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joyce nichols

My dad was in the hospital for at lest 3 weeks everyone one was so nice and they took care of my dad like it was there dad.the CCU girls was great thank you.ever docter was great they seat down and made sure we new what they was going to do to my dad.thank you so much.we are not out of the woods yet but getting better every day.thank you so much

Taylor Fitzpatrick

I’m taken aback by how hard the nurses & the doctors & everyone on staff at Jewish Hospital fight & work tirelessly to heal their patients & save the patients they admit. The Doctors & Nurses constantly strategizing as a team to create the best treatment options. Going over test results, xrays, scans, & everything they possibly can to give the very best medical care anywhere. It is amazing to see how hard they fight for you or your loved one. The staff at this hospital are Angels, they’re truly Angels curing the sick & the injured.

Desy Lynn

This hospital has really gone downhill. The care that my family member received was horrible.

010010 010010

Go anywhere but here! I went to visit my son who has pneumonia, the air in his room wasn't working & it was filthy. This is a poor excuse for a hospital. He said the food is disgusting but that the nurses were nice. It's dangerous for him to be in such a hot & dirty room & I'm disgusted with Jewish hospital as a whole

Cristin Garcia

the housekeeping on 7 towers is crap.........

Coley Bradley

This hospital makes patients pay for their doctors' costly "learning experiences". Stay far away.

Melissa Allen

This place is dirty!!!! The staff hasn’t been monitoring my aunt like they should be...they are VERY short staffed and had to bring ICU nurses to other floors to cover....I am very disappointed in this place.

Cathy Still

I spent a good portion of 2016 in Jewish while waiting for a liver transplant. I was in a life failing condition but I always felt safe and well cared for every time I was hospitalized. The staff treated me well and I had a team of specialists caring for me and supporting my family on a daily basis. I received a liver transplant June 19th and am alive today because of my team and my donor. God bless them all!! Thank you all!!

Sean Martindale

Pat McGroyne

I'll give them four stars for the staff on the floors. The delay before surgery was almost four hours. You are literally a captive audience at that point. Not terribly happy about that. Recovery staff were pleasant. The floor nurses and assistants were great. The room in the Frazier building was clean and mercifully quiet. The guest WiFi is horrible. The food isn't too bad, but the people taking food orders over the phone (when they can be bothered to answer) are surly. Yes, in fact, I am *THAT* freaking hungry after fasting for 14 hours, being split open like a pumpkin, and having pieces of me chopped off and swapped out.

Angela Gibson

I work here and it is the dirtiest place ever

Glc Aacn

debby donnellan

My daughter was very sick indeed. We went to Jewish because we had been having such terrible care from Norton's, and to be truthful, we were a little afraid because of all the bad press. Surprise, surprise! The emergency room was clean, clean, clean, the care superb. When she got to the room, the bathroom was as clean as any I have ever seen in any hospital, and I have seen a lot of hospitals. The nursing staff was uniformly kind, competent and caring. Even the surgeon smiled, something I thought they were trained never to do. In short, we are now committed Jewish Hospital patients, even though I think the whole Catholic Rules thing stinks.

Margie Garland

don't see much value here. only reports available to me are lab results. messages are not responded to. maybe it will get better. great idea.

Arlene Dalton

I called to request records for a patient I was caring for who was visiting from out of state. The records lady Kinethea who picked up was very short with me , she said they didn’t have a fax number there. She was yelling over me “excuse me! , Now! “ Then proceeded to tell me the system was down . I’ve never had someone be so u professional over the phone I’m my 15 years of working in the medical field

Mike Dorman

Kim Lamar

I hate to be the one to do this but Post a MVA I was in the ER . Worst experience ever. The staff was dry with no bed side manners. More concerned about a paycheck then ensuring everything is ok. Anyways now I am ready to settle a bill but found some issues with some of the coding they charged. I was charged with medication that the ER doctor never wrote me. Literally told me “he seen no concern from my test results and I will be sore that’s what happens when you get into a accident “. Ok at the I didn’t fuss because I was just thankful to be walking away from the accident with nothing majorly wrong. Called The billing department and spoke with a Damien who seemed unbothered and rude about the situation. Of course all in his scripted words on what to say to patients. My only advice Is to make sure you always ask for a itemized receipt. Medical insurance fraud and falsifying medical records is illegal. I can only hope Damien holds up to what he said he would do and call once the situation has been fixed.

Melinda Johnson

I recently had a kidney transplant at Jewish Hospital (2-28-17). I also had a previous transplant in 2003. The staff during recovery were great! Thank you to the wonderful nurses and assistants!! Nancy, transplant coordinator, was absolutely amazing and made sure I was kept abreast of what was going on and helped with anything I needed! The food was good! This hospital does have a disconnect with billing and the road getting approved and for people offering to donate did not go so well. I am still getting billed for testing for one possible donor 1 1/2 years later because they will not properly bill my insurance company!!! I hope attention will be given to those areas so this program will can continue and be successful.

Cyndi Robinson

Arrived at the ER. I had called prior to coming and was told there was no wait. Arrived at 12:30am. I came to the ER due to severe abdominal pain, pressure, frequent urination, burning and bleeding with urinating. Waited until 2:45 before even getting to see a doctor who tells me I have blood in my urine but wasn’t sure it was a UTI but would go ahead and treat as one. Did no further testing even though I am having bloody urine and not able to even urinate at times. The doctor spent about two minutes tops in the room with me. He never did any kind of examination. No bloodwork or anything to check kidney function. At 2:45 said he was going to write a prescription for an antibiotic and would let me go. At 3:30am I am still waiting with no one coming in, no prescription, no explanation of what is taking so long. NEVER come here. Have to wait way too long and not very thorough at all. I wouldn’t even call it a band aid hospital. It’s that horrible. Also very unclean.

Janel Nation

Jericka Fisher

Chris Willow


Went in with Extreme back pain after surgery in March. Sent me home with 4mg Morphine shot Now my back still hurts and the injection sight. Said they didn't have a bed but when I told them I would be forced to lie on the waiting room floor they suddenly had one? Did not swab before the shot. Left without telling me the way out. Came in by ambulance.

amanda Zachem

My uncle was in this hospital for over 2 weeks. They have very poor care and communication with families. They did not feed my uncle for 6 days while they were figuring out some swallowing issues. He finally had a feeding tube placed but the physicians did not want to feed him for another 12-14hrs while waiting on dietary recommendations on which tube feed to use. Any tube feed would have been better than nothing!! He deteriorated in their care after doing well in a rehab facility after a fall. He wound up with an infected hip that required his transfer to a different facility because they didn’t have the physician to operate on him. I’m thankful he has been transferred out of this facility.

Jason Fink

It was great

Waterfall Drops

Good hospital overall, was transferred there for ER hand surgery.. only complaint is they admitted me to a 15 hour wait until surgery. Nurses were rude upon only asking twice for a time estimate. I counted the hours personally... Surgery went fine, they are artists at what they do. They just need to be more practical before admitting new patients. If I would have know I'd have to wait 15 hours after getting my hand in a grinder at work I would have went else where. I can promise you that! Beware!!!

Brewer Stinson

Journey To

If you want to wait eight hours before getting seen and have no one give you a single answer to your questions or give you the run around THIS is the place to be. Transplant persons out in the wai5ing room with no mask or any

Katy Smith

I was transported from Taylor County to Jewish Hospital on March 10th. 2017 by ambulance after being diagnosed with Afib. I was admitted to the Heart and Lung Center around 10 pm. I cannot express enough how caring, friendly, and accommodating the nursing staff was throughout my weekend stay. Not only were they concerned for me, but they also looked after my husband who stayed with me through the weekend. I always felt that I was in good hands because of how thorough and knowledgeable they were. I was also very impressed with Dr. Solankhi who came in to see me both Saturday and Sunday morning. I would never hesitate to recommend Jewish Hospital and I would like to once again thank the nurses and the doctor who looked after me during my short stay. So thank you so much again! Kathleen Smith

Brady Robertson

This has to be the slowest, unorganized and unprofessional hospital in Louisville. I have been in the ER for over 4 hours now due to kidney stone pain. The only thing they have done in 4 hours is give me nausea medicine and fluids when I first got here. Since then, it has been nothing but sitting on the bed watching the nurses tend to everyone else but me. They have ignored the call button when I pushed it on several occasions or just simply tell me that they don't know what the provider wants to do. People warned me about coming here and now I know why. Please do yourself a huge favor and stay away from this place!!!!!!


Majd Awamleh

If can give less than a star I would! Go to UOFL hospital it’s great!! Don’t go to jewish hospital!!!! I was having a gallbladder attack yesterday, I waited from 1:00 in the morning till 7 something! Nobody came to check on me! Staff was cold and callous! Nurse came to give me discharge papers so I asked about what was wrong with me and he said:”didn’t the doctor come see you?!” I was like no!! And he made a rude comment about people coming in after eating a whole pizza and complaining that they’re in pain!!! Like I didn’t even eat!! Coffee triggered it! They refused to do the surgery! No medicine! Nothing! Just a big fat bill for doing NOTHING!!

Shannon Caswell

The worst flipping hospital on the planet. The worst ER on the planet. Treat the patients like zoo animals. My husband has to go there because of liver complications but they suck, suck, SUCK! One day I showed up and poop was literally smeared on the floor from where he defecated and they didn't bother to clean. I had to hopscotch my way to my husband's bedside because of poop. They are filthy disgusting. They gave him CRE when they put a dirty catheter in him. It takes at LEAST 30 minutes to come clean him up if he soils himself. Like I said, zoo animals get better treatment. The staff is horribly rude, especially in the ER. No self respecting medical professional will work there. Who would want to be affiliated with them? They're trash. Complete garbage. They need to close that disgusting hospital and take away licenses, etc from the whole miserable staff.

Stephanie Whittaker

Josh Rogers

Kenny Powell

We had to come to Jewish Hospital numerous of times, for procedures, tests & surgeries. Everyone we encountered took very good care of us, and took into consideration the distance that we drove to get there. The Heart & Lung center was exceptional! Dr. Grubb & her TAVR (women team) are be far OUTSTANDING!!!! Her ARNP & RN go far & beyond their duties of their job to help a patient, answer questions, or even call & check on them!! If we ever know of anyone needing a TAVR or heart surgery, we wouldn't have a problem recommending them to their team or any of their associates!!

Becky Brown

The ER reception, nurses and doctor were all amazing. They were kind, understanding, respectful and efficient. We started across the street at the other hospital and walked out after 5 minutes to come to Jewish Hospital and were SO glad we did!

Michael Troutman

Doctor Smock (if I spelt that correctly) & assisting nurses were terrific, however the wait time was terrible. Wait time for me Monday from 11:40 AM till 4:20PM (when finally called back to meet doctor.)

Melva Miles

Demanded $250 up front. Turns out this was an overpayment out of my pocket of $150. Still trying to get my money back. At first they lost my blood work and then came back to get more blood because of it. When the nurse was reviewing the medicine she was about to give me it was someone else's medicine. I hope I do not have to go back to Jewish.

Brenda Abernathy

Very nice. The nurses and doctors were execellent with me.

Shirley Akers

Meagan Wil

This was my first time being admitted into a hospital (aside from having my children). I had many factors as to what could be causing a sudden health problem and was seen by Dr. Hasan. He was very thorough and had many specialist to aid him and myself as well as making sure I had all the appropriate labs and test done. The nurses and assistants were amazing, special thanks to Jen, Jessica, Carol, Donna, and Lettie!!! You ladies were amazing and made sure to go out of your way to help me. The nutrition and dietary were all fantastic. They really were genuinely happy to see me and ready to fulfill my every need, all the while never leaving without putting a smile on my face. Special thanks to Mrs. Davis! My amazing environmentalist, Tina, I will sure miss you my friend. Thanks to all the staff, I am able to go home to my amazing family and I got all the answers to my questions. Thanks 5 East for putting my needs first. I can’t thank you enough. I would definitely recommend Jewish to everyone. The level of care, professionalism, cleanliness and timely manner were over and beyond. If I could give 6 stars, I would!!!

Michael Willyard

I'm basing my opinion on that I'm not sick but I want to stay out of the heat so I don't end up having a heat stroke I am homeless and I've been to u of l they wanted me out they could not do not like the idea that a well person was trying to stay well walk Jewish they did not have a problem with me staying in one of their waiting areas and relaxing you staying cool they understood the heat outside why is this one's county ran and take takes my county money to run it Jewish takes donations from the county from the people of the county I don't understand why one is more kind and thoughtful than the other especially on tooth pain but thank you Jewish for being there and helping even though it wasn't in the magic medical emergency

midwest product reviews

My mom was a patient here back in 2017. The doctors and nursing staff are terrific. They took great care of her. The patient food and the cafeteria food was pretty good. I stayed the night there many nights while she was there. They provided me with blankets, towels, washcloths, shampoo, and soap. I was allowed to take showers in her room.


I like the hospital ok. But they really need more consideration for patients. People generally don't come to the hospital because they feel good. So why make them register in one area, then walk 2 miles to do an MRI. These are recent stroke survivors, elderly, people with bad backs, etc. Wheelcairs should always be available. Plus if you go to do radiology, why can't you just register right there in the same area. Not like this stuff is free. Jewish makes too much money to be inconsiderate.

Paul Rich

my wife had a 4 bypass surgery there everyone was great treated both of us like family.

Pinky Britchick

Disgusting!! I wasn't even the patient and I'm disgusted. I hope I never end up at this hospital, will crawl to a Norton if I have to! My friend is very overweight (715lbs) He was treated very poorly, his bed was broke and he was just left sitting in his chair for 4 days! He was given a pair of socks that a nurse rudely threw onto his table. A man of this size can very obviously not put his own socks on, had to wait for his next visitor to do it for him. Staff members were very lazy and unhelpful, they even took pictures of my friend (sneakily in the hallway outside his room) because of his size! He couldn't fit into his pokey dirty bathroom so was unable to wash etc. The wifi didn't work and the tv's are that old they hardly work so he was left bored, cold and hungry for days. Dr came in to see him for 3 mins. He was later released for his "chest pain problems" that he went in with .. He didn't even go in for chest pains he went in for a suspected hernia! Such an awful experience that I wouldn't have believed it if I was told.

Sondra Stamper

Don't listen to the negative reviews that are being posted on this site. My 18 year old grandson was an emergency patient there after ripping his hand apart in an accident. He was in surgery for 10 hours and he and the family were treated like kings and queens. We all thank God for sending us there to doctors and nurses who have the expertise that no other hospital has.


Wish someone whoud awnser the dam phone

Gerald Bates

The last time I was there was in 2013. For whatever reason, Jewish Hospital failed to file the claim with my insurance correctly! In 2017 they contacted to tell me I owed several hundred in copays and when I questioned this, they advised the claim had been incorrectly filed with my insurance. They then admitted it was their fault and that they were dropping the claim (twice.) Now Kentucky One Health handles their claims and again, now in 2018 is again demanding that I cover the mistake Jewish made in 2013. Very poor management and customer service. I will never go to Jewish again until they get their act together. Right now, they are horrible!

John Sweeney

I had a CABG &lung surgery Good Dr.Grubb and staff were very helpful and courteous I'm recovering well God bless y'all John Sweeney aka Slim

Lisa Meredith

Uziel Aguilar

John Galloway

We were transferred there from medical center in B.G. Was a big mess at ER at first. Then things started to roll. They were very professional. Presented an attitude that they actually cared about my daughter and her well being. Thank you so much for that attitude!

Eric Daniels

This place is great. They don't "just practice" medicine here. They actually know what they are doing.

Karen Payne

This was the worst hospital experience I have ever been a part of. I will start off with positive notes: the dietary staff was very friendly and kind. We had 1-2 nurses that were great. Unfortunately, that’s where my praise ends. From nurses to doctors to discharge staff: none of these people talk to each other or even read your chart. Had to stay with my mom for the entire three days she was there. The incompetence is frightening. One nurse practitioner asked if my mom had spoken with the transplant team, which scared her to death. She was there for a diverticulitis flare! Another nurse walked in around 9p because “the heart monitor had gone off line”. Well, that’s kind of hard when you aren’t wearing a heart monitor. After consistently asking if her bowels were moving (appropriate), her response was that she had the OPPOSITE problem. They continued to try and give her a stool softener twice per day. Low blood pressure? Here.. take these three blood pressure pills. Never. Ever. Leave your loved one unattended here.

Marsha Calkin

My husband is in recovery as I write this. This hospital is filthy. Like disgusting. The carpets are so heavily stained and dirty they smell. There is trash on the floors all over. The staff are emotionless zombies. They make you feel like you are a burden. The rules on visitation are the worst. The food is mediocre and the cafeteria is old and broken. It felt like a bus station. This place is in desperate need of renovation. I was in Norton brownsboro last month and this place is awful in comparison. On the positive side. His surgeon is wonderful.

Lindsey Wood

I arrived here for an outpatient procedure and was very pleasantly surprised. I have never experience this hospital and arrived from out-of-town for my procedure. I found the nurses were so kind and handled me perfectly. The only complaint I have is one nurse Ann with the glasses, who was too rough whipping my legs around after my stomach surgery. I had to tell her 3 times to be gentle. I think she looked at me like I was just a job for her instead of a real person. She wasnt very pleasant. But everyone else was wonderful. From checking in, to being discharged, it was a very nice experience. Loved Nurse Kayla. She was the discharge nurse and sooo wonderful caring for me. I wish I had thought to get the name of the pre-op nurse. She was so sweet and made me feel at ease. The anesthesiologists were exceptionally nice as well. They both visited with me before the surgery, as well as the nurse attending the surgery. Great people!


I just left Jewish Hospital at 5:29 PM, ever RN and Asst. I was in contact with treated me Awesome I was there 4 days on 7th floor heart, Awesome people , thank you all.

Patrick Parker

Shawn Dupin

Patricia A Allen

Bonnie Napier

willie reese

Michelle Stotts

Ron Mcclain

It’s been 4 hours and I’m still sitting in the waiting room. This is ridiculous

Howard Christopher

Nurses at this place our a disgrace. Rude & no compassion at all. Staff infection is rampit on the 5th floor.

Seth Ross

HORRIBLE was transferred there, there for ER hand surgery. Had to wait a long while, the whole time my hand is bleeding, was two hours after getting my finger crushed, never offered pain meds. After getting into the "surgery area" the dr was rude and had a ill temper. Was about to stick a needle in me while i was talking to some one else, while my head was turned and didnt even tell me! Seriously? Botched the surgery, i feel that more finger was removed then needed. WILL NEVER RETURN, wont even bring my dying cat there..

Higgs Brands

Daria Brown

Jesse Farmer

Not even a one star I can't even be seen together with my husband and we've got food POISONING and we had to wait for 4 hours whoo good thing it didn't mess my liver up more then it already was. Poor poor emergency room service!!!!!! Go to suburban idk if that's still it's name but it's off of waterson you get in and get out and get more accurate diagnosis

The Light Knight

Jason Parman

My father was admitted into this hospital at the end of September because we suspected he had some form of stomach cancer, after doing scopes and scans they determined he had a small mass that was blocking his ability to eat. Please understand my father was a strong man and drove himself to the hospital. After the meeting with surgeon/oncologist they scheduled surgery and removed the mass. For the first 4 days he did well and even the first day out of surgery he was walking. But that's where it all went down hill. We all knew his condition was deteriorating and they kept coming up with excuses and would not do anything, my sister even threatened to read it him to ER to get something done and then it was too late, and they put him in ICU and finally he was on life support. To make a long story short my father died way before his time and it's all their fault. I repeat do not go to this hospital!!

David Lentz

Hospital Security not good walk in at 11:30 at night No one at desk anyone can walk in when no one at desk

Cindy Utterback

Bennett Reynolds

After many, many stays here with my wife who suffers from chronic pancreatitis, I can confidently say this hospital is overall pretty pathetic. She has been coming to Jewish downtown for over 10 years and almost every stay has been poor. Unfortunately, her treating physician only goes to Jewish downtown, so we don't any other choice. While there are some good nurses and people in various roles, there are too many that are rude and/or incompetent. Over the years, the hospital has not been updated very much at all. It's 2013 and the rooms are equipped with greatly outdated equipment, TV's literally 30+ years old, and the whole hospital just feels like it needs a total over certainly doesn't feel very clean. Bed linens are nicely folded, but we routinely find stains and old tape/supplies wrapped in them. The cafeteria food isn't too bad for a hospital, but many of the employees are goofing around/yelling loudly, etc. and some act as if you're inconveniencing them by ordering food. The main feel of the hospital and morale of the employees just seems bad. You don't run into many employees that seem to be happy about where they work, some are vocal about it and the level of professionalism in many roles is poor. I don't know if there's just not a sense accountability with employees, but it's sad the level of service they consider adequate and the attitudes that many display. Having had many experiences at other hospitals in Louisville, as well as other states, I have to say that Jewish definitely ranks among the very worst. I highly suggest going elsewhere if you have a choice. From the ER (where we always start) to discharge, it's just not a smooth/fluid process, there always seems to be many hiccups and problems along the way. We aren't complainers, so we haven't made a fuss much during her stays, but we have told supervisors and charge nurses of some of the issues a couple times. They always understand and say they'll let someone know, but of course nothing really changes. Just sad that sick people trying to get better aren't given better care.

Thomas Shay

This is the worst hospital experience I have ever had, and I’m a seasoned veteran unfortunately. At this very moment I’ve been waiting an hour and twenty minutes for my pain med, nausea med, and pill for my stomach so I can eat. My food is now cold. An hour is a long time when your in pain and on the cusp of vomiting. This is not a one time event. It has been throughout my weeklong stay. The nurses are nice but my vitals are only checked once a day. I feel like no one answers calls for help. I’m going to Norton downtown.

Glenn Pence

I Had a Kidney and Liver Transplant on July-26th, 2017. I was in Jewish hospital and Frazier Rehab for close to a month.The Doctors and Staff were nothing short of Fantastic!!! They took GREAT care of me and my Family during my stay as well as Rehab! I couldn't possibly have hoped for better! Doctors and nurses were GREAT and the overall care was Superb! They were able to graciously treat me and with God's support and Guidance, provide me the opportunity to "LIVE" once again!!! All of this took place in late July and now in early January of 2018, I've returned to work once again!!! These folks and their work is nothing short of Miraculous!!!

Jerry Hefner

Larry Edwards

When it comes to doctors and a hospital, this place rates right next to hell. Doctors have no bed side manners or understanding of the word stat. Go to Norton hospital if you really care about living.

robert louis

Great room kept clean nurses and all staff showing concern for not only my health but mental health and general happyness good food always served hot good portion size recommend this hospital 100% might have to move to the area just in case I need to be hospitalized again I know I'm getting the best care THANK YOU ALL TO THE STAFF IF THE 4TH FLOOR


AB Shrestha


Amanda Hedrick

My name is amanda is amanda writing for my uncle wally: i went to this hospital sunday night august 5th 2018 because my finger got ripped off by a wench. I go in and after waiting for hours in the er department like it wasnt an emergency that my finger was cut off they finally took me back gave no pain meds but tried a nerve block and wasnt skilled enough because it was supposed to last 14 hours and it only lasted 15 minutes. As the sugeron was cutting the bone in half i started feeling a really bad burning sensation and then a lot of pain, i told the surgeon what i was feeling and his words to me were "it will be okay im almost done" i had to endure the whole surgery with no nerve block and no pain meds feeling everything and afterwards they gave me 2 tylenol and refused to give me pain meds or write me a presceiption. I called back the next day for a prescription and they still refused. I lost part of a finger and had to feel everything from it and this hospital and the surgeon was the worse i have ever experienced. If they had zero stars thats what i would give them, i really want to talk with someone from the ethics department because this so called surgeon was horrible and shouldnt have a job doing this to people!!!

Kelly Gilmer

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to the doctors and nurses in the emergency department. I was from out of state and really was in alot of pain and very restless, although i was there for 5 hours or something crazy like that they were very nice, respectful and supportive in my particularly problem they gave me everything i asked for and more. Thank u very much!

connie riley

I woman in registration thinks work is the time to be on phone as I was doing her job for her as she was laughing and carrying in with co worker looking at pics as I'm standing there doing her job for her ..her name is T for Tianna

tamara mcdonald

Huston French

This place let my wife leave after two days never did chest x-rays told her to follow up with her primary care physician she went today and found out she had pneumonia,

Timothy Bowman

Called about my mothers status twice in a one hour span. People I spoke with, to be honest seemed they did not care I am. Now on hold for 10 minutes. The nurses station is 20 feet from my mothers room very frustrating.

Kathleen Webb

Nursing staff was excellent. Had a problem with food delivery first wrong order then received double tray for lunch and dinner. But overall excellent care.

Louie Richardson

Harold Klein art 1990,91 thank you Doctor Sunburst. Love you big hands.

Maria Rocha

Im taking care off a lady here Nurses and Dr's are been nice but I can't say the same things about Donna the discharge lady so rude to the lady trying to get rid of her even do the house is not yet arranged for her. Is happening just now.

karim salamt

I am Abdolkarim S Khazani ,,,I am Iranian /American and I want to thanks you guys because you saved my life one month ago. Never forget. I love you.

Finley Bradley

If you have a complaint don't call. They never return phone calls to discuss issues like being checked in they demanded payment upfront by a very rude staff lady. Then they place the wrong name tag on my wrist belonging to a lady (I'm a man and if the operating room staff hadn't noticed the doctor would be in for a big surprise if she was in to have a baby.)

Donnie Keith

Being from the Southend (gone now) this hospital has always had the reputation of being (the hospital were people come to die) i have to say that the people who work here seem very nice ..the last few months i have brought my mother here for two simple endoscopy procedures..both times took exactly 4 hrs of waiting in a room before the procedure began ..ive had the same done and so has my wife at other hospitals..and in and out within 2 hours mom lives in this area ..but im taking her elsewhere next time!

kelsey hackemack

By far the worst experience. My Mother had a lobectomy which was only suppose to take two hours and it took six because there were complications and they did not tell us what was going on at all and we asked multiple times. Finally she was in the recovery room for two hours and they did not allow anyone back there but everyone else had visitors. The nurses and aides had so much perfume on it made my Mom sick. Do not wear a lot of perfume if you are going to care for people. She was in the hospital for ten days. Her room was 80 degrees. The first five nights there was a fan directly on her which made her sick. The staff got my Mom confused with different patients about five times. Trying to send her to rehab after she just had a six hour surgery and also tried to draw more blood when they just drew it! The staff and the service were awful. The only reason we went over there was because that is where her surgeon is located. We will never be coming back. You all don't even deserve one star!

Kelli Hall

Joe Dynamo

On this day they was very rude to me on the phone. I was just trying to get some information on blood pressure and where to go .They acted like they had no time for me not even to hear me or listen to me. I thought this Hospital represent God in a sense but really it represents themselves.

Dannie W Hawkins

Eric Shepherd

Jamie Carroll

Awful . they just let my dad lay in the surffering and just wanted his organs. Didnt try to comfort or anything. Gave him half ass bed baths .

Chris Craner

If someone treated a DOG as badly as I was treated, it would be a CRIME!!! Their big reputation as a quality hospital is nothing more than the results of a high-dollar self serving ad campaign. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

Something Nice

My mother just had surgery here on Friday January 19th 2018! Me and my family went to the cafeteria to eat lunch! It was over crowed and filled over capacity limit! The first cashier that checked me and my sister out was very rude and disrespectful! We was guest at the hospital and didn't know that we had to put our fruit in a sepret container from our regular lunch food! She got nasty about it and she even got a nasty attitude with an employee who had his pizza in a container and didn't know it had to be taking out and Put on a plate! Why aren't they sitting out a sign letting people know that food items need to be in certain containers before being checked out in line? Poor service!

Regina Moore

Very nice husband and I are very pleased with the staff very hard working and nice people in the whole hospital and fraizer hospital

William Hoffman

Bryan Trujillo

The staff is EXTREMELY rude on the phone. No one is helpful when calling. I am a healthcare professional and I have never had such a terrible experience with customer service. It is a fend for yourself type of situation. Please avoid Kentucky One Health. Norton is the place to go.

Michele Coulter

Steven Mcdaniel

If you want to get screwed repeatedly by overbilling then I would happily recomend you choose this hospital. Thousands of dollars and they did nothing to figure out what my issues were. After switched to Norton my bills have been cut by 90%, everything is easy for me to access and my doctors actually seem to care. Currently disrupting 1k+ accusation that cannot be explained, even asking repeatedly for itemized report for billings.

Rodney Baker

Larry Cosby

Great facility, wonderful staff.

Debra Longwith

Kim Corbin

Don Cun

Debby Honeyman

My husband was a heart patient there. They let me stay in the room with him 24/7. The nursing staff was very well trained and helpful, the doctors excellent, everyone down to the cleaning staff and the valet parking people went out of their way to make sure I knew where I was going and offered help when needed. The food both in hospital room and at the cafeteria was very good. I have nothing bad to say about this hospital and thank everyone who helped us though this difficult time. His surgery needed to be postponed and will be in March 20015 I look forward to seeing friendly faces and know he and I will be treated well.

Samantha Stewart

Horrible!!! Horrible!!!! Horrible staff!!! My fiances app was at 1:00. After waiting an hour we asked the front desk about how much longer this lady tells us another hour or more & she's sorry & he can reschedual if need to. We said no he needs to be seen today, we will wait but this is ridiculous. Meanwhile, people are getting called back before us that came in after us.My time is valuable too. I am sitting in the waiting room & my fiance is standing up & a staff member calls him back into a room, we go back there & she gives us an "I'm sorry we can't help you but calm down speech" & explains to us what kind of doctors they are as if we are stupid. She called him back there just to have a "talk" with him.We know there will be a wait. We know stuff happens, but a 2+ hour wait is ridiculous. They need to not do surgeries the same day as appointments, they need a better system or something. Rude & inconsiderate staff all around. Just to be clear this is about the staff only. Not the doctors!! (I've heard nothing but good things about the doctors) so if you come here be prepared for a 2+ hour wait!!!

Craig Robinson

I live in Ohio near cleveland and they wouldn't even tell me if my son was a patient.Unbelievable rude customer service.

Carolyn Pieroni

My mom had hand surgery in the Outpatient Center. Our experience was excellent. From valet parking, registration, nurses doctors and the gentleman who showed me where the cafeteria was. Food was good too, We we’re traveling a long distance home and the nurse gave us pillows and blanket for the patient. I have been in health care for over 30 years and they got it right every time.

Joey W

I spent a good portion of 2017 in the thospital awaiting a liver transplant. I was admitted later for the flu and another unrelated issue. Then on January 4th of this year, I received a kidney transplant. The doctors, coordinators, nurses, and all other staff were always wonderful. They saved my life and always treated me very well. You couldn't be in better hands!

David Caswell

Place is so corrupt it can't be fixed at this stage. The good reviews... Are you guys talking about the correct hospital? You must be some of the best, most wonderful people alive. And patient! The only good thing I can say is that the maintenance and cafeteria employees are always a ray of light. Real decent folks.

Kakees Monroe

Rude, and very slow would NEVER go or call again

Tim Bradford

Audrey Dunlap

The nurses need some manners

Mary Sieg

I was at Baptist Floyd for a week with breathing problems. They said asthma and wouldn't do additional testing. Sent me home to 'recover' with time. Went to Jewish ER. They immediately took me back and saw I had been suffering the whole time with blood clots in my lungs. They saved my life.

Lea Emerson

Awesome staff , nurses, and doctors!!!!!!

Jeremy Hines

Hanna Louise

A nurse stole my grandmothers pain medication when she was in need of it really bad close to death. When we told the doctor in front of the nurse she was caught and acted like she never knew she had the pain medication in her pocket. Only reason why I would attempt to even give it an extra star was because they had a good doctor and good male nurse that took care of my grandmother good. But without them then I would just give one star.

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