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REVIEWS OF Clark Regional Medical Center IN Kentucky

Madison Hardin

My mother went to this place and is soon having surgery. She felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable the entire time. One of the employees had watched her constantly in the waiting room. He also pressed uncomfortably consistently at different angles on her breast while putting the stickers on while doing the ekg. He also while registering her, told her to come on the other side of the desk while he continued to tell her she smelled good, etc. Very unprofessional employees.

Sherry Profitt

Love the hospital. I'd rather go there than anywhere. The only problem I have is how to pay a bill.

Selina Mullins

Fastest ER around and friendly staff

Kenneth Taulbee

Went to the emergency room because I could not walk,my foot is completely black,after waiting 45 minutes in the waiting room.I finally got to the back,after 30 more minutes a very rude doctor finally seen me,squeezing my foot which I was already in excruciating pain,sent me to x Ray.after waiting another hour they said there was nothing wrong with my foot,not even a asprin was given to me,I left there and my wife took me to UK hospital, there x Ray showed 4 fractures in my foot.Winchester hospital is a waste of time and money. I would not take my dog there.

Heather Nolan

Bobbie Bevins

I was there for outpatient surgery. Everyone I met was kind, helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable. I was treated like a queen. Thank you, CRMC!

Debi Lee Mauterstock

The Drs. there really needs to go back to medical school for a few more years, Not one of them could diagnose an issue However an RN did asap.. Drs. denied what RN said, after getting him safely to another Hosp. RN was rite the first look at pt.. Plz shut this place down as a medical hosp..

Taylor Fitzpatrick

Sherry York

Brought our grandson here yesterday after he was bitten in the face by a dog. Could not have ask for better treatment. They took us back really fast. Nurses were very patient with him and sweet to our scared 9 year old. Doctors were very good and stitched him up.

A Guye

Excellent service and care!!!

Frankie Townsend

I would love to say my experience was all good and for the most part it was amazing. Tuesday the 28th of November I went in for gallbladder pain, around 4 pm, the nurses were wonderful and listened very well and were very helpful as were the techs that done the blood tests, the iv, and the ct scan. However the lady in charge of my diagnosis, Whitney Abbott PA-C for everyone's reference didn't seem very concerned by my pain and after three hours sitting in a room came and seen me all of ten minutes and decided I wasn't serious enough to warrant her attention. (Could also be my age and the county I live in and I understand ERs are a busy place, that should give nobody the right to just overlook someone else.) So she sends me home telling me I'll have a prescription for nausea meds, which looking at my release papers isn't even mentioned, on top of that her and the five other people who asked me if I felt nauseated all got the same "nope" from me, anyway I was sent home told to eat a light meal and follow up with my primary doctor and a GI specialist in the next 24-48 hours. Now the fun part, at 4 am Wednesday morning I was awoken by even more excruciating pain in the same area I had already been seen about it now the pain was so bad I was vomiting (still no nausea oddly) So by 5 am I am back at Clark being seen by different people all of whom were very helpful and I am very grateful, after a couple of more test they decided to rush me to their surgeon, who unlike the one Ms Abbott was attempting to send me to was actually there for gallbladder issues even though I ended up needing them both for the TWO surgeries I had over the next two days. So I go and see Dr Joseph Fine MD who is absolutely amazing and he wanted me admitted straight away, my gallbladder ended up being worse than even he thought, however since a good 16 hours had passed since my first ER visit and they could no longer get me a room at Clark regional because it filled up over night, I get sent to Paris at the Bourbon community hospital of which they were all amazing and helpful and wonderful and I will sing their praises until the day I die. I spent three days there just got home a little bit ago (it's friday) but I am already feeling much better even after two days of surgery. But with that being said if Whitney Abbott had done her job properly I probably would have been home sooner. My experience with everyone but her was more than I could ask for and I hope this review will save someone else the time if they get stuck with her like I did at first. I wish I could remember everyone else's names because they were wonderful, including Whitney's student who spent more time with me than Whitney did and I hope she goes on to have an amazing career.

saiful Kalam

Excellent staff . Very well capable nurses And the doctor,s with best experience. Bravo team Clark!

Roger Lane

When my then 10 month old son had to be hospitalized 4 bronchitis, the staff were great. Mom and me were scared, but they got him well and we went home thankful.

Cole Kocyba

1 star is to much. Waited 2 full hours on a 10 minute procedure

Logan Sawyers

ER staff gets a 5 star from me! But the Hospitalist Dr. Marie Sy is absolutely terrible! She is ignorant and rude. So, I would give her 0 stars! Other than her everyone was great. Just watch out.

Chris Pugh

Gorgeous new hospital.. same Caring staff.. thanks Clark Regional for taking care of us in our time of need!

Brittany Young

When it comes to billing their associated department is below par. The hospital visit was fine it was what I have been dealing with for two years in their billing department. They do not communicate with insurance companies effectively nor do they care to resolve anything without selling debt. Several times my insurance contacted them to resolve the account and they never sent a bill.

Angie Williams

They have so great in the ER the nurses doctors and all the staff was excellent and took very good care of my daughter..

Keturah Prophet

If I could rate it a negative star , I would. This hospital is the biggest joke. All in all a plethora of mistakes. How they stay in business I don’t know. Entire staff was unpleasant and seemed to not know anything about healthcare.

R Hood

Great experience with the ER. Nurses and Nurse Practitioner were top notch and helped my teen son stay calm for stitches. I didn't know this place since we are from out of town, but got a referral from a local in Red River Gorge. Hope to not repeat, but will consider this the go to place for care if needed. Very clean.

April Bach

All positive experiences early this morning. Jesse Dean, MD who practices in the emergency department is culturally insensitive and inappropriate for this area. If he presents as your doctor please request a doctor who will meet your healthcare needs.

Carly Watson

Very rude doctors who treat you with little or no respect.

Daneill Carlton

Bonnie Lovings

Very very rude receptionist in the er registration. She acted like we were an inconvenience!!! As well as acting that way when anyone else came in. I love this hospital but you need hire someone that has some compassion for others instead of snubbing them. the date is July 15th 2018 at 10:40 pm not sure of her name and really don't want the confrontation of asking because my daughter is sick or else I wouldn't be here!!! Update: after giving her the name and birthday 7 times my daughter still had to write it down and was still spelled wrong. Please please hire someone else that is competent this is ridiculous. If she slams this window one more time others are gonna need medical attention from cuts and abrasions of broken glass! Her name is Chelsea by the way!

a cochran

Julie Bates

Great hospital. Great ER.

Wes Terry

Took my wife to CRMC today for cataract surgery. Very pleased with the facility and staff. Dr Simon performed the surgery with follow up immediately thereafter by Dr. Puckett in office. In at 7:30 AM out by 10:30 AM. Couldn’t have been smoother. So far post op has gone as expected with no issues other than a little cloudy vision in operative eye. Dr Simon attributes that to slight swelling. Vision will improve as swelling moderates.

Mike Waymon

ER personal do a great job. However after being admitted was terrible. I have never been treated so rudely especially from drs salter’s and the staff head doctor. Salters told me the only reason I was there was because I am fat and seeking drugs. Let me be crystal clear I do not do drugs and although I am overweight it was very rude for that jerk (Salters) to say it that way. Apart from the ER I wouldn’t recommend that hospital for a dog. If anyway possible go on to Lexington if you think you may be admitted. Salters especially should not call himself a doctor. And as for his accusations I’ll take a drug test anytime anywhere

Ashley Morgan

Great hospital with very nice and caring doctors. ER is extremely fast

Sandra Cecil

This is the best hospital around. You never have to wait long for anything, the staff wants you to be comfortable and informative about your stay or your visit. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Megan Martin

Larry Durham

Went to Clark hospital, couldn't breath, also have heart failure, 2nd stage kidney disease plus I'm diabetic. My heart monitor would within 10 seconds jump from 66 beats a minute to 120 then fall back to around 66 beats a minute, then .Jumped to 140 beats a minute and fall back to around 66 beats a minute. A lab tech was taking blood, I ask her several if it was me or the machine doing that.!!!!!!!!she ignored me. Finally in a very rude voice she said€!!!!!!!!that's not my problem, I'm a lab tech€!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .i could have died, she didn't care, she was a lab tech. I left the hospital went to St. Joe. I will not report here what was wrong, but was serious and I'm bringing a lawsuit against the hospital and the, lab tech, no wonder they have a bad reputation as a hospital. It should be better staffed. I could have died because she wouldn't tell someone I was having problems. I know that's not her job, but isn't saving lives her main job.

Ariel Richards

After being misdiagnosed for a month, I had to visit the Winchester ER and I was more than pleased with my treatment and care. The people working at the ER are very capable and willing to help you. They give you a very hopeful feeling that everything will be okay. I'm not keen on being in the ER for 3 hours with testing and what not but I can't complain for them saving my life! Would recommend to anyone who needs attention immediately.

Kati Holliman

Deidre Horsley

Cas Sebastian

ER staff is awesome and efficient. ...

Ashley moore

Clark Regional is a rural hospital that strives to put patients first. The Emergency Department is the best I’ve ever been in. The nurses and providers strive to listen, explain or educate and provide high quality care. Working at this hospital is easy if you want to work in an environment that is supportive and cares about you as a person.

savage Boss

Do not go here unless you know what's going on with you already, these people do not know anything.

Dan Perrin

Eric Hancock

I wish I would have gone to an Urgent Care or another small clinic or even a Walgreen's --- anything -- just not Clark Regional. Needed a tatanus shot after stepping on a nail that very lightly punctured my foot during a service project. They recorded my information incorrectly which nearly made me lose my medical insurance coverage. After paying the uninsured charge in the area of $1,100 out-of-pocket for third-party physician costs and a vaccine that the Red Cross literally will administer to volunteers for free, Clark Regional switches me from the uninsured rate to the insured rate and is seeking an additional $300, months and months after I settled the bill. Now because they contract a third party for billing and their own skeleton-sized billing staff will not return answering machine messages, I am finding it impossible to speak with anyone at the hospital who I can plead my case to or at least arrange a payment plan. Awful, awful, terrible service.

Sabrina Renner

Administration and maintenance are such a joke that I wouldn't recommend going here even if the next available option was 30 miles away. They do nothing to try and improve. Many people I've talked to have said the same thing. Rethink before coming here.

Dennis Little

I'm writing to inform you of a horrible service experience relating to Mark W. Simon's Premier Eye Care, PLLC and the Clark Regional Medical Center in Winchester Kentucky. I arrived with my mother at 8:15am for registration and prep for cataract surgery. Finally got into surgery three hours later. No explanation, no option offered to reschedule, no proactive service response from the hospital or the surgeon what so ever. This was followed by more of the same at Dr. Simon's office in the afternoon. It took over six hours to complete a twenty minute outpatient procedure and ten minute physician follow up. When my mom complained about her treatment, she was met with defensive, half-hearted "it's not my fault" apologies from the lowest staff member right up to Dr. Simon. Sometimes things happen beyond our control, that's a given. Great organizations proactively own the situation having a planned response infused with good customer service practices. You will find none of that here. Only disrespect upon disrespect. The lack of proactive customer service is very disheartening. I recommend avoiding both of these practices.


Me and my family had to go to the emergency room late at night because my son broke his arm. When they called us back the doctor had already started making smart remarks trying to insinuate that we were responsible for the injury. We tried to be respectful and not get into an argument and explained what happened. After they held down my already upset toddler for an x ray, the doctor walked in the room smirking and said in a sarcastic tone "yeah it's broke but we can't do anything for you so we're sending you to UK". I will never go back and highly recommend that you save your time and go on to UK, instead of putting up with the rudeness of Clark Regional.

artificial feathers

I had a tubal performed here today and I have to say all of the staff were so friendly, accommodating, gentle, and professional. I really appreciate their work and the work of Dr Doane. Very observant and personable nurses.

Lisa Crawford

Very upset with the treatment my stepdad recieved. He is a veteran and when dr. Found out hr was ready to ship him to va hospital. Dr. Didnt give a reason why or let us know his test results. Never came back to check on him to see if he ok. Im very upset with you mr. Doctor. The nurses was great. This was on 10/15/2019.

angela bales

Alot quicker than most er's and doctors are super nice.

Karen Crowe

Had several surgies at this hospital. The nurses were great and kept me very comfortable! They actually seemed to care about their patients. Sadly that's something you don't see at other hospitals these days.

Mindy Trent

If the employees at this hospital doesn't like their job, they need to find something that they do like. Some of the doctors here are so rude to the patients. When you are in a medical profession, you are supposed to treat the patients in a professional manner. Unfortunately, this place doesn't. I understand that the staff at a hospital can get overwhelmed sometimes, but it isn't the patient's fault and it shouldn't be taken out on them, or their family.

Dustin Noble

Paranormally Correct

I'm going to give them five stars, but... My husband had a very serious surgery here on the 23rd (July). Everyone was very nice and helpful, the facility seemed new and well maintained (this was our first time ever being here). There was a lot of waiting, which is to be expected at a hospital. However, i am a germaphobe BIG TIME. I do not like hospitals for this reason, and they also give me anxiety for other reasons. While my husband was being admitted, my stepdad and I chose to wait outside rather than sit in the office. We would ask how long each step of the process would take, and then come back inside at that time. Three times we came back in too late, and on the final time before my husband was to be released, the nurse who was assisting him in recovery called my phone. She was very short with me and almost rude. She had asked my husband if me and my stepdad were late coming in because we smoke. Neither of us smoke!! From that point on, she was so rude to me I couldn't even ask a question. She would talk over me and ignore me. To that nurse, I say, please be more patient with people who are suffering anxiety and don't be so quick to make assumptions. That day was very hard on all of us.

Helen williams

I was there 2 times for the same problem. They totally misdiagnosed me both times. ended up going to Lexington and I have a broken rib pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung.


Amber Canady

I have been here twice in two weeks and if they had listened to me about what worked then I wouldn't be her!! I also feel like I'm being discriminated every time I come here

frankie huff

Best hospital ever been to really fast they get you in take care of you fast and get you out.great doctors great nurses great staff.everybody is friendly and respectful.

Sam Konstantinov

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