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REVIEWS OF CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital IN Louisiana

Brandi Karr

Drew Howell

Jana Reed

I always tell my people if I'm ever I'll, send me to Cabrini Hospital!

vivian jacobs

Della Terrebonne

Absolutely worst ER!! Rude nurses and doctors I've ever dealt with!! Cold?!? .. well it took three hours to get a blanket! Health care well I that's a bigger joke!

Annette Turner

It is sad that one person can turn a 4 or 5 star experience into much less. This was my 2nd visit to the St. Frances Cabrini ER, and, for the most part, the medical staff seem geniunely caring and attentive. The ones who do the behind the scenes stuff especially, who push the wheelchairs and run tests, are a credit for good to the image of the hospital. But the main nurse in the triage, Anna, really needs a refresher course in patient courtesy. I am not sure if it was the way she rolled her eyes at my story when checking in or her curt and snippy response to our inquiry about our check out but in both situations she reflected herself as judgmental and demeaning. Since this was not my experience with others I can only assume she was either having a bad day or doesn't like her job. This left me wondering why someone with that kind of attitude would be placed in the prominent position where everyone checks in? I am left to assume that an organization with whom the majority of its staff seem to portray the Christian values as seen on its walls, in Anna's case, it may be she just needs a bit of reminder that how she treats people matters.

Nachia Lair

Love it

Karla Cline

My husband is Raymond(Tommy Campbell,) they are taking excellent care for my husband and myself I just wish they would serve myself food in the room as they do the Medicaid patients room people. We live in Winnfield and I had to start driving home every day because the cafeteria is so expensive

Kisha Bingham

horrible staff, unprofessional, rude doctor and the nurse aren't very helpful with communicating how long it will take to see the doctor. The doctor made us wait 7 hours just for a 30 minute procedure. He never came in to greet us nor inform us why he didn't see us at our scheduled time. After finally getting the procedure done the doctor still didn't come to greet us but instead he chose to call the room number to update us. So I told him could he come to the room and update us because we hadn't even seen him. When he got to the room he was rude and sarcastic. He was smirking every time I was voicing my dissatisfaction with his service. Overall, it was the worse experience I've ever had in a hospital.

Priscilla Russell

Best hospital in Louisiana. Very happy with the heart specialist and staff. Along with the heart patients floor.

Alvin Vaughn

Ana Orozco

Sadly, was billed by this Institution, for a Triage that included Vital Signs only, no physical, no other parts of the medical visit completed. Charged my Insurance company and myself for a copay. Waited for 1.5 h to be seeing by provider and had to leave to another institutions. Concerned about Ethics of the whole system within this Hospital, that is not how you treat patients.

Rebekah Kerry

I've always like cabrini, for the most part I do....But as far as labor and delivery I was very disappointed in the quality of services that I received. I had a nurse that was not compassionate or kind. It was several issues in L&D. I was very shocked this was their services to a first time mother. I dout I'd ever go there again if I had another child. For other reasons to go to cabrini I think it's an excellent hospital, and had good services. Cancer center is very nice, and nice staff.

Jessica Alexander

Lisa Hillis

I'm sitting here and my brother is having a hard time breathing , my sister in law has told them 3 times and I have told them 4 times and he still can't get help. I thought that when you went to a hospital you were supposed to get the help you need I guess not. I'm from Tennessee and you get better help there then you do here. If he dies I will be sueing this hospital.

Patti Arceneaux

My name is Donna. I brought my mother in Sunday around 8 p.m because she had fallen and couldn't move her legs. They ran a CT and Blood work then sat her in a wheel chair for 5 1/2 hours in the waiting room. We were finally moved to a room about 1:30 a.m.after constant questioning the front desk. After starting an IV, they left our room and didn't come back until 5:00 a.m. The male nurse finally came in and told my mother that the CT didn't show any broken bones and that they needed to get her moving . He put her in the wheel chair in the room and then told me I had to take her to the truck and put her in because he was too busy. I walked by the nurses station and they were just sitting and talking. I needed help, and they just rolled their eyes. There were inmates there that were receiving better care than her. Your hospital has lost all compassion and caring. Your staff is self absorbed and rude and lazy. If I need a hospital, it will definitely not be yours and I will tell everyone I can about this treatment.

Stacey Myer

Very attentive

William Ellington

Excellent care. Many thanks!

Louis Pleasants

It's a good hospital

Sharon Griffin

Great care

Richard Lee Cooper

Kevin Davis

Gerald Gagnard

julie green

I have received and am still receiving excellent care. I have nothing but high praise for my Doctor's and nurse's. Thanks for the care and encouragement in a very difficult time...hoping for a full recovery and a long life.

Jackie McKenzie

I have never been treated so horrible in a hospital stay in my life. I have also worked in the medical field mainly Hospitals for over 15 years and never have I seen such an unprofessional team of medical staff! I am embarrassed for the city of Alexandria. I just moved here 2 weeks ago and I have never visited this Parish/City before now. I will drive the 2 hours back to Baton Rouge the next time I am sick even if it's an emergency I will be willing to take my chances. I was in the ER for 16 hrs estimating it was a circus. Not ONE time during all those hours did ONE person from the WHOLE ENTIRE STAFF come in and ASK IF I WAS OK OR NEEDED ANYTHING for 16 HOURS!!! They did the bare minimum of their job no more. No compassion what so ever. I can go on and on with instances that occurred during my 5 days. It was awful. I pray they make some changes and/or hire a more caring compassionate professional staff.

Joseph Jaume

Natasha Edwards

Andrea Sponseller

Very nice hospital, gift shops was great! Ladies that worked in both of the gift shops were really nice and helpful!

Diane Humphery

Hillary Small

My mom has been in and out of this hospital since Father’s Day of 2019. Previous to this she was in this hospital two years ago. My mother has been Mis diagnosed so many times I’m unsure now of even her current condition. She was brought in father day. June 16th 2019. She was told she had a small tear in Intestine in which they operated on she seemed fine and then was released.About a week later she had some blood work done from her regular doctor and her liver levels were bad so she was sent back to Cabrini hospital where she was told her sodium and Imodium levels were off.They did balance the levels and shortly told my father that he needed to see a Gastro intestinal doctor in the tri-care network. If any of you know having elderly parents they cannot understand how to find the appropriate doctors and network and yet they were sent On their way with absolutely no direction. My parents live one hour away from this hospital by the time my mother got home she was incoherent she called me on the phone and was making absolutely no sense which is very unlike her. My father has now rushed her back to Cabrini where there are plenty of Gastro doctors to help her in the hospital yet they are not in the network of tri-care so they cannot help.I understand insurance very fluently and I understand that they cannot help her but as humans they can give her some direction. My parents have no idea how to use the Internet so they have no idea what doctors to call and they are given no direction sent away from the hospital with no conclusion. And still a very sick mother.I live in North Carolina I’m so far away and I am terrified for the care of my mother at this point I feel hopeless and helpless and nobody will lend a hand. Is this what our medical industry has come to we bow to the insurance company and the in network doctors without giving our elderly patients any guidance truly where is the love and compassion when you think of the word hospital? Cabrini please for the love of God spare me your copy and paste reply to this Google review about us reviewing on your patient portal because you were not going to do anything about it anyway your system is broken and lost and so are your patients!!


Victoria Smit

Debra Brown

The ER is a joke and the personnel are rude, unhelpful and unprofessional. After my 2nd time to have to go to Cabrini ER I've decided that another hospital or even a veterinarian has to do better than Cabrini ER.

Jennifer Ardoin

Shaunda McRae

Shannon Girlinghouse

Pilikia1969 Pilikia

After sitting here for 5 hours without seeing a doctor. I came in for heat exhaustion but guess what they sure texted me the bill while I was waiting. Wanted me to pay $630 for the Er visit even though they haven’t seen me yet. What a joke this place is. People who work are screwed. I came here straight from work and it looks like I will go straight to work from here.

Mohamed Gharaibeh

Jamie Renee

I am so thankful for this hospital.

Michael Cramer

I would give it 10 stars if I could.Staff all the way to housekeepers are excellent I am known as Miracle Man I had a 5 % chance of survival and the Doctors and Nurses pulled it off .

A Tate

Always good service in my experience. My preferred hospital since 2002 when I moved here. Full of competent professionals, but also with the warmth of a small town community hospital.

Randy Gaspard

Came with wife for8 hours wife having heart problems service not worth it!!!

Jada Rose

Robin Kanouse

Alisa B

I went for an extreme allergic reaction. Face swollen, eye swollen closed, couldn't breath. I NEVER saw a Dr. No ONE checked my breathing. They gave me two shots and told me to sit in waiting room for 20 more minutes. This was pathetic. I went to another ER because I still couldn't breath very well. The other ER was no better. It took my primary to find out that my right lung wasn't getting oxygen properly.

Jana Salmon

Ginger Gavin

After 7 long hours waiting in their waiting room , I took my sick mother to another hospital. They should be ashamed! !!!!!!!

Brandy Banes

Horrible..... we sat in the emergency waiting room for four hours and we are still sitting here with nine people ahead of us,beyond ridiculous and none of the staff have been friendly

Denetra Anderson

Micah Wise

Shame on you for discharging an elderly woman who is still having complications from pneumonia. Shame on u for not allowing us to appeal the discharge! 2 stars is generous. You should change your name to rapides general #2

James Willett

Worst service ever. 13 year old comes in with chest pain and 6 hours later they tell parent diagnosis. Ablosuletly no compassion. Child on Medicaid so not as important as others. Will notify KALE and other media. Also site refuses to allow you to give less than 1. Sorry sorry excuse for compassion! Negative 5.

Ken Zackary

Initially getting seen was quick and efficient then reached the lady doing the discharge Feb 21 2016. Got here at 2:57 - it is 5:32 and I'm still waiting to leave everything is done but my discharge it's quicker on a busy crowded day .....maybe she should work in a different field ...horrible horrible plus the rude admit workers.

Kimmie Lou

Horrible Service. My 1 year old and I was in a car wreck and we sat in the waiting room from 5:30 that evening to 4 the next morning. My son have seizures but the staff wasn't concerned at all. I was on pain and had to almost beg for pain meds. Horrible place to go. Never Again. They don't even deserve one star. The staff has bad attitudes.

Donnie Gunter

This was once a great hospital. recently, our neighbor had a heart procedure and there was no communication what so ever between doctors and nurses or doctors and doctors. I saw enough to not use this hospital. I've been told Rapids Hospital is worse. You best not leave your loved ones alone, because they will NOT be seen about.

Jonathan Hamblin

I went this morning for severe back back pain, told them my past back surgery, and they basically gave me a stronger ibuprofen. They do not care about quality of life. If I had known this I would not have paid a $350 dollar copay.

Tammy W

The hospitalist do not listen to the patients or tell the patient or their families that they are changing medicine. They are a bad joke. The only "healing grace" I saw there was the nurses and the tech. NOT the hospital floor doctors

Lilieta Moravek

I had a baby in January and this hospital was very caring and on their toes about giving me the care I needed. Friendly as well, for the most part. I would have given 5 stars except that I ran into some issues with a financial counselor when trying to get information on a bill that wasn't itemized. Michelle D Owers [or "michelle.lewis" as her email indicates] became quite patronizing after I expressed confusion for seeing the same charge on 3 different bills and thinking I had already paid that bill up front to my OB. After I requested an Itemized Bill of Charges for all final charges for the account at hand, she began to run over the different possibilities of what may have happened during my "delivery without complications" - suggesting that there were complications. When I told her that the Itemized Bill of Charges would suffice for services rendered that aren't hypothetical, not only didn't she continue to speak over me, but the tone in her voice changed to far less than what anyone would like from a representative. After repeating that the requested documentation was all I need and that she was making this more difficult that it needed to be, she hung up on me. I called back and said I wanted to speak to her supervisor and she gave me a very curt, "sure" and the line went silent for minutes. In the end, I had to call back 2 more times to get a hold of a team lead that helped me with the information I needed. And by then I was so upset with how rude this woman was to me that I was in tears. I would suggest to anyone having to deal with Michelle Owers to bypass her completely for Kaylin Kirk. Or anyone else. Anyone else. Because she is so unprofessional and rude.

James Farquhar

If I could a would give it a 0 rating Do not leave a loved one there alone.

Donna Langton

Waiting for registering and test extremely long. The waiting area shows soaps better to show HGTV

Bill Ellington

With a Mission Statement of: "To extend the healing mercies of Jesus Christ , " That's the place I want to be. And that's the attitude of the health care professionals I encountered. Thankfully, Bill Ellington

Kayla Harrell

Nurses are usually very involved with patient concerns, doctors spend time making sure patients are comfortable and understand maladies, but the wait time in ER TAKES FOREVER and we hear loud personnel in the halls. Great care, just slow.

Lesley T

Not a good experience. ER wait time 10 hours.

Evelyn E.

My husband was seen in the Cabrini ER yesterday. Within 20 minutes, he was checked in, triaged, and a Head CT was performed. He was immediately assessed by PA Ponthier and then seen by Dr. Pruett. This physician correctly diagnosed his migraine and then treated him with a combination of pharmacokinetic medications to stop the migraine and prevent it from returning. Outstanding! We were so pleased with our well informed physician and staff. Everyone displayed prompt, efficient, effective and compassionate service. God bless you all! It's wonderful to have a hospital live up to their mission: "To extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ."

Jonalyn Reynolds

Overall experience very negative. Specifically physical therapy department!

Lola Chicano-Rivera-Momasita Smith

If I could give this place a negative number, I would. Imagine this - your baby who has hydronephronitis is in pain when he pees, he is running a fever and is generally fussy and crying in pain. You go to the Christus Cabrini emergency room because you are concerned about your baby. You are only 20 years old and you are scared. The team doesn't greet you at the front desk, they ignore your very existence. Finally they ask for your information. You sit down with your baby, they put a tag on your baby's leg and it is way too tight. They quickly triage him - a nurse practitioner comes over, says his private area is okay and an African-American older woman gruffly tells you to have a seat in the waiting room. You wait with your baby, who is crying constantly in pain, the only thing that will stop him is walking. So the family members walk him. One by one, other people are called, people who came in AFTER your baby. One child is a child of an Acadian ambulance worker and they go back immediately to see a doctor. You are still is in pain. You go up to the window, they tell you that there are 3 people ahead of you. After 5 people are seen and all of them came into the ER AFTER your baby, you and your family decide to wait until Monday to see his specialist because noone is coming to help your baby. You have lost all faith and confidence in this inadequate team of workers. You walk out of the ER with your baby...AND NO ONE, NO ONE TELLS YOU TO STOP, NOT ONE PERSON ASKS YOU IF YOUR BABY IS ALRIGHT. A SECURITY GUARD DOES NOT FOLLOW YOU AND ASK IF YOUR BABY IS OKAY. What I just described is an actual incident that occurred at the Alexandria Christus Cabrini Emergency room on Friday, November 25th, 2016. We waited from 6pm-9:30pm, and noone even acknowledged our existence. However they took care of all of the other people who came into the ER AFTER my nephew. My sister said that this hospital is supposed to care about children and they are a member of Children's Miracle Network. My nephews mother called Rapides General emergency room - and the people there told her that they place children as #1 priority on their emergency list. They see a doctor immediately upon checking into the ER. In the future, I prefer not to put my health and the health of my family in the hands of uncaring, cold, and emotionally numb people at Christus Cabrini. You go to an emergency room because something is wrong with you and you expect excellent service with caring and supportive people. They are there to provide a timely and knowledgeable service to people who are ill and to the loved ones of the sick people. If you cannot provide this service in a consistent manner to EVERY patient who enters your emergency room, management changes and retraining must occur within the ranks. Someone's life could depend on you. Do your vocation - don't look as it as a job. The public depends on your expertise and timely care, as well as respect for the patient and their family.

Lydia Hilt-Clay

We were most appreciative of the level of care and excellent support provided for my mother during her recent visit at the St. Frances Cabrini hospital. The attention given to her in the critical care unit was very professional as the staff addressed the concerns of the family members and assisted our dad who remained by her side during her stay at Cabrini Hospital. Again, many thanks to all of the staff for your prayers, encouragement and the level of professionalism demonstrated during our mother's in-patient care visit.

Carmelita Barrera

The service and staff are excellent.

Kelsey Reynaud

Very rude and unprofessional. They do not take care of their patients the way they should. My mother in law had surgey there. Afterwards when she was cleared by a doctor for her diet, the nurses starved her and never checked on her. They were very ugly towards her and disregarded doctors orders. They also rarely checked on her after major surgery. It would be nice if they got a staff who actually cared about the patients and their well being . It's sad that this hospital is still running

Jimmy Brown

orthorpedic clinic is horrible treatment and very uncompassionate service are caring better to go to another hospital

Gage Flynn

I just admitted.myself to Cabrini for some strep and the rns we're playful and joking with my wife and I. GREAT experience so far

Diana Brown

The staff here at rehab on 2 Ed floor is great msTammy made my stay here at ease and checked up on me through out my stay ,the only problem I experienced was how short staffed they are when we as patients have to wait some time's up to 20 minutes to get someone to get us to the bathroom, physical therapy is great Olive is an excellent therapist as are the others,had to go to bed hungry one night because I was given a ham sanadwich with 1 piece of ham so thin you could see through it litterly no condiments what so ever lucky there was a banana to eat (hahaha) aide said what did i want her to do because she would have to go all the way to kitchen like it would be to much trouble,made me feel some kind of way. Sad,sad,sad don't have word's to express how I feel Diana Brown Room 207

Gwendolyn James

Dona Cahoon

Megan Smith

Worst hospital ever. I literally came in with high blood pressure and CHEST PAINS and I’ve been waiting for 2 hours.

Grant J

Probably the worst stay at a hospital I’ve ever had. CABG floor is on an entirely different floor than ICU. That’s not really ideal for transferring patients after open heart surgery. Nurses have been fairly lazy. Not on time or remotely on time, sometimes even 30 minutes or later from their scheduled visits. Sloppy care. No bathing was performed by any tech or aid, or nurse, has to be done by family. Ambulatory walks weren’t performed x2 daily as is supposed to be protocol by staff, family had to take care of it. (Really should be x4 daily if patient is able).The room itself wasn’t designed for a heart patient to recover in at all, way too small for the equipment to fit in. Bathroom insanely too small. And really dark. Ambulatory walks with no pocket telemetry. Nobody monitoring telemetry even noticed any EKG lead problems lol. Patient had equipment malfunction for EKG monitor, and input from telemetry didn’t fix the issue, monitor was never replaced. Guess it didn’t matter. Parking is atrocious. Get ready to walk and wear some comfortable shoes, you’re not parking anywhere near an entrance that’s close to your loved one. Our particular nurse was both floor nurse and charge nurse. So was being pulled in a million directions. Aides told patient that, post cardiac surgery and with a saline lock, that they’d recommend patient have a shower just like they would at home. Yeah no. Just like you wouldn’t cover a saline or hep lock with a glove to take a shower. Lol. I laugh because you can’t help but do so. Also, not one person explained any X-ray results to patient. Not one person. They were done in the morning each day of the patients stay, and nope....never heard from anyone on results or what they could see. Just....stunning. Once upon a time this hospital wasn’t too bad. But that was years ago. I’ve never felt like a human was more of a product for a business than I have for this recent stay. It’s not the people weren’t fairly cordial.....but the policies they were following are awful. The choice of room for CABG is awful. It’s just disappointing seeing where the levels of care have fallen. Not the fault of the workers I don’t believe, but most likely from leadership and hospital protocol.

Derek Hardwick

I dont even wanna rate this business a 1 star. Worst place possible. They do not inform you of alot of the things before they get you in. Then after is when they hit you with all of it. My wife's fear is needles and when it came time for her epidural they made me leave her side. She was so scared that it made her blood pressure drop causing her to have to go on oxygen. While situated in her room she was drilled with a bunch of very personal questions as I'm sitting rite next to her. These questions had nothing to do with pregnancy or the health of our unborn. After all the questions were answered and the next staff came on board(problem staff) and were asking us questions based off the first staffs answers,she had put all kinds of incorrect info as answers. DO NOT HAVE A CHILD HERE! Hospital staff is incourteous,rude,untrained,and very unprofessional.

Faye Collins

Compassionate, Quality Care, Believe in the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ, Continue to Strive for Excellence

Alicia Brittain

I have pneumonia and the first time I went they gave me a shot then I went back two days later and they did an ecg because of Chest pain as soon as I walked in. I felt so safe at this hospital and they were all nice and loved their job.

Tracy Dailey

Went to the er in feb.with COPD.was close to passing out.cabrini saved my life.

Haley Joiner Hernandez

I saw 2 different doctors on my visits. Both were amazing to work with!

Kelly Moore

My Granny broke her hip and had has surgery. Her nurse, Gabby and CNA Lawanda have been fantastic. My Granny had an episode where she tried to pass out on them and they were on top of it taking care of her and making sure she was getting the best care possible.

Ionata Kenshi

Maurice AADYUN

Heidi Ward

My Husband had a procedure done and left his wallet in the holding area. By the time we noticed it the wallet was already gone. We NEVER got it back. It was not about the money but all what it contained. It had to be a staff member, because no one else gets in those rooms. I know the hospital is not responsible for your possession but sad to think they have thiefs working there

Sandy Lavallie

Wait time is minimal. Staff are always very patient and caring. Cabrini is my first choice in hospitals.

Faith Lewis

They help their elderly

Mary Carmouche

I'm not sure that I'm seeing the same Dr/NP that any of these people are. My husband and I see NP Jeremy Wiley (who by the way has a photographic memory and can recall -upon site of the patient- everything that he has treated that patient for- who he referred them to AND what the outcome of that appointment was) and he has always treated us very well. So What if the other staff are not up to your standards, when you are being treated by the best- when it counts the most. I have not seen any other medical professionals at this facility. I don't have to. Mine is the BEST!!!

Jannie Winnfield

Incarnate have some professional people and some are really unconcern, about their patients, I feel it is very hard to get in touch with them the phone just rings and rings, it is to hard to get in touch with them for just a question most of the time. And the people in the pharmacy most of them is just totally rude very unprofessional........

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