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REVIEWS OF Lake Charles Memorial Hospital IN Louisiana

Crystal Jones

Greta Ratliff

Same Day Surgery is the best! Nurses, anesthesia & support staff are amazing! They're well organized, professional & friendly. Excellence in healthcare, from the ER & OR, to ICU, private rooms, & more. LCMH has the best nurses & doctors around.

Rodney Still

its hard to say you love a hospital, however the terrible reason you are there the staff makes it not as bad. great people and service.

Everythang Texas

I can't speak for everyone, but I was in and out of here fast. This is one of the few hospitals that actually treated me for what I needed to be treated for. Staff were cool & professional. Fortunately I don't hardly ever have to go to an emergency room.

Morgan Martel

Great experience! I was in and out in no time with the ER and Lance Henagan, N.P. helped me tremendously!! Thank you Lake Charles Memorial.

Tracy Guillory

They have poor service my daughter was in pain n made her get out of her room to sit on a bench in front of the nursing station to give to someone else but was bill for room when she only stayed in there maybe 15 minutes.

Granda Hudson

I Granda Hudson,would like to thank all Of the Doctor's from the Emergency room department for taking care of me. OnDecember 13,2018 when I took sick,even the Doctor's that we're having lunch that day in the open area.How they stop what ever they we're doing to come to my rescue,I thank God!for that and them.

Glenys Perez de Rodriguez

Dustin Cole

Medical records staff were unfriendly, almost every member of the hospital is either not willing or capable of helping you. Spent over a year being shuffled around and still have the same problems.

Laura Coleman

Great hospital! Professional Staff; Cautious and Caring

kenton guidry

Makes my heart feel good knowing how sincere the staff treated my grandfather.

Trevor M

Some great doctors here unfortunately the current administration has ruined this place. The hospital was great until the previous CEO stepped down. My experience has been a poor one. The billing department will treat you like a criminal. My wife was to have surgery and we were bullied, yelled at(literally screamed at on the phone) and threatened by the billing department. And that was BEFORE she even had her surgery. Obviously, the threat of having her surgery cancelled, we wrote them a check. Of course, afterwards , our insurance company tells us we over paid them by DOUBLE. Ive never experienced anything like that before in my life. We didnt even receive any services yet and their billing rep is threatening us and deceiving us into paying more. Who allows such nonsense to happen? Larry Graham. The CEO of the hospital allows this nonsense and poor treatment of the patients by the billing department because he is worried about one thing only, $$$$$$$$.

Dora Breaux

Cathy Schulte

The hospital was very good except they try hold you prisoner

Joshua McMillin

Jason LeDay

Beverly Carlin


Bones Ozment

Natalie Northcutt

Stacey Bailey

It was awful sat in ER for 5 hours with a broke leg and no one was of any help and were very rude. Will never come back here and will tell all to stay away from that bandaid clinic they call a hospital.

Raven Miranda

Daughter was taken by ambulance. While waiting for a permanent room daughter was given an IV and asked to sit in a temporary room. A nurse walked in asking if she had done a urinalysis. We stated she is dehydrated and could not go and she asked us to wait in the lobby until she had to go. We tried to explain she passed out and had a seizure and was brought by ambulance but the nurse was just rude and ignored what I had to say. Not sure about policy but I didn’t realize when you get taken by ambulance to this hospital you will just be directed to wait in the lobby I guess.

Monica Veillon

Daniel Craigen

Went there for back triage said nothing wrong wentto Neuro and i have a broken back.

Dana Davis

I wished there was a “0” to rate this place!!! The staff is unfriendly and some down right rude!!! This is John Davis making this review, my wife in severe pain in the waiting room for over an hour and I ask the lady ask the nurses deck if she could tell me maybe how longer it would be to see a doctor or anyone, she never let me finish my sentence when she rudely interrupted me and said she had no idea and looked back at her computer screen. NEVER, I MEAN NEVER WILL I OR ANYONE I CAN CONVINCE COME HERE!!! Go to St Pats.

Karen Alexander

Nursing staff was kind and considerate. Doctors are tops.

C Schultz

Very rude nurses No dr will see you just NP

Gene Pelican

I'm done they gonna put me to sleep like an old horse

jeff Adams

Horrible ER lazy staff just not good at all . stay away from these low rate under educated so called doctors.

Brandon Lejeune


Called to schedule an appointment and got transfered 6 times. And ended up having to leave a message.


I Love This Hospital Snack Machine

Kristal Lopez

Kaneadra Webb

Worst experience ever! My doctor mrs.saucier was a good doctor but I had to go all the way back in excruciating pain bc she accidentally wrote the wrong thing on prescription well she missed a few things on top of that the reason I am giving this hospital one star because the nurses at the nurses station was very very rude I went to the first one she sent me to the second nurse station then when I went to the second nurse station they were literally 4 people back there and they acted as if I didn't exist a nurse walking by helped me she was a black woman very nice lady probably the nicest lady over there.The others were very rude sitting there playing on their phone and computer I actually looked over to see what she was doing and she was on oshner website trying to login if I wasn't in so much pain with my mouth I probably would have made my presence known bc they were very rude I rate my doctor 4 starts only bc I had to go all the way back over there so they can redo my prescription but every nurse that was behind that nurse station that ignored me as a patient needs to be replaced!!!

Scott Turner

Top notch guy

Michael Wilger

The patient does not come first and appointments and any follow up are done at staff convenience. My initial appointment was rescheduled to 8AM. The doctor did not show up until after 9AM. I sat in his office waiting for over an hour. This demonstrates how much they value the patient's time. Second, everything is done by paper. Massive duplication of work taking basic patient information and medical history. Third, I requested copies of my lab results. Most hospitals would gladly email or provide that information in a patient portal. Not Moss Memorial. I'm expected to take the time off work, drive an hour to go to their records department to get a copy. Again, no respect for the patient's time or life. I'm looking to have my treatment done elsewhere. This place is too disrespectful of the patients time and money; and, any service they provide seems to be done at their convenience. It's pretty sad.


Please check on your family. The nurses are rude, lazy and always on their cell phones, e sd specially on the night shift. My brother is a diabetic with no legs and was admitted with pneumonia. Was left full of poop for an hour. Had bloody bandages for a day which they refuse to change until the bed was a mess. He was also left hungry after surgery for breafast and lunch. They dont answer the buzzer either. They are totally in the wrong profession.

Sinnasamy Naidu

Zachary Zembower

Dr. Lugo is the best. He did two surgeries on me and they turned out great. I had to get a bronchoscopy after my surgery though, and Dr. Courville was terrible. I told him that I had to be knocked out for him to do the procedure because they had to stick a scope from my nose to my lungs and he just refused to listen and treated me like I was being dramatic. He started the bronchoscopy while I was still wide awake (before the anesthesia kicked in) and I was yelling at him to stop and he did not give a care in the world. He is the absolute worst. Some nurses are amazing some nurses are the slowest people I've ever seen.

Micki Todd

it sucks

Lashalla Davis

Nicole Porter

A Crawfish


Aaron Jackson

Been awhile since I've been home and visited the memorial hospital. Place is like a 5 star space station when you walk into the E.R. The trauma nurse was kind of gloomy, all of the other nurses were fairly nice, amazingly nice xray tech, Doctor was really nice as well. I barely got two words out and he interrupted, knew exactly what was going on, and from there everything was amazing! Can't complain one bit. In and out in less than 3 hours as well!

Chad Chaisson

Tamesuera Jack

I don't understand the Triage, RW situation here and no support is allowed back with the patient. Even though a patient maybe 18 they really don't understand what is happening. Most do still need their parents to accompany them to have complete stranger assess them. Three hours in triage is a bit much. The waiting room was clean on the other hand and were being admitted swiftly.

Teresa Holder

My review is based on the business office not the medical staff.i had a large kidney stone while visiting the area and on Friday pre admit and was required to pay $900 deductible up front for lithotripsy surgery on monday.i passed the stone over the weekend and canceled the schedule I have been waiting since 4/23 to get my $900 back! I knew I shouldn't have paid it up front but the lady insisted.i will not let this go. That is alot of money.

Cesar robles

(Translated by Google) Very nice place to walk go fishing relax a little (Original) Muy bonito lugar para caminar ir de pesca relajarse un poco

Jennifer Miller

ER service was better than entire 7th floor personnel except for kyle and housekeeping. Nurses were never seen and did nothing but gossip with other nurses entire time. I had to get my own coffee, water, chase down my own blankets and not to mention that i told 2 nurses i thought i had been given too much pain medication and did not feel right and that was completely dismissed by both!


Most of the staff are AMAZING, it's too bad there are a few nurses that ruin it...ER was awesome me admitted quick as i was in SEVERE pain. After being admitted every few hours a different doctor came to my room to ask questions, maybe 6 total different doctors over 2.5 days i was there. Still not sure who my actual doctor was, most of they were awesome, some failed to introduce themselves or tell me what was going on. I was just discharged, i do not live locally and have a 5 hour ride home, the doctor that discharged me REFUSED to give me ONE pain pill for the car ride home as i am still in some pain. The discharge nurse had an apathetic AND RUDE attitude as well. I was polite to everyone and said thank you for everything they did for me. In each room is a sign that says "Our goal is 0 pain", that is a LIE! My wife if driving me west on I10 right now and I'm natious from the pain. Thanks for nothing doctor.

Shashank Ghimire

Devan Prater

Holly the NP is Rude as ever! She thinks she's the damn doctor and comes across as a very prejudice person. The other staff on her crew were very pleasant and Nurse Stacy was Awesome!! Holly seems to hate life in general and takes it out on the patients!! Ugh! Poor bedside manners!!! Jeremy the Mental Health Tech guy is a flamboyant thinks he knows it all POS!! This hospital is a joke!!!

Tammy Johnson

I have had the most worse experience in the ER .My husband was filling bad feeling like he had no energy .When we arrived the triage took him and did his blood pressure ECT And told me to wait in the waiting area.We got here at 5pm .I was able to go back to the er one time for one min.They had him in scrubs and took his cloths and his cell phone and he s just sitting in the hall .No nurse no doctor can to let me know how he was doing .I would go to the desk in the waiting are like 15 times and all they would say is he no in a room yet he is still in the hall.Atfer hours of waiting I ask the lady and security guard if some one ,could go back there to tell my husband that we needed to go to another hospital.The girl at the desk told me the nurses were to busy for that.The security guard and the girl beyond the desk wad very roud w me.I would go to the desk every 30 mins to a hour to check to see if I can find out how he was .All the girl at the front desk would tell me is he is still in the hall and and they waiting on a bed for him.It is now 12:11am Wed and we arrived at 5 pm Tuesday.I still have no information on my husband and I'm still waiting.I m just amassed at how I asked the girl at the front desk to go back to the Dr and tell my husband that we needed to go to another hospital due to all of this.And no one would go tell him This hospital is like a jail.O will never ever return to this hospital for any kind of care I will also be writing a letter to the Director of this hospital.This hospital is very poorly run Tammy Johnson


Very professional and friendly staff. I was seen in a timely matter given that fact they were busy. The nurses and PA listened to my concerns regarding my health.

Linda Patrick

My husband was seen in the ER with symptoms of a stroke and I was very impressed with the care he received...... everyone treated him well and they were very thorough and efficient

Recka Williams

kate bear

Siannon Royer

I was honestly shocked at how rude the mangement is and how they talk to people. I have dealt with other hospitals that actually care about the how they treat and speak to people, and i was treated so rudely i was honestly in shock. This is not acceptable. Our community deserves better. I write alot of reviews and very rare are they negative, but the CEO should be made aware of this.

A. Koll

I was in the ER for six hours then sent to the fourth tower where the staff seemed like they didn't truly care about our mental health and talked to us with an attitude

Jaymee Malena

Worst experience at a hospital ever. I was on the 7th floor. Rarely saw the nurses no one ever told me what was going on and I was having accidents cause of how sick I was and I was made to sit in it for 3 hours because they kept forgetting to come unhook me so I could clean up. I will never be coming back to this hospital ever again. For anything.

Todd Thibodeaux


The Doctors, Staff were kind and caring taking care for all my needs.they were in an extremely busy day when I was there for injections in my back and had 17 other then myself. Dr Billodeaux and the whole staff behind him kept up even through all the busy going on and the stress that these wonderful nurses, and Doctors, anesthesiologist did their job well. I understand what they go through in my younger years I to worked in the medical field. and there were times I wanted to just walk out the door but my love for anyone in need of help pulled me back in. So please put yourself in these wonderful people that is there to help. Thank you Gerri Bundick

Alison Landry

Friendly staff. Easy to navigate through.

Paige Diamond

Junior badon

I could write a book but I will only say that after being there for 2 days with my wife having cervical anterior spine fusion.In those two days they never bathed her, came to her attention while screening in pain,the bed linens were never changed,medical devices that we're in her room that was supposed to be attached to her we're sitting on the window seal,and on and on!!! I had to get rude the day we checked in and the day she was discharged.This was on the 5th floor.If you care about your loved one you need to stay with them and take care of them yourself because the hospital staff assigned to them surely won't.

Veronica Brignac

I went to the ER yesterday in excruciating pain!! Nothing I took at home helped me! I was there from 9 am to 2 pm and was NEVER given anything for pain. I had to sit and wait for a room in severe pain. A nurse saw me crying and asked if we needed anything. She went back and then ALISA who works in ER came up to me with an ugly attitude and said, “ if I don’t stop, stopping all the doctors and nurses, that she will make me go sit back in the lobby. That is a horrible thing to tell a patient, especially when it’s not true!! I never stopped NOONE!! I sat there and suffered in pain! She was sooo RUDE AND UGLY! I will never go back to this hospital again! EVER!! I was SHOCKED at how RUDE SHE WAS....ALISA!!

Darrell Pellegrin

Worst ER EVER!!!!

Carol Rudd

The staff treated my son so fantastic, love this hospital

brittany volkots

The staff has always been incredibly nice the few times I had to visit the emergency room. The remodel of the hospital is very nice. I like the pieces of glitter/gold through out the floor and they have built in outlets and usb ports next to the chairs in the waiting lobby. It helps when you have to make the time go by when you wait. I've never had a bad experience.

Gwendolyn Braum

Admitted due to a head injury with memory loss. Nurse tried to physically force me to take a medication that I was allergic to it in the process of doing that she struck me across the face. I told the nurse that I was allergic to the medication and she said you took it last night, yes and then you had to come bring me Benadryl. My doctor discontinued this medicine in 2016 because I was allergic to it and I continue to tell them that. When she struck me I contacted the police and the nurse supervisor in which the staff convinced the police that I was acting out. At no time was I homicidal, suicidal, delusional or hallucinating. I was there because memory loss. The staff reacted by doing an illegal commitment in which I had to contact legal advocates (sexual assault attorney) in order to get myself out of the hospital. They threatened to arrest my 20-year-old son if he didn’t leave. I asked him to leave so they wouldn’t hurt him. They threaten to tie me down to the bed. Now they knew I was a sexual assault victim. I was on constant watch. I could not even urinate and defecate alone. The staff my gave my treatments even called me by name while other people were passing the hallway which gave me no HIPPA privacy. I had to enlist the help of family and friends. To top it all off I was sent an letter by a Mellissa Vanicor which reads that they did an investigation and concluded that the staff was only trying to encourage me to take my medication. Unless you want to be forced to go to Archer for being sick do not go to this hospital. The first few nights my guy was there nothing happened. They waited till I was alone to perpetrate this attack. Then when my son came in the threatened him. That’s because they wanted to forcefully give me a drug which they refused to name to me to force me to go to sleep. I work in mental health so I know my rights and that’s why I was able to force them to let me be discharged but what about people who don’t know their rights. They will surely be told that they are mentally ill and be hospitalized. This happened to a friend of mine at the same facility only a week or two prior. LCM is affiliated with Archer so they admit and make money off of that admit. They have a coroner come, commit you which isn’t S.O.P. because a doctor could admit you, so why? Because that would be a conflict since the doctors who would admit from LCM are also the Doctors in charge of Archer. This was told to me by one of my nurses, who is a supervisor at archer. He showed my son and I his name tag. Something has to be done. This family to say, we are sorry for taking you to the hospital. They only wanted what was best for me. The hospital wanted what was more profitable for them. They continued to tell me that they didn’t have a bed available at Archer so they could fully charge my insurance even though I asked for a facility near home. Then their plan was to fully charge my insurance for Archer. So simply saying I didn’t want to take a medication that I was allergic to that was given for fibromyalgia, not mental health reasons was enough catalyst to force me into a facility. Think about that. I’d share the videos I took but they are graphic. Thank God my son took my phone the first night and was able to bring it back to me. I was there the one on one CNAs that watched me (even going to the toilet and shower) were talking on the phone (even about my case), playing games, napping, and eating my food. Got video and photos of that. They discontinued all of my normal meds and gave me medications that I don’t take. They messed up my blood sugar levels by improperly giving me insulin after meals instead of prior to meals to prevent blood sugar spikes. Then fussed at me for the blood sugar going up. I asked the dietician to please stop bringing me so much carbs that it will spike my sugar. They didn’t. The E.R. Dr tried to convince me not to stay. Should have listened.

Kim Blewett

OL Stifflemire

Poor service in the ER .. Dr was very unprofessional and also very arrogant. Was not pleased with service at all . My husband had been in a accident 3 days before when he woke with bleeding from rectum and was sent to ER. Before any test diagnosed him with Colitis. After demanding test be done which made the Dr mad. Sad I had to ask for extended test before a result was made due to circumstances .. Was insulted because of my demands as a worried wife !! Wow this ER is another one that has contracted staff and it shows ..

Larry Greene

candida de la rosa

sarah austin

I was out of town (in Lake Charles) when the left side of my face and eye became very swollen and discolored. I went to Lake Charles Memorial, they took me back without doing an intake and began treatment almost immediately. I was in the hospital for 2 days on antibiotic drip, the staff there were some of the most helpful and sweetest people I have ever met!

Wesley Foreman

I went here to check in for surgery and turns out I was at the wrong facility. Two of the wonderfully helpful ladies called around town to find where I was supposed to be. They had no obligation to assist me and other places would have just laughed at me as I left, but these two ladies refused to let me leave until they had me going to the correct facility. That is true compassion and empathy.

Los Angeles Lakers Fan


Angie Rogers

Very helpful and professional

Yury Reyes

Elizabeth Bunch

After months of trying to get my bill straightened out, i was just sent to collections. All because they did not do their job by processing my payments. And would never return my calls.


I honestly don't know what to say. I mean, I come in by ambulance, was brought into the ER straight to the back, just to be brought to the waiting room up front. I'm actually here now, still in the waiting room waiting to be seen. Been here 3hrs. I have heart failure, & my legs look like tree trunks due to fluid retention. The treatment is pretty simple. I even told the EMT's what I needed to simplify the process. But I'm still sitting here.

Michael Anne Daigle

Amber Kendall

Usually have to wait awhile. But they have phone chargers in the chairs of the waiting room so it's convenient. Good service excellent staff

sheryl milanowski

Worst er turn around times. Np came in right away ordered tests. Nurse told us results were all back. 2 hours later nurse practioner still has not come back. Asked nurse and answer was he was trying to find her????

Zenda Viator

Jill Laudenschlager

Spoke with Ashley W. She was very polite and helpful. Everyone should talk to her

Carla Collins

Juan Alonso

Monica Roy-White

I'm truly disappointed. The doc asked me questions about the patient then turned his head without responding when he had his answer. The nurse was worse. Im asking her if I needed to move, it took me a moment to realize that she was blatantly ignoring me. No one except the Rad Tech introduced themselves once we were past triage. They wouldn't keep me updated on their progress and no one spoke on the patients condition or when/ if he'd be discharged. I've been coming to LCMH since I was 12 (30 years). I've NEVER had such rude disrespectful service and the floors were dirty.

Brian Hollandsworth

Friendly staff and a robust volunteer auxiliary make this hospital a welcoming environment when going through life's health challenges and surprises.


Worst hospital ever!!! Avoid at all cost!!!

Jasmine Arvie Citizen

I have to tell ya i been there 7 mnts

jim mcneill

Got a call from a np regarding blood work for my wife. She discussed the numbers and asked if she had a doctor to help. Thought we had a doctor. Getting pretty bad when a np calls and we have to presume her appointment has been canceled

Mackenzie Webb

r_a_v_i_e adams

The worst hospital ever. Staff is rude and they act as if they didn't learn anything in school. Nurses and Doctor's included

Phillip Zietlow


I'm pregnant , I had alot of pain . They took me in immediately and I was out within an hour and a half. The doctors were friendly , professional. They listened and they found what was wrong . It took 45 mins waiting in the waiting room to get my results . They care about the unborn and that to me , means everything . Thank you guys !

Lolita Martinez

I called before rushing to ER and a bad ugly mood nurse just told me if you have an emergency just come

Jasmine U

They are unprofessional and ghetto

Randy Thompson

Most of the staff were very abrupt and rude. No bed side manner. Most definitely will not be my first choice for care in the future.

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