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REVIEWS OF UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Pavilion H IN Kentucky

Heather Anderson

Åłmįghtÿ Lørd Śø

Slowest hospital ever.

Stacy Cain

The quality of care of the loving staff here is beyond approach. Dr. Shammout is the best doctor I have ever met. The quality of care far proceeds any of the flashy heavly advertised hospitals around. I will be forever greatful for metting Dr. Shammout and the loving care given by the labor and delivery team.

Joe N Tonya Forever

Staff is very friendly and helpful. My wife has been here for over three weeks and they have been great at accommodating to me while im here with her.

Ben Wesley

The worst hospital in the state all they care about is money my mom has heart problems and she heard them say they have to get her out in 14 days due to insurance do not go here

Paula Reed

Long wait for surgery

Inger Bailey

UK hospital has never failed to help me, my children, my grandchildren or my friends. I love UK hospital and recommend it's quality care to every one!

vedo vedo

So sad to have to post 2 stars. ....MRI and pre/op to sugery, and recovery all 5 stars , such good communication and care . My nerologist Dr.Pittman and his team , the absolute best , I cant thank them enough . But once I was released to 6th floor acute care ,

Brian McDonald

Excellent healthcare! When I was a patient there a few years ago I had exceptional customer service from every aspect of my care and treatment.

Max Hoagland

This place is an absolute joke. They shouldn’t be able to be considered a level 1 trauma hospital. I was in the er last night and early this morning for Face trauma. The ENT trauma surgeon that ultimately repaired my injuries was wonderful and she would get 5 stars. But the rest of the er was very disappointing. I was wheeled into the hallway and had to wait roughly 4 hours to get a cat scan of my head done and to get the scan read. The ent dr. Told me she will send me home with specific prescriptions but when I was discharged I only got one and it was like pulling teeth to get some of the others.

Adam H

Really good staff! My dad had his heart surgery here! We prayed for him like crazy! They told us the surgery was very risky. Thank GOD UK has great staff and equipment to handle this type of surgery! Every one was friendly and helpful. They treated us awesome. I know we had to be annoying with all of our questions, but they took time to answer them all! THANKS UK....GO CATS!

Teresa Perkins

I wish I could give this hospital zero stars. horrible communication, patient care, and family support. We chose UK thinking that they would give top notch care. Absolutely disgusted at the lack of compassion and follow up by the nurses in labor and delivery. They don’t respond to patient needs. Whether it’s a request for tums, or test results, checking vital signs, ensuring that the iv flow is working, or even the basic decency to see that the patient is comfortable and not languishing on a stretcher for hours—the staff doesn’t care and doesn’t follow up. I can’t tell you how many times we heard how busy they are—as if that justifies their inattentiveness. We would NEVER choose this hospital again!

Lynda Wilson

Can't seem to follow or understand what an advance directive is. They went to school to become a doctor and can't follow directions that are clearly printed for them.

Ron Mitchell

They killed my brother. Poor communication among care teams, patients and family. They cover mistakes by talking in circles. I spent 2 months there while my brother received a LVAD (mechanical heart). Surgery went well and slow recovery in ICU. Then he was transferred to telemetry unit to prepare for discharge to go home. There he received chest line to receive outpatient dialysis. The site got infected with a staff infection from a technician with poor sanitary and sterilization practices. Failing to act for five days the infection entered his bloodstream and rapidly multiplied and his body suffered septic shock as a result. His organs shut down and life support removed. The doctor even admitted a rapid infection took over his body but failed to identify or admit guilt. They lied about lab results. They are trained to avoid malpractice claims. Housekeeping in general is very poor at this hospital. Just look at any bathroom with overflowing trash cans and urine soaked floors. That gives you an overall idea of the poor sanitation at this hospital. The heart ICU was great. The Telementry side was a nightmare. The 8th floor family services rep is a liar. Don't worry I'm not the suing type but I want everyone to know what really happened. I have plenty of evidence if they want a challenge. Take this story for what it's worth. RIP my brother.

Matatan Rodriguez

WORST HOSPITAL !!!! After my brother had a surgery they took his pain drip medication the following day and did not gave him anything else for many hours, this was a spine related surgery my brother was In agony we called and called talked to management, nurses everyone we could think of no one cared please don't take your loved one here if you are going through something similar request a hospital transfer. Is inhumane the care that was given to him.

Shelly Higgins

This review would be receiving 0 stars except for the caring compassion and concern of the nurses who attended to me while I was a patient in the ER. Last evening, while working in Kentucky (4 hours from my home city), I admitted to the ER with uncontrollable nausea and vomiting blood. I have a history of a prior bleeding stomach ulcer that required clamping approximately two years ago, and made this clear to the physicians and nurses who were attending to me. Labs were drawn upon my arrival and the results showed that my blood count was not so low that I would need a transfusion. I spent approximately 9 hours in the ER, during which time, after multiple doses of Zofran, Phenergan, and a steroid, my nausea and vomiting of blood could not be brought under control. Based upon the lab rsults that were taken when I first presented, the physicians determined that I did not need to be admitted to the hosptial, despite continued vomiting of blood. and the fact that I was facing a four hour drive home, alone. Despite the concerns of my nurses, the doctors discharged me (I need to make it clear that although they did not admit me, at no time were either of the two doctors disrespectful to me). I left the hospital and attempted to drive home, making it only as far as Berea, where I was so ill I simply could not go any further. I sought treatment a second time, this time at the ER at CHI Saint Joseph. When the hospital drew labs, they found my blood levels had dropped precipitously and they were so concerned that I was placed in an ambulance and driven to the CHI Saint Joseph in Lexington, where the gastroenterology specialists could better monitor me. I appreciate that UK ABC Hospital was extrememly crowded (no rooms were available, I spent over nine hours in a chair in a room with other patients -- the recliners were, however, very comfortable and the nursing care superb), and that my initial labs indicated I did not need a transfusion; however, the fact that I was throwing up blood and and it was not able to be brought under control, combined with the fact I was alone, operating a motor vehicle on a four hour drive home, and my nurses were deeply concerned (so much so that they attempted to share their concerns with the physicians), I am concerned that not one physician who saw me felt that any one of these issues (not to mention the combined weight of all of them when taken as a whole), was enough to consider me a candidate for admittance for an observational stay (I am fortunate enough to have health insurance that would have paid the entire amount of a 23 observational stay). I admit I am immensely grateful to the care and concern shown by my nurses (they are why this post received two stars), as well as the physicians and nurses with CHI Saint Joseph Health, who acted promptly and with great concern when faced with the medical symptoms I presented with. In the world of medicine, bigger is not always better, and this is certainly the case with my experience with UK Albert Chandler Hospital in Lexington, KY. CHI Saint Joseph Health, however, will be receiving a full five stars for the care, concern, and sense of urgency they showed when I presented to them, approximately 45 mins after leaving UK ABC..

evan Gregory

i have had ten brain surgeries done at the children s hospital and the nurses there would fight over who got to take care of me

Keith Buhler

UK Health Care Chandler Hospital is a lovely facility. My wife went to the ER for complications after an appendectomy. The care wasn't perfect but it was very good. We waited in the adult ER for about 20 minutes -- in pretty severe pain. They brought her in and the male nurse who took her vitals (Tre) was an instant relief. He was calm, empathetic, warm, and professional. Although they did not have a room for us (130 others in the ER that morning!) we were accommodated in a hall. My wife received IV painkillers, and water. Eventually we received a CT scan and antibiotics. She stayed a total of 4 days. The food was not delicious, and sometimes late. The nurses were, as a rule, friendly, professional, and helpful. The doctors were very good Because she was "admitted" but remained in the ER, she witnessed some crazy things. The UK ER gets all kinds of people: drunks, drug addicts, felons (accompanied by marshalls!), and other unsavory folks who need health care just like anyone. Our discharge was a bit awkward. We were glad to get home but no one really told us we were discharged until the pharmacist gave us meds. The nurse confirmed that we were going home, took her vitals, and we were happy to leave. The food at the cafeteria and coffee shops were good. The ambience and beautiful architecture of the hospital were wonderful.

Christina Salmon


Price Campbell

I went to the emergency room for chest pain and they got me right back to do an ekg and there are Amazing doctors better than St Clair in Morehead, Kentucky. I will be back to uk again

Malakie Martin

I am very unhappy with my experience and hope it has never happend to anyone else I went to UK bc I had gotten a hurnia from work. They put me in a room made up of curtains that didn't close all the way and could see the people walking around and the people be side me. On each side. A guy and girl came in and gave me a sheet to cover with he said he was a surgon I covered myself with the sheet he said stand up and just ripped the sheet down all the way exposing my entire body in veiw of other people and checked me for a hurnia then a girl came in without my consent and he was teaching her how to check for a hurnia . On my body without my consent. And talking loudly about my privet parts. I could hear people next to me laughing and talking I was in shock and felt so violated and to embarrassed i couldnt even talk I can't belive that they would do this. Not only without my consent but also in veiw of other people I was standing naked in clear veiw of people walking thru the rooms. Then I found out that the surgon wasn't who he said he was and the girl and him where students at the hospital. I was out raged and extremely uncomfortable I feel violated and will never go back to that hospital

jennifer mccallister

I stayed in the hospital 4 about 1month. I thought my stay was the best I could ask 4. Now like all hospital u have nurse that shouldn't work there ever and for the most part the nurses were great and they had the best doctors.

Marsha Adkins

Exiting the parking garage shouldn’t take 35 minutes! This is crazy...

erica gorrell

This place is bullshiit. We could have been out of here today. But no we still waiting on an x-ray with a back brace on which is pointless anyway. It the 4th of July and we are still here. Been waiting on an x-ray for 2hours.

Heather Butzin

Absolutely do not use them unless you have Medicaid insurance. I have used them twice in my life and both times, they never sent me a bill or anything from my insurance and placed my account in collections a little under a year later and …

Hannah Gibson

They need to start policing the garage. Apparently it is acceptable that UKs Employees scratch and dent people's cars. Tried to call UK and complain and was hung up on. Tired of finding new damage to my car everyday I park there. I have …

Erica Bowling

I am there right now

Walter Hager

Staff is usually great and u get to see 2 doctors which I enjoy. Only downside is the wait in the ER other than that great place to go.

Dawn Jenkins

I wouldn’t give this place one star if it were an option, everyone has been rude as hell since we got here a week ago, and is looking at a 2-3 month stay w these people unfortunately if there isn’t anything I can do to get him transported back home! The staff seem like they hate their jobs, w their short rude answers they reply to every question with! They “claim” to not have not one extra chair to recline or lay down to put by my fathers bedside, so when his company arrives from a four hour drive, they have a wooden chair to sit in! Not very comfortable and sucks after working all day, driving four hours to this

Paula Grimes

Very friendly technicians, nurses and my dr

Garrett C

This place charges insane amounts for basic care. They want me to pay $1,500 a month for a bill. I paid a few hundred a month and they turned over to collections. Pathetic!

Aly Shehata

One of the best hospitals I've ever received medical assistance in. Went if for a surgery and everything was smooth. The nurses were amazing, and I was very impressed at the quality of care they provided.

Steve May

There is no other hospital I'd trust with my health care.

Jenny Lyons

At UK getting ready to go in for surgery thank God Jenny Lyons is here with me I couldn't do this by myself

Jon Moore

Cause the receptionist never answer the damn phone. Easyer to go to frankfort



Regina Russell

My mother had to be admitted here. The staff, including the doctor were wonderful to us, so much so that I felt I didn't have to be there every hour of the day because I knew they were taking good care of her. The doctor spoke to me and discussed Mom's health care--taking time to listen to my input. Even the food in the cafeteria was good. As a patient, Mom liked the meals brought to her and she said her bed was comfortable. Thanks, UK.

Isis Balico

Too many surprise charges. They are not upfront about their fees, even when you ask them, and like to send you surprise bills in the mail. They prey on the sick.

Elizabeth Adkins

What is wrong with you all when there's people in your er with cheast pain they are priority not people trying to get pills really how you all ranked number 1 blows my mind.

Carson Blue

Not the best experience. While I was knocked out due to medication, someone stole my shoes. They were never returned. Also, I was not checked on very often, despite the emergency room being not crowded.

Allison Creech

received care took 8 hours just to be seen. They need more staff and more beds. Did not take down information correctly still to this day fighting a bill which in turn they put on my credit report not to mention the nurse took three times to stick me I would recommend every one reading this to go to Central Baptist it seems like everyone goes to UK just for the name..

Nat Likins

Amazing nurses and Doctors! They SAVED MY LIFE!!!

SadieAnn Harris

How can you ethically send a person home with a brain bleed? We've been here 9 hours and all we've been told is that the brain bleed hasn't gotten any better and could get worse through out the night. We live 2 1/2 hours away. If something were too happen we wouldn't be able to get back here in time. So thank you UK hospital for loosing my faith in you.

Khrystina Chay

HORRIBLE HOSPITAL. WORST HOSPITAL I'VE EVER BEEN ADMITTED TO! I have a chronic condition that requires me to have extensive surgeries and lengthy stays in the hospital. With my insurance change, I now have to be seen by a doctor with UK Healthcare and I was admitted to the hospital. The doctor was a good doctor but this hospital is so horrible that I can't even put it into words. The entire nursing staff has no idea about patient rights AT ALL. Trying to explain something turns into an argument with them every single time and also means you're being non-compliant with them when that is not the case. I have been in excruciating pain for years and am now trying to recover from the most extensive surgery that I've ever had and they are making my stay here so much more stressful and frustrating than it should be. All I'm told is "you can't" or "you have to" or "no". I have zero say in anything regarding my care here. There's a very small amount of the nursing staff that genuinely care about their patients and try to do their jobs well but for every good nurse or nurse tech, the are 5 bad ones. Every time I ask to speak with a nurse manager or patient advocate or someone regarding the problems that i am having, theres an excuse as to why i cant or i just simply am never able to speak with them. Me trying to explain something should NOT turn into an argument and it should not be charted as me being "non-compliant", that should only happen if I'm truly being non-compliant. This hospital staff is HORRIBLE. Very big changes need to be made ASAP because this much stress and frustration is not conducive to recovery. Not to mention, there has to be some sort of law being broken when they don't adhere to patient rights.

Elizabeth Metz

They got me in to see a liver specialist quicker than others.

George Parsons

They arbitrarily refused to schedule needed surgery for ny grandson. Shame on them!

josh kidd

Way too expensive

Nichole Pence

Worst experience ever. Got admitted to this hospital when I was pregnant in 2012. I had a medical card and they didn't process the claim correctly. So here I am, in 2016 with $600 worth of state taxes held, and a levy for $1,500 put on my bank account all because they didn't code it properly. Still in the process of getting my money back.

Steph Scott

This Hospital will garnish your wages for unpaid hospital bills, after tormenting your child for over 8 hours with 152 unnecessary X-Rays to try to prove you abused your child that you can either agree to sit through or be arrested and them still do it (their threat) and then send you a bill for almost $3000.00 after they find nothing and put your child through 8 hours of torture for no reason. During the Xrays my child was crying so hard he threw up and was choking on his own vomit and they didn't even stop trying to get the xrays to help him I had to step in and roll him over so he could get the vomit out in which I got in trouble for messing up their x-rays to help my choking child!! WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!! the STAFF was HORRIBLE and EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL!!

Penny Norman

I was flown to Trauma I Tower after a collision. I have mixed feelings as far as a review. The staff AWESOME! ER Dr. they should all take in her compassion and friendliness. She was WONDERFUL. The billing, now that sucked! Not counting radiologist, separate billing for Drs, and a few other things, just the Trauma Room service was $25,000. Yes I was on IV of dilaudid 1mg per hour, yes I was there for 6 or 7 hours, yes I had xray, CT, & ultrasound to make sure I had no internal injuries or collapsed lungs, still $25,000 plus all of the other separate billings that come to another $5,000? WOW!! I wonder if they double bill when it is an auto accident? If it had been medicaid, would have been 1/3 of that. Unfair billing!!


Everyone including my doctor. Dr.Caviar and nurses were very nice and helpful in all my needs. thank you .

Sarah Solanics

The hospital staff was very kind to me. and took good care of me. I went in with sever lower abdomen pain when I was 5 1/2 mo. pregnant. The reason I am not happy with this hospital is I had to force the admissions lady to take my insurance card and make a copy. In the end they never billed my insurance. I was sent to collections as they couldn't get the bills to me apparently and then I had to pay over 1K out of pocket.

Lannie Iler

Legit go anywhere else if possible!! The ED (emergency department) is literally a joke. If you wanna be disrespected, humiliated, and talked about in the hallway and everyone knowing all your issues is definitely the place for you... No seriously stay away.

Katrina Johnson

Sister was hit by a car, they did not scan her head or anywhere else for internal bleeding the only thing they DID do was xray her obviously broken leg. They then put her into the hallway of the ER and she was there overnight where employees continued to bump into her bed (on the side her broken leg is) the doctors would not tell us anything and would not listen to anything even though she obviously had other issues that needed to be checked, they have treated my sister and our family so disrespectfully it is outrageous. ALSO they went completely against HIPPA Laws and was giving out personal information and asking for personal information while she was in the hallway with other staff, students, and other patients all around!!! this is supposed to be "the best trauma center in KY" but all they have shown is i would rather be sent out of state than to EVER have to go there!

Susan Cantrell

My grandson had a bicycle accident. I took him to the children's ER. The staff were so busy investigating me for child abuse that they did not give him anything for pain or treat his wound. He talked to a lot of residents and interns. I felt he was treated more like a lab rat than a patient.

Alexis Stamatis

I spent the better part of a year in and out of this hospital while caring for my grandfather in his last days. I worked with several doctors and dozens of staff members and only met one nurse who was less than competent, kind and thoughtful. Despite the awful circumstances my experience here was overwhelmingly positive.

Steve Casarez

My mother was transported her for surgery and I have to give praise and a 5star rating to a particular nurse in Tower 2 7th floor. Kristy was amazing and made the whole unfortunate experience easier to deal with, very friendly and personable. The only complaint I had was toward EVS, the staff member skipped my mom's room and when the nurse asked for a member from EVS to come back up to clean the room it took 4 hours and when the employee came to clean the room she refused to do it while the nurses were in the room and she rudely just walked off after I mentioned to her that the nurses were done. Other than being a little short staffed I give it 4stars. Thank you for caring for my mom.

CF Baby07

I love this place!!! The food is good, A little pricey though. All of the nurses in the Children’s hospital are very nice and helpful!! I come here like every other month for tune ups. Everyone here are so supportive, nice, and they are like family too me. I would Definitely recommend this hospital!

Andy Ferguson

They may have good people but they don't care about people just money. UK Billing and Accounting department is a mess. I have bills show up 8 months late and want payment immediately, or debt collectors call me .... after I was in there office begging to pay anything outstanding. Too many departments with their own billing issues. Truthfully BBB should be notified of their poor record keeping.

Brittaney Seidel

Lots of really nice staff here. Very friendly house keeper that do a great job. Lot of people that seem to like or love their jobs. Uk is a trauma 1 and they are very good at what they do.

Debra May

We have always received excellent care from the doctors and nurses. The staff is excellent! It is our first choice of hospitals and we have used several!

Clevie Thompson

Absolutely wonderful peds unit

Johnathan Robertson

Me and my wife recently had a beautiful Boy here. To start, ALL nursing staff are great, our midwife was nothing short of perfect. Couldn't have asked for a better care system. This is directed towards "the powers that be", " the administration, management, pencil pushers, whoever. Your birthing facility is in shambles, meanwhile you spend on oversized foyers and pianos that play themselves, the location of the birthing facility is as backwoods as a mountain holler, that mothers to be have to traverse to even start this birthing process, meanwhile there's not one but two Starbucks accessible from a short, 30 second walk from the street. They tell me that me, wife and new baby will have too double in a room, to share this new and intimate time with our son, because they are all out of room. At uk by god hospital that takes up 8 damned city blocks, we are packed into rooms as new family's like nothing more than forgotten pups. Your wonderful and caring birthing staff is tired and overrun, in an outdated and undersized facility and working environment, meanwhile the sports medicine clinic is updated, wonderfully sized and I'm sure well funded. All because some pencil pushing beaurocratic folks have said to the birthing center , in need of update, room and repair, "you are not profitable enough". Why? Do they not contribute to curb appeal enough? Is it because they have nothing to do with the sacred athletes we worship on the sec? Is it because the huge, useless entrance hall and self playing piano are that much of a priority? Give me a break. You have the most caring and wonderful staff to care for these little babies being welcomed to the world, you see their labor, their integrity, their care and toss it aside like old hat because at the end of the day, it's money that matters. "Lexingtons only baby friendly hospital" ... act like it.

Holly Webb

To many wrong things at this hospital


Now they don’t even validate parking for patients who come in to have a procedure. I was first told to go completely to the wrong location, then waited 4 hours to have a 5 minute procedure done- guess who pays for the parking for all that waiting- ME! Hate this place! You can ask the the same question to 6 different employees and they all give you different answers.

Austin Colegrove

My nephew is there

Hannah Childress

I have no respect for this hospital. My brother was in the ICU. The nursing staff was very rude. Had NO respect for the families. Very unprofessional! I will NEVER send any family to this hospital no more. I will be going on to Louisville or Cincinnati from now on. I work in the health care field and if my DON caught us treating us like this we would be fired and reported.

Nathanael Wilcox

BED BUGSSSSS!!!! They have bed bugs everywhere. I am covered in bites and we had three nurses identify bugs that were found as bed bugs!

Bradley A. Harp Harp

Great lovely CNA's, Nurse's, and most techs. But 90% of the Drs don't Doctor they let the the students do that which is fine if you would go behind them and correct them when you yourself and your family and even the Dr know there wrong

barbara krug


Taylor Holland

My child had to have knee surgery, and it was the worst expirence I've ever had. That staff that was taking care of her was quite rude, telling her to 'suck it up' and 'your 14 years old, quit crying over this my god'. It took them about two hours to get my child's discharge papers AFTER they told us I could walk out of the hospital with her at any moment in the next 15 minutes. The nurse who took care of my child seemed to not care much about her, and that made me upset. I'm a nurse, I understand you can't sympathize every little think, but my daughter was crying and the nurse told her that she was crying over nothing. Awful expirence, never again will I take her up there.

David Anderson

UK Hospital has got to be the worst hospital in the US. A few years ago they misdiagnosed a thumb infection I had and treated me with antibiotics, which ended up destroying my teeth, but required anti-viral medication for the infection. Now I got to have a bunch of dental surgery to remove my teeth. I went in June 3, 2013 to the dental clinic to have two teeth pulled because of sever pain and they refused me because of a lidocane allergy, and was told that the oral surgery that I already paid in full, in advance, isn't going to happen until I have a allergy test. My regular dentist gives me something other than lidocane when he works on my teeth so why couldn't UK. So now I got to wait 2 more days to see my dentist and deal with the sever pain until then. My advise to everyone is to go somewhere else. This isn't the first time UK doctors have left me to deal with pain levels that where off the chart, like letting me leave the "Burn Unit" (because they needed the room for another patient) and not give me script for pain meds while my nerve endings started growing back. people could hear me scream three blocks away every time I had to wash my 2nd degree 27% body burn

Jamie Blankenship

Jamie I travel from two hours away to come to this hospital to see an orthopedic dr. I have had surgery here and everyone made my experience wonderful..

Catherine Sergent

I would give them a zero if possible. Treated family member with nothing but disrespect. Three days in er without being placed in room. If you don’t have room transfer the patient to another facility! Made patient so miserable they checked out against medical advice to get away from facility.

Amy Binion

Husband had to have neck and spine fusion, from near fatal wreck , wonderful care and knowledge. And.... I live 2 hours away !!

Robert Simmons

Friendly staff

Rhonda Adams

Worse hospital I’ve ever been to. Family member taken there due to a freak accident. ER staff was okay. Once admitted the floor and OR staff were horrible. Laid waiting on an emergency surgery for over 30 hours. After finally having surgery was discharged home in less than 10 hours. No pain medicine no post op instructions no wound care instructions nothing. I told my other family members if I’m dying please don’t take me here, just let me die.

marcia hurlow

Very highly rated medical care. Top ten in many specialties.

Lynne Byrd

Hospital was great! Staff great! Driving experience was terrible- so much construction makes mapping not work correctly - went in circles, and circles, and circles! PLEASE UPDATE DIRECTIONS TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!

sherry righter

This Hospital was a Godsend to me and my husband. The Doctors, Dr. Gurley, Dr. Reda, Dr. Meadors and all involved in my husband's care including his Nurses were amazing. UT where he had 3 Heart Attacks in 30 days sent him home on the 3rd one saying they could not build a better bypass that his heart had created, (they felled to tell us that the new nature made vessels would not grow large enough to support his heart for 10 to 18 years). They sent him home in incredible pain that got worse daily, losing pressure daily until he could barely walk a few steps without resting. By the grace of God and family, we got introduced to UK Cardiologists who restored life and hope to my hysband again. We cannot thank them enough and if it were possible, we would give them ten stars. A Great Big Thank you to all the UK Staff involved in my husband's care.

Annie Fields

I love this Hospital

Janet Clark

Have been here since 1pm with son that was in auto accident, MRI was ordered now its 738 PM and still waiting for MRI ... Asked how much longer they say 2 to 3 more hrs if not 3 days... He came in with no feeling in his legs... We was in Trama unit but now have been moved to a hallway as a make belief room with bunch other beds and people ,no curtains to seperate patients... no Dr to be seen yet... UK has become a joke

Rayne Copeland

I recently had surgery here with a 2 day stay. My nurses were so attentive and accommodating, which I was thankful for while recovering. I was on a strict clear liquid diet and didn’t like the chicken broth I was served, so my nurse went all over the place to find me chicken noodle soup broth to make sure I had something I could enjoy. Whoever wheeled me to my X-ray was quite rude and while I was puking up blood with my mouth banded shut, as she was wheeling me down the hallway said, “you’re fine” and stopped to talk to janitor coworkers to have casual conversations laughing and carrying on while I sat in the wheelchair with blood puke all over my face. Other than that, the only complaint I have about this place is that my hospital room was not super clean like you’d expect and desire in a hospital setting, especially the bathroom.

Brandon from Kentucky

According to the Police officer standing out front of UK hospital tonight. UK hospital is NOT open to the public. Took a video of the officer explaining and he got upset.

nichole shackleford


Ken Patel

Great service

Mackensi Lester

It's horrible you idiots let my uncle die because you had to follow doctors orders let me tell you what I think I'll let you idiots know that you need to get a differnet profession now because nobody in that hospital knows what they are doing I'll let you know when somebody with cancer doesn't need a heart stint don't do it because my family is in allot of pain right now because they lost there loved one they are some of the sorriest doctors in that hospital I wouldn't trade them to a cows butt they've been nothing but jerks this whole time so my rant is almost over so the next time you have a cancer patient don't go off for. A week and not do you're oncology work please whatever you do don't send me to you're hospital because not to metion you're nurses only chat not work so I hate this hospital and a dog wouldn't survive in the place so I leave my rant with you and I'll never set foot in you're hospital again even Pikeville Medical Center is better than lexingtions it's horrible so my rate is 1 and if I could have 0 that would be great!

Erica Bellamy

They sent my mother home couple hours after being diagnosed with a stroke. Also has double pneumonia. Good job team.

RiverMan RC

Well, KCH has been great, very informative. Unfortunately, there are long waits associated with about any procedure. We were here for an MRI, and it has already been 1.5 hours since we arrived. The staff were very helpful with directing us to the correct place, but there were waits every step of the way. I keep hearing mixed reviews of this place. I think the experience is based upon where your are being seen, what service, as well as other variables. The new portion of the hospital building is very nice. The entrance of Pav A looks like the entrance to an airport terminal. The MRI area is located in Pav A, and so it is also very nice and new. I hope anyone that has to come here gets the best care. Don't expect 4 or 5 star hotel service, but do expect to be treated or fixed.

Scott Bybee

Hosiptality was good

Lee Ann Webster

Wonderful hospital. Great surgery staff. Excelled care on 8-East. Didn't care too much for the dialysis unit/staff.

Dareen Abdelftah

one of the best governmental hospitals

Pamela Chaney

My son just had surgery here and from pre op to transport staff was amazing and went well beyond the call of duty. All of the staff were friendly caring and helpful. The only complaints I do have is that the patients family are a big part of healing and helping the patient but the family members are offered nothing. The only very tiny couch me and my husband were to sleep on was very was uncomfortable and absolutely Not fit for two people. We tried to sleep in shifts but it was impossible. A hard chair was also in the room but in no way comfortable or fit to sleep in. The cafeteria was nice but on the expensive side (no discounts for families). No vouchers for families that have to be there for their child or family members (they at one time did provide vouchers) People have to drive hours and come from out of state to get the care they deserve but the families suffer. Not everyone can afford to spend $10-$20 a meal every day 3 times a day. I think U.K healthcare needs to look at the big picture and understand that patients families matter too.

Claire Phillips

I want to Start by saying that I love the doctors at the Children’s Hospital and everyone else involved. However I am not getting medicine refilled at this hospital ever again. They allow people to smoke right outside the entrance into the hospital. When you have a Child who had cancer and a transplant the last thing you want is him walking through a cloud of smoke. Most of the people are employees. When I complained they said they would fix it and it has only gotten worse. A hospital should be able to control their employees . What kind of image does this give the hospital if the first thing you see is a huge crowd of 15 people smoking at your entrance. Sorry I’m taking my business elsewhere.

Nayak Subhadarshi

I was a new patient paying out of pocket. I went for a general physician office visit regular check-up. I have so far received bills for $120 for lab work for a simple a urine drug test, $110 for remaining balance for the office visit and another $124 for facility charge. This is besides $100 I paid during the first visit. A single office visit is costing me $454, which I think outrageous. I had no idea when I asked for appointment that it would be >$400.

Mickie Cary

My granddaughter was born in this hospital

Malinda Threadgill

The staff and care they gave my father in law was amazing.They answered all of our questions with great knowledge .Highly recommend this hospital.

Denise Liner

I think the staff are very professional and very polite and helpful. My daughter had brain surgery there yesterday. The surgical team kept us informed throughout the surgery. I'm very pleased with UK HOSPITAL.

John Crossfield

Had spine surgery in the fall of 2014. Dr Tibbs is the best. The whole team is the best. The stay in the hospital was the best. The nurses and the medical techs professional and caring. Hope I don't have and more issues, but if do that's where I'll go.

Me too

Buyer beware...what they dont tell you is that UK hospital considers themselves an agency of the state and unresolved medical bills are sent to state revenue with interest and penalties and threats of leins on property. I thought a medical bill resolved as processing dribbled bills in 20 here 8t there. I did hearfrom anyone till 3 years later.What the....only to have it sent to state revenue with interst added. I was appalled. It is to me unethical and immoral practice.

coty mckinney

Staff is friendly, but this is overshadowed by inexperience as well as the hospital's eagerness to take advantage of patients monetarily and physically. I would recommend not choosing this hospital for any of your needs. We were second time parents which gave us insight into what a birthing experience should be. If possible i would suggest even going to any of the hospitals in Louisville before any choice provided in Lexington most of all this one.

karen Branham

Great hospital. Great patient care

Shia Hazlett

Everything took forever doctor anfdnurse nurseses has

Jonathan Smith

Great place to go and get hospitality the care given here is number one above all. Its also a great place to work and is almost always hiring for a position in one of the many job roles. You will feel a since of helping the community

Patty Tackett

We were admitted to hospital Thursday Oct. 26, 2017,and stayed until Nov. 6,2017. Dr. Michael Sekela was our physician, this mañs wisdom,dedication is beyond awesome, he is wonderful. His entire team, Nurse Melissa, on a scale of 1-10 was an 11.Never have we had such wonderful health care. We loved everyone we came in contact with whether it was food service,house keeping, Pharmancy,Xray,Lab,our Techs,nurses, they were awesome. A few that stood out, the sweet lady who brought his tray while on 2nd floor ICU, or Techs Morgan on 8th Icu or Chad 8th floor transitional unit. They are in the right field their bedside manner goes beyond excellent. The nurses to mention a few Madison 8th ICU, Renee 8TH icu, Heather, 8th transitional unit, Bre 8TH FLOOR transitional unit. All these people deserve a raise, they go the extra mile to see you are taken care of. If we ever had to go back for surgery or neede any other medical treatment, this would be the facility we would choose. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR TAKING SUCH OUTSTANDING CARE OF US. THE FAMILY OF TIMOTHY TACKETT, JENKINS KY.

dahal sucil

Great doctors, good care.

Susan Conner

My brother was brought by ambulance with heart troubles, he had to be revived, & was on a vent. The emergency room staff managed to loose his belongings, dont know how this happened?, along with $560!! We tried to take care of it ourselves to no avail! They don't even have a sheet in his chart showing he came in with anything. But clearly he wasn't naked when they brought him in!!! He was sent to the CCU. The nurses were very nice, & compassionate. The doctors on the other hand were very cold, & not compassionate at all!! The worst hospital I have ever had a loved one in. Unfortunately, he didn't make it, & I blame this on the doctors lack of care, they gave up on him the 1st day! Wouldn't recommend to anyone!!!

Deilweid Schandleire

It was gay.

jessica fraley

This place is a joke. My sister had a terrible accident falling and messed up face. Tried to get a wheelchair for her they were locked up on first floor. Finally for to the emergency department and asked for a wheelchair and it took the women ten minutes to locate one. She came back with it we signed in. The wait wasmt very long in the waiting but its been about 2 hours with her just sitting in the hospital with no doctor to come in to see her. Also you could hear the staff at their desk making fun of her face. These are people that are supposed to be caring its not like she got a pickle bar stuck in her butt or anything. I wonder how the idiots would feel if they ended up in the er hearing the staff laugh and talk about them. The staff just walk by her room staring. Why are pep ppl so rude. I have had better service in mount sterling and Winchester. I know if something ever happens to me I will not come to Lexington. I will go to morehe ad.

Elizabeth Clark

While attending UK I asked my gynecologist why I sometimes get sick around my period. She laughed and said, "Well, I guess you're allergic!" Since her joke was not a serious answer, I asked again. She said she didn't know. Luckily, Cosmopolitan Magazine recently wrote an article that explained the cause and how to prevent it. It's funny because I would have expected my doctor to be more reliable than a shallow magazine.

Andrea Bertrand

Once my child gets discharged from this hospital I will never come back here again because all do is get really sick which I did by staying with my child so unless you want to get sick I would stay the heck away from this Hospital

Cameron Robinson

Worked here and this place is not good don't ever bring your family members here.

Richard Westin

The place is dirty

Jacqulyne Jackson


Danny Pendleton


Carol Fricker

Did a great job taking care of my brother. Their communication skills with families were bad. Took to long for emergencies for patient and families. Hospital was not clean and info for out of towners was horrible. Team did not read the charts for family members to call and they did not read the charts for the patients personal information. I had to repeat not married and no children constantly to each one of the team. I have been a fan of Wildcats for along time,not sure after this.

Randy Rhodes

We do not get answers low potassium why because they give her medication that she vomits up and they keep giving it to her. Also uti done a urine test when she went in didn’t have it catheter caused, they didn’t catch it until she got in bad shape and moved her off the 7th floor, in there a week for a 3 or 4 day stay they must really need the money!

penn Jersey girl

I work for home helpers, came to get my client at ten am, doc came in at ten was told he is being releases and it took over 3 hours for him to be able to leave. Total Nonsense.

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