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REVIEWS OF Our Lady of Lourdes Women's & Children's Hospital IN Louisiana

Tamiesha Vice

Everyone was very sweet I was well taken care of!!! From the minute we walked in until the minute we walked out!!!

Lee Degeyter

Really great nurses, lactation help and nursery people. Not sure what I would have done without them. They were wonderful. The things I had issues with were the billing people who were calling about collecting money while I was still in the hospital and the lady doing blood test on my baby who foiled the legnthy test and had to redo it. Not good things to have to deal with right after a c section.

tony nezat

Everything was great from arrival to departure

Angie Gilbert

Extremely slow service, I've been here for hours just waiting. I called up front for someone to check and see when the doctor or nurse would retuurn, the nurse came and said my results had been back and she will see if the doctor would hurry and come in and read them to discharge me. A whole hour later I'm still waiting. This doesnt make any sense. Almost 5 hours and counting.


Allison Smith

They made a trajic situation a little less trajic.


I was born here & have been coming to this hospital all my life so it was only fitting to have my first child here. But my experience this time was so traumatic I will never return. First of all majority of the nurses were very rude & caused me a lot of pain the first night because this lady was not gentle AT ALL no matter how many times I asked her to be. It seemed that I was told I need a c section more because of convenience then emergency. Before I left the room for c section a man pushed medicine through my epidural I’m assuming too fast because I was in SO MUCH PAIN. Made me feel like my spine was about to snap in half. I was rushed into the ER & I mean RUSHED. No time for questions. Strapped me to the table completely naked while everyone just ran around in a tizzy getting prepared to cut me open. I was crying my eyes out because no one would attend to my severe back pain I was having because of the epidural. Which I was told they would fix before they started. And my doctor wouldn’t listen to me when I told him the medicine wasn’t working I could still feel my legs, and I sure believe that if I hadn’t argued with the man about it, he never would have found out that it hadn’t worked and I needed to be put completely under. Made the mistake of touching my tummy because I had an itch and they strapped my arms down to the table. This was the WORST experience of my entire life. & not to mention when it was all said & done I went home & wasn’t given enough pain medication to last me a week! When I was specifically told that I wouldn’t feel relatively normal until 2 WEEKS! I have never in my life written a bad review about anyone or anything but I sure wanted to take my time to write this one because it was so terrible.

Dalastine Rochon

The staff was rude they didn't not even allow me to see or my baby ultrasound and couldn't tell me for sure how much she weigh and they were not gentle when taking my blood and never walked to places around the hospital that I need to go to. I will not be having my baby there and I advise for no one else to for the safety of themselves and child also it was a really bad experience since I am a first time mom

Jake Chamberlain

Everyone from the nurses to the security guards we so very friendly, helpful, and caring. We are so grateful for such an awesome experience during this milestone of our lives. It has been very relieving to know that our new born son is in such good hands. Thank you all for a smooth enjoyable experience!

Jamie Ingram

Love this hospital and staff.

Alba Lopez

Luis Daniel Antón O.

One of the best hospitals in whole Louisiana

Angela Hardee

Wonderful care received from ER to surgery to postop care staff! My hospital of choice!

Loretta Ardoin

Very fast and courteous

cassandra lagrange

As always, a more pleasant experience was had for my son, Eric. He was able to have his CT of Head at the scheduled time and was able to see Dr. Ann Flannery right after his CT. I am saddened, however, that Eric is no longer eligible to be a patient of Dr. Flannery any longer because he is no longer a pediatric patient since his 18th birthday....we will miss her greatly!!!

Ramie Hollier

It was absolutely the best experience! From the registration part until discharge, Me and my baby were treated like princesses

Lisi Broussard Gil

Women’s and Children’s was a great place to receive healthcare at! Absolutely love Dr Reatha Williams and her staff! Thank you for quality care that I can put my trust into. I always request for my PCP to send me to WCH for my f/u care!

Debbie Hebert

I had a mammogram and ultrasound done. Everyone was very nice. I've been going there over 20 years and always have a good experience.

Tanya Zaunbrecher

Momo Doane

2 very bad experiences I went in for risk of preterm labor the first time nobody told me what was going on and next thing I knew they were discharging me with a prescription and didn't say what it was for so I didn't fill it. Went in again for the same reason and the nurse was overly pushy and they had all my info wrong in the computer and they said that before the prescription was for a infection the nurse was my worst experience that time she made me feel uncomfortable after my bad experiences I will be delivering at Lafayette general

Laurie Boudreaux

Christie Summers

Marielvis Samuel

Shane08 Mamagat

THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN ALTERED I had a long review about this Doctor and hospital for some reasons.... BELOW is the only showing... What happen to the dedicated nurses??? Staff needs some improvement. Some rude nurses and lazy just sitting there and talking. Like they’re not getting paid to do their job, the nurses gives you attitude when you call them and ask for help. If they know you were there, they let you do all their work. Rude af.

Mel'Nino X

Worst experience ever the hospital used to be so great, now their staff is rude, there are never any rooms available, and the nursing assistants are just horrible.

Christy Migues

I was in for an emergency C-section and the staff were great before, during and after surgery. My daughter is currently in the NICU and i could not be happier with the love and care they are giving her. They have been very informative on her improving condition and are very understanding to me as a new mother separated from her child. She is very content which makes me feel so much better. And the video monitoring helps me not to worry as much being away from her. Being able to see her day or night. Keep up the good work everyone and thank you for taking such great care of my little one!!!

Sarah Bonilla

I have a number of issues with this hospital. Granted, I came in a transitional period where Women's was undergoing the transition to Women's / Lourde's. I had my first child here (yay!). When I went in with contractions 4 minutes apart, the nurse kept track on the band that's laid on the stomach and almost sent me home because the machine wasn't reading strong contractions, when I was in obvious pain. When she readjusted after my request, the contractions were read, dilation was there - I was put into a room. 5 stars on the nurses who administered my epidural and the staff that performed the emergency c-section. They were wonderful. The room, I guess still in the section needed to be renovated, was very tiny and uncomfortable. I felt like an outcast when a nurse, directly outside my door, mentioned not wanting to come in to check my vitals because my baby was crying - and hadn't stopped for some time. I mentioned wanting to breastfeed at some point, and no mention of formula or suggestion of a pacifier was made. Do not let them lie to you. They took my baby away for blood work and tests, and I was without him for upwards of an hour. With my emergency c-section, I left a day early. I figured it'd be more comfortable being home with my SO and LO than being in the hospital. There were some good nurses, and for them I am grateful. However, my name had been spelled 4 different ways when it came to billing. My information couldn't be found at some point, and now, I can't even sign up for MyChart because something in their system is incorrect. Overall horrible experience. I love my LOs pediatrician, who is a part of the hospital and my OB is wonderful. But if I had another child, I would make sure I go somewhere else. Again, whoever the nurse was that refused to come in my room and didn't fix the pick line in my arm when the machine went off - icing on the cake. Sad and horrible.

Tru Price

Mixed feelings so will stick with facts...5 hours in the ER with few patients to begin with...yes nursing staff play/talk/waste time instead of spending that time dealing with patients (guess they say they are their til a set time regardless)...informed this is actually a facility for OBGYN & kids needs only so yeah not women & children but OBGYN & children and if female issues are not in that category you will be turned over to another adult related ER...time they updated their info to reflect this so ppl will not waste time if they are not sure why they are hurting...wait time & range of actual care given is the worst.

Chelsay Louis

I've been here twice for both of my deliveries and I am very impressed. They make you feel at home, secure, and relaxed. The nurses are amazing, it's like you've been friends forever. The doctors I've had were so helpful and didn't use big medical terms that you didn't understand. I recommend this place to anyone giving birth.

Helen Ford

I went to a visit with a doctor and when I signed in I was pulled into the business office immediately. The blonde haired lady at the first desk in office pulled out a piece of paper and said, for the visit you need to pay $118.00 for wellness check-up. I explained I am menopausal we know what the problem is and I am medicare/medicade patient. I am dying from multiple diseases and money is very tight. She kept saying I have to pay, I said we would leave and just not see doctor and she went talk to someone and then she says, it's ok we will see you on your medical issues today. I visited with doctor and he sets up labs and I explained I am medicare/medicade and he says your labs are going to be about 85.00 I asked if my insurance would cover it he says he doesn't think so. They did. So Doctor called me 3 days later telling me that my testosterone was low and he could look for some treatment options, I said fine. He has secretary call me and the medication is 300.00 dollars and only can get it through his office. I explained I would not be able to afford it, he says 41.00 for gel that is compound and again I can only get from him. I wonder what kind of place this is? I am not supposed to be charged for the difference in the amount medicare/medicade won't pay for. I believe that this is illegal, right?

Black Mahjik

Beth Hoover

Went for my yearly mammogram and everything was excellent except for the fact that the chairs in the waiting area sit way too LOW and there should be some that sit higher and firmer.

Brianna Boyance

Kelly Stewart

Katie Cormier

always a fabulous experience! Great team of nurses, aids, docs, housekeeping, dietary!

Jerri Benoit

This is the only place I will go. They are really good here.


Great experience

Stacey Henry

The absolute worst hospital doctors and staff..

Tay Lightfoot

Staff was amazing

Alison Rogers

They had to personally pop my water and it splattered all over two nurses. They left to change and came back smiling. Great and embarrassing experience.

John Smith

Women's and Children's Hospital is a very good place to have surgery. When I had my tonsils removed on July 12, 2012, the staff was very kind and eased my fears. They finished my surgery in around twenty minutes and I was given medicine immediately. It is very convenient because it is about five minutes away from my house, which made me happy when it was time to go home.

Marshenia Francis

My stay at Women and Children's hospital after having my son was great. The nurses waited on me hand and foot with no complaints.

Jason Randall

My wife and I have had 2 children there and were happy both times. From the people to the room to the food it was a great experience!

Rina Angelo

My son was born here about 2 years ago - prior to OLOL taking over. He was fairly early at 32 weeks and stayed about a month in the NICU. During my personal stay of about a week and my son's time in the NICU, we had amazing nurses and providers. Our only problem was we were given absolutely no warning of our son's discharge. On Friday, the NICU NP stated he'd need to stay at least another week. On Monday, a different NP called and told us we'd be doing our room in that night for discharge the next morning. Due to the short notice, my husband was unable to participate as we had no one from out of state available to stay with our other child. Our concerns about feeding issues were brushed off. We were told by a nurse later that our son was about to qualify for Medicaid and we were discharged at 29 days to avoid the hassles associated with that. Other than the rough discharge, no other issues or concerns and would recommend.

lyn arc

Everything was great an all the staff was nice just need improvements on the meals for dietary need more options .

Daniel Harris

M. Keith LaBove

Jacob Maloney

Staff there is amazing great place to take care of family

Brooke Lee

Ali Leblanc

Just had my baby girl there a week ago... I had an amazing experience here from beginning to end!!! GREAT staff!!!! I loved everything about my stay! I highly recommend this hospital :)

Doug DeMers

Dana P.

Nurses were rude during my stay. One kept trying to take my newborn because one of them put him down for formula when I was clearly breastfeeding him and another didn't resupply me with pads when I asked for more when I ran out in my room. She replied with some snooty remark about it.

Megan Sonnier

Y’all are wayyy too slow! My son caught a seizure and 6 hours later still hadn’t been seen! I do not recommend this place at all unless it’s for labor and delivery!

Jasmin C White

Jacqui Giovinazzo

Lely Mardiah

Good services, Dr. Maria Doucet and Staffs nice and helpful. Laboratory staffs was nice too

Michelle Troxel

I had my baby here in August. The beginning of my stay wasn't the best. The hospital needs some improvement with their nursing staff. Some of the nurses were rude when I asked for help or down right neglectful. I had excessive bleeding that went unnoticed because a nurse failed to check on me after removing my catheter. I owe a big thank you to the nurse who caught the bleeding (I unfortunately don't remember her name) and for the nurses who took care of me (Miss Joan and Miss Gretchen) afterwards. Also the lactation consultant was extremely rude. I wish I would've gotten her name. Every time I called her for help it seemed like I was such a burden to her. I am however grateful to my doctor, Dr. Erin Hemsell for delivering my healthy baby boy. Thank you!

Leslie Haymark

Very caring and attentive nurses!!!

Troy Galet

Stopped by to drop off a card for a friend who is recovering from surgery.I asked the lady at the front desk if I could leave a get well card and if someone could deliver It to her room. The answer was one word, "no". I would have thought they had volunteers who did things like that.

Dixie Gaspard

Charlotte Castrillon

Received all the care and attention that was hoped for.

Brandi Sibley

Do you love your body? Then go somewheres else. Horrible bed side manner. Horrible diagnosis. They push procedures for money. Could care less what you are really there for. I'm traumatized from my past experiences. Please go somewheres else.

Haillie Babineaux

ayanna faust

I gave birth to a handsome baby boy June 14th 2017. I could not have had my baby at a better hospital. Every nurse was very attentive, friendly, and helpful. As a first time mom, no matter how many times I called them they came in and helped me with whatever I needed. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hospital to give birth, this is definitely one to consider. THANK YOU WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN STAFF FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

john guillory

Loves LSU

Kimberly Smith

Was there last night with my son. The registration lady called my son the wrong name then when I said something she gave me attitude towards me cause I said something. I was making sure it was him. Then for someone to come in buy ambulance and sit in the waiting room for 2 hours is just rude. People who came in after us. Very good night

Bailey Taylor

Absolutely WORST EXPERIENCE at this hospital I will never return here again the nurses are very rude! And do not care about you or your health I was so close to walking out several moments of my stay please get it together womens and children.

Sheila Gardemal

Had surgery 10/2/2017. Staff was very friendly and took great care of me. I hope I never have to have surgery again but if I do I would certainly go back there if I needed to.

Kacy Harrell

So far, so good, as far as I'm concerned. Bedside manner has been great (it goes both ways, be sweet to them and they will be sweet back!), the nurses have been attentive and concerned with not only what I need but what my husband needs while I am here being monitored until term. My doctors have been great about explaining why I'm here and what they are doing to help me have as smooth of a pregnancy as possible. And so far my insurance has not been at war with the hospital. We have paid only what we need to based on our plan. I would suggest the hospital and doctors who associate with the hospital to those I know in the area who may be pregnant!

Vanessa Lounsberry

Staff very courteous and respectful to my needs. Very nice environment. Highly recommend!

Lynette Hebert

Great Dr.

Michelle Linch

I've never written a poor review, but I believe it's essential to know the issues at hand if growth and restoration are the goals. I delivered 2 of my 4 children here, and I had a wonderful experience- it seems that things have declined a good bit in the last few years. I had a much different experience while accompanying my daughter to give birth to her first child. What should have been a beautiful, memorable experience, was instead, a nightmare that truly traumatized our family. I felt so helpless as I watched my child being handled in a very callous, unsympathetic manner. At times, it appeared that one night nurse in particular was truly enjoying herself- as my daughter screamed in pain, begging for her to be gentle, she smiled, and became even more merciless in her efforts. I'm not a nurse, I understand that the job has got to be completely exhausting at times- but I thought that ultimately, taking care of patients and making them as comfortable as possible is the goal. I'm not looking to re-hash the experience or bash the entire hospital, because even in the darkness, there were a couple of nurses and lab staff that were so comforting... but I am attempting to shed light on a real problem within a local hospital that has hosted thousands of beautiful memories in the past, I believe it is definitely worth the effort in saving.

Tasha Badon

Horrible experience in delivery until I was discharged. Staff was ok but I never got a straight answer. I found a needle on my floor. Dr called my home phone while I was in the hospital to tell me that my baby was passing blood. Dr never came to the room to tell us. I gave them my cell phone number incase this happened again because I don't use my home phone. The Dr called my home 2 more times on different days. They are completely unorganized. NICU kept us very uninformed about our baby and his condition, leaving us scared. Other people have told me this hospital likes to milk the insurance company. I believe it now. Please have your baby at a different hospital than this one. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Mark Vance

Letha Scott

Was at the ER. Excellent care. Awesome team here.

Sam Burns

I gave birth to my son at this hospital in 2005. During my delivery my nurse was very rude and my doctor was running late. When he finally showed up he didn't say a word and stuck a yellow hook inside me to pop my water, which I didn't realize thats what he was doing until I started to feel warm liquid sensation. He never informed me of anything that he was doing, then he walked out and didn't come back. When my mother in-law stuck up for me because I couldn't at the time, she asked the nurse where the doctor was and she said that he doesn't work on tuesdays. A half hour later my doctors partner walked in and delivered my baby. On the second day of my recovery I was discharged the pediactric doctor herself came into my room to inform me that I had been discharged and that I could take my baby home. When I went to the nursery the nurses were yet again very rude and said that they hadn't gotten any authorization of my son to be released and that he would have to stay there for a few more days because he had jondus. I strictly only wanted to breast feed, but lived 30 min away from the hospital. I had to stay with my sister in-law who lived nearer to the hospital to go back and forth to the hospital every hour and a half to breast feed. Everytime I went into the nursery the nurses were very rude. I felt like they were keeping my son hostage from me and that I didn't know how they were treating him when I wasn't around, especially because how they were treating me. For this being my first birth I was very disappointed on how rude the staff nurses were and I will never be able to get that first experience back ever again. Thanks to all the rude nurses that don't give a damn whos not only day they ruined, but for ruining my first birth experience.

Le Minh Quan - Official

the nurses that handle my son is horrible, she made a scene in front of my family, and when my 17month old child was in pain after his incision surgery to remove a cyst. she ask us to have the word "please" at the end of our request in order for her to do it. UNPROFESSIONAL. UNFIT FOR THE JOB. doesn't matter if she's been there for a long time. she had her time, she's ready to move on, nurse is no longer a job for her, as she is not fit to handle worried parents, children in pain.

Jacob Cormier

My 15 yr old daughter had a procedure scheduled for the morning. Before they would even see her they wanted $300 up front. Who has hundreds lying around?!! I have great insurance and my deductible is met. This hospital is not about the people's health or concerns. All they see is the money. With my insurance they get 90% paid!!!! They did not care about my daughters health or that she is a heart patient.

Brooke Robeaux

Went to womens for my firstborn. Had a great experience with everything from the classes to labor and delivery. Had some truly awesome nurses. No complaints.

nancy gray

Most of the staff is very nice and on point. I don't know how but they lost my paperwork one day, and oh boy did they make it up to me. I was in such a bad mood and they cheered me right up. I hope it continues to get better in helping people.

April Chester

My son just had surgery there . The nurses were very sweet . Was very easy to get checked in . The rest of th staff was awesome as well . I really loved this hospital. Wished I lived closer so I could use them more.

Unicorn2009 rainbow MYLEE

I couldn't have had a better experience. Especially my nurses in labor an delivery, they were the best! Very down to earth and went above an beyond to make me comfortable. When i got a regular room, it was no different from labor an delivery. Every nurse my newborn and I had were great.

pallet jack

Don't even bother going here unless you want to be treated like crap. My mom was in the hospital for a procedure and the nurse didn't even know when she got her medicine last. I mean this could have been much worse if my father did not tell the nurse when she got it last . Plus they did not bring dinner to her room until she called and asked if they delivered dinner yet and then the nurse informed her that they forgot. Next time I'll def find a doctor and head on over to Lafayette general.

Ashley St.Germain

Always have had a great experience with the ER but everytime I have gone in for the lab or anything where I have to go through the front desk registration the ladies are always so slow just chatting and hanging out with each other and not really working. I would def go to Lafayette general if you don't need to go to the ER it's so much faster

Christina Clark

Very nice and friendly staff I would recommend to anyone

Tracey Joubert

Love this hospital! Everyone is so nice and helpful. You can tell they really care about their patients. I went for blood work and was out in no time!

Amari Chante

The Worst hospital EVER!! Never again! They don't care if your dying .. sad case bruh!!

Daniel Stafford

My experience at women's and children's hospital was horrible. My girlfriend went in to have our daughter, and between the admit staff and the hospitalist who did her tubal ligation, I was ready to curse someone out. The admit staff was rude and "put out" that they had to do their job. The hospitalist who did her tubal ligation told her before they started that it would be a laproscopic procedure, with a few small incisions, and when she came out of surgery she had a cut from her navel that was about 3-4 inches long. The surgery had complications, which I understand is sometimes unavoidable, but the incision looks horrible, like a 12 year old tried to sew her up. The nurses were great, and the nursery staff was awesome, but the hospital leaves alot to be desired. It was not the first bad experience I had there, when at christmas my son was taken there, and because I couldn't get answers as to what was going on, i asked that the sheriff's office be called on his mother. I was told by the hospital staff that if the sheriff's office was called, I would be arrested. They then allowed my son's mother to sneak out a back door with my son after OCS had specifically said he was to go home with me. I would not recommend anyone going to women's and children's hospital until the hospital takes a good hard look at the way it's being ran.

Melanie Stover

Our 4 year old was previously admitted, and it was mainly due to the loving demeanor of the nurses and staff that made our hospital experience, not feel like a "hospital". They were all extremely friendly, compassionate, and patient, answering any questions or concerns that my husband and I had. Most importantly, they treated our little man so well, by giving him dozens of stickers, toys, juice or snacks, and really taking time out of their shift to either play or just talk with him, even when they weren't obligated to, which made him really comfortable. We walked out of there with a greater appreciation for all that the staff does at this hospital.

Bridget Breanye

Very friendly and caring staff. Everyone was very knowledgeable at their job.

C. Newman

I've worked there and had a great experience. The staff are very friendly and it is a great facility; highly recommend.

Jake Ferrell

We've had 2 children at this hospital and both times, my wife has come home cover in bedbug bites. It's been brought to the hospitals attention and they've denied having any bedbug issue. Aside from that, the staff have always been very kind and helpful

Byrd Ness

I got there first thing in the morning and only waited 5 minutes. My phlebotomist was polite, professional and explained everything. Her technique was flawless I barely felt a thing!


Having a administrative supervisor who puts down women and their families for having an abortion is wrong and shows that your patients don't matter only money and your personal views do.

Jessica Ardoin

One of the best birthing centers with quality care. Even after 10 years!!

Tif Clear

Very good place to deliver and good with babies my nurse Bre in labor and delivery help me through stayed with me the whole time in delivery by my side and thanks to some of the good nurses in NICU that help get my baby healthy and home big thanks to my favorite nurse Jennifer and Cindy

John Laudun

The medical staff at Womens and Childrens Hospital is top notch. Unfortunately, they are crippled by a bureaucracy and set of systems that borders on the third world in terms of its ability to get anything right. The chief function of patients is to shuffle paperwork from one desk to another or to make repeated phone calls to get things straight. Frankly, if I was in charge of the hospital I would be embarrassed. If I was a shareholder, I would be outraged. I assume the doctors and nurses put up with it because they are committed to the work. And I assume some of the staff put up with it for the same reasons. Some of the other staff, however, excel in officiousness and callowness.

Kaysha Nichole

my sister has had all 4 of her kids here .. and this last experience was HORRIBLE ,the travel nurse (Tami) was VERY rude . My sister was uncomfortable and she had been there for over 9 hours ... We’re just very disappointed with the service !

Kimberly James

Quick service

Brittney Poirier

This was the first time any of my kids were in the hospital. I have to give Women's and Children's Hospital props because they took GREAT care of my little man! When we walked into the ER Monday night, I was only expecting for Dj to get fluids and for us to be on our way. Little did I know we would be admitted and find out he had Giardiasis. With the great care of the nursing staff and tentativeness of thier doctors they got Dj back to my happy playful baby before we even left. We spent a total of three days in the hospital and I was very impressed.

annie bagola

I came in there with my 10 yr old son we was in there for 7.5 hours he was in pain with his stomach. And found out his appendix erupted he bn in there for a week. I didn't t think this is a good hospital for anyone. They not really organized ppl...

tracie chambers

Awesome as being in the hospital and having pain goes. Nurses were great.

Emily Soileau

william watson

EXCELLENT nursing care. Best outpatient care I've ever witnessed. The 2 hour online interview was a royal pain. Needs to be way easier.

Ladelphia Austin

Raven Breaux

Incredible doctors and nurses

Latrice Jiles

I just had my daughter here and I was not happy with the nursing staff they are rude and when being discharged from triage weeks before my discharge was explained to me in the hallway at the nursing station and not in the privacy of my room. And i was not asked about any labs or meds I was on untill I had been there 3 different times, also I am an epileptic patient and the staff was aware and during my stay I was never given my medication luckily I had my own medication or else I would have had a sezier during my stay. But what I can say is the traveling nurse I belive her name was Emily she was wonderful during delivery if it would not have been for her calling for the doctor stat when my daughter heart rate dropped my daughter would not be here today, but when she first called for the doctor the nurses on duty were acting as if they did not understand her and she had to yell at them to get the doctor in, but doctor acardo was wonderful with delivery and keeping me calm with the situation I owe everything to that nurse and the doctor they were wonderful and if it wasent for them I would not have my beautiful baby girl.

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