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REVIEWS OF Hazard ARH IN Kentucky

sabrina davis

this hospital was so bad. the staff was not doing their jobs the nurse my my family member had did not know her job or what the plan was to help my family member get better to go home. the staff dont do their jobs My family member sat in a dirty hospital gown and a dirty bed , the family member had not gotton a sponge bath since the family member was emitied in the hospital . My family member had big sores on her butt from using a bed pan when the family member should of been getting out of bed with help using a bedside toilet with a walker and gotten rid of the cathiter i saw one of the nurses in the hall at a computer taking selfies of herself and putting bunny filter on the selfie the dr. 's are not great either

Jason Sexton

This place has hurt more people than they've helped, surely made alot of people worse .. would recommend go further or different spot if at all possible .. everyone local knows this for sure

Joann moss

Rude and mean staff, have no concern for surgery patients staff just worries about their life. Drag their feet just to get their hours.

hannah johnson

CapricornGoddess BeastMode

I was in a bad car accident & went into shock at the scene before I ever arrived at the hospital. The er staff were very rude! They treated me like it was a complete bother to have anything to do with me. They mainly talked to the EMTs but took all my insurance info, name, even asked where or if I even worked. Does that count toward your quality of care now or something? They rolled me in a room, turned the light off, shut the curtain and left me on a back board for about 9 hours. 5 of which I didn't know I was in the world because I plainly heard one of the female nurses say, 'God I wish she would just stfu' & then laughed. A nurse came to my room a few minutes later said they were giving me something to calm my nerves but didn't tell me what it was when I asked. Just gave me the shot. That was all I remember until my parents & husband got to the er. Then they started jumping around like they cared. So I laid for 5 hours, no monitors, nothing. My parents only live 20 minutes from the hospital, so that's a 10 minute drive for my dad. We made it once before for an emergency with my mother. So it took them roughly 4-1/2 to 4-3/4 hours to decide maybe they should call somebody. They released me saying absolutely nothing was wrong with me. While I was out they didn't even attempt to clean my wounds, they dry dressed them & I had bled so much they had gauze on top of wrapping. All dry that my husband had to soak off of me. All my wounds infected from the glass in my arms & hands. I'm STILL picking glass out of me! Went to my family Dr cause after 1 week I still had to have my husband pack me back & forth to the bathroom & help me turn over in bed because I hurt so bad I just couldn't handle it anymore. Yeah. So that whole nothing wrong with you ma'am. Was a LIE! My left ankle & hip were dislocated, over 7 bones broken in my right foot, 4 in my left & my right femur was fractured. If you have anything majorly wrong with you. Go elsewhere. They wear hospital name badges but I'm pretty sure they couldn't win a game of operation.

Frances Everage

Although there are good quality professionals that work here, their time management needs works.

Brandon Arnold

It appears to be a nice hospital when you first walk in but the rooms are horrible. They only have old box T.V.'s with horrible's 2015, update your rooms. On top of that, the nurses are horrible. My friend broke his knee and because he has poor vision he was having trouble seeing the ancient TV so he was using his IPAD. Well the only outlet was behind his bed and because of his broken knee he couldn't get to it when it pulled half out of the outlet, just enough to stop charging. He called me, upset because he couldn't get to it and when he politely asked the nurse to plug it in, she said she couldn't touch his personal things (which isn't true because he said his things were moved every time he woke up). I had to drive from Jackson to Hazard to plug in his IPAD so he wouldn't go stir crazy. The nurses were all rude except one, and she smelled like booze...we didn't say a word though because she was at least friendly. My final irritation was the fact that there's a flat screen in the hallway between rooms (which really? Flat screen in the hallway but not in the rooms? The patients are the reason you have money...maybe spend a little for their comfort) and the screen showed a grid with each room and the stats of the patient, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level. Isn't this a direct HIPPA violation??? It's a horrible dingy hospital. I'd wait until morning and go to a clinic if I were a Perry countian.

Eva Perez

Worst hospital I have ever had to deal with my dad past away and he was treated like crap. I don't think any one should ever go to that hospital.!!!!!!!

Lenae Stacy

Andrew Mason

A joke compared to any legitimate hospital. Don't recommend if you have loved ones.

Bobbie Sasko

My dad came in with a Hernia that would not soften up .. They did surgery and kept him overnight. He pulled out his IV and got blood everywhere... They wiped it up with towels and paper towels.. Only after I went looking for a mop did they bringing some Clorox wipes... Nursing Staff amazing with patient care not so much with sanation....

Paige Burton

ARH hospital doesn’t even deserve a 1 star. I don’t understand how this hospital is still open. They do a poor job seeing to the patients. The workers (the majority that I have seen) are lazy. My Granny has been waiting to get an x-ray for the past 3 days. We have had a hard time getting them to even bring her food. My dad had to bring her breakfast and supper. This place doesn’t want to provide food or care, all they care about is making their own money.

Lil Suboxone

My good buddy cletus had a head whoopsie from his microwave blowing up cooking meth and these doctors were the real deal hooked him up with a prostate exam but they ended up giving him a pain killer from his tore anal.

Candice Collins

Barry Hyden

Everytime you call this place, after you punch zero for the operator.... No one answers.

Alexander Graley

Very dangerous hospital. Do not recommend

Angela Campbell

Recently had surgery here. The process was easy from the beginning to the end. All the staff members that I encountered...from the pre-op registration process to the end...were very friendly and helpful. I was very satisfied. ❤️


Shii Wilson

worst Hospital ever I will never ever have respect for any of the doctors or this hospital they refused the treatment needed for serious chronic diseases and they don't care

Daz Zz

This place is awful. I had a kidney stone, in alot of pain and they only would offer me MOTRIN. I could have stayed home and took that. I understand the area has a bad drug problem. But I'm drug free and only get pain relief when I'm legitimately in pain. This place is most likely committing insurance fraud by charging patients insurance for doing nothing. If you have gone here, and been denied reasonable help. Call your insurance and report them. We are not cattle to be charged for services that wasn't proformed. Hospitals like this don't listen unless they're hit in the pocketbook. First Oath that all medical professionals take is "do no harm" letting people suffer is doing harm and stealing from insurance for services not rendered is fraud.

Terrsa Smith

Wouldn't take my dog there for flea treatment. If you can't make the drive to another hospital you probably wouldn't make it through any treatment there. All the family members that have sought health care through this system have not had good experiences or good out comes. N

Kaytlin Wooten

Cheyne Butler

Preston Morris

My child had the flu and thank god these workers gave him a prostate exam

LeeAnn McIntyre

David Eversole

More than ok for minor health issues. However, for anything more serious I suggest going towards Lexington!

Eddie Sparks

If possible go somewhere else for medical care..

Stephanie Maiden

If you have a family member there and aren’t present when the Dr comes by. Good luck getting any information or answers.

scott hensley

Horrible place, They kept me for 2 weeks and did nothing for me. Thieves everywhere my cane shoes and belt were stolen. Dr's are idiots and have no clue what they are doing.I was in worse shape when i left than when i came in. All they are interested in is how much they can get from your interested card.


The worst hospital ever and do not go to this hospital and I believe it's a scam they triple bill you over past few months


The Faithful Warriors Of Jehovah

The state Should come and shut this place down,For it is a disgrace on the america dream. If you come in at the right time you will be waiting for a very long time.2 hours at the Least.And 5 hours.

David Amburgey

Ionut Stefanescu-Sturz

Ruby Napier

my sister-in-law caught an infection there and died!

Paige Cornett

Christina Waters

My friend went there with a broken back. They did xrays determined that was the issue, sent him home with no brace, or medicine for pain!!! This place should be shut down. They are horrible.

Sonja Chilton

Worst experience ever at a hospital! My husband was brought in with a serious head trama and he had to wait OVER 5 hours before they put in Staples, he laid there bleeding and every time I mentioned it to his nurse she got pissy with me and very rude like I was interrupting her texting convo... Really


A joke of a hospital. Got treated like pure garbage when I worked here. Got no respect for what all I did do. Got suspended cause I had to miss for a funeral. Becky Taylor is a cna and should be working the floor when the nurse aides are short staffed. The nurse managers work when they have to do why can't Becky. She also acts like 60 and even answers there phone.

Katherine Senawi

Very unresponsive to patient's familes calling from out of town to check on their loved ones! The nurse's station on the second floor never answer the phone's, and no one knows much of anything when trying to get general information! Horrible experience

Billy Roberts

Poor service. Un caring nurses. They should really teach their employees how to care for the patient and not just push drugs as fast as they can.

Anita JSmallwood

The one star rating is for the staff that truly attempts to make a difference in the lives of the patients. However, the privacy, dignity and respect for the patients are despicable. When bathing a sick patient- there needs to be care, respect and concern for the privacy of the patient. When walking by some rooms, nudity and lack there of, is displayed. I would like to ask the individuals caring or bathing the patient to have empathy and respect for the sick patient(s). Please , close the door - you may be used to viewing nude patients, but the families of other patients are appalled and disgusted at your lack of empathy and respect for a sick individual that you are assigned to assist and care for his/her most intimate needs .

Sarah Jones Stone

Alexander Allen

If I could give negative 100 stars I would, I won't go into detail but this hospital absolutely sucks, along with about every staff member in it, what a joke!

sheila shirley

The treatment my father has been receiving at this Hospital is ridiculous. How can someone so frail fall over something in your parking lot and hurt himself so severely he had to be admitted in for treatment. Now because of your negligence He has a broken arm and has injuries to his face. I want something to be done about this and will stop at nothing till it is. I'm only giving you one star because I have to too post this review you don't deserve any.

Ronald Bowling

robert caldwell

Exceptionally dedicated to their work

Joseph Higdon


I had to stay for 9 days. They took great care of me. The nurses went way out of their way to make my stay great. Had one nurse that brought a fan from her house so I could sleep. I will never forget them. Made a bad time in my life better. Thanks for everything

Matthew Ford

Construction everywhere inside right now. They are trying very hard to make this a nice hospital

Melissa Spicer

Please, pregnant mothers, do not choose ARH for your childbirth plans. You will regret it. This place should not be delivering babies. Their staff is ill equipped mentally to understand the needs of the laboring mother, from my experience. If it were possible to give this hospital no stars at all, that would be fitting. My daughter just gave birth here, and it was a horrible experience. The staff is rude, uncouth, and unprofessional, the policies set in place for visitors are too restrictive, and the hospital itself is so hot and uncomfortable that it was hard to breathe, at least on the third floor, and cold as ice on the ground floor. My daughter wanted to have all three of her sisters, the baby's father, her own mother and her own father present while she was laboring. This was not possible. Not only was it not possible, but the nursing staff made it nearly impossible for my daughter to even carry on a conversation with us without the nurse asking "What was that?" or "What did you say?" The nurse was very rude with my daughter, oftentimes mumbling under her breath, and very unclear in her communication, not even attempting to explain procedures and things to her as they were doing them. The gruff OB staff needs a lesson in humility and humanity. I wouldn't recommend an animal to give birth here. This is a cold, uncaring, unfriendly, borderline HOSTILE environment for the laboring mother. Find another hospital, even if it means traveling further. You WILL not be treated with kindness here.

Mike Jones

J Woo

if you are actually sick or in need of emergency care, i would go to whitesburg if you can. several family members WALKED into this place and came out in worse condition than when they went in. my grandfather was having a heart attack and pulling off his monitor equipment and breathing like he was drowning. was told he would have to wait for the dr. before they would take any action. he was listed as a fall hazard, but was left unmonitored and took a blow to the head when he did fall. stay away.

Deborah Brown

Saved family members’ lives many times

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