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REVIEWS OF Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital IN Kentucky

Dale Carder

Delynn Mount

For having a broken back leg and foot, they were exceptional. Their occupational and physical therapist were amazing. I'm sorry for anyone who had any less than an amazing experience there.


Melissa Watkins

Darrin Howard

Petra Floyd


Misty Manley

My mom has been here for two nights and she says everyone is nice and helpful. . hopefully they can get her home for thanksgiving..

mark smith

Kathy Hermansdorfer

Cheryl Platt

I'm an RN who recently began working here. They take excellent care of their employees, which translates into excellent patient outcomes.

Avalon Farm

HORRIBLE bedside manner. Very rude receptionist. They kept rescheduling me and had no idea how to help my back and neck pain. They were very unprofessional and had no empathy for my pain. Do not go here, they will not help you.

Cindy Glaze

I have had friends in the inpatient section who were treated very well. I have personally done outpatient physical therapy and outpatient occupational therapy. I recovered in record time thanks to Karen Rodgers in pt, and the whole ot department.


Horrible .. My poor mother I went thinking I was putting my mother in the best facility in town...WRONG ! IF YOU HAVE AN ELDERY PARENT . see about home care rehab Anything but this hole ... poorly staffed.. broken equipment .. foul odors ..1 nurse 1 aide per floor.. no bed alarms ..i could go on forever ... NO NO ... If you love someone ... do your research .. don't believe the marketing crap....

William Rankin

Dr.K Adams

This a very nice hospital i work here

Tommy Dillon

I was a patient there in 2015 the only negative thing is the food but everything else was awesome! They truly care!

Christina Belew

My brother was at this hospital for a spinal cord injury and it was a great place for treatment. They have great physical therapist and occupational therapist. They really helped their patients overcome obstacles.

Chip Goss

I was told that this was one of if not the best for rehabilitation. This was a very regretful choice and I wouldn't send my Father back here after our experience. First, the rooms are very dirty. Days go by with trash on the floor or used tools, drinks, or food left out. Upon release my Father's physical therapy has been delayed b/c Cardinal Hill took a WEEK to get the home health PT his orders. Kudos. My father had a rare illness and lost full use of his hands. So needless to say using the "Call remote" was hard for him. It was hooked up to the wall and if it fell out of bed, how the hell was he supposed to get it? Rather than have the call button on the bed worked and hooked up? He was left in the bathroom on his own constantly while I was there. Many signs say do not leave patient untended. Yes I was there, but I was not cleared by the hospital to help him move or get up etc. Again, his lack of use of his hands made it hard to use the call chain in the bathroom... but they left him. Nurses with pissy attitudes. I was there when he used the call button and the day nurse "What is it now "Name" - When she had been in the room beside us gabbing away sitting in a chair with another patient. I guess the old man who couldn't WALK or hold things had become a burden on them. His first night they refused to help him to the bathroom b/c he hadn't been evald by the PT staff but it was later when he was admitted so they weren't there.So here are adult pull ups?!?! You're NURSES... help the man, again who can't walk to the damn bathroom! Using students for PT or OT? He developed a yeast infection near the small of his back. I could go on but Ive made my point. Its a craphole and an hour from his family's home that I made the decision for b/c of rep. I should have kept him closer to home if for needing a loving attitude and understanding alone. They couldn't wait to rush him out with little to show for it. Shame on you people. The ONLY.. and I mean ONLY reason I don't give it 1 star is b/c of how good Nurse AJ was to my scared and suffering father.

Ed Woodard

My name is Edwin Woodard and I was there January 12 2011 until February 21st 2011 and I was in a severe car wreck with my wife and it broke my neck in 3 places and my upper back in one and I was paralyzed on my whole right side and had to learn how to walk and use my right hand again I would have never been able to do it if it hadn't been for Cardinal Hill and their superb Dr and physical and occupational therapist I had a tremendous experience at that hospital and I thought their food was good thank you and my wife was a borderline quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury at the T6 - T7 level she was there from January 20th to March 21st of 2011 before she came home they taught me how to take care of her and I was able to keep her at home and take care of her for the last three and a half years of her life I am very sorry that Christian person had a bad experience there but me and my wife neither one did we love that place coodles to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital

David Burgher

Great people,had varseises,and stroke got me on my feet again, special person nattile was so much fun rehab. Dept needs good raise and dr Romano's such great support thanks to all nurses,and tech,s

Angela Garland

Me an my mom stays with my dad. The lady from UK promised certain things an then did not tell cardinal hill Instead of me driving home at 1 am my dads nurse(bless his heart) calls his boss an brings my mom a bed in to sleep in until they get everything straight. He was awesome didnt catch his name but how many people still go out of their way to help you. He did... Wish there was more nurses like him. ( blonde hair works 2nd floor night shift. Thank you an God Bless u)

Sue Hierl

Cardinal Hill is a top notch rehab facility. I have been a patient here a number of times and have always received the best of care and therapy. I felt that they were so good that I now do volunteer work here. The food was better a few years ago but with time and the take over by Health South there have been staff, suppliers and policy changes, not all that good for a rehab hospital this size. They are in the process of working out the problems and I expect we'll see the results in the next few months. In my experience with Cardinal Hill, I have seen people complain over a number of things but the staff bend over backwards to help. I just think that there are people that are impossible to please.

AB Shrestha



Dishonest Nursing Management Staff.

Fred Fisher

Veteran of many hospitals & rehabs, this has been my best experience by far, from the food to the staff !

J. Barnes

It can't be easy to return day after day to help people learn to live again. After any life changing event they've encountered. Knowing this I must say the people who work there seem to care for the individual as well preparing them to regain independence needed to live life how ever it may have been altered. Thank you all so very much for helping me adjust & overcome challenges of each day I'm lucky enough to wake up. Still not sure how, but something there happened that helped me choose not to kill myself after my release & return to the real world. Thank you all, & God bless you & the countless miracles performed by you wonderful people. On personal note, Dr. Susan McDowell is the best asset of Cardinal Hill. And she deserves any / every incentive to remain there & keep on keeping on the good work.

Stephen West

Wow cool

Brenda Shane

Steve Wheeler

Prison food my dog wouldn't eat this stuff

timothy freeman

Heather Bunton

Its awesome, unique and tailored to fit my childrens needs! Not to mention the talent of every therapist here, their dedication, and caring happy attitudes!

Shelia Martin

i was sent there after my car wreck in march 2014 and omg they was so good to me i could not walk or even go to the bath room and they helped me 100 % and i want to say ty ty ty ty its a 5 star ratting to me

Felicia Sims

Always treated with respect when I go here. Staff is helpful.

Miss Matched

Unable to help with my back and neck pain. The receptionist is rude and full of attitude. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going here if they need actual help or an ounce of sympathy. Very disappointed.

Wanda Soard

I had the best of care I rate them ..A ... 5 Star

velma johnson

Monica Butler

jason tedder

Great hospital. The nurses and techs in the spinal unit were great with my son, even though he was a hard patient to please but they were very professional and done everything they could to help him and us as well. Wished I could remember they’re name and I would thank them personally they went above and beyond. Thank you. A special thanks to our case worker in the spinal unit Julie Ann for everything she has done she also went above and beyond for us, all the workers there take pride in they’re work. Thank you

martha fain

The food is absolutely awful for the patients I've had to bring food to my friend. Last tray was boiled zucchini and tater tots. Before that mystery meat in a loaf and sliced with gravy. Breakfast consists Rice Krispies and juice This really needs improving. Worst I ever saw. Someone please help this problem. My friends been here 2 weeks and says he would have starved. If people hadn't brought him meals. I've seen it. Not his imagination.

Lorna BundyJones

Dwana Tolbert

There are some great staff, but staff shortage and 1 assistant and 1 nurse on a unit, esp at mealtimes is unsafe and unfair. My mother is here right now and we have been disappointed with lack of communication between interdisciplinaries, very little info about billing and insurance matters shared with patient and family. One day, my mother is told she is progressing and allowed to stay, the next day they are talking about discharge. When meds and treatements are ordered, it has taken days to get what was ordered. Cardinal Hill has the capability of returning to the amazing reputation they had in the 80s and 90s, but staffing ratios, poor communication and the for-profit status vs. The non profit status is not favorable. OT, Rec. Therapy and a nurse named Marcy have been the positive attributes.

Christian Romans

This place is below average for cleanliness and basic care. I would not send my dog to be treated in this facility. They place is dirty, stains and spills on the walls and dirt piled up in the corners. The food is worse than a elementary school cafeteria. It is always served cold and it looks like it is left overs from last week. The staff is less than friendly at any time. The night shift is the absolute worst. Their physical appearance is not kept up, scrubs that don’t fit, stains and wrinkled clothing and i brushes hair from every nurse that has walked in. They take a minimum of one hour to respond to needs. When we went to an RN about one of the CNA’s attitude and disrespect, the RN’s response was that she was from New York. If this is your only option for rehabilitation, I am so sorry!


I stayed at Cardinal Hill for ten days after my bilateral knee replacement surgery. The therapists, nursing staff, and everyone who cared for me were great! I believe I was able to heal quickly because of the excellent care I received.

Leif Hellstrom

Came in here 09/03/2015 with a 5 by-pass open heart operation and I wanted to keep my pain under control and the some RN's has not been in compliance with the Doctor order, which is the pain medicine is to be handed out on request by me every 4 hours, but they wait as long as they can to give out the medication that I need for my pain and at times I have waited almost an hour after I have requested my last request, so my pain level never gets to that Plato to keep my discomfort to that level that will help me get through out the day in a comfort level that will not keep me in all this discomfort. And so far they are not filling out the order that I have order for each meal and is giving me real sugar when I asked for the other and I can go on about all this but I am still staying here. Bottom line, " Shouldn't a place like this keep your pain down and give you the right foods to help you rehab and get out of here as quick as possible?????? " You or your insurance pays a pretty penny just to be in here each week to get the rehab that we need, so what is the problem I would like to know. Sooooo, if no one hears from me in a week from now you will know what happed...... Don't get me wrong here I like most all of the staff here and they do a fantastic job, but if they do not have enough RN's to pass out the medicine each day on a timely manner then they need to hire more RN's then, just my thoughts...Now tonight, they are telling me that they do not have any juices or diet pop or anything else to get me throughout the night... Oh well it is what it Is I GUESS....

UK Sweetheart Alumni

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