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REVIEWS OF Baton Rouge General Medical Center IN Louisiana

Alayna Welch

My mom's been the Hall in the emergency Room for almost 2 hours never have seen the doctor and his having breathing problems what is wrong with a situation.

Norma Cobb

Excellent caring physicians & the entire nursing staff. Top notch service from everyone you encountered. Superb care, couldn't ask or want anything else when you're hospitalized.

paul mitchell

We love Dr Harrod

Mac Mckeithen

Joi Legard

Worst service ever. When I tried to ask the nurses questions about my mom's progress, they were very unprofessional and rude. I was trying to figure out why nobody was talking to us or updating us and one responded with "everybody's waiting". She just rushed me away and didn't even let me complete my sentences.


My husband had the best care from the doctors, nurses and staff. They were kind, patient and attentive.

Shalane Mayeux

Had a home feel unlike most hospitals

Christina Hensley

Worst experience ever!!! Had no bedside manners. Acted as if I was a criminal on trial for being sick. Wouldn't send my worst enemy there for treatment.

Rosalie Nguyen

Review is catered to administration/ front desk. I wish there is no star review. Although I am insured, they declined to schedule a routine physical. To add, their location is even listed as in-network. I guess this is 2017 unfolding as we seek treatment. Hospitals having power to turn patients away. And this location happens to practice this sort of service. Type of place that REFUSE health services. I wish this does not happen to anyone who is need of treatment for any kind of illness. Very disappointed, we allow institutions like this to remain in operation.

Kris Jay

loueezy rap

Best hospital I have ever been to in baton rouge. I have had many problems with hospitals and this one just made me have faith again in getting emergency care if i need it. The nurses smile and are freindly I got a ekg done in literally less than 5 minutes. The doctors seemed like they really wanted to help they listened to me and cared. I wanna make sure everyone I know comes to this hospital.

Leanne Speed

They are sad at Baton Rouge General! Staff didnt seem like they care.


My grandmother had the door open and as I walked in I heard her yelling of distress, while a group of PCA’s were in front of her just talking. I personally had to mend to her throwing up, and using the restroom. I then had to request ice, and five minutes later they showed up. This is not the first time something like this has happened, this stay. The PCA’s are neglectful and I will not be coming back.

Ambra joseph

Nothing the service is horrible!! They leave u and never come back to check on u!! I want ever come here again

Kim Lasschuit

Great friendly informative staff

Jayla Anderson

Gwen Meyers

My husband has been in this hospital twice. He received excellent care from all of their staff. I have nothing negative to say about this hospital or the medical professionals.

Todd Goldnan

Dr. Vincent Shaw Jr is very irresponsible and ignorant. He should be taken the license.

Casey M

Hate this hospital. Rude staff at every damn turn. They have minimum doctors and almost none of them specialize. A few years back, a lady in billing(I'm assuming) came into the small room where me, the person I was with, and 4 other patients were and asked about insurance. He informed her he had none (btw he was there because he was coughing up blood) and she yelled (yes, yelled) and said they aren't a charity hospital and we should go somewhere else next time. I accompanied someone here tonight and one of the nurses was rude as hell! She walked in, didn't say what medicines she had, and when he didn't roll over fast enough she said "Are you refusing the medicine?!" Then after she injected it (roughly) she walked out and slammed the door. They need a lot of security because I'm sure these people make patients and their family angry often. If you didn't wanna work with the public, you probably should have picked a different profession or at least working in a standard doctors office.

margie sevier

charles slade

Had my surgery there...the nurses are smoking hot sexy.

Renee Vito

We checked in with stomach pain checked out with stomach pain and bleeding from bad IV worst experience ever all we did was make a bill for sitting there for 3 1/2 hours said it was hemeroids what a joke no x rays no scans only blood test to see if lost to much blood but we already had blood test ran last week was told by doctors office to go to ER and this is what we got the worst service ever and probably a huge bill for absolutely nothing but a bad IV stick and sitting in an er room watching TV what a joke do not go to this hospital they want you in and out it’s like going to the 24 hour clinic not a hospital but I guarantee that your bill will be a huge ER hospital bill not clinic prices to bad we still on a waiting list for a regular doctor visit hope we don’t get sicker cause we’d have to go find a specialist somewhere I guess because no doctors can see you and ER sucks!!!

Tedra Drummond

I could have stayed at home in pain for the service I got at the ER here. I have never been treated so poorly.


Thank you for the emergency service!

Darren Oufnac

Great place to work! Love the people I work with and love the community of caring attitude.

Chiquita Scott

Channing Knott

Staff just doesn't care at all about anyone that comes in there


Jai Percle

Im a visitor at the ER department of this hospital currently & so far I am NOT impressed! Very rude security officers && the gentleman who checked Jesus in was rude, sarcastic && played around on his phone! Unprofessional to say the least! The patients were just patiently waiting to be seen && one lady had TO ASK for more oxygen because she couldnco breathe. If i were ever in a serious emergency this would NOT be my first stop or even a thought to stop! !

Brad W

I've never posted a bad review for anything, but this place deserves the bad attention in hopes they fix their MAJOR problems. I was misdiagnosed with a heart problem and in reality I had a sinus infection (found out a week later at a Cardiologist who had nothing nice to say about Baton Rouge General). To make things worse, 2 years after the visit I have a file in collections that randomly came up that has never touched my insurance agency, or my mailbox. Unless you are bleeding out, please try and find somewhere better to go. I nearly spent my life on a beta blocker because of a sinus infection and 2 years later I am still having problems despite having my paperwork, insurance, home address, 3 phone numbers on file.


I had a great experience @this hospital labor & delivery the Dr.s & nurses were awesome! I had 1of my children there loved it would recommend to anyone

Mike Patel

The best Hospital in Baton Rouge. The doctors are nice. Nurse are amazing. Clean.

David Sanders

the cardiology department took care of my dad so quick and they were so professional thank you all the doctor the nurses and every body work there

Crystal Roberts

Absolute WORST hospital/surgery experience ever! My surgery was 2 hours behind, (no big deal) but then after surgery b/c of scheduling conflicts, I was left in recovery for over 6 hours with a screaming woman on one side and a loud snoring man on the other, had to walk a block to the bathroom and nurses were very unprofessional. One male nurse, (Matt) was even mocking the screaming woman. They were blaming every dept for the conflicts and reasoning for patients not having rooms. Once I FINALLY got to a room, I had to wait an hour and a half for a nurse to come unhook my iv long enough for me to slip into my sleep shirt. If I needed pain meds, it was ALWAYS at least a 45 minute wait for someone to get to my room. Extremely disappointed in the lack of unprofessionalism and customer service.

Richard Nixon

My name is Richard okurowski I have been a patient here for 6 days. After leaving OLOL ama which is never a good idea, coming here saved my life. I knew I was sick but not as sick as I was. The team of doctors and nurses along with the whole hospital staff educated me on my illnesses and came up with the best treatment for me without a lengthy hospital stay. I am also able to follow up with the same doctors. They all go that extra mile for all their patients. I thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart.

Marlana Philips

Great facility and caring doctors and nurses. We were seen quickly after our car accident

Chastity Sanders

I'm a pregnant women and I came in at 7 pm to be treated in the ER It's now 11:05pm and I'm still here here.. when I finally went in the back to get a ultrasound, the transport team forgot to pick me back up and marked me completed... not a good experience...

Janisha Lady J Williams

I was transferred here to the ICU burn unit and all of the doctors burn techs and nurses were very kind! They took great care of me and made me feel very comfortable.


Taking care of the ill

Superhydrophobic Coating

My child used to be here to see a family doctor (first time) and we waited for over hours even we arrived before appointment time. So, we changed my child’s family doctor to a doctor at Baton Rouge Clinic. Today, my wife has an appointment and we arrived much earlier since we had bad experience before. Hours passed now, and I am still waiting in the car. Very bad organized hospital. The last day of 2018 is bad for us.

Brennen Baker

Place Aparrently has drones and no notices on the premises. Be careful what you do here they have them follow people to their cars.

Richard Smylie

I have been there twice am very happy

Dean Pappas

From the time I arrived till the day I was discharged I recieved nothing but the best treatment!! You won't be disappointed!

kimberly breedlove

I have had 9 surgical procedures over the past 2 and a half years. All of the staff, from admissions to ICU Nurses, to surgical teams, were welcoming with great attitudes,maintained a positive atmosphere, and expressed the highest level of Sincerity and Integrity while caring for me during recovery.

Ashra Hardesty

We were not treated good here. My sister is on dialysis she is 24 years old, they did not have her best interest. She was leaving dialysis on 10/16/18 she had to be admitted because she could not stop vomiting.The nurse was rude (Renée), the Ek tech( Jaselyn was horrible). My sister is 24 years old diagnosis with kidney failure imagine her life already. She finished dialyzing she was found by security vomiting around Baton Rouge General. This is actually the second time. The first time she stopped in parking lot of hospital vomiting. She witnessed a doctor just staring at her. That doctor had a BRG badge on. She could have asked if she was ok or something. Anyway, the security guard advised my sister to be admitted because she couldn’t stopped vomiting. She was in her room they basically said she couldn’t rest for a second. They were having trouble finding a vien because she has deep veins. She just needed to rest, I did not understand why she could not rest and be on her way. The nurse said no she cannot rest there. She was very rude about it. Basically saying if we cannot find a vein to treat her she cannot rest here. She told my sister she can get a wheelchair so she can rest in lobby area. The was so rude! My sister is going through enough on dialysis. She’s at dialysis three times a week, it is very hard on her body. I got my sister out of there so fast. We went to Oshner instead they really care doesn’t matter the situation.

Kay Roge

I don't know why they have such bad reviews. The st

Jessica Ell

Waited over 3 hours in the waiting room with an 11 month old that was having an allergic reaction. Staff said there weren’t any beds available. Never received a bed and after my concerns were made they examined and treated my baby in the waiting area. Very sad and unprofessional. We will never visit this hospital again.

Nancy Richardson

I was very impressed with this hospital. The nurses are wonderful.

Jennifer Bordelon

Sorry excuse for an emergency room!!

Amy tarver

Worse nursing staff and communication with nursing. Will never go back there again

shondrica allen

M. Jeanette Jenkins

Thank you Ms. Gerri, Ms. Donna, Ms. Treka, and all the others on the 4th floor who took excellent care of my Dad. I have been to a few places that provided good care, but those could not compare to the exceptional care my Dad received from everyone at the Bluebonnet location. EVERYONE looked as if they loved their job! EVERYONE was happy to help... even the head of nursing helped push my Dad's bed when he had to have a procedure done. She was in a dress and heels! All of you made my Dad feel like he was very special to you individually and as a team. Thank you again so much! From now on, this will be the hospital I look to for help with any health issues.

Tanaka Tillotson

I love Dr Robert Clay Wood and staff so understanding, caring and professional. I have referred him to several family and friends!

Francis Lewis

Misty Hardy

My Doctor is in this building and she is one of the best Obstetrics & Gynecology's around!!

Mary Millard

The staff in the ER and heart center were fine but the phlebotomists are a different story. 2 stated they hurt people all the time and oh well. They did not listen when I told them the best spots. 5 serious bruises for weeks after. Never have I seen such unknowlagible workers. Plus finance came in and asked for a deductible payment and said they ask bedbound patients for money all the time. Called for access to the patient portable 6 times and never got a call back. Customer service needs work.

Rachel Louring

Had an infected nail bed from breaking an acrylic nail.the visit went ok except the fact that the nurses in the intake room interrogated me asking probing personal questions . Even the other chic basicly rips of my sweater to check my blood preasure.i felt violated af. Other than that everyone else was nice and helpful

Royale Rose

Our Visit with Baton Rouge Hospital was very comfortable the Staff was more than Awesome! We had to stay on the Burn Unit because my son was in a fire. Our stay at the Hospital was a month long. Everyone was very helpful with everything this Hospital goes above and beyond!

Stephen Bewley

While the hospital is good, some of the practices leave much to be desired. Leaving patients in cold hallways awaiting procedures is unconscionable. Forgetting to deliver meals. Then their bill collection is NOT centralized making tracking of payments for procedures hard to follow. The entertainment system (TV) didn't work the week I was hospitalized.

Melanie Amos

Everyone we encountered in the ER today was amazing. It was busy, and we had a long wait, but they made it so much better than it could have been.

Ray Dennis

The folks in the cardio imaging lab sure treated me well. Both guys and the very nice lady who ran my stress test real pros! Thanks made it much less a stressful stress test!!

Greg W

Recently, I sat in my living room late one Sunday evening, checking my BP and found it to be extremely low, with possible palpitations and missed heartbeats. My wife convinced me to go to the ER. I chose the General’s Picardy location because my last few times to OLOL began with long wait times. The General’s ER staff assessed my situation and took me straight back, after an EKG and Trioz. After I got back into the ER, they began x-rays, CAT scan, etc. They were always attentive. I had two nurses that stayed around, checking in on me. When I couldn’t produce a urine sample, they tried to help out by running water, getting a male nurse, in etc., until I had produced enough for testing. I saw a total of 3 doctors that night, two of which dealt with my until they diagnosed my problem. Then, they gave me the available options to pursue to solve my issues. While they wanted me to stay overnight, they ended up letting me leave after I explained why I needed to be home (my wife was having some tests run the next morning and needed a driver). They came right in after the doctor left and discharged me. One of the nurses reiterated what the doctor had told me about what I needed to do for follow up. I hope I don’t end up in the ER again, but if I do, and I have a say in where, I’ll choose the General’s ER on Picardy! Great doctors, nurses, and staff! Thanks for taking care of me!

Aimee Doughty

Recently I had my first ER visit and was very pleased with my treatment. I was treated with quality care, compassion and respect. The staff was top notch and made my first (and hopefully last) ER visit a not so scary thing. Thank you BRG for your dedication and service to our community.


Ahu Rega

I am a patient of South Riding office- am happy with the doctor however, the customer service needs a big improvement. I called them 3 times and left a message, for them to call me back to make an appointment for myself and check the time of my son's upcoming appointment. No one ever returned my call- and I've tried 7 times today, each time I was forwarded to the voicemail because they have only one person answering their calls, who was not available at time and is not very customer service oriented (friendly or helpful). If we had another family practice in the area, I would have to change it right away. I hope they improve their services soon.

janet junot

Dr Treuil is my doctor and she is one of the most kind and considerate doctors. Everyone is nice from the lobby up.

Robin Whitehead

Jamarius Whitaker

Andrea S

Went here (based on a referral) to deliver my daughter! So glad I did. Such amazing nurses and facility. The delivery suites are top notch with tv, refrigerator, microwave, and pull out queen couch for dad! Anything Little thing I needed, they accommodated fast! They put my needs/wants on top priority. Couldn't have asked for a better experience

Ladonna Gilbert

October 9,2019 at about 9am the ER receptionist were unprofessional they really asked what made my visit an emergency out of every hospital I visited in the past they were the first to ever ask what made it an emergency that was very rude and real unprofessional so I rate y’all 00 stars

Ann Holmes W

Thank U Mrs. Ethel and Mrs Jessica@ the BTR General on Bluebonnet....You cared for me and went above and beyond your duty when I was in pain....THANK U TO ALL THE STAFF that cared for me


don't ever go to this POS place. we had a major car accident and was recommended to come here to get an x-ray and check up for the pains we had. once we arrived, the idiot screening "doc" or whatever he hell they call him said it's just a muscle pain. with out doing any examination or anything at all, he claims it's nothing. I guess he had superman x-ray eyes and saw there wasn't any damages to us. I said if you see the freaking car and the amount of damage on it, you would be surprised that we weren't already dead. anyhow, he had his mind made up and would not order us an x-ray or any kind of examination to determine what was really causing the pain. needless to say, we will never come here or recommend anyone come here if they have been in a major accident.

Judi Abyad

I had 4 surgeries at this hospital in 2015. Regarding my experience, I believe that during my lengthy stay there I experienced both ends of the spectrum. Some of the Doctors, nurses, rehab therapists, nurses aides, housekeeping and all other hospital employees were efficient, expedient, and as kind as I've ever experienced during other hospital stays. Some went above and beyond the call of duty. I'm forever grateful! On the other hand, I also experienced employees who obviously did not want to be there! I endured rudeness, neglect, ignored and was a captive audience for workplace vile and hostile gossip! When you've been away from your home, family and friends, enduring pain and a difficult rehab that kind of stuff is upsetting and at times even a little scary! In essence, I suppose it's like anything else in life, the go getter, good deed doers and the slacker troublemaker time wasters! Well, through it all I'm still here to live another day!

Susan Chernetz

What a wonderful staff of professionals, from the admissions desk, clerks, nurses, pca's, housekeeping, nutritionists, anesthesiologist, all the way to my exceptional doctor, Dr. J. Benton Dupont! I am so thankful to each of you for not only your excellent care, but also the personal and friendly attention you gave to me and my family members. Gratefully, Susan Chernetz & family

Robert Denham

Dawatha Brown

I've gone here for asthma attacks you will be seen quickly, unlike the lady of the lake where you sit for hours(with a asthma attack). I went here for my OBGYN, delivered my beautiful daughter here in 2010. This is a great hospital to go to. You are seen fast they are very nice and kind. The rooms are nice and clean. This is a recommend hospital!

Wendy Bressett

Recently I had surgery and a 3 day stay here. The care was fantastic and ALL the employees were exceptional. I will now continue to come here for great care. Thank you to the staff on the Oncology floor for taking care of me!

Rameka Gray

Some of the staff is very friendly and love ❤️ what they do some of them anyway

Casey Brooks

I had my neck surgery done here. Stayed one night. The surgery team was top notch and every single member of the team explained their area of the procedure step by step prior to me being taken back for the surgery. I don't remember much of the recovery room team sadly. The 4th floor staff that took care of me for the rest of the day and overnight were all amazing. The nurses checked on me a couple of times every hour to see if I needed anything. If I did use the call button someone was in the room within a matter of a few minutes to address whatever problem I had. They made sure my wife was comfortable as she stayed with me for the night. All of the staff was friendly and hospitable. My experience with this facility was everything that you could ask for when you are faced with having any form of medical procedure done. Top notch across the board in every aspect. I could not be happier with my experience here.

Lisbia Martinez

Tonya Croswell

This hospital wasnt busy at all they had rooms open as far as my eyes can see they suck my husband in a hall way next to the wall and i think its because he didnt have insurance so i guess people who has insurance gets treated better. They told us they was waiting on a room to open up but yet the person that came after us got a room. What a shame this is.

Crystal Diane Prestigiacomo

No one is here to be seen, that I could tell, and absolutely NO ONE working apparently! I've been here before and received excellent care but this time I can't even get seen. The billi g people cane through and after an hour a nurse came through because the nurse call was unplugged. REALLY?!?! The place seems to be headed downhill.


If i could give 0 stars i would, Severe Vomiting and Diarrhea unable to drink water and very dehydrated ive been in Here 3 almost 4 hours ive been weighed and had my blood pressure checked. Ive heard the security gaurd explain at full volume (2 am mind you) to another security guard how the man was keeping him down not letting him get raises. Now some jack*** is listening to the same song song on his phone full volume 30 mins solid people are trying to sleep. Security hasnt done anything other than stare at a screen... This is medical hell. I wish i could prescribe myself some phenergan and go to wallgreens.

Jenny Dupuis

This has been a wonderful hospital to us so far!!

Jaelen Bryant

Do not bring your loved one here if you want them to be seen promptly or even in a 3 hour window. I brought my boyfriend here and he sat for over 2 hours in the most excruciating pain of his life before anyone gave him even a little something for the pain. Its an emergency room but none of the workers are in emergency mode! I had to constantly get on them about giving him more medication and it took over 2 hours to get his procedure done. The process of how they call you into the back 3 different times then make you go sit in the lobby is asinine. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else

Edward Bobbett

Josh Richard

Professional staff. Would recommend.

Baraq Isbell

Alexus Everfield

Went to the ER today they had a new nurse who stabbed me in the arm with a needle in the wrong spot and now my whole right arm is swollen.Doctor didn't do anything but ask me what was wrong 6x after i already told him then asked if i was pregnant repeatedly after i told him i have polycystic ovary syndrome but he didnt care.Then the nurse practitioner was really rude same for the representative.They didnt even do anything to see what was wrong with me .My head is still killing me,my vision is blurry and my nose is bleeding pretty sure its a emergency.But i was tild it's not an emergency so yeah never coming back here ever again and i wouldn't recommend this place to anyone ever.


Dr Singh gave my husband an excellent examination and advice while in the Emergency Room .

Kimistry Dafalinangel


You will literally die in the waiting room!! Had a guy sitting in the waiting room with half of his finger cut off for 4 1/2 hours!! eventually the guy left and went to another ER, I don't recommend anyone to come here, work here, go to school here, none of the above etc!! If I could give this hospital a 0.1/2 star I would!

Jesus Thomas

I went in because I haven’t been really able to eat after a surgery and they turned me away in the Er because I didn’t have $200 to pay today I find this absolutely ridiculous!

Taryn Morgan

If I could give this hospital no stars then I would. The emergency room doctors were very rude. Because I am a IV heroin user, they stereo typed me and was very rude ro me. They was very rough whem handeling me and they literally thought I brought drugs in the hospital bc the doctor said I looked more sleepy and kept asking me when was the last timed I used. They were very rude and I would not recommend going here at all. I wish I would have went somewhere else bc I still dont know whats wrong with me and he did not give me the results to none of the test I took.

LisaA Washington

Roberta Schmitt

Trell Mixx

Both of my parents died here!

Julie Ruffner

Helen Nunez

Chris Gutta Music

Had a disk replacement here was a success..having to stay overnight, not so much.. nurses were very unpleasant and unprofessional..everything seemed like a i.v. fell out of my fell out..blood squirted all the took then over an hour to get someone to clean up the blood..this place feels like a prison and hands down the worst hospital I've ever been to in life..never again..if I have to have surgery again and they say it has to be done here, I will change's that this this place..the lake is the next street over

Laura Nnn

Labor and delivery unit at this hospital is wonderful. I had my baby here and we were both well taken care of. The rooms are nice. *TIP* I had complications and wasn't able to be moved from birthing room after delivery the first night. If that happens to you be sure to ask to switch out of a birthing bed. It will be MUCH more comfortable for you. The nurses, the lactation consultants, the cleaning lady, and the lady who brought meals were all very capable, sweet, and caring. I highly recommend the labor and delivery unit for the birth of your baby.

Gypsy Bargain Hunter

Been waiting since early this morning still haven't see a doctor apparently people decided not to work today since there's only doctor so I've been stuck in hard chair all day with extreme pain

Cheryl Butler

Janine Daniels

The Emergency room staff & the ICU staff at Baton Rouge General went above and beyond the call of duty to save my life and to make sure I was well taken care of when I had two heart attacks. I died 5 times they did 45 minutes of CPR which they normally don't do. They made the decision to make the extra effort to save me. I am very grateful to them for caring enough to give more than they were required to. Thanks Y'all really are the BEST!!!!!! Janine Daniels

Carter Bingham

Maybe if some of the degenerates that use the emergency department like a physician's office were to take on some self accountability - they wouldn't have to wait so long. They could either live healthier, see the right physician in their office, or suck it up and pretend like they had to pay for services rendered....More reading - Less breeding!

Starr Lockhart

Most nurses were very professional. Two nurses were terrible. Doctors didn't listen.


Baton Rouge General is awful. I am not surprised they are having to close hospitals. The customer service is horrendous. The patient attention is worse. They are completely unethical over billing and running up charges. I have filed a complaint on them with the Attorney General and Secretary of State.

Raven Castille

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