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REVIEWS OF Harrison Memorial Hospital IN Kentucky

Hxnny_ Bees

I was treated very nice was wonderful nurses I am very thankful for nurses in ob and Dr Harpel

Stephen Lutes

Never had any over night stays, but have been several times for tests and physical therapy. I was away treated excellent. Everyone was always very nice and helpful. Very knowledgeable and pretty nurses, that always helps you feel better. Over all, for a small hospital in a small town, I think it's a excellent hospital.

Jay Butler

shawn n Karen earlywine


James Ayala

Norma Gray

Not bad but hard to talk to the pain doctor and lab possibly messed up on drug screen test but we will see what happened because it's been sent to another Lab

Bev Gray

NOTHING FROM THE ER Dr. Theated my grandaughter for 2 minutes. NO FLU TEST. Told her she was too young for pneumonia, again did NO TESTING. VERY DISAPPOINTING FOR A DOCTOR. WOULD GIVE A MINUS 10 IF IT WERE POSSIBLE

michael laytart

Take to long in emergency room

Mollie Smith

Linda Hicks

The morning of June 29, 2019 my 97+ year old Mother was taken by ambulance and admitted to Harrison Memorial Hospital with respiratory distress. The ER staff went to work on her immediately and began all the tests to determine her problem. They explained each test in detail as it was being performed. Dr. Sadek, the ER doctor, was extremely informative as he discussed with us what was happening. Mom was admitted and a little upset that she would not get to see the fireworks during the Fabulous Fourth Celebration that night. She had talked about that event for days and we were hopeful somehow a way would be provided. I don't have the names of the two 2nd floor nurses that made that happen, but they took it upon themselves along with my daughter and started moving furniture, medical equipment, etc. and moved the bed and positioned it at the window in just the right angle so she could view them. You certainly don't have that in a big city hospital. These ladies went above and beyond their nursing duties to make sure she got her wish. Until she passed on July 3 she was given the best of constant care with the utmost respect by each and every shift. From housekeeping to each one on duty that cared for her in her final days. Also, Dr. Calder...I have absolutely no words to describe the care and compassion he not only gave Mom, but to our family. He walked us through each and every detail of her treatment, and encouraged us to ask questions. The world needs more doctors like him. His bedside manner made us feel like our loved one was his only patient...not just a name on his chart. I could probably go on and on about the level of outstanding care that not only she received, but her family and visitors as well. Sheila Currans, I hope you and the board are aware of the angels you have under your direction! They are remarkable. God Bless you all.

Cristi Dotson

Review for the emergency room only: Waited for over two hours in the ER and left AMA. Ridiculous. There were was ONE patient there when I brought my daughter in, but for some reason the doctor waited over an hour to order tests (he waited until “after hours” when everyone else was gone). I feel like this was an effort to receive more money from insurance. Never received the test results and the staff was quite rude when I complained. To be fair, the nurses began the assessment almost immediately after we arrived but the doctor seemed incompetent. If she had been emergent, she would’ve been even more so before she ever even received treatment.

Donna Kendrick

Absolutely is not can't depend on you care with them!!!

Benjamin Tincher

See, it's complicated, the food is good, and MOST, of the nurses are nice, but there are two nurses here that need to take a customer service class, I wish I knew their names so I could call them out, the first night we were here they felt the need to have the meanest nurse possible give my woman a cervix check, this nurse shoves her gorilla fingers in and hurts my woman so bad, like, okay, their not gonna be comfortable, I get that, but thats not the bad part, she got mad at my woman, a pregnant woman mind you, because she was crying and in pain, and told her "corporate or ill call your doctor and she'll make you go home" and stays rude the whole time, getting uoset when we ask for a change of sheets or anything like THATS YOUR JOB, then, just now, 10 minutes before I wrote this, a nurse comes in that again like the other, just has a bad attitude, my woman asks if its normal for her to hurt after she eats, and she said "maybe you're stretching muscles you didn't know you had" so I said "maybe when her stomach gets full it puts pressure on that area that hurts" so she looks at me, and says "well food goes to your stomach not your ribs so" with just the snobbiest attitude, like, all we tried to do was ask a question and she got an attitude, with someone who just had a baby only a day before, a new mom that just wanted to know if what was happening was normal, so yes, the place is great, but to those two nurses, you should be required to take classes on how to treat people, its not the worlds fault that you hate your life, don't take it out on defenseless pregnant women in pain. Ps. Brittany, heather, and Melanie are just wonderful people, so supportive and gave so much helpful advice.

Lois May

I suffer from chronic migraines yet every single time I have to go for tests to be run, several nurses and receptionists wear perfume that triggers a migraine in me. I can't take triptans and have to suffer for a few days. I basically have about 5-9 days a month that I am fine. Lately, it has been less good days due to having to have x-rays, an echocardiogram, MRI's and other tests run. I have mentioned to the offenders that their perfume hurts those of us with migraines and allergies. I can go back the next week and they will have even more on or so it seems. I think people who work with the public or in a health care setting should NOT wear anything that has an odor. Fabric softener is ok but anything stronger is a no-no or should be. Please have consideration for those of us who have medical conditions that are extremely aggravated by your use of perfumes.

Mark Richardson

Treated me fairly quickly for my absessed tooth

Timothy Kendrick

Richard Grimes

Very bad hospital, I was put in for a gunshot wound, They took care of me well up until i woke up with no memory of time, It looked like my room had not been cared for for weeks! I called for a nurse and none came, I eventually gained the strength to get up and go out into the hall, It was a total mess, Blood and bullet holes everywhere, It was as if there was an apocalypse! I found the door to the cafeteria, But it was all chained up with the words "Dont dead open inside" Written on it! It made absolutely no sense, I went outside and there were body bags just lying on the ground in rows! I was absolutely disgusted! Horrible service, very bad cleaning. 0/10.

Natalie Robinson

Floyd Fleming, Jr.

Millie Earley

I was treated great Thank you.Hospital was clean and Urgent care is fast and the doctors are wonderful

Greg Adams

Outstanding, kind, intelligent people---from the nurses to the doctors and support staff--truly outstanding service--thank you HMH

Cheryl DeJulius

Barry Turner

Most of the staff are rude, it takes at least 4 hrs in the E.R

April O'Brien


Jennifer Hurst

Was at the ER 2 times in the last month, nurses are very nice but the ER Doctor is VERY Rude, they need to think about getting another doctor in their ER Department, when you are sick you do not want to listen to some doctor constantly getting a smart attitude with you.

courtney sullivan

Simon Ezequiel Pagani

uycgzp ahkpmjj

Very good. The Ob nurses were great. Doctor was fantastic. My child and I were well taken care of. My family was treated great and with respect.

Alexis K

I slipped and busted the back of my head open on a concrete step. I was headed to the hospital in my town during a storm and multiple down trees kept me from going any direction, so this hospital was my last resort. I came in on the evening shift and everyone was really nice and funny and tried to cheer me up. It took about 2 hours but rightfully so after a CT scan and some staples. Really glad they were so awesome and made me laugh cause I’m terrified of hospitals. Thank you for your help.

jim williams

I have been to er seven times due to colitis symptoms every time they draw blood, take urine samples, and discharge me, they change doctors at er constantly so its like going the first time. Also they have no doctors except for one who accepts Aetna better health insurance. Doctor Michael gainey is easily agitated. So be careful what you say.

Dustin Snapp

Had therapy after having neck surgery the therapist were really nice and very helpful

Brandon Castleman

Place is a joke cant sleep in horrible pain cause my back is shot and they wanna say will implant on ur back which takes months but cant help u in the meantime and never evwn saw the doctor just the nurse practitioner the outpatient pain center is a joke

Judy ODonnell

They are all very cold hearted there, I went there for test and I could barely walk and the tech did not offer to get me a wheelchair.I literally had to hang on to the walls to get out to my car. Radiology is horrible the techs are nice but Rhonda makes it hard for you to get your test the insurance has paid for,she mails them depending on her moods.How awful, I go there for test only because its closer and I'm not able to drive far, but I will say if you have any other choice stay away,.They are very cold hearted there.I think if you fell down they would not help you up.They also don't mind getting rude on the phone as Rhonda did and hung up on me.I was just telling her that's why the hospital had a bad rap and she hung up, you know the being nice in a nasty way. Yes that was you Rhonda.I told her that's why people go to other towns for help because of the attitudes.

Krystle Kelly

Darwin Root

Service was great and the people very friendly. Hospital was amazingly clean.

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