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David G

They say you have to start off with something interesting if you want to get someone to keep reading, so here it goes: If I had a family member having a heart attack, and we were staying right beside Glenwood I would still tell the ambulance to drive the extra 10 minutes to get to St Francis Medical Center because I seriously believe that my loved one would have a better chance of living with those odds. I'm not saying this to be funny, but because I truly believe it. I'm not talkin about the doctors here I don't know them and didn't see much of them, but my grandmother surgery as far as the doctor was involved seemed to go well. I'm saying this because of the care they will receive for the other 23 and a half hours a day that there's not a doctor around. It is literally one of the worst experiences I can imagine anyone having in a hospital. I'm saying that's also because I want you to read it all before you take your loved one to this Hospital. Here is the whole story. My grandmother had to come here and stay for about a week. I could never find a nurse when we needed them. It was so bad that I literally had to leave the hospital a couple of times, just to cool off and gather my wits about me. I remember one time I came off the elevator and I could hear my grandmother yelling for help before I even got to her room. When I got into her room, she was laying on the bed in just her hospital gown with absolutely no cover and those rooms are freezing cold. She was crying and I asked her what happened. She said,"I spilled my water on the sheet and the Nurses Aide got mad and ripped the sheet off of me and left me here." I would have thought that she was just over exaggerating but the lady did not come back with the sheets for 20 minutes, until I had to go find her and get the sheets myself. Now I know what you're thinking why did I leave my grandmother there freezing for 20 minutes? I didn't I covered her up with my long jacket and waited just to see how long it would take because we had problems with them already getting her what she needed in a timely manner. To make things worse, she was there for an extra couple of weeks for physical therapy because she had broken her hip. My grandmother is a small lady and when they do the physical therapy they put this harness thing around the rib cage kind of under their arms and when they start to fall they use it to keep them up. One day about a week and a half into physical therapy, my grandmother started complaining about her back hurting badly. They took her down and X-rayed her and told us everything was okay. I thought my grandmother had just pulled a muscle or something. Well to get this story going anyway, about a week after my grandmother came home she was still complaining about her back hurting and it got so bad that even breathing hurt her. I took her to St. Francis Hospital in Monroe instead of back to Glenwood, and they gave her another x-ray. She had a compression fracture in her back in the exact spot that she had been hurting when they jerked her up with that harness at Glenwood. Of course I couldn't prove this happened but what are the odds and my grandmother's hurting badly and it happens while she's at Glenwood and then there x-ray finds nothing and she goes home, keeps hurting badly goes to a different hospital and their x-ray show is she has a compression fracture in the exact spot she was hurting at the first hospital. You tell me, you don't have to believe this but I'm telling you if you love your grandmother grandfather dad mom sister brother take them to Saint Francis because I promise that's the only Hospital we've been back to sense and it's not perfect but it's way better then Glenwood. Also stay away from The Guest House Nursing Home just a friendly warning I think most of the helpers they get fired from Glenwood go to work there.

Judy Paul

On March 19, 2016, I received word that my son had been taken to Glenwood Regional Medical Center in West Monroe. This was the third time he had been in the hospital since January 3rd of this year. I was unable to go to the first two hospitals due to an open donor/recipient site on my left arm for a flap following Mohs cancer surgery. I was able to go this time. The emergency room staff did all they could to reverse the problems my son was having. They also were concerned for my daughter and me. When my son was transferred to ICU Room 10, the high level of compassion, efforts, and religious support remained demonstrated by the doctor, nurses and staff. I know that God sent us here so he got the care he needed and we had the feeling that everything that could be done was done.

Kim Cook

This hospital sucks

Alex Sharp

Good experience and learned a lot and got the meds I needed

Paula Burgess

HORRIBLE: My 77yo father was recently a patient in Glenwood. First time ever in a hospital. He was diagnosed with Metastatic Stomach Cancer. This was the WORST experience in a hospital anyone could have ever imagined. The nursing care was horrible. No one knew what they were suppose to be doing. Not one nurse, NONE, ever did a head to toe assessment on my dad. Never listened to is heart, breath sounds, bowel sounds (with NGT in stomach), peripheral pulses after surgery, etc.....He was over sedated, and if I ( daughter) hadnt been there and noticed it he would have just been lying there. In the 12 days only one nurses aide was helpful (Denise) and kind. Never once did they send an orderly, but i dont lime they had one for men patients. My mother also 77yo, stayed with my dad during the day, asked to have trash emptied one day , and they brought her 3 trash bags to do it herself, this was enough to tell me that no one i loved would ever be brought to Glenwood. Nurses were like robots with their computers, walking in pulling that high tech computer with their backs turned to my dad asking questions. Not knowing i was a nurse, i would question the nurses, and no one knew what the other was doing, they never reported to each other.. It took knowing someone higher up to recieve adequate care., which is sad for you and me. Horrible, horrible!!!!

James King

Britty Brat

I was here in the ER for 5 1/2 hours. Took them 3 hours to find me a room. Then left me in the room to freeze with no blanket or pillow in a gown. Waited an hour to do an ultrasound then sent me home in severe pain and said there nothing they can do for me!! Will never come back!! Pregnant with a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst due to rupture at any point and this is how I was treated!!

Camya Whitlock

i’m a teenager and i’ve seen better!! poor poor service and lack of intelligence. #STAMPED

Zach Chism

The only reason I didn't give this place 0 stars is because I couldn't. If you enjoy waiting 4-6 hours in the ER waiting room, rude nurses, and sub-par health care, then this is the place to go. God forbid you have an actual emergency that you need taken care of. One of the worst hospitals I've ever been to in my life.

FashionNova Queen

Good hospital. Nice and clean. Doctors and nurses took very good care of me. I had went to other hospitals before coming here and this was the only hospital that cared enough to run the test and figure out what was wrong. I would definitely recommend this hospital.

lee haythorne

Sommer Robert

Great nurses! Seen quickly. tests run and diagnosed efficiently.

ace ace

THEY WILL CHARGE YOU EXTRA . This is not the one i went to , but it was by one of the dr.Glenwood represents. When I was at the doctor's office, I paid everything from the visit to the shot and they told me that was it I paid everything. 2 weeks later I get another bill of an amount unknown, Called to investigate they are slow to reply back. After 3 weeks replied back and told me they will take care of it, 2 weeks later I received the same bill again and I did not hear back from anyone who was supposedly taken care of this. I just went ahead and paid it, I don't want my credit to be messed up because of $56 they want extra. they even opened ER1 ticket in the past. when I called the operator and the person who took my payment was not interested solving the problem, they just want in my payment. so if you visit one of their location expect unknown bill, that they will not take care of no matter how nice they sound over the phone.

You Tuber

The wait time can get ridiculous at times.

Anita Tinnerello

I was admitted 5/25/18 and quickly seen by doctor in the ER. Every procedure was explained and the staff could not have been nicer. Great hospital.

Jaley Dixon

Val Webb

Damion Williams

Worst hospital ever.

Lolnmyheart Desoto

I'm in e.r. room with my husband and they won't let me go back 2 see him it's been hours they claim they are on lockdown but are letting PPL go back but not me! Will not return to this e.r. because they do not treat u as well as they treat others!!! And today's date is 02-06-2018 poor service here if you have an eternity to spend come here but I DON'T AND I DO NOT APPRECIATE THEM NOT LETTING ME SEE MY HUSBAND!!! 5.40 PM CLOSE TO 8 HRS HERE!

Trey George

I have been in Glenwood several times. The first in 1980. I received excellent care. Again in 2016 when I had a stent inserted. Again last year when I was diagnosed with cancer I was there for dehydration, nothing but kindness.

Selah Storm

Lisa Seigler

Got there at 4am on way to Destin Fl from Texas. Son had kidney stone. Everyone was very friendly and Dr was especially nice and helpful.


For the most part the nurses have been nice, understanding, and tried to help me. The Dr's, not so much. Only two out of all of the ones I have seen has truly listened to me. One even went as far as asking me questions then shut me down in the middle of me answering to ask other questions. It was as if he didn't care. My opinion, don't ask your patients questions and shut me down.

john chapman

Poor food decisions fish Friday with no fries. Conway has every option available for it's employees and customers. The grill has been closed and it's a money maker seems like the CEO would try and make the hospital better for it's employees as well as patients and family.

Anedra Johnson

The best hospital ever!!

Denicola Hella

I came here as a Emergency and ended up staying for 18 days with my husband who had a collapsed Lung, in stage4 COPD Doctors and Staff gave him outstanding care and made sure he would make it back to Fl I stayed in the room with him and they made sure to make it as comfortable for me as they could. They even feed me throughout the stay...Now I do appreciate that they did But I want to be honest.. The Food was terrible and that is the missing Star. You Guys need to change your kitchen staff and hire some real cooks. A choice of Menue would be a great idea. Thanks to e everyone who took the time to care, why we were there.

Clara Gipson

I checked into the emergency room on a Tuesday at approximately 12:45 pm with a complaint of chest tightness, nausea and dizziness. I was promptly taken to triage to get vitals and an ekg. Then I was taken to the nurse's station area where I lay on a gurney in the hallway from 1:15 to 4:45pm. I was eventually told that I would be admitted to the hospital. I was then shoved into a room - still in emergency, where I stayed another 5 hours. Please keep in mind that all the while I'm in emergency I hadn't eaten anything. At 7:15pm I asked about food and was told that trays were ordered at 5:30??? A nurse did bring a tray...but it was (1) cold and (2)one that had been left on a cafeteria cart in the hall right across from my gurney since lunch! At 8:00pm a nurse bought me a cold ham sandwich and a hot canned coke...and I was still in emergency! I don't know if this is an isolated incident. This is my first and quite possibly my last time being a patient at Glenwood. I do have to say that the staff was polite and apologetic. However, in my own personal experience, they were not very concerned.

msteetee tee-tee

I went here Sunday 2/25/18 to deliver my baby. The over night nurse Britney was not very friendly when it came to me during my labor process which annoyed and stressed me out. I ended up having a c section due to issues with my baby's heart rate dropping. The food was horrible there nothing like I remember. Then no one ever came for me to do paperwork on my baby for his birth certificate or social security card I just so happen to ask about it in the day I got discharged. Even when I was brought my baby no one showed me the proper was to do anything in regards to his diaper changes the proper way to lift him feed him. I am a first time mom. Even leaving I thought hospitals gave you lots of stuff for your baby when you leave I received on super small can of powder milk. Only the diapers that I had used while I was there i was very disappointed at them I will NEVER have a child there again or go to that hospital again.

Chris Austun


Shavon Sullivan

I went to ER in severe pain, for which I have been under a doctor's care. My doctor is on vacation, and the earliest I can see him is a whole week away. Apparently there was no doctor on call, because I had to see a Nurse Practitioner. She met me in the triage room. I was able to tell her specific details about my problem. She was very nice, but the first thing she told me was that they couldn't do anything for me but give me a shot that "might" last a couple of hours. I gave the triage nurse a typed list of my allergies, current medications, and medical history. When I got to the exam room I was put in a chair (no beds in the room). Sitting is excruciatingly painful. I was not examined at all. The nurse came in to give me a shot, but couldn't remember what the medication was, and had to go out and find out what it was. She came back in and told me, but it was one of the meds on my allergy list. I gave her my list (allergies were the first thing on the page) and told her that I had given it to the triage nurse, but she said the computer listed "no known allergies." It was a very expensive shot, but lesson learned. If I or anyone in my family need ER services, we will add another few minutes/miles to our hour-and-a-half drive and go to another hospital, and hopefully we will be able to see a doctor and be treated appropriately.

Brandy Hardwick

I will never make the mistake of coming here again. They left me to suffer with the pain of kidney stones for 4 hrs before doctor even bothered to see me. The nurse couldn't start an IV to save his life and the admission tech had no clue how to do her job. This place is a joke.

Harry Clifford


Trudy Bryant

My only problem with Glenwood is Mary at the er front desk. Attitude from HELL!!! Management needs to fix this bc people come there in pain they dont need cocky attitude AT THE HOSPITAL. IF YOU DONT LIKE YOUR JOB GET A NEW ONE!!!!!

Eva Oliveaux

My husband was admitted to Glenwood on 7-19-2019 the worst nights we have ever spent in a hospital it was like 85 degrees in there the staff were all sweaty their hair and clothes stuck to them. I had to go get a box fan to stay half way cool. Nobody should have to pay the huge bucks we pay to stay in one of your rooms and have to burn up. We will not ever come back here in the summertime again. Our service was excellent but they deserve hazard pay for having to work in these conditions. I had to go sit in my truck to cool off. The least you could do is furnish people with fans. I bet we don’t get anything knocked off our bill for our unpleasant accommodation at your establishment.I hope and pray we get to go home today.

Lakesha Blackmon

Horrible overnight staff

Jesus Christ

Went into the er with suicidal ideation and was seen by an psychiatrist (Dr Millan) and he told me there was nothing wrong with me and told to go home. What if I had killed myself? Think about that for a moment.

L Paul Lemoine

Terrible. Do not go here. They dont help. They dont care. They took 12 hours to give me a blanket and meds when i came by ambulance to the emergency room. I suggest you go to st.francis or conway. The doctors dont even care. They hook you up to ivs and telemetry leads and wont come unhook you to use the bathroom or give you a urinal. Rude staff. Insulating staff. Boycott GRMC. You wont get my business again.

Natalie Jenkins

They're terrible service refused to tell me what happened did an MRI and catscan & drew blood and left it on the counter for the whole time I was there terrible they didn't even tell me what was wrong with me i still yet to know

Peter Treadway

Went to er for back pain could not walk upright.I suffer from spinal and cervical stenosis. Saw Dr in er asked what was wrong now as I go there when afib and copd flare up.I stated what was wrong and was in pain treated me as a drug addict.Said he could not do anything it was against the law to be treated for pain in the er .Will be changing hospitals.

Tray Damon

Presented to ER with abdominal pain for over a month and stool very black. Was seen within minut es. Labs, culture with feces, urine sample was done. I was also given fluid for dehydrarion. I was admitted and checked into a room where nurse Ashley was nice and a great nurse. Had a endoscopy performed and also other test were done. Dr. Gonzales qwas a good doctor as well. I look forward to going to see Dr. Hinkle for my colonoscopy. I didn't like one thing about Glenwood and that was they dont update you on what's going on or whats the status of things are. You have to ask. But overall i think they did a great job with diagnosing what i had.

Eric fletcher

If I could give it 0 stars I would. Last night my teenage nephew tried to commit suicide and the heavy set brown headed nurse and blonde headed nurse that worked graveyard shift treated me and my family horribly they showed no care a child tried to take his own life and they had no care in the world. I trusted y'all and yall could careless about a child and suicide. I will never come back here worst hospital in Ouachita parish.

lovin mom

Kevin Manning

Your brother has emergency open heart surgery, You grab a flight from Texas when you arrive you expect to be able to visit, you call in and ask and told “NO” by a nurse “you have to wait till 8:30pm.” Do you know your own professional organization stance on ICU visitation. Well I do as a nurse. See position statement below from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. So glad I moved away from this primitive hospital and into the real world of healthcare. This place is terrible. Evidence shows that the unrestricted presence and participation of a support person (ie, family as defined by the patient) can improve the safety of care and enhance patient and family satisfaction. This is especially true in the intensive care unit (ICU), where the patients are usually intubated and cannot speak for themselves. Unrestricted visitation from such a support person can improve communication, facilitate a better understanding of the patient, advance patient- and family-centered care, and enhance staff satisfaction. Unrestricted presence of a support person can improve communication, facilitate a better understanding of the patient, advance patient-and family-centered care, and enhance staff satisfaction. Been here since Friday, not once have they started visiting on time, always 30-40 min late.

Jones Kid

j\J.Hernan Azula

The worst hospital I have ever been treated at. The hospital shows neglect, the room window was fixed with paper towels to prevent a draft of cold air from coming in,the toilet was Over flowing so I stepped on my own mess, I tried to get some response from staff with no results. I had an stent placement surgery and the next morning the lab technician came to get the needed tests she was warned by me to not take blood from my right arm, that was the arm used for the stent procedure she was unreasonable and very condescending, "What I am here to do?" Was her response to my observation, I asked her to leave and she got on a diatribe. I requested her to leave several times, finally the nurse in the area came in and did the necessary tests. There is a lot more comments to be made but you the readers are better served if you have the choice to select a better health care facility.

Madison Bogle

Stephanie De St. Germain

Hello my names Arthur orwig and i was in yalls er from 8amto3pm today and came in the er experiencing severe abdominal pains and soon as i got to the er was checked in quickly and was then moved to room #11 and immediatly they started running test doing labs on me and come to find out what was causing my pains they figured out was my bladder and colon were both full and i was close to my bladder exploding and was told by nurses that i needed to immeaditly have them do enma and at first cause of the procdure was kind of emembarresd and keep telling both the nurses that i was sorry but the kept saying no problem was there job and they really made me feel ok and comfortable and even as messy and nasty the procdure was tks to them they fixied me right up and was on my way as back to the old me PS PLEASE IF ANY WAY POSSIBLE LET THEM KNOW HOW AWESOME AND KIND TO ME THEY WERE DONT REMEMBER THERE NAMES BUT DOC WHO I SEEN WHO WAS ALSO VERY KIND TO ME HIS NAME WAS Gary wayne Lowder AND AGAIN TKS TO YALL ALL AND THE ONES WHO DO WHAT YALL DO DAILY AND I HAVE THE UPMOST RESPECT FOR ALL OF YALL tks again for yalls time

Jeremy Cloyd

Went in with chest pains, they kept me for 3 days with no diagnosis but they stuck me with a huge bill that I cannot afford. Since I went through that, I met someone else that had the exact same experience I did and recently a coworker of mine missed work because he had chest pains and went to the hospital. As soon as heard he was at Glenwood, I called it! They did the same thing to him. They take you for your insurance and run the bill up as high as they can and keep you for as many days as they can. insurance covered 80% but I still have to pay the other 20%. Like I said, 3 days and no diagnosis! They are crooks and thieves, avoid them at all cost!

Matt Roberts

Great place!!

Glenn Christesen

My wife has been sitting in here for almost 2 hours with severe dizziness and nausea from hell. They have her medicine that didn't do anything at all. Hasn't even been checked on. Someone else walks in and she's had at least 7 people check on her. Is glenwood really turning into a bandaid station.

Melanie Siddon

At first the visit went well then I ended up having real issues. I didn't get to see a doctor. I was xrayed. No one came to talk to me about my pain or my srm. Threw me in a sling. I asked for a diagnosis and nurse said she didn't know that. I said so I'm not going to find out anytching? I had to demand to see someone and the nurse practitioner finally came in. She did even read my chart that I'm highly allergic to Ultram / tramadol. Another dose and I will die. She tried to give it to me anyway. I refused. Worst service ever. I'm at home still in a lot of pain and having muscle spasms. They don't care about people. I'm thinking getting a lawyer. I'm just tired of people treating me like I don't matter. I went for help and get treated badly

James Traylor

I went to emergency room for pain because of a cest on my tailbone ,I wanted to be cut Dr Congtang told me that he wasn't going to do anything about it because it was not a life or death emergency ,I can't hardly sit down ,Dr keep saying that he is not going to do anything because not life or death this is not the first time I have had to have this done ,I have never been refused treatment for this or any other don't understand what the problem was I have insurance Dr was very rude and did not listen to a word I said ,so now I will have to go to Lincoln General in Ruston where there will not be any of this ,will not be back Front desk was awesome and nurses ,nurse in room looked shocked about his decision but she knew her role at hospital I think I should have ask to see different doc but it was 12:30 am and didn't know if this was how this hospital is being run or what

Mary Pippins

Icu 3rd. floor post vising times. the afternoon is from 2:00pm . 6:00pm. I have been at the waiting roo three days in a row. We were not allowed back to the unit until 40 to 50 minutes after 2:00. I realize emergency come up, but one day they were cleaning, the next day they forgot what time it was. If someone presses the button, we get a lecture about how busy they r. What about the people who have just a few minutes to see their loved ones, and can not get into unit. Why set hours if the staff sets hours of their own hours.

Holly Knight

God forbid anybody from GRMC come around and offer food or water to all the people sitting in an ungodly crowded waiting room for 6 hours with nothing to eat or drink. All the vending machines are empty due to construction and no one wants to leave the waiting room for fear of missing their name being called. I understand construction pains, but this is ridiculous.

Kenneth Tolbird

I went to the er when I had pneumonia and was seen right away, the staff treated me well no complaints

Shakara West

My dad was experienced a hit and run by a drunk driver and was brought to this hospital. He has a broken knee but doesn't have health insurance so they gave him a knee brace & crutches and kicked him out. He is from Lafayette, La & is a truck driver so that was horrible service do not take anyone to this hospital!!!!

Amy Rey

The Cardiology floor is amazing! Thank You! My Dad is there getting excellent care.- after 15 days my Dad is home! He had quintuple bypass surgery and Carotid Artery Surgery. Dr.Donias,the nurses,and the housekeeping were so good to him. We are thankful to have him home.

MsTris Trish

By far the worst emergency room in all of Northern Louisiana doctors and nurses are racist and lazy towards most blacks they could careless about your health and trying to help you, all they wanna do is this quickies and easiest thing send you home with some lame BS excuse ... The people up front that register you in and take insurance information are rude asf, come on really you only make $10 or 11.00 a hour If that, African American women please humble yourselves a little more, y'all are very under paid and try to act bigger than what you really are. . .

Carla Harkins

ER was negligent in their care of my daughter Rachel. Frankly, terrible, rude and poor care


Great facilities, professional staff, all of my experiences at Glenwood have been a pleasure!! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for the best care possible. 10/10 would recommend Glenwood Regional Medical Center.


I was there with a client as a sitter and they would not asisst with anything because they delt as if i was a sitter i should do the work and my client was just coming out of surgery and she had noo balance and i would call for help and no 1 has still came til this day need better workers thta isn't there just for a paycheck but actually love what they do

Caleb Hibbard

My wife took an ambulance ride to the e.r. for her ankle being pretty much snapped in half. Two broken bones and a dislocation. Which took surgery 15 screws and two plates to fix. Well Glenwood wasn't on diversion, yet when they rolled her in they didn't even look at her and just told the ambulance drivers to put her out front. When i walked in and saw my wife crying and in severe pain i asked what was going on. She said take her to St. Francis. I went to the nurse who didn't even take the time to look at her ankle and sent her out front why she wasn't being taken back. He told me just because you use the ambulance as a taxi service doesn't mean you get seen before other people. Well it didn't go well after that and i ended up picking my wife up out her wheelchair and taking her to St. Francis where they treated her immediately and with 0 problems. I've heard to many horror stories about this place and neither me or my family will ever be back.

Saquan Nixon

Mikey Smith

So I went in due to I slipped and fell over my flag for guard and my ankle made a crunch noise. I go in & they do an x-ray. The nurse twisted my hurt ankle to the point where I was bawling like a baby. I broke my ankle and they only gave me a boot & is sending me to school tomorrow when I'm in marching band & color guard. Literally nothing for pain & nothing to help me walk. I've never broken a single bone until yesterday and I'm going to St. Francis

Melissa Johnson

I work at a medical facility doing medical records. This facility is by far the worst place to get records from. I am still waiting on records that I requested back in July of 2017. The staff is very rude when asking when I should be expecting the records.

emily hubbard

here I sit today telling you from my phone in my bed sick and heavily medicated DO NOT GO HERE. I mean, unless you want to die of course. I visited the emergency room here when i was just sixteen years old. Brought by my mother, I laid on the floor of the emergency balled up in pain, barely able to breathe and in excruciating pain. ten feet away from me sat a nurse filing her nails minding her own business. I was a child. I could have been dying. And I might have been, but who knows, they didn’t send me home with a diagnosis; only a large bottle of tramadol was my doctor’s solution. Months later after being drugged irresponsibly my body began reacting poorly to the medicine and I wanted to stop taking it, so I visited the gynecologist just next door. I told the doctor my very distinct symptoms and explained to her that I wished to be on a drug that was better suited for my specific illness but she told me to my face that she didn’t believe me and that it seemed that I just wanted to get high. I’m 18 years old now and I’ve been too afraid to go back to another doctor regarding this issue because I felt disgusted with myself. No one believed my illness and I was cursed to bear with the most excruciating pains I have ever felt in my life. Today however, I decided I couldn’t go on living like this anymore. I’ve been taking old hydrocodone from a past injury because I ran out of tramadol a while back. The physical toll of taking hard pain medications every time I get my period is starting to deeply affect me. I am speaking out against this hospital because they have wronged me and the world needs to know. This is a disgusting place with selfish and undereducated workers. I want spit in the face of all who made me feel like I should have to live with this problem

Donna LaForge

Billing is a nightmare. When you call you are talking to someone overseas. This person kept asking to speak to the patient even though I explained she is deceased. When I said we are having a communication issue, may I speak with someone else, THEY HUNG UP ON ME!. I have 2 different statements with different account numbers, same date of service, same amount on statements. Both of the statements are incorrect.One that came from Pennsylvania and one that came from Utah, I also was referred to another phone number for Stewart Health Care, they are in Texas. So that is three different contacts, with three different phone numbers. With all of these different entities involved no wonder that the billing is a mess. I have talked to numerous people in the last 2 months and still cannot get anyone to help me. In the past I have also been billed 3 times for the same service code, on the same day, for the same amount, this all was on one statement!


I just left the ER after having been there for two hours due to extreme abdominal pain. The doctor came in with a woman in civilian clothes, she was not introduced, and asked a few questions. He listened to my lungs, stomach, etc. entered data into the computer then left. A few moments later a nurse came in and did the same thing. Minutes later the recptionist came in stating I was free to go. No lab was done, no blood work, no X-rays, no ultrasound, no diagnosis. I was not even provided discharge papers just informed I was free to go because I was "non-emergent". So here I sit, back at home with the same pain I went in with. I have never experienced this type of treatment in an emergency.

Christopher Hunt

Glenwood was not helpful and after the doctor seen my wife a billing person said if we stay insurance may not pay for it and we may get a bill, then zero help was offered ... This facility should be audited and shut down!!!

Amanda Orr

I'm upset with the hospital. My son was staying with my brother. He asked for a food tray. He was told no , that has to be approved. Shame on y'all.


Dependant on if your RN & Support staff are Competant, will your Family member receive Proper patient care!! Word to the Wise, REMAIN WITH THE PT!!! Ask MANY questions regarding Pt. Care!! We lost a Truly DEAR Family member here due to Complete Patient Neglect!!! This facility OVERDOSED her on Blood thinners (coumidin) to attempt a heart cath.... Couldnt cath, so staff left her ALONE!! With No Means of forming blood clots to stop bleeding... She called for HELP! By time nurse Decided she should go check, pt had bled to Death!!!

Sam Weems

Glenwood ER does not even deserve a full star. The doctor we saw was very absent minded and not urgent at all. My sister came in after a side by side accident and they whole ER seemed slow and unorganized. Some of the staff was rude and would not even let be back to see my sister. I will not be going back to this hospital.

Angel Byers

Very rude nurs doing reports more important then making patients come first

Ansara Jackson

Some people were very rude some did good but Coree was super rude

Latoshia Green

Caleb Clark

I went in for a terrible headache. I have had migraines before and this headache was in the top two worst of all time. this was the second time one sent me to the ER. I was about ready to jump in front of a truck it hurt so bad. So I very reluctantly go in to the ER... I told them my head was hurting really bad. Light noise everything was horrible. So this crazy nurse starts talking about me having a heart attack and I asked her what she was talking about and she said I said I was having a heart attack and I was like no. She asks me to go pee in a cup and then she started asking me what drugs I had taken as she hooked up an EKG on my chest... for the heart attack I guess. So as she continues to treat me like some kind of dumb junkie a lady comes in to x-ray my chest... Mind you the whole time I said nothing about chest problems. I believe they were just trying to run up my bill... And that they certainly did. Finally a DR. Shows up and says you are having a migraine we need to give you a shot. I say okay great! Finally. It felt worse for a while but slowly started to improve. Meanwhile the crazy one comes back in and sticks some other shot into my left arm. I asked her what it was and she just walked out. My arm hurt for three days and I can only assume it was a vaccine of some kind. I got a friend to come and get me and went home traumatized but free from the intolerable pain I went in for. The fees for that headache were over $6000. Luckily I have good insurance but that is absolutely ridiculous. Don't go here. Just don't do it. Anywhere but here.

Jonathan Mendez Soto

My mother was extremely sick, chills, nausea , the wait was extremely long. There is nowhere to sit to escape those fans along the walls in the ER , extremely cold. Not too mention I was at the coke machines and there was a woman I think her name was sandy just standing in the hallway talking extremely loud about other workers at the hospital.Saying they were incompetent, yet she was not working and gossiping instead. I believe she was a supervisor there. Do I want to continue at a hospital where the supervisors treat workers with such disrespect? No wander Everyone says Glenwood is a horrible place to work. I wouldn’t want to work for people who did not respect me either. Maybe this is why the wait was so long? The supervisor was holding up the nurses from doing their job while she gossiped. This is why my mother had to wait so long.

Angela Highsmith

Gave birth here and the team was awesome. However I gave it a 4star because of records. They had lost my sons birth certificate and now I have to pay for a copy at court. So frustrating

Tracy Ambrose

This has always been my hospital of choice. However, when I stayed last month for six days, there was a difference. The rooms were not as clean and bed linens weren’t changed unless specifically requested, but the nursing staff was AMAZING. All of them. But special thanks to Patriana (I hope I’m spelling that right) and Monica Tabi (spelling). They just were like family to me. I had some trouble getting medical records in a timely basis, but it was resolved.

James Smith

If you love your family and love ones dont go there. THEY KILL

Tori Lowrey

If I could give this hospital zero stars I would. This place is a train wreck. As a nurse who has worked in a hospital, I know how quality healthcare is supposed to go. First of all my experience in the ER went well. I was transferred her via EMS from Ruston and was in excruciating pain. I was seen immediately, the MD ordered meds right then and was helped as much as they could with the severe pain and was admitted to a room within a few hours. That’s when everything went downhill. The ortho floor is an absolute joke. The nurses are the most rude, unsympathetic people I’ve ever met. I had someone stay with me 24/7 and do everything for me because I was unable to walk and all I asked them for was medication when I needed it and every single time it took over an hour and sometimes more than that. You’d think on a ortho floor they would be used to being on top of giving pain medicine because ortho patients are usually in significant pain if they’re bad off enough to be admitted but they do not care. They tried to do an MRI 3 times before sedating me even though I told them each time I would need to be sedated due to the amount of pain I was in I would not be able to tolerate it. Sure enough it took complete anesthesia the 3rd time but they do not listen to the patient. Then the nurse tells me at one point she’s not bringing my meds bc “there was nothing on my MRI” while I was screaming in pain. Then my physician comes to talk to me and tells me there is significant findings on MRI and ordered more meds. The nurses here act as though they are the physician and do not want to give medication that is ordered by the doctor. In the 16 days here, I’ve had 2 nurses actually perform a physical assessment, which is supposed to be done at the beginning of every shift. They do not do rounding as they are supposed to do. I have a midline placed and went 2 weeks before they changed the dressing, which is a huge risk for infection. My family had to empty my catheter. Which leaked and I was unaware of how bad since I couldn’t move and since the nurses don’t do assessments they never noticed, so I sat in urine for 3 days and had skin breakdown (I am a young otherwise healthy adult in my 20s so my skin was otherwise fine before this). And god forbid you ask for anything around shift change bc you’ll wait 2+ hours. They have cameras in regular rooms and do not get your consent to watch you in your room which if you walk by the nurses station you can see the monitor, so if you’re undressing in your room- anyone walking by can see which is a HUGE HIPPA violation. Also had a pretty important test delayed AGAIN bc I asked the nurse to arrange anesthesia which she did not do therefore the test got delayed by a WEEK. All it would’ve took was one phone call but they’re too lazy to even do that. I’ve had nurses lie to me about calling the MD. The only good thing about this place has been my physician, he’s been wonderful and caring and actually acted like he wanted to get to the bottom of what’s going on. But unfortunately the MD can’t stay at the hospital around the clock and you have to rely on this majorly subpar nursing care. Thank God I had family stay with me around the clock because otherwise I would’ve laid in this bed and probably had a whole host of complications. Bottom line, bypass this place and go to St Francis if you have any kind of orthopedic injury.

richard curry

Great!! Very concerned about patients. Extremely thorough and caring.

Barbara Kaye Dupree

Adrienne Grafton

Currently in here with pneumonia and severe chest pain from coughing so much. The dr on call sent me to the cardiac floor where the nurse is clearly discriminating against me. I'm sitting here crying in pain and the dr won't help me. I'm ready to take my iv out and walk out. I can hurt at home instead of being treated hateful by the uncaring staff I'm dealing with now. Will not be back.

Julie Marie

ER staff hasVERY poor commutation skills! Was spoken to like I was a child and threatened to have phone taken away. Hospital policies are NOT given to patients or parents of paitents. The ER director however is a good person and helped tremendously.

Evelyn Miller

If I could give a rating of 0 I would..I pay out the butt for health ins. & er dr.Crook had the balls to tell me the E.R. was for sick people..ummm excuse me..But don't u think I'd rather b anywheres else but the hospital? ..He was plain rude..not just to me..but to the nurse's. My whitecount came bk very very high & so of course they were admitting me (clearly something was/is wrong)..but u after waiting on a bed n the E.R. With an iv & no rooms available. .is signed a A.M.A. Dr. Crook is a arigant person with no consideration of his patients, staff, place of Employment, & not to even speak of the bad reputation that he gave oath to the medical board.

Courtni Mac

Glenwood hospital is the worse hospital in Monroe/West Monroe. They're rude, the rooms are dirty and rusty looking like they ain't changed the paint since they were built.

Josette Marbley

They have very poor service here in the er Dr.lowder is very rude and dont care about the patient let me suffer in pain and didnt care said I wasn't his color so he just dismissed me and said go thats very unprofessional. He needs to be let go

Joel Baum

Took forever never going back not even to have a baby

Jamison Harvey

Everyone in the area says "this is the hospital you go to die, if you want care, go to St. Francis". Need I say more?

Jessica Krehbiel

Worst and most unsanitary hospital I have ever been to. No diagnosis just doped up and released. We ended up going back to a different hospital and my husband was admitted for a week. To top it all off everyone was rude and in a hurry to even answer questions. Will never be going back and I have all of the pictures to prove they are unsanitary.

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