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REVIEWS OF Louisville VA Medical Center IN Kentucky

justin feagans

I was treated well by the staff and always felt like those that took care of me really did care. The facilities were very old and a lot of maintinence was needed on the building last time I was there but I think there has been some remodeling done in a lot of areas so it may be better.

Stuart MacLeod

Not a bad VA. I've always had good service here. But then I'm not a grumpy old ass. I'm a grumpy middle-aged ass.

Gun Guy

Great place. Great service. Good people.

Dan Polo

I rather go there than most private hospitals

Keith Nettles

They saved my life!

Al Hixon

Better than most...could be better still.

Mike Woodward

Health care is great. Customer service is beyond there call of duty.

shirley pittman artis

Service is Awesome!

Anthony Benningfield

No parking. Long pharmacy wait time

Bradley Breese

I waited over 3 hours, didn't get to see a doctor, finally just left

Kyle Link

It can be hit and miss with employee attitude.

Amy Matheson

They treat Veteran with respect!

Denny Crane

Great VA hospital. Staff is 1st class and truly cares about their patients.

Marvin Heath

Have received great care there. The physicians and staff are always professional, caring, and very good.

Roger Lesher

Took care of my heart issues.

Johnnie French

The staff takes very good care of everything.

Michael Johnson

I am very happy with the care I have received at this and other Louisville VA locations. I recently had an outpatient surgery, and every staff member I encountered was caring, attentive, and very knowledgable. They made a potentially intimidating experience really quite pleasant all things considered.

james lawrence

I had my first dermatologist visit this weekend and was well taken care of from the reception thru the skin spots treated. Thank everyone for such quality care and friendly faces

Joe Lantz

They take care and they really care


Great care for Veterans

Karl Marx

This review is for the very rude, sarcastic cop directing trafffing. I was at a stop sign, and it wasn't clear which turns were allowed, so I didn't have my signal on yet. The cop said, "they make those with turn signals, don't they?" In a very rude aggressive tone.

Donnell Huskey

They take care of us Veterans.

Stevie Eason

It's all about serving us veterans.

Kathryn Pousardien

Where my better half goes

Mark Carter

The V,A medical center has been a blessing to all theVETS.

Justin Dragoo

Government run Healthcare. Need I say more?

Vanessa Wesley

Great service went with my Dad


I have had very good care at the VA hospital and associated clinics. The 1st primary care doctor I was assigned was horrible--told me that she didn't have time for my problems. I put in for a different primary care and was reassigned a new one. For the most part I have received kind, courteous and professional care with access to specialists whenever needed. Their choice program could use some improvement. Went to Norton Suburban, had consult with doctor and testing done at their facility and was waiting for a surgery date to be assigned in a few days when the choice program calls and says Norton is only taking orthopedic patients from the VA so I have to start over with a new referral from my primary care and gee whiz, it's been a couple months and I'm still waiting...

Chuck Hokeah

The staff always focus on veteran health Care. VA gets a bad rap in the news, but this VA healthcare location has always provided great services.

John Woods

You all take very good care of my folks; The only issue I have is phone interference. Somebody seriously needs to consider doing something about this cause it's getting very irritating, tbh. Nobody can call in, nobody can call out.

Rambo Harrison's

I have to use a wheelchair there but there is not a lot of accessible parking for patients if you don't want to use valet parking. A lot of the parking are taken by employees some using handicap parking permits that aren't theirs. And if a wheelchair patients have to use the new parking lot or lot 6(the big lot on the hill) for manual wheelchairs sidewalks are not accessible, from lot 6 you can only use the road next to boiler plant to west entrance and back other end of lot will throw you on the road or break your wheelchair. The call boxes in lot 6 you can't use because curbs that they are on are not accessible or reachable. You have to sit in the road and if you can get a shuttle if it is not a driver in a green uniform, all the rest are volunteers and are not insured to transport wheelchair patients and you or the volunteer is not covered if you or the driver gets injured. Several outer buildings or offices are not wheelchair accessible either or they are not very safe for manual wheelchair users. I am a veteran that prefers to not be in pain nor on heavy narcotic medications but many doctors seem to be afraid to issue weak narcotics or alternative pain relieving sources. Torture may be against the Geneva convention rules but acceptable for veterans at this VA hospital. While the Lexington KY VA hospital doctors seem to be very happy to help you with non-narcotic pain relieving sources or to suggest alternative non-conventional and conventional prescription and or OTC medications with other exercises or devices as quickly as possible, and try as quickly as possible to find the source or causes of the pain. When the LVAMC in my experience they take at times 2 to 25 years before they even believe that you are in pain. Nor believe at times what the tests prove and play the problem off as nothing at all is wrong. Doesn't help when they a discouraged from doing the tests or giving help either. To me long-term inexpensive pain medications or tests can be less expensive then later rehabilitation that is usually or long-term and costly in the long run and future problems that could have been prevented by listening and being able to do what they were trained for. Over all there is good people and good service a lot of the time i have met doctors and staff there that rate from diamonds and gold to lead and river rocks and play dough, some are great and have their hands tied and others are useless and don't care most of the time.

Pineapple Billy

Awesome for those who have served/sacrificed

Yanesky Holland

Very professional and kind staff.

Richard Moore

I have waited on phone on several occasions and If I waited 40 minutes or an hour, I have not been able to get through to talk to a live human being. I give up! I'd be better off dead! I don't intend to spend the rest of my life on the phone waiting and listening to a robot recording telling me how important my call is! Life sucks and then you take your life!

Chris Hurte

Services you should expect but there are some that have a smile while helping you. May not see the smiles at first but they do exist.

Christopher Hill

Love the VA, after returning from the middle east last year they took care of me. #armystrong

Melanie Krause

The VA is 99% of the time on the ball and on top of all of my needs. Too bad Trump's administration is throwing so damn many wrenches into the works and causing it to be harder to get health care.

Angel Ortiz

Very well taken care of....will return.....

Ian ONeill

To me, great care for the price

clifford hazelwood

great hospital, an staff..they take all patients health very seriously,. i would recommend this hospital everytime

movie goer


Lovely Black

17 minutes on hold just to speak with a nurse is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! VA hospital needs to do better!!!! Very poor services!!!!

barbara marksberry

My Dad was at VA for three weeks and really sick,but once again they pulled him through and he's back home doing great.That's amazing for a man who will be 90yrs old next birthday.The Doctors,Nurses,Aides and all the Staff made it happen.Thank you to an AWESOME STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharmaine Dela Pena

I was a student volunteer of this place for two years and I just wanted to say that the staff have always been kind and thoughtful of others. Even though I'm not a patient there, the experience there was very fun and helpful.

Larondrick Woods

Good place

Jeremy Simms

I've always been able to get appointments and the staff is great.

Michael Graham


Neal Harmon

The VAMC in Louisville and all the clinics are staffed by mostly all wonderful and caring health care professionals. Here for a lab visit where I am always treated with respect and was a quick visit. The hospital is clean, the grounds are emaculate and I got a great parking spot today!

Linda Timberlake

Talk to fellow veterans while waiting and makes the wait more pleasant. Really good with keeping within 15 mins of your appt time

Pam Trost

Everyone has wonderful compassionate and caring

Ryan Ramey

Impressed that all staff you pass stops to ask if you need assistance finding anything. Very friendly complex, physicians actually listen to you instead of acting like, "great another veteran whining about some issue" which I felt at many other facilities.

william rock

Just awesome all the way around

darrell vanderwaal

Staff and Drs are very good. Most appointments are less than 1 hour long. My only real complaint is obtaining outside referrals to a pain specialist. Have to file a complaint with the director, yet he won't over rule chief of staff. So then the legal system comes into play.

Robert Reed

The nurses and staff were great they were friendly and helpful and Showed lot of compassion ,I got in the emergency Room and was taken back to a Room almost immediately ,I was taken up stairs to the 2nd floor for Is CT scan The scan was completed the 1st 15 minutes I was upstairs but then I was left to sit in a hallway For over an hour waiting to be taken back to the emergency Room It's pretty depressing to be left in a wheelchair in a hallway for over an hour and nobody attempting in any way to get you back to the emergency Room where your wife is waiting for you And sorry to say it was one of those new weird chairs that you can't wheer yourself . My reason to going for to the ER was for an internal bleeding issue that put me in the ICU for almost a week 2 years ago And they do not show enough motivation about finding out where the bleeding is coming from

Sandy Mayes

Long wait but good people

Barbara K.L. Loving - Eckert Mrs

Hospital Staff and Physicians are very professional and caring.

Dug Whit

Just here for med pick up

James Brown

They actually treat you as a human being...... instead of an inconvenience.

Matt Becker

The employees care for the most part and do everything they can. The facility is just old and always packed. Parking is better now with the additional lots they have added.

princess pearl

Such a heartwarming place fill of loving ❤'s...

Trish French

Very FRIENDLY and helpful great care they give

John Clark

Dennis Crider

I like waiting 3+ months to get an appointment with my PCM at the DuPont clinic (NOT). This ultimate made me stop going to the VA unless it was absolutely necessary. At this point I have been un-enrolled, and have to go through the whole intake & eligibility process all over again. The VA system here is by and large a joke in Louisville.

richard lee

I called in an address change and the representative was very helpful

ronnie cardy

Very good place to go to get medicine and to talk to a doctor and Rehabilitation lots o very good Nurses

Terry Brentzel

Nice place

Kyler Katka

One of the best medical centers in Louisville/ hospital.

trustme Trusty

They have saved my life more than once.. I am depted, thank you.

Matthew Harris

So grateful for your time and help in my times of need. Have a great time this fourth of July weekend. Remember that sacrifice is forever. Thanks VA.

Rodger Jenkins

Richard Lucas. Went in for CT scan. I thought he was a nice guy. BUT, when I asked a couple of questions he began lying and said he felt threatened. Didn't get CT scan. Like a lot of veterans my service to our country is not appreciated. Horrible experience.

Eric McDonald

They try their best to help you

Edward Cox

Reused treatment because I made too muich money, yet the DR ordered me sent to another hospital via ambulance...given choice by a VA Police officer,get in ambulance or "I wlil beat your ass and take you straight to jail" WOW! happy Veterans Day to em huh? I just took all decorations ever awarded to me by the Army and jammed them into a trash barrel...along with all documents I could find...I want nothing more to do with any connection to the word veteran its no wonder 22 every day take theier own life..with people like Dr Upall providing care...or more correctly, refusing care and abusing her authority..using the VA police...moronic retired trooper that he is to do her bidding. God Bless America!



Sean Ferrell

Nice friendly staff


If you're really ill do not go to the er. The va doesn't give a damn about vets

Jason Peacock

Always loved Zorn avenue VA Hospital, everybody has Good days AND Bad days, so sometimes I go in the nurse is mean and irritable, and other times the nurse is sweet as can be.

Ray Damico

Excellent service and staff. At first, I was not familiar with the layout but everyone from doctors on down would stop and asked if I needed directions. Clean facility.

Keith Williams

Quick to take care of my problems

Janine bennett

If I could give the VA minus a thousand stars I would. They care nothing about the Veteran. We have been trying to get my boyfriend's disability back after it was canceled by mistake. He is diabetic, has congestive heart failure along with kidney failure and will start on dialysis soon. All they do when you try to contact them by phone is to transfer you from one department to another. They never return calls. He has had to take a cold showers going on two months simply because he has no money to pay for a water heater. It hurts me so much but I can not work because of recovering from transplant. It scares me how depressed he gets. Don't get me going on the DAV in the basement they are equally as worthless. It angers me to no end to see Veterans that served their country tossed away like trash. I wonder how many of the 22 Veterans a day that kill themselves do so because they can not get help from the VA. Considering going to the media over this maybe that will get them moving.

clyde reber

this is a great hospital I know I had Knee replacement and my back work on and I am still going this is my second home and where I go to Scottburg In it is the same way and I tell them that all the time April 10 2018 home away from home it is still a grate place to be when u sick

michael pich

My medical treatment is FREE

Ramsey Ismaili

Platinum City


Brad Akin

The clinic that I worked with when I broke my back was the best experience I have ever had at the VA. Also had outpatient sinus surgery December 2017 and that went very well.

Shauna Nation

Poor customer service and rude receptionist

Ken Moore

Have visited on several medical issues and have received great care. PT has been a tremendous help with dealing with my spine. Great service and always on time. My ONLY issue with the VA is................PARKING! never good on these old bones and walking with a cane from the back 40 so to say, shuttle is slow especially on cold days .

Michele R

Never fun going to hospital

Kristen Tilton

Love the care my grandfather has received here! Nurse Melissa in the ICU is FANTASTIC and our entire family adored her. Dr. Wrightson did a great job of explaining options, answering all of our questions and working with the other medical teams to get my grandpa the best care available. The only issue we have is with Dr. Wrightson's nurse practitioner- she was very rude, had no bedside manner, and probably shouldn't be working in the healthcare industry.

Charles Singleton

Quick appt fixed me right up

kelly montgomery

Best care ever. I use the private sector hospitals as well, but the VA is the best hands down.

George Mcfall

Cant get better service and quality of service from a hospital.

patrick hampton

Er is a joke

David Greer

Best VA in the system.

Joyce Hamilton

Excellent Service and Care. Thanks for taking great care of us Veterans. God bless you all.

Dwayne Bell

If you are sick they will get u better

George Michael Hill

They serve you with smiles every day

Amber Faye

It's not the hospital itself but the clinics within the hospital that I'm having problems with. I can NEVER get anyone to call me back even after leaving voicemails. It's horrible and I'm getting fed up.

joe cool

A friend went here on two different occasions with the same results.........NONE. If my dog was a veteran I'd figure out somewhere else to take her. The medical staff were the most uncaring and insensitive people I've ever saw in the healthcare industry. Go somewhere else.................sad

Rodney Brannon

Prefer less chaotic location on Newburgh Rd

Carl Graves

The parking situation is ridiculous. Disabled parking is away from the doors where patients with mobility issues either have to walk/ride over the grass and risk falling or walk/ride on the road and risk being hit by a car. The only other option is to sit in line foe 20 minutes waiting for valet parking, whose spots are right in front of the doors. If you try to park on your own, a valet attendant will run over and kick you out of the spot.

William Joseph Vittitow

I’ve always been treated so well by all doctors and nurses & staff . I recived assistances to receive a lung transplant. Also 2 hip replacements & both eye caterac surgery, surgery on both ankles. Cold & flu Several times. I owe the VA my life. and the people who work there. America is Great. Let continue to make it great. Thanks

Dirk Wright

Some of the great care I've had . Better than HMH in elizabethtown ky. Wish they would open up a ER on ft,knox, please

Austin Mccullough

A disgrace to our veterans! You all should be a ashamed of yourselves by the quality of your care.

Whitney Scott

This VA is so much better than the one my husband and I are at now. This VA actually cares about their veterans and do their best to take care if their needs. I wish we were able to transfer back.

Hickerson Adriene

I'm there because my husband is VET and has dr's appt there

John Wilson

Good food & medical care

Helarie Pancho-Minns

The wait is sometimes long and the care is good.. I luv the valet parking

Qween Ebony

Very clean, plus super friendly and helpful team of doctors in nurses ad other staff members.. I also adore the history on display all around the facility

Ian Playz

My mom works there so I guess it’s good. Except for the fact that in hip replacements, they do posterior approach instead of an anterior approach. Posterior approaches make it take longer for scar tissue to heal than it does for an anterior approach.

Tonya Young

Maybe it's because I'm new to using my benefits but I don't see why they catch so much flack. Everyone has been so nice to me. I went in to get a new ID made. I did wait a little bit but the wait was not ridiculous. I do wish that they could give you your ID right there instead of mailing it to us. The staff who have contacted me have been so nice. So far it's been a great experience

Jesus de Leon

I was given directions to my appointment 3 times before I finally got to the right place.

Marty Walker

They taking care of me since I got out of the service very respectable and God bless the u of l nurses and doctors they take care of me here also

Faye Vanasse

The careing nurses, The doctor's we're excellent for my brother he very satisfied

Tom Vaughn

If you are patient in waiting your turn. The service and attention that you receive is well worth the wait. In general. You are treated very well and the care is excellent.

Robert Rupley111


Patricia Snodderly

I was treated with respect and everyone was extremely helpful. The service was much quicker than I expected. I'm grateful.

Veronica Simms

Great care!

Larry B Bee


Denise Garcia

Nurses and the doctors I had contact with were great.

Harly Davis

Best treatment available.

Mahogany Herriford


Samuel F. Campbell

I understand they have been involved with the "Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning, Value Model (SAIL)." Assisting in providing the high quality, saftey, and efficiency of the health care available at our VA Centers. ~ Samuel F Campbell

Oscar the Veteran Submariner

After not being able to walk for 5 years and asking VA for help, I found out that I had 100% blocked illiac arteries to my legs at Baptist. VA never treated me nor tested further for 5 years. I had a heart attack jan 2015 and the blockage was videoed by Baptist in my illiacs as they had trouble getting a cath thru. I took it to VA (Dr. Yancy) and she told me it was a non lifestyle limiting problem. I guess walking is not a big priority to the VA. I had surgery at a civilian hospital and walking is really great! Someone needs to explain that to the VA. I have also been wrist banded with the wrong person and one night they woke me up when they were trying to give me insulin. Fortunately I woke up as I am NOT diabetic. Scary! 3-2019 Appointment scheduling is horrendous! They send me scheduled appts and then a week later they send me a letter saying they couldn't contact me and are cancelling the appt. Even tho it costs, I think using Medicare is the safest way to go.

bruce chace

I have had great service here! !

Terrie Swartz

They're nice.

Robbie Combs

It's the VA but for the most part they do a great job.

Gary Duncan

I have used the Louisville VA hospital and New Albany Indiana clinic since 1994 while having excellent health insurance. I still choose the VA over private practice facilities. VA diagnostic abilities are second to none and any test a doctor orders is done without having to get permission from insurance companies. Treatment has always been very good and wait times seem no longer than with civillian doctors. Love Louisville VA.

Don Bolton

Great medical care.

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