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REVIEWS OF Eastern State Hospital IN Kentucky

John Smith

Is this place still open never been there

Delsie Bell

I wish I could give them no review but I have to give them at least one star. My mother is bipolar and has recently been sent there twice. During that time she had no treatment. She kept getting released. Then my mother was free to pull out her own teeth and walk for miles at night believing that someone was after her. The staff did not take the time to read her medical history, or treat her like a person who has mental issues. Instead they looked at me and said “Your mother is on meth based off of her appearance, this is drug induced.” They sent her back home and I received the good news that it was not drug induced and it was bipolar mania, and is now getting the help she deserves. DO NOT send your loved ones here. They are not helpful and I’m surprised this is even considered a medical establishment.

Uncle SME

Sounds like they have the patients answering the phone. "Can I speak to (family member)" The reply was "He gone group" and then hangs up. No call back at a certain time or anything. Just a response of a pre schooler. "He gone group". These people are mentally ill not prisoners.

Ginny Joseph

Was transferred to this place after C-section and not given pain medicine after released went to surgertion and got pain medicine trying to have it shut down

Joel MacDonough

Rachel Woitt

As said before, this hospital is the shining example of everything wrong with the mental health system. I was hospitalized there after having a depressive episode due to an anti-depressant i was taking to relieve my anxiety. Their solution? Pretty much drug me until I was a walking corpse. I had bately any life in me with all the medicatuons they gave me, and with all the meds I gained 100 pounds without a diet or exercise change. It has been four years since my hospitalization and I now have ptsd from my stay there. I finally was able to get off all the addicting medications they gave me about a year ago, and am now working on getting the weight i had gained off. My stay there was awful and they do not handle provlems correctly.

Gabriel Boulton

I was placed in as a ward of the state back in 2001 for the lenght of 9 and a half months. I gotta disagree with most of yalls statements about this place being so bad. It was what i needed to start living a happy life. Hell the state even thru in a disability attorney for me to get my disability. Once yall decide to go thru some education and treatment about whats going on in ur tiny little pea sized brains and learn how to live a happy healthy life with the problems u have u will always feel like victims. dont allow urself to be victimized by an imbalance of ur own body learn about it and how to live happy with it. use the system the way it was designed for education of what may or may not be wrong and if u let the doctors and councelors help u learn what going on u might just start having a good life. Thanks to the staff and a few patients back in 2001-2002 for helping me take the next step in life twords recovery of my life.

Greg Bahder

Jamal jayajay

Marc McMaster

the Spokane va hospital sent me there I was commited indefinatly but two weeks later after that I escaped from eastern state hospital I had to go to the hospital in Spokane after having chest pain when they going to send me back to esh I pulled the i.v line out of my arm and walked out of the scared heart hospital downtown Spokane ai got a change of clothes at the mission by the time they were looking for me in Spokane I was halfway to Portland Oregon on the greyhound this happened on a Thursday morn I was in Portland late Thursday nite early Friday morning he he he he

Jay Johnson

I know nothing about this hospital except for they employ a human being unfit to practice medicine.........STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM "DR" CHARLES ELLIS....Can't practice in Montana anymore so had to run to Washington. Linde Hoff....what a joke

Kayla Baines

Amy Travostino

Gordon Maison

Emily Johnson

Melissa Barajas

This place was the most depressing and dismal pit I could have imagined. Driving up to the decaying building I thought I had entered the set of a low budget horror film. Upon entering and requesting a visit with my father I was directed to their "geriatric unit" aka old person dumping ground. My father, who is disabled and requires a wheelchair to get around was given a recliner and left to the mercy of the other in patients. Even though I was told he was able to get out of bed and out of his room it wasn't until the staff found out I was coming that he was offered a shower or a change of clothes. He wasn't given a wheelchair until I brought his from 150 miles away. (I was 6 months pregnant and had pre - eclampsia). This dump is the shining example of everything that is wrong with our mental health system. He was sent there for depression and PTSD, if he didn't have it went he arrived, they sure made certain he did before he was released.

Timothy McFarland

Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake, WA. is a premier research and recovery hospital for those chronically and acutely affected by the devastating effects of mental health issues that may leave them distraught and in need of long term assistance. For those who have experienced devastatingly traumatic events in there life, this would be a destination for you. For those who have the support, finance and abilities for a less restrictive mode of treatment, I recommend you go that route. Be INFORMED, make INQUIRIES, and continue to network and build support in your community be it formal or informal so that you are aware of your rights and what is available to you. Eastern State Hospital has brilliant Doctors, Therapists, Nurses, and Technicians to help you discover many modes of treatment and recovery.

Roger Tuttle

My sister has some issues and in recent years culminated in a rousing flair up of her debilitating Alcoholism. Several stressors combined with her complacent attendance drop off at the plentiful Lexington, Kentucky Groups and timeslots for meeting s of Alcoholics Anonymous. She spiraled into a depression unlike any I'd ever seen... She lost her will to live ! We were able to convince her to enter Eastern States Shwartz center on premises for a 30 interim from active drink, and reintroduction to the twelve step program of AA and the tool kit of spiritual Maintenance that pull people back from the gates of Death and He'll. We are so Happy To Have Her Back. If you or a loved one is suffering under the disease is Alcoholism, or any debilitating to ones life Addiction, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and ask for help. It will be the best door you can ever open!

Matthew Salyer

Received the help I needed in a safe and clean environment. I took issue with some of their policies, but I understand why the policies need to be there. Would've gotten 5 stars if meals were on time and there was more time outside.

Kalob Slade

they help me when i need it


This is a great facility. My father has been a few times and I'm happy to report that he is getting the assistance he needs. I wish he could stay longer and I do think they are too quick to send people home or back to where they came from

Lacey Morgan

I like the new eastern state better. There's better staff and doctors. They are nicer but I do think that they should listen to their patients. I didn't like the old one at all it was scary and disorganized but the new one to me is better. Glad they built it.

James Patrick

I was a patient in 1984 when I was 17. Going in I had severe emotional scars. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom and family made me feel unloved and unwanted. I cannot thank them enough for how they helped me. Eddie was my counselor. I wish I could remember his last name. I’ve been wanting to thank him for all these years. Today I am a strong 52 year old with a wonderful husband and only positivities in my life. I love myself and I am loved by everyone.


They made me eat green beans and corn

Diane Shaw

End I got lost turn on citation to get where I needed

Andrew Fletcher


Best resort I have ever been to, the food is free, rooms are free, and even the ADMISSION is free. Although strangely enough they never let you out until you've "healed".

Shannon Hederich

Leslie Crystal

This is not my name

10/10 some demons get angry if you get too close

April Scott

Frances Baylor

This is the worst hospital ever. The staff are abusive and all you get is neglected day after day STAY AWAY IF POSSIBLE

Bill Stone

This hospital is just another jail for inmates who are too afraid to face their judge. You do not go their if you need help you will only be treated like a prisoner!


Linda Smith

I only stayed for 72 hrs but felt like weeks... but I got help and actually enjoyed my time there scary as that sounds!!

J. Lybbert

This business and staff took awesome care of my mom when she was not herself. Nobody likes being in the hospital but at least I knew that she was safe and well taken care of, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is a state funded facility and if the surrounding area would get off their butts and actually help with donations this place could be the best in the nation. Funding cuts after funding cuts only hurt the ones we love who cant help themselves.

KidSavage -YT

Gave them 3 stars just because of the time they make us wait to see my son, 30min to an hr. And then it is short visits because of it (they told me to be there before 4 and I do) Claims it is due to short staff and because I have minor children. Well hello his siblings want to see him too and we have to travel from out of town to see him. He Is getting good care and is doing good when he is on the right meds.

mundy may

Curtis Backer

This place assumes everyone with an imagination is in need of antipsychotics which pregnant women cant take because it guarantees birth defects and brain disorders to adults.

Jasmine Flora

A dear friend of mine was sent here for depression and suicidal ideation, but was only tortured and traumatized. He said they treated him like a prisoner: stripped him, and took pictures of his bare body. He was told this is a place for those with schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, but nobody should be sent here for help with mental illness. Torturing and punishing patients is NOT the way to effectively treat them, but in fact the very opposite is true. I'm sorry to anyone who suffered here-you didn't deserve it.

Ms Aorii

Went here for a class required by work. The person overseeing the class didn't care about the learning experience of the people there. He allowed people in the class to pop gum throughout the entire class. Impossible to listen or pay attention through all that noise.

Jazlen B

aakorde _01

I was Born Here

michael hargro


they made me eat broccoli

Laura Beth Wilson Millaway

Vee Bropas

I wish the pay is competitive like those of other medical jobs. But it is a good place to work, benefits are good. It's not an easy job but it is rewarding if you have the heart to help others.

terri cooper

The Young Producers

I had a wonderful time there lol jk

نواف حسن

Florida Scratcher Kayden

Aaron O'Brien

Lee Deskins

This is a State Psychiatric Hospital. There is good security and conscientious employees.

Alex. is Trippy

I am only rating based off the scenery around this hospital, I know nothing about the service. I'd say this is a great place to explore the area that is around it , it also has a couple buildings that are no longer running but are still standing and they are absolutely amazing to look at and admire. The only thing is there's nothing there explaining the historic background of those abandoned buildings but it would be nice if there was. The mystery is what keeps people coming back and exploring.

lawrencia boakye


Allie DeVan

Months later I still have debilitating flashbacks to the time I spent here, I was pumped full of lies and now have worse PTSD and mental health issues then I had before because of the time I was forced to spend here

lisa maurer

I happen to agree with Dan up top. My fiance of 8 years has been to E.S.H. at least 5 times since him and I have been together. Initially he would start out at a smaller psychiatric hospital for at least a month with no helpful results and finally they would realize he needed more specialized treatment-and onto E.S.H. he would go. After about a month of in-patient treatment there he always shows tremendous progress, a month later he is completly himself and gets to come home. I feel the hospital does wonders and DO care about the patients, take their time in therapy one on one as well as groups, and definetly get the job done! I would like to thank Eastern State Hospital for their dedication and hard work. Thankyou staff and physicans

dixie todd

I have been in Eastern state hospital. I got great support and was able to move on in my life with my diagnosis. I would recommend that anyone with friends or relatives in Eastern's care advise them to get a peer support specialist for the discharge process so they can hit the ground running.

YFR-Tyrannon 4k

Michael GrAy

Cause my brother is there and I know he is getting the help that he needs

Carmen Hurtado

Deborah Turner-Britman

Kara Kerns

Build Something

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