

Al Cates

Caregivers and nurses on the most part extremely good. It is the clerical staff that the majority are not very friendly, helpful or fast in doing their job.

Lee worsham

Excellent staff

Charles Humphrey

Excellent care and attention.

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