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REVIEWS OF Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center IN Louisiana

Jessica Lopez

Love this hospital so much!!! The staff is AWESOME. Been dealing with them for about 10 years & will refer anyone there. I used to do infusions every month @ outpatient center & they would act like I was family. Live about 1 hour away but told my family if something ever happens to me I wanna die on the way to Lafayette & don't stop at any other hospital on the way!

April Talbott

Very professional and awesome staff and very clean atmosphere

Taquila Babin

New hospital, but horrible staff (from my personal experiences and those of family and friends). I've given them numerous chances, but every time was worse than the last. No compassion, etc. LONG wait every time, busy or not. People experiencing pain, you can find docs and nurses (again from my personal experiences, etc.) chillin, chatting non chalantly, smiling and laughing in their area. You are no more than a number.

Robert Smith

Slowest emergency room I have ever been in. I sat and waited 2 hours and still never seen a doctor or room. Had to leave and go to lafayette general. I was in a great deal of pain and waited that long and was never helped



Latoya Rideaux

(Translated by Google) Now now now (Original) Sad sad sad

Stephon Cook

This is the most horrible hospital in Lafayette, this dam Emergency room policy about only two people (the same two) are allowed in the room. The patients oldest child had driven from New Orleans and can't visit her. When it's understood one person will come out they still don't want to allow him to see his mother because of a dam policy. #ChangeThatCrap #BetterServicePlease

Eric Manuel

Brian Hebert

Lourdes is horrible...they will forever be in debt to us. Their lawyers were slick and kudos to them. They let my wife stay in a unconscious state for four hours before the doctors realized she had a brain issue. She urinated in the ER waiting room and they were more worried about the urine than my wife hemorrhaging from spinal fluid. AND WE WAS THERE THE NIGHT BEFORE AND THEY RELEASED HER! I still to this day is haunted on how she may have turned out if they would have tended to her like any person should. So sad that a hospital prides itself on being Christian but acted that way.

Jennifer Mata

I have been misdiagnosed multiple times in the ER while fighting for my life. I have also overheard doctors thru walls arguing one doctor saying “the patient is a opioid addict” and the other saying “I don’t find any opioids in her system but if that’s what you think”.....what??? How about let’s do blood testing and urine and cultures and xrays and every single test you could possibly think of before assuming someone’s behavior is an opioid addiction. Any poor patient who over heard this SERIOUS HIPPA VIOLATION would be scared to death to even be treated much less put to sleep or take anything for pain. I’ve been in the medical field for 19 years mind you and Lourdes isn’t fooling anyone. DO BETTER!

Troy Dupuis

Very good

Susan Wright

I went to the emergency room in severe pain. They drew bloodwork within five minutes. Three hours later, emergency room still packed and the people next me who had waited five hours were told to go to another hospital because no guarantee they would be seen in the next seven hours. I left and got a bill for $500. I will never go back.


I like this hospital very much. My grandparents have been going to Lourdes for 8 years. All the doctors and surgeons that gave my grandparents care were awesome though I';d give Lourdes a 9.8/10

Tiffany English

Provided excellent care.

Betty Comeaux

Seeing the Dr.

Twobe Free

My Emergency Room experience was superb! Each department that saw me was kind, professional, and very knowledgeable. The Nurse Practitioner, Ms. Bailey, was exceptional as well. Her recommendations upon my discharge were spot on with my follow up Physician. I am very grateful for the care I received.

Shaina Meaux

I have brought many patients here, the staff is excellent and always provides the best care. Only bad thing is the er gets filled super quick because it’s such a nice hospital with top of the line staff. Besides that, by far the best for extended care

Shannen Perez

Worst experience at a hospital ever. The people who work the ER don't know how to diagnose people after the 4 times I've been here with my son and sister. They give off the wall guesses and give no real help or sympathy. Don't waste your time.

Amber Werner

I went tonight for stomach problems. And we needed a nurse we called and no one never came my fiancé had to recall for a nurse to come and when she did I told her I was having neck pain so she said she had to go find the NP and they didn’t come back to check on me it was a good hour an half before they came back.. very SLOW they will lose a lot of ppl like that!! It’s called a emergency room for a reason!

Channing Hayden III

Awesome staff, great doctors. Very clean and is well kept. They have monitors so that family members/visitors know what is happening with the patient at all times. Nurses were excellent. If you must go to the hospital, this is your best choice in Lafayette.

Darleen Diaville

veronica sias

Put in a room for1 or 2 hours.saw ER doctor who came said that every one was at a code before i came here thats why no one can tend to b/p cuff off lef it off just to see if they would check body did. my o2 senor came off ,left it off just to see if they one came. Electrode came off.lft off for maybe 30 minutes. Called for a blanket.waited until i could not anymore. Unplugged my self from the wires and went out the room to ask for a blanket cause when i called all i got was a " ok".The doctor is a short bold Guy who's just interested..not!!! It was soo terrible...Why????. I would dog to that ER.....!!!

Ronald Charles,Jr. Smokey

Staff is excellent, real dedicated people!!

Rory Owens

Melinda Nicholson

Horrible patient care. The nurses avoid you and do not try to help.

Dwayne Fontenot

Benjamin Escuriex

My fiancée was here and they wouldn't let me go back to see her because only people with wrist bands were allowed to go. And then her own father tried to go back and they told me no also. Worst place I've been. Don't recommend it at all.

Philip Judice

Was not happy with prognosis from ER physician.

Christopher Anthony

Just left the ER and highly frustrated. My daughter and I sat there for 4 hours and wasn’t seen. They took our initial test, bp, temp, heart rate, and even did a chest x-ray on her then after...........nothing as the hours went by. Many people besides myself were frustrated with the waiting and waiting as the hours came and went. I just left and brought her to another ER and was seen immediately. Lourdes will never get my service again. I’m waiting to see if they will try to bill my insurance. If they do, then I’m gonna make a huge deal out of it. I pray that if you’re really sick, you don’t go to that ER.

Clayton Arbo

Poor experience in the emergency room. They are very busy, or perhaps understaffed. The health professionals treat you in an assembly line fashion with little compassion.

Trace Tackett

The only reason I'm giving one star is, it won't allow me to give ZERO. I recently had back surgery at this hospital and couldn't have been more disappointed with the entire facility (excluding my surgeons, the PT department and nurse Jennifer). The proverbial ball was dropped numerous times throughout my stay. When they moved me from recovery and into a room NOBODY had alerted my husband through the pager the hospital provided him. I called him from the room to tell him where I was. Shortly after, some woman was in my room asking me all the same questions they had asked me at pre-registration AND pre-surgery. Here I am, still not completely coherent from anesthesia, trying to find out about how my surgery went (surgeons had spoken with my husband after the procedure and left) and this repetition of nonsense takes priority. Then the pain meds fiasco. I choose not to take extra pain meds, and only take them as needed. They brought me two, I didn't want to take two so I opted for only one, thinking the other would be available if I determined it was necessary. That was an ugly and painful lesson to learn. Turns out, I can't have the second one UNLESS I ask for it within an hour of the first. I was about 20 minutes too late and had to wait THREE HOURS before I could be offered anymore. This, after anterior spinal fusion. A heads-up on that particular rule would have prevented me from intense pain for THREE HOURS. Several people came in my room asking about the failure to notify my husband, but not one actual apology. There were many other failures on the part of hospital staff throughout. The PT lady (sorry I didn't retain your name) was very sweet and caring. My last day, the nurse who took care of me (Jennifer) was fantastic. In the event I need future care, it will not happen at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Joshua Thibodeaux

10 out of 10!! This is such a wonderful facility with staff that truly cares about how I am doing as a person. I came in with my wife and was treated with respect and seen quickly and everyone was very competent, helpful, and professional. Our Lady of Lourdes Emergency Room is MY hospital of choice and I would never want to go anywhere else. Thank you so much to everyone at Lourdes for everything you do. God Bless.

Leah Gabriel

Horrible just horrible and I only gave this crappy hospital one star because I wasn't able to give it zero stars I wouldn't send my gold fish here if it was dead

Mandy Mills

If I could give zero I would.. this is the WORST hospital ever.. I have been an RN for 22 years and they make me embarrassed to be in healthcare.. they are rude & ignorant.. the ER dr didn’t even have the audacity to see me .. trust me with all of the other wonderful hospitals .. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Deborah Amazon Amazon

A wonderful hospital with wonderful staff who took great care of me and a thank you to Chaplain Jeff who came to visit me and pray with me.

Erika Carlson

Previously I had been here and had a quick stay due to a gallbladder removal. So when my husband was having severe abdominal pain and vomiting for over 18 hours, we came here. The ER was great, we didn't really have any issue except that they were busy, but that's not exactly their fault. The ER doctor admitted us due to thinking it was his appendix and we would see the surgeon in the morning. Once we were admitted, the problems started. The night shifts were awesome, attentive, and helpful. The day shifts however, were terrible. We had to fight just to get his medications, which were sometimes given several hours after they were due, no one was on the same page; if the doctor said one thing, it wasn't communicated to the nurses and if we mentioned something, it wasn't communicated to the doctor. The surgeon that saw him was...interesting. He kept getting distracted by the television! When they discharged us, we weren't informed that the prescriptions were already sent to the pharmacy, which closed 2 hours before we were discharged. And to top it off, my husband is still having pain because they basically said they're not sure what's causing the pain. I asked that they look at the gallbladder and they assured me it's not the gallbladder, even though they admitted that the CT scan wouldn't show that anyway, and that's the only test they did. Funny how now he's in a lot of pain that looks suspiciously like a gallbladder attack!

Farther Flop

Good service, but taken advantage of in the ER Dept. Just my opinion, but any hospital that signs a contract with major health plans such as Blue Cross//Blue Shield or others should warn their customers in good faith that they are too cheap to hire their own ER Doctors as staff. Instead they hire a private doctor group and conveniently do not allow the public to know that this private doctor group in their ER is not covered by some of their health plans that they have accepted in contract to cover their customers. A poor soul wandering in with an emergency after paying nearly a $1,000 a month to a health plan for insurance for their family will find that they will not only be billed for the agreed contracted amount up front that they are aware of (in my case a $150), but also nearly $200 in additional fees due to this hospital hiring out for physicians in their emergency room. It all feels like they worked together to dupe their customer. Contract physicians also is a big negative in overall quality of care. The hospital does not employ these doctors directly but contracted outside to another company. Hence, they do not control the quality of the physicians giving service in this hospital. Due to the above,this hospital has gone from first on my list for my family's needs to dead last! I want a hospital that is upfront with their customers and has the fortitude to hire their own physicians so that quality of care can be controlled.

Ronald Charles

The staff is really good and friendly, the cafeteria is awesome, real good prices

Sharon Allen

Until my most recent stay at Lourdes, I would have said this is my preferred. Not any more. After 3 days in the hospital for a procedure, I was released on foot, with no wheel chair to bring me to the vehicle waiting to take me home. I had a kidney procedure and I have MS. Being told there were no wheel chairs available was ridiculous.

Elizabeth Rutledge

Went in for an emergency and didn't have to wait long at all. Of coarse it is a hospital, so the bill was something along the lines of your right arm and first born child which is to be expected.

David Allison

We were in town for the International Festival. I awoke at 1:00 am on Wednesday with severe pain in my lower right side. My wife took me to the Emergency Room at Lourdes Regional Medical Center. I was taken immediately to an exam room and the nurse began the process of starting an IV. Another individual handled the paperwork with my wife, It was determined that I was passing a kidney stone. Once the pain was controlled I was released and given prescriptions to deal with the situation if it persisted. The overall experience with the hospital staff was excellent. They were all very professional and very concerned with my level of pain. I cannot think of any way the staff could have taken better care of me. Thank you one and all for the care and compassion shown to me.

Sharon Richardson

Absolutely great hospital. Very caring, attentive staff. They made me fell as though i were family. The surgical staff...awesome! Nurses...awesome! Dr. Paredes, very caring and concerned with a GREAT bedside manner, wonderful doctor. I highly recommend this wonderful hospital. Another hospital told me there was nothing they could do for me, that what i had was a viral infection. IT WAS NOT! Our Lady of Lordes found the problem within 3 hours of being ADMITTED into the hospital and SURGERY followed. They were a God send. Thank you to all involved in my care.

Cajun Gator

The stay was very good. I had thought I had chosen the perfect hospital for my wifes surgery and stay. Now the bills from all over the country is coming in. NOPE the Billing Department did not even come see us to talk about where the different and why we was getting bills. Got a bill in today from some Doctor Heinen that she NEVER SAW. Called his billing and let them have it. NEVER SAW THIS DOCTOR AND WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR CHARGES YOU WHEN YOU DO NOT EVEN SEE THEM? Yes the hospital is new. Good food and folks are nice. Guess to nice. I would not even suggest this place to anyone.

Kris Carver

Very disappointed in the care of this place. My husband had a 3-4 level back/neck fusion with some other stuff. The first day was great, but he was so out of it, it didn't matter. Day 2 through day 10. I immediately realized that if I'm not there, he's not going to get the care he needs. I had to work still, full time, so I couldn't be there all the time. Nurses made me feel like I should be there caring for him, not them. Don't get me wrong, there were some nurses that cared, but just as many that didn't. They did not help keep him clean. There were days that I would walk in and his food is just sitting there because he can't eat on his own yet, and no one would help him. When I would ask a question about something, the typical response was "I'll check on it and get back with you." They never did. The IV, wound vac machines were constantly beeping, and finally I learned how to turn them off. When the catheter was removed from his bladder, he was having problems and he got fussed at because he couldn't make it to the bathroom, but was told not to get up unless a nurse was present. It would sometimes take 30 minutes for a nurse to come in. For 2 days he was so over-medicated that he was delirious. I told them that he had already taken the medication that was making him that way long before the surgery while he was at home, and he did not have a good reaction to the lowest dose, yet he was given 5 times that amount. No one would listen to me. I literally started checking what meds they were giving him because I wasn't going to allow them to give it to him (neurontin). When his kidneys started shutting down, they finally took him off of the neurontin. Really, I could go on and on, but why? I just know that when I would leave at night, I cried all the way home because I was afraid something terrible would happen during the night. I'm going to stop now because I getting so angry thinking about these people who really don't care about their patients, unless, of course, the patient is perfect. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, STOP WEARING THE PERFUME. What's with that? Honestly, I'd rather smell your cigarette smoke then the strong perfume. Do you think the patient wants to smell that?

Lunden Hebert

Terrible patient care in Emergency Room! My mother was in severe pain from ruptures disc and wasn't scheduled to see her orthopedic for another week so decided to go to ER to get some help/relief. Waited for 3 hours in waiting room people coming in after her were seen on the spot.After going to desk multiple times to ask when we would be seen. Nurse came out and was beyond disrespectful told us there were no beds unavailable and she would be waiting awhile! Finally was brought to the back sent her for MRI and when results came in the dr came in and stated well it's "legit" your not faking so we can give you pain medicine now that we know. I would like to add to this the nurses on the floor once my mother was admitted were absolutely amazing couldn't ask for better patient care from them for the 4 days she was inpatient and for that I am thankful! My mom has now been scheduled for surgery and things are moving along great!

Grace Stevenson

Wonderful facility with staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty

Charles Antoine

Front Desk Receptionists are very rude! They don’t seem to have any pride or passion about their work ethic whatsoever.

Sandy Bailey

this is my birth hospital and I am very proud of it!

Elijah Brown

This is the most horrible hospital in Lafayette, this dam Emergency room policy about only two people (the same two) are allowed in the room. The patients oldest child had driven from New Orleans and can't visit her. When it's understood one person will come out the us still don't want to allow him to see his mother because of a dam policy. #ChangeThatCrap #BetterServicePlease

Bryan Costello

Came here to visit a sick friend and the hospital is very well kept up. It does not look like your average hospital. It is colorful and there is a lot of religious artwork. I'm not very religious but I will say that it helps this place' s mood a lot. Everyone has been friendly to me and my friends here. The cafeteria is spacious and the food has been proper well cooked food. Even my patient friend said the food wasn't ordinary hospital food. Highly recommended. I don't know how prices are since I wasn't admitted here. But as a guest this was a nice place as I see it.

Desiree' Jordan

Emily Gauthier

Best hospital I ever went to.

Regina FMelo

Worse ER I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE!!! People trowing up all over and nobody to clean it! Waiting hours to see a "fake doctor"...

Mary Livings

carolyn ware

Love the bedside manners

Kathleen Niklas

7 hour wait to see the ER doctor for him to blow us off. If he spent 5 total minutes with my mother, we were lucky. Never examined her, only thing he did was listen to her stomach. Ordered a basic X-ray and was told to go home, lie my invalid Alzheimer ridden mother on a blanket on the bathroom floor, give her an enema and let the enema work! All of our concerns and questions were met with blank stares and unanswered. Nurse came in to take the IV that they were supposed to have put in her out and rushed out the room when we said, she never had an IV put in. 10 hours of wasted time! 10 hours of my mother told she could not eat nor drink anything, not even ice chips! One woman in waiting room since 1:30om who kept passing out was finally seen at 9pm. The head ER nurse came out and scolded her for complaining that it was ridiculous she had to wait so long to be seen ER nurse said the hospital had no beds available and no empty beds in ER, but when we were brought to the back in the ER, I counted 6 open rooms!! NEVER going there again!

George Motley

The care I received was very good, but I was robbed in the emergency room! When my doctor sent me to the emergency room I chose Lourdes because they are in network for my insurance. I didn't find out until weeks later that the emergency room doctor was not in network! With no prior notice Dr Clement simply refuses to accept only the $220 my insurance paid for his 20 minute visit with me. He demands another $657 dollars from me, just because he can, and the hospital allows it. He even does the same thing with the hospital's own employees insurance! What a scam!


The staff is top notch, very loving and caring

Ashton Langlinais

Do you I want to pay $4000 for a 5 min doctor consultation and for a nurse to give you 1 IV bag full of water?? Literally something that should cost under $500 they will up charge you for literally any service they offer. Better off going anywhere else for minor medical procedures. This place will literally rob you and there is nothing a regular citizen can do to stop it. I went for alcohol poisoning and they charged me 4200 dollars. LITERAL THEIVES pretending to want to help others. It shouldn’t be legal the way they charge for their services. WORST ER EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE

angie lynn dupuy

Takes time to find the problems

Ashley Deason

This hospital is the best hospitalever. The staff is so sweet,caring, and patientwith the patient and the families. Also if they brought my momsomething to eat and she wanted something else theywouldbring it. They are just all sowonderful I wish every hospitalcould be like them.

fazerthelazer won


Cynthia Romero

Alitha Wiltz

My son seen through ER a couple times and was awesome. So I decided to have my tests ran here. I should have known it would be a disaster when over the phone conversation went downhill. My doctor sent all orders for testing. Lourdes then took that and ran to the wrong doctor all the way in North Louisiana who’s an orthopedist. Finally get that straight after a couple hours. To find out y’all didnt send my results to my doctor because he wasn’t a cardiologist!!! Because he is a regular MD. A cardiologist on y’all staff read my tests and recorded their findings and didn’t even call me!!!!! Guess since it’s not your staffs’ hearts giving them scares and issues then they don’t really care too much

Mary Hite

The ER staff was fantastic with a few minor improvements and reminder to staff concerning personality, I still have to give them the utmost rating. On conference for work, got sick went to ER and my journey. I was scared, but I'm grateful for this hospital staff. Amazing care were shown . It was comfortering to know that my health was as important to them as it is to me. Stayed four days and compassion which I received along with great medical care still have me grateful in so many ways. ER you are top notch in my opinion. Fourth floor, staff take no back seat to compassion, they were and still have me grateful. I must say that the housekeeping and food service department, wow me with how they interacted, no place of lack. They were great, i didn't realize just how sick I was until the doctor explain it to me. Im back home and doing good. I thank God for you all. All glory and honor to my God for directing me to Our Lady of Lorde's of Lafayette, Louisiana. Respectfully, Never would have thought it would happen to me. Ms MH

amber sampa

Rude ass people

rocksand brown

Lori Louviere

I brought my daughter in on our way home from vacation with a high fever. The staff immediately took care of her in the most amazing manner imaginable! They were extremely thorough and so kind! They ensured that I understood everything. BEST ER experience EVER! The staff last night definitely deserves some love!! ❤❤ Thank you and God bless!!

Tina Romero

The staff has been great . Very helpful with all our questions and concerns. Polite and courteous. The 6th floor burn unit has excellent staff knowledgeable Nurses and staff, took great care of my husband . Couldn't have asked for better.

tiffany rousseau

The ER was absolutely horrible. I waited for 2 hours to see the doctor for only maybe 5 minutes. He told me what test he wanted to run but the nurse did not do any of it. The first nurse I saw only once and never again within the 5 hours I was there. Another nurse which was a female had to take over my care because my other nurse disappeared and did not come back. The mail that did my CT scan did more for me then the doctor or male nurse. He ended up going get a female nurse to actually give me medicine for my pain and nausea. When it was time for me to leave they never asked what my pain or nausea level was. They only took my vitals and discharge me. The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic that was known to cause severe nausea which made my condition worse and had to go to another ER the following day. I saw the doctor twice once when in the beginning and when I was being discharged. He's never even told me the results of my CT scan with contrast. I went to Lafayette General the following day which they informed me that I had kidney stones that showed up on the CT.

IDeidre Bradley

This is a very good clean staff they care about their patients .The worker are so positive.

Eleanor Strong

I love this hospital. I would have rated it 5 stars except for the night shift . I asked to go to the bathroom and they waited so long that I had an. accident. It was humiliating !


Horrible hospital, no wonder it is always dead in there! Too many people I've known passed away there due to lack of knowledge of doctors & nurses. My suggestion go to Lafayette General!

YungゝBerry Gaming

Annie Adams

If I could I would give the hospital no stars. My mother died at this hospital! A nurse punctured her lung with a feeding tube, twelve days later she died. My mother was in the care of this hospital due to severe burns. However, she was getting much better until that incident happened. The worst part for me was that this hospital kept information about my mother’s health from my sisters and myself. She had severe pneumonia and no one told us. Instead they gave us false hope. Telling us lies! Telling us how she was getting so much stronger and so much better. I had to get an autopsy done, and that’s the only way I found out that my mother had pneumonia! I feel like the reason this hospital did not tell me was that it was a direct cause of the lung puncture but who will ever know. I asked so many questions, I knew every doctor, doctor’s assistant, nurse, nurse’s assistant, respiratory therapist, physical therapists that came into my mother’s room by name. I was very involved in her wellbeing. They were very detailed with me, there were terms I had to google but no one and I mean no one told me she had pneumonia! A common well known illness. I would have never left my mother’s side if I knew she had pneumonia because she was already in a critical state. Why didn’t they just tell us that she had pneumonia!

Valerie Bushnell

Excellent place to work too!

Matt Chavez

Horrible a** service will not come here again. If you want to wait for hours just to see a doctor this is the place for you. Sense of emergency is not here. The whole waiting area is empty yet they have two patients just sitting here for hours. Please pass this message to friends and family. Avoid this hospital.

Bryan Fuselier

Waited over 2.5 hours in the ER. My wife blacked out and passed out in the waiting room. Took 8 minutes for someone to come check on her during that episode. They told us one person was ahead of us. We saw them go in then we're told two people were ahead us. Saw two more go in. Then told us two more were ahead of us. Never going here again.

Savanh I.

Took my aunt in to the ER. She passed out I believed her sugar level was high. This short bald-headed doctor or nurse kept asking these irrelevant questions like what did yall do to her,what did yall give her. And he tried to wake her up by jabbing her with his two fingers real hard in the chest and saying hey wake up,hey wake up. He could have gently woke her up and said ma'am wake up. And his attitude was really unprofessional. If you can't treat people with respect and you work and talk to people everyday then you don't need to be working in that type of field

Paul Trahan

Wonderful hospital. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else

Robert Larroque

ER is horrible. Very inefficient.

Jennifer Broussard

Absolutely love this hospital. I came in to the ER and was seen right away. The compassion from the staff and doctors is unlike any other hospital in the area. I've been here several times and would not want to go anywhere else.

Duena Rodriguez

This hospital needs to make their patients more of a priority. doctors who are nonchalant about not really understanding why something is happening to a patient instead of trying new possible tests & consulting with the patients. leaving patients in pain and without food after being told they can have it after they see a doctor. 46+ hours without food then put on a liquid diet. better than nothing though. patients should just be more prioritized & their illnesses. i don’t recommend this hospital

Bad Meme

ER time is horrible, once waited till 7am still never saw a doctor. My father just had a stroke, they gave us no hope, they’ve nearly killed him many times (blood pressure cuff on arm with a blood clot), neglect him and treat him like a stepchild, and they also take 1-2 hours after a buzz to get to you. They are awful. I hope your all mighty god smites you for neglecting your patients.

Scotty Munnerlyn

Great staff and such wonderful medical care.

R Patrick Lafleur

You are better off going to a third world country than going here. Totally unprofessional, incompetent and arrogant individuals.

Janice Marie Rochon

Dr. Visit with relative.

Kala Couvillion

If this had big 0 button for the E.R I would definitely press it. Definitely don't want to give it one star!!! Rude rude doctors!!!!!!

Bryant Williams

Amy Jackson

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this hospital and the awesome people who work here. They saved my husbands life. Dr Patlola is my hero and his team is five star.

Dustin Guidry

Pretty damn horrible. Had gotten burnt and one person told me to do the wrong thing after surgery. Went in for 730 to be in surgery for 9 didn't get in until 3 in the afternoon. Did all follow up visits and a full year after I got called asking me to go in so they could have documentation of a discharge visit. Told them I went for all of my visits but still they insisted. To be nice I drove the 45 minutes for it and was in the room for not even 2 minutes. Got charged over 300 for it. Called them about it and said I wasn't paying and was told that if the dr called you then I needed services to justify the bill. I had a miserable 11 months dealing with it before someone finally listened to me and didn't automatically tell me to pay. They had their information wrong and I never had to go. Those are only a couple of the things that made this ordeal such a miserable frustrating last couple of years. Don't think I would ever go back again for anything.

Darlene Broussard

My sister is in here the staff is very caring they try to do there best in everything they do.The doctors gets to the point of what's going on with her condition. The aides are caring too.Thank You so much for the care .

Peter Wynn

I don't see how people rate this hospitals so high. The wait is horrible. Waited nearly four hours for a prescheduled out patients service. Not to include the front desk lady ask me what my dad's name was when we handed the paper with the patient informationo on it. Maybe she should learn how to read before getting a job. I would seriously look at other hospitals in the surrounding area before I come here.

Frank Harter

Very nice staff. Got me in quickly and where very professional. I drove from McComb, MS. to have MRI, trip well worth it.

vickey soileau

Anant Westlake

i will never use this hospital. i do not recommend either to anyone. i had hard time to get discharged even i was promised after my mile walk after lumbar surgery in late morning. my all efforts with nurses of all shift resulted in one answer whole day that as soon as surgeon is finished with surgeries, he will come and discharge you. nothing happened until late night . i was asked to answer questions on tv screen using remote control. fourth question was " i am willing to stay" there was no option to "NO'. i came to nursing desk demanding discharge and asked AMA form to leave. they could not find. i was firm to leave hospital. they had this questionnaire on purpose to blame patient that they decided to stay . so after 12 midnight , they can milk and bill for all services for next day. either insurance will pay for your stay or patient based on coverage. i reached home 10.30 pm. instead i should had been discharged around noon. my surgeon never came to see me. do not answer the question that you are willing to stay overnight. they need to keep "AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE" FORMS IF THEY DO NOT DISCHARGE FORCIBLY.


This hospital is absolute garbage. My father awoke with massive chest pains. We all thought he was dying. We called an ambulance, and went to the hospital. We then sat in the lobby for 5 hours waiting for help. Nothing ever happened. We then simply left the hospital. The most help we got was when we were walking out and a black man asked if he wanted help with taking out the iv from his arm.

courtney augustine

I was placed in a room for over 3 hours with a horrible migraine, I paged the nurse because my my migraine became more intense to the point that I needed to vomit because of the pain. When nurse PJ came in the room he was very rude and seemed agitated at every question I asked. I told him the pain had gotten worse and the only thing he had to say was “of course it has; because I haven’t given you any medicine yet” at this time it had been over 2 1/2 hours since I arrived. I also asked if I could get a referral so I can go get my migraines checked out and he told me I would just have to deal with the migraines for the rest of my life. He was not compassionate, he was very rude and I definitely will not be returning to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Tabitha Gaspard

Funesha Gerard

Awful staff very rude, no compassion for people, didnt even follow up with the procedure like they promised. This is the worst hospital i have ever been to. Such a shame for a religious named based entity

Mrs. Denise Richard Lanclos

Beautiful clean professional hospital. Great walking outdoors.

Constantine Caillier

The patient care at Our Lady of the lake is awful the emergency room nurses are so rude and unprofessional. The physician did not even seek my illness what I went there for. The nurse that did my I did my arm is swollen and bloated. I recommend that no one comes to the emergency room here because they don't care they don't sympathize with you and I think that your drug seeking when you go to the emergency room and I recommend that no one props to this emergency room ever

Cajun Bungalows

Arlene Broussard


Chris Toups

Hospital is pretty good. ER service "SUCKS"................

Kirsten Ezidore

Travis Simon

Very clean and new facility. Most of the staff is Very friendly. My experience has been enjoyable.

Champ Davis


Ill never come here again. My uncle had a hemorrhagic stroke and was sent here. It was two days before he even seen by a dr. They never gave us any information or updates on him. Go to Lafayette general.

Frankie Diesi

My wife was admitted after suffering a seizure, first treated at St Maritn Hosp in Breaux Bridge. Transferred to OLOL through ER. Her Neurosurgeon was Dr William Brennan who was eventually notified of her admittance. So OLOL assigns Dr Belgadere to handle all other needs not pertaining to her upcoming brain surgery. He proceeds to starve her for over 30 hours "NPO" because so says she was going to have surgery. True but not before we consulted with Brennan. AND KNOWING BRENNAN, he was NOT going to perform surgery within 24 hours so the NPO order was idiotic. Then, decides to change her NORMAL daily medications, to some drugs she doesnt take OR need. He was NOT familiar with her as a patient NOR knew of any of her medications she was prescribed by OTHER KNOWING physicians. Then, after speaking with DR BRENNAN, about post op time in the hospital, he was to release her when she felt ready to go home. So on the 6th day post op, a Friday, she was released by Brennan to go home that day. Belgadere, shows up at about 7pm says he wants to keep her til Monday to be safe. I told Belgadere it was NOT his call because she was NOT his patient, and told him I was taking her home regardless of his quack decisions. NOTE: WE WILL NEVER TO TO LOURDES AGAIN. LGMC HERE WE COME

Gretchen Joubert

Brought my daughter to er..wonderful care, professional staff..the er is the best

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