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REVIEWS OF Norton Hospital IN Kentucky

Brice Carpenter

to anyone reading this. please choose another hospital. nothing at his location is worth your service. You will end up leaving more helpless than when you arrive. If any business should go out, this should be one of them.

Jennifer Burkhart

I wouldn't go to any other Hospital except Norton's Hospital. Their Doctors and nurses are Excellent and are very Caring ❣️

Meredith Hope

I had to go to the ER for an unexpected work related accident. Their emergency room was packed. Despite this each individual staff member was patient, did not rush you and took an interest in each patient. Even when a mentally disturbed woman came in screaming and saying crazy things they treated her with respect, compassion and patience. My particular situation was unique and the doctor had to do some research, but she still was able to treat me, find answers to help and treat literally 20 other patients simultaneously. While I was waiting to be discharged there were a few patients that coded and yes I had to wait longer, but they let me know why I was waiting and were extremely nice. The ER is a frustrating place many times and the wait can be annoying nh, but these people are doing everything in their power to help everyone. They want everyone of us to walk out as healthy and happy as possible. Ya know many did not eat not did they have time to use the restroom, but they kept plugging away. They never showed their stress, never a crossword. Awesome job guys I cannot thank you enough for your hard work.

Ingrid Hudson

My mother was transfered from Jewish Shelbyville and admitted to Norton at 1:00 pm 02/15/2016, it is now 8:30 pm and she has not had anything to eat or drink since before 6:30 this morning and has not been seen by a DR. This is piss poor medical care!!! The Dr and hospital administration should be ashammed!!

Racheal Brooks

Saved my life

AUDRIE Henderson

Nothing but GREAT SERVICE. Nurses and Doctors are wonderful. Knowledgeable and really listen.

M Lynn

My husband an I live in the Hikes Point/DuPont area. We prefer to travel to the to the Norton Hospital Downtown for our care I recently needed an emergency evaluation.I was assessed promptly and taken to the Fast Track option where I was evaluated and treated with expertise by all the nursing, medical,and other service associates. Nearly one year ago, my husband had a serious heart problem and and also received excellent care in the emergency department and later in a unit for patients with heart problems. So many patients may have serious problems that sometimes a longer wait in the ER is unavoidable if the medical condition is not life threatening. We appreciate the computerized access to our medical records. We primarily go to physicians associated with the Nortonheathcare system. In those emergencies mentioned above, having these records available to the nursing and medical staff made decision making easier for all.

Anthony Elble

Better Medical Staff & Equipment, such as an Ecmo Team

Steven Sneed

All private rooms. Nice nurses. Very professional doctors who shows true care and compassion.

Sherri Morris

My daughter spent about 3 weeks there. The best thing I can think of to say is at least they didn't kill her...there! But they released her today to a rehab that is an absolute dump! Reason why? Because they had Bariatric equipment. Right. That's why it took 3 beds to get a big enough one...and the wheelchair was for a 100 lb person, not a 450 lb one. Norton's gave her a third transfusion last night...2 pints...just to be sure her hemoglobin would be high enough to get rid of her! Does this rehab know to test it? No! She's been on oxygen during the day and cpap at night. This rehab doesn't even own a cpap and refuses to get one for my daughter without a sleep study!!! It wasn't until they checked her oxygen and it was at 80 that they even put that on her! They aren't even going to have a doctor look at her until Monday!!! My daughter is scared to even go to sleep tonight. They aren't going to keep a monitor on Tiffany tonight to be sure she's getting enough oxygen. Instead, they'll check it a few times during the night. If it happens to be low when they check, then they'll send her to the hospital. Right now, it would be a blessing for her to go! Oh...and Tiffany's stay at Norton? I saw an X-ray tech be pissed off because Tiffany couldn't move to help get the x-ray under her back! And then the PT thought nothing of getting Tiffany up with her butt exposed to all in the hallway! They wouldn't go get a proper chair for her to sit in because they were inconveniently on the Bariatric wing so they brought her a porta pot to sit on instead! She's a diabetic and yet her tray contained sugar-laced deserts, juice, ensure and sugar packages. Their way of controlling diabetes is by giving a patient insulin! She never had to have insulin until THEY fed her the wrong foods! She went ~10 days with no food. Come to find out, no nutrition via IV either! She went from having trouble keeping ice chips down to being given: milk based, full sugar pudding, ensure (+20 g sugar), and corn chowder. You'd have to have seen this chowder to appreciate me saying how truly nasty it was. Tell me, who after throwing up can keep down dairy products or a chowder with chunks of corn and flour paste? I know I couldn't and yet she had a nurse jump her for not eating that starchy mess. As all diabetics know (and you'd think a hospital would too), starch turns into sugar...the one thing no diabetic should make angel of! So not only did Norton not make sure Tiffany was taken care of when she left there but they are incompetent when it comes to obesity and diabetics! If I can help it NO family member of mine will ever go there again!!!

Rhonda C

Went to the ER/chest pain center on Chestnut street a few minutes ago because of chest pains (had quadruple bypass last year). Two employees & a security guard were talking at the entrance but stopped to tell us to go over to a lady sitting at a small table to register. We stood there for just a minute & she told us to have a seat there were several people in front of us. She didn’t ask why we were there or anything. We sat down for just a second but I decided I didn’t want to wait so we left & are now going to another ER. I’ve never experienced anything like that with an emergency room. It was like we needed an appt at that ER. Lol

Kathy Brown

Gabrielle Baker

Horrible service in the cafeteria. Food is awful and the workers are so rude!!!!

Shawn Taylor

Would have given it a 1 star but they managed not to kill my wife so I gave them 2. TCU unit SUCKED. Filled with staff that doesn't give a flip. If you need surgery, go ANYWHERE else.

Carol Hess

Excellent group of people. Do their jobs well. Always lending a helping hand. When needed. Dr. Gupta is an awesome gentleman.


Do not go to Nortons Hospital, the reasoning for this is because the nurses there are completely and utterly rude. They are rude to their patients and some are even rude to their fellow employees. They have terrible attitudes, and don't like to help anyone who needs it. THE STAFF IS TERRIBLE, and no one likes unfriendly nurses.

Melanie Wagers

If you're in a emergency please don't go here. You will wait in the waiting room for 2+ hours i guarantee it.

Demetrius Ellington

Norton is the wrose hospital to go to if you get hurt it's takes them along time to be seen exspecaliy in the emergency so if you have a emergency i highly recommend that u go UofL!!!!!!!!

Jasmine Wade

do you all do pregnancy test?

Mary Long

JennY Wakefield Gergen

Fantastic caregivers!

barza bahra

flame_god 4_life

Love the care and fast response to their patients and very caring to the patients love ones.

Randall Moore

November 30, 2018, I had my aortic valve replaced. Later I coded twice. I’m so grateful for the nurses and doctors on 5F. You helped save my life. I appreciate all of you and what you do. So very grateful...

Courtney Mansfield

Never come here for an emergency. The emergency department is a disaster. A few nurses are great and the ladies in registration are great. But when it comes to the way the ER is ran, it’s a joke and major HIPPA violations. Don’t get me started on how they treat psych patients. Keeping people with anxiety and depression for over 24 hours in the ER because nobody is available for a psychological consult. I’m disgusted by how they have treated my family member here.

Margie Jacobs

Herman Crossen

tionna jarvis

Very pissed. Sloooow service sat in the waiting room from 745pm until 2am and once called to the back I sat there another 2 hours and I’m pregnant. just horrible

Marie Crowe

Millie Heiter

I have been to Norton"s Downtown since 1997. I have been a patient on several occasions including TIA, back surgery and several procedures. This is the best hospital in. town. EVERYONE from the administrative staff, doctors and nurses know their job are kind and considerate. The nurses are very considerate and responsive. I live in the East end off Westport RD and I fm I need a procedure or surgery I always request Nortton's Downtown. I have also been a patient at Norton"s Brownssboro and I also give them the same recommendation. GO NORTON'S.

B Taylor

Ulysses Roberts

Most of the doctors are good. Majority of the nurses act like doing their job is a problem. They ignore the machines and call buttons going off. Several of the nurses need an attitude adjustment. For some nurses sterilization was not a major concern. We shouldn't have to tell the nurse to clean the water before administering medication into our loved ones feeding tube. With the patient being in ICU you would think there would be some form of urgency and professionalism. I can count on one hand the good nurses that actually showed concern for the well being of their patients. I have never been in a hospital that had so many lazy and unprofessional people employed there. I will not get started on the cleaning staff. I wasn't going to write a review at first but to see a group of nurses just standing around talking while I paged the nurse 20 minutes earlier and still the nurse didn't bother to see what the problem was, that was the last straw. I was giving this hospital the benefit of doubt because the doctors made up for the short comings of the nurses but today pushed me over the top. Watching my family member blood pressure shot up too 207/145 and a heart rate of 128 but it still took 15 minutes before I got help from someone(not his nurse). Hopefully the management will do something about their staff.

Lisa Shirilla

Heather Watson

Nursing staff and Dr's were amazing after my husbands surgery! Food service sucks. He waited till 1130 for breakfast the day after surgery. All meals have been late. Cafeteria is closed so I can't even go buy him food. And not closed right now, closed for the day. Pitiful!!!

Azam Hakim

Untrained, unprofessional staff who do not care about paitients

Stephanie Whittaker

Wanda Smith

Jessica Elliott

Do not have your baby at Norton! Worst experience ever as the shower in my room was broken, no nursery to have a break for an hour, and forgetful staff. Pain medication and items were often forgotten by nurses. After having a c-section and nursing, there was no staff for the nursery to provide newborn care. While I support “in-room” with your baby, sometimes you need some help, especially when you can’t get around as well after having an unplanned c-section. Two good nurses out of about 10 bad ones. Worst experience of my life! Will tell all friends to not use this place. So sad, as I was born here and used to hear good things. I choose this place for the NICU, as I wanted to be prepared in case it was needed. Thank goodness it was not needed. The rules here are ridiculous and not supportive of the patient and family. The on duty Pediatrician was nice and as I mentioned, two good nurses. The nurse anesthetist did not know how to put a spinal in and had to call for the doctor. Only after he tried for 15 minutes (pretty painful). Multiple tests were ran for a simple issue of hydrocele with my newborn. Our Pediatrician found this to be ridiculous. This is a common issue among newborns. In addition, the redundant questions and surveys they ask you to take while trying to rest and recover, is ridiculous. Staff wake you up to ask ridiculous questions. So wish I would have went home early! If you are looking for a little more natural experience, as natural as a hospital can be, this is NOT the place to be!

Andrea Perry

My husband was there for 2 weeks just recently.I must say all the staff there are awesome.He was on 4G and 4A and all the nurses were amazing! Dr.Laratta and his team were excellent they took good care of my husband .

Ria STy01

I wish I could give this 0 stars I would. My sister gave birth a few days ago and she’s had barely any help with feeding and they only came to see her to check on her for a minute before leaving also not updating on the problems with him, it literally sucked how they left such a cute baby for zero help for a whole day. I can’t wait for her to be discharged and find a better place.

midwest product reviews

Never been a patient there, but know people who have. The doctors and staff are great there. They are caring and take good care of their patients.

De'Asijania Davis

I went there today at 10:28 pm and I was there until like 20 minutes ago and it's 1:13. I never got to see anyone about my serious pain and the lady who came in before me said she was there for 3 hours before me !!! It wasn't even backed up and didn't have a lot of people. I just am disappointed in the service there. This is the second time I've came to this Norton, and ended up coming home because they were extremely slow helping me. I thought they would take my emergency serious being that it isn't anything to take lightly. It's so sad. I never want to go back.

Pam Akins

Ryan Burns

Pure Truth

Unprofessional, gross, pathetic, slow, rude, unsympathetic, and horrible!!! Sitting in this emergency room is a nightmare. Although they are undergoing construction, their service to patients is deplorable!!! I have been sitting here for several hours. The African American registration person takes too much time talking to patients about NOTHING when checking them in. I witnessed her talking to one patient for over 20 minutes, while others stood around waiting to be registered. She often leaves her area and is not seen for at least 15 minutes, while in coming people waiting to be seen are left standing around. There are no signs to tell you where to go when checking in. You judt stand around looking like a fool until someone tells you where to go. To make matters worse, the "make shift'" registration desk exposes everyone's privacy to others. In other words, anyone can hear what you are being seen for, they can hear your social security number, and other medical conditions. One of the check in people by the name of La'ta was constantly texting and using her phone and even exiting the front door entry, to take phone calls. Also....a lady came in with a huge "bleeding" sore on her leg, and I watched as she kept wiping the sore while in the registration chair, however no one even wiped the chair off, although others came right in behind her and sat in the same chair. She also sat in the waiting room chairs, with a bloody cloth, and no one even cleaned the chairs for health issues. Workers constantly come from other departments and talk to other employees in this area. If I hadn't been here for a long period of time, I would leave. When I was called back, I was placed in a very small room while waiting to see the doctor. I really wish I had read the reviews before coming here. However, I will never come back!!!!!!!

Jackesha Whittle

I've been having contractions all day and been to the ER twice only to be sent home. Dr.watkins is very rude and doesn't want to assist labor and delivery patients that are in extreme pain due to having other things scheduled. He'll put you to the side as if your situation didn't even matter, also after his assistant basically scraped your membranes from checking the cervix. I will never refer anyone to this hospital for delivery.

Mohammad Mohaghegh Faghih

My wife gave birth in the Norton Hospital Downtown Dec 2016. I had to take my wife to emergency room because she started having pain a week before her due date. The ER was really under staffed and also did not have enough bed. My wife was screaming like crazy and no one was there to do anything. While my wife was going unconscious because of pain, the nurse insisted on taking a urine sample from her. So ignorant!!! Finally I convinced the nurse to take care of my wife without the urine sample. Then they took us to the delivery room. But our experience in delivery room was not as bad as the ER. No one warned us about long term side effect of having epidural. The lady who was administering it, told us it has no side effect. But my wife has had back pain since day one after the delivery. Even her Dr also did not mention about any ling term pain. So unprofessional. It is because they don’t want you to know about it, because epidural makes their job much easier. Lets talk about the post delivery room. They housed my wife in a very small room after her delivery. The ac was not working correctly and would cool the restroom to such a degree that made it impossible for us to use it. We complained but no one really cared at all. Find somewhere else for your medical services.

Sheila Bockowski

tommie robinson

Except for my nurse he was very nice.

Amanda Coon

Hope Gamble

This is by far the worst hospital I've been to. Trying to have a baby but they have no rooms Available ?! I was told 6am and its now 8:15am the next day! Still don't have a room

Kathleen Rosenbarger

Norton does not submit paperwork for procedures covered by grants in a timely manner which puts the patient in a position of paying out of pocket and going deeper into debt. Very unsatisfied!!!

Jannel Wells

Never had any issues. Very caring and professional.

Jessica Brechot

If you can go to a different hospital then you should. If not, you have a 50/50 chance of getting what you need here.

benjamin garnett

I was admitted by ambulance to the ER with severe abdominal pain, which I now know was appendicitis. When I came in on a wheelchair, the man working behind the ER the desk joked that I looked/sounded like I was going into labor (i’m male) then after several minutes admitted me into a room. It was two hours before anyone came in, all the while I was curled up, clutching my stomach and screaming in pain. They finally hooked me up to an IV for fluids and painkillers, barely checking on me over the next few hours. Finally I was discharged with no diagnosis, just advice to take ibuprofen and drink lots of water. Do not visit this hospital for emergency needs under any circumstances.

Cheryl Spatig

I was admitted to norton downtown may 18 for a microsurgery called DIEP flap to take 6 to 12 hours. Once they entered my abdomen there were issues and they converted to the older TRAM flap procedure. I came out of surgery with a living breast. Approximately 7 to 8 pm i told my nurse named stephanie from 4S my breast felt cold and that i thot standard protocol was that shud have been checked.every 1 to 2 hours. She informed me she didnt have.any orders and blew me off. By sat.morning my surgwons Fellow came in to ck on me. He said my abdominal binder.was too tight and loosened it. He then shot a pic of my breast to my surgeon. He arrived approximately 12:30 removed the abdominal binder and made me NPO. They placed a nitro disc patch on my breast to try to increase perfusion. Sunday morning i was taken to surgery and lost my new breast and belly button. Sometime later i was placed on a wound vac to my former.breast.area. i have endured severe pain from the abdominal incision that goes side of body to the other. I endure 3x a week wound vac changes and i feel like my life has been taken from me. We were NEVER explained any possible complications with this surgery by ANYONE. We are.devastated beyind words. I am going to have a voice.about this. No patient shud EVER have to endure this. I dont.know how my body will end up but i pray no breast cancer survivor has to endure this. Incidentally i gave about 150% of my life from age 26 to.43 as an exemplary employee of norton healthcare. My hope is someone sees this and cares enough to say they are sorry. I dont have my hopes built up about that but even though i feel like i received substandard care maybe someone will listen. My surgeon was from the highly esteemed University Surgical Associates

ladana witaker

no where to eat

Phillip McCabe

Amazing nurses in the surgery dept

Sean C

So wonderful hospital my baby girl was born there change my life

diablo girl39

Michael Kendall

Was left in extreme pain after surgery. Doctor refused to change my medications. Suffered a great deal of nausea also. was giving something that did not work. Dry heaved for more than 30 minutes before they would give me a good medication to stop me from dry heaving. Patients crying in the hall way for pain relief was also a common problem at this location. Did i forget to mention the high temp they had my section of the hospital during construction!!!

Leslie Montgomery

Joshua Hicks

Was taken to Nortons with heart related issues. They did an excellent job, constantly monitoring me, and asking if I needed anything. Considering I have not been in a hospital for over 10 years, they did an EXCELLENT job.

Christy Sizemore

Bryan Ray

Pretty good medical care .

Brandon Roush

jackelyn munson

When calling up the hospital Floor 4F ICU to get information regarding my grandma whom is on life support I was told very rudly by Rhonda, her nurse that "There was a million family members of hers out in the waiting room and that she cannot do her job with everyone calling & asking so many questions" mind you my grandma is dieing and this is the response I get. So unmannered and not at all sympathetic. The doctors at this hospital have been great & a few other nurses have been as sweet as can be, but I did not like the comment I got from Rhonda & I felt very disrespected.

Living in Sky


E Carter

Here with a relative...the bathrooms are dirty...the floors need mopping and to be swept... it smells!!! and.stains on the countertop in the room..the wait is ridiculous...there is alot of chit chat going on...yet hours of waiting before u are seen...

Sera Smith

Love the staff,so friendly and very caring.

Crystal Monroe

Great staffing very caring and compassionate individuals will recommend Norton's healthcare to any one who should ask me for an Dr referral

Timothy Montoya

I have had an awsome experience while My visit at the 5th floor

Mary Hohl

My sister had surgery on Monday and her children brought her here. I drove two hours to bring her home on Thursday. Been hours and no release. Went to have my parking pass validated and was told no. They issue ONE parking pass to a patient. Her children had the pass on Monday for surgery and then left to go home to St. Louis. I'm here to take her home on Thursday and they won't give me another pass. Her children did not know they had to give me the pass. This is the first medical facility that I've had to pay to pick up a patient! The nurse I saw today was great but my sister said the day before she was alone and used the restroom. She had her intestines reconnected after cancer. She said she pressed the button five (5) times while on the toilet for a nurse because she was weak, dizzy and needed help. No one answered her call. She could have fallen and been bleeding on the floor for all the help she received. The room and restroom were dirty. If this had been a hotel room I would have walked out the minute I saw it. Hope I never have an accident in Louisville, Kentucky. I might end up here.

Mike Jasper

5H has excellent staff!

Mikhael Erik

William Barrows

Been sitting here in the ER with my wife for some time, this is so disorganized it’s not even funny...

Chrishun Williams

Judy Kemper

My sister was in Norton Hospital for about three weeks and I was there almost everyday to visit. I was very pleased with the care provided to her. The 5th floor nursing staff and oncology department did an excellent job. I believe it takes someone special to provide care to terminally ill patients and the staff on the 5th floor has that "something special." They were so compassionate and caring, we couldn't have asked for a better staff. Keep up the great work and may God bless you all for the love shown to my sister and our entire family.

Asha Uweys

Chantzas McElroy

Zak Niko Computers

Autumn Fontana

Mad Hatter

Absolutely horrifying experience. Never again !! Had a “ nurse “ draw blood BETWEEN my fingers without even looking anywhere else , as I’m screaming “ you’ve hit a nerve “. I did have a couple of very good kind nurses. The hospital is very old. Not updated at all. I was an emergency admit so I had no say so. Took an act of Congress to get anything to drink. The food was terrible. I saw nothing admirable about this hosp.

Rick Right

This is in no way a lie when I say Norton hospital dose not care about you they don't care how long you wait nor is your health one of there top priority. I mean as long as they can sit down an joke between each other right. There happiness an well being is what's really important

David Goodman

My wife was taken to this hospital and the care was fine, but after the fact we received a large bill so we filled out the financial paper on the back just hoping for a payment plan, but received a letter saying that they would wave it. This was three years ago and we haven’t received anything since and now I’m getting a letter from a lawyer saying that we re getting sued. Again trying to work this out we contact them and this time all they will do is take payments larger than my house payment and will put us in a financial hard ship or we have to go to court and pay more. We should have put the letter up but this was three years ago and I thought they would stand up to what they said being that they are a big hospital.

Ray Thompson

Good, no great nursing staff. Great specialists. Lousy administration. Waiting 6 hours to be discharged and then they said it would be another 2 hours before the admitting doctor would be doing his rounds. Are you kidding me??? Ridiculous. If the Admitting doctor can not make it in reasonable time then get someone else. this is why the 2 stars. Take good look at your admission and discharge protocols because they are severely lacking.

Hannah Zacharski

Tha1 Foxy Chic

The staff in the heart and lung unit is friendly.

Joshua Long

Jennifer Alexander

Staff were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and supportive from the ED to discharge. Thank you!

Tesa Craig

Jenn Glas

I've been trying to get ahold of the medical records team to surrender my son's MR. The phone number listed on the website is disconnected.

Christina Orozco

I was just here a little over a week ago. I was in severe pain that I have Never experienced before . It felt like something was rupturing i threw up twice from the pain and thought ,this was it I am going to die. As a result of the pain yes I was screaming because of the pain , I wasn't directing that towards the staff. They were asking the basic questions I was answering the best way I could in between screaming through the pain. This was worse than my labor when I had a baby okay not to mention I could barely walk from this scary experience that I was going through and they didn't try to offer a wheel chair when they made me walk to the room they placed me in. I followed up with my Gynocolgist like they suggested , and I was informed this hospital had written some very nasty remarks about me . I am sickened by this as I shouldn't be judged so badly for screaming from my pain by a hospital. This is destroying my character as a person and it is highly unacceptable.

tamara mcdonald

Catrina Byrd

Worse nursing staff I have ever seen. Very rude nursing and care.

Nylin Kamar

This hospital was so dirty, I couldn't believe I was put in a room that was that nasty. I cleaned some of it myself. Some of the nurses and doctors seemed like they got their degrees from watching the show ER. I was shocked that they were actually working there , it seemed like they were there doing externships.

greg walton

Tracy Berry


LuLaRoe Holly Geiger

Billy Kennedy

Went to the emergency room. The staff was super nice. Dr. Harris and his nurse took very good care of me. The best experience ever at a hospital.

Diane Atherton

Michelle Sobotka

I would give zero stars if I could they lie and they don't care. Our mom has cancer they didn't treat it right. And now instead of 6months we have a few weeks left. I would never send anybody here!!!!!

Debbye Friedson

Not family friendly! The nursing staff is great. However, the nursing manager is selective about policies. After 3 nights sleeping in the room with my wife, the junior nursing manager decided that the small air mattress I was using to sleep next to my wife was an issue. The mattress is no bigger than the broken and dirty recliners. The bathroom on the fourth floor has been out of service for at least four days now. Most of the cafeteria staff is very caring, especially those behind the line. The cashiers however will chat amongst each other while people are waiting. Parking is an issue as well. The parking garage reserves spots for staff ahead of patients and family. No better than the fourth floor if you want to visit.

Crystal morris

I have two boys one is 8yrs old and the other is 1and now I'm here right now getting ready for my twin girls and this is by far the best and comfortable experience. I highly recommend this hospital for good service for adults and children

Jeff Moore

The waiting room by the fast track is dirty, there was cigarette butts, food and other filth between the chairs however, this isn't indicative to the quality of care you get. The nurses, doctors and other staff are knowledgeable, caring and attentive. Initially I was skeptical about the care my family member would receive however, that was quickly diminished once the staff took control of the situation.

Savannah Shircliff

Seriously if at all possible please don't come here. Feel free to look me up so I can help you understand how aggravated I am about this place


The nurse looking over my brother. Kept saying over and over on the phone he doing the same nothing more than he doing the same .That's all the nurse would say .Nothing other than he doing the same .

Melissa 6vljgttyikfhfh Kelty

I had a cervical spine surgery here in August 2018. My Doctor and surgery team was the absolute Best!!! Then when I got to my room the nurses on my floor was so helpful and very kind . I would highly recommend Norton's to anyone..

Bizzy Barrieta

Mary Tyler-McDermott

Great care horrifying parking issues.

KL Sisterss

My granny in here nice people but NO TV ARE U SERI0US

Jim Ro

There are way better places to deliver a baby than here. The cafeteria is a joke. I'm the father so my finger print shouldn't expire for the elevator but it did. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So many staff coming in & out of the room. We're t-minus three hours to get out of here & I can't frickin' wait!

DDT Squad

I had a very good experience here. Everyone was really nice. Up until now they would have gotten a 5 ⭐️. But they should be ashamed of themselves charging $12 for a dry turkey sandwich and a $1 bag of plain chips. Patients have dinner at 4:00 in the evening. They really expect you to stay full for the rest of the day. I understand they had to stop because they had give out to many boxes at night but everyone don’t have $12 for a sandwich.

Brenda Smith

I had the displeasure of having to visit this emergency room because of a fall while visiting relatives in Louisville. I arrived at 7:30 pm and left at 4:25 am . I didn’t get in room to see Dr until after o 6 hr wait. Had broken bone . This is unacceptable .

Lily Warhal

This place is horrible giving my papaw such bad care jeez oh Pete come on

Tuqa Kadhem

Awesome, caring and smart staff

Jorge Benitez

Very bad experience Nobody care about you. And they will take for ever before you see a doctor.

n b

joanne Whiit

I was on the 4 floor after my surgery and my nurses were Rachel and Amy they were very attentive and took very good care of me..even with all the other patients that they had to care for...I would stay there again these nurses go above and beyond to take care of you....Love them both...great patient care....


Waited 6 hrs to be seen by the ER staff. I had surgery 4 days prior and developed a fever and swelling & redness around the surgical site and was told by my surgeon to hit the ER...After all said and done I had Msra and c-diff that probably came from my stay 4 days earlier! It's terrible to have to wait that long to be treated! However even tho the staff may be slow at times, it's mostly because they are backed up and overwhelmed by people with supposedly emergency situations, that are up and down smoking and playing around with their friends or running to the vending machines,etc... The ER's are overwhelmed by folks who could wait to see a regular Dr or immediate care cnt.!!! Also lets not forget the folks who really just need a work note or are looking to score pain meds!!! Most of these jokers won't pay their bills they owe other Dr's and the ER is the only place they can go!!!

Harley Riggs

My papaw had surgery on his lung they had 5 chairs and 1 bed there was 6 there for my papaw I ask for another chair the room beside us had no one it they said we will look for you one we were there for hours they never looked for me a chair DO NOT COME HERE terrible survace they were good to the patient but not the people who were there for the patient

Carrie Johns

I have been waiting in the Emergency Room for ovwr an hour, and I have yet to even see a triage nurse. Unbelievable.

Diana Taylor

My daughter had to be taking to Norton's because of pregnancy and baby came early. We lived almost a two hour drive from the hospital.I can't express enough how great all the staff was. The doctors and nurses, the different departments that came in and showed, talked, and helped my daughter and son n law they were scared, worried, and her and baby lifes were both in danger.But because of the knowledge and experience everything when ok.Each department that was needed was send in so my they both knew what was happening and then afterwords the care of the baby. The service Department workers,which Norton's had any department a patient needs for information and help with paperwork, this young couple wasn't left in the dark, and they would be informed so they knew in days following what would be next and threw out her and husband stay as a new parents helped eased their worries a great deal. And that helped my daughter by keeping her more relaxed and her blood pressure down cause that was one of her medical conditions. It was dangerous to her life, the baby was premature and their was a few severe complications but NICU they were wonderful took care of that baby like it was their very own. Those nurses in the NICU were so experienced and kind, and they helped a young mother , and showed the daddy about what to do with a tiny little girl cause he wanted to know everything he adores his daughter. they showed them the things to do And allowed them to have time as much time as they wanted to visit and do for their baby. then there was the people that assisted my daughter and her husband get a room at the Ronald McDonald House because the baby was there for over 30 days at Norton's and it was a very trying time even the people at the Ronald McDonald House we're kind and courteous as for me and my family we appreciate everything that Norton's done and I highly recommend Norton's Hospital some of the rooms were small but then a room is made for a patient not a bunch of family members. and the waiting area no there was no recliners which I wish they did have cause I am a mother and my child's life was in danger and I didn't want to be that far from her, But after the danger had passed for her in a few days and I saw how well she and baby were being taking care of I was OK and came home but had video calls everyday. Now the little family are home baby is growing my daughter and her husband are doing fine. And getting use to being a little family. So Thank you all at Norton's Hospital for everything each staff member did and done . Because of you all , I have my daughter and a tiny little granddaughter that has stolen my heart . The Taylor's

pinman 01

My grandson just left there. And I will say they did a good job with surgery and all. But I want to say the nursing staff was fair except for one nurse named Robin she was excellent the best nurse I've ever seen, I wish I had known her last name because I would like to let the hospital know the wonderful amazing job she does .

Terry Foster

DEPLORABLE!!!!! I won't be going back to this place again. Waited almost 5 hours, only for them to send me home by only performing a blood test. Are you kidding me? I am getting out of the Norton's Network period!!! Will be going elsewhere. The care at this Hospital Emergency room is pitiful and disgraceful in my opinion. From the check in process, all the way to the RN and Doctor, my experience was horrible. These folks don't take the time to listen, run the proper tests, but yet they don't mind having you WAIT for long periods of time or billing your insurance company. Oh, and forget about the "HIPPA" policy, these folks will violate that while your there. Who the heck asks for your social security number and discuss what you're being seen for in front of a lot of people in the waiting room???? Simply GHETTO!!! And don't you love how someone from Norton's will respond to your comment by saying, "...This information will be passed on to leadership..." If all these complaints were passed on to leadership, then it's funny how LEADERSHIP isn't doing anything to make the patients visits to this hospital any better. So let me go ahead and say that the LEADERSHIP is horrible too!!!!!!!

Tim Piedimonte

Waited in emergency room for 5 hours while they saw every drunk girl that staggered in after me.

Toyia Dunbar

Susan Spencer

Took my Dad into surgery at 11am and then there were delays after delays. All of the rooms were overly packed with people. His doctor had planned on us spending a night there, but no room had been reserved. By the time he was out of surgery, no rooms were available for us and he had to sleep in the loud recovery room (while I was next to him in a small chair.) This was the worst hospital experience I have ever had. I blame the administration for putting profits above patients. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Big Bertha

I have tried to fill prescriptions at this pharmacy multiple times and none of the experiences have been easy.

Tom Mowles

Linda Lay

Hospital ran by crackheads with nothing to lose

Desi W

never again, i was a first time mom and didn't do research on labor and delivery hospitals.. they never took out my IV , i had to take it out myself after 5 days it was unused!

Jael Harrington

Very positive experience.

Kimberlyn Evans

Milford Davis

I have been in bed, at Norton Hospital, for seven weeks tomorrow and all of the personnel have treated me like family. I have made many new friends and you could not meet a nicer bunch of people. 5th floor, 5 pod, bed 4. (You know who I mean)

Julie Kaelin

Updating my review because I have been proven wrong; the care has been exceptional. Yes it could be a little cleaner and nicer looking, but all things considered they are very attentive and communicative.

big bad Jon

I love it there

makayla manire

A family member was referred here because of how good the back surgeons was... but the hospital staff and nurses were horrible... they were very rude and would never check on us unless we asked.. and would always be 30 minutes late when giving us his medicine which they gave him a hard time about because certain medicine made his stomach hurt and they’d give it to him anyways... the room was also very dirty they had old blood in the sheets they gave him and blood stains on the curtains... and one time the nurse came in she cut herself and left blood on the wall and the door for a day before we said anything. Very unpleasant trip and they need more training.....

Kim Laun

Great place for compassionate staff

Diane Watts

Have been a nurse for 25 years. The care I received at your hospital was excellent!

Jayleigh Moore

They killed my wife

Carmen Caldevilla

(Translated by Google) Very good attention (Original) Muy buena atencion

Robbyn McClain

Terrible place to have a baby. We were virtually forgotten about. I was a new mom and they let my newborn sleep for 8 hours straight right after she was born, only to have a nurse tell me later that I should have woken her up to feed her. They never had us on a feeding schedule and the lactation consultant visited us twice. Once on the first day, and then again as we were leaving 3 days later. She was with us for a total time of maybe 10 minutes. Some of the nurses were really nice, one was terrible and mean. But the nice nurses didn't make up for the fact that we felt like we were taken care of so poorly. The communication to us about what was going on with our new daughter was non-existent until our pediatrician showed up the next day. We chose Norton because it had Kosair connected and if anything were to go wrong we felt like we were right there. A friend (who is also a nurse) pointed out that all hospitals are equipped with to take care if infants emergencies and have NICUs. And if they needed to go to Kosair for any reason, they could be transferred. After hearing other mother's stories about their experiences at Baptist and Clark Memorial, I wish we had made a different choice.

Dajiana W

Worst hospital ever!!!!! Extremely slow and they don’t ever have rooms I HATE THIS PLACE all of them downtown!! This hospital gets 0 stars hell


This hospital is disgusting and unprofessional. This incident occurred in the emergency room. They put my dad in a hallway because they don't have actual rooms to put patients. They only placed one chair behind the curtain but doctors, nurses, and patients kept ramming into the chair or shoving into me even though there was plenty of space in the hallway, a good 3-4 feet. This hospital is also really slow with their care. After being taken back he waited an hour before anyone came to see what was going on with him. You will easily be here for 10 hours or more with 2 hour or more waits before having someone check on you. The nurses are also bad at taking blood. They attempted to stick him eleven times because the nurse didn't know how to find the artery. This caused my dad unnecessary pain from the botched job the nurse was doing. The only way to see someone is by flagging them down. Also, their beds are very hard and uncomfortable. In order to make my dad more comfortable we asked for some pillows and they said they didn't have any. Now on to the disgusting parts of this hospital. The floor is filthy and looks like they haven't swept or cleaned it in a long time. There are trails and spots of blood down the hallway where they put my dad. Also, the bed was by the window where the nurses were and those haven't been cleaned either. Dried bodily fluids were crusted to the wall and window and was right above my dads head. The bathrooms had dark rings around the toilet from not being cleaned and were poorly lit. I would not suggest that you go to this hospital if you want a safe, clean and caring environment. Also, I am not sure if this is a hippa violation but The nurse also came in and told us the specific procedure he was doing to another patient and that's why the doctor wasn't available. I found this unprofessional because I was worried about them telling other people about my dads condition who were not privy to that information. They also repeated three different tests 3 times. It was ridiculous because they had completed before and he was told that his results were fine. The only reason given was that it had it been 2 hours. This was just after being told he was going to be discharged by a different nurse. This seemed to be a huge money grab. I also saw a nurse drop a needle on the floor and then pick it back up and use it on a different patient they had in full view in the hallway. She was partially nude and had no privacy curtain in the middle of the room.

Erica Towns

Josh Glasscock

I am giving this review for the company not this particular hospital. I want this made very clear to begin with. The only reason the company is getting 1 star is because I can not give a half star. This company will do anything and everything in its power to suck the life out of you. I find this very odd for a healthcare company. I have had NO reason to see Norton's for a year now. Yet they continue to come up with ways to charge for me stuff. I'll pay off my bill and months later I get told through their MyChart system that I am overdue. I login to find that I am overdue with a bill that I have never received. I have called numerous times and told them my new address. Does this help NO. If I did not know any better, I would swear that this company is out to destroy your financial record and decrease your health rather than to improve it. This company brings a whole new level to the statement "Buyer Beware"! Most of the doctors at this company are outstanding. All issues that I know of stem from the Corporate Office to the Billing Department.

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