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REVIEWS OF Frankfort Regional Medical Center IN Kentucky

Jenn Blitzer

This is one of the most organized medical facilities I've ever seen and the staff is helpful and friendly. The only reason they are lacking one star is because I disagree with their billing. I believe it is unfair to offer a 20% discount if someone is able to pay the full amount upfront for X-Rays and the like. This shouldn't be an option, it should just be the cheapest you can offer. In a world now where a $0.35 inhaler costs the public $65 or more, they can offer better. Also privacy is not a priority as it should be. The door was left open to the public when it should have been closed.

Jim Stratton

My care while at the hospital was outstanding. The nurses were both professional and personal. I felt like they really were concerned about my comfort and my medical well-being. Whether it was my care in the emergency room or my care once I was admitted, I am very impressed with the care I received during my two days in the hospital.

sc neal

Worse ever ER no compassion what so ever you are treated like you aren't really in pain or sick. They all look at you like your a drug addict or after pain meds. I will never come back to this joke of a hospital again.

Mike Jones

Nurse was extremely unprofessional & disrespectful. Moreover, a doctor never checked me out. When I asked information on medication she handed me , she rudely replied "Just take it". Only positive was the receptionist showed compassion & was nice/professional.

John Cubine

staff was knowledgeable, professional, answered all questions, I was in and out in less than 30 minutes

Tara S Mayne

I have a friend who has been having gallbladder issues and you all keep sending her home because you all don't think it's "that big of a deal." She needs serious help, she's been getting dizzy and admitted that one night she "puked up blood." I've had family that has had to deal with gallbladder issues and gallbladder pain is not something to mess around with. Please, I'm begging you all, just help her, she's still in pain and you all still won't take her seriously.


Horrid, it's freezing. When I threw up the doctor yelled at me. I screamed for help, yet no one but a single nurse came. She tried to help me the best she could. She gave me some blankets and tried to wash my face. I was unknowingly thrashing and bleeding internally at the time. The doctors thought I was a druggie looking for some pills. A different hospital found out I was dying from internal bleeding and needed emergency surgery on the spot. This hospital was pushing me out the door in a wheelchair because..."They could not find anything wrong." When thankfully my family came as they pushed me out and got me to a different hospital.The female doctor screamed at me for vomiting and crying. The other nurses ignored me and my screams. I was left in a cold dark room with a thin sheet alone for 3 hours. I was left alone to dye. 3 hours no one checked on me nor my dying cries. 3 hours with no food,water, or help to the bathroom. I found out later they needed to make sure my insurance would pay so that's what took three hours. The one kind nurse was the only one who bothered to ask if I had any family and she called them. A Hospital in IL. St.Mary's found out the problem within the hour and got me prepped for emergency surgery that night. And feed me and gave me blankets and a warm room to recover in. With a call light if I needed help or anything. And thankfully because of them I am still alive. Frankfort Regional Medical Center would have sent me to my grave. Do not go! Treatment is inhuman.

Bob Logan

Nursing staff was very attentive; hospital food was very good considering it was hospital dining; the ER was a six hour wait with only four patients. Patient care was almost a 10 (9.5).

Craig Willard

Coming to the hospital is never high on anyone's list however, it is a good feeling when our community has a hospital like Frankfort Regional Medical Center. They were comforting and compassionate to my 9 year old daughter who needed stitches. She left laughing as the ED doctor was able to keep her in good humor. Thank you!

Tristian Stamper

That hospital is a waste of people's good hard earned taxes money. They do not want to do their jobs. If you wanna go to a hospital with little wait time but no results that Frankfort hospital is the greatest hospital in the world, but if you don't mind waiting for hours and actually find out what is wrong with your family member or yourself, then go somewhere else!

Tammy Payton

My parents have been admitted/surgery at Frankfort Regional Medical Center.. From the Surgery Center to the floor to discharge. Everyone was fabulous...The nurses and physicians top notch and gave them the best of care! Thank you FRMC for allowing us to keep my parents close to home where we can take care of them.

Laura Cornish

We’ve been waiting for hours for the dr to show up and release my father. He never placed orders he was supposed to. Not good to feel like your dr doesn’t have the time, or desire to help you.

karen morganti

In and out quickly, all were professional and no problems with anything. thank you!

Kimberle Boyd

While the ER did a very good job, my family member's 5 day hospital stay was awful. Admitted for a fall with accompanying head wound and stitches, my 85 year old mother-in-law's wound was not cleaned - my husband finally bought supplies at Walgreen's and cleaned it himself. She never received a bed bath; we were given supplies so we could do that ourselves too. The nursing staff told us repeatedly that there was one hospitalist for the entire facility, they had 19 patients to take care of, and always suggested we take care things ourselves. Bloody sheets were only changed after asking multiple times. She was discharged with no clear explanation of her injuries after asking for one multiple times. Transfer of information at shift change was poor at best. Nothing changed even though we spoke to both her case manager and the nurse lead that visited her room. There's even more to say but really no need.

Becky Wells

Staff were very friendly and put me at ease. Pre-registration per a phone call the day before made registration a breeze.

Dakota Carey

Every trip to this hospital is an unpleasant one. The financial advisors here will ignore you and never contact you despite the voicemails you leave. The doctors are more likely to give you a misdiagnosis rather than actually treat. It's happened to me. This place is a nightmare. Avoid at all costs. If I could give them a fifth of a star, I would. They don't even deserve one.

Noreen Crawford

Nice to get in and out for an annual check up in under an hour.

David Gambrel

I went into the ER after and accident. When I would breathe it was incredibly painful. First it took over an hour before I received anything to make me comfortable. The PA ordered an xray. It showed that I had deep bruising around my ribs. The nurse said "that can hurt just as bad or worse than a broken rib." Then in the same breathe she said "we're not sending you home with anything." They treat everyone like an addict. I laid in bed for several days popping ibuprofen. The pain was so intense. You can't generalize evey patient as a seeker. Sad.

J. J.

I have to give HUGE applause to this amazing NICU staff!!!!! I gave birth to three babies at Frankfort Regional Hospital and was so happy every single time. My third was in the NICU and it was THE BEST experience. Truly an amazing staff! Kudos to Dr. Wainwright who delivered and Dr. Aljabi who saved my son’s life! Thank you!

Andrea Keltner

My great aunt who passed away recently said, "this is where you go to die." And please, Frankfort hospital, don't leave me an automated statement telling me to call patient care. My grandma was just released from here today and was hallucinating while there and the nurses did nothing. She is going home now in worse shape than when she went in! You are lucky this hospital is not shut down. I have begged for her not to be taken here. I am in Michigan so I cannot be there all the time. You need to hire competant people, which, I understand is hard to come by down there because I have never heard of such frivolous lack of care of a person. After reading these horror stories, I bet your lawyers must be paid well. No excuses. These are peoples lives.

Tom Hampton

Went for a CT scan and the staff was very efficient and helpful. I was in and out in under 30 minutes.

Susan Smith

I had both cataracts removed by Dr. Offutt and the FRMC staff in the past 2 weeks. I no longer need to wear glasses for severe myopia and astigmatism for the past 55 years. Thank you everyone for taking such good care of me during my 2 outpatient procedures.

Sam Seelinger

I recently spent 7 days and had 3 surgeries at this hospital. They took great care of me. I never had to wait for someone to answer my call light, the food was good, the doctors kept me very informed. The ER did make a minor mistake, but after speaking with the patient advocate, Jennifer Brock, they more than made it right. The ER doc immediately saw me when I got there. He introduced himself, started doing tests, and treated me with respect the entire time. Everyone from the surgery center is on point. They're very friendly, very knowledgable, patient. They keep your loved ones informed. I would definitely feel comfortable going to this hospital again.

Jamie Allen

I had my baby boy at frankfort regional 2 weeks ago and it was a great experience. We chose Frankfort because their labor and delivery rooms are awesome, but I ended up requiring an elective c section. The staff was wonderful. They helped calm me down and then took excellent care of me and my baby. Everyone was very nice, encouraging, and accommodating. Thanks to everyone who helped my baby make a safe entrance into the world!

Just A Guy

Literally procrastinate ever coming here. Very poor examinations done by majority of staff. I almost ALWAYS have to go back home and literally do a google search of my symptoms. Go back if I belive it's necessary and tell them exactly what is wrong. For example a few years back I had some severe pain on my right side. Became 100 times worse when I ate. Went to FRMC twice and got told "we couldn't find anything" with an xray each visit. Done my search and SELF DIAGNOSIS. Went back and told them "It's my gallbladder. Look at my gallbladder." Another xray and surprise surprise my gallbladder ridden with stones. My son was born here, sadly. Told them I didn't want my child to suffer from the child abuse known as circumcision. They did it anyway. I should've sued but no one wanna deal with court. Summery of this review this hospital is damn near the worst place to come to. Very poor quality of care and examination. ONLY GO HERE IF IT IS YOUR LAST OPTION!!! Also this place is apparently discriminates. They have hep A vaccination signs only recommending that inmates, recent inmates, drug addicts and homeless people get it. This is unacceptable!! Hep A isn't just a lower class problem. Literally anyone can receive the infection.

Yep It’s Jeremy

They help save my Dad's life, it was so amazing. These guys are great. I would highly recommend you to if you live here.

Angi Duncan

I went to the ER with heart attack symptoms. The ER desk clerk was extremely nice and helpful, although the other staff seemed very disorganized and unprepared. I did in fact have a mild heart attack and was admitted. The nurse (she never introduced herself) was a train wreck. She was trying to calculate my heparin drip ratio, and was literally counting on her fingers. Then she looked over the keyboard and computer screen for a calculator. I had to tell her where to locate it. Then she prepares to transport me by wheelchair from the ER to my room. The wheelchair was positioned in the doorway facing backward. Rather than backing me out of the room, she turned me around in the doorway...banging the chair into the wall, then door, then wall again, etc. This continued the entire way to my room, banging into the elevator a few times, and then into the doorway of my room. Then I was handed off to a travel nurse that made the first one seem quite professional! When starting my IV drip, the machine kept beeping and was alerting that there was air in the tube. She repeatedly (at least 18 times) opens the machine, flicks the IV tube, then slams it back into the machine, only to have the machine beep repeatedly. She then informed me that air in the IV wouldn't kill me, and that it would be fine. Once I had an acceptable amount of air in my IV tube, she resumed with asking me the list of 20 questions I'd been asked 4 times already. Then asked if I was in pain. I told her that I was starting to get a pretty bad headache, and that it was getting bad fast. She says, "Well, I asked you if you were in pain a little while ago and you told me you weren't. And the only thing the doctor ordered me to give you for pain was the Nitro Paste". First of all, I was not in pain when she asked previously. Secondly, I did not ask for anything for pain relief. Lastly, I am pretty sure Nitro Paste is used to prevent angina (chest pain)...which by the way I never had (only tightness and tingling). About twenty minutes later, I was crying from so much pressure in my eyes and ears, and my head felt as if it were going to explode. I have migraines, and this headache was very comparable to a severe migraine. My aunt went to find my nurse, who was nowhere to be found. Finally, another nurse enters my room to let me know that my nurse had to go to another floor for a while but would be back. She also let me know that the awful headache was how they knew the Nitro paste was working, and that it was a very common side effect. NOW they tell me! I told her that I really needed something for the headache and could not stand it anymore. My pain level was a 9+ and getting worse by the minute. She tells me that there's nothing she can do, that my nurse would have to be the one to ask the doctor if I could have anything for the headache. Wow. Several minutes later, my nurse reappears, with attitude. She wanted to know what the problem was. We (my aunt and I) told her that I had to have something to relieve the headache. She said, "I could give you Tylenol, but that's it!" I said, "Okay, if it gets rid of this headache please give it to me." She goes on to say, "I can only give you like 600mg of Tylenol." I again said, "OK then please give it to me. Anything to make this stop." She continues to go on and on about how Tylenol is the only thing the doctor will give me. I said okay twice and never asked for anything else! She finally left, was gone for a short period, but never brought the Tylenol. I told my aunt and my son that I couldn't take it anymore, and that is when we discussed the amount of unprofessional behavior that we had experienced by so many, and decided that I should leave and go to a better hospital in Lexington. My nurse returned and demanded to know if she was why I was leaving. She also said, "Well, if you stay, the doctor said you could have Dilaudid." I said, "No, I am leaving." My aunt asked her to please remove my IV. She said, "I will NOT, but I will get someone else to!" She eventually removed it herself.

Mary Wilson

My experience as an outpatient having additional studies done to further determine the next step in treatment, was very professional and courteous. I dealt with the ultrasound department and a radiologist. Everyone was patient, helpful, informative which helped to calm me down.

penni young

Wonderful staff Excellent Service took my 5 year old in for asthmatic problems and was seen in less than 10 minutes and was given the proper care he needed thank you guys your the best !

Pam Marshall

There is not enough space to relate all my experiences. One visit I was told by the ER doctor that I had a condition that could not be treated there. I was told that I needed to be transported to Lexington. I couldn't go that night but was assured if I went the next day they would transport me. When I went back in the morning, I was ridiculed and told there was nothing wrong with me. Furthermore I was told the only way I was getting to Lexington was if I found a way. I did find transportation and spent several days in intensive care. I had knee replacement surgery a few years ago and was given too much medicine in recovery. I began to turn blue and if my friend had not noticed, I would not be on this Earth today. I went to the E.R. last night in mind-numbing pain. I explained that I hadn't eaten in a couple of days. I explained that I couldn't keep anything down because of the pain. I was literally hysterical in pain. I was given two pills and sent home. I vomited for 10 minutes. A few hours later I began vomiting again. I am terrified of your hospital now. It is frightening to know that I left your hospital in worse shape than when I arrived. It is also frightening to know that I must now travel to Lexington to receive adequate care. I have high blood pressure and that visit was absolutely terrifying. It could have led to a much more serious condition. BTW I have not left my bed since then and there is nowhere to go for help. My doctor is unavailable and I am in too much pain to look elsewhere.

Bonita Dukes

As God is my witness, I have instructed my husband and my family to let me die on the side of the road b4 ever taking me to Frankfort Regional Medical Center. I was in a horrific car wreck and transported to FRMC, where i received the worst careof my 35 yrs on this planet. The nurses and doctors are all so mean, hateful and rude and I hate this place. They made one of the absolutel worst events of my life EVEN WORSE- WHICH I COULDNT BELIEVE WAS POSSIBLE. I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN, EVER!


My daughter busted her chin open and we had to make a trip to the ER. We were immediately put in a room and seen by a provider! They were very friendly and talked on my daughter's level to make her comfortable, Popsicle and all. She was also born there and we had a great experience at the Center for Women's Health at that time. Great care and people!

Jamie Sharpe

My dad was admitted to the ICU yesterday in critical condition. The news we got was devistating and unexpected. The staff here has been AMAZING. They are all overly accommodating, sensitive to our situation, have done preventative treatments to avoid emergency situations, and have been thouroughly explaining things. The nurses, doctors, and desk staff have all gone above and beyond. I am so very happy that this is the hospital we are at for testing and treatment. Edited to add two days later... Dr. Myhand (oncologist) & Dr. Chaker (pulmonologist) have been so very informative and compassionate. The world would be a much better place with doctors like these two. There are so many things that they have done to protect my dad that I can't even think of them all. The nurses have been just as great about this. We are just so thankful that he is at this hospital with these drs and nurses and not somewhere else!

Melissa Climenhaga

This hospital can't make up their mind what is wrong with you. It seems toe they are more concerned with someone being there just to get pain meds and that's all they care about. To me it is a little ridiculous this is the second time I have went to the er and my pain was over looked. Just because there is people out there whom abuse the crap doesn't mean we all do. I will never go back.

Tracy Hawkins


Courtenay Lancaster

Everyone courteous and helpful, did not wait too long.

John Sullivan

Not real sure how to rate this place. Some treat you like a drug seeker right off the bat. I'm not seeking drugs per se I'm seeking relief from the true pain im in and i consider it inhumane to not help with pain. Some staff are wonderful some are the opposite. Even some of the employees I've been in contact with agree that a lot of the nurses are total b#%@hs. Oh well.

char char aka charlie Miller

This is the worst hospital they almost killed my dad. He went in for a simple breathing treatment and left and by me saying left he was transferred to Norton hospital a month after he was there bc they couldn't figure out why they couldn't wake him up after being sedated 3 different times! THE ICU IS MAKES THE MOST MONEY WHEN THEY SEDATE A PATIENT FOR A LONG OERIOD OF TIME . THEY HAD NO GOOD REASON AT ALL TO PUT HIM BACK TO SLEEP THE 2 ND TIME NOR REALLY THE FIRST. They give him blood poisoning and everything I would love to go into detail but jus gonna get the main point across IF YOU LOVED YOURSELF OR OR LOVED ONE DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL IF YOU WAMT TO LIVE!

Amanda Wands

Finding out you have to have breast biopsy for some spots is unnerving. I was told in Lexington that I would have to wait three weeks before anything could be done. I contacted Frankfort Regional and they worked me in immediately. They were so kind in the mammography department and Dr. Owens, the radiologist, was fantastic. When it came time to have the surgical biopsy, Dr. Bowling explained everything to me in advance and really took the time to listen and answer questions. Post surgery everyone was equally as great. Thank you for your over and above care, FRMC. Highly recommend!

Jill G.

I was so scared to deliver my baby at FRMC because of the horrible stories I have heard about it.But I was very pleasantly suprised. I delivered my baby in Oct 2015 and had a wonderful experience. The staff was friendly and professional. The maternity ward was clean and comfortable. The nurses were very present and accommodating. I have also been to two separate ER visits. The wait time was incredibly short. One particular time I was having a panic attack and there was a nurse that literally sat by my bed and held my hand to help calm me down. I know she was busy with other patients but she made me feel like I was the only one in the hospital. I hate that other people have had negative experiences but I am glad I didn't let that stop me from receiving care there.

Troi Cunningham

Everyone I encountered was kind, courteous, and professional. Top-notch care as all of my experiences at this facility.

Mike Claffy

No problems. Services provide as expected

Diane Mortenson

Robert Horsley

Monet grabbers if you don't have a hand full of cash, you can expect to be treated like crap.

Tilissa jones

On February 2nd 2018 I was in a bad car wreck! I was ran off the road and hit a tree head on going about 60 MPH. I was transported to this bandaid hospital by EMS... I had a broken femur bone, broken hand with all fingers broke, I also had lacerations to my spleen and liver!! After being in the ICU for 10 days I was moved to a reg room and the nurse that took me from the ICU to the regular room was very RUDE & unpaieint! She got aggravated with me BC I couldn't pivot my right foot around to get in the bed. So, she told me to put my arms around her neck she would "Help Me" and she just throwed me in that bed like a dog with a broken leg!! It's been 5 months now and II'm still unable to walk correctly BC I have 2 broken bones and a fracture in my right foot!! Which the hospital and DR. DANA SOUCY said it was OK that it was just hurting from the impact of the wreck and from the femur bone surgery!! My family doc wanted to send me for a MRI but couldn't BC DR. Soucys office was very uncoropperative and HE (Dr.Soucy) has NO idea if the metal rod in my leg was MRI compatible or not! So my family doc said we would have to do a CT Scan to be safe! I went on 6/25/2018 and on 6/27/2018 my doctor personally called me and said I needed to see a surgeon ASAP that I have 2 broken bones and a fracture in my foot! So for 5 months I've been dealing with nothing but pain and swelling of my foot BC of this pos hospital and sorry doctor at this Hospital!! The day I went to get my CT Scan I personally spoke with the patient advocate and told her everything and she was supposed to follow up with me in a couple of days.... Well here it is July 4th and still NO CALL from her!! I go see a surgeon tomorrow at U.K. Hospital and praying for better care! My point is I would NOT take my dog to this hospital and if you need any kind of ororthopedic surgery DO NOT see DANA SOUCY!!!!! This hospital is a complete JOKE all the way around! Maybe your experience will be better but I doubt it! **** Its funny how I get an Email saying that Jennifer Brock the patient advocate has tried reaching me numerous times on the number I gave her!! Well... YES! The very next day after making my review she did call. BUT not until I posted about her NOT returning my call!! Nice Email though! Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!! SMH

Cindi Ward

My nursing care was pretty much on point. Communication between the nurses and their superiors is not top notch. I shared a room with a patient in lots of pain along with me in lots of pain while the doctors requested urine specimens each time we went to the bathroom, they were always full and we had to remove each others and replace with our own and it was a battle with IV's and being in so much pain so my nurse was able, she thought, to get a private room, she moved me and the staff at the desk said "Oh NO" and they made me move back to the room. I was either getting discharged or I was going home (period!) It was a rough 4 day stay! DON'T EAT THE FOOD!

Christine Evans

This is hands down the worst hospital I’ve ever been to. My nurse, jenifer has an abhorrent attitude and treated me like I was inconveniencing her. The doctor didn’t even know how to properly diagnose me. He was just drawing blanks and saying my symptoms sound overexaggerated! The staff is disgusting and I will not be visiting this emergency room anytime soon. Absolutely appalling at the lack of professionalism update: tried to give these guys a second chance. Came in and had an allergic reaction and gave me all the wrong medicine. Told me I had a bacterial infection! Went to the primary doctor and it took him only 2 days to fix my allergic reaction versus the hospital 1 week. These doctors are absolutely useless. Perfect place to go if you want a misdiagnoses. Waste of time and money. Better off being diagnosed by a team of untrained monkeys

Ashley Loy

Glynn Roberts


Sheena Eckley

I took my son to the Emergency Room following a dirt bike accident. X-rays were done and the ER physician told my son that his knee was not fractured and sent him on his way. After a visit to an orthopedic surgeon, he found out that he had not one, but two fractures. Yesterday, after dislocating her knee at school, my daughter was taken by ambulance to the ER. Her knee was x-rayed by a tech who was either a student or a new technician. She shifted my daughter around to the point where her knee almost dislocated again. When the ER doctor came in to speak with my daughter, he was aloof. My daughter asked for pain medication and the doctor said that she could take Ibuprofen and refused to prescribe anything else. She was put in a knee brace that didn't fit and slid down with every step she took. I asked for school and work notes and was told by the nurse that those would be provided by the doctor. After waiting quite a while to be released, we left the hospital and realized that we did not have either. The nurses that interacted with her were wonderful; however, the ER visit as a whole did not sit well with me.

Julie Jackson

Colonoscopy on Thursday, mammogram on Friday ( Aug 2019). Pleased with process from check in to check out for both procedures. All employees professional and friendly. Frankfort Regional now offers 3D mammogram screenings, saving me a trip to Lexington.

Andrew Clark

Always thinks that everybody is always trying to get pain pills I came in after my doctor told me I needed to cause I had the worst case of MRSA he had seen in awhile and I get there had to pretty much fall into the wheelchair cause I was on my death bed and after five hours they sent me home for a "infected hair" I went to a different one and they immediately rushed me to o.r.

Matt Sawyer

Took my Dad to the ER on a Saturday night. Figured on a weekend it would take forever to get in since his medical problem wasn't life threatening. We were in a room and receiving care within 5 minutes. I was impressed with how the staff included us in the decision making process concerning his treatment. The Hospital visit could not have been any better.

BossYT Clipz

A horrible experience for my daughter while she laid in pain in the hallway bed only after i got her a wheelchair myself and i proceeded to try to put her into the wheelchair did i receive help from the lead nurse . she's 22 weeks pregnant and we told the staff she had severe kidney problems during her last pregnancy and a kidney stone, but after an hour of being left in a chair we were told their were no beds available so as she was attempting to lay on the floor is when we finally received the hallway and watched as other patients were brought into rooms i asked why and was told because they had arrived via ambulance, but i did see other patients from the waiting room also get rooms, my main concern was that she was not hooked up to any monitors like they did on the 2nd floor at her previous visits, this is unacceptable and dangerous for the well being of an unborn child. Thoroughly disgusted! She was finally given a shot for pain and simply released. She was told they thought she has another kidney stone.

Linnea Dunaway

Never had this treatment at a hospital before. My father has heart issues and was having chest pains and we went to Frankfort hospital because it was closest. They left him alone in the room for over an hour with no information and in pain. His IV ran out at one point with the machine beeping quite loudly and none of the nurses quit gossiping and talking about what they were drinking the night before to come help. My mother had to go out there and ask them to come fix it. When his blood pressure started to stabilize they unhooked him from his IVs and kicked him quickly out of the room to take him to another room which ended up dirty with no one at the nurses station in that area. So he had to sit in the hall. Not being monitored at all. Even though he was in the hospital because of chest pains and a history of heart disease. We just said done and got his stuff and left. Felt unwelcome and uncared for. Never going back even if we have to drive to Lexington.

Jerry Manley

From the moment I was admitted to the ER to the time I was transported by ambulance to UK hospital l was in excellent hands. Every single individual made me feel like I was part of their family! The outpouring of comforting words and a genuine concern for my wellbeing was heartfelt. These wonderful people are truly heroes in my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and support. I’ll never forget your kindness!!

Ruth McCormick

We are from out of state. My husband, D Allen, had flu like symptoms & rapid heartbeat when we were visiting family in Frankfort. He had previous heart bypass surgeries and we were very concerned he was having another heart attack. He was hurried in thru the emergency, admitted, and was given all the tests and meds to assess his condition. We are extremely thankful to all the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff at Frankfort Regional!

Cherie Hunt

Wait times were very short and the staff was courteous, friendly, and helpful.

Tom Moore

Much better than the hospitals in Peru and Vietnam, but by US standards, just acceptable. The ER administrator is the rudest woman I have ever encountered in any hospital.

Jamie Taylor

FRMC have went above and beyond for my family. Both my mother and grandmother have been in ICU and they've been outstanding especially nurse Kate she is so sweet!!!

Keith Bowers

My wife came in for a minor surgical procedure and the surgeon wanted her to stay overnight for observation. No problem, right? Problem. While the staff is professionally competent, their departmental communication is horrific. Not once did an instruction from one person make it even to the next person in line. The initial meal after anesthesia was clear liquid, but normal food afterwards. All 4 meals afterward were brought with clear liquids. Change dressings and meds? Good luck...each shift nurse did her job, but the instructions never made it to the next shift. Want to be discharged? You're at the mercy of an attending who comes to work when he feels like it. Surgeon said she could go home st 7AM, but no discharge till the attending signs off, Dr. Kapila. It's almost noon and he's not even in the building.

Katelyn Parsley


Deanna Carpenter

I was brought my ambulance to the er for a pregnancy related issue. They were fast, efficient and they were wonderful! Thank you all so much

Sherrie Robinson

Here right now. Cant get any help at all !!!!!!!!!

Hope Bryant

I was recently at Frankfort Regional for surgery, I was on the 2nd floor overnight in recovery. Those ladies were awesome! I’ve never received such care at any hospital. I never had to wait on assistance, medication nor food. The 2nd floor alone helped to rebuild my trust in Frankfort Hospital. The nurses and techs truly cared and listened, I was actually sad to say goodbye to them.


This is the most pathetic hospital I've visited. I wouldn't put my dog in here. The nurses are nowhere to be found and people look at me when I ask a question like I'm from Mars. The cafeteria is a joke and the furniture you can't even sit on. And to think it's been remodeled

Aaron Hogan

This hospital sucks balls

Jennifer Lonaker

I've been in health care for 10 years. This being said I know to expect a wait time of 6 to 8 hours before being discharged or admitted. However what is completely unacceptable is talking on your head set joking with co workers while taking a patient history and medications list. If this nurse had botherd to do her job correctly she would have known that DKA was the most possible diagnosis for my father instead of waiting 4 hours to get a glucose reading. Then after drawing blood she leaves it setting on the counter in the room for 3 hours and the sample is no longer good and has to redraw the sample. If that wasnt bad enough after being her for 6 hours and being told that my father was being admitted he asked for some water 30 minutes pass nothing she comes back into the room and asked again she said she forgot. Another 30 minutes later and nothing I had to find a nurse who wasnt even his to get the man a drink of water. Never in the 10 years I have been in health care have I seen one nurse make so many mistakes and show no compassion for a patient. I know most are over worked and under paid so i try to be understanding but this womans attitude was the worst. Update: A week later and my father is back again. I originally reviewed as 1 star for the above reasons, however on this trip for every thing his nurse Melissa done was amazing and I give her 5 stars. Do to the first experience and this one I gave an average of 3 stars.

Jayne Goddard

Frankfort Regional is awesome, professional, speedy and really caring.

Brenda Rice

I spent nearly two weeks in the hospital and i could not have asked for better care. Everyone involved in my care was very kind and caring. I had all of my questions answered and felt very good about the treatment i received .

Danielle Shallcross

This place is dangerous. Took my mom in for an infection in her nose, they decided to keep her for IV antibiotics. They put her in a dirty room(dirty wash clothes, gunk on the sink, bedding was iffy) no hot water in the room, not even warm. Thank goodness my mom was well enough to move around and care for herself, the lady she was roomed with was not so fortunate, they ignored repeated calls to the nursing station for help. They did not come to help her or give her medicine for over 12 hours. They would not come help her sit up or move even though she was in pain, and they let her catheter over flow all over the floor. I contacted the appropriate elder abuse hotlines so hopefully something will be done. I got my mom out of there this morning(unfortunately after she had been in a room with a highly contagious person who the nurse admitted to her she should not have been near). I was furious, waited close to 2 hours for someone to come take out my moms IV, no one came so we packed up to go to a different hospital, 5 nurses surrounded her at the elevator and forcibly removed her IV right there in the hallway, and then tried to tell her she could not leave until she signed some papers, I yelled I was calling the police and they backed off and let us leave. I should have called them, it was terrifying. Go to Lexington or Louisville if you have the choice, if you don't try to get transferred asap. Note to response: You have no reason to contact me, my mother is being treated elsewhere and the authorities are looking into how the patient she was being roomed with was treated. Our lawyer has been contacted and if any further communication is required he will be the one to contact you.

Susan Cutts

The staff was very nice and took great care of me. My room was very clean. They made recovery comfortable until I was able to go home.

Nancy Gee

Always pleasant and taking extra steps to make the appointment as easy as possible. I appreciate the efforts to make me as comfortable as possible! Thank you!

Michael Van Dyke

For the most part I was treated very well, but once in awhile it was less than desirable, perhaps they were busy.

Brenda Sherrod

The E R group and the nurses and techs were fabulous. Very professional and caring. Highly recommend Frankfort Regional. Thank you.

Paulines Pens

Came to Frankfort ER in an ambulance with chest pains amongst other things. I found everyone I had dealt with to be kind and very caring. I didn't feel like I was a burden at all. ER staff were excellent and after being admitted I felt like I was in safe hands. This was my first time ever being admitted and everyone made my stay as comfortable as possible.

Rhonda Ellis

Cannit get into the information portal. What happened to regular mail. Not at all happy with your system. MAIL MY RESULTS

nonprofit tuba

Went for hernia pain. Sent home with 2 days off work. Was told to come back if symptoms got worse. They did the following night. On 2nd visit was treated like I was lying and trying to get pain medication. Spent 6 hours there with minimal care and the nurse just comes in, rips my I.V. out as painfully as possible and basically tells me to get out, that there's nothing wrong with me. This place is a joke.

heather bivens

Urgent Care sent me into ER after lab results done at Frankfort Regional showed hyperthyroidism and urgent care told me I was close to a thyroid storm. ER acted as if it was nothing and repeated same labs that were just done at the same hospital 4 hours before. I was told nothing for almost 4 hours with my resting heart rate at 120 or above. When the doctor finally came in I was told my thyroid was elevated and to come back if worse altho they would have to transfer me because there wasn't a doctor who could care for me there. That was 7 days ago and I still have not recieved a follow up appt with a specialist as the ER gave me numbers to call for an appt and told me to follow up with my PCP for an appt. I have severe tremors and elevated heart rate and nothing is being done to help. I've been to Frankfort ER multiple times and this is the first time ever I've not recieved appropriate care. I'm not sure I will be back

Jamila Simpson

Waking up in excruciating pain on mother’s day and having to go to the ER was already not the best feeling ever. But surprisingly in the ER I had wonderful staff supporting me from the time I dragged in to check in to the time they were hooking me up to make my time comfortable. To try to figure out what was going on. And the Doctor Christopher Shaw was amazing in the way he explained and helped get to the bottom of what was going on with me. Once I was admitted I had excellent nurses the first night before my procedure but then after my surgery everything went downhill and couldn’t fathom why. After the nurses switched shifts I was not treated like I was even there. That quickly it went from the best experience to the worst. And all I needed was help because I had so much discomfort. Then the nurse seemed rude and disrespectful because I wanted to go home. Which I was told by the Dr. I could either stay or go. But then she sent me away saying I left against doctors advice. Which that was untrue. And she spoke medical terminology and didn’t explain that I wasn’t going to be getting discharged. I am not going to keep going because it is over with but Frankfort Regional makes me hesitant to go there now.

matt deakins

This is by far the worst hospital in ky don't get a notice of your bill going to collections without even sending me a bill it dropped my credit score by 85 points that's b.s. and when you call them they don't care been paying on my bill for the past 4 months but they don't report that and then the other night low and behold it goes on my trans credit report after 4 months guess what dropped it again another 20 points that's b.s in my opinion after already paying on it for 4 months then people wonder y there credit scores are low cause you'll report the bad and not that it's bring paid on should call the better business bureau and report them guess I'm going to start going to another hospital out of town

Richard Hunsinger

Admitted in reasonable time, then slowed to snails pace. Long waits for nursing visits, apparently severely understaffed with personnel to carry out nursing duties or too many patients. Either way I found experience very disappointing.

Debbie Woodruff

Right in right out. Very nice people

Del Hagy

Had to take my 70 y/o mother who has advanced Alzheimers to the ER. There was only one other person in the ER for treatment . The doctor , Dr. Palumbo was the most arrogant , rude doctor I have ever met. My mother has not been able to communicate verbally for 2 years now so we are her voice . After we told him that we could tell she was in crucial pain, she was balled up in fetal position , and what she had been treated for before , they checked her for UTI and pneumonia . When came back negative , his only response was because she has Alzheimers , can not communicate , he's an ER physician , he had no way to know what the problem was and discharged her. The nurse was never at the nurses station , it took me over 20 minutes to have someone locate her because my mother had wet herself because she has no control over her bladder or bowels anymore , and they finally after another 15 minutes got another nurses aid to help change her. We had to get my mother off the bed ourselves , into and wheelchair and into the car on our iwn. She couldn't even stand or walk . They never even offered to assist us. This doctor and this staff that night, Thursday , February 7th, 2019, should be ashamed of themselves . If you have no more compassion for your patients than this, please , do this community a favor and go somewhere else . I will forever more take my mother to versailles or lexington to be treated . You disgust me Frankfort Regional Medical Center ! !

Michael Dawes

Never want to use a service from a hospital, but our family has not had any issues with them.

Susan Buckman

I was badly injured in August, 2018, and am still recovering. I was taken by ambulance to frankfort regional medical center where it was determined that I would have to be airlifted to UK’s trauma center. I was in a great deal of pain and not really cognizant of my surroundings or situation. My family had not yet arrived, and I was terrified. Two of the nurses were unbelievably cruel and insisted on providing worst case scenarios even though the full extent of my injuries had not been determined. A man, possibly a doctor but maybe a nurse, behaved as though I were being a huge inconvenience to him. I had an oxygen mask on my face that was for some reason being held in place with some type of very strong tape. When I was being readied for air transport, he very roughly pullled the mask and tape from my face taking some of my skin with it. The wound was not treated; I was flown to UK with a raw place on my face about the size of a half dollar. The lack of care and compassion was appalling.

Roy Brewer

They have some sort of shady deal with the nearby Urgent Care Center. My wife was told the urgent care center could not put in stitches and that we would have to go to the ER. The ER put in the stiches and left us with a $1900 bill.

Brittney Smith

Worst hospital in America

Kishan Patel

This by far was the worst ER experience I ever had at this hospital. While we waited 4 hours for results, we come to find out the plug to take the reading with was faulty. After being told by the doctor to wait this out. We immediately left. Dr Walker, and the nurse on call were not helpful at all, providing the fact that the baby clearly had difficulty breathing they could not innetiate the transfer to UK. This was a clear mistake that we brought him here. I am no doctor, but telling me to wait it out is not the answer I look for when I come to the hospital knowing the baby is wheezing and having trouble breathing. I will be happy to contact the patient advocate and complain about this. If you hadn't wasted my time, I could have gone to UK and had actual results in my hand, not just a message telling me to wait it out. Ridiculous.

Connie Cocanougher

The “processing in” time has been reduced to literally nothing. You walk up to the desk, identify yourself and why you are there, you are given a folder and sent on your way!

David Kirchhoff

Every time I visit FRMC, there is improvement. Admissions anywhere, seems tedious, but less so each time. Every staff person was reasonably, to very helpful. As with any medical institution, stay calm try not to stress the personnel out ... It will pay dividends in the long run. :>)

Craig Wiggins

I did not have have to wait long and the lady who did the procedure was professional.

Michael M

I was treated by the woman that does registration as if i was some hobo off the street because i didn't have my insurance card and couldn't remember what my zip code was or my new phone number. she basically told me no disrespect but i don't believe you and we require a $200 my entire life i have never been treated this way this takes away from the fact the nurse and the doctor were nice and listened to me.


I've had 3 major visits here so far. 2 heart attacks and an infection. Not all my time here was pleasant and not all the staff was pleasant, some were pretty rude and uncaring. My last heart attack I came in and they didn't believe me at first, I'm guessing cause the EKG wasn't picking it up. I told them my pain was close to a 10, while I was there clutching my chest mind you, and a nurse laughed at me. She told me "oh you must be soooo tough to be able to take that kind of pain and just sit there!" Then about 2 minutes later they called a code blue or some color when they realized I had 100 percent blockage. Everyone else was great, but that nurse should find a new job. My latest stay I had the best nurse I could imagine. Bridgette on floor #4. Not only is she nice and caring, but she will explain everything to you and not just brush you off. If the staff here tried being more like this lady, maybe there wouldnt be so many bad reviews. I've had several bad nurses, but also several great nurses. Sometimes people are just rude, but being rude to someone who is sick or possibly dying is unacceptably immoral. Not only that but it's your job to care for sick people. How ironic, huh?

Jennifer Mills

The staff was very friendly and caring. This hospital is amazing. The surgery department was very impressive. Nurses Jennifer and Patty were great and showed awesome compassion. I highly recommend.

Helen Owens

The dr was very rude and didnt make alot of sence to me

Justin Kinberger

My sister inhaled a pen cap and you could tell because she sounded like a squeaker toy when she breathed. Took her here, very fast service though, only reason for the one star. They gave her xrays and the radiologist said that there was nothing in her throat. The next day she sneezed the pen cap out during lunch.

T Knowles

First impression is everything. The front desk administrative assistant did not give a great first impression. As soon as I approached the front desk with a smile and a "Hi, I am here for an appointment." I expected a kind reply with further instruction on the next step since it is my first time visiting this hospital per a recommendation from my PCP. Well, the first reply is, "Do you have an order?" Unbeknownst to me, I have no clue what an "order" is since she's speaking in hospital language. My PCP did not explain to me that I needed to bring an "order" nor specific documentation to this follow up appointment. The young blond admin. Immediately replied in a frustrated tone and a huff & puff that threw me for a loop. Also, if an “order” is so important, when I pre-registered over the phone with hospital staff that called me from Nashville, THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT I NEED TO BRING AN “order” to my appointment. The gentleman on the phone did not mention it whatsoever. My first time hearing of an "order" was when I walked into the hospital for my appointment. My appointment went well with the nice staff upstairs and trumped the rude admin. downstairs. Again, first impression is everything and the young administrative assistant, blond in early 30’s totally ruined my first impression of this fine establishment with a stinky attitude towards me and other patients who also did not have an “order.” Maybe the hospital can “order” another front desk person with a better attitude.

Sandra Cox

The front desk person was rude amd uninviting. I came for an ultrasound and no one told me that I had to come to the registration desk at the front entrance. I went through the back entrance like we always had in the past. The clerk at the emergency room desk was rude as well. I was given a beeper and told to sit and wait to be beeped. Will not be back! There are too many other places to go. They take my insurance but can't look it up in the system??????Really! ?!?!? SO SORRY I CAME HERE!!!!!

Denise Perkins

LITERALLY WORST HOSPITAL EVER. Went there with a broken back and they told me I was fine and gave me one tylenol.

Aimee Carpenter

This hospital has saved my husband's life twice. They treat him with respect and dignity and I will never take my family anywhere else.

Mz.Gerri Coffey

Where do I start. This place needs to be under federal investigation. They need to check the educational background of the staff, and random drug testing.

Rebecca Vandenberg

I was in a car accident broke my back.. the nurses took 2 hours to get anything for the pain... TRUST ME... i was in PAIN.. i went through an xray before i got anything when i got back and my nurse turns and looks at me and say you are actually in pain.. like seriously i was crying because of the pain how they got the license is beyond me and this is embarrassing but its reality with a broken back.. i was not allowed to get up so i had to pee.. they put me on a bed pan and left me i was on it for more than 5 minutes waiting i even called thr nurses station they said they would send someone waited another 5 minutes my mom a cna took care of it considering i was sitting urine for 10 minutes waiting for someone to get me off not to mention the pain i was in... i finally get into a room where i was admitted and nothing changed when i had to use the restroom i was left on it for over 5 minutes!! I am beyond pissed off at that hospital i would rather drive 30 minutes to an hour to get better help!! I was an mha at eastern state... my patients i escorted to uk hospital were treated better than i was when they would attack the staff!!!

Doug Ruehrwein

We had an okay past couple of visits to Frankfort Regional Medical. The worst part is the billing. Not only are you treated like you know nothing about your account they send your account to collections without notice or anybody taking control of the situation. After months of repeated calls I can get nobody to return my phone calls, give me a straight answer, or figure out how to rectify the situation. Over the past two weeks I've repeatedly called to get assistance and a solution for nobody to call me back.

Rita Snider

I recently underwent four separate outpatient tests all on the same afternoon. I was amazed at the efficiency of the hospital staff nd the excellent job they did in coordinating them among the various departments. Iwas also impressed with how courteous and friendly everyone is there. I especially enjoyed meeting Laura in the Respiratory Department. Very professtonal and good making her patients more relaxed and comfortable. She was absolutely a delight!

Mary Ann Ohsol

They have ignored my daughter in her room. They’ve let her sugar dropped very low, have withheld her pain medicines and insulin, used a jackhammer to tear up the floor in front of her room (she is a pulmonary patient!), and she’s been in there seven days with no diagnosis or plan. Today they took her to x-ray, brought her back to her room in the wheelchair, and left her sitting there. They did not help her back in bed or hook up her oxygen.

Gabrielle Kamphouse

My experience at Frankfort regional was beyond exceptional. I came in the day before my due date and had my daughter the next morning. My nurse, destiny, was very encouraging and I honestly believe I wouldn’t have made it through my delivery without her! The next 2 days I was in the hospital everyone was so helpful when it came to questions and concerns about my baby. Overall I’d say it was my best experience in a hospital and I look forward to delivering there again if I have more kiddos!

Dorothy Luckett

Great experience from registration Julia Trimble to the Endoscopy Department. Very professional and caring. A great asset to Frankfort Regional Medical Center. Kudos to Angie Phillips for a excellent staff.

lucinda fairbanks

Wish I could give the ER 0 stars, came in there for very heavy bleeding, extreme pain, and dizziness. Turns out I was having an ovarian cyst rupture, but they did NOTHING. I did not get scanned, I did not get an ultrasound even though I told them that I am prone to cysts, and I was dizzy because of the pain. All they did was make me sit in a room for 3 hours, a rude doctor come in and literally say, "I'm the doctor here.. what's up with you". They prescribed me with strong ibuprofen and told me to lay down and relax. The doctors and other staff here need a serious reality check. I've had people I know die here because of their incompetence. This hospital needs to clear out and train properly.

Nathan Green

My 76 year old father broke his arm and hit his head. They put his arm in a sling, gave him a script for pain pills and as the doctor put it, this was something "we were gonna have to figure out and deal with." Pathetic ecxcuse for medical care. Thanks for nothing Dr. Palumbo.

Tasha Holbrook

I wish I could give 0 stars HORRIBLE hospital they don't care about patients! My mom almost died here! They didn't know she was having a heart attack the nurses acted like they didn't care they even got an attitude with us. thankfully once we transferred her to Lexington she got the help she needed! they seriously need to be shut down!

Jason Tuggle

The staff treated me like I was the greatest inconvenience in their lives. They were incredibly inpatient, refused to get me water because I had an IV and "that should be fine", bruised up my arms because they couldn't put the IV in right, and never even bandaged my bleeding arm. Single handedly the worst hospital visit I've had.

Pamela Guy

One of the worst experiences I've had. Sat in the procedufre room 3 hours and never saw a doctor. Saw a technician who excused himself to see someone who was really ill because all I was having was muscle spasms in my back and hip. Guess extreme pain didn't qualify for his attention..

Dolph Denny

Excellent facilty,staff administration and physicians.

Patricia Cefolia

Staff exceptional visit more than twice Exepenanal

Janet Brinegar

I want to thank Frankfort Regional Medical Center for literally saving my Mother’s life. The doctors and nurses at this facility were quick to respond and give her the treatment she needed. God Bless you all!!

Donna Phillips

Excellent staff. Rooms should be cleaner.

Bchancey Eugene

seems like they just want to drain the money .forgot to plug my dad's bed in after a test , couldn't call a nurse or anything. trying to get him out of here asap. not impressed in the least with this place. Not all the nurses are bad tho , they are wonderful .

Drew Washington

Not a fan of this hospital. This is the first time my dad has been admitted here. He has had some nice nurses and CNAs, but it seems to be so hard to find out any information about his condition. I am not sure why he is still here.

Cleland White

Great experience in Sleep Lab. Robert, your technician, was a true professional. I have never gone to any other hospital if I could get treatment at FRMC.

Tom Baker

Everyone was very friendly and helpful.The doctor was exceptionally skilled at suturing my injuries.I was very satisfied at the quality of care received. Tom H Baker MD (retired Ob-Gyn)

william denton

There are several nurses that went above and beyond their normal duties to ensure my care was the very best. They were all responsive to my needs and wants.

Joyce Goodlett

I had surgery on 3-11-2019 at the hospital. The whole OR department was amazing. They made my visit a lot easier. So thanks to all of you all.

Chester Priest

People are friendly and eager to help

Amanda Butler

VERY POOR CARE! Came into this hospital with fractured pelvis and more trauma from an accident. Was given the WRONG CT scan by one small tech who had to have my help to painfully move me from one gurney to another table and back again. If there had been spinal trauma, I could have been paralyzed by their carelessness. Not to mention the billing. This has been an AWFUL experience. No customer care, belligerent staff, bad billing companies (I'm still receiving bills 7 months later). Would NOT EVER recommend Frankfort Regional unless you don't have time to get anywhere else before you die.

Brenda Hays

Quick, friendly, very professional and concerned about your comfort.

Stephanie Harvey

They need to be closed down

chuck cummins

Kind,friendly and experienced. I had no issues and my visit wasn't very long.

Lee Troutwine

from the time I checked in till I left the service was superior

Tonya Spaeth

Awakening Butterfly

I gave FRMC a 5 star because 99.9% of the time that ive had to be treated there,ive always been treated with dignity and respect. As a cancer and MS patient,there are times throughout the last few years ive had to go to the er,ive always been treated with fairness,genuine concern and empathy. The last time i had to go,one of the very first things the er doctor told me without examining me,without me even asking,is that she wont prescribe me pain meds once i leave . While i understand folks have addiction issues,i didnt appreciate her telling me that when it was an unsolicited statement. I use to work here,so i understand there are drug seekers,but its not okay to assume,and thats what that felt like. When she came in to see me to discuss my results,i told her how i felt,and after explaining thats how she does all her patients,she apologized and thats not what she meant,she said she was going to get me a referral and never came back,never gave me the referral,never bothered to tell me what she thought was wrong,i had to look on the discharge paper. The majority of folks there treat you with respect,but please reeducate folks on how you treat patients like me. I cant think of a single MS or cancer patient that enjoys having to get up in the middle of the night just to come to your er for the purpose of trying to get them some pain meds to go get high. Do better please..

Amanda Downs

I must say, the way this ER runs so smooth and how they do things is absolutely amazing. I was in a bed immediately, with the registration process the very last thing. I was comfortable and seen cheerful, helpful, truly caring staff at my bedside. I was in, examined, had a tetnus shot, ultrasound, registered, and prescription in hand and released in right at OR LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!!! just wow.... I'm totally shocked and VERY IMPRESSED by my experience. I would recommend Frankfort Regional to anyone, at anytime. WAY TO GO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! Thank you for such great care and the warm, calming presence of the staff.

Karen Cantrell

My daughter was admitted for a c-section 5 days ago and had nothing but a great experience with the staff on the 2nd floor at the hospital. Everyone that came in the room was kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. We were quite impressed considering it hasn't always been this way. You actually felt like you were the only person they had to be concerned with. Kudo's to Frankfort regional for their service!

Joshua Long

Best most caring staff

Brooklynn Smith

My mother was sent here in an ambulance. They took forever to get into the hospital from the ambulance entrance. When we arrived there were few nurses/receptionist at the desk. The room smelled of an old smokers House, pillow cases were not changed and had stains, there was blood on the sheets, and nurses rarely changed gloves after using multiple different machines. My mom was brought in for a seizure (triggered by sharp noises, heat, lights, etc.). They gave her an IV and once the infusion was complete they let the monitor continue to beep for several minutes causing my mom to fell sick. Definitely not a good hospital.If you have a choice go to another one!

Jeremy Turner

Me and my wife had our baby boy Jackson there on Monday. We got to go home on Thursday. We had a problem with feeding as soon as we got home. We tried everything so we called and they said to come up and see one of the nurses. Amanda was there it was 2 I’m the morning. She was such a blessing to me and my wife. She calmed Shelby down and made her fell much better about this. Thank you so much Amanda for helping us out.

James Scheer

one of my family memebers recently had a heart attack and the wait was very very long once we finally got a room and were in the room we could hear the nurses outside talking about how they’re going to drink and party after work and then we were rushed out of the room they ran in and told us we had to go to another room unplugged my family member and rushed us out then once we were out of the room we were going to the other room and once we got there the room wasn’t even clean so we had to stand by the nurses desk as my family member had just had a heart attack. WORST HOSPITAL EVER!! never had worse treatment in our lives.

Savannah Fishback

Doctor Hall, the nurses, admissions - everyone at Frankfort Regional Surgery Center were absolutely the best! I was treated with respect, kindness and given great treatment. The surgery was seamless - even the anesthetic I received didn't make me sick or cause a headache! After surgery, Dr. Hall called twice to check on me! (I missed both calls). The experience was excellent! Oh, and I forgot to mention - today the hospital called to check on me. Their IT guy, Brad gave me the link to this review site!

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