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REVIEWS OF Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center — Lexington IN Kentucky

Koty Gray

Amanda Schroder

Love the way they treat the kids and parents. Totally worth me driving my son 3 and half hours to the doctors.

kari Hilt

They have always made us feel so good and comfortable through out all 11 years our daughter has been a patient of theirs. They treat us like family. Our daughter absolutely loves all the staff, best hospital on earth!!!!

Jessica Oneill


Vickie Smith

Shriners Hospitals for Children Lexington is a remarkable hospital. I had the privilege of working there for 17 years and have had all of my grandchildren treated there. As a nonprofit organization, Shriners exists solely for the benefit of children and families allowing them to put all of the resources to work and put the patient and family first. The waiting time once you arrive at the clinic may some times be long but that is because the doctors, nurses and other staff take whatever time is needed for each patient...something that usually does not happen at other facilities.

Billy Lawson

Hannah Shelden

The team at Lexington Shriners always takes great care of my girl. Forever Shriners supporters.

Squire Hobbs

They are awesome, the very best caregivers on the son has been a patient for like thirteen years and the staff feels like family to us. I thank God for them all the time, now that he is an adult he will not be seeing them as a patient but we will still certainly pay visits to Lexington to keep in touch. Sometimes maybe something could happen like the previous patient endured, but that is not the norm, these people do wonderful work for our children in need, they are a Godsend for sure.

mary gross

They have been seeing my daughter since she was 1 week old and they have always been so kind to us. This is an amazing place full of amazing people! We love you Shriners!!!

Andria Hale

Dr is amazing but they moved the location in with UK hospital, you now have to pay for parking and get checked in by security before entering. Definately a huge downgrade if not for my daughters Dr Talwalker she's seen for 10 years i would definitely go elsewhere


Had a wonderful time. The service is very fast. I was busy admiring the building, art, and windows during my short wait. The X-ray room and changing room is very nice, and you have plenty of privacy!! By far my best experience with a hospital.

Mike Gilbert

Jean Morgan

Going there in December got referred there by a Dr. Not even a month later we get our date to go. An amazing place. Thank you God

Random Artist

Alicia Goode

Amber Miller

The nurse was nice but the doctor wasn't he actually just made me feel like I stupid I was suppose to get a xray done for my son for his school n didn't so that's my last time going there.

Christina Pavon

Richard Murch

.Joyce Barbe

peggy melton

This is where I'm going to for scoliosis sugery


I have 2 children that are patients here for orthopedic care. We have always been treated with care and respect. The staff are helpful and they treat my children like celebrities :)

perla munoz

Dan Cottrill Jr

Absolute nightmare. Scheduled several months ago for a first time visit for our daughter. Appt. was for 1030am and we arrived 20 minutes early (after a 3 hour drive) as they suggested. At 1230pm after having not been seen yet, I inquired about our status. An assistant stated we had two patients ahead of us still. After they called FOUR more patients and it was 1:10pm, I complained to the front desk and explained our situation. Well then, a nurse came to get us within 5 minutes. We inquired what the steps were from here and she stated she would get her vitals, then we would be seen by a physicians assistant, then x-rays, then be seen by the doctor, which would be several more hours. We told them no thanks and would pursue other options. Another nurse had the nerve to state, "well, it's just unpredictable" NO! A 1 - 1 1/2 hour wait would be bad, but doable. A 3 hour wait for another 3 hours of waiting? INSANITY. My mother drove over 2 hours to babysit our other children. We drove 3 hours for an appointment. This would have put my mother getting home after midnight. Unacceptable.

Emily McCoy

AMAZING I am currently going there now for my knock knees. They are very helpful. I am having surgery on March 23 2015. They wait is pretty long, but I understand with so many patients.

Aislyn's Art Channel

I underwent 2 surgeries for my cerebral palsy here. <3

Andra Cornett

Ad Beth

Andy Fry

Fantastic Staff and Facility. Took Excellent Care of my family. Would highly recommend.

stephen hicks

They are the best thing for children since the mother!°

Dd Ou

I went there in 1960 for a club foot I had 4 operations on my right foot they really healed doctor was Dr. Wilson

marcia hurlow

Beautiful facility for care for children, especially those suffering from cancer.

Bill Gilliland

Loved it

Charley M

Wonderful hospital and staff thanks to them my granddaughter is walking very appreciative of the care she receives if not for Shriners she would not be where she is today and much thanks to the bus drivers

Roxanna Jardinez

Very amazing hospital with an excellent staff are in very good hands here. Everyone here is passionate about their work and it shows.

deanna kay

Barely had a wait. The doctors, and staff were very nice. It took about an hour for the doctor to do 5 things, while in my home town it takes usually 5 hours to get a simple checkup or strep throat test. A VERY nice building, and nicely decorated! Best experience I've had with a hospital. Furthermore, the results you get from whatever reason you enter the hospital is really in detail, and the doctors ask if you have any questions afterwards. I recommend this place!

Abby Channel

I have a form of Cerebral Palsy. I walk on my toes. If it was not for Shriners I would oh had surgery and had a chance of being paralyzed. I'm still going there. I still weak on my toes but I can stand flat. Cerebral Palsy has effected my life. I would like to that Shriners for helping me.

julie kinzer

First off let me start by saying I absolutely love Shriners it has helped my son tremendously. I do feel however when you opened the new facility it lost a lot of what makes the kiddos feel special. It is so crowded they no longer have the gym and to get a cast changed it takes 3 hours because now they have Ortho cases from other doctors. I truly appreciate it I just wished now that he wasn't just a number! In the past you have always treated my son like the special amazing person that he was and we always looked forward to going there no matter how painful it sometimes was. Please try to bring back some of that charm. Life is sometimes very difficult with children with special needs. Thank you

Brantley Whittaker

BMW 2018

What a remarkable place! Words can't describe what this hospital system does for kids. For these professionals to volunteer their services and for the hospital not to demand payment is incredible. The other amazing fact is they operate the hospital from donations. Shriners are amazing individuals. If more men would become a Shriner the world would be a better place.

veronca Baldridgefams

Our experience there was amazing. The staff was awesome and very loving towards our daughter and us to. We love the hospital and the staff.

Lola Cline


golden child

Yes you have to wait, but it is so worth it. The amazing men and woman that help the children. For the first two years of my sons life we loved at shriners and they made us at home. It was the only place my son felt at home where no one made him feel different.

Roger Bryant

These people were wonderful,and amazing with my son

Cindy Lear

georgia mcginnis

It helped me

Gracie Mcneely

Amanda Harrell

I loved this hospital it was so amazing and they did a good job. If something goes wrong with my kids this is the hospital I am going to take my kids to there so nice and friendly.

Adriana Lamas

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