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REVIEWS OF Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center IN Louisiana

Hüsam Kanmaz

1978 senesinde bu hastanede böbrek taşı ameliyatı olmuştum o zamanlar bile harika hizmet anlayışı olan bir kurum olduğunu unutmuyorum beni sağlıma kavuşturan insanlara ve hastahane çalışma anlayışına saygılarımla . çok zaman geçti ama 17 günlük güzel hatıralarım var bir gün kapı çalınıp iki üniversite hocası içeri girip adımı sordular tanıştık bana bir haftalık türk gazeteleri getirmişlerdi, çünkü hastane burada yalnız yatan bir hastanın mental yapısını tespit edip okulun int, servisini arayıp bir türk burada yalnız piskolojisi bozulmasın düşünmüş tam bir tıp hizmeti anlayışı. ayrıca değerli hocam özer arnas ,ve mehmet tümay, ara beye soyadını bilmediğim hepsine sonsuz saygılarımı sunarım . bu hastane sayesinde çok değerli dostlar edindim ahmet saracoğlu ve süleyman, ve diğerleri gibi benim için unutulmaz değerli hastanemize başarılı çalışmalar dilerim saygılarımla çok geçikmiş bir yorum olsada. ferit hüsam kanmaz .ıstanbul

Micah Briggs

My cousin spent a week in the hospital due to a sickle cell crisis and still left in major pain and with a lump in her leg. They were no help at all. It took them over 12 hrs just to bring a bedside pan

Sammy Cascio

Well, there is one star because there aren't any NEGATIVE numerals for the stars. This is not a rating pertaining to the actual nursing staff, but toward the women handing out guest passes. I had a friend of the family staying there because of an illness and I wanted to visit with my family. When my family and I were at the the desk where the guest passes were being handed out, there were three workers conversing. They proceeded to compliment my baby girl (almost 3 months) and asked how old she was. I said almost three months. One of the workers said something to my wife, I'm not sure why there was a comment. It was something about how old the baby was. I'm sure the comment was meant harmless, but one of the lady workers said "you can't trust those [mens]" and "we'll put all the tags under your name," pertaining to my wife. This was a blatant feminist comment., not to mention she (my wife)didn't even know the person hospitalized. My daughter recognizes me as the head of the family, and she thought that the statement was awkward and outright derogatory toward me. BUT one of the other lady workers asked my 11 year old daughter if the baby was hers!!! I couldn't believe she said that. I am ashamed of myself for not telling her anything in defense of my daughter, but with everything going on in Baton Rouge, which is one of the main reasons we left the state, I just didn't say anything. My wife and I were immediately furious as we rode up in the elevator.


I wish I could say something good about OLOL but, the quality of care you now get is nothing more than HORRIBLE. I have spent many years in and out of the Lake with family members and friends. My mother had breast cancer and radiation at M. D. Anderson in Houston in 1975. In August 2012 my mother saw Dr. Steven Gremillion and he advised her she had to have a defibrillator to help her heart remove fluid she had started to retain. My mother told him she didn't think he could put the defibrillator where she had radiation....he said it doesn't matter and wasn't interested in what she had to say AT ALL. To make a long and horrible story short. My mother's health did not improve. We had to take her to the emergency room here in our small town six months later. We met a wonderful heart doctor and he ran many test on my mother. It was not her heart at all.......she had kidney cancer. The defibrillator had to be removed immediately as it had completely "rotten" and started coming through the skin. If my mother had been diagnosed correctly maybe something could have been done.......she was given six weeks to live and she lived exactly six weeks to the day. Several years ago, the lake lost many of their GREAT doctors. We all must be very "pro-active" in our care and take great interest in the care our parents and grandparents get. Make sure you listen and never lose your voice to SAY NO!

Greg Brenner

I was taken here after a car accident. Being new to Baton Rouge, I really didnt know much about the hospitals and where to be taken. First and foremost, the hospital staff are all very nice. But after being there for 5 hours and seeing up to 8 different specialists, it became obvious that they were doing procedures on me to rack up the bill. Take blood Give fluids X ray of the leg Tetans shot Cat scan of my head Thyroid check It went on and on for 5 long hours. Every time a doctor would say "I'll be right back", it was 30 minutes later. I strongly felt that they wanted to get me to be there for 5 hours so they could charge off half a day to Aetna. Of course my insurance covered everything because I have amazing insurance, but this hospital is not ethical at all. And of course I told them all of this in their survey and never heard a word back from them.

Michelle Eisley

NEEDS A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Refused treatment to my 1 year old granddaughter, sent me home to die. Thank goodness Earl K Long saved my life. And now my daughter is afraid to bring her african American child to the hospital for fear they will dismiss her ailments again. Don’t know where to get proper care for our child. DEVIL WORSHIPPERS

david addis

In March of 2018 I went for annual physical exam which there is no co-pay. I receive a statement a month later asking for the co-pay. I was told the doctor billed me for a office visit in addition to the annual physical because I discussed my medical issues with the doctor. I said that is what you do in a medical exam. I will find another medical center to do business with.

Karyn Womack

My 18 year old daughter has been in the emergency room for five hours with a head injury from a car accident. She is an LSU strident and was taken by ambulance and is still waiting for stitches. Don't go anywhere near this hospital!!!!

Gerilynn Washington

Christy Meaux

I would never work for this company again. They do not pay well and insurance is even worst. The whole FMOLS hospital have stopped paying PRN extra! That is crazy! That shows you how broke this hospital is. The big wigs do not know what they are doing, nor do they know how to do math to help save money. Also they are not creative in save money. Every one there is miserable, and in a bad mood. Compared to other hospitals they pay really really low. No real bonus', no real incentives either. So good luck if you work here. You will get paid less and work your tail off.

Gary Hefner

This has got to be the most incompetent hospital I have ever heard of, a friend of mine who is paralyzed from the chest down call my wife and I the other night because his heart monitor sensor had fallen off and his vitals were at 0 for heart rate and Blood Pressure, he stay on the phone with my wife for 45 minutes before a nurse finally came into his room to check on why the heart monitor was not working. needless to say had he actually went into cardiac arrest would the response have been any quicker, that answer remains to be seen, they have not given him a bath for two weeks, and now he currently has a bedsore that has appeared and due to the neglect of the nurse's has began to decompose to the point they have to scrape all the infection out of the wound to the bone, not sure who to contact, i call the patient advocacy number and of course nobody returned my call. I am very shocked and upset that people who take an oath to treat patient's with compassion and care evidently did not mean what they were saying when they took this oath, if a person does not care for the patient's why are they even still working there? I suggest to anyone that can avoid this hospital to do so, if you want to live to get out of this joke of a hospital! And the only reason I gave the 1 star rating is because it wouldn't let me post without doing so! I think this hospital and it's staff should be reported to whatever agency that oversee's healthcare in Louisiana.

Terry Villar

Doctors, nurses, and support staff has been great. But the food service is the absolute worst. You place and order hoping you get what you ordered. There were several days I got nothing that I ordered. And when you try to call and find out, they hang up on you and don't help you. You may be better off to have your family bring you as much food as you can. If it weren't for the actual doctors and professional staff, I wouldn't rate it more than 1 star.

Allen Hernandez

Had good friend who was hurt after he fell from a ladder. Got great care by the bone doctor and team that took care of him in the hospital. Wouldn't hesitate to go there myself or recommend a friend.

Roshelle Roshelle


Pamela Rodriguez

The doctors and nurses are on top of EVERYthing

Kharon Walker

The nurses and staff are horrible on the fifth floor.

Darneekia Burton

Waited in the waiting room for five hours only to be told that there were eight people still ahead of me and still didn't get seen after six hours the only thing that had been taken was blood work don't ever go here they'll let you die first before your seen

S Baranco

SOME OF The ER nurses are grumpy , neglectful, and have no heart towards nursing.

Santos Rojas

Austin Gaudin

Literally the worst medical center in Baton Rouge, especially the ER. The wait times have never been less than 3 hours and the triage nurse is nothing but an illusion. Unless you come in with a gaping wound or other obvious physical injury it is 100% first come first serve, causing people in pain to wait behind those who are joking and playing around with their families. -10/10 wish I never had to come again.

Jamlamin Tarmikos

Had spine surgery and a three night stay afterwards. The surgery went great, and the stay was okay. The nurses were a little slow to respond to calls/needs sometimes which isn't ideal if your pain medications have worn completely off while you were asleep or if you can't make it to the bathroom and really have to go. While I was there I had several different people to come in to quiz me about the quality of my care. Sometimes it felt like they were checking in on me more than the nurses. The billing department is what has me scared. First off, they are pathologically incapable of returning a call. If they tell you they will call back within 24 hours that is a lie. Before I went in a payment plan was arranged, but I neglected to get it in writing. Now they refuse to honor the payment plan because it's not in the system. Depending on whom I have talked to I have been told they cannot allow me to take more than 12, 15, or 18 months to pay off my debt due to hospital policy. The payment plan we had agreed on would have it paid off in 10 months, but the first few months would have had a lower payment.

Marcia Blunt

I can honestly say that if I had to have surgery, it would definitely not be here. The attitudes of some of the nurses are shocking. Whatever happened to nurses checking on the patient hourly especially after major surgery? You can definitely tell the difference between the day and night shift. I miss the days of the older more experienced nurses that actually cared.

James Marallo

Excellent care

Ronda Richardson

We are here becasue our daughter needs treatment and they have been amazing in a very stressful time for us.

Heather Garlington

The only great hospital in Baton Rouge! I'm admitted in a room now. They have taken excellent care of me The staff is excellent. I would like to add that my nurse, MaDearion, I had been the best nurse that I have ever had.

Tyler Davis


Abby Thibodeaux

He nurses were so rude and disrespectful and tried to tell me how to raise my own child. I was just not happy at all.

Debbie Ruckman

Worst hospital stay ever. Nurses were horrible. Was on a bed pan. Took forever to put me on it n forever to get me off. I had bruises as a result from being on to long. Had nurse throw the nurse's remote at me n said for me to call someone else. I will go to another hospital. Never again will I go to OLOL!!

Patricia Normand

I had a lovely experience. The whole staff was caring and concerned for my welfare.The O.R staff and admitting and transport crew, they were all great! I would recommend this facility

Ashley Adams

I will never have any procedure done at this hospital again. Their billing department is beyond help. I've been dealing with them for 6 months for an error that THEY have made with my billing. Every time I call it's the same response "it will be taken care of in 10-15 days" and it hasn't been fixed. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone

Denise Bess

See pulmonary doctor there staff very rude. Never want to answer the phone and when they do they are very short and snappy with you as if they have something better to do. When you arrive at the desk they will not greet you. You will literally wait until they are done laughing at who's every joke they just heard then try be like your late. No I'm here on time your not helping me when I walk through the door or even acknowledge that I'm here until it's convenient for you. Can't wait to change doctor and the staff

Johnna Jeansonne

Kristen Aguillard Conradi

Taylor Lanclos

Staff is okay, but billing has been killing me slowly for the past year and a half. One month, I noticed my credit score dropped significantly. When I ran a credit report, I noticed some derogatory debts affecting my credit score--and they were from OLOL. I never received a bill, nor a phone call about these payments I had not completed. When I called the billing department, they did not seem to know about these missed payments or why I was sent to collections and was never called. To keep a long story short, the first time I called, they realized my address was wrong because they did not have my apartment number. That was supposedly fixed and they sent the bill. A week later, I still had not received my bill. So I called again and the address was still wrong. The billing department fixed it again, I paid over the phone, and I received my EOB. I thought everything was okay until I got a phone call from a collections agency last month for another bill that had not been paid. Again, I never got a phone call, nor a bill from OLOL about this payment. The collection agency said that the address they received from OLOL was still the wrong address from the first time! Still no apartment number! This is a hospital! Why is it so hard to get my address correct!? This hospital has been highly unprofessional with regards to my experience. I hope nobody has had to deal with the same billing experience as I did.

Jay Lew

I was a patient here. Very good people. Everything is a learning experience, for me. Thank you, so much.

Jena Jknockum

Had a pleasant stay and staff was great besides night ones hard catch all my dr was n still is great wonderful place

christopher h davidge


Aaron Braud

Severe neuropathy pain. There reply was that they don't treat chronic pain. It is Labor Day weekend and my doctor isn't open. Come back tomorrow and we'll have someone to help you get an appointment with someone who can help you.

Chericia Thomas

Tracie Silva

Got bitten while in the er by bed bugs.

Bridgette Bennett

I am so done with this hospital and its staff. We have been here almost a week and not one person smiles and god forbid you ask for something. They only changed her sheets once and it was because I had to get crazy and just now had to call and complain for them to bring clean sheets so I could change the bed. If none of you idiots like your job maybe you should find a new one because dealing with sick people is not your calling they need to feel cared about. The worst though they had a seat on the chair and it had poop on it and she said all they did was throw a towel over it..This place is the biggest joke I have ever seen..

reggie dupre'

There for 2 major back surgeries , spent 8 days there. The absolute best nurse staff I have been exposed to. I’m 68 and have had several big surgeries. I’m my opinion nursing care has been going downhill. But, this past stay at LOL BR was so different. My opinion of why they were better is all nurses were all from very close to BR, Clinton, central, Prarievilke and BR. They believed in what LOL was about and they cared for their patients, we were they’re community. Can’t say enough about how good the care was

Nichole Haney

I came in2hours ago with chest pains,all signs of a heart attack and still no help..and I was brought in by nurse was rude

Leila Chowdhury

Gene Inman

The most bizarre medical experience in my life. Emergency colon surgery that turned into a nightmare stay in this place. Six months of dehydration that wouldn't stop due to bad diagnosis, wrong medicines prescribed, wrong charts read, a plethora of tests of unknown value performed, plus different opinions from doctors that didn't communicate with one another………. Entering at a not fat 225 lbs. and leaving at 160 lbs. I feel lucky to have gotten out alive and able to enter a proper hospital with competent doctors for proper treatment. Then came the hospital bills. A team of CPA's couldn't figure them out on their best day. A grand mess which will never be resolved properly. In Conclusion: I would not go back to this hospital for any reason whatsoever, and I use the term "hospital" loosely. In order to publish this I had to rate this dump with one star. Even this is too much of a rating.

Terri Boyd

They all treated me nicely/

Madison Cleary

Avoid this place and all affiliates like the plague. Their staff couldn’t care less about you and their billing department will hold your money hostage. Makes sense since it’s been run by a criminal... but that’s none of my business...

Nicole Perry

The emergency room wait time is absolutely ridiculous! I set in the waiting room for 3 hours in pain and throwing up and still had not been called! Outrageous!

Tracey Payton

Great care

Carlas Pretty

My son was given a medication that he had a severe adverse reaction to on 2/21/19. He was put in restraints but not before he was pushed and pinned up against the wall and the floor. No one called me and advised me of anything. Mothers intuition made me call this place just for them to inform me that they were struggling with putting my son in restraints but when they discribed what he was doing and I was able to hear him (crying, hyperventilating, and his Tourette’s) I explained what I feel to a nurse should be common sense he’s in trouble he’s having a reaction to the medication. He began hallucinating and continued hyperventilating. I have called to check on my son more than 5 times today 2/22/19, I’ve been told that he’s still sleeping from last nights ordeal. When I was told that the 3rd time I asked could someone check his blood pressure just to be told that the person who had given me the information twice stating that he was sleeping “was not his nurse” and that I needed to call back and see if he nurse had taken his blood pressure. Needless to say his blood pressure is 98/55 and now I’m being told that he’s in a wheelchair. But the counselor tells me that “he wasn’t in a wheelchair when I saw him, he was laying down” no one is being honest no one cares about the overall well-being of these children these people are very tunnel vision driven and they don’t care if it’s to the detriment of these children or not. It’s evident because on one of my visits they were pointing to who they considered the warden to be. So these workers really look at this as jail and these children as a number or just an inmate.

Cathalene Walsh

Albeit scary, the nurses and staff were great. The Dr's made me feel at ease,and went into great depth to explain what was wrong

Angeleah Simmons

We went to children's ed yesterday when my daughter fell and busted her head open. Super fast response, great docs, nurses and staff. They kept my baby calm and relaxed during the stitches. We watched a movie and left with a bracelet and a barbie. Wonderful place

Christina Mitchell


I had a terrible time , it took me hours to get the back. Still no help the medicine prescribed for me no pharmacy can fill it. I am in serve pain and the ER keeps putting me on hold. Just terrible all around . Wish i could say different, my nurse was to sweet. But they obviously do not want to help me with my pain. I got assaulted and they are taking like a joke. Ridiculous. Doctor was ok but didn’t fully understand my pain.

Kathy Wright

ICU staff is very knowledgeable and diligent in their care giving. Doctors explained everything so that our family understood why our sister was so sick and how they planned treatment. I am so very thankful that my Mom and sister have access to excellent medical care.

Joe Bison

The nurse staff is great

Nic Garon

both of my grandmothers passed away. the nurses seemed as if their job was a joke and that they could chat and have funny stories. they seemed to have no serious attitude and it really depressed me. it took about 30 minutes to get somebody over the position of janitor to get into the room and when they did, they treated my grandmother like a newborn baby. she wanted water but I guess that wasn't on the top of their priorities. Terrible experience. wait time for a doctor was about 12 hours

Rita White

Sat there for 2.5 hrs only to find out there was another 6 or more people in front of me. Lady at desk threatened me if I left before being seen. I was suffering with a severe pain and was referred to the ER by my doctor. This is ridiculous.

Vapingis Mylife

Awesome docs


Jessie Collins

I have to pretend This Medical Center is too cold in Baton Rouge!

Joshua Day-Elliott

Need to do better keeping coffee for family members of patients.

En Sabah Nur

The only place I will seek medical help.

Chad Smith

Easily accessible

Tez is the Best

They are so nice.

Dakota & Olivia Wilkinson

I have been there be for the best people in the world make sure you have everything you need

Bryan Villavaso Jr

Great hospital

Lyndsey Foley

I've had some pretty bad experiences with ER's but OLOL made my visit easy and pleasant as could be. I got in quickly and was not left waiting long at all before a PA was treating me. The staff was friendly despite having to work while everyone else got a snow day. Even the receptionist who was suffering from the cold herself had me laughing even though I was in excruciating pain.

troy rogers

An awful experience with the children's hospital and surgeon with the bone and joint clinic...daughter obtained MRSA (staph infection) following spinal fusion. The attending boasted about her being able to discharge only a couple of days after the surgery. There was redness at the incision site. She was in pain, but we were assured it would improve. She was readmitted a week later with copious amounts of fluid near the spine. The facility took no responsibility, instead deflected it -- promptly deploying some infectious disease specialist to our room to stress the impossibility of determining how the infection began and asking if we had pets at home. It felt as though we were being blamed. The floor nursing was understaffed resulting in careless and serious errors...avoid it when possible and choose the General whenever possible. To add insult to injury the hospital offered her an employee of the month award with a gift certificate to Walmart and invited her parents to be interviewed for a local talk show so that we might praise the experience.. all to save face. Ultimately, several reincisions were required in order to clean and debride the site. And my daughter finally returned home on IV antibiotics for months.

Benjamin Jones

I went in with trouble breathing and sharp pain everytime I breathed and also I have asthma and work in a chemical plant. They never saw omw to another hospital because the lady up from wouldn't listen to me,got mean when I asked how long its going to be and then said ill be lucky if I ever get seen. Ive been there from 9am to 830pm. Never ever will I go back to this hospital even if in dieing

Kayla Norman

Gunner Johns

The billing department is the worst, most incompetent group I have ever dealt with... They sent me to a collection agency TWICE... even after I called after the first time to correct them on the address... they didn't again... Again... the billing department is a joke and they need to have consequences for negatively effecting someone's Credit score with I take very serious!

Kathy Crowder

This was the worse that I have ever been treated at an ER . The staff in the back didn’t know what they were doing, the doctor sure didn’t know, and they make sure your call button is way up high behind you. And put iv in saying they need to run test ct scan and then they never do . Trying to change insurance for that and they didn’t do test. Sad place to go.


Stayed Here 7DAYS The Week/WeekEND Of Hurricane Barry and The Staff On The 6th Floor Was Nice Friendly and ALWAYS On Time Getting Assistance To Me !!! The WHOLE STAFF At This HOSPITAL Made My Stay GREAT !!!! Even With The Hurricane Being Out There and The Tornados Following With Wind and Rain, The STAFF Still Did There JOB, with no complaining of Being At Work In Weather, It Was Like Another Work Day, ALL ABOUT TAKING CARE OF THE PATIENTS and That They Did GREAT !!!! THANKS STAFF on The 6th Floor and The Rest Of The Workers In Whole Buliding !!!

Diane Thompson

The Lake hospital has always been great to me but some of the staff could we a personality transplant. Called for directions to the office of one of their doctors, the person I spoke too was rude and acted like I was wasting her time. I apologized for it and she acted like she had done nothing wrong. I wished her a good day and hung up. Grouchy woman!

Laura Jones

If I could give 0 stars I would. First, my husband was transferred here from another hospital, that couldn't provide the level of care he needed, to be admitted and treated. He was transported via ambulance through the ER. They knew he was coming and had several hours to find him a room and made him sit in the ER from 2 to 8:30 pm before they assigned him a room. The ER nurse was not very competent. He couldn't even remember that he was transferred here to be admitted. He caused an IV site to leak by pulling blood for labs and kept pushing flush and causing undue pain before he started another IV. A different nurse came in to give him some meds and she didn't believe that the first site was no good and refused to use the second IV until she tested the first site. My husband and i told her repeatedly that we believed it to be blown because it hurt when they injected anything. She argued that it wasn't because it wasn't swollen. She was told not to use it and not to push anything through it but she ignored us and did it anyway and pointed out why it wasn't blown. She also caused undue pain. Then, surgeons came and said they were going to cut his arm open and drain the wound. My husband was told by 1 if the 4 surgeons that he would get IV pain medicine before they cut him and of course local too. Another surgeon said that they were not giving IV meds because the local is enough. I told him that they did that 2 days ago at the other hospital and made him hurt so bad he got sick. They gave him nothing but local then too. He said "we are surgeons. It will feel better." He lied. My husband was once again in excruciating pain. They wouldn't give him any pain medicine for 2 hours when he finally got transferred to the Express Admission Unit right before he got a room. The surgeon that said he would get pain medicine before being cut on came in and asked how he was feeling. He told him "ok". Then he told my husband to rest. He didn't look at the wound or anything and left. Then, the nurse station receptionists are all very rude all of the time. They didn't even tell his nurse he called for his medicine when he called 20 minutes prior to me walking up there.Then, the CNA this morning was so rude to my husband while taking vitals this morning as well. He was in pain and holding his injured arm with his other arm and she said "ARM" so rudely it was surprising. Then she said in the same tone, "MOUTH" to take his temperature. The nurse came in and told my husband that the doctors took him off his pain medicine and will come see him sometime this afternoon and may discharge him tonight. I am furious because they have not spoken to him or even looked at his injury to even know if it is time to be discharged. He is having another problem and they don't know because there has been no proper follow up. He is still in excruciating pain and must suffer until they decide to show up. He needs to be kept until this gets somewhat better and it isn't yet. I will not allow them to send him home again until there is some progress. This place is absolutely ridiculous and they do not care about their patients thoroughly and properly. I will be contacting the insurance company, the hospital administrator, and the insurance commissioner regarding these issues. I rarely give a bad review unless it truly needs to be done. This is definitely one of those cases.

Theresa Shaffer

My daughter, Rachel came in with Pancreatitis. She was very, very sick. The doctors and nursing staff were excellent in their treatment and care of her. I am very grateful for the kindness and caring they showed to her during this hospital stay. Thank you all so very much!

Alina Nguyen

Is was the big mistake take my mom to the our lady of the lake hospital The nurse is not friendly You ask to speak to the nurse you have to wait for at least 2 hours and no one coming to the room You literally have to walk out to the desk where they work and ask again to speak to the nurse The patient need to go to the restroom she doesn’t offer to guide the patient at all and just walk to her desk Ask her a question she just repeating herself from the beginning Wow they are really professional Where is the ethical they learn in school

Janelle Mizell

This hospital will let you die! Waited in the waiting room for over 3 hours with a swollen ankle from fluid, heart pains & shortness of breathe. I was never seen, I am leaving!


Go somewhere else. They sadly do not care about their patients, this place needs a lot of work!

Desiree' Jordan

karla klenert

Food service was TERRIBLE. Almost impossible to receive for a PATIENT....MUCH LESS A GUEST.

Shannon M. Ellis

Won't go here for care. Baton Rouge General was a far greater experience.

Mary Millard

Wonderful staff from front desk to doctors. Had an outpatient procedure and great care was taken to see if I was comfortable. Even being wheeled out the aid was pleasant and wished me well after pushing me to our car door. Great place.

Heather Schexnayder

Took my 3 month old cousin who I have been watching 50+ hours a week since she was born in for a small fever and uncontrollable screaming crying for hours on in. I let them know she is not a normal fussy baby and that it was not gas that was causing her fuss. They checked her vitals and then sent us on our way saying she was just having “a bad day”. Her mother and I followed up the next day with her regular pediatrician. They actually tested her and guess what, she was positive for flu! I’ve raised kids before and I knew something wasn’t right and they completely overlooked the most obvious cause. Never dismiss a parents concern just because you think they don’t know what they’re talking about because they look young. (I’m pushing 30, but do look younger). This wasn’t even the first time they’ve messed up with one of my family members. They gave my stepfather peanut butter as a snack when he has it ON RECORD that he is allergic to nuts. Not once, but twice they did that at two separate visits and nearly killed him the first time. Absolute negligence at that establishment and is a prime reason that 1. I will never go there again and deter anyone I know from going there and 2. Refused to do nursing school there.

uhuigty7j Ahmed

Is not emergency room 4 hours to see doctor next call and make appointment then go .

g x

They have the worst people to talk to if you have problem. Dr. Blanche, the low-life idiot in the red scrubs with the messed up hair talked to me like I was stupid. I'll never use their services again.

Lakeisha Pugh

I love Our Lady Of The Lake Hospital I had back surgery there in 2012 and I could not have ask for better Doctors nurses and CNA's they treated me with the best care they always had a smile on there faces and very nice people..


I was taken by ambulance for an extreme panic attack when I voiced suicidal tendencies, and let me just say that I am aghast at the lack of empathy or care that I was shown by the EMTs and mental health staff. Everyone except for 2 nurses and the psychiatrist on call was dismissive, rude, and just generally unwilling to take into consideration that I was in full mental crisis. I was literally laughed at by a nurse. I am appauled at the lack of professionalism or understanding that you would expect from someone working in healthcare, let alone in the mental emergency department. Do not come here for help.

Da’veed Holt

I have been waiting for 3 hours and still have not seen anyone and there are only 13 people in here

Meagan Blackwell

Great staff. Excellent medical care!

Billy Collins

I only gave 5 stars because I wanted my review to be seen but the reason I posted this was because I was treated as if I were a inmate wile I stay my few days at this hell hole


April Turner

Very HORRIBLE staff they are very disrespectful and treated my fiancé poorly and never had any answers to his questions. They screamed and yelled at me for no reason and put me out his room when i never did anything or said a word to deserve that type of treatment. They held him there against his will and wouldn't feed him or give him anything to drink or transfer him to a different hospital when he asked repeatedly. He was so dehydrated that they couldn't find a vein for a iv so they keep sticking him over and over knowing he didn't have a vein to use and it left him bruised and sore. We will be filing a lawsuit against the hospital. Very unprofessional and disappointing!!!

christine carlino

I went There went a heart arrhythmia… before I found out I had no insurance everything is great in air body was helpful once they found out I had no insurance I was left alone in a dark and cold room by myself and later they came in told me well everything looks good you can leave now and I heard what are the other men say good just in time for our lunch so here I am is 60 years old woman with a 180 heart beat a Ridley ya out of control and name did not do a thing to help me they would not do a thing to help me the to more time to set up the EKG buttons on my chest longer than it took them the time to run the test I'm very upset and I was told well if you have a 180 heart beat again or you have a heart attack do we can help you but right now we can do nothing

Loretta Chanet

OLOL is one of the best hospital, I would recommend this facility to anyone who’s needing a hospital. I have always had a great experience when I visited.

SogeKing 800followers

It took 7 hours to get seen by a doctor in the emergency room with chest pain. It allegedly took them 2 hours to clean rooms in order to get me seen. They have a girl with a concussion in the waiting room falling asleep and when nurses were noted they came to her with no urgency! THIS PLACE IS NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO GO IF YOH THINK YOU HAVE A POSSIBILITY OF DYING.

Chelsea Favroth

Jamielee Sloan

My nurse Lauren was awesome she was on top of her game. She made sure I was OK and came every time I needed her. But because of other reasons I will never come back here. I have been waiting for a bed now in the ER for hours its pretty bad that you have to wait for hours laying on a hard ass bed in the ER until you get up stairs. The only reason I didn't sign out AMA was because my nurse Lauren did everything she could to make sure I was OK.

Sanchit Jain

The Emergency room isnt really emergency.

Cristy Hayes

If you want a fighting chance, go to a different hospital. The woefully unqualified and unprofessional support staff paired with some of the lowest ranking physicians in the state (particularly if your insurance is unimpressive) together make a lethal team. I watched my family member suffer a number of physical impairments after an ill-advised and poorly orchestrated cardiovascular surgery, followed by over medicating with powerful narcotics and poorly administering blood thinners resulting in a blood clot/brain bleed (no one is quite sure which). Without the proper insurance to cover such complications and no assistance from this “not for profit” facility, he was given one of the least qualified brain surgeons on staff before being moved from floor to floor (neurology, respiratory, then remote unclassified dark and dirty room) while staff was preparing a “soft shutdown” according to the last physician in charge – an “internal medicine” physician when he was in need of neurology and cardiovascular specialists. He was without any outside consult with REAL physicians specializing in his areas of need, moved out of his bed at Our Lady of the Lake to a rehab facility where he was left without any follow-up from his original physicians but rather in the substantially under-qualified and ill-equipped care of a family medicine physician and rehab therapists before he passed away. Don’t do this to your loved one. I wish we had known before his funeral what we know now. (And do not be deceived by such rankings as those reported by U.S. News & World Report. These are based on partnerships and other hospital "relationships.") The Howell Family

Lauren Bourque

Nice facility. Some good doctors and nurses, some merely adequate. Had one doctor do double arterial catheters and place a Foley catheter with no anesthetic and was rude to me about it.

The Section 8 Alumni Chronicles

How much more heartless can a place be? Surgery first thing tomorrow and the FIRST THING I get today is a call from their billing department with a price breakdown. And some pushy little bill collector girl pressing me to “pay something”. On top of that, they dig up a previous bill from God knows when. I mean WTF?! Do you guess think your some kind of luxury hotel that everyone wants to come to? I know a lot of people use it like that... throwing Super Bowl parties and s$$t in the eating rooms... but trust me... it’s the last place I want to be. So now I’m sitting here, stressed, on whether or not I’m having this surgery in the morning. I feel like saying so much more but between the expletives and the fact that I can’t yell... I feel it would be a waste of my time. Maybe I should call Channel 2?

Kalua Lauber

I went in after being referred to the emergency room by OLOL Urgent care as my blood pressure was 185/100. I told the triage nurse that I am 52 years old and have had a hysterectomy and have never been able to have a child. They gave me a pregnancy test anyway to "protect themselves"...who am I the Virgin Mary? Then they ordered a CT Scan which I knew was ridiculous so I got up to leave and had to pay $396 at the door even though I am fully insured. I wrote a complaint/dispute about the pregnancy test and received a letter from them stating that because it was a partial hysterectomy it was in the realm of possibility that I could indeed be pregnant. What? I don't have a uterus! Did these people even go to medical school? Flash forward one month later and I have these bills from the doctor and from the hospital totaling about $2,000. They didn't so much as give me an aspirin while I was there and I had to go to my primary the following day who increased my blood pressure medicine. I could have had a stroke while they were playing around inflating the bill with unnecessary tests. I am disputing the charges with both the hospital and filing a medical appeal with my insurance company. The only thing I am liable for are the blood tests they ran with the exception of the ridiculous pregnancy test. Don't go to their emergency room if you want to live and not receive bloated bills for months to follow. I waited for them to do the right thing before writing this by the way as I am a Catholic and trusted them, but now I see that they just want money. Never again my friend, never again.

Leslie Jeansonne

Wonderful experience. Attending physicians were great. Nurses were awesome. So kind, caring and professional. The support staff were also great. Very engaging. When I was discharged, the staff spent lots of time helping me with getting discounts on a very expensive drug. I want to thank them for all that they did to make my stay comfortable and my care their utmost concern.

Mike Mooney

My friend had brain surgery 9/20/18. What happened that day in the operating room to cause so many patients to catch staph infection? Surgeon at the time played with her health til dec when he finally cleaned her put then neglected her treatment, Infectous Disease Dr there cldnt cure it after 10 weeks of IV antibiotics. Last time she walked into olol neuro surgeons office he thought she looked great after all these times stating she was still infected that the ID dr didnt treat her infection adequately but that day he wanted to refer her out, she was fully infected and was scheduled to have her second picc line put in that afternoon dirty hands/dirty equipment? Lab report suggest. Recently she spent 21 days in a hospital out of state over this hospitals and its physicians negligence Her battle isnt over, she needs more surgeries, some cant be done due to severety of infection that old bro from Baton Rouge said wasn't a bad infection... Shes been put of work for almost a yr, will need antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs the rest of her life and her vision is messed up. What has olol done for her and her family? Nothing, not even a courtesy phone call, refused to meet with her. She will never look the same or see the same and may not be able to work bc someone broke protocol that day and patients got really sick. The infection rate from that day was so high the cdc was called in. OLOL it's time you take responsibility for this and make sure you have higher standard of care for your patients in the future.. You could have had the decency to meet with her, take a good look at what this has done to her and her family and listen to how 1 persons neglect has affected her life in such a horrible way. Take patients safety first instead of the almighty dollar. Watching the differences other hospitals go to protect their patients compared to our lady of the lake is an eye opener for sure. I wish the other patients from 9/20/18 would come forward as well

Jessica Dias de Oliveira

Jeff Smith

OLOL has always been my medical facility of choice. I've had one unpleasant experience in the ER (and I have been there several times), but the problem was the personality and demeanor of the out-of-network "doctor" that I saw. I have never had to wait very long in the ER to get medical attention. As a patient who had a 15 day stay in the hospital once, I cannot say enough nice things about the doctors and nurses that tended to me. The nurses, especially, made the stay just a little less horrible than it could have been.

Beau Minson

It's a good hospital it's just so busy now!

Nigel Smith

I simply don’t understand. I went to the ER for EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE, and sat down for over a hour without seeing a doctor. Even when my pain and symptoms get worst, I notified the triage nurse and she did not take my complaints seriously. This is how people die waiting in the waiting room. I understand that assist is provided based on critical need, but a appeared abdominal aneurysm, abdominal and chest chest pain is critical, especially if it ruptures! I had to leave the facility because I have small children at home. I did attempt to register online for a later appointment, but was denied and was giving a message stating that my appointment can’t be made because my symptoms require IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION! Wow I hope that I can make it through tonight, I’m definitely going to seek care from my primary in a few hours.

Monica DeNault

NOT HAPPY w/ services rendered @ all !

Lee Accardo

Went in from 15 recommendations sent medical information about my rare cancer was great took the research studied more on it and ordered the proper scans and blood work. I got my scans witch indicated multiple spreading in multiple major organs including a hernia from recent operation a mammogram also was recommend Then he talked to the surgeon who did not follow protocol for my tumor by biopsy causing all this spreading to my thyroid, shoulders,liver, breast, thorax, esophagus, that My sternum is increasingly becoming Asymmetric which should have been told to me. means I'm crooked in scans their are at least 6-8 noddles that weren't there from previous CT. Then his attitude changes from doing what I needed to their is nothing wrong with me and he was not biopsing a 1mm tumor witch in all scans ranged from 2-5 mm. This rare cancer is different they need to be removed even at one half of a mm. Tells me their is nothing wrong with me. What about the mammogram what about the hernia what about the soft tissue what about the nodules in my thyroid that one there before for my liver and all the other places because his colleagues with another doctor in that hospital his report page constantly refers to my surgeon and decided to lie to me about my results because I spoke to someone else who is a Rady I would just specialist and told me that they found multiple things and they don't recommend things that are there for nothing that that was their job I cannot believe had doctors on more concerned about a lawsuit and saving a life and I know in my heart that this is what was done I have the proof the document prior CAT scan the CAT scans today and I am going to a specialist that is going to give me six different kinds a CAT scan that will give me the proof to prove that he was lying to me and I am appalled that this doctor goes in to save lives but only cares about his buddy because his buddy didn't follow the directions that were clearly on the CAT scans prior before

Erin Veilleux

Gross waiting area... I left.

Cali Girl

We live in California and were in Baton Rouge to attend my stepfather's funeral service. While there, my mother in law fell and hit her head. She had to be transported to receive stitches. She ended up being admitted, as she also had a bad UTI, and very weak. Her blood pressure was 212/102. While everyone we dealt with was pleasant, the incompetence was astounding. Her son had brought in all of her medications. A young lady came in and went thru them. Recording each one in their system. Once she was admitted, another woman came in asking to see the meds again. My husband asked if they communicated with one another. He was told they have to double check each other. What the what??? We asked why she wasn't on a monitor for her BP and were told we only take it every 4 hours. To top it off, we've been here since 7am this morning. It's now 6:30pm and they still haven't given her anything to eat. Heading downstairs to purchase her something to eat. Clearly the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. Never again!!!!

Josh Richard

While I can not condemn the entire hospital, I would not recommend the psychiatric department. As a software developer, I do a lot of work on a computer. A psychiatrist here claimed that because she can not type an email while drunk, no one can. Then instead of getting the second opinion I was legally entitled to here, the psychiatrists here told me they did not know me, so they were going to do what the other doctor wanted. That is not a second opinion!

Jenn Wheeler

DHH and OSHA violations all over the place! Sharps, blood, gauze, bandages just laying on counters in the room. My sisters IV beeped for 3 days before they finally realized it was KINKED after being told more than a dozen times . This place sickens me.

jessminda cleveland


had to take wife to the ER due to some dizziness and heart rate problems. was checked in right away then taken to get vitals and an ekg. then sent to waiting room. the wait took about 40 to 45 mins before she was taken to a room in the ER which seemed to be a very long wait. the nurse came in right away to hook her up to the monitors and to take some blood and start an iv line. she saw one student doctor and 3 other doctors who examined her. all were very professional and courteous. they did a very complete workup. both nurses were exceptional as well.

Aaron Sleeth

I went to Our Lady of the Lake emergency room last week and it was a good experience (as much as a Emergency Room can be). I waited for about ten minutes then a nurse brought me to the back. My hand was stitched up and I was on my way home within a hour and half. Everyone was so nice and caring. I would highly recommend Our Lady of the Lake to anyone that needed an emergency room.

Jeni Gardner

Very helpful nurses, had an outpatient surgery, and I was only there 7 hours(the surgery only took 2.5 hours, check in and recovery took longer! They let me go home when I could walk and pee.

Shareece L

Are you tired of being healthy. Are you tired of only going to the hospital for a doctor's note for work

Robin M

Recently while at the OLOL hospital, I ordered flowers from Above & Beyond Gifts & Florals, "the gift shop located on first floor." I personally had a small issue, but when I contacted the gift shop, I was directed to the assistant manager, she was a professional, listened and quickly offered a solution. The patient was overjoyed and sent me a photo. I too was very pleased. Great customer service and wonderful place to shop. I will be back, Thank you...for going above & beyond for me!

Gross Realty & Development LLC

I had a 3 inch nail along with a 1x3 stuck in my hand and the folks over at this hospital me this experience really comfortable for me Everyone was very professional and made me feel as if I was the only patient there My ER nurses was the best especially Nurse by the name Amber

Pat Butrum

I was on vacation in Baton Rouge when my arm started aching. I was taken to the Emergency Room. Very courteous and professional personnel. I was treated for two blood clots. I now have returned home to Iowa. I would recommend this hospital.

Jim Scott

I had acute appendicitis and was admitted on a Sunday afternoon. I have blue cross insurance. While laying in the emergency room waiting to have an MRI several different OLOL personnel reputedly came in the room that was shared with myself and two other patients and their families. The personal asked me to say my name social security number out loud, and then read off my previous stays medical conditions and asked if that was me. Have these people ever heard of the HIPPA act? The ER doctor requested that the surgery be done immediately but because the on call surgeon lived out of town he had me put into a morphine coma and put me at risk for a perforated appendix. I did not go in to surgery until Monday afternoon. when I awoke in the recovery room I was on the floor. I tried to get up and fell, Some young man came over and tried to walk me down the hall and I passed out again. The nest thing I know I was in my room, This place is the new Charity hospital. When and if I need emergency care next time I will go to the General!

Marío Berlú

(Translated by Google) I like it (Original) Me gusta


This is a good hospital, f it wasnt for them, my daughter woulnt be here alive.

Megan Sharp

4 hour ER wait. Ridiculous.

christine patin

this place is great

MR Jones

"Nga" is a wonderful nurse. Answered all our questions. Nga was professional, gentle, sweet and adorable.

Steven Mark Abrams

I have know four people who have died due to malpractice. Someone in my family also died due to malpractice. That hospital is not about good outcomes instead they bleed your insurance dry.. In short they care about money not people.

sheila holifield

My nephew is there in the trama icu from a bad car wreak. The doctors and staff are really good. They are taking good care of him. Thanks

Ninja Skater

DO NOT GO HERE. i should've read the reviews first. I came here because i had a fall, and ended up chipping my tooth and biting straight through my lip. I also skinned my leg and bruised up my face badly. I was in lots of pain. After waiting over an hour with only 3 other guests in front of me in line, they took me to a room on a stretcher. I remember them telling me they'd stitch up my lip and help with my pain. Well after waiting 3 hours, all they did was take me to x-ray my head. Then back to the room, where i waited maybe 4 to 5 more hours until i saw a nurse who gave me some pain medicine. After wasting my whole day there watching the nurses on their cell phones, i was told they cannot sew my lip because they don't have the right stitches that are for the inside of the lip. All that time for them to do only do an x-ray, which i was not told the results of. Then they billed me $275 for basically 20 minutes of help during a 7+ hour stay. This place is a money grab with a bunch of ignorant, careless doctors and nurses who do not have the necessary equipment for the most basic procedures. I want to sue them but I'm not about to waste any more time on them. My lip is swollen and bloody and will have a noticeable scar. I look worse than Cardi B.

Lynn Lively

Nurse ordered a meal @3:30. Nurse checked on the tray @ 4:30. No food over 3 hours. Thank God there is a Subway in the hospital.

Sam Goldstein

First off I have to say my doctors and nurses were great. My food arrived 4.5 hrs late. Not joking. I called over and over to see what was up. No one ever answered. The nurses couldn't even get in touch with the kitchen. I needed prune juice to help me poop after an appendicitis. It was medicinal food. I ended up having my friend bring me food from outside the hospital. When my 2pm order arrived at 6:30pm the still charged me for it. The nurses and doctors were great it is a shame that I had to suffer due to poor logistics/management/kitchenstaff.

Khaled Fayed

Sonya M Knox

Peter Hsieh

Arguably the biggest medical center in Baton Rouge with comprehensive emergency care (adult, pediatric and psych). Excellent physicians and nursing staffs with strong academic training programs. Facility overcrowding is significantly worse with the closure of several other nearby hospitals and EDs. This hospital has a strong Catholic background and will see everyone regardless of their ability to pay which further exacerbates the overcrowding problem. Only come to this location for serious illness or true emergency otherwise expect a long wait.


the staff talks about you TO YOUR FACE and they are very disrespectful. I DONT RECOMMEND.

Briana Nichole

Went 2 weeks ago for hand injury, waited 5 hours to tell me it isnt broke only sprained. Within the last 2 weeks the pain was excrutiating and hand was still swollen. Went to Lake After Hours today, they did an x-ray, ITS BROKE!!! definitely would not recommend, only thing good about my visit was the nurses and Dr. were pretty nice, except for the lie!

O. Bo

My mother in law was transported here from the Lafayette area 2 days ago. From the time of our arrival we were treated with respect, courtesy and reassurance that they were going to do everything possible for her. From the nurses, the techs, and doctors/PA’s everyone has been supportive. They answered every single question, made sure the patient had everything she needed, and so much more. I was a little skeptical at first, but seeing is believing. Top notch hospital!!


They took great care of my wife in the ER. We are very appreciative of their efforts.

318 The Source

They were excellent took very good care of me and listen...Did all the proper test best care ever..

Felisha Gutierrez

I had spinal surgery yesterday at Baton Rouge General Dr Harrod of the Bone & Joint clinc was my dr i recorded the conversation of his PA saying Dr Harrod will not write pain meds. i checked myself out because i was given ZERO PAIN MEDS finally after checking out & pulling all my IVs out..i was in too much pain I went to LOL and Dr Catherine Talley was awesome and helped me out of pain and the people in check in were better than any other hospital I ever visited, and I'm 40 with 4 kids, I've been to a lot of hospitals in my lifetime! Thank you for taking care of Baton Rouge Generals F ups!!! I will NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

DeShae Oubre

Couldn't have expected anything more. I think i got the best care along with the best meals any hospital has to offer. Was impressed

Lindsey Alexander

The Childrens Emergency personel were amazing! Everyone had such a great attitude and really cared. Great job with my son who is not easy to deal with! My number one choice!

Patrice Jackson

Came to the ER today with my sister, whose throat was swelling by the way, absolutely the most unconcerned receptionist, then the staff that checked her in was just as rude! Then the guy that lead us to the back was a douche, the only reason I gave them a 2 was because her doctor's where nice & helpful & the nurse was ok....

Catrina Lopez

Essie Mae Thibodeaux

This was one of the most caring and professional hospitals I ever had to deal with. Thank you all for helping my son with getting well and for making us feel comfortable and at ease.

Erin A

I accompanied an friend to the hospital for surgery. After being directed around the hospital, she was in pain and requested a wheelchair. A female security officer showed up and told my friend that she looked fine. The security officer instructed my friend to walk with her stating that the admissions counter was just down the hall. The officer then told my friend that there were other people much worse off than her. It was incredibly inappropriate for the security officer to behave in this manner, adding to the patient's pain and stress before surgery, attempting to dismiss a patient's pain and putting the patient at risk for falling and additional injury. How is a security officer qualified to make a determination on who does or does not need a wheel chair and diagnosing a patient's condition? I did appreciate the desk attendant who recognized my friend's discomfort, offered and called for wheelchair service. Another concern was when a medical staff member dropped a surgical hair cap on the floor, picked it up with a gloved hand, then put it on the patient and continued to prep the patient for surgery. Hopefully this isn't what qualifies as sterile, safe hospital practices according to the Department of Health and Joint Committee. Overall, the few medical and hospital staff we spoke to were friendly, eager to assist and praised the doctor's experience. The doctor also took the time to introduced himself to each family member and friend before the procedure.


My experience in the ER was much better than I could have expected. They brought me back immediately and made sure I was comfortable for my entire stay. Nurse Allison was very nice. Dr. Blocker, Dr. Leblanc and Christian NP were very knowledgeable with great bedside manner. The rest of the ER staff were also great in my time of need.

Keyanna Lewis

smile and have a good day. I love going there.

Sharon swarna

Great experience .

Sherri Edwards

The only reason their getting any kind of star from me is because thats the only way i can add a review. These ppl are rude n do not care to help anybody with a family member. My son has been there for 2 days and everytime i call they tell me hes not there, but his dad calls n gets all the information he needs. Im 10 1/2 hrs away n unable to get to Louisiana and I want to know everything there is to know about my sons condition. He is not listed as a private patient if 1 parent can get thru but the other cant. Ridiculous is what these ppl are.

Billy Lowery

If it wasn't for the staff and doctors I would not have my wife today. The nurses and doctors were amazing.

Shelley Boudreaux

Nissi Seals

Horrible experience! Waiting in the wait room for over two hours.

Kristi Lemoine

Horrible staff. I will continue to log my complaints until I feel better. I called to find out about my 17 year old daughter, I was transferred at least 4 times, then the nurse I finally spoke with was so sarcastic and disrespectful, she was so unprofessional that she hung up on me! Mind you, this is all happening because I called to check on my child which they couldn’t figure out if she was still in their care or not!!

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