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REVIEWS OF Ochsner Baptist - A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center IN Louisiana

Patricia Dixon

We arrived early for one test and the technicians were able to get me in early for the other two I had scheduled. Everyone was courteous and professional. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Errol Fouquet

Rebecca Whorton

Pre-op visit, no wait time, moved quickly from station to station, all procedures explained

Jade Aubert

I love the people here, I always look forward to my appointments.

Barbara Valenti

This was my first visit to this hospital. Due to some construction around the hospital I had no problems getting around. My Dr's office sent me paperwork with a map. Really self explainatory, if you can read a map. The hospital is huge and just ask anyone they are more than helpful. The cafeteria was packed, guest and employees, so the food was great. Fair priced, depending upon what you get. New wing area for the back and spine, was easy to get too, plus very private. No waiting for catscan I had and Dr's appt. All in all, very good experience. I would recommend this hospital so far. I do not know about any other services but I can assure you if it is going to be Ochsner's, it will be top-notch.

Diane White

I had three different tests done and everyone one from the young lady who checked me in and all the nurses and technicians was very polite, friendly and professional. I truly trust been treated at Ochsner Baptist Hospital.

joker smoker

I was born here but was adopted and now I cant find my birth mother, is there any way you guys can help??

Sally Wightkin

Appointments are on time. The doctors I have seen were very thorough.

Ana Cournane

- Blood work appt for Apr 14th made 6 weeks ago, - Reminder letter about appt received 4 weeks ago, - Reminder text received (and I responded with confirmation) the day before appt, - Arrived at Ochsner Baptist 10 mins before sch'd labs appt, - Told lab closed for Good Friday and need to reschedule

doki doki

My outpatient surgical procedure went really well. All the nurses, CRNAs, anesthesiologists, surgeon and techs were amazing and took very good care of me. Surgery is scary but I felt safe and cared for.

G L-f de Villiers

Easily the best experience in medical care I have experienced. Highest recommendation!

Lyndon Lasiter

Yesterday, at only 32 weeks, Lance Jude Lasiter was born at 7:41 am weighing 4 lbs 1 oz, to our daughter-in law and son, Jessica & Lance, at Ochsner Baptist. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, everyone in the hospital showed the most loving care and attention that anyone could possibly ask for. There professionalism combined with heartfelt handling of our families was like nothing I have experienced before in any hospital. Thank you all at Ochsner Baptist for joining our families in welcoming "Lance Jude" Lasiter into this often crazy, and always fun, city of New Orleans!!!!!!!!

Andrea Savoie

Everyone there is professional and kind!

inisha Goodman

The staff was very nice and attentive to my needs.

Deshawn RASHID

I can’t record my girlfriend ultrasound

Mindee LeBlanc Kohring

Shocked by how I was just treated and talked to. I just called for my grandmother who is a patient righr now. I live in Houston. After being transfered multiple times that is fine I 1st asked if the conversation can be private . She said no but its the way you say things. No wouldv been fine but she was beyond rude saying theres no point of continuing to speak and she wont converse very rudely. I told her it was fine she can tell her. As I continue to tell her my story she cuts me off saying she doesnt have time for this and I can call her later if she is free bc she has emergencies to deal with. She was next level rude and its all about the way tou say things. Her name was Leslie and im all about emergency and respecting the job but all the giggling in the background and from her and how rude Leslie was I wouldn't want my dog in that kinda care.


By far the finest hospital experience I have ever had. I stayed recently for a major blood transfusion and the nurses, PA, and doctors (hematologist and internist) were all 5 stars. This is now my gold standard for judging future hospital care.

Young Mother Journey!

I had a great delivery the nurses push me into breastfeeding my baby girl. I’m glad they did because my daughter is strong and healthy 9 months later.


Great staff at this office. They are very professional. But always very nice

Linda Lugo

I’ve gotten great care and feel my doctors are very caring, knowledgeable and informative.

Casie Babin

**DO NOT GO IF YOU HAVE PEOPLES HEALTH AND NEED AN ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR** A family member is currently here being “treated” for a broken arm and getting physical therapy because she is having trouble keeping her balance. She went in 5 days ago because she had fallen on her broken arm. An ortho came in and put her in a brace that just cannot put her bones back into place since there is a loose piece of her bone just in her arm. COMMON SENSE!!!! A surgery is needed to fix this break BUT if you have peoples health insurance their ortho doctors can only go and send in a brace and then sign off on that and be done with that patient. They cannot do surgery on it since they have NO orthopedic doctors in that entire hospital that takes People’s Health. So instead of just sending her to another hospital when she originally went in to maybe treat her for her arm, they keep her and wait till her arm gets worse and looks 10x worse than how it was when she was originally brought in and make her go see another doctor on her insurance when she leaves the hospital. So if you do make the mistake of going there with Peoples Health insurance don’t expect much besides a doctor taking 3 days to go and see the patient then never answering any calls from us after that. First and LAST time coming to this hospital. Oh yeah...the ER has BUGS crawling on the floors I killed 4 of them just being in the ER for 3 hours.

Maria T. Zavala

Oschner Baptist Medical Center is an excellent place to go whenever medical attention is needed.


My experience with Dr Leise Knoepp and Dr. Jolisha Eubanks was incredible. I met with them on separate visits within the month and they are absolutely the best. Both were extremely thorough and professional while also being caring and patient. Sometimes the monotony of our jobs causes us to appear robotic, but these doctors were the epitome of human kindness. Way to go Ochsner for hiring them! They’re an asset to your Healthcare team. I am thankful for their sincere concern for my health and I highly recommend them. I thank God for good doctors.

Jasmine Pickney

I had a nurse and his name was James he was very polite and handsome! I can’t leave out Joel he is the best nurse ever! The techs Porsha and Darrell were amazing! Oh and that firefighter all I did was buried my face in his chest and cried he hugged me so tight until my boyfriend arrived and he took over the hugging. To the OR team who’s day stop to make sure mine continued were all sweet and beautiful people. From the anesthesiologist, surgeon, helpers, and the recovery nurse Tammy I could never forget her name! New Orleans first responders and Ochsner Baptist were amazing! My EMT’s I didn’t so much care for. They were not to compassionate! Everyone at Ochsner that crossed my paths were amazing!

Johnny Polk

Try for two weeks to to get referred to another doctor for surgery

K. A. Lange

Great doctors and a well educated staff.

Hayle Stephens

Worst service every.... the workers are lazy and slow.. I waited 4hrs and never saw a doctor or nurse

Tyler Esposito

I feel my blonde nurse intentionally did not treat me due to my anxiety and panic attacks. She seemed very irritated with me and did not seem understanding. I felt I was ignored during one of the most painful times of my life. I asked the nurse for fluids and anti nausea medication twice and it took an hour, peeing in a cup and making my mother call the hospital in order for me to get the medication. I also was misdiagnosed.

Ant Kelley

THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST HOSPITAL IN NEW ORLEANS. FORGET UMCLSU. FORGET TULANE. THEAE PEOPLE SURPASS PATIENTS NEEDS BY 1000%. Let me explain. I suffer from severe depression and more. They made ... as others should have ... feel like a human and not a number. Chelsea the nurse is one of the most compassionate and caring nursed I have ever met. She didn't make me once feel guilty about my disease and the PA MISS Lovett had nothing but care, concern and LOVE in her eyes. She saw my needs and she took immediate action to meet them.. The two male nurses were spectacular. Wish I would have gotten their names. ANYONE who has ever criticised this hospital must have been so needy they could have have been eased by anyone. MISS CHELSEA. Miss Lovett and the student who babysat me ... from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU and May God save a space for you at the HEAD OF THE TABLE. Anthony Kelley. PS. CHESLEA DWSERVEA EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR.

Jasmyn Farris

I recently went to Ochsner Baptist's Emergency Room due to sever abdominal pain. The experience was wonderful, which is not normally the case with emergency room visits. Everyone was very communicative, attentive and my pain was managed quickly so that I could focus and function. They gave me an estimate of how long I could expect to wait for each step of my visit and everything ran very close to that schedule. Being in the hospital for any reason usually creates anxiety so it was very nice to have that recognized and addressed in such a professional and thoughtful way. Bravo!

sandra thomas

Very professional experience starting at the Valet to seeing the Doctor. Everyone was very friendly helpful and professional the Doctor was very patience and ensure I was understanding what she was saying. I had a very teachable moment with Dr Marchand

Marlene Donovan

I enjoy going to my physical therapy at Ochsner Baptist!

Eryn Dauzat

Really loved all the staff at the Alternative Birthing Center. ❤️

Denise Knolhoff

Out of Towner's and came here after being recommended by New Orleans Urgent Care. Excellent response & care. Very caring and seemingly competent staff. Our PA was awesome.

Tanya Bates

I love the care I'm receiving so far from the Maternal Fetal Medicine at Baptist. Doctors and team are great and courteous!!!

Mary Borne

Nice hospital

Yvonne Clark

I have my Doctors here and they always make time to see me when I’m in a bind or needing an appointment. Everything is available here at this location without having to travel a distance so no problems here.

Amy Clifton Clifton

Glad its over ready to get home but this hospital is wonderful a true God given to everyone who needs them. Thank you to the doctors,, nurse's and staff at Ochners. God bless u all..

Andre Delabarre

If it were any better I’d be alive

gwen campbell

Today I went to the emergency room, a student can in to see me but I refused to talk with her. I wanted to talk with a doctor.The student reports it to the head Doctor and he came and said I have an emergency and I will be a minute.I said no problem. When he left I saw him at the desk with the student I waited far f15 min and I proceeded to leave I asked the discharge lady cuz she opened the door cuz I was leaving she's asked if I report it to anyone and I said no. She wouldn't open the door so I can leave she called someone at the new station and inform them I was leaving. I kept asking her to open the door and she said someone was coming around and I told her I was going to call nine-one-one because this was not a jail house and that I had own the rights to leave. That's when the doctor came and said I'm going to see you and I said no I just wanted to go.

Monica Smith

I went there last week with my mom she was getting a colonoscopy and wow they were so unprofessional vary rude and mean unhappy people and also vary messy they were whispering about my mom and other people coworkers and patients yes one really went word for word with me vary aggressively old 40 something white and sits behide the desk horrible dont go here if you dont want your personal business out are screamed at.and there racist and keep taking down my review i wonder why.

Ronni Monge

I wish I could put 0!!! Gave birth here last week...was the worst experience of my life had a csection they don't care if ur in pain at all...I already sent a complaint about that and how the nurses treat people today I called to add my newborn to my insurance...well these people put someone else's child under my stuff so when I gave them my social for my insurance company they have a little boy listed as my child..I gave birth to a baby girl I'm so livid this is the most ridiculous hospital and staff I have ever came across in my life this will not be the last they hear from me that's for sure. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

Gwendolyn Carter

Love it.

Wilda Riggs

Would not recommend this hospital if you are looking for pain management! I was misinformed and I paid 250$, drove from Lafayette too New Orleans, and given other meds that are harmful too my health! It's amazing how sweet things can start off and then the BS happens! Thank God I didn't pay 500$ for a Specialists!

Christian Keelen

Best doctors ever ! Save my life . I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Glenn Clark

Our little girl was born there on October 17th, and have nothing to say but wonderful things about the whole staff that helped us. The receiptionists, nurses, custodial team, cafeteria employees, delivery teams, doctors and most importantly Dr Krugar was an excellent experience. This is our 2nd child and compared to Tulane Lakeside was night and day. I was quite surprised how the hospital handled 12 births in a matter of the time we were in Labor and Delivery. These people are not All-State Insurance but you are totally going to be taken care of in their hands.

Brent Moran

Best place to have a baby. The nurses and doctors are amazing! Thank you!

Lisa Fritscher

Medical care is great. Patient care? Not so much. Even with a family member there around the clock acting as an advocate, expect to be lied to repeatedly, for one department not to know what the other department is doing, and to be patted on the head and told you don't need to worry about what's going on with your own care. Will definitely choose a different hospital next time.

Hope VanDeest

This is my third baby delivered at Oschner . Each time I have felt like the whole staff was genuinely interested in giving my child and I excellent care. I couldn't imagine a better birth experience. I read over some of the reviews and on the whole it seems like they were expecting a stay at the Ritz. You're having a baby, it won't be easy but at Oschner it will be safe, your and your child's best interests will be #1, and you'll feel genuinely cared for by the staff.

Lori Daniel

A truly thorough and caring experience with solutions and encouragement!

Ieshia Jackson


Jonathan Davis

The staff here is very friendly and the facilities are clean. I did not have to wait very long at all to be received and checked in to the emergency room. The nurses and doctor were friendly and all the testing did not take long to get back. The only issue I had was with parking, there are no clear directions where visitor parking is so I just parked in a parking garage and found my way to the emergency room.


Do Not go to Ochsner Baptist Emergency Room if you value your privacy. After seeing the nurse and Physician Assistant, the nurse inserted an IV and drew blood in a private holding area. I then was told and escorted to an open waiting room which had 8-10 other patients whom had seen the doctor seated in a semi circle with 2 blaring TVs in the middle. So, I was there with this IV tube hanging from my arm when a nurse came and hooked me up to an IV infusion - all in the presence of the other patients, She also stuck my finger for blood glucose in the presence of the other patients. Many of the patients were discharged before me - their nurses came, gave them instructions on what to do at home - ALL in the presence of everyone. NO PRIVACY AT ALL. Sad.

Stephanie Allen

Upon my arrival there was no one at reception. I sat for over 30 minutes with other waiting patients. Then a medical assistant with an attitude informed us that we must sign in down the hall or we would never get called in for our prescheduled appointments. There were no signs or instructions given to any of us indicating that we needed to sign in at a completely different suite. The doctor was pleasant. I was instructed to remove my pants and cover with a sheet while the dr stepped out of the room. I sat and waited for her return so long that the lights went out and i waited in the dark. After speaking with the dr for over 20 minutes she said she would have her nurse practioner call me to schedule a minor surgery. I haven't heard from the NP to date. I will not be returning to your location again. After that kind of visit i think I'd prefer to perform the surgery on myself at home!

Giselle del Castillo

Ochsner has been the best decision we ever made in regards to our prenatal care. We could not be happier with our care. You do not feel rushed, appointments are always in time, their staff takes the time to fully explain everything to you as well as answer any doubts you may have. I was iffy about doing prenatal care at a hospital because I wanted to feel loved and taken care of, and did not think that would be possible at a hospital setting- I am happy to say I was wrong and I 200% recommend the Alternative Birthing Center for every woman looking for nurturing, loving, safe and informed pre natal care.

Jeanine Schmidt

Part 2 of the saga: 2 weeks ago my husband was given a surgery date by his surgeon and assured that they would handle the insurance pre-authorization. As of yesterday (9 days before surgery is scheduled), the surgery center has NO RECORD of this date or time, and the insurance company has never been contacted (which we only learned because I don't trust them and called myself!). Then today (8 days before surgery) he was informed that they "forgot" to tell him he also needs lab work and a "release" visit from a primary care physician. (His primary is inconveniently a few thousand miles away). He has already arranged 3 days off from work, and I bought a $1200 air fare to be here, but they tell him they don't think they can find a primary care physician in the network to take care of this. This is absurd, and the 4th time there have been issues (rescheduling without informing us etc.). Ochsner may function as a business, but as a health-care provider, they deserve a D-.

Keyanna Idel

Looking at these review I'm so happy I switch my doctor when I did I will not be have my baby there after go to the er the doctor was so rude

Emony Smith

Story short they saved my life , thank you oschner ❤

kiki allen

The staff here is top notch. A1 Service is what they provide to their patients

Ethel Simpson

from the housekeepers to the nurses to our list to the guy delivered me to my with my daughter to the car to go home everyone is excellent excellent service I would recommend you all to all of my friends and my family to have to have surgery please take me to ochsner on Napoleonit was like having surgery at home not away from your family

Ronchell Jacks

I gave BIRTH zero my First Child which is a Little Girl who is now 3 yrs of age & My Stay & Delivering was Awesome here Me and my husband is on Our Second KID together as One I am 12weeks & I am going right back to deliver this little one there still loading ....2019 and not to mention the Doctors and NURSES are GREAT here , Food is Awesome , the Rooms are Perfect also the Bathrooms are big in the room THE BEST PART is getting to keep baby in the room with you Your Whole stay for Bonding I Love it !!!

Clinisha Chandler

My experience at Ochsner Baptist was great from start to finish. Everyone that I encountered delivered exceptional service (from the receptionists to the nurses to the doctor.) There was very minimal wait time, and each hand off was done flawlessly. Dr. Gala made me feel completely at ease and uncomfortable during my appointment with him!! One of the best I've ever had, and I will definitely keep him as my go-to doctor! When I headed down to the lab they were anticipating my arrival and again delivered service that was quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend Ochsner Baptist and Dr. Gala for any medical needs relative to obstetrics!

Brett Landrum

Do not choose this place for your wife to deliver. You will be treated like an animal and given 0 compassion throughout your stay. Some residents are nice and experienced but you will be at the mercy of nurses that are condescending and rude. I wish I would have looked at these reviews before going to this awful place. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!

Art Schmalbach

100%. A+. nuff said.

Gwen Shropshire

My daughter had 2 miscarriages and 2 premature babies. She went to the hospital because she was having contractions and they referred her to her primary doctor. They didn't even test her, just told her to drink more water. A few days later, she went into labor. She called saying she was having pains and they told her she was dehydrated and to drink plenty water and only call back if she had more than 4 contractions in an hour and they were 1-2 mins apart. She called an hour later, had counted 18 contractions and they were now a min apart. They told her it was Braxton Hicks and dehydration and to drink as much water as she could. 10 mins later she was hemorrhaging. She was rushed to the hospital. When she got there they rolled her in an empty doctors no nurses. The nurse finally came and asked her "what's going on? Having some cramping?". The paramedic said "no she's in labor!!!!!" and pulled back the sheet. Only when they saw all the blood did they take her seriously! Her and my grandchild could have died that night. She went to the ER recently (against better judgement) because she fainted. She had a headache, she was dizzy, had elevated BP. They told her that her heart rate was elevated. Gave her meds for the headache and sent her home. She was too dizzy to drive, it was difficult for her walk AND THEY SENT HER HOME. Ochsner has wonderful hospitals and clinics.... Baptist is not one of them!

cyndi christian

I was extremely happy with my overall experience at Ochsner Baptist. Before my arrival I was sent reminders (via text) and the staff made sure I knew just where I was going in these multiple buildings. Upon arrival signage was clear and I got to my appointment without confusion. They young lady that checked me in was very personable and so very kind when I had somehow not completed my check in questionnaire. My only disappointment came at the end of my appointment. My doctor wants to do a follow up procedure in a couple of months. The date I was given was not good for me and my family. Instead of checking on a new date, the nurse told me to call the number on the appointment sheet. I would have appreciated it if I could have changed the date while I was there.

Melinda Granier

Such a very good place my son was born there and currently still there due to being born early. The doctors nurses and reSt of staff are very amazing both on labor ward and in nicu

sara ata

Justin Allen

Having never been admitted to a hospital in my life, I really had no idea what to expect. I was a direct admit from an outpatient Ochsner location for a pretty serious infection...that was going septic. Once I arrived and was transported to the Med-Surg Inpatient unit on Clara 3, the nursing care I received was top notch. They put me at ease despite having something that was more serious than I first thought. I hope I never see the inside of a hospital as a patient ever again, but Ochsner Baptist did a great job.

Flor Serna

Had a horrible experience in ER recently, resulting in me transitioning to Tulane Medical Center and starting over (it was worth it). If you are ever admitted as in-patient, expect poor or no communication about what the plan is,expect nurses to tell you that they have no idea what's happening because they're "just in nursing school", expect to be told that you'll see a specialist only to learn that you were being lied to and won't see a specialist, but most importantly: do not expect anyone to care or take interest in solving a mystery or reaching a diagnosis if it isn't an easy one. Consider a hospital where you'll be seen by students and specialists alike who are genuinely motivated to help.

Tammy Gremillion

I had surgery here back in April and I was scared to death of surgery but as soon as I arrived I began to feel at ease. Everyone from the check in counter to the medical staff were amazing, kind, and compassionate. There is one doctor I would like to mention and I think her name is doctor smith. I will never forget her she is truly a blessing to this world. Thank you to all the staff and medical personal who took great care of me.

M Alavi

Shantell (I hope I spelled her name right) was a very experienced and kind ultrasonographer. As a physician I'm very astute to the quality of care and service I receive when I am the patient. From her gentle and seasoned touch to the lack of wait, cleanliness of the room and facility, front desk kindness (Joy?), and the complimentary parking I was beyond impressed!

yasmine saleh

Had my son here. Staff is very nice and good at what they do. Doctors are amazing. Handle emergency/unexpected situations great. Food is good too.

Melody Naegel

Parking wonderful; directions from parking to my doctor ‘s office visible and clear; every employee I spoke with was efficient, professional and pleasant. 5 Stars

Shahid Hussain

After 2 years, they are charging us a bill for what happened on Dec 27, 2012. Now they are charging us. I already have cancelled and moved out of state long ago. Also, they said our insurance "didn't" cover it. _-_

Lyndon Defils

Love this hospital they can't care of me and my needs I can call them anytime to schedule appointments and I always get through


Outstanding service nurses and Doctors very friendly will recommended


My favorite Hospital in Nola. If I need a test done I always ask “can I go to Baptist?” The staff here is excellent everywhere. Professionalism is the norm. It’s very clean. Wait time is minimal. Parking is easy and free. I can’t think of one negative thing to say. Love Baptist!!

Stephanie Ferguson

I came into the OB emergency room feeling really awful and it turned out I had HELLP syndrome. They identified the problem very quickly and tried their best to give me as much time as possible for my baby’s lungs to further develop unfortunately I wasn’t able to get stable for that and I ended up with a C-section delivery very early in the am and sadly before I got to see my family. I was terrified but the staff were very helpful and made me feel at ease. When I woke up (the time I remember waking up anyway) my family was there for me and my sweet little man was in the NICU. I spent several days in the hospital until I was able to take care of myself at home and I got to go see my little man every day! Now that I’m home I luckily get to go see him a few times a day and he’s doing so great I even get to hold him! The entire staff that took care of me were the best and the food I was feed was amazing! I suggest the quesadilla! Now that my baby is in the NICU I know he couldn’t be in better hands his nurses are amazing!!! I know he’s getting the absolute best care! I can’t wait to get him home but I can sleep knowing he’s getting the support he deserves. The nurses he regularly gets are so sweet too and I can tell the nurse that signed up for him really cares! We’re so blessed and thankful that we came to this hospital and got put in the best NICU possible!

Nicole G

The staff is rude. I've been here for over three hours this morning and have seen no one but people that have come well after me with no visible injuries have been taken back.I have asked for help until times I have asked if other people in front of me and I'm told no then. I've watched taking in front of you multiple times then my two multiple times staff that's here on this date February 22nd 3 in the morning to be the very rude inconsiderate untrained and see everything in their power to make people more comfortable

Tiffany Breaux Adams

Went into labor around 10:30pm Sunday 08/14/16 my contractions were about 5 minutes apart and i wanted to make sure that it was labor pains because I had been having Braxton hicks contractions for about a week now so I waited before I headed to the hospital my husband & I arrived to the hospital around 4:45am 8/15/16 by then I am in active labor I knew I was because this was my 4th pregnancy my contractions are now a minute and a half apart we were sent to a little triage room where a resident came and checked me and told me I was only 2cm and there's nothing they can do at 2cm I was in so much pain I was hysterically begging them to call my I can get a second opinion they told me she was not on call and I should go home and try and relax maybe take a tylenol or benadryl I burst into tears as the pain became unbearable and all they did was offer apologies they discharged me at 6:21am 8/15/16 my husband and I got a taxi and arrived home about 6:45am I am to the point of passing out from pain and then about 7:15 the urge to push came so we called the hospital back and then an ambulance the ambulance came in about two minutes my son arrived in the back of a ambulance at 7:40am 8/15/16 can you explain to me what kind of idiot doctors would let that happen....I was at a hospital only to be told to go home and take a damn benadryl Ochsner Baptist is the worst and not to mention I have yet to see my Dr she didn't even come by my room or reach out to me just awful the worst experience I have ever had

Glenn Smith

Always treated with the utmost respect and I would recommend them for all your family and friends for your medical care, they kept Me Alive so far, Thanks

Sarah Corley

They’re no where near the kind of hospital EJGH is :/


My uncle had his Right kidney removed on Wednesday morning Dr Elizabeth Peacock did his surgery and everything went well she's very professional and did a good


I am so glad to hear that Ochsner has bought and taken over Rush hospital in Meridian, Mississippi,,,, I hope they replace current Rush employees with REAL professional staff,,, thanks Lord for answering prayers

kara kokser

HORRIBLE. My husband had not slept in 3 days and was having panic attacks and decided to go to the emergency room for help. We checked online for the wait times and it said 0 minutes. Upon arrival there were 2 other patients ahead of us but the nurse assured us the wait would be minimal. He was triaged quickly however the nurse did not even ask him what medications he takes. Not good. We then waited for over an hour while we watched shift change occur and not one person get called back. We asked again how long and they said it should be much longer. The nurses were doing NOTHING. We left and will NEVER return. It's not worth the risk of not being seen in good timing by a doctor. We went to East Jefferson and waited 2 minutes. Amazing how their wait times were ACCURATE.

Hanans Bangers

The best hospital I’ve ever been to. They are the most sweetest and kindest people you can meet. Loveeeee them❤️❤️❤️❤️

Javier Arellano

Two things to mention: Five stars to the staff as they gave us a terrific service, everything was perfect and Dr Band was an excellent Doctor. For the billing I would say -10 stars: they have sent FOUR accounts already paid to collection and always the burden of proof is on you. You have to contact your HSA Bank to get the scan of the checks and a zillion of requirements. The billing portion of Ochsner is mediocre and rude. But the medical side is top notch.

Stephen Loria

Worse healthcare system in the state. Aka the ochner machine.


Great emergency room experience. Nurses were fantastic!

Mary Hubbell

This is my 2nd review, the 1st was a survey sent to me while I was still at the hospital about to be discharged. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and quiet atmosphere of the hospital, the staff, care and surgery aspects of my stay was very good and things went smoothly although I was asked by my attendants to move myself into my bed from gurney after coming out of recovery, (mastectomy and lymph node removal on left side) looking back now, I don't think they should have done that; my 2nd complaint is that after my discharge, and it has been a week now, I have not heard from the hospital nor my doctors to check on me and see how I am doing. Other than being told that if I have any swelling, redness or fever to come back, no other thought was given to my aftercare nor recovery. This was my first time using an Oscner hospital and for me, this is something I feel the hospital needs to be addressed. A caring hospital, as Oschner claims to be, would at least do a follow call on their patients. I've had smaller, less difficult procedures done at my local hospital and recieved a checkup call the next day.

Kristin Swanson

My visit was very thorough and I the provider focused on my needs/concerns. There was a wait time of 45 minutes from check in to seeing the midwife face to face which was a bit of a hassle but once I saw her it was a wonderful visit.

Irenia Ball

I was originally scheduled to deliver my baby through alternative birthing center but due to health complications I went to the labor and delivery side. Probably the worst hospital experience ever, my baby needed treatment using the phototherapy light which attracted bugs. These little black bugs were flying around my baby and in the crib, the room number was 607. The nursing staff immediately changed our room to 623, we had no issues after the room change. But due to the moving process my baby and I had to stay later in the hospital because of the many interruptions during his phototherapy light. The trash in our first room was only taken out at night so it full all the time, my family started changing the trash ourselves. This could have been the reason for the bugs.

Ralph Bishop Jr

I absolutely love this place! Currently celebrating the fact my son is a NICU graduate. They have a yearly celebration and bring back all the NICU babies. The staff, the Doctors are wonderful!!!!

Amanda Cannon

The staff is so friendly and professional. I felt so well taken care of!

Christine Ferry

The staff is very kind and helpful. The physicians are knowledgeable and take time to listen to my concerns. I recommend this practice highly.

Nika N

Notice that the top 3 reviews there is no name obviously since they are excellent reviews and I know are also dishonest they had to be done by the staff. This place is a hell holeAfter less than a week of IV antibiotics and throwing up blood I was diagnosed with pneumonia and discharged only to be rushed to east Jefferson hours later put in ICU On 100% oxygen and told I was dying I was at east Jefferson for the next 8 months and then to a nursing home because oschsner refused to give me the test I requested when I stated that some thing else was wrong, I couldn't find an attorney to even hear my case because no local attorney would go up against them for medical malpractice and then I was told the stAtute of limitations was up! I got royally screwed over by them and I am dying!

Elizabeth Boudreaux

I am so thankful for the staff here! I am 33 weeks pregnant, and I have been dealing with multitudes of complications. My normal OB is fairly minimal with his responses and how thorough he will be with my concerns. When I came here for my high-risk appointment, all of my concerns were addressed in depth, and they eased my nerves for the first time throughout this whole pregnancy! From the MD I saw in Maternal Fetal Medicine, to the multiple women who aided with my examination in Emergency OB, and the woman who conducted my bilateral ultrasound in Imaging, they were all so kind hearted and thorough. Thank you all so much.

Lisa Rogers

I have been going to the back and spine clinic for almost a year now, the staff there are so patient and nice and will do everything to help you feel at ease despite the horrible pain I was in, from the doctors to the reception desk. I will recommend this place to anyone asking if I know a great back doctor. My doctor's name is Dr. Keating.

Amy Sues Burns

They would not listen to a word of what i was saying and stuck me in a room on a gurney not a bed over night i was throwing up any water they give me ..the Dr. said it was a joke i was there and if he was the insurance company he would not pay for it..then took a call from a bank while trying to get me out asap...still vomiting even water i feel so sick and weakere today but afraid to ever go back to that living Hell

cheryl trimmer

Dr, Knoepp and her staff are not only good at what they do , but some of the nicest people you could possibly meet. I drive over 2 hours to get to her office and its worth it!

Isabelle Rosalina

I was sexually assaulted and went here because it was the closest hospital to where it happened. They refused to do a rape kit and wanted me to go to another hospital. They said they wouldn't even do an STD screening due to me mentioning the word rape. Yeah, ladies don't go here.

Mary Butts

No comment

Matt D.

Absolutely amazing hospital to have a baby. Everyone from my wife’s OB to the nurses, techs, phlebotomists, pediatricians, lactation consultants, on-call OBs, and housekeeping were absolutely fantastic. The food was pretty good too! I highly recommend Baptist as everyone did a great job being extremely thorough and making us feel comfortable. Everyone was so compassionate and kind it makes me want to visit again just to thank everyone. Words cannot express how appreciative I am to these people - it motivated me to be more actively compassionate and helpful to others. Keep doing what you’re doing Ochsner!

Phyllis Moore

Laura Garbers

This facility may seem progressive on the surface, but it is not. Expectant mothers, take your birth plans and money to Touro instead. Quick. Patient Relations is not supportive and will not help.

Vanessa Clulee

If i ever need to go to a hospital for anything major this is the place im going

Annette Clay

I Spent no time in the ER great staff I went in for lower back pain they gave me a shot for pain and X-ray of my back to make sure nothing was broken the x-ray can back about ten minutes I will definitely go back if I need to Thanks Ochsner for your great service

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