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REVIEWS OF Children's Hospital New Orleans IN Louisiana

jack joshlin

I spent the better part of 1990-1994 there having surgeries and treatment on my foot. The nurse staff was excellent, and doctors where amazing.

cora lee

Very good hospital

Brittney Chavarria

Spent 2 days there with my baby and they were great so nice went above and beyond to make us comfortable and help my baby get better.

Mohamed Sabry Zeidan

The new remodeling and parking structure made it much better. Traffic and access are way easier now. The remodeled lobbies and helpful reception staff are also great.

Andrew Mackenzie

At this location treats the patients and their families as if they're a member of their own family,e being made that benefit patient care and the new parking garage is a blessing.

Johnny Adams

Great hospital very good with children.

Sharon Zeringue

My grandson with down syndrome was sent there by ambulance Monday for a bump on his head. They refused to do a cat scan and treat him. Place was filthy. Waiting room was full of sick people and the staff was not friendly at all. Now my grandson has the flu. Thanks Children's. Bathrooms were horrible. Never offered water or food for him during the time he was there. My daughter cried. This is very unsatisfactory. No more children's for us. Hello oscner.

Latigra King



I have a special needs son. This is the best hospital and they do everything to help his needs. I would highly recommend. Since he has special needs I always stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Just call Social Services at hospital and tell them you need them to send a referral to The Ronald McDonald which is proof of visit.

Nicey Col

The worst patient experience I ever had in my entire life. My gdaughter recently had a gjay tube placed shortly after she started to lose weight I called multiple times to be seen by the gi/ nutritional team for this matter I finally got the right person on the line who understood the situation in she explained that this happens in these cases sometimes and reassured me that they would get her on the right diet no problem there... Well a couple weeks after making this appointment my gdaughter had to be hospitalized and was scheduled for a procedure on monday by the time my family and I arrived b4 I could unload everything out of the car cps in the room the social worker called n said the baby wasn't being feed threw the gjay which is the only way she could eat so that was a completely false statement right there. Instead of them correcting the situation they blamed the family. Needless to say my whole family felt embarrassed and very hurt by this because we love and care for my grandchild dearly and they made us feel completely inadequate but we're strong and we continue to stand united and we support each other I would suggest that you think twice about this hospital b4 bringing your precious treasure to this facility.


Very dirty and unsanitary. Discharged my 14 month old with wrong diagnosis and almost cost him his life. Nurses seem untrained and unprofessional. Also not informative at all. The team of doctors although friendly didn’t get the necessary tests done to figure out what my son really had and just assumed he had a virus when in fact he needed brain surgery not related to a virus at all. Do not recommend! Avoid at all costs(in my personal opinion)

Honey Bee

Again so wonderful . Being here sucks the staff make it great.

michelle borel

i love this hospital

Donna Virgil

I wanna thanks children's hospital for taking care of my son John Jordan Jr i appreciate it i support y'all my son was suffering with RSV Virus and now he doing so much better i love children's hospital they one of the best hospital ever thanks -Donna Virgil

Latoria Parker

I have been taking my daughter to the eye doctor for about 2 years and the lady at the front desk in doctors George Ellis has a horrible attitude. My daughter was sent up from the emergency room to Dr.Ellis office and the lady at the desk acted as if my daughter was disturbing her. She walked around talking to the school students as if she didn’t want the to see my daughter. She has a poor people skills. I don’t know if she (front desk lady) is or was having a bad day but this is a professional building she needs to leave her personal problems at home, you have patients that have far worse problems than her! Someone needs to talk to her or she needs a vacation to gather her thoughts.

Josue Gomez

Great Hospital Great Doctors and Staff


I don't usually go to this facility but is great service I thanked, mr Gerald, mrs Ana front desk main entrance. Mrs shirley nurse mrs Donna,Hanna mrs E form MRI thanks tou keep the great job God bless you all. Karla Herrera

Alicia Parker

Great staff, great service,great care

Rae Marie Galatas

As someone who has been hospitalized in their psychiatric unit, I can say I have never received such poor health care service in my life. They were not gentle or caring in treating my mental health and I left there feeling worse than I did entering. If your child needs psychiatric hospitalization, please choose any other facility.

Jalen Duplessis

This is the hospital I use to go to growing up. When I needed surgery for anything and even for some of my checkups, this is the place I went. It's an excellent hospital with great care and service.

Nyambi Lazard

So loving and understanding. People will never understand what it is like when you have a sick child. We arrived late due to the weather and they were still so understanding. Dr. Lilje was awesome.

Elizabeth Overweg

VERY slow service. People might be annoying, or rude.

Jamie Bass

My son has been a patient of Dr. Keith for 5 years now. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor for him. He takes time to explain everything in a language we both can understand and treats him like a human being, not like someone that doesn't matter. I will recommend him to everyone that needs a Pediatric GI doctor.

Hollywood Duke

We checked in and were triaged immediately. We were them brought back to a room right away. We are currently still sitting in the room. It has been 1 hr and 20 minutes and we still have not seen a nurse or doctor.

Brandon j Davenport Sr

thank you for all for surpport and help

Arthur Prosper IV

I remember I was born in New Orleans, LA, and I was sick in the hospital, and I was born in deaf. The hearing aid person will help me for my new hearing aid, and I can hear everything!

Jerry Hoe

They provide the best care for kids

Oran Hines

They're cool but I'm only giving three because when I was 6 years old I broke my foot and the foolish doctor tried to pull it in place as if it was dislocated knowing full well that I was already in soo much pain and it made me scream real loud and my mom had to make him stop and they put a cast on it and just let it heal on its own. (There really are some idiot doctors in that hospital)

Megan Emanuel

My review is in reference to outpatient physical therapy. We were referred for my daughter's neck. I have been calling back and forth between my daughter's office and there's and even got the fax sent to a neighboring office bc there fax machine has been broken for 3-4 days. I call again today to see if they received the referral at the other office and they tell me they won't have it until later and they'll call me tomorrow but it doesn't really matter bc they have a month waiting list either way. Terrible service and ridiculous to not have your fax machine fixed for days on end!

Wells Von Kanel

Live in Houston; but drove to NOLA for second opinion for grandson. Appointment desk was very accommodating, assisted with hotel choices near hospital. Service was timely and all staff were helpful and kind. The clinic was spotlessly clean and had interesting features for children. The xray personnel were great with our grandson, getting good films in record time. The office staff and doctor were so kind and good with our grandson, he actually told us he 'had a good time' there! Everything was fully explained and we would definitely go back if needed and recommend highly.

Ray Gregson

The staff is very caring and gentle with the children.

Chris Murphy

Very good with my daughter

Yotam_ and_Anna

Dr. Lilje in Cardiology was our doctor -- excellent care all-around.

Judy Cribbs

Hog's for the cause

Leon Kahn

A very caring and family oriented hospital. The staff is so friendly and goes out of their way to make the kids feel safe and comfortable.

Leila Mo

Nurses are bad and treat the patient badly .i hate the children hospital

Nola Queen

Upstairs need to be cooler. Hot for a hospital. Everyone knows, heat rises.

Stella Calloway

The first time I visit you guys everyone was so great check in desk was so nice


Drs and staff are very friendly. Everyone from the parking lot attendant to the check out desk are courteous and friendly. Scheduling appointments are easy. Nurses are accommodating when trying to gain information about labs or testing results. Drs really seem to be knowledgeable and willing to help. The housekeeping is another story. Floors are very dirty in some waiting rooms and waiting areas. Every bathroom I have been to in the hospital could be cleaner. Just could really use an upgrade in the housekeeping area which is a shame when every other department is great!

laura ortiZ

Worst hospital ever !!!! The waiting time is ridiculous we waited for 2 hours just to register and Then waited for another 2 hours to get a room !!! My baby's arm was broken !!! Then took another 2 hours to get X-rays and another TWO hours for the doctor to come talk to us and get discharged !! I hope I never have to go back to this hospital

Devyn D. Glenn

They are the best!!! Of best

Shelly Mayon

They are very helpful and figures out what's wrong with your child in a timely manner

kay miller

Have been there with my granddaughter and just can't say enough about every person on staff. Great team work, loving and caring. Highly trained from the service people to the medical team. 5 stars needs to be 10

Amy Hill

Well, I'll update later, but for now this is terrible! Brought my daughter here to get some answers and relief from abdominal pain for several days. So far, we have been stuck in a room for 2 hours. She is hurting! This is the ER. Emergency Room! Wow! Lack of concern, no communication, dirty room (blood all over wall next to the bed she is lying on). First time ever coming here. Praying I never have to again. 1 hour later... After complaining and asking when we would see the doctor, the doctor walked in. She was very nice. She was very thorough. And waiting again... An hour after the doctor examined her and said she was going to order tests, no one came and got her. I went to the nurse's station and asked for a specimen hour after she provided specimen...had to go back to the nurse's station to give the nurse the specimen, was sent back to the room so she could come get it with a sticker. Informed her of more symptoms and asked for the medicine the doctor offered. 20 minutes later, the doctor asked if my daughter had gone for other test (she had not) so we also asked about the medicine, and she said the nurse did not tell her anything we asked her to. Conclusion: doctor ok, staff is incompetent and lazy.

Sawishi Jordan

The best

j C

I came all the way from Baton Rouge to here due to my child having seizures. Doctor did an eeg 24 hours. Next morning told me since she seem OK, its nothing else we can do. Been here for 5 days now. Why should a patient stay in the hospital with no more caring? Is it to bill more money for insurance? Let us go home! Had one nurse that came in and didn't say hi cat or dog. Very rude. Cafeteria good is OK but over price. Student doctors and nurses are real rude. Doctors are rude also. We not be bringing my child her ever again. If I so happen to do so, I will switch up the specialist asap.

Oscar Garcia

Very quick friendly staff

Drop Dead Fred

It's okay because they always keep us waiting. We had a 2PM appointment. They didn't see us till 4:15. Kept us waiting in patient room. Then did routine check up and dismissed us 15 minutes later

Clyde Pigg

We went in to get our son an x-ray on his head after our Doctor had previously failed to order this with an ultrasound the first time. So needless to say, Dr. Ann Miller from DoCHC is horrible, but this hospital isn't any better. I have had full body x-rays my entire life due to a medical condition, and do not care if I get radiated. When we went into the room, the stupid x-ray ladies wouldn't allow me as a parent to calm my son down, he is 4 months old, when they weren't even ready for us to be there. The lady was very rude and took some kind of round pads and smashed them into my son's head to try to hold him still, which I would have been able to do without them. The ladies also thought they would need another doctor to help, because they wouldn't listen and get out of my way and let myself or my wife help. The x-ray tech couldn't time the pictures correctly so my son had to get 3 x-rays instead of 1. Also, one had to be retaken due to the lady having her fingers in the picture from holding my sons jaw down to the hard table. I will never take my son back here and would recommend that nobody go here. As a parent, I was highly offended and honestly I did NOT have anything pleasant to say to the people as we left, when they told me "Thank you, come back again soon" How stupid is that? NO parent ever wants to take their child to a hospital because that means they are hurt or something is wrong. This place needs to get a clue and if I say as a parent I don't mind being exposed to something to protect my family, there should not be anything said except, "Yes sir, what can we do to help you" Remember I am paying you for services!!! They also charged my insurance without telling me, when my son is covered under 2 separate policies, and the other would have paid 100% without me paying out of pocket. Overall a horrible place to go if you want a job done correctly and want to be respected as a whole.


We have been waiting for over an hour and half just to be seen. This is ridicules there should be no reason to wait an hour and a half just to be seen. We got put in a room quick but haven’t seen a doctor or a nurse in that time

Jenny Bourque

All staff was nice an very respectful made not only you as a patient feel at home but the parents and guest as well

Daphne Blakely

Doctors and nurses and all staff are super amazing!! Thank you otolaryngology Staff!!!!

Guy Atchley

Great ppl here.

Val E

In March 2001, before the hurricanes, my daughter was 5yo at the time and was flown in from Many, La. We had to drive due to insurance. Dr. Tilton was one of the drs that tended to my daughter. Dr Tilton is excellent along with the others. The medical staff was very caring. The hospital was clean and the cafeteria food was good. My daughter had encephalitis. With the treatment received she has moderate learning disability and short term memory loss. She struggles but she is still here. Thanks to Fr Seelos and the team at Childrens. I am forever thankful to them all.

Brook Beard

I’ve always had good experiences here. The wait isn’t bad for a hospital and the people are kind.

Shi Cain

As expected, the Nurse's are heaven sent. Admitting, and any process after was pleasant which made it easier for my Son. Great Hospital

Dennis Henderson

This hospital has a very caring staff! Every person that I've crossed paths with at this location treats the patients and their families as if they're a member of their own family. Renovations are being made that benefit patient care and the new parking garage is a blessing.

Regina White

The doctors here are amazing . Nothing short of miracle workers . The Nursing Supervisors [Stephanie] however , not so great . Social Worker Ms. Alex also awful to have to deal with . My son was treated as if he were somehow secondary to his child's mother the entire 11 days that he had to spend there while his son underwent heart surgery . The outdated opinions of Stephanie and Ms. Alex on how a child's mother is somehow superior to the child's biological father , who was the one who brought his son there in the first place is something Administrators will want to look into and change lest they find themselves on the receiving end of a "Discrimination Lawsuit" . This is almost the year 2018 , not 1918 . Closed minded individuals who cannot seem to adapt and change with the times should not be allowed to hold supervisory positions where they are making crucial decisions that deeply effect parents , {fathers especially} during an almost intolerable time filled with stress and fear and anguish as to their child's welfare . The supervisory staff should be doing all they can to alleviate this father's worries rather than being the root or source . I would not recommend this hospital to any father who is separated or going through a divorce as the staff here will treat you as if you do not matter , and that is unacceptable . I would tell such dad's to take their babies to Texas , where amazing hospitals and doctors are , which is certainly where my son will bring his son the next time , if and when such critical care is needed ... Regina A. White [on behalf of her son: Walter A. White , who was there with his 5 yr. old son ]

boa constrictor

Being on vacation in New Orleans from Florida, my wife and I admitted my 6 yo daughter due to a mini stroke (from a rare condition she was diagnosed with 3 years ago) that she experienced while walking around the French Quarter in the heat. We immediately drove straight to the nearest Children’s Hospital. Our experience was Above and Beyond service from the all the staff we encountered yesterday. Everyone from the front check-in ladies to the main providers in the ER who registered us very quickly! I wanted to recognize personally the Medical Student first on the scene, Joseph Sansone. He asked the right questions and collected information from us very professionally (something my wife and I have done many times) thinking he worked there for many years, but finding out it was his first day! You’re going to be an Amazing doctor! Mrs Liz Tran, RN, who was by my daughter’s side majority of the time, catered to all her needs and made her feel comfortable throughout her emergency visit! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, which that made us feel better! I don’t remember the nurse who switched shifts with Nurse Tran before we were discharged , but thank you for making our daughter happy with the gifts! Mr Gillis Dewey, radiologist, who performed the CT Scan, made her feel comfortable throughout the whole process from transferring her into the wheelchair, till the end of the scan. (She’s still raving about all her copious amounts of stickers you provided her and her little brother). ER tech, Lars Barr, was amazing with guiding us through the whole process. You were very efficient ad timely on keeping everything on track. Lastly, Dr Mark Carbon, M.D. was very caring from his initial introduction...all the way through the discharge. Keeping his staff efficient with care and keeping a big smile on his face the whole time every time we interacted with him made us realize why everyone was so great! His leadership reflected in all the staff in the ER! There was a positive vibe and energy throughout our visit! Thank you for making our experience with all of you very professional, friendly, and personable! We would come to this ER again if the event ever arises! The hospital’s upper echelon and president should be proud of their staff and performance today! God Bless you all!! From the bottom our hearts, Mr and Ms Gamboa, and Ella

Dziban Molniya

They made a bad experience tolerable


If your child brakes a bone and needs a cast, do not let the cast guy GERALD BELONGE touch your kid! He was supposed only to take off my son's old cast and replace it with a new one with the supervision of the PA. Instead, GERALD BELONGE placed the cast on his own, with the absence of the PA. My child experienced a terrible pain and when the PA came in the room it was too late. After second opinion from a doctor at Ocshner, a graduate from up north, there was a proof of a relocation of the bone due to the "fabulous" job of GERALD BELONGE. Parents have to know!!! Such an unprofessional place!!

donna matte

We were very disappointed in Children's hospital last Monday . My little down syndrome nephew was transported there from Lutcher hospital by emergency ambulance with a bump on his head. They said he needed further testing. Emergency room doctors did NO testing at all to see if he might have any thing wrong. Instead, some one reported my niece, his mom to Social services. She is a very caring person and would do anything for her kids. If they were so worried, why didn't they do further testing as she asked them too.Then she had to find her own way home because she was stuck there with no ride .


This place is amazing we seen 2 doctors here and they are very nice and helpful. The place is big but is easy to find what are you looking for.

Royale Rose

Best Hospital (ER) department ever they go above and Beyond always! They have help my son many times. Go Children's !

Raven Johnson

My son has been going to CHNO since he was 2 1/2 years old to receive Botox injections from Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong is one of the very few doctors that can give Botox to minors so he always has a waiting list and it is very hard to schedule appointments, which is understandable. Dr. Wong is very kind and understanding. The staff is always kind and efficient. I have never had a bad experience there; it is definitely worth the 1.5 hour drive to receive excellent care.

Trish Veronie

I was in the CICU unit with my one year old and Every Doctor, nurse, housekeeper, etc took care of us. This hospital is the cleanest hospital I have been to, they have somewhere for you to sleep, shower, wash and dry clothes. They are Truly the BEST Hospital designed for little babies and I truly appreciate Everything they did for my baby Olivia

Yaira Demera

My child is 8 months old and has had an ear infection for the past three weeks. We have tried three different antibiotics in the last three weeks and nothing has helped. I went to his PCP and was referred to Dr. Hagmann for an evaluation. He is a great doctor and I would have given him five stars if it weren't for Tiffany, his secretary. I tried calling to schedule surgery for my child and Tiffany told me she would call me back within the next couple of days. Today, I did what any other concerned parent would do and tried calling again to see if I could schedule the surgery. I then had my mother, who so happens to work at a local pediatrician, call and schedule the surgery. She left a message and tried calling again when Tiffany finally picked up. She said the office was overwhelmed and to not expect any appointments for surgery until the end of June and the hung up in the middle of the conversation. P.S. Tiffany, when speaking to concerned mothers please try to put yourself in their shoes and show compassion. I also wanted to let you know that I also work at a doctor's office, I know the stress of working with patients but it's not right to let out your frustration to a parent who is just trying to take care of their young one.

Jamesha Butler

Seems like the nurses in this hospital will lie to keep from getting blamed for their mess ups. Or if you don't do what they want you to do they lie to the head nurses and cause problems with the parents and nurses


My son was seen twice at this hospital’s ER. Our first experience there was disappointing. The check-in ladies were very friendly and the check-in nurse as well, but once we actually went into the ER in our room things went downhill. Our room was very dirty. There was dry blood on the wall and on the side of the bed. The nurse came in and took a sample of nasal drainage from my then 9 month old’s nose with a strong suctioning device. After doing so the nurse walked out and my son’s nose started bleeding and we didn’t know if this was okay or not because the nurse was nowhere to be found. My husband had to ask one of the CNAs for a towel to help clean up all the blood coming from his nose. He was tested for the flu and RSV. One doctor came in to assess him and he was almost dismissive of our concerns especially after asking if this was our first kid. So what if we are first time parents? That doesn’t make our concerns any less important. After almost three hours of waiting and no one coming to check on us in that entire time frame, they finally came to tell us the test results, but only after my husband went looking for someone at the nurse’s station. Another doctor came in and told us our son had RSV and she too was very dismissive of us and asked us if this was or first child. She vaguely explained what we needed to do, gave us a print out of RSV and sent us home. About two days later we were back at the ER because our son seemed to be getting worse. This time we had a nurse and doctor that were much more attentive and nice to us. This doctor also took the time to explain RSV to us and what was common and not. This time, he actually received the treatment he needed. Fast forward to several weeks later, we get our bills in the mail. I called the financial assistance office to inquire about help with paying the bills due to my husband losing his job and I am greeted by a rude financial counselor that flat out told me I didn’t qualify for help and needed to get in touch with Medicaid. She didn’t even attempt to help me. This has been a very disappointing experience for us and so long as we can help it, we will take our son to another hospital that treats children.

tim carpenter

Great ems room

Kanita Ray

My son was in here twice on 11/17/2017 till 11/19/2017 then right after for bout a week staff is nice but the nurses seem very unprofessional&unorganized they really couldn't tell me&my husband exactly what was going on with my son after left i had to schedule an appointment the appointment schedule is very rude I've been waiting on an appointment for my son to get a test did since Nov 19 nothing yet no appointment i have a prescription at Walgreens since Nov 19 they waiting on Dr's too call them for quantity never called pharmacy would not recommend very upset

vernon hargis

It is the only place I would take my child. Children's has the best doctors and nurses who are passionate about their work.

Ryan J. Rogers

Great place, they make miracles happen here. Sometimes i refer to the doctors and staff as angels. Their nic unit is one of the best in the gulf south

yessenia menbreno

My daughther was diagnosed with RSV Corona Virus and Rhino virus she still looks the same breaths the same and we are going home after 3 days of treatment.....also no breakfast lunch or dinner was served for all 3 days.but nurses doctors and others employees were veey nice

tiffany guilbeau

Had a shunt malfunction at 10, and the doc that treated me was awesome.


I'm currently here Now I bought my Grand child here for chest Pain and it's taking for ever for. Them see us I only came because it's a HOUSPITAL for Children Never no more I wish I had my Phone out at the time after she took X,Rays all the Nurses /// NA on they Phone..Playing games ,,,Social Media this is Not a place to be using your Phone for personal enjoyment..

Kenneth Johnson

Took care of me as a child with my diabetes and they are now taking very good care of my newborn son

La Shop

Terrible experience when I tried to transfer my son to a different Hospital. When I tried to switch my son's Doctor, basically transfer him to another hospital, Dr. Maria C. Velez-Yanguas called Child Protection Services on me because I didn't get her his transfer papers fast enough. Very Fake and disingenuous woman. She instructed Children's Hospital Social Worker, Melanie Lepine, to call the Child Protection Services on me even after I had the new Hospital fax over his release forms. I guess I didn't do it fast enough for her liking. So parents if you have this this Doctor, to avoid unnecessary disturbances, request someone else. Or simply go to another Hospital.

emily magee

Exceptional care! Everyone greeted us with a smile and everyone was extremely nice! Outstanding patient care. Beautiful facility.

Kenneth Bertrand

Very nice ,everyone is friendly

Charlotte Lewis

Awesome place

Brian Manuel

Hospital supervisory nursing staff as well as social services personnel made it very difficult for my son , who is the father of the patient . He wrode in on a helicopter , admitted him , and was there the entire 2weeks . The hospital staff repeatedly put the mother's wishes before my son's . He was without vouchers , had no place to sleep and at times slept on the floor in a waiting area . The hospital justified their actions by saying "that the hospital almost always sides with the mother" We are in 2018 not 1918 and outdated views should be adjusted .

Heaven Norwood

they saved my son's life n helping coop with his twin

Renee Bergeron

Do not go there they misdiagnosed me go to Saint Judes Children’s Hospital all they want is your money they were going to put me on chemotherapy trying to convince us not to go to St. Judes I want to Saint Judes and it save my life I would give it zero star After my surgery they sent me home with a new pain pills I just had Advil and Tylenol

Yan Lin

We drove from Denham springs for my son’s doctor appointment. Appointment time is 2:30p, but we didn’t be called at 4p, I went to the front desk to ask what is wrong, she told me doctor is late today, you can re-schedule. Very calm, no sorry, what kind of hospital can treat patient like that???????

Leslie Smith

This was my first time visiting the Childrens Hospital in New Orleans. I felt welcome when I made it to the entrance way up to my appointment with Dr. Marble and his staff. They are very professional, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and with a sweet spirit. If I say so myself I would definitely recommend this hospital. Keep up the GOOD WORK! and May God continue to Bless you and yours....

Cindy Loose

Doctors and staff was great. Although the nurses in PICU were absolutely terrible the way they treated my kid.


Don't bother coming here. They don't do anything for your child. It's a long wait for the Dr to tell you to go home and patch your kid up yourself. Horrible. My child is 5 and not once have they ever prescribe her a med for any of her visits. Viral infection go home and give her Tylenol. Wow

mostafa Hesham

very very excellent children hospital

Kimistry Dafalinangel

Let me begin by saying the nursing staff is phenomenal. They are not the problem at this hospital. I am very disappointed with the rest of my experinace. My 3 year old was schedule for out patient surgery at 630 am. When we arrived there was no staff at the designated chk in location. Staff did not arrive to begin chk in until 6:50. It is now 10:40 am and we are still sitting in the room waiting on anesthesia. She has not be allowed to eat or drink since last night which is standard procedure but now understandable so she is very hungry and thirsty. She is highly irattated and crying to go home. I was told she would be down in or by 8:30. Then when I inquired about a eta at 930 I was told 30 mins. Well as I’m typing it is 10:45 and we are still waiting. This is inconsiderate to not only the parents but moreso the young children. It’s unprofessional and I am highly disappointed. I’ve never had these issues at any other children’s hospital and I wish New Orleans has another option for this type of care for small children.

Chelsea Epes

FYI: this is the only hospital in Louisiana with pediatric transplant services and level 1 pediatric trauma. Pretty nice.

Darrall Williams

The service was very good, we didn't have to wait very long in the ER at all.

jeannie alexander

Waited forever for a psychological issue. They said they were going to help, sent us home, then called the next morning to get him. When we got there the child was running a fever and still in the same pull up], which was overused. Very upset!

Amar Dave

Excellent childrens hospital


In June I had a baby with a heart condition, he needed a total of 3 surgeries. His first surgery was soon after he was born so I thought and believed children's could help him. The day my son was born they flew him to children's. The next day his heart stopped and he went 20 minutes with no oxygen. They specialize in children but could not tell me what happened. The communication was horrible because at first they said 45 minutes no oxygen then said 20 minutes. Before he went to children's hospital I signed papers for them to care for him and save him, before he got on the helicopter. They waited 20 plus minutes to put him on ecmo (baby life support). They lied and gave false hope. I will never trust them, recommend them, or go there again.

Christyrene Bennett

Love the staff they are wonderful and very sweet from the drs to the kitch staff . Thanks

Alicia Mahan Handley

Staff was very unfriendly and rude from the time we got there. Not to mention I felt the NICU staff was too young and inexperienced to be in that area.

Jennifer Cooper

The nurses in the pediatric ICU are awesome. My son got the best care here.

Richard Bell Jr

Fast services

Charissa Roberson

My baby girl was born at 34 weeks at SMH and shipped to the NICU at children's, I had no idea what was going on with her, because I to was in pretty bad shape. So my husband left with the baby and the nurses told him that she will be all right and she will do great, but knowing that her body had to be cooled all the way down had me worried. But the nursing staff kept us going the doctors calling letting us know what was going on what was going to be the next step, help us out a lot! And as of today baby Ray aka Courtlyn Ray has come a long way and she's doing great!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Courtlyn's Mom & Dad

Jamie Isidore

Amazing staff and amazing treatment!


I just hate the fact that contractors control the air. A hospital is supposed to be cold not luke warm !! They adjusting the temp for themselves but, what about the children??

O. Bo

The hospital staff, nurses and doctors are awesome. But their central scheduling people are rude. I just spoke to the most unprofessional appointment scheduler ever!


They are attentive,caring,and compassionate.

Cristina Miranda

Wonderful staff and immaculate facility

Melissa Wren-Dail

Not the fastest service but they are very good at their jobs, except the billing department. Had to request an itemized bill 5 times before they sent the correct thing. Had to come here after the local quick care refused to place stiches on the chin of a 4 yo because he was "so young." Smh

Paul Unger II

Fantastic caring staff, superb quality care. Clean welcoming environment.

Summer Faust

My son was flown here after 2 weeks at another hospital where they entubated him while under respiratory distress and were not able to remove the tube. He stayed 2 more weeks at children's while they came up with a plan to get it out. I stayed in the room with him. I would never feel comfortable leaving him there by himself. Most of the nurses were rude. Some were untrained. I actually had to tell one how to put a blood pressure cuff on my son because she did it wrong 3 times. A different nurse put his monitors on wrong. Another nurse would raise her voice at my son, telling him "dude stop" when he would move. (He is under 2 years old, had a tube in his throat, & had been laying in a hospital bed for 3 weeks). On being discharged, we were given 3 prescriptions by a "team" of doctors. & told to follow up with the ENT the following week. We did & were cleared & told to stay on medicine for the duration of cold/flu season. But, when calling for a refill/dr auth required... yet again another rude nurse. She said they wouldn't refill it because that's not what they wrote a prescription for.. saying it was the "team" that wrote it. I'll give a star at all because they actually did get him discharged. Also for the physical therapy workers. But everything else about the place would get zero stars from me.


Hi, My name is Avery and I am 14 years old, I like going to the P.E.E.R group here.

Bill Reed

Spent a year here very caring

Mason E Davis

Very dirty and poor care was rendered. I will be submitting my issues with joint commission immediately. They use their manners to cover up bad practices such as not washing hands, not using gloves for procedures, and literally having food and ants on the floor but refusing to clean it. I have taken several photos that I will share if anyone would like to see.

Felicia Sneeze

Great Doctors

Andrew Miller

By far the best hospital for kids in the state

Dan L. McDonald

Love the staff. All have done everything possible to make things easy and non-frightful for everyone.


All the workers are nice as can be

Florence Hebert

They're an amazing staff. The doctors take time to explain anything you don't understand. They make transportation arrangements for you. The nurses come right away when you call.

Dennis Jenkins

We have a handicapped son. The staff at Children's has always went out of their way to help us. We have been to the ER several times,excellent care. Stayed on the 6th floor for a week. The Drs and the nurses were very kind and professional. We see Dr.Deputy as our neurologist,couldnt ask for anyone to care more.

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