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im pablo

If you care about your loved ones DO not take them to this hospital, the only positive to this hospital is the nursing staff. Avoid DR.Pasak at all costs. Not only is he a liar, but morally empty, he will treat you like the paper he looks at, not a patient, the security will lie to you about your rights, avoid the head security officer as his breath is deadly. If you are okay with subpar treatment, being lied to about your own health plan for monitary gain, mental along with physical abuse, than this is the hospital for you. If not stay away.

Randall Moore

I just wanted to express my gratitude to U of L Hospital from beginning to end. I received the very best care from my admission in the ER, till discharge. I had a team of cardiologist that figured out what was the matter with me and got the problem taken care of. I saw so many doctors I cannot remember all of them except Dr Bishop and Dr Ghafghazi. Absolutely amazing. Please accept my thanks for what you did. My nursing care was amazing on 6 east. I was treated so respectfully and kind by all the nurses, nursing assistants and their manager. I’m very fortunate to have been taken there. Sincerest thanks to all who cared for me.

Joseph Ludwick

ICU was excellent !! Unfortunately once we went to transitional care it was quite frankly scary. Also they assured me the whole time that the medical records were being shared with my primary care doctor so we could follow up with him after release. Nothing ever went to my primary care doctor so follow up care was impossible for my doctor. I requested records be sent numerous times, signed all the appropriate paperwork and the doctors office requested records as well. Went in for follow up visit and my doctor had absolutely no records. Pure laziness on Universities part I feel.

Ashley Harris

I never shared a review, but I want to because my experience there was amazing! I had my very first and only baby so far delivered there. The staff, the doctors, everybody was so kind and so very helpful! My nurses were amazing! They always got me anything I asked for and was just there for me and my baby in anyway I needed. I will be back for when I do have my second baby for sure!!

Troy Mock

Wish I could hit 5 more stars. Np Julie is amazing, Rn Kasey is awesome, thank you so much to the whole staff there. Can't say enough about the best hospital experience ever. Thank you first care.

brandan lone

Horrible, just horrible all around, mostra incompetent staff i have ever witnessed this facility is just down right dangerous

Danielle Greeson-Bramblett

Back in January we experienced a miscarriage at 13 weeks. When I called the hospital on a Friday night around 11:30 to let them know what was happening , the woman at the initial call center could not have been kinder or more accommodating. When I asked if it was possible to come to labor and delivery to get through miscarriage (we really didn't want to have to go through it at home), they immediately understood and told me to come in. They nurses, OB, and other staff were wonderful and caring. In a situation as devastating and heartbreaking as the loss of a pregnancy, I could not have asked for a better group of women to help me get through it. They were god sends and probably do not get the appreciating they deserve.

Jason Sexton

Best hospitals in state by far

Chris Lewis

This place is full of people, who live by the saying of "That ain't my job". Worst hospital in Louisville!!!

mary squire

Great place to work and a caring team

Mandi Brodfehrer

My fiancee was in ICU from Jan.22, 2018 till Jan.25th, 2018 when his mother flew into town and pulled the plug on him. I was there almost 24/7 and the staff was very kind to me especially when they informed me he was brain dead. The 3 doctors that came in to inform me, actually made sure I wouldn't fall when they told me and tried to comfort me the best they could. I miss him everyday and wish I didn't have to experience that but the faculty truly did everything they could.

Douglas Terry

Was sent to the er from Shelbyville hospital to get a mri..was in the er for 5 hrs before I was taking back, i was already in alot of pain and even after the MRI it took 3 more hours to get any now they decided to do a emergency back surgery..was moved to the 8th floor where I was really taken care of...i get that they have to be cautious when dealing with people in pain but when you put everyone in the same category that's just plainly wrong..the er Dr's and nurses have no feelings for people in need...i heard them talk to people like they were below them... hopefully the administration will take a closer look at there policies and procedures

Asia Lee

This hospital in my opinion is HORRIBLE. Went to the ER for treatment due to breathing difficulties, waited a few hours, was then called back and placed in a very small room. Nurses barley checked on me, and I could hear them talking about other patients in a BAD way. Had chest xray done, was prescribed an inhaler and sent home. Was told x ray was clear. Inhaler cost me a lot of money due to NO insurance. Two days later, breathing got worse from using inhaler, went back, no x ray this time, was prescribed a steroid (which costed more money) and sent home. Next day, had terrible coughing, breathing problems, weakness, extremely tired, and 105 temperature. I listened to my instinct, and went to Clark Memorial Hospital several miles away. Waited less than 15 minutes, placed in a huge room with television, ER doctor listened carefully to my complaint, took chest xrays, came back, and told me I had to be placed int he hospital because both my LUNGS were infected with PNEUMONIA!!!!! Thank God I went to another hospital. I almost died. I spent 10 days in the hospital. I was in horrible condition. The University of Louisville needs to be INVESTIGATED because it seems as if the least little medical emergency people DIE! I will NEVER go to that hospital again. I also remember one time being left in a room for 8 hours and the nurse only checked on me twice. Never offered me anything to drink. To make matters worse, I sat in a char because there were no beds. Nothing but a bunch of unqualified students who don't know what they are doing. NEVER AGAIN! I suggest you find you a hospital where the doctors will LISTEN, and not try to over talk you and send you home!!!!!!

Cora Duncan

they are not wanting to get things done my husband died 3 weeks ago and they STILL have not sign the death certificate It bad enough they operate on him in1988 and he got a bacterial infection where they connect the colon to the small intestine and it ended up taking his life!! Everyone know witout that death certificate you can not get anything done even banks account are frozen until I get it!!!!! Thereis no commacation the doctor call us in and after a hour drive the nurses didn't know why we was called in he pass away half hour after we got there,thank God the doctor called us!!!!

Amy Neal

This place is awe full run away!!!!

Angie Marshall

My dad had 60% of his colon removed May 24th. It was a 6 hr surgery and very hard on a 70yr old with dementia. It was a night mare from the beginning but so much worse after he got to his room 529. I didn't like the fact of him not being able to take his own meds for his epilepsy. They was putting pills together to make his meds. We usually use another hospital and they always allow us to use his meds from home. The nurses are so argumentive when it came to his care. Alot happened but the worse was when I walked n2 his room after another family member being gone for 1 hr I walked in and he had unhooked his IV, heart monitor, sdc sleeves (which were on his lower legs. He had walked himself to the bathroom! The room was 95°, call light on the floor, phone no where n reach, his mouth so dry he couldn't speak, and both room and bathroom doors was closed. I was livid. His nurse Jose was rude with all family members. Wouldn't give my dad his pain meds. Just unbelievable. My heart is breaking. I talked to the charge nurse who didn't have a clue and very unprofessional. I know there isn't a hospital that's 5 stars but, this one should be shut down! I hate to see the people in there w/o anyone to watch over them. Insurance pays these people to take care of your family when actually the family can't leave bc they are affraid? A sitter was ordered by 2 doctors and I was told they are short staffed and only use sitters when u try to get out of bed and falls. Wow! I explained if he falls in that hospital they will need more than a sitter. I can't believe they are allowed to treat people this way and get away with it. No one ever came in and asked if he wanted water, had to use the bathroom, eat, if he wanted to be turned, light on, tv on or off, his IV bags set empty for hrs, never asked of he wanted a shower, brush his teeth, a towel, wash clothes, or anything. He will never go there again. And if I could move him I would. Don't leave a family member there that can't take care of themselves. They will die in these ppls hands. There's so much more I could say but won't waste my time. But, Medicare will get a call when we get him home and settled down. I gave the charge nurse a chance to make/ get it right and she could care less.

Little Smiles

Rude nurses in the emergency room

Dago herrada

For me it's a good hospital, the labor and delivery department is awesome with capable nurse and very good tech

Laura Ruplinger

Had deadly high blood pressure and pulse. Left me in waiting room of ER where I laid on the hard cold floor. I couldn't even sit up. Horrible experience.

Neal Scoggins

Great service

Becky Johnson

This place is discusstng in my point of view! Employs party, work hardest when trying to escape it! I suggest you might hed to Indiana please dont go there!

Michelle Sellers

Teaching hospital

Jennifer garcia

Yesterday I was in emergency room I had to wait 20 minutes to check in because there were no papers to put information and plus when they call me and ask me questions this lady named Ross was so rude and literally you don't have no privacy whenever they ask you questions or why are you being seen for try to question me about why was I there and I told me that what i had was normal so I told her no I speak to my doctor he sent me here just really bad service I would never go back to u of L never!!!

Sandra Smith

The trauma center in the ER did really well addressing emergent needs but the sense of urgency ended there. 9th floor is short staffed and tend to have a low tolerance for people who have mental health issues or high needs. More training and support is needed in that area. Avoiding difficult situations is not the answer! Signs everywhere say "ask me about your care" but many of the staff don't want to be bothered. Even some doctors I encountered seemed put out to be asked to explain or clarify recommendations. There are no signs or literature giving info about who to contact if you're dissatisfied or need to resolve an issue. Only displays on how to nominate someone who goes the extra mile! Staff openly complain about being overwhelmed with number of patients to care for. Take care of your staff U of L, so they will take care of their consumers!

Kacy Rough

I was in a motorcycle accident with my fiance two days ago and we were sent here together. In the ER my nurse never visited me once because I had no idea who she was. I understand they were busy that night but I was left on the stretcher bed by the nurses station without any communication other than my doctor/nurse will be with me soon. The doctors visited me but I could tell they were not in collaboration with the rest of the health care team about my health. They were going to discharge me since my radiology scans came back fine without any pain medication or cleaning my road rash after they watched me walk until I almost threw up because I was in so much pain after standing. My mother in law who is a nurse helped me and advocated for me for the nurse to notice how pale and in much pain I was in they called for another scan of my pelvis. The person who was going to give me a scan did not come for me because they did not know where I was since I was located in the hallway in front of the nurses station and not in a room(we heard the phone conversation since I was right in front of them). My mother in law once again advocated for me for my nurse to stay on top of their job and see where the person giving me the scan was so then I was seen immediately after hours of waiting. Everything ended up checking out and I understand they were busy but I feel neglected by my nurse. My fiance's nurse stepped up and ended up taking great care of me when she noticed I was in pain. You can tell she truly cares about her patients. She deserves a daisy award which my fiance and myself filled out an app for her so I hope she gets it. She truly saved my experience at this hospital. I understand it's an ER and most severe is first priority I just truly feel neglected in my experience and that there was not enough communication between the health care team which is most important.


Special Thanks for helping my wife

Judy Thorneycroft

My Granddaughter was sent to U of L Hospital, 5 West ICU NURO, from another hospital where she struggled for nearly three weeks before passing away. Though our hearts are broken at the loss of this special girl, we want to express our extreme appreciation to the team of doctors and nurses who cared for her. My Granddaughter has spent 20 years in and out of hospitals, so we have a great amount of experience with the medical profession and these folks are without a doubt the most caring and considerate nurses and doctors we have ever experienced. Each and every one of the doctors and nurses we dealt with are to be commended. We hope they will learn just how much we appreciate the way they cared for our girl

Christopher W.

So far, so good.

Robert Bone

No communication at all

Latasha Champion

I know people complain about waiting so long to be seen, but the service and attention to your care is worth it.

Jinger Shive

Amazing people and doctors absolutely feel confident with them treating my son

Amr Aboelnasr

Good Service despite of old equipments

Mohanad Hamdan

Lovely pepole with a touch !!

Shelia D

This hospital has been great for testing and my outpatient gallbladder surgery. I've been to the Labor & Delivery for pre-term labor, and they were great. Even the after-hours clinic connected to the ER was helpful, but avoid the ER at all costs. I'm sure they are helpful if you're severely injured or having a very serious issue that is obviously a heart/stroke issue. They were not all helpful with my severe pain, which turned out to be gallbladder. You will wait hours and hours and then receive mediocre care at best. Honestly, the ER doc was rude (which is the only time I've encountered a rude person in the UofL system). So if it's not a true/very serious emergency, wait to see your regular doctor or go somewhere else.

Ize Kat

As Melissa Woods in previews comments mentioned, it also happened to me. though the didn't even bother billing to my insurance. And this has now been paid either two or three times now, even dealing with the problem through the billing department and insurance yet still have monthly calls from collection companies. i was here three years ago to have my son!? Please fix my and other people's problems in the billing department... this is crazy.

Elijah Doom gaming

Would give 0 if allowed currently here from a transfer out of town. Haven’t eaten or drank anything in Close to 5 days however I am sure they gave me fluids while intubated at the other hospital. They don’t even care here they are “ watching” me. In horrible pain from the intubation but they won’t traet. Offered Tylenol for the pain however I can’t swallow hence the no eating or drinking.

Brian Gackenbach

Amazing place to work.

gary mccormick

The worst hospital in the city! I wish I could give them a minus 5 star. Everything was horrible from the customer service, the food, and the NICU is the worst! Their policy is if your child is under 37 weeks and/or weight less that 5.5 pounds then they go straight to the NICU! We were robbed of our golden hour. A NICU nurse gave our daughter a pacifier after we specifically asked them not to do so. When asked about it she blamed it on the lab when no lab orders where done. To make matters worst our baby had a diaper rash in the NICU! That’s like having a bed sore in a nursing home! Not to mention there was NOTHING wrong with our baby! She was just little. No breathing problems and latched right on. She had nipple confusion thanks to an incompetent nurse. Stay away from this hospital awe yeah my wife almost had her baby on the floor! They where standing right outside smoking when I pulled in. When I was screaming for help they did nothing my wife delivered her own baby in a wheelchair while students watched and not a doctor in sight. When we complained about it. The staff replied it happens all the time. Disgusted by the “care” and “service” we received.

Tin Man

Amazing staff


I have never in my life seen such a nasty, dirty hospital. Rooms dont get cleaned very often, well at least in the 2 days I was there they werent, the food was just awful. I watch a medical person , not sure if it was a nurse or not, but he put on gloves, but dropped one on the dirty floor , instead of throwing it away, he put it on. I dont know how they have not been shut down

Aurora Galaxy

Still sitting in the waiting room. At 2:15 been here since. People have gone before us that got here after. Total B.S

Melissa Woods

There is not enough time to type all the bad things i encountered here. There was blood spatter all over the curtains....nasty! They used me as a guinie pig for 6 days and wouldn't let me transfer to my local hospital. Since i was out of network they did not do a good job. To this day i have a balance bill( which is illegal) on my credit report. Whomever Heather is in billing, she screwed me and never fixed the balance bill and sent it to collections when i had already paid my full deductable for the year before coming here! I had a PIC line port in my arm and they kept poking me for blood for practice! If you can, drive anywhere but here! I was transfered here from the jewish hospital and they gave me an anti biotic i was allergic to after i told them i couldn't have it. Interns complained about patients in the ellivators which was classless. My husband told them" mabe if you would listen to your patients you wouldn't of given my wife an anti boitic she was alergic to which caused her kidneys to shut down!" Their incompitence made me have to stay there for 6 days. To this day thier balance bill haunts me on my credit report and it was taken care of by my insurance company!

Karen Conaway

In ER what a fantastic team. From beginning to end nurses, admins ER doc-maybe from England?? Wonderful!! Meet an ENT fonder he was great too! Thanks for your outstanding care!

patti black

Melissa Hall

My husband was transported to the U of L Hospital following a massive stroke. He was treated and moved to the 9th Floor Stroke Unit. The nurses there could not have been more attentive and caring. The doctor over the unit was clear about what was happening and kind which helped me to make the hardest decision I have ever made or hope to make. When he was moved to the 8th floor, I once again was overwhelmed by the kindness of the nursing staff. There was an incident with a new doctor that was too horrible to describe, but the other doctor did what he could about the experience. All in all, I give this hospital an A, particularly the nursing staff.

Stephanie Hale

The hospital is horrible the care my dad received has me worried he will never 100% recover

Eden Swann

I will die in the street if I EVER have to go to or get referred to ANY of UofL medical,dental ANYTHING. I had my daughter there in December and they refused me any kind of pain medicine accusing me of using the laughing gas too much during labor because you refused to give me an epidural or a c section even after I asked for one, then after I said no to being catheterized you still did it anyways while I was in pain in labor! I was in labor for 15.5 hours with nothing but pain and a nurse had the nerve to ask if I was on narcotics! I HATE YOUR HOSPITAL AND YOUR HOSPITAL STAFF! The dental school is even worse. Went there on a dentist referral because I needed a wisdom tooth removed last and was in so much pain. Was told I will have to walk around like this the rest of my life based on the dentist's advice! And the other stupid dentist called me a LIAR stating there was no such thing as 500 mg in tylenol when I had the bottle right there in my purse with the dosage on it! Ridiculous! I think this whole place needs to be shut down and torn down and done away with. I will die than EVER go to this disgusting place again.

Keoyndra Shelton

Terrible please for people in need should be a morgue at least dead people move faster.

john hebner

Lazy nurses to busy talking not very friendly also dirty.

Nancy Lambert

Sent to University after a car accident. I had slight concussion, was told I had fractured sternum, and a laceration on my pinky. Given a CT scan and X-rays. Diamond earrings, another pair of pendant earrings, and necklace were removed for the scan. Necklace was put in my purse. That, I was told. The earrings were never given back to me. I called to report it the next day (a Saturday). Left a message. I initially talked with the Patient/Family Coordinator about three days later. After two weeks, I was called an told the earrings were put in a biohazard bag and laid on the gurney. She said since I was coherent, they were my responsibility. I wasn't told they had been placed there. I hold that CT staff responsible. Someone got a nice pair of earrings!! Oh, I failed to mention, I had ask the nurse to check my cut pinky three hours later. He told me that, yeah, they probably needed stitches. So three hours later I got stitches. When I went to my PCP for a follow-up, he said he saw nowhere that showed a fractured sternum. Huh??? I realize my injuries weren't life threatening but that place is the pits. Call it underfunding, call it lack of care. I call it inexcusable.

Nancy Bitter

The care they gave my mother was incredible

Anthony Hardy

Staff was friendly but a complete waste of my time. Im still in the same pain.

Kelly Vazquez

I had my baby at University of Louisville Hospital. My care was excellent from first and foremost the nurses, but also from the MDs, care technicians, RTs, house keeping and dietary. Thanks for making myself and my new daughter feel welcome and comfortable in our first hours and days together.

Aaron LeComte

Have always been very well taken care of here. Great hospital.

tommie robinson

Good people who are helpful.

Michael Willyard

the times I've been into this facility as patient they are good but at this point I am homeless and summertime I'm trying to get out of the heat so I don't have any kind of heat stroke or anything's I'm in the emergency room no big rush overabundance of people winning tried to get out of the heat and tel Aviv because I'm not a patient as I explained to the security officer I will be back from a heat stroke that may kill me but they don't care I don't think this policy is right and that they need to be retrained if there's if it's not full that it should be okay for somebody to come in and not have to be out in the heat in the summertime but apparently unless you're ready to die you don't get to use their facility accounting facility to keep you from dying don't do preventative don't don't try to stop something from happening just to let it happen and then go to the hospital

Domco Mdvendor

Worst experience of my life gave me a flesh eating bacteria from not properly treating a wound. The Drs refused to help with pain after my surgery.


This place is a disaster and completely unprofessional. Went there TWICE due to not feeling well. I had SEVERE breathing problems. They put me in a chair in a small room for 6 hours. To make matters worse, they MISDIAGNOSED me TWO times. I was so sick and weak and they gave me a prescription for an inhaler. Feeling worse when I left, I decided to go across the bridge to Clark Memorial. Glad I listened to my instincts. I drove to Clark Memorial weak, sick and barley made it into the ER. I was seen quickly and the ER doctor said I had "PNEUMONIA" in both lungs. I was placed in the hospital for TEN days. They saved my life. I would have died if I kept dealing with U of L Hospital. They really need to be INVESTIGATED! Seldom anyone survives when going to this hospital, especially gun shot victims, etc. Most of the staff are nothing but college INTERN students who have no compassion, spend 99% of their time joking and playing around with each other, and not to mention GOSSIPING! My comment is based on my OWN personal experience of this horrible place. God bless those who have no other place to go except U of L. If you can get treatment somewhere else, please do so by any means!!!!!!

Dawn Rainbolt

I was a faithful employee for almost 27 years. I resigned when I was threatened with demotion and a 30 grand pay cut. I’ve seen people w thousand of dollars of sick time get sacrificed. The raises this year were 1.0 to 1.5 percent and 0 percent for all others. I loved my job and working there. They have done away w all experienced staff as well as linen and housekeeping. Apparently, there was some tiff w Jewish Hospital executives. So, we all must pay dearly. Advice...don’t go here willingly. Unconscious, maybe. The reason the hospital is dirty is due to “company change” again. Mr. Marshall believes linen is not needed at night. Only on day shift, so house keeping was done away with. People only bleed on day shift 9 to 5 right..... . The nurses, who I worked with were on their phones. I had to yell for anyone to answer a call light. Of course, I was seen as threatening. So all experienced staff, who cared, are gone. The ones that remain are threatened. U of L needs money BAD!!! Because the medical school is one of the worst in the country. This makes for a hostile environment. Catholic Charities w Jewish is no better. That’s why there has been no merger. Patients don’t matter. It’s the bottom line, as usual. Wish I’d learned this earlier. Dawn E Rainbolt Former proud employee

Jason Evans

After being transferred here for higher level of care, I got the run around. You can't get higher level of care over a holiday weekend!! This is the most ghetto hospital. Spend some dang money and get your southern hospitality up to par. There were no recliners or anything for my wife to stay with me and sleep in. She had to sleep in the floor and got sick from all the germs in this nasty hospital. Dr. Lewis was great but the rest of the staff and sticks up their butts. all around terrible place, and I would rather die than to be transferred here again.

Hannah Losch

They get a one simply for the way they treated my future mother in law! We waited like a half hour for a transport to the parking garage and when they did not come they let her just walk out and did not care whatsoever after being in a car accident. So they basically made her walk from the 9th floor to the second floor with no shoes also.

Jessica Barbed

Horrible it is dirty as hell ppl coming up asking you for change while you are in a waiting area they over dosed my husband he almost died and didn't even tell me what was going on I would never in my life go to such a horrible place everything in there is old needles all around the outside have to pay to park just to get in the place

Morgan Neeley

Worst hospital ever. Doctors do not communicate to you at all. Been here for over 48 hours and still know nothing at all. Waited 16 hours to even see a doctor after requesting numerous times. My fiancé has a fractured skull and they are treating him like a patients that come in for belly pain. Pathetic still after 48 hours haven’t even seen a trauma doc that they just keep telling us that he’s coming

Chrystal Guzman

This is the worst hospital I have ever been too. I was there because my nurse told me over the phone to go to the labor and delivery floor to get evaluated for the flu. I was 30 weeks pregnant and have never had the flu, never been admitted to a hospital, and I have never been put on a IV. 95% of the nurses I had, throughout my stay, were rude and judgmental. They looked at you like if you asked a dumb question and you were just wasting their time. When ordering food, to be delivered to your room, the lady on the phone says there will be a estimated 45-60 min wait before receiving it. The first time my food was very cold and I was disappointed because I waited an hour. The second time, I ORDERED MY FOOD AT 12 PM AND DID NOT RECEIVE IT TILL 4:30 PM. That is after calling again around 3 PM asking what had happened to my order. I hated being in that hospital every minute and that is the hospital I am suppose to be delivering in. The only good thing moments I had were with the doctors. They actually have good bed side manners and smiled.

Brandy Ballard

Worst hospital in louisville... Nurses are rude and lazy. And the staff is all miscommunicated and never want to give pain medicine to their patients. Rns may make alot of money and have that degree but it doesnt mean you can go up to a patient and judge them for the action they did. If rns are able to judge their patients then they need to start paying the patients bills then. Everyone is equal. YOU GET PAID TO HELP AND HEAL PEOPLE NOT BE RUDE AND TALK TO PATIENTS HOW EVER YOU LIKE!!! LEARN SOME RESPECT!!

Donnie Gregory

Not The Best Trauma Hospital! Some nice staff but alot of lazy & rude nurses & doctors.

Candice Blackburn

The 1st shift 5th floor psych ward nurses rock ( Angie, Lisa, Lisa (black), Mary, Cambridge, Brian, a sweet African American lady, Miss Janet, another sweet younger lady with tats :) Mr. Danny, Ms. Stephanie - Chaplin, All MDs). They all attended to everyone's specific needs with positive attitudes. They all desire awards and raises. They sure made me feel normal and appreciated. God Bless you all....

Andre Richards

Where my baby is

Lindsey Stultz

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible! Was transferred from another hospital to here due to my issue. I had a different nurse come in my room each time. I was bleeding everywhere and no one offered me new sheets or even a blanket. The PA was new and was very awkward doing a vaginal exam. The doctor never saw me. After being there for 3 hours sitting in a mess they just sent me home and told me to follow up with a doctor the next day. A nurse took my IV out and didn't apply any pressure so I bleed all over my shirt. It was my first time at the hospital and no one showed me how to get out of the hospital. Rude! I paid a lot of money for a whole lot of neglect. Only nice thing was the ER doctor did call me the next day to check in on me.

Living in Sky

Good dentist and students

Jessica Schneider

This hospital saved my dear grandmother's life. Amazing care and amazing workers!

Brittany Goodwin

I arrived at 915am for my 930am appointment to do my registrstion. At 1210pm I still hadon't been seen. Finally at 1245pm the Dr came in only to tell me the one who referred me didn't send my records...I live 3 hours away! So I must go home. Have them fax said records and get another mri. I'm so beyond pissed right now.

Caroline Hunter

I had been to the emergency room many times and was always diagnosed and treated properly and felt I had the duty of care. That all changed around about two years ago when the duty of care changed to discrimination. I walked in the ER in no pain diagnosed in ER by an oral surgeon Woodling with an abscess, was not examined, no x-ray. According to medical records another doctor probably a resident doctor recommended an ultra sound be done to characterized the area under my chin it was never done. When woke from OR more teeth than consented was removed, put drains where they claim the abscess was suppose to drain but did not therefore the oral surgeons Kushner and Summers threaten to put a hole in my neck. Records state another doctor I guess a resident ordered a dissection of my neck nothing was ever found, throat multilated.Asked to go to a different hospital, sedated thrown in ICU, my family arrived they was bringing me from another surgery which I had no knowledge of nothing while sedated til I was told by family, friends, got medical records, when family asked what surgery did yah just do on her the question was never answered, family was told they had to put me in a seduced comma and not to return for three days, when asked why claim they could not find my chart and wait on doctors which never came at that time. Was kept sedated entire time I was there. Given unnecessary surgeries, treatments, given medication with out checking on interactions of meds, I found out later some of these meds should have been avoided could have died and given contrasts which I am allergic to with unnecessary 11x-rays and 3 ct scans continuously for 11 days which was charged to Medicare and had the nerves to send me bills. When regain consciousness tried to call for help phone was confiscated. My mouth, throat, tongue where mutilated, ICU nurse Gibson tortured me with a feeding tube and tried to pull a catheter out without deflating it when they was weaning me off anesthesia, Still having complications from this horrible nightmare. Since then threats have been made when I complained, details of my complaints have been passed out of retaliation so no other doctors will treat me properly, just last week 8/21/19 during one of my first visit to be treated for my bones I was threaten in the exam room with surgery if I came back saying I have the same symptoms, I guess they suppose to just disappear, you won't get another chance to threaten me. I recently got a primary care doctor after he viewed my medical records he ask about my surgeries pointed out I had a staph while an inpatient, (even after telling him I have been threaten he still put it in my file my 4/9/19 and put in on mychart. No regard to my or my families safety and put in my file I need counseling cause I ask to be treated for complications I am still having?) not informed of Staph and treatment was delayed when I regained consciousness from being sedated to having no IV's a few times and the staph spread therefore was there longer than necessary 15 days. Numbers from labs has rose over some visits, ask see a Kidney specialist first visit in March, after months of asking just got it, call to confirm appointment, ask did they receive the referral, when they said they got Urinalysis report from the office of the Urogynecology I'm like (what report?) I was told No Urinalysis was done, are they falsified results sent to the kidney specialist, Look like I need to contact Medicare or authorities. This confirms that if my complaint did not have merit this retaliation would not be happening. Nothing has been done and continuous threats, if anything should happen to anyone connected to me I want it documented that those associated with me medically should be held accountable. This hospital definitely needs to be investigated. Treated really horrible. Please if you have a loved ones In this hospital Do Not Leave them alone especially at night or in ICU when no one can visit. There is so much more I can say, but for now Pray that the Hatred will be removed.

Karen Littlejohn

Staff was on internet, cigarettes laying in the floors of ER.

Ellie Brand

I had an accident at work and was rushed over to the UofL ER. I was worried about being taken there, but there wasn't time to go anywhere else. I was admitted, and taken into surgery the next morning. I was surprised by the excellent level of care I received. The team of people who supported me were wonderful. My surgeons and nursing staff fully supported me, made me comfortable, and showed me every kindness. There was only one issue I had when I was there, and it was with a specific nurse. I hadn't seen her before and she was on our floor one morning. This one person was extremely rude to me and my family. She did not have the professionalism or level of care of the rest of the staff I encountered. She was very rough when moving me, and snapped at me. I requested to not see that nurse again, and they took her off my care. The nurse who replaced her was exceptional. Other than the one person, the care I received was wonderful, and the staff was excellent. I would have no problems being admitted to UofL again and would trust them with my life. They saved it.

William Ostertag Jr.

Friendly people and great nurses and doctors. Keeping my new nephew safe right now as we speak! 11-2-16

Ron Oneil

Great people & service!

Jeff Quick

Not really very nice staff.

alfredo watts

A great hospital, really know how to identify and fix me right up, fantastic place to get treatment


Dirty place for womens to deliver baby. Norton is much better

Maria Johnson

The time.i worked there was ok, but the only problem i had was when I was sexual harassed by my male Supervisor James grant , I got fired and he stayed , and from what I hear he's the mechanic now. So they like having people like that there, it's a shame. But they are great in trauma and getting the patients under control.

Kim Wathen

Thank you to God and some blessed Trama doctors, nurses, chaplins and staff, my husband and I celebrate our 27th anniversary today. March 28 he was in a head on collision with multiple life threatening injuries. It was touch and go for over a week and a half in ICU. Then he pulled through started rehab when he had a seizure, stroke, and extremely low hemoglobin sending us back to U of L 9th floor for two weeks. Went to rehab at Fraizers, in which he had two drains put in and a filter due to blood clot. He completed rehab went home. Was back at U of L hospital 7th floor, 7th ICU and finally 9th floor due to an infection where his spleen was. We had the most expert doctors whom would always pray with me and be patient with me as I cried through all the terrifiying moments. They were honest to let me know just what we were facing. I learned sickly stable is not a nice situation. I was so thrilled when that label was dropped and he was stable. Every staff member was kind from the moment I entered when Guard Bob hugged me and went and got Chaplin Chris whom checked on my husband immediately and up dated me upon arrival. The chaplins were by my side every step of the way. The cleaning staff would pray with me and talk with me to help me feel better. ICU staff worked really hard to keep him alive. 9th floor nurses and tech were awesome. We were on 9th south twice and got to know everyone so well. They took really good care of us. They only reason this is not 5 stars is due to paper work. He came in under a different name and it took 3 people from the same department before changing him to the right name. Some records have been hard to obtain. I really love our U of L family the first stay and the last two stays as we met several teams and appreciate each one of you especially our first responders. Thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart. He is here to celebrate #27.

Sherri Miller

jeremy brewer

Crappiest hospital ever will never waste my time again wish they tear it down and make a parking garage

Heather Mills

Labor and delivery experience was worst I ever been through, but emergency department is good

Michelle Horton

I have a family member in the hospital right now. I am so disappointed in the treatment she is receiving by hospital staff. They act like it is s huge inconvenience for ice chips or a pillow even ignoring s request and never coming to let you know if it is possible. During and after surgery family was not updated by ANYONE the condition of our family member. I normally visit people that are in Floyd Baptist and have never seen patients treated with such disregard.

edwin rodriguez

Great hospital staff were nice and they saved my life. Highly recommend it.

Marie Burns

My daughter is preganant, was throwing up blood. Does not have insurance. Went to ER for fear of something wrong. Sat over 6 hours not being seen by a doctor, only to be told her white blood cell count is elevated, a sign of INFECTION. Yet, they let her go unseen. ER was FILTHY. No toilet paper. As soon as shift change happened, the rude incompetent people must have come on shift. No one checked on her in those 6 plus hours. Unacceptable. She left without being seen. So is this what happens now when a patient does not have insurance yet? My daughter needed help. She’s sick. An infection can kill her and her unborn child if left undiagnosed and treated. But you must be okay with that because she has no insurance. I would rather die than go to this hospital.

Brian Doty

If you love your parent, child, husband, wife or any loved one, do not take them to this hospital. The trauma unit is excellent but the nursing staff has no feelings for their patients. My Mother was in a head on collision up by Bloomington Indiana and she was Lifelined to U of L Trauma Center. Like I said the Trauma Center was excellent. But once my Mom was sent to the ICU and then the Ortho/Neuro Unit on the 9th floor she would have gotten better care at a Doggie Day Care Center than she did at U of L Hospital.

Arlis Terrero

By far worst experience! My husband thought he was having a heart attack so i rushed him to the nearest hospital which was u of l. I ran into their ER and explained he was im the car having pain complications , and literally three people in a row told me to find some one else to get him out of the car! Not to mention they took there time to get a wheel chair and roll him in the ER. Once there they literally pushed him to the lobby and. Had us wait 30 min to tell us it would be a 5 hour wait! They really did not have any consideration for our health emergency.


Worst place ever.

Matt Sandfer

Takylia Hollins

A great hospital overall! But a crazy experience at the same time. My boyfriend had a 17 hour surgery everything went fine.! We were in 5 west. The best nurses ever.!! ESPECIALLY ARI. cnas were very rude. Seemed as if they didn't know their jobs and they was only their for the check.. got out of 5 west icu and was moved to 5 south. The doctors was pretty cool. They was just in a rush each time they came in the room. Housekeeping was very lazy. Other than that NO problems at all

Ian C

Treated and held against my will with no complaints and then sent an ER bill rather than go to my insurance. Dirty crooks will never get a dime from me willingly. I didn't ask for their help and tried to resist. There was no emergency. They coerce and rob people who don't want or need help and aren't having a real emergency to cover their ass and pad their bank account. Dirty scum. Other people they ignore having obvious and serious problems, begging for help. They're an unethical and disreputable hospital. They steal what they can from rich looking white people or Medicaid patients, while letting the poor & minorities rot, transferring them or dumping them wherever they can. They ran two CAT scans on me and two chest x-rays when I did not complain of any problem. I since read that many hospitals do this in the ER to make money off the people who don't know what is going on. UofL is a shady hospital and should be shut down by city or state as they have no integrity, decency or honor. Poor communication. They don't ask you questions or listen or tell you what they are doing or explain it. They just take you for all they can get. Rotten ethics and care. I would give zero stars if I could. Punks.

Alvin Hatton

Never been

Rokhaya Toure

I experience all hospital unversity is good

Jennifer Lytlepipes

They saved my life and i like the way you can order your meals there

Roy Caballero

Friendly staff. Becca was my nurse she was very professional and personal. Thankfull for the care.

Jim Varney

Do yourself a favor....go to Norton's. Stay as far away from KYONE affiliates as humanly possible.

Bazilisk Gavialis


Deanna Cook

My father was transferred here from Norton's Audubon because they are supposed to be the best in trauma. He was in a car accident. He is elderly and we sat in the hallway for 2 hours right by nurses station where all the noise was. People in orange jumpsuits were seen before he got in a room and his care for 5 days was horrible. These people just don't care. Thank God we got him transferred out of there. Within a few hours of getting out of there, he was doing better. Will never ever go back to U of Hell

Autumn Edge

My father care between 10-15 different doctors. So unorganized and inconsistent.It took days before the listen that my dad had a active infection and top of serve bleed and stroke. Many attempts to get answers as all of them skate by the truth. He got pneumonia,developed gout and possible two bed sore in a 14 day stay and that continues . My mother never been told how bad the stroke is and exactly what my infection my fathers got.. I wouldn't bring my pet here after this experience with my dad.. Specialist in trauma I'm not impressed!!!?

Branden Givens

Great caring dtaff

Chris Knuettel

This would be a great location to open a hospital. I broke my leg in a rural area of KY on a Saturday night. The local hospital wasn't equipped to handle my injury so we searched for a hospital with an ortho Dr. on duty Sunday. We were told by U of L that they had one so they transferred me there. After arriving, I found out that I was lied to and spent 15 hours in an overcrowded ER waiting for Monday. Finally on Monday, I get my surgery and then I awake from surgery "expecting my wife to be there with me and to be doped up enough that I am feeling no pain". Instead, I find myself rolled into a corner with no family anywhere and I am in the most excruciating pain of my life. I beg the nurse to get me some pain relief and she says "You've already been given Tylenol and that will be enough according to the anesthesiologist". They put a rod inside my bone from my knee to my ankle and Tylenol would be enough. Let that soak in. At this point I am screaming in pain and begging for them to call my wife, which they said they did but after checking phone records, they didn't. One even had the audacity to claim to have talked to my wife. Post surgery, I was given minimal pain relief. It seems that their goal is to use pain to inspire their patients to get better, or to just leave so that they can put someone else in your bed. With a "Posted" pain goal of 4 out of 10, this must be the case. I felt like I was in a fast food restaurant of pain. They wanted my business but they only wanted to give me minimal care. They were trying to discharge me before I had even walked on the loaner crutches that PT brought down. Apparently this is Louisville KY's Hospital that has to accept everyone with or without insurance. I will never step foot in this hospital again and neither should anybody else with insurance.

T Romero

This place is so horrible. I could never get my pain meds, mostly because nurses were stealing them and this was witnessed by numerous people. When I did get them they were 8hours and 50 minutes late. Staff was rude, cussed, lazy and hateful. I spent a month there. I went days without eating and I'm 6 months pregnant because no one would help me. About every bone in my body is broken or crushed. I was left on bed pan if given to me. Otherwise I laid in urine in a soaked bed. Never once received a bed bath. Icu night nurse, Megan, on 9th floor forced my broken elbow and arm to bend over and over and said if I didn't stop screaming I wouldn't get pain meds and I was going back on vent to keep me quiet and said this in front of my family. I told her she couldn't do that and she stated she could by saying my oxygen was dropping. Because I was screaming in pain her and another nurse made my husband and I sit in darkness, tv taken away and the door wasn't allowed to be opened. I can't even believe the things that go on here or how they get away with it

Penny Routt

Great staff...clean...comfortable...accommodating

James Meredith

Me and my mother came in at 3:30 p.m. on October 23 because her MS started to kick real bad and the doctor didn't even come once to see her to transport her to a room and the hospital had multiple patients come and go and we tried to be patient until I decided to complain about the service being terrible and that's when they finally decided to come and ask questions. I am extremely dissatisfied with their service and would not recommend anyone come here for anything. They won't treat you like a human being until you complain.

Michael Paul Anderson

A lot of good, caring individuals.

Summer Welch

All the icu staff in 6W were great! They were very informative, and caring to us..the family. And they saved my mom's life :-)

Farriahday Fikes

The worst ER and staff of any hospital I've ever been to. Seriously if you knew the care my dad received after he was in an accident. Had head trauma with huge gash that needed stitches they didn't even see for 12 hours or the fractured elbow or wrist for 24 hours. Lost his ekg and put off a mri for a day and half even tho they knew he was bleeding in his brain. The list of horrible care and wrong doing is a mile long. Plus the homeless hang out in the ER waiting room and bum. DON'T GO HERE

Y. Ceci

Great service!


Grateful to be here!!

Kierstie Aubrey

From the surgeons to doctors to nurse to staff - they saved my life. Would never want to go anywhere else for emergency or trauma accidents.

Dakota H

Idiots . Gave me orders to take 1-2 pills every 4 hours for two weeks.. only gave me a script for 30 pills.... Do the math enough for one pill every 4 hours. Only last six days

malisa rose

Love this hospital. Treated like family, and with dignity. Every staff member from the janitors to the admissions to the phebotomists are just great. Today ( 6/15/16 ) I'm getting ready for my 2nd surgery in a month, & I'm calm and confident in the Dr's, nurses, & anesthesiologists here at University of Louisville Hospital. I'm having an overnight stay this time!

Mark Fuqua

I came at 330pm and it is now 1150 pm and I have not been seen. Stomach ulcers, black stool, sever stomach/abdominal pain, apendix flaring, etc. Must not be serious enough. Inexcusable - May 8th

sleeping in pj's

If i could give a negative 5 stars i would, the place is disgusting and the staff are slow to get you anything you need. I have never seen a more unsanitary hospital in my life you might as well be in a gas Station bathroom. The food is pretty much not edible.

Angel Waters

The doctors and nurses were so kind to me. Everything was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better hospital stay. They could tell I was scared so they made sure they explained everything to me as clearly as possible and made me feel very comfortable. I’m very grateful.

Monica R Sommersell

Love to work

John H

The most pathetic hospital I've ever been to. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. Yes, it was THAT bad. Incompetent staff, no communication to patients or among themselves apparently and ABSURD wait times - and I'm talking 10-12 hour wait times to receive something as basic as an MRI. I could go on and on but i will refrain. I will never go to that hospital again... i don't care if i'm referred or what, i will refuse. I'm not one to leave comments or knock establishments unless it's justified and i really felt like other people need to know to avoid this hospital if at all possible. Management needs to take a very serious look at their operation and their staff... it was my first time there, and will most certainly be the last time... and i wasn't even the one being treated. Or better yet, Management needs to be replaced with people that know how to operate a hospital. I couldn't imagine how i would feel if i were the one being treated... a huge eye opener to say the least. All of us were livid with the experience.

Jose Mercado

(Translated by Google) good (Original) buena

Joan Piedmonte

I had a procedure completed in Labor and Delivery because my GYN doctor was on call there that day. Besides waiting several hours to have the procedure completed, I had a great experience. My nurse, Angela, was very caring and the rest of the staff was friendly and attentive. The unit was very clean and well organized.

bobby reynolds

This hospital is amazing and so is the staff

Naomi Glass

I was taken to University hospital ER showing signs of a stroke, I had a stroke in 2008, my symptoms only involved numbness of my face. I was immediately put in trauma room 9 and the treatment was excellent! Thank God it was not a stroke this time, I was given a CT, 2 MRI's and blood work and after a few hours was discharged with a diagnosis of low B-12. I have never been in an ER department that had the team work, respect for patients and great nursing staff that I experienced. Thank you for the wonderful care.

Elizabeth McElroy

kohli usa

We recently got treatment here, It was an outstanding service by them and moreover Mitchell (Nurse) was unbelievable in the service. Customers get easily cured through her smile, service and pleasing behavior. God bless her.

Misty Upchurch

I would not take my dog to this hospital.. I lived in greenville, Ms and university of Louisville is by far the worst hospital I have been in. My mother stayed in the er in a bed in the hallway the whole time she was there.. they do not have the staff, doctors or room equipped to take care of the patients.. it will be university of Kentucky from now on for anyone in my family.. if you have a problem and need help, please do not go to this hospital...

Jay G

I just wanted to say I had a very good experience while staying here. Everyone was very kind and caring everyone in each department took really good care of me from the doctors, surgical team, and all of the other departments as well. I would like to say all of the nursing staff on 9 south Nurse Jannie and her team are the best.

Something Nice

I use to Volunteer here and the experience was horrible! The Employees was very rude and when I would sit down to take a break from volunteering from helping out the patients from the last 3 hours I would be told to get up by a very Nasty rude employee working there! I understand that the patients are sick and need help but when some of the patients are just flat out mean to volunteers trying to help them when a nurse or doctor is not around is uncalled for! Being sick is no damn excuse to be nasty and rude when someone is trying to help you! I was cursed out by a few of them when trying to offer assistance! So I was thinking to myself well if they are refusing my help when nobody else is around to help them I'll just go back down stairs turn in my volunteer badge sit down and write a note about how I was treated by both staff and patients and just ask the volunteer coordinator to take me out of the volunteer program because I refuse to be treated like trash by anyone when all I'm doing is taking time out of my days to help you when I could be at home all day on my days off from work!


UL Hospital staff is nice, hospital is generally clean, and the rooms are a little small.

Craig Weikel

Good Hospital for emergency trauma


GOOD hospital! Staff was really nice!

dee Wng

After having a total hysterectomy i was given a pain med. The night nurse came into my room that night with needle in hand ready to inject more pain med into my IV. Thank God i was awake because i was in no pain, yet she was ready to give it to me without my permission. I could have died.

Jen Roberts

If I could give it zero stars I would. My friend was taken there by ambulance last night. I called to check on her. All they would tell me is she was stable and alert and she was not allowed visitors or phone calls until she was discharged. She had no phone or anything on her. They said they would call me to come get her when she was discharged and they didn't. I called this morning they said she'd been discharged but couldn't tell me what time she was discharged. So all morning I've had to call around looking for my missing friend that had no way of calling anyone or getting home. They don't care about you they'll just discharge you and sit you on the street.

Steven Tuttle

Was cold and snowy on this night.

Sonia Nijhawan Mehra

Super disappointed with the care here. Everyone was very incompetent and had no idea what was going on. A 5 min procedure ended up taking 5 hours and wasn’t even done properly and they had to redo it. Insane ! So disappointing. I got no reassurance from anyone there that they knew what they were doing

Terri Yates

My Mom passed away three years ago in July at University of Louisville hospital & I am still haunted by the care she received there. I am literally sick when I think of the things that happened. My Mom required intubation, mind you this was not an emergency intubation, it was decided due to her increasingly struggling. After several “practiced” on her another therapist came up & successfully intubated her. When we reentered the room, my mom was wide awake, scared & her nurse told me they were not able to sedate her and that my mother told her how scared she was as she was AWAKE during the intubation. Obviously that is one of the times that haunt me. It took a week or more of me insisting infectious disease & renal be consulted before the order was placed. The NUMEROUS doctors that saw my mom were unable to determine the infection, yet about an hour after the infectious disease doctor saw my mom the bacteria was discovered. My moms body had already been flooded with countless unnecessary antibiotics contributing to the renal failure. I could go on & on but I will only mention one more, the last night of my moms life she was in the icu on the oncology floor where she was on numerous drips, the vent & hemodynamically unstable a nurse with six months experience provided her care. Not one experienced nurse entered to offer support or help. My mom had vomited on herself & the young nurse began to clean my mom, I then explained to the nurse that she needs to call the dr now, that my mom was dying. Finally in the middle of the night the doctor (possible resident) came to the room after I demanded & told me they had been monitoring my mom from another floor where they could see her vitals. I explained to the doctor at that point that you do not “treat” a patient without coming to lay eyes on them, especially when one is this sick. My Mom passed away that following morning at 59 years old. I miss her more than I could explain. I would only use UofL or Brown Cancer if I had no other choice. Dr Burns ID was amazing & we could never thank him enough for the compassion he showed my mother & our family, we can only hope the world gains more physicians like you & David the RN that worked in the ICU oncology unit, all nurses should strive to have not only your knowledge but your genuine kindness. My recommendations to medical professionals everywhere is to learn to provide care like you would want for your family & if you are not able to, find a new career.

Chris Calkins


Steve Thompson

I was transported by ambulance to the UofL hospital ER with a lower GI bleed, I was hemorrhaging after colon surgery. I was supposed to be pre admitted, but when the ambulance arrived they had no record of me nor did they care. The ER Drs. and nurses really didn't care that I was bleeding out, they just put me behind a curtain with a potty chair for the next 3 1/2 hours. During that time no one even came in to check my BP until I asked them too. I spent 5 1/2 hours in the ER hemorrhaging blood before they admitted me. After I got to my room the Drs. and nurses were fantastic, but my ER visit could not have been worse, they gave me a potty chair but no toilet paper and still didn't when I asked for some, they just shrugged their shoulders and walked out.

cooln collective

The doctors were great for my mother. She had a brain surgery and doctor Williams and his staff saved her life sir thank you so much. You are a genius. Even though it's rough for her now I'm glad I got her here. God bless you all.

Jason Eye

Went to the ER last November and was treated like a sack of dogsh!t by some of the staff! Ended up leaving before a doctor seen me. I'll only go back if they take me in DOA. This hospital sits smack in the getto and your treated accordingly.

Lisa Helphinstine

I'm just beside myself right now. Absolutely shocked. My husband has laid in agonizing pain for two days with no sleep, water, or food. He has yelled in pain for days now in the ICU with barely anything for pain. The nurses, and doctors are rude. They don't care about how the patient, or family feels. Nobody is allowed to stay all night either. Laying there dehydrated so bad they can't even draw blood. I have never dealt with rude, selfish, lazy people in all my life. If you can, I would rather make the trip to Lexington. UK hospital is so much better. Save time, grief, and energy. The most disgusting hospital I have ever seen. It's filthy on top of it all, too. Just horrible, appauled.

michael dever

Been here 35 years, wouldn't go anywhere else.

Oscar the Veteran Submariner

Poor care. Poor attitude by staff. Tried to prevent me from contacting my family to tell them where I was. Prevented me from going to another hospital. Confiscated my Medicare cards. Confiscated my wallet, cellphone. Never returned my Medicare cards. Nursing staff threatened me for wanting my cell phone to call my son. Allowed security staff and another patient to assault me. Escorted me out of hospital at 230 am with a head injury/concussion and did not assist me in finding transport home. Since I am new to this town, it was a frightening experience. Fortunately I was able to walk to a secured parking lot and a very nice security guard called me a cab. Of course that was after I asked an LMPD officer for help and he blew me off. I would give this hospital ZERO stars if I could. I can't believe any hospital could be worse than the VA.....I learned different.

Dr. Jeff Grover

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Shane Hawkins

Josh Ebertshauser

This hospital is terrible they done an iv to a nother patient in the waiting room then there was this guy that couldn't walk and a woman called his name and he said he needs a chair and she said she didn't have one if he couldn't walk he couldn't be seen this was terrible and I walked out I will never go to this hospital augin. Besides to go in and record these nurse and doctors I will bring this place in the light.this place is nothing but a joke I hope some ppl see this from the hospital let it be known I will show you people for who you really are.

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