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REVIEWS OF Jackson Purchase Medical Center IN Kentucky

Samantha Tharpe

Hubby was n hospital and they let him get worse!! Wouldn't carry anyone there again!!

Ethan Jackson

I’m sitting in the emergency room with several other patients. Have been for 20 minutes. The is a woman who is actively bleeding from a large gash down to the bone. She has yet to receive treatment. The care here is horrid. The two women at the ER desk refused to call assistance for her or any of the other patients.

jmhammer13 .

Went 3 times in one weekend to get help with infection they kept giving me ibuprofen pretty much and shoving me out the door and sending me two separate bills each time I’d literally rather die than go back to this hospital

Nyan Cat

Tosha Henson

Jackson Purchase Birthing center is beautiful, it is very clean and comfortable! I love that when you go in you are put in your very own, rather Large room, where you will remain until you and baby are discharged and sent home. If you are having a natural birth, the laboring process, will take place in your room, everything will then be cleaned and sanitized while baby is taken to nursery, and then returned to you and able to stay with you as long or as little as you like or need! If you are having a c-section they take you from your room to an OR and then return you to your room, but regardless it is still nice to not have to worry with moving your belongings from room to room... Dr Wynstra was my OB and he is FANTASTIC! You cannot ask for a better, Doctor! Not only is he great at what he does, he is the most sincerely kind caring physician I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and to top it all off he is a CHRISTIAN!!! You cannot beat that! The nurses were kind of hit and miss, I had some good and some bad, none were great, nothing to write home about... Plus you and your husband are given a steak and baked potato dinner any night of your choice before discharge, which I thought was a nice touch. If it were just up to those things I would rate J.P. Birthing center 10⭐️ Out of 5!!! But the pediatrician, Dr. Hussain was just awful, not only did the man not know what he was talking about, but he also had the absolute worst bedside manner I have ever experienced!! For that reason I rate them 4 stars....

Klinton Kelley

I was there for 13 minutes and they gave me a $4.50 pill to help with an inflamed knee problem I had and they are trying to charge me near as makes no difference $700. That is outrageous, and they refuse to send me an actual itemized bill, they sent me several that just say ER level 3 or something, What the heck does that even mean, and a $4.50 pill. Now they have collection agencies calling me at work trying to get the money and they still can't get and itemized bill sent to me?! Not to motion I was told by the person at the window(nurse, idk) that since my issue wasn't severe and that I didn't need specialized equipment that my level or whatever would low and not cost me more than $200, and that was a lie so, yeah. I wouldn't have gone there in the first place if I had a choice and I'll never go back. Wish I could give negative 10 stars!

McKenzie Neely

Really Bad food. They also serve cold food and cold eggs for breakfast. Also your drink is always cold until you ask for ice. That’s pitiful.

Chloe Bell

dakota west

Worst place ever. If you plan to sit in the ER with a child for 8hrs then be seen by all means come here.

Larry Brooks

Heather Harp

Mary Martin

amanda boyd

I took my daughter to the ER because she was having pain from a previous wreck. We got right in. The staff was friendly and a nurse called us the next morning to ensure we were pleased w our visit :-)

Tamara Ogurek

mel Bishop

I would recommend the ER at Jackson Purchase to anyone. They are kind and helpful.

Beth Street

Did mother in-law with COPD very good, then pushed her out the door to come home to a family who was completely unprepared!! Pretty sorry in my book .

Austin & Kerri Clark

We brought our 5 week old baby to the ER to later be admitted. Our peds doctor is out of Paducah but JPMC was the closest hospital at the time. The peds doctor that treated our baby had horrible manners! He was so rude and our horrible experience doesnt end there! When we got moved from the ER to a room our room was as dirty as they come! Food everywhere from the pervious occupant blood on the wall in the bathroom and some other kind of substance on the wall i had rather not know what it is! Our baby got no sleep. Everytime we would get him to sleep and lay him down here they would come to hook up his IV get vitals or just come in to check. I understand they have a job to do but at 3 AM dont come into a sleeping babys room and slam things around! Also they let his IV pump beep for more than 20 minutes and that was after us going to get them and pushing the call light! And it still doesnt end there! We ran out of toliet paper in our bathroom and as of right now i asked for more 4 times now and 12 hours has passed and i still havent gotten any! My advice... Keep on driving to Paducah or Murray if you want yourself or a loved one taken care! We will NEVER make this mistake again!

Drew Smith

Tony Maxwell

Been fishing in their pond for the past 3 years. Now they've put up No hunting or Fishing signs? Thought hospital's were for a person's well being? Fishing brings joy to a person! This shows me that their only interested in our money not our health. I hope they go under!!!

Seth Skaggs

The ladies at the cafeteria where rushing me there was no one behind me, (besides two nurses they already had plates and getting drinks) they where being rude with me....on another note their chilli dogs where better than Sonics

Roni Green

Had a great experience when I went in to have my son. However I took my daughter in to the er and they basically told me her symptoms were not what they treat in the er. As if she wasn't in enough pain. The Dr was rude and unsympathetic for a little girl in pain. I'd recommend going elsewhere if at all possible.

Aimee Timmons

I was initially treated in the emergency room and later spend 6 days in CCU. I had an amazing experience. From my physician to my nurse I couldn't be more pleased. My nurse Bill was attentive, caring, kind, friendly, funny and had an overall great disposition. The staff made sure all my needs were met plus some. I couldn't recommend this hospital more. No need to travel to a larger hospital because the best hospital in this area is Jackson Purchase.

ben pena

A very good visit with my Dr and friendly staff members

Robert Wagner

Hospital is horrible doctors have no idea what they're doing. I had to go to a clinic to get antibiotics to cure the infection I had after the doctor "got back" my blood work in under 5 minutes handed me pain killers and shoved me out of the door. Now I'm stuck with a bill because of a misdiagnosis from someone who couldn't diagnose let alone cure a simple infection.

Blake Martin

They made my whole family pretty much leave

Debra Hicks

They took good care of my dad the many times he was there, before he passed at home.They would be my choice over Paducah anytime..

saab stories

I have never seen such a dirty hospital. It shows as soon as you arrive the front lobby has windows so dirty you can hardly see through them. As you go through the building it appears that there is no budget for cleaning. So then we get to the Dr office and the protocol for sanitation is not being used. We will not be back. I have rejected restaurants for less I don’t know why I didn’t quit sooner

Lily Wilson

Deborah Houston

The staff is usually very friendly and helpful!

Bryan hart

Went to the hospital to pay a bill after surgery. Paid $2250 in cash until workers comp kicked in. Left thinking I got a receipt. Fast forward 11 months went to get the receipt and the only paper I had filed was the one I handed the girl that day with no receipt. Called the hospital to get a copy and they tell me I didn’t pay any money and act like I’m trying to scam them. Said they would pull up footage on cameras and I said please do. I insisted several times then the same lady that said she would pull it informed me they have no cameras. Someone walked away with my $2250. Make sure you get a receipt for everything. I didn’t feel good and was tired after surgery. Throw in a little trust that my money was applied to my bill and not shoved in someone’s pocket and I’m $2250 poorer. Lesson learned don’t pay cash and always get a receipt.

John Damons

Tryed to get med Records faxed to my doctors 4 times . They haven't done it yet. Record department is a joke.

Sherie Loverkamp

It is a pretty hospital and campus. The walk around the lake is beautiful. I did pre-registration a couple weeks before my procedure. I was taken care of quickly and the process didn't take long. The ladies who took care of me we nice and pleasant. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy here. The staff were all super nice, attentive and helpful. I did not have wait time at all. We arrived right on time and since I pre-registered I went right on back. They took me straight to a room and got me started. Shortly after I was prepped the anesthesiologist came in to speak with me. Dr Torok also came in a spoke with me right before my procedure and directly after as well. I truly enjoyed my experience.

Sammie Grathler

Horrible Hospital!! My sister pulled/pinched a nerve in her back. The hospital staff was extremely rude. Won't do an MRI "at night". The NURSE told her she might need another hospital. It's pretty pathetic when the staff tells you to go elsewhere to get the actual help you need. They gave her Aleve & a muscle relaxer then sent her on her way. My sister was in their parking lot calling the ER phone for help because she couldn't move & NOBODY would pick up. This place is disgusting & needs shut down!!

Dale Viniard

I recently spent 6 days in your hospital and I am from Louisville. I arrived at the hospital and met by Dr. Braxton and he was great. He ran a lot of test and such and made a suggested diagnosis, which was confirmed. He had me in a room and treatment started very soon. Dr. Hall and Dr. Seng took over along with Dr. B and Dr. Pitaras and did a great job of getting me over it. The nurses, lab techs, and everyone else were so friendly and helpful. They all seemed to be doing what they wanted to do and supplied professional courteously doing it. I would never hesitate to use the facility again. However, I hope I don't.

Jessica Howard

I would rather die than go to this hospital. The doctors and nurses are completly worthless and do not care about their patients.

Brenda Mosier

My mother had a co plete ruptured disc Dr Crawford was going to do surgery on sat. Memorial weekend as emergency cause any wrong movement could injure or sever her spinal cord. The anesthesiologist didn't want to work on sat memorial weekend so he calls the administrator who by the way is not a Dr and has no knowledge of the seriousness of this condition. Needless to say I have to take my mother on a 3 hour drive in am to see another Dr since Dr Crawford who is excellent can't get any backing due to a lazy anesthesiologist (makes you wonder why he is working huh). I hope to God nothing happens to my mom due to all the POLITICS. Mr anesthesiologist you need to rethink your Hippocratic oath and administration learn about medical field that's what you are dealing with

music videos

Elderly nurse in the CCU is just an incredibly insensitive and horribly rude person. Was just awful to my wife who was there to visit her extremely I'll mother. She has the bedside manner of a crocodile. Something needs to be done about her.

Jamma Reed

Kimberly Brann

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