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Brad J

The assessment process was horrible. I realize such an experience in general isn't such that one leaves doing cartwheels, but this experience made me feel significantly worse than before I arrived. The guard at the main entrance was rude and physically forceful. That set a bad tone for the rest of the process. Every room into which you are led is locked, which means......YOU are locked in. When finally led to the main assessment waiting area, I was told there were 4 ahead of me. Little would I expect I'd have waited for over 4 hours until finally being seen. The assessment process was much less stressful and once I was dismissed, I felt like a prisoner having been released. The atmosphere of this place is very upsetting, it's not reassuring or hopeful in any way. You KNOW you're in a mental facility that was built during a time that such places were run by the state. This place is like that which you see depicted in one of those 1940-50 films, bars on the windows, locked restrooms, etc. Having the place set up on a hill to which you ascend upon entrance is an upsetting feeling. The place hasn't been updated or changed in decades. I feel for anyone who has to endure this assessment process. Be advised, however, that if you're being assessed for the adult IOP, the place where the IOP is held is MUCH better an atmosphere, truly a place of healing, warmth and hope. This main OLOP hospital......if I ever visit the place again, never would be too soon.

Dylan Monnett

the beds there are hard as a rock, they give you very cold food, and if you dont eat the staff take your food and eat it... the place is aweful, also very dangerous.

Josh Sullivan

Diana Braxton

this place is not helpful please go somewhere else


Our Lady of Peace on Churchman Avenue is a trap horrible terrible staff they lie, they laugh at you they call the police on you and then they kick you out Our Lady of Peace on Churchman Avenue never go to it you'll get trapped in there and he won't get no treatment my name's Tim Albin and I just I just left from there in a police car

Joanna Davis

I took my son there for the Crossroads outpatient program. He was depressed and was referred from a mental health therapist in Atherton. He went one day, and it was pretty traumatic for him. He said it’s like being in jail. He’s 14 years old, yet, they had to watch a video about what it means to be a librarian and they gave them coloring sheets. Coloring sheets for 14 year olds? How pathetic. It’s sad they don’t offer any other programs for youth depression in Louisville. This place is definitely not a good place for depressed teens.

Jason Boling

Austin Kinslow


Do not recommend, could never talk to the Doc. If you need help, go to U of L hosp. That place is great, able to talk to Doc's if need. Staffing is great. They did a good job in getting better.


Kristen Cox

I had a family member here who went because she lost her significant other to suicide and was going through severe severe depression, ptsd, anxiety.. the point is she was a wreck. She went here asking for help and VOLUNTARILY ADMITTED HERSELF and called me within a few hours crying hysterically. They kept her sedated on seroquil and she was having adverse reactions becoming easily agitated and they just kept shooting her up with it stating it was her and not the drug. Im not a nurse but i do have some medical experience in the mental health field working at eastern state hospital, and i could tell that this facility is abusive and should be shut down immediately. I literally had to drive 2 hrs there and beg her doctor to release her and threaten him with her patient rights just so i could get her out of there and take her to the ridge. This place is absolutely awful. She came out way worse than she went in. If your loved one needs help please DO NOT send them here.

Stacy Morris

I am rewriting my review, almost a year later. I did not like being here. If you want to be locked away with people that are out of there mind than go for it. To the review of the lady that believes she had a spiritual experience, and wondering if anybody else did. Yeah, here I am, but I do not know how to contact you. I don't even remember half of the time that I was in here, and that is scarey. There is no peace in this place, needs to be renamed. They let me leave with no medication, because I refused to sign papers. They let me leave and I still was not myself. So thank you all for that, that was really nice. I am just thankful that after a month of having a mental breakdown, and not remembering half of that month, that I am back to being me....without medication! You doctors need to study up more on psychosis, so patients of this matter can be better cared for. Trying to get help for mental problems in this state is a joke. I have needed help since I was 16. So today I just pray for everyone that has a mental problem, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ect., I pray to God to let there be strengthening of our minds to overcome these illnesses. Can I Get an AMEN! I sure do miss my shirt that you all kept. Enjoy.

Worm :0

This place is a hell hole. Please don't send anyone here. It doesn't help, and if anything, I got worse.

Tamail Stokes

Happyboi24 and Happydmac07

Amanda Proctor

Waste of time. Was sent to OLOP from an ER in Lexington. They kept me for 4 days. During the 4 days I saw the doctor every morning before 8 am, but only for about 5 minutes. Meals were late everyday, by up to 30 minutes... and the only time you can eat is when they bring the meals. I stayed in bed one complete day and they didnt care. As long as they could do a head count every 15 minutes... they lock your bathroom at night and you have to ask them to let you use the toilet in the common area. The nurses/staff just sit around playing on their phones all day, and if you ask for a cup of ice or talk to them, they are very obvious about being annoyed with you. They made everyone take a sleeping pill each night when they passed meds. My doctor prescribed me antidepressants but no refills, and they made me an appointment for follow up care for talk therapy. They didnt refer me to a prescribing doctor, so once I got out I was back to square one without meds. The place was dirty, and old. I never stepped outside or got a breath of fresh air once the whole 4 days they kept me there. There is no communication, and they do not actually help you. Going there was a slap in my face and a waste of my time.

Ajay Rao

My family member experienced the horrible treatment provided by this place. Like any other hospital, there are some people who do genuinely care about patients but at this facility those people aren't doctors or social workers. Doctor Sullivan is a ghost who rarely communicates with patient families about diagnoses, medication, or anything. He appears to work long hours, evidenced by his eyes twitching, and rarely answers questions. You can try to contact him but you'll never speak with him. His ability to treat psychiatric illness is also suspect. The social workers appear to be lazy. Any expectations of them being reassuring and encouraging to families are unrealistic. They don't know how to deal with children with autistic spectrum and OCD, as they openly said so during a family session. Overall avoid this place if your child has a psychiatric illness.

Derrick Collins

went desperate for help with drug addiction, spent 5 hours there waiting and was turned away because not suicidal and blamed insurance company for non admittance, all they care about is the money they can get not helping people, after assessment they "called the doctor"( why wld dr not actually see the person) and recommended not admit me go to counseling in morning...before got home message on asnw machine not to come spoke to insurance not covered and someone would call tomorrow and one called back... total bullsh@t I wldnt take my dog to tht place

Carolyn Elliott

160ike Monhollen rd corbin ky

Corey M

I gave them a 3 because I have never stepped foot in the place, so a 1 or 5 wouldn't be fair. I just wanted to comment that I was/ am supposed to be going here tomorrow for detox.. until i started reading these reviews. I think I'll stick to JDAC. Olop, you better start running a tighter ship or you'll sink. Warm meals have to be earned.. Wow..

Nita E.Russell

Dakota Huff

This place is garage and is disgusting the reviews of this psych ward are correct I went too the lady of peace and I was 17 years old in 2013 my names Dakota persico an yes they were texting and on Facebook and talking about the d I was on the 2nd west wing of the place they were disrespectful and an rude and they didn't clean the place and yes the doctors are something else but the doctor I saw was nice and respect and I thank her for that . but the nurses were rude and one nurse had awaken me up by turning on the light an drawing blood the government needs to check into Kentucky one health and shut them down

constance kreese

They warehouse and treat ppl like cattle had side effects from medicines and was ignored or made fun of, psych techs were rude except one , stringing beads and sitting around w nothing to do was most of the day

Michael Brown

I went here for a psychological evaluation to be put on medication for anxiety. They locked me in a psych ward with crazy people who didn't even know where they were, overnight, and told me I'd see a doctor by 8am tomorrow morning. At 8 when I asked, I was told he wouldn't be in till 10. When I asked at 10 it was 11. At 11 it was 1. When I met him at 1, he talked to me for maybe 45 seconds and told me I had to stay another night. This ... "place" messed me up far worse than I was. NOTHING POSITIVE came from this place. Only FEAR, ANXIETY, and sheer PANIC at the thought of never being able to leave is what resulted. The staff are horrible, the doctors don't care, you're treated like an ANIMAL here. NOT A PERSON. I wouldn't give this place 1 star, if Google allowed me to go lower I would. Our lady of peace.. I hope you burn in hell. Dr. "B". you especially.

Eugina Long

My friend was from Indianapolis and he passed out in the park. He was transfered t I this Our Lady of Hell. He was released when they found out there was nothing wrong with him. He had to wait for us to travel from Indianapolis and the security guard told him he had to get off the property. When he tried to explain to him his ride was coming from Indianapolis he told him so there taking too long like Indianapolis was a cross the street. If that is how the health care workers treat people it was a disgrace. On top of that when he was trasported to this facility the staff knew nothing about his arrival and did not even feed the gentleman. Wow, what hospility. Remind me not to get sick in Kentucky. Really the hospital does not deserve one star it deserve a blank.

Aziz Sey

dev .

I was there back in September, and it was AWFUL. The building is filthy ! This is gross and embarrassing but when I was there (mind you i only got to shower once) I GOT FOOT FUNGUS. it still isn’t gone yet. anywayyy the staff is rude, and i would not recommend this to anyone. The admission office worker argued with me for 30 minutes saying I was a boy (I have a shaved head, but i donated my hair) It was 3 am and she wouldn’t stop. I got strip searched and then placed in a room. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT HERE :(

stevie hodge

The facility it’s self is severely lacking, my shower had black mold, the windows leak when it rains, there was so much dust it was like a dust bunny family reunion. They called CPS on me with no reason for it, had my child back within days. The doctor was pretty blunt when you are in a vulnerable state, most of the nurses were pretty rude also. The assistants were awesome and the rec staff were a huge help. They could not provide me with vegetarian food that was an adequate diet. The amount you pay to get screwed over is pretty substantial as well. Sure makes you think twice about getting help if you’ve got kids.

2nutsforu2kiss .

I was told by someone named melissa that even though my child was discharged that I can't take them home unless I pay the bill in full. I was then purposely left in the lobby after her shift ended with no help. My child was offered an anti depressant because he was upset and crying over not being home! I can agree this place helps children but to quick to medicate.

Donnita White

Still being monitor by the workers who live on the same street that I reside at. Our lady of Peace supervisor let staff do anything to the Patient..most worker turn there name tag around and induce their self as other People.most of our NEIGHBORS Know my health history do to a few staff members that live on The same street .(Using their words )--- they let me sick do to staff not giving me the proper tools to use.----- The Doctor order toothpaste with mint and a bar of Dove soap. Staff didn't give it to me just so I can smell Real Bad and threaten to have me Beat up if I told any one anything I have experience at the facility.Fyi no longer a Patient and still being Monitor ;(

Lynn Houfek

If you ever need any kind of emotional or mental help NEVER go to Our Lady of Peace Hospital. We took a family member there to get counseling and it was the worst mistake ever. It is literally and insane asylum. And if you aren't insane before you get there you will be after you come out because they do not treat people with any dignity, compassion or caring. It's all about filling their beds and making money. If you have good insurance they will really hold you hostage. The place is so locked down that you would think the people were actually in Folsom State Prison. Every single door in that place is locked including bathrooms. There are so many locks that if they ever have a fire- there is no way they could get everybody out. I even asked a security guard about it and he said they think about that all the time..........

Dillon Andrews

Why can't google let us rate 0? i mean places like this with names that sound good to lure patients that need medical attention and psychiatric care and also fooling the healthcare system by advertising great things about this hospital which only helps about 4% of ill people in history of this terrible stereotypical hospital that would remind you of those 1940's asylums that are actually still running and almost having the exact same management from that time and not this time. Seriously I Believe they don't take well-care and you have too pay them In another difficult way (if you were lucky enough to actually find a way afford it or have a way too solve the solution by not spending wasted money)

Sarah Fogle

Jack Pyles

The rehab facility is basically an insurance money farm. The doc will keep you in for as long as they'll pay (3-4 days for heroin, up to 7 for alcohol withdrawal) then if you haven't claimed to be suicidal or wanting to harm yourself, discharge you. In that time you get to live in a piss-filled jail with cold leftover hospital food, denied your regular medication, and if you don't attend their meetings they'll lock you out of your room so you can't sleep. You can't really get visits from outside and one time when I was in on valentine's day the nurse lied to me about my girlfriend having called me back multiple times to cheer me up. I've seen awful things like people have seizures here due to withdrawal and hit their heads and not taken for cat scans, etc... You'll barely see your doctor in the AM or get any real care because he has 130 patients. Meanwhile, Dr. Afaq lives it up in the most expensive home in Louisville. This is the state of our treatment centers in our state.

Mandy Cunningham

This place should be shut down went in under a MIW for selfharm & sucide attemp.the staff was totally rude & abusive more of a jail.than a hpspital. Don't ever send you're love one's there.

Erika Dalton

I was sent here for depression twice From Saint Joseph's In London. The first time was horrible and traumatizing for me. The second time I was sent to the hospital they automatically set you up with an interview with some lady from Olop. The second time i asked and pleaded that i be sent somewhere else, but the staff acted like there was no other place for me to go BUT olop. So i had to be sent there not once but TWICE. Everything about that place was horrible. The food was disgusting i would rather lick the floor than eat the food. The staff were beyond rude and I'm a very respectful and polite person and they were very rude and treated you like an animal. The "therapy session's" that you had to go to weren't even really therapy. You colored or made stuff out of clay. And it was never one on one therapy. Never really centered around your personal needs. It was always group therapy sessions. Which, in my opinion, didn't help most people there. You have to ask to use the rest room and you can't wash your hands. When you get out of the bathroom you walk up to one of the staff and they give you some hand sanitizer. They make you go into your room for "Quiet time." Where you spend an hour of the day in your room. The SCHOOL is an absolute joke. They don't even have teachers qualified to teach. You don't learn anything. I could go on and say so much more, but overall, this place was hands down the worst place I have ever had to experience in my life. If you have the choice please do not go here. I am so traumatized and horrified by what i experienced. If anything it made me worse going here that i was previously.

Charles Falkner

Last year I was placed into OLOP (the pseudonym for Our Lady of Peace) in the young adult ward (As I am 14 at this paticular moment) due to anxiety and depression. Now these were 2 things I had, however in-patient was not what I needed, it was a minor case, I had never attempted suicide or made a plan or anything akin to it. Nonetheless they placed me there. Now this place has a nickname, 'Our Lady of Hell' that nickname is deserving. The inpatient program (notice I'm not saying out patient as that was an okay experience) made me more depressed, causing me to stay longer. The reason for this was due to abusive staff (for example I once said that I'm actually a pretty good kid, the staff member responded no you're not you're in here). However outpatient was enjoyable. The staff wanted to help. But overall 1 star experience

Candice Zimmermen

It was the worse experience ever .if your not suicidal. Before you go in you will be when you get out. I am a transgender female on floor 2 very rude nurses. 4 jumped me one morning to get my ear rings the nurse tore my ear when she jerked them out then packed me down the hall to be strapped down. After that they locked me out of my room and told me it would be one on one .I couldn't shower or use the bath room or go to bed with out someone standing 3 foot from me.this experience was soo depressing I felt like committing suicide when I was released. This was the worst experience. In my life.

Victoria Quinn

Our lady of peace is the best psychiatric hospital I have ever been to and people who think it is a joke are wrong and are really mentally unstable The haters out there of our Lady of peace psychiatric hospital if you hate it so much you shouldn't be because you did something to get in there So you need to stop putting negative comments on the website Look at our Lady of peace over six times they treat everybody with respect and dignity and as long as you show them respect and dignity look at our Lady of peace over six times they treat everybody with respect and dignity and as long as you show them respect and dignity All you haters out there go for it on something else Because they take care of your every needs not to mention the staff are better than the stuff I have had at other psychiatric inpatient the are better than the staff I have had at other psychiatric inpatient Facilities and the best part is that you have a safe warm environment and feed you and if you don't have any clothes

Tyler Balsley

I went here awhile ago and they locked me in a room like they were going to give me a lethal injection. They also didn't want me to go to school when I was locked in the room >.<

Jackie Howard

Ryan Drake

Aleksi Spolski

I was placed here for attempted suicide, and at first I wasn't even placed in the right ward. I was placed with a bunch of adults over 20, while I was only barely 18 and should have been placed with my peers. I was told after the fact that it had, in fact, been the wrong ward and that it was for people who "weren't expected to ever check out." I wasn't taught coping methods. I wasn't counseled. No one even asked me why I tried to kill myself. No diagnosis was made in regards to my mental condition, or referred me to a therapist, or even recommended I seek counseling. I was simply chucked out of the system to make room for the next person the moment I was perceived as 'stable'. By the time I checked out, I wasn't any better, I still hated myself and wanted to die. Honestly I'm just lucky I actively searched for a real therapist after all that. Edit: I forgot to mention this part. Not only all this, but I have special needs. I have a medical condition called Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (it's a condition that causes cancerous polyps to develop in my digestive tract, and as a result my colon had to be removed at the age of 5). It causes me to sporadically lose control of my defecation, because I literally have chronic diarrhea. This is especially bad when I'm in a place I'm not used to, because I become nervous and that exacerbates it. I asked if I could have privileges to take showers in the morning, because I have 'accidents' at night, and I was denied that. It was humiliating and made me even more depressed than I already was.

John R

Horrible, useless place. We took our child in for a crisis situation, and at first, it sounded great-we were told he would receive medication, therapy, family supports, etc. Three days later, the doctor had recommended medication, but it hadn't been started. We were told the meds weren't started because the behavioral therapist needed to get a baseline on his behavior without medication, but medication would be started and he'd be monitored to see how he reacted to it. Five days later, still no medication or anything other than behavior monitoring. The promised family training never materialized, either. When we would call or visit, we were told our child was doing good, he was fine, doing great, etc. So, we said we would take him to a provider closer to home, since he was doing better and he already had an appointment. Suddenly the behavioral therapist changes her tune and says he's had a horrible time, and isn't safe to take home! We were scheduled for a family training session on the eighth day, though. On the way up to the hospital, we were told the session had been cancelled. We called a lawyer. When we arrived at the hospital, we informed them that we had been speaking to a lawyer and knew our rights. Suddenly the behavioral therapist was available to meet with us! Imagine that! We signed our child out-OLOP wasn't providing any treatment he couldn't get at home. When he left the hospital after only eight days, he was dehydrated and had lost five pounds. If he'd been in there for another week or two like they wanted, he would have starved to death or gotten a feeding tube! Do NOT take any child to this place!

Blue Router

Okay so I left this place recently and I'm gonna be honest, the only reason this review gets 3 stars cause Josh the nurse was super accommodating and super nice, but as for some of the rest of the fake staff, on 1s Glenda is very rude to talk about a disabled patient, she says some people shouldn't work there well clearly she shouldn't either, she basically talked and laughed about a patients eye problem, and it's just unprofessional and I don't think she can handle herself professionally cause of this experience. And don't even get me started on what your teaching patients Jack!!! On 1s, telling patients that having a dream is delusional, is downright wrong, nothing can stop you if you have the positive attitude and the right Person on your side aka God, this irritates me so much that you teach patients that dreaming isn't realistic, dreamers are what make this country great, Abraham Lincoln was a dreamer, the singers that sing their hearts out were dreamers, soldiers that die for the country are dreamers, the saints that made the hospital possible were dreamers, they dreamed of helping every single person that walked through those doors, and for you to teach something that goes against their values well how dare you, maybe you should be fired for disrespecting the core beliefs of the founder. There I'm done reviewing this✌️✌️

Jessica Smith

I hated this place staff was very rude they put me and a room with some one that had worse problem then me that threaten me I told them they didn’t care I still had to sleep with her they woke you up every 5 mins when I was there the staff didn’t care if it was night time and u was sleep or not the was loud as hell they got attitudes when you asked for ice or asked for the bathroom to b open food was cold tasted like I was eating a brick they kept busting in on me in the bathroom all they wanted to do was yell if I could rate them a 0 I would worst experience in my life

Pee Tree

Excellent Clientele soap chocolate on pillows fine art. Jug of wine.

Megan Hardesty

The very first day my son was there, he spoke with the doc for all of 5 min before the doctor wanted to medicate my 11 year old. I refused the meds, and was later told they didn't think he needed it anyways. Strike 1. Then I haven't been able to get the doctor to call me back, I spoke to him 1 time about the meds, in a 2 week period. Now he is supposed to be in the out patient program where he goes to school there. I was told he had a spot and I would get a call letting me know a start date. It has been a week he is not in school at all and I have called numerous times to find out when he can start with no return calls. I feel my son has essentially been forgotten about. To make matters worse he can't go back to his regular school til he's released from olop. I will be going tomorrow to withdraw him against med advice, just so I can get him back in school and back in his much needed counseling. This place is starting to seem like a joke. Argumentative staff is a big problem as well.

TJ Jackey

the staff I have worked with have been extremely helpful

jordan becknell

It was Terrible I got attacked by a kid cried myself to sleep and they put me on the wrong unit. staff are abusive must earn warm lunch and therapy

Taron Hall

The fact that people go here, willingly or not to get help, and get worse, is ironic. They were here to get a check and leave. Staff was rude at times and didn't seem to care how people felt

Derrick Singletary

Dr. Peters is an incompetent joke! Instead of working with parents and primary provider, he just changes all the meds to his favorite cocktail. Ten steps backwards!

Maria Rivera

kim dozier

I walked in with my son and the place scared me. We stayed for the assessment but went home I got bad vibes from staff and the whole place. I don’t know what they are running there but they are not keeping my child.

Kayla Allen


Brian Sanchez

Horrible place and the reason is that there is a lady (not qualified enough to be call a therapist) that is absolutely partial to people who kiss her butt. If you tell her she is 'the best therapist's' or 'that she is good' the she will sail you through even with several meaning more than two positive tests. Now if you have a conflict of interest or tell her something contrary to her opinion the forget it. This place repramand and possibly fire her! She is not good at all. Keep in mind that I'm holding my tonge!! The only good thing about this place is Dr. Afaulk!

Lena Kearney

I reading these reviews and you need to take them with a grain of salt. People in recovery start out resentful and angry about everything.Who wants to be in a mental health facility admitting that the way they have done things in life isn't working.

Young Nate


This place was a very negative impact in my life. I was sent there for panic attacks and chronic depression, but this pit of despair only made it worse and gave me horrible nightmares and insomnia (and made me suicidal). Of the whole week and a half I stayed there, I only had around 72 hours of sleep total. I got sent home early because "nothing was wrong with me". I still have flashbacks and nightmares about that place very often; about what they did to me at that place. The only privacy you were allowed to have was when you had to take a shower in a bathroom that reeked strongly of urine and feces. I didn't even have my own privacy when I was in my room trying to sleep, as they kept checking on everyone 5 minutes the whole night. Depending on how you act, you are given a certain quality of food. The better you are, the warmer the food is (even though the food is hardly ever warm depending on your behavior). You are not allowed outside (or at least nobody was allowed to when I was there), so all I could do is wish to go outside while staring outside the window. I felt out of place, I was surrounded by people who were far worse than me - people that often had to be restrained or put in a room to silence themselves. If you or any of your friends or family needs to seek help and go to a hospital, don't go to this place - they treat you horribly and the surroundings are dirty/disgusting.

Marguerite Chipp

An family member was here. All I can say is horrible, just horrible and a big waste of time and money. Person was released after 24 hours because "there is nothing wrong with him"!!! Finally we thought he was going to get in-patient help?!? The staff was surly and unpleasant and lied about everything. The doctors invisible. State should shut them down. 2 years later adding this: he is dead.

Constance Avery-Lewis

DO NOT SEND LOVED ONES HERE. The patients are treated about as well, or possibly worse than patients in mental institutions in the 1500s were treated. Please do not send loved ones here!!!!

H Morgan

Mary Linehan

Horrible. You won't get the help you need or want. Very rude. They treat you like garbage. The doctors don't know what they are doing neither. They only care about there paychecks!

Ian C

The staff are on their phone texting and ignoring the patients 90% of the time. They gouge you with lying bills inflating prices 10-100 times. It shouldn't cost $1,000 a day to feed people cheap low quality slop and pills while they sit and check facebook on duty They used paper garbage bags for wet garbage so it dripped all over the floor sometimes creating a very dangerous situation. What idiot thought up this idea! There is no excuse for this stupidity. A person could be seriously injured by the floor slippery with greasy garbage and wet food. I saw at least one patient slip and almost fall. They should use plastic trash bags like UofL or any other hospital would. They seem to like doing everything backwards. OLOP people just don't take pride in their work or have any common sense or compassion for patient safety and care. Doctors spend 5 minutes with you and clearly show no interest. Bensonhaber is the worst; that lazy hack should be fired or retire. He is very distant and cold. They do not communicate well with people and play games. The group leaders are worthless, too - one seemed like a drill sergeant and had no empathy or warmth & the other seemed manic or psychotic himself. He looked like actor William H. Macy, but high on crack or heroin.

May Fowler

Kaitlyn Hess

ATTENTION IF YOU PLAN ON SENDING YOUR CHILD OR TEEN ANYWHERE FOR HELP DO NOT GO HERE, GO TO THE BROOK. I had been to OLOP 5 times for my mental health from the time I was 14 all the way up till I was 17. I met a lot of rude staff there, but there were a lot of nice ones too. The place is quite dirty compared to The Brook too. I was there 4 times for suicide attempts, and not one time was I ever placed on the right meds. If you get Dr. Peters, or Dr. Sullivan I’m going to let you know right now both those doctors do not know how to do their jobs right. I was actually seeing Dr. Sullivan outside of olop for about 2 years obviously his work wasn’t doing me a bit of good because I went back. I wasn’t even being treated for my bi polar, and he was the one who diagnosed me with it. OLOP overall is one of the worst places to send your child or teens for mental health. After searching somewhere for help for so long it ended up being in front of my face the whole time. The only reason I never went to the Brook was because of what other people had said about it, and of which what those people had said was completely inaccurate obviously or I wouldn’t be posting on OLOPS review page trying to refer people to The Brook.

Ashton Abner

I actually have developed ptsd related to my stay here. I was treated like I was less than human. Honestly I don't think that I could treat a dog the way the staff treated me. The entire place was a web of lies and scams. I have nightmares and panic attacks because of this place. Please for the love of everything good in the world do not send your loved ones to this place.


I am trying to check in and the lady behing desk has been having a personal conversation on the phone and I have been standing here for 20 min. personal life is more Important then me that dont care anything about life.

Kimberly Caswell

Skott Colyer

Kelsea Cauley

This place was awful. My first night there was me waking up to the staff playing with my stun gun and laughing about it. When I confronted them, they just sent me to my room. My roommate was vomiting and sleeping in her own vomit and it was several hours before anyone checked on her. Group therapy is a joke. It's basically a place where everyone says their names and then it's done. They only try to drug you and not actually help you. You will have zero freedom and will be treated less than human by the staff. My doctor rarely saw me. He would only come in for a few minutes then try to prescribe me pills without talking to me about it. One of the medications he tried to prescribe was something I had a bad reaction to in the past. I could have gotten incredibly ill if I didn't ask what they were giving me. There is basically zero activities to do. You might as well stay in your room, but that would only make you look more depressed and probably hinder your chances of leaving. Overall, I would recommend that no one goes here for mental health reasons. You will not get any help, but you will be drugged.

Jennifer Shepherd

I have had good experiences with This hospital so far. I'm sure we will have a relationship for some time. My son was hurting himself , the family, the dog .He loves pinching, biting and scratching due to Autism. He's nonverbal and the staff does wonderful with him on 3E.

Food Guru

Horrible - the office in Lexington sent us to get "on a list for outpatient care" when we took our 14 year old boy handicapped child in for an evaluation and to get help after being a victim of sexual abuse from a mentor that worked with him. Get him on a list???? What if it was your child? Pathetic.

Bianca Vie

I was told that I would be able to see my doctor for outpatient treatment last night . This morning I was told that my doctor is not in the office and I couldn't get an appointment until next month when I need help now. They are useless and don't care about the people that are seeking help. I was literally told there was nothing they could do.they don't deserve the star but I had to give it to leave the review. No humanity here. Please find yourself another hospital if you need treatment you won't get it here. I don't think anyone knows what they're doing here.

Danielle Barnes

When my daughter was 9 she was placed there for being bipolar. They treated her like vrap. She ended up with head lice. The staff was rude. And I can see it hasn't gotten any better!

Annastaisya Mason

The staff are rude, they lock everything, and give you punishment for no reason. You can't hug, high five, can't share food. But the staff will take your food and eat it. Hate that place.

Scarletts Webb

I appreciate them for their help with out of control teenager.

leah clore

One is the only option... Because i plan to file could have died there today... I will be filing suit. I cant explain... Please do not send a loved one or a stray dog there.... Sad thing.... St joesph hospital lexington shipped me there..... Look elsewhere for help..... Please believe me

Brittney Warren

I unfortunately spent a week inpatient in the adult ward. it was filthy. There was no structure. The psychiatrist would come in randomly throughout the day a few times a week and about a minute with me then leave. I was never told about group programs or meal times I just had to find out by myself. They would have been content to let me sit in my room all day. Room bathrooms are locked during the day so you must use a shared one on the floor. One for the entire floor. When you were allowed in the room bathrooms to shower or change they were disgusting and you were timed. If you did not change quick enough a staff member would barge in, even if you were half naked. Also, visitors were only allowed for certain buildings on Sundays after taking a class and had to be on a list and only one at a time so I was told. I didn’t get any visitors but thankfully I was allowed I some clothes that were dropped off for me. Though apparently I didn’t really need to adhere to the dress code because others on the floor were wearing jeans and other things against the rules.

Mr. Wi-Fi

My daughter was released from this place last week, September 17, 2014. She had been admitted on September 4, 2014, she was sucidial and has Asperger's. We waited for 7.5 hours just to be evaluated. Then another 2 hours for the doctor to return the staff's page, and give the okay to admit. Once my daughter was admitted they instantly came and took her from us, not one person went over any rules, regulations, phone calls, visits, etc. The next morning I had to call them to see how things went throught the night. Her first week was not so bad, they had stopped all of her medications and the doctor called to explain to me why. Second week, the social worker calls me, she kept referring to my daughter as a "He" then would call her the wrong name!! My daughter was there 2 weeks before the social worker ever meet my daughter. There was many other "Small" issues that I won't go into, I was use the space for the major NO NO! On September 16 we had family threapy and the threapist told me that my daughter was no way shape or form ready to go home, and she was going to recommened that she be transferred to another unit for a longer stay. She agreed that the medications the doctor had put my daughter on were not working well. Then around 9 am the NEXT DAY the same social worker calls me to tell me they are releasing my daughter at 2pm that day! She said, "Oh no Mrs. ******* you must have miss understood me yestereday so and so is doing so well and she has earned the right to go home! Over the next few days I kept calling Dr. Chibbers (her doctor there) to tell him that my daughter was severely drugged and could not stay awake. He would never return any of my calls. Then yesterday my daughter said her head felt funny and she was weak. I took her to our local emergency room, and told them her medications. The doctor about fainited when he heard that my 70 lb. 12 year old was on 4mg. of Clonodine a day! He said 2.5 to 3mg is as high as you ever go for a full grown adult, let alone with other "Strong" medications like they had her on. He told me that my daughers blood pressure was very low was why she felt that way and to stop the meds right away. The ER doctor also tried to get in contact with Dr. Chibbers to no avail. I WILL NEVER EVER send my child back to that hell hole, and I wouldn't recommend anyone to send someone there!!!!!

Samuel Smith

I've been here 3 times in my life, once when I was 12, another when I was 15 and the last when I was 18. The first visit was voluntary, I knew I needed help and I was willing to receive it. I was treated sub-human. I was starved, wrongly medicated, and physically restrained even when I was just sitting in the common area playing cards with some other girls from my ward. After 2 weeks they told my mom there was nothing they could do, and they let me go. I swore I would never go back after that. However, my mental health got dangerously low once again and after an attempt to take my life my mom forced me back in. This was a terrible mistake, the only good thing that came from this visit was that I lost over 10lbs in a week. This last year I got to the lowest I've ever been, I was terrified for my own safety and the only place that took my insurance? OLOP. I went in with an open mind, hoping things would be different. I was right, it was different. This last time I was treated like a human being, the nurses were the sweetest I've known and I wasnt having the nightmares I normally did while in this place. However there are some things that could definitely still be improved on. If you remember high school lunches, how disgusting and unhealthy they were, how small portions you got? That is what the food is like here. But I am glad they dont have the level system for behaviour to determine your food for the adult ward, I'm not sure if it has been removed for the children's ward. Another thing that needs to be changed are the doctors level of knowledge. I was put on a medicine for substance abuse for self harm, after leaving and finding a knowledgeable psych, he was dumbfounded that a doctor would put me on this pointless medicine. They also, while I was in there, took me off all of my normal medications. Medications that have absolutely terrible withdrawal symptoms. They even took me off my medicine to manage my autism meltdowns. Thank goodness I was only there for 2 days. Yes, you read that correctly. I was in there for suicidal thoughts and they kept me for 2 days and told me theres nothing wrong with me just because I didn't act out. Before you decide to send a loved on here for treatment or before you admit yourself, I encourage you to read through these reviews. From being there 3 times, twice voluntarily, I can assure you that most of these reviews have a lot of truth in them. Even those that have been written from a patient upset they were locked up, this is how we, people with mental illnesses or disabilities, experienced this place. I wish you / your loved one the best on their road to recovery, everyone deserves happiness and health.

Bri Riley

Lauren Smrcina

do they let people visit?

Rita Taylor

Corey Perkins

How can you get your parents out of this hell hole of they were admitted by a hospital or judge. My dad sounds like he is going crazy in there...

Vickie Apted

I believe that the programs help people like me turn on the right track and if we don't follow through we can go back.I have a good will to live for and follow through the life journey to live laugh and love I am limited due to my disability but I believe that I am loved over the past mistakes,and I strive to survive and I'm living with my family and friends.I still need support and influence of course .Wisdom is a part of this Family members wedding.

Slim Jim

Was in the detox unit, my experience wasn’t all that bad. Don’t really feed you enough though...

mama bear

The worst place ever to send someone for "help"

Craig Self

Jaelyne Gibson

during my time here the social worker mr.david has been extremely helpful and the staff members as well.. mostly ms.devon .. but the thing is.. dr. sullivan isn't a bad doctor but they put so many patients on him at one time that he cant see them when the patients need it.. today a sub was in for him and it was pointless talking to her because she just said she would have to talk to dr. sullivan for me to get released.. i am just ready to get back into regular school and its hard to do that without dr.sullivan having better attendance.. that's all i need from him.. attendance.

Angel Eyes 83

Place should be shut down. They hold you and your child basically hostage from the time you walk in the door. Once you step one foot through the door, you are no longer free to leave with your child. They then twist your words around, refuse to let you speak to anyone in authority. My child was worse off after he got there before the evaluation even started than he was before we got there simply for a letter saying he could go back to school. Please , please, please do not bring your children or loved ones to this place. Please research and find someplace that truly cares for the patient!!!!


If I could give zero starts I would. Do not ever let a loved one go to this hospital. They do not care about the anyone; only care about money and "liability". This place is your worst nightmare come true.

tre arnett

I have there it can be bad but that can dep on what flour you are on I have ben on 2 south 2 east and and some bad ones to but it all dep

Michelle Hatfield

Inpatient bad outpatient is awesome

Maggie Pham

I had a family member who been a patient there and he complained that the facility was abusive. While he was patient there he had to have blood drawn out of him everyday when he didn’t even need to. Stay away and avoid at all costs,

George Qin

Truly one of the most hellacious experiences I have ever had - got punched in the face by a fellow patient & the staff sent me to seclusion. Accused me of provoking the fight when I never dared lay hands on the other patient in the first place. Afterwards discharge nursing supervisor told me there was nothing she could do about it.

Kenny Wallace

All of these reviews are lies, and BS.

Myya Little

Amanda Coffer

This place on horrible!! I took my 8 year old stepson there last night which is in my care, but in state custody. After 2 and a half hours they told me that my paperwork that was signed by a judge allowing me to consent to his care was not legit, then would not allow me to exit the building at all to get my cell phone out of my car, a supervisor had to go get it and I was not there for me. I had to threaten to call the police. Then when they finally dis his assessment for self harm and harming my other children, they said he needed inpatient hospitalization, then informed me that they had no beds open. The lady said the assessment was good for 24 hours and to call today to see if a bed was available. The lady at admitting said we cannot give bed availability over the phone. He needs another assessment. Child doing self harm gets released. This place should be shut down.

John Bolton

It is what is, you don't to OLOP to have fun, you go there to change your life. The hor'dourves are spectacular.

T Duane G

This place is a joke i tryed going to meet with a phychrotrist was there 2 hrs waiting and they tryed criminal confineing me against my will. This place dont even deserve1 star if anything this place deserves to be shut down.

Cassiopeia Napper

they straped me to a table and started hitting me

Young Brezzy

Terrible place

Crystal Daniels

I really don't know what happened to me, I was going through something spiritual at the time. I think God put me there for a purpose, as far as the staff goes they were really good to me. I did not explain to the doctors or psychiatrist why I was there because I know when to keep my mouth shut. I'd really like to talk to someone about my experience their because I knew and still know what is and was going on. Please if anyone wants to give any insight on the unexplainable please message back! I'm Chris by the way!3

Rod Johnson

Please go into this place with a hard skin and a grain of salt. Listen, this place ain't great, but you can get a lot out of it if you do go into it with a desire to get help. It's sadly not very well run, but there's only this place or the Brook for most people, and while the Brook is better, insurance won't allow most people into their inpatient program.

kinsey gibson

this place is awful. PLEASE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONE DO NOT SEND THEM HERE FOR ANYTHING. they will be miserable. My family recently sent our loved one here for opiate and alcohol addiction. You are not allowed to smoke anywhere on the property. She is a smoker. She was promised a nicotine patch day 1. Day 1 and day 2 go by and she still does not receive a patch. She called our family and was threatening to check herself out due to this. Having a loved on suffering through something like this is very difficult. And to hear them say they want to end the program day 2 simply because these people lied about what she was going to receive to help the cigarette habit is heartbreaking. When you send someone here to get drug/alcohol addiction help, and also take away nicotine that they are promised it only makes matters worse. Being an addict, she was already going through enough and these people did nothing but lie about the help they were going to give her and caused her journey to healing to be even worse than she could have ever imagined. DO NOT SEND ANYONE HERE !!!!!!!! Please.

Helen Altizer

My daughter has been going here now for over a week for drug rehab and they r not helping her one bit she has only had one full day the other they either don't show up or leave early and they have only came and got her one time the other days no show this place is awful i I'm calling and make sure they r not billing the insurance for this poor service



The place reeked of non natural citizen employees.Couldn't understand the receptionist at all.She could not understand glass of water.So I guess help neither.

Alec Flynn

This place is a misuse of your time. If your looking for help go anywhere else

Kylie Wright

UNIT 2 EAST-There was a girl there who fell and popped her knee out of place, she was literally crying in pain and the staff was sitting there doing nothing, finally the nurse came out and looked at her knee she said "oh gosh that looks pretty bad, let's put some ice on it and it should be fine in a few days" they didn't send her to get any medical attention at all, and her knee was literally on the side. Also a staff member there grabbed a girl and pushed her in the "quiet room" because she was "walking too slow" to get there. The barely feed you, I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. The staff completely treats you like you're an animal that's there for behavioral problems instead of mental illnesses. There was a 17 year old girl there who obviously had some mental issues and was a little on the weird side and the staff was literally making fun of her, they also made fun of a 13 year old girl that had Tourette's. The staffs names were Brett, Jordyn, and Derek who were unbelievably rude.

William Wheeler

Omg this place is a nightmare. Sexual assault, humiliation and neglect are the standard with this place. If your loved ones are sent here do not expect good results. The patients here need comfort and good nutrition and support. Instead, the staff laugh at and mock patients, order pizza and eat it in front of patients while they are expected to eat egg pieces swimming in water and slimy bread. They withhold medication so that patients in withdrawal are on the cusp of seizures and they think it is funny. I am not sure why this unit continues to survive and I don’t know how the staff sleep at night unless they simply justify the mistreatment because many are addicts. Pathetic, don’t do it, I hope the state investigates. I g

Richard Coons

Anna Prexler

Steph Usac

Has anything changed there? Has anyone had a good experience with addiction issues. I know someone in there right now and these comments are worry ing me. I read this place was voted "best place to work in 2016." Now im.wondeing if it was a good choice for him there. I know this isnt a blog or forum, but needed some positive reviews if there is any.

Veronica England

If you have ever seen American horror story asylum , this place is barely a step up from that mental health institute. The treatment is not individualized and if you voice any trepidation you are threatened with a 72 hour hold in solitary. I went in with PTSD and came out with so many new ways of killing myself if I were to ever find myself there again. I can confidently say that I left OLOP in a worse mental state than when I went in.

6 66

I went in looking for mental help. First, they indicted me to a wing for dexoting drug addicts. I went there for psychiatric help. I left with a skin infection, strep throat, and infected cuts that they didn't clean at all with alcohol, and they did not change my bandages for for 2 days. All they did was put such thick layers of neosporin on there that my self harm cuts haven't been able to breathe so I've got about 70 lacerations that are all infected due to their negligence. They said their BP/HR machine was messed up when it told me I was BP of 94/69 and a heart rate of 130 - 2 days in a row. I honestly believe I am slowly dying because of my ""care"" there, to the point I told my significant other that if I do die, to sue for wrongful death because I came out of there so much worse than when I went in. They only way they "helped" me with my mental health problems, is that this place left me so traumatized that I told my mom "I never thought I would be so happy to be in a Walmart" when she picked me up. Hours felt like days, days felt like years. Some of these reviews say that all these 1-star reviews are just rattled patients who get out and are just angry that they were locked up. This is an offensive claim. I was involuntarily detained for longer than 72 hours, on a 72-hour hold. I went in there in good physical health. I left believing I am dying. My skin itches like I have chicken pox minus the bumps. I'll scratch both legs for an hour and it's not enough. After seeing 0 positive reviews and seeing many, many others talk about a similar prison-like experience like I had, I cannot believe this place is still allowed to function. I would give it a half star if I could, because 1 star is too good for them.

Saghar pashmforoush

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