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REVIEWS OF UK Kentucky Children's Hospital IN Kentucky

Tara Lester

Lisa Mills

bridget knight

Ryan Griggs

These people know what they're doing! They made a really bad day a lot better! Good job.

Colin Guettler-James

I'm not sure what to think of UK healthcare. I can tell you, however, that my daughter (3 years old) was seen for blood work and x-rays due to swelling in her knees. We thought it may be juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and a family doctor recommended a specific doctor at UK . When they finally came to the room to begin the processes (after about an hour and a half waiting standing up and holding my daughter) they instructed us to assist with holding her while they inserted a needle into her arm to draw blood. They didn't offer any anesthetic, they didn't give us time to prepare her or distract her, and they seemed suddenly to be in a big hurry. They stuck her arm and of course she jerked away and started screaming. Now I realize that at this point or even sooner, I should have put an end to this. My daughter is screaming and crying, terrified, bleeding everywhere, and they still don't have the needle in her arm right. she ended up getting a large bruise at the needle insertion site and she complained about soreness in her arm and was scared to let anyone even touch it for THREE MONTHS. What kind of children's hospital blood from the arm of a 3 year old with no anesthetic or comforting of any kind? Is this their standard procedure for collecting blood from toddlers? I can't imagine it should be. They also seemed quite dismissive of our concerns. We won't be back if I can help it. After my brother almost died in the ER at UK about 10 years ago, I haven't been back until this experience at the end of 2017. Turns out it's the same from the ER to the Children's hospital.


Pediatric neurology is absolutely horrible!They are completely medically negligent. They do not listen to parents, they do not follow up, they do not order appropriate tests. Stay far far away. Make the drive and go to Cincinnati children’s.

Denia Cortes

I'm so pleased and forever grateful to doctor John M. Draus and his team for taking care of my son. My 9 year old had a Lap Appendectomy and is doing great.Almost a week later and he is back to being the happy little boy we all know. Thank you to the entire staff at UK Children's Hospital! I can't name everyone but thank you beginning with ER nurses, to nurse Jordan, Taylor, and to all the nursing staff on the 4th floor. Last, we had to spend Christmas there and they made sure my son felt like he didn't miss out on santa :)

Vickmarie Kamradt

It’s horrible. They treat everything like it’s something that will go away within a couple minutes. Send patients home when clearly They shouldn’t. My daughter was diagnosed wrong at 7-8 months. With the hands, feet mouth disease and had a fever. Next day we took her back and got a EEG done, well turned out she’s epileptic and was diagnosed wrong in the first place. And when you talk to them about what’s happening most of the “ER” doctors will just look at you and make you feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Went back yesterday because of a seizure and very high fever (102.8) got sent home still with a fever. And we didn’t even get a diagnose of why she has a fever.

mech formers hi

The surgery pacu recovery was rushing the hurting out as fast as possiable. No time to recover at all.

Makayla Hutchison

I’ve been here for 14 hrs with my 1 year old son. They’ve not let him eat any food to feel him up or drink his milk an the pedialyte he does not like. My son has not eat in over 24 hours. An the nurse can’t tell me anything about the doctor or if there gonna run anymore test. It’s awful here!

Sammy Omary

Sherry Lewis

Ralph Poke Gayheart

Outstanding hospital, caring doctors and some of the best nurses you will find anywhere.. they have taken great care of my daughter for 13 years...

teresa benton

Wouldnt take my kids there after several children had died of heart failure after surgeries and say there fine when there not

Ashley Morgan


This hospital sucks! It takes forever for the patient to be seen and then the so called health care given is frighteningly pitiful. If there's ever a chance anyone in my family needs a hospital, we will refuse UK Children's Hospital. I recommend any other hospital. Avoid this one like the plague.

Corey Cummins

They saved my daughter's life

Ieshia Barker

UK is one of the best hospitals in my opinion. I have been coming here for 5 years and they have gave me the best experience. They are very polite and will help you any way possible. Their goal is to keep kids and families together as long as possible. They have great doctors and very good social workers to vent to if you need a shoulder, or if you just need some help. I wouldn’t recommend any other hospital ❤️

Samson King

Amazing children’s hospital. God bless all The medical team that takes care of children and family in this hospital.

Whitney Frederick

Lee Sharp

We have a little one who needed some care after being born. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the nurses and doctors and they cared for our little one. We are thankful for all the help and care!

Amanda Curry

Stephanie Brewer

Very friendly staff. They activities office was wonderful at letting us borrow movies during my child's stay. They even gave him a New Year's Eve party in a bag with a hat, decorations, noise makers. Nurse Holly (Overnight) and Nurse Greta (daytime) were wonderful at dealing my my sick little man. Wouldn't think of taking my child anywhere else.

Advertising lexington ky Impactmedia

These folks are saints, and they love on those kids. They are class!

Ronald Bowling

Nightshift: Takes 30 minutes to fail an IV on a healthy lil girl, never got the iv in.. Hospital rooms are outdated and roughed up, children screaming all the time(I don't blame them, probably being needled repetitively by an unskilled worker). Nurse takes notes, get details wrong every time we speak, passes on misinformation to the next nurse, why take notes? Hospital staff mess up time and time again at everyone's expense but their own, so who's holding them accountable? These people get paid way to much to mess up this much.. They are supposedly highly trained professionals but fail at simple tasks. Nightshift was a dysfunctional group of people who seem to be here for the money.. I say this because they were nicest and the most enthusiastic two times.. When we arrived and when their shift ended. Update Dayshift has provided way more explanations in an understandable way. They care more and seem confident of their ability to do their job. My daughter is not an easy patient as her dad and mom are super skeptical and cautious. The dayshift nurse is understanding of that and does a good job when supplying us with information to help us see why their treatment is neccessary. Also cleared things up about some false information provided to her from nightshift(she was told my daughter was vomiting and nauseous prior to our visit, she hasn't done this). Update The dayshift nurse Sarah has been doing really well. Actually all of the dayshift staff are genuinely caring and compassionate. Our nurse Sarah is exceptional. She is the main reason this review is not a 1 star anymore. The hospital team love to do everything to make sure nothing is wrong even if it's very unlikely and the procedure is invasive. We have exercised our right to refuse multiple times and Sarah gives us answers about why they want to and what it's for, but shes super understanding about our refusal which means a lot to us.

Kaitlyn's Beauty & Fitness Korner

This place was beyond great, went all measures to provide my daughter and family with accuracy and comfort during surgery and stay! Thanks to every staff involved, they did fantastic. Most of all thank you Dr. Iverson for doing such a phenomenal job on my daughters surgery!!

Benton Turner

Kristen DeMuth

Mackenzie Morris

We are here because our 6 day old daughter was sick and yet our stay here has been pitiful. We started out with a chair and couch. The chair reclined (which was good, we could sleep). The chairs arm breaks off and falls onto my foot where it’s swollen, black and blue. Later we tell a nurse what has happened and she suggests to tell the charge nurse so I ask to speak with her. Instead of her coming to me since it hurts to put pressure on it she says I’ll have to walk to her office.... then at this point she wants me to have X-rays done, again going to have me walk across the hospital to the ER. I request a wheel chair. After X-rays I’m then released with just a bad bruise and swelling. Get to the room again and the chair is gone replaced with a chair that doesn’t recline and won’t lay back, (how can you sleep in that?). I ask for another chair and I’m looked at like I’m crazy... no one goes to look for one they just simply say that’s all we have. So currently I’m sleeping on the floor!!!

Natalie Mayfield

So glad this is where I took my 10 month old, when his fever was out of control. The nurses were absolutely amazing. I wish the er doctor was his regular physician. He was so awesome! The greatest experience considering the situation. I was about to have a breakdown upon arrival, but within 10 minutes of entering, I felt relief. The only problem with the visit was parking. There was no available spaces at pediatric emergency entrance, and everywhere I drove around said tow away. My sons temperature was 106 when we left the house, it was a 45 minute ride there, and I couldn't find anywhere to park. So I was totally freaking out about his temperature rising even higher as I drove in circles looking for a place to park!

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