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Amanda Boyd

I had my baby at this hospital and wish I done more research on this place. When I first got there to get prepared for my c-section they put me in a room that was dirty all the way around. The bathroom was nasty and you could tell it had not been cleaned in a while. There were soiled Linens in the bathroom which is just disgusting. The room was so small you could only fit one other person besides me in there. I also wish i had had a better understanding of their Hospital policies and practices because I was very upset to learn they are not Advocates of breastfeeding. I never saw a lactation specialist while I was there and even had trouble getting a breast pump sent to my room. I suggest if you plan on having your baby at this hospital that you do your research so that you are not disappointed. It seems that the different departments there have a very terrible time with communication. I had a couple good nurses but was definitely not impressed at all. Needless to say even in an emergency I will not choose this Hospital ever again.

Kelly Groth

My mother is here right now. Has to BEG for medication. The staff gave her NO CALL BUTTON! She has a bed sore that I had to put the bandage on because they brought it in and threw it down. Told 3 different people and they didn’t come to do it. 3 or 4 different doctors and nobody on the same page. Probably going to take her home so at least she can get her medicines when she needs them. :( I hate leaving this review because some of the staff were nice. But a few nice people don’t make a good hospital.

Desiree Castle

My step dad was in the hospital and needed soft food diet but the cooks could never get this in their heads no matter how many times the trays were sent back. One nurse aid got rough with me, nurse Paula on 8-1 was wonderful as most of them were. Not enough nurses for the floor they worked. ICU and truma team was over and beyond wonderful. Brought me back from death

amber lovins

The hospital's front entrance or what use to be the main front entrance is quiet dangerous to enter into as cars come through speeding . I suggest putting a pedestrian sign up. And a speed limit. I was visiting my grandmother in I.C.U and although one nurse I spoke to was very rude and unkind in her tone of voice, the nurse I was appointed to who was over my grandmother was very kind and helpful even though she was quiet busy at the moment. I'm not sure of her name but I wish to give my appreciation and thanks to her for taking just a few moments to speak to me and let me know what was going on with my grandmother.

Genet Pally

Weldon Bowman

Bob Perry

Taken there by helicopter after Ambulance said I would not make it to Highlands....I was hemorrhaging through my the time they got me stabilize and in the chopper it was almost an hour before I got there. Emergency room let me lay for hours until I needed 4 units of blood. I had a Catheter in and they pulled it and put I another destroying a 60,000 dollar artificial sphincter device that released my bladder. They also said the pick line that Highlands had put in was poor. They put a I.V. in my neck....which they never used. They used my pick line in my arm the whole time. Waste of money. Filed fraud charges against the helicopter and Ambulance service...had to be a kick back on $43,000 ride when The ambulance could have had me at 15 minutes from Paintsville Mountain Manor where I was getting physical therapy. Doctor at Highland had stopped the hemoraging at an earlier date. Lost very little blood. Nurses acted as if them were miserable all the time. Rarely showed kindness. Nothing like the nurses at Highlands, UK, Baptist East, or Jewish hospitals. Rather go to a vet as Pikeville.

Monica Harlan

Misty Barker

PMC have a great cardiology department. My husband is being treated for an aneurism there and the doctors and staff are awesome.

Jodie girl

No resolution to the issue but left pmc before I contracted staff from the dirty equipment they used on me or the Feces cover bed pan in my shower for 2 days that even after told about still wasn't removed even though I have incisions and am supposed to shower daily smh also no compressions or compression stockings although I should be wearing them for 2weeks post OP but they had me take mine off and send them home the breathing exercises that I should be doing every hour to prevent pneumonia they told me wasn't nesacerry the heart monitor they put on me had visible dirt and grim on the lead wires that laid across my 6 day old incisions they took me for test after test where nothing was sterilized before being laid across my incisions and the more I insisted they properly clean these things the worse I was treated which the poor treatment started after my mom requested I was moved out of the room with the hep c girl where I was reprimanded and told I was overreacting and it was unnecessary to be moved because it's not that easy to catch but it can be caught through any bodily fluid and the girl literally was dripping fluid from the wound in her leg where they had put in a rod and given her staff also when coming In the er was dehydrated because I was 6 days post op so it was tough to get blood so they held me down and took blood from my main artery in arm because that's protocol for intravenous drug users ( I have never in life) where I told them I'm not a user but that I have went to school to be a ma and had to practice draws on one an other and I'm dehydrated my veins are deflated!! Why these nurses do not know dehydration causes this issue!! So I work it out to be transferred to kings daughter where I do my medical care and pmc refused discharged me with no findings instead!!!! All around horrible experience I dont understand how they can get away with treating ppl worse than animals but they are about to spend 32,000,000 on an expansion so they have more surfaces to contaminate with staff and a childrens wing so mb they can start killing ppls children too! Good luck people of pike county I wish you all good luck trying to survive your health care system ya'll are in my prayers!!!

SuZe Q


Leah Ray

Husband had open wounds from surgery on his knee nurses coming in and out of room refused to dress his knee because their name was not on his board 4 hours his wounds sat open no topical antibiotic applied dry wrapped He has even been discharged yet and it’s already turning red Floor was just mopped with same mop / mop water since Friday Housekeeping doesn’t even bother to wipe down a doorknob Had to go get new sheets blankets for bed after half a day of calling for them Bathroom has not been cleaned in the 3.5 days I have been here Charge nurse had to cover 15 of 30 patients all. Weekend for the lack of nurses/aides all while still managing the floor Hospital is possibly the worst place I’ve ever seen to catch germs Mrsa patients set in rooms with people waiting to undergo major surgery If it was not for a few great employees pmc should close its doors anything outside the e.r.

Jessica Scott

Jade Mullins

Kenneth Gingerich

Pray that you never have to use this hospital!

Gail Hall

I was taken with a lot of concern to this hospital where I had a horrific experience in ER. Due to Hoghlands scab showing s brain bleed they took me to closest trauma unit. Trauma was excellent. Dr said I would be seen as soon as on floor but did not happen. 20 hrs past I had no BP meds and nothing to relieve pain from fall! I was on 7th floor. Ask if I could have sheet& blanket. My body was hooked to monitors and ic. Nurse brought in and dropped folded at bottom of my bed.?i ask for a ice pack for my eye I had hit when fell. Ask for ice water or chips for swollen mouth. Hour later water but ice pack not brought until nurses change! So dr changed shifts told see by 8. Then that dr was sent to icu. Again no doctor! BP high , can tell by racing heart rate. Ask my husband to get me out before they gave me a stroke! Worse experience ever!

Angie Kendrick

Erin Collins

Tammy Cornett

My mother in law was well taken care of wonderful staff

Banana Jones

Amelia Johnson

Some days, it's great care, respectful employees, and very timely and orderly. Others, it's employees who seem to forget you're there and play the waiting game trying to see a doctor.

Margaret Moore

Husband went in for emergency cath. Great staff and fantastic outcome.

Kenneth J. Patton

A great hospital , H.R.M.C. needs to take notes & get there head out of the a** ...

J Mag

95% of 7th floor nurses and staff are rude and don't want to help or do nothing, and have no ideal of thier patients. And if your love ones need any help from them they might get it in 3 to 4 hours later maybe if they come at all after the love one call them. Have to ask for things that normally should be brought to them already, and have to ask for stuff 3 to 4 times. And if you don't keep reminding them to bring your meds you probably never get any. Most time it's only 3 to 4 hours pass you time you were suppose to take your meds. The ICU 3rd floor nurses and Staff are pretty good and try to help in anyway they can, they can just be a little forceful, and don't really care what kind of pain your in, they will just go ahead throw you around. the food at the cafeteria is pretty good. But I've all I would not recommend, I would try to find another place to take them.

amelia cole

I kept a doctor’s appointment in the hospital. I was billed $93.00, a normal fee for the visit from the doctor. Later, I received a $346.00 bill from the hospital for using their facilities. In my opinion, this extra charge is extreme and unfair. If it is in my control, I will not see doctors that have their offices located in the Pikeville Center.

bk Fultz

Today was a GREAT day! Pikeville Medical Center won my confidence in the first ten minutes of being greeted by the receptionists/nurses at the check- in desk in the office of Dr. Naveed Ahmed, neurologist. My 81 year old father was the patient and my Mother and I accompanied him. For two years various doctors , specialists and other physicians offered no explanations of test results, courses of action or just plain, old fashioned care and concern for this ongoing medical misery my Dad was made to endure. Within MINUTES Pikeville Medical Clinic and Dr. Ahmed erased all this agony with heartfelt concern and professionalism we had not seen in years. Always their reply, "we are here for YOU." Personal interest and efficiency in teamwork was obvious from the start. Dr. Ahmed listened TO my parents, not AT them, he was not in a rush, sat close to them and made sure they understood his explanations as well as to the why he was asking questions he put to them. He was highly complimentary of his staff that was working closely with him which made my Dad and Mom feel at ease. He ordered tests and they were performed THAT VERY DAY. His staff and both floors we had to travel to for various tests all brought the same, smiling faces in helpful places. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, please CALL NOW and get yourself, or your family member, an appointment at this medical center. You will not have to wait for months for an appointment. Dr. Ahmed is genuine and caring. He is also board certified in several areas. The standout attribute about Dr. Ahmed, he is Christian influenced and led. You will see it. You will feel it. In turn, Dr. Ahmed introduced me to Christy Prater, Clinic and floor manager of Pikeville Med Center. She is continuing to make this clinic the best for all patients as demonstrated by the Mayo Clinic partnership. A former nurse with multiple areas of practice, she is another star in the performance rating for Pikeville Medical Center. Forthright, and again, concerned, she shared with me goals and strategy to attain them in an impressive personal conversation. Today was a GREAT day, God Bless this medical center and all who attend as a patient as well.

Simon Schnauezrr

savannah boyd

you can’t get ahold of anyone when you call. love how “attentive” their staff is.

plushtrap 101

We have been there several times and the doctors nurses CNAs everyone is so nice and helpful this is the first place that has ever explained what an advanced directive and a living will is excellent place

Hannah Boyd

The nurse and doctors were very nice and professional. However, be aware of their billing department and always check your EOB against the statements they send.

Freda Branham

Karen Sue Jones

If my doctor was at another hospital that's where I would go. This is the worst hospital I have ever been in. BAR NONE!!! Makes you wonder what Walter May spends all that money on. Not that fond of him also and I've known him all of my life.

Rachel Ellis

Desvaria Official

The nurses are extremely rude and judgemental (definitely not a Christian environment). The staff is incompetent and sluggish. It takes them 4 hours to even sign us in and get chemo started. I definitely don’t recommend going here as a cancer patient, they only seem to care about getting paid by the hour not helping anyone.

Richard Gibson

I gave 1 star because i couldn't give 0 stars. Terrible place for health care. This place is nothing more than a butcher shop and have no clue. So many people go for treatment and they get worse than they were before they leave. BEWARE!!!!!!

Emily Reed

This is by far the worst hospital I’ve ever been to in my life. The doctors don’t even talk to you for more than 5-10 minutes at an appointment and the staff can be rude. Unlike people who abuse the system, the people who need help doesn’t get it. Back in October last year I spent the entire night in the emergency department bed before being put into a room when they admitted me. All they care about is getting paid. The parking garage was terribly designed as well.

Dylan Conn

Neil Martin

Matthew Owens

During my grandfather's stay here, the service couldn't have been worse. They wouldn't tell us when he could eat after going fifteen straight hours without having anything to eat or drink. Once they finally ordered his food at 10:00 it took them until nearly midnight to get the food and bring it to him. We asked five different times for extra pillows and never got any. We asked for socks and it took four hours to get those. There were rude nurses that would come in and not even speak on some occasions. Just bad service all the way around.

Rachel Hall

Excellent staff and hospital. During my one and hopefully only stay.

BadWolfAmez R

Erica Stanley

Lauren Moore

Jean Rakes, Wicked Queen Bee

Ricky is

Boris Boyanovsky

Terrible! Incompetent doctors. Will bill you for procedures not performed...

Anthony Clark

Poor parking


Tawanna Adkins

Er is awful 16 to 20 hours to be put in a room

krugger bias

My life was saved by their great surgical team and taken care of by a great Nursing Staff beginning 3/17/17 when I was flown there from Madison WVA

Angela Barton

Came in to the emergency room couldn't stand up straight for a couple days. I have 3 herniated disc I was hurting more than I've ever hurt before and the doctor didn't even check me he just talked to me saying oh it's just a flare up even tho this has never happened before. he just drugged me up said this should fix it. I didn't want to be drugged up I wanted something done. So needless to say I will not be going back!

James Hall

I have PTSD thanks to this place... I asked for help... nothing came... And I had no other choice but to urinate all over my self. They never even tried to clean my wound, and the prescriptions kept getting messed up. I am still having similar issues... No thanks to them. Go somewhere else... if you want to live!!! No joke.

Madison Hafley

Lisa Jones

george morgan

I was referred there for a sleep study by a pulmonologist. Hospital wants me to be seen by another Physician who will then refer for the sleep study. Seems someone wants to gough Medicare &/or other insurances for all they can. Understand there is a sole source contract on this physician. Have several other doctors that i want to us.

Faye Bartley

Billy Kid

I would NOT recommend this hospital at all, you will lay days without pain medication, you have to keep asking and asking and asking for your medication, and they still are slow about getting it, and the doctors and nurses are so so so rude and they are super rough.


This hospital lacks good communication between the patients family and doctor, etc. If you want to know anything about your loved ones condition, you have to chase it down. I will NEVER let my loved ones be admitted there again. I could add more to this review, and will when my loved one is released from there. I am thinking of signing a AMA to get him out of there!

The Faithful Warriors Of Jehovah

I wish fake people would stop tell lies.First this place save many people in my life.But that is NOT why I'am rating it 5 starts.The truth is this place have GREAT Doctors and Nurses

Madison Green

My 84 year-old grandmother came to Pikeville Medical Center for surgery after breaking her hip. She had no water to drink, and her room smelled overpoweringly of feces. I am shocked, horrified, and disappointed with Pikeville Medical Center. If you have the means and care about your loved one receiving proper care and treatment, do not go to Pikeville Medical Center, or at least have them transferred as quickly as possible to a medical center in a larger city such as Lexington, Kentucky. Highlands Medical Center is another medical center in Eastern Kentucky and is not any better; my grandfather passed away there in horrible conditions.

Rebekah Withrow

linda blankenship

Betty Mckenzie

Yahola Jordan

Staff acts like the patients are dumb, claims hospital is part of mayo clinic network yet when patients ask for mayo clinic advice or any type of information on the mayo clinic network the staff acts like they never heard of the mayo clinic claims to be rated 5 stars yet a google search turns up nothing on this "5 star rating". Staff has been known to act bossy to patients, when complaints are sent in about the hospital staff they claim they will give a call back and never return the call.

Phillip Imel

My doctor from Northern Virginia requested in writing a Cardiac MRI to be completed by PMC. I contacted PMC and after several layers of bureaucracy I finally got to a person who told me they would need a pre approval number. I contacted my Doctor and they got me the pre approval number the next day and I contacted PMC again where a nice lady told me that I would need the Doctor to contact them with this number that they could not take it from me and I explained my first call and that they had not told me to do this and she apologized and called my physician and got it straightened out. I went in for the test on July 20 (the people were nice and the test seemed to have gone well) and I called about my results July 25 another 3 or 4 layers of calls before I got to someone that said the results were not ready and did not know when they would be ready and to call back on July 28. I called back on July 28 and I talked to 9 different people before I found someone that had a clue as to when my test records would be ready and to call back on Monday so they could fax them. I finally found out my records were ready on August 7, but again after many phone calls I was told that my doctor would need to request the records not me- so much wasted time on my end and the hospital's. This hospital would not stay in business in Northern Virginia and I will not recommend it to anyone. Update - After receiving the worst service then I receive more bad news a $409.2 bill after I paid $125 up front and was assured that my insurance would cover everything else- If I could give them negative stars I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti Crum

Carl Silas Osborn

My grandma stayed here for about a week, and her surgery was successful. She took her medicines with her, and they were not returned when she was released. They're the medicines you have to have a doctors signature for, and have proven pretty difficult to replace.

ricky campbelli

My husband came into the er with chest pains. We waited 4 hours before they even got him into a room. They were taking people that came in after us before us. They took one chick that was only having a toothache, when my husband was sitting there suffering with chest pains. Next time I'll be going elsewhere, because this is just ridiculous.

Brent Collins

Jennifer Stevens

If tou have a loved one over 70 they want to put them down like dogs. How they do dogs though is more humane usually they want to starve them to death. They see them when they are at their sickest so they automatically think they have to life quality when they do. Awful place they also gave me the wrong medical record for my mom I got some woman’s about 10 pages Pamela something she had skin flap surgery. They can’t even give you records. Then they have drs speak perfect English that had Thailand degrees prolly mail ordered. It’s a shame!

Premium Octane

Would go to the vet clinic down the road before I go here again.

Kelli Kerr

My father had a complicated open-heart procedure performed at Cleveland Clinic in mid-December and had to come home with a catheter. When we called to make an appointment with Dr. Swofford at PMC, the nurse and/or office attendant (extremely rude and condescending) said both of their urologists were out until the beginning of the year and no one was there to see patients, although we later found there was an additional doctor seeing patients in the absence of Dr. Swofford and his associate. My dad was not made a priority even though he was a week out from major surgery, which resulted in him wearing a catheter for over four weeks as advised by the nurse we spoke with in Urology. When we were finally able to book an appointment with Dr. Swofford, he gave him a quick check up and said everything looked fine and to come back in a few months. A few days later my dad had a 103-degree temperature and is now back in the hospital with e. Coli found in his kidney and the infection has become septic (spread to his blood). Dr. Swofford's incompetence and blatant neglect has largely risked my dad's health. He is headed back to Cleveland Clinic to meet with doctors who actually have his best interest in mind. It's upsetting that many people don't have the option to travel seven hours to Cleveland for decent healthcare. These people should do better for the Appalachian region and hold themselves to the standards they broadcast on their many TV commercials. I am in touch with the regulatory agency for PMC and will be sure this situation is dealt with legally.

Josh Webb

Great hospital and even better nurses!!

Chuck Farley

I heard that if staff parks in the wrong parking spot they will be fired. How is that for a Christian environment? Nice and hypocritical. Looks like they really care for their staff.

Teresa Yates

Doctors are Top Knotch. Nursing staff turns off callbells. Patients that need help are on their own. The Nurses would say my husband was fine but I would get a whole new story from the. Had to report MIC staff to Director of MIC. Staff refused to give me info on the phone even tho I hade a code word and told them I was his wife of 38 years and have POA. I was In Virginia, he was in Ky.

grumpy old fart

Best hospital I've ever used. Everyone there exceptionally friendly. Efficient. I get free medical care at the Veterans hospital, but they've nearly killed me twice, and Pikeville saved me both times. They also prevented me from having unnecessary surgery the VA wanted to do to me. I'd rather pay for good service than get killed for free. Better to be poor and alive than rich and dead.

PMC Victim

I have never been treated so poorly by a supposed professional establishment, not to mention they claim to be health care facility. This is a money making business, not a wellness center. Unprofessional is understatement. I talked to three different staff about what had happened with a certain procedure, I was given three contradicting answers. They are well trained in talking in circles. I now wished I had noticed their 2.5 rating before making this bad decision to come here. For anyone reading this please take the reviews and ratings seriously and make the drive for a safe, caring, professional, and safer facility.

Jennifer Auxier

My husband is terminally ill with cancer. He is on the cancer wing and has suffered all day. I have watched him cry in pain and I’ve cried with him. I’ve begged them to help him. There is an empty pain pump sitting in his room that they’ve never hooked up. God help us!

unknown 0101

Rose Harmon

Virginia Blackburn

Leigh Ann Hutchens

With the exception of the 9th floor ICU physician and nurses and 2 exceptional 7th floor nurses, this facility is the worse I have ever encountered as not only a nurse but as a family member. The GI physician they have on staff (yes the only one) lacks compassion and bedside manner. I can deal with doctors without personable qualities, however, what I can not deal with is providers who don't even assess their patients. This man did not assess my father. While he shook his hand, last time I checked the limbs aren't necessarily close to the abdominal area, which is where my father was having the biggest issues. I thought, by review, this man would be an exceptional physician. However, I was sorely wrong and will regret that I chose this facility to care for him until my dying day. The floor was dirty, the food was sub-par, and the night shift nurses on 7th floor were lazy (again with the exception of the charge nurses for both day/night). Thank you to Dallas and Josh in ICU, Dr. May in ICU, Dr. Jha who actually listened and cared, Jessica and Erin, on the 7th floor, and the charge nurses for 7. While I do appreciate the care these individuals gave to my family, I wouldn't send roadkill to this hospital. When someone has a crash cart in their room and a rapid response is nearly called due to syncope, low blood pressure, and an abdominal cavity with a gallon of fluid in it, maybe trying to discharge that patient the SAME day all of this occurs isn't such a good idea. (Side note--the abdominal cavity wasn't even looked at until I pushed the issue with the hospitalists--since GI had discharged my dad from their services--again without assessing him to notice said abdominal fluid. Communication is poor--still test results that we have no answers for and probably won't get--patient portal? Yeah don't ask for information on how to logon to their website cause you won't get it. Just don't go...period.

Sarah Moore

Demi Lester

Terrible. I advice anyone who cares much about their loved ones seek somewhere else to be treated. They give up on their patients way too fast..

Carroll Sartin

I almost died literally! I was in renal failure and had a bowel obstruction and they diagnosed me with their usual drug overdose. I layed in the stroke ward for a week listening to the nurses socializing and making fun of me because I asked for ice cubes to wet my dry mouth and I ate them to fast and didn't know they weren't giving me anymore. After a week I had to threaten to call the police if they didn't release me to go to Lexington and surprise surprise my doctor there told me not to go back to PMC again. Bottom line I now have panic attaches when I have to go there even if it's just to visit someone.

Bob Dotson

Had two shots and was charge $350.00 had the same at St Joseph Mt Sterling cost 000 crooks

Glenda Davis

Tammy Maggard

Mia Martin

They let my mom lay there for a month and told us they didn't know what was wrong with her,she got worse and they sent in a blonde lady who was a nurse and also with social services,that lady made sure she reminded us everyday my mom was gonna die,that rude woman don't need that job!!! It was a nightmare and my mom died,worse place ever!!! We still never got answers,take your loved ones somewhere else....

Sandy k

The worst parking garage I have ever been in. It would be common sense for them to take of the end parking places. Put some of the yellow things they divide the highway with into a curve so that people can keep driving around and around without having to stop and wait until the oncoming cars make their turns. You have people that can't read that it is for compact cars, not dual cab pickups. If they took those places out and block them so nobody can attemp to park there it would help temendously. What is four fewer parking places on each level to smooth driving. Need to post speed limits. People drive so fast in there and come around the ends on your side and don't care they almost hit you head on. This would be made better by removing the end parking spots. I know that PMC doesn't really care but you would think they would want a safe environment for their visitors Plus the workers shouldn't be able to park on the lower floors. I should not have to park on the 8th floor at 9 in the morning. Now, im going to get started with the parking for the emergency room. I should not have to practically toss my loved one out and have to then drive up all those levels to get a parking place then have to find my way back to the er in those crazy maze of elevators that don't go to certain floors. There should be parking available close by that I can park until I am done with my er visit. I think that is worse than going around that parking garage for a clinic or patient visit. When I go in there I should be there to walk back with my family member. if I'm there it is an emergency and don't have the time to fool with taking 20 minutes or more for parking and finding my way back to the ER.

Bonnie Minor

Ken Wright

Had open heart surgery there. The nurses and staff are excellent. A wonderful hospital. And my heartfelt thanks to Dr.Attum. and the nurses in cardiac ICU.

Michael Fortner

Elleyn Howard

Rick Hall

A few bad apples (employees) spoiled my overall experience. Food room service was not in sync. Excuses, no real answers by head of housing in regards to regulations. Left me feeling taken advantage of. I am going elsewhere if there is a next time.

Samantha Cooley

Not impressed with this hospital at all and I would not recommend it to anyone! My dad was transferred here and if we had known of the bad service and bad communication, we would have asked for him to be sent somewhere else. We had to ask multiple times for nearly everything he needed. From food, drinks, socks, information - the communication is ridiculous! We'll make sure that we go elsewhere in the future!!!

Jack Slone

Pre and post surgery care was a nightmare. Would not recommend if you have multiple issues.

Cameron Parsons

Shyanna Kelly

Joey Lewis b

Cory Sturgeon

Mark Walz, Jr.

This hospital has some of the kindest nurse and doctors in the nation!

The Chameleon

Waited for over 10 hours Tuesday April 19th, 4 and 1/2 of those just in the waiting room. Then on the drive home, almost halfway there, realized the iv was still in my arm.. Was a train wreck, my wife and I took the iv out.

Mary Salmons

Amanda Thomas

Andy Robinson

Wouldn't even give a one but had to before they let me say someyhing Had the worst experience ever. Zach and Melanie on the 6th floor we re the rudest staff ever. I wouldn't recommend you taking your pets there.

Larry Mullins Jr

Julie Grayson

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