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James Wheat

My son was born here I cannot say enough about every nurse and doctor we came across. My wife’s OB came in on her one day off in the middle of the night to deliver my son. Top notch staff, everyone is happy to be there and it really shows. Thanks KU mother/baby!


I had brain surgery here to remove malignant tumor and received the ABSOLUTEworstcare possible. Woke up DURING THE SURGERY and wasn't given pain meds for 3 days as i suffered in extreme agonizing pain nobody cared 1 bit and i also woke up paralyzed from surgery. This place is a JOKE!!!!

Shane Panchot

I had no issues with the quality of care at their urgent care but I was shocked to see that they billed $800 for an ankle XRay, I paid $500 after the insurance discount. They are billing 4 times the average for the area. I work on radiology charge masters for a living and this is by far the highest price I have ever seen.

deahvion peoples

Labor and delivery sucks I hate that I had my any hear they don't listen and they try and force you to do things there way my epidural was inserted wrong, the doctor I said I didn't want dilvering my baby pops up when I go into labor this hospital is just going straight to trash.. I wanted to be here bc this is where I was born but I will never return once these 48hrs is up to many students not enough teachers

Kate Cumby

I saw Dr. Asilinia for my first visit. I have been having symptoms for six months and finally I felt like I was going to get a diagnosis and a course of treatment and some relief. Her assistants could not have been more nice or thorough. Dr. Asilinia asked me questions I had not even thought about. She was kind and listened to every word I had to say and didn’t make me feel like what I had would run its course like previous doctors had. She gave me a special diet to follow for 2 weeks, got me scheduled for a colonoscopy, and best of all, dictated the notes of our visit right in front of me so I was able to make two corrections!! Her nurse told me to call her at any time if I had any questions until my next appointment! I cannot tell you how I felt that I walked out of there like a fog had been lifted. I’d been so depressed and a prisoner in my home for fear I would have an accident. I highly recommend KU Med! I will go no place else in the future for any treatment for any specialty. I just have a feeling the entire hospital is run the same way. But if you any gastroenterology problems, see Dr. Asilinia!

Carolyn Schreiner

Horrible wait time in emergency room. Literally been here over 7hrs and still waiting. I understand emergencies but I am here because it's an emergency. They really need to get a better system. I keep getting pushed far and far down the line. I do not recommend this hospital for an emergency unless you come in through the Ambulance.

Kim Graham

I recently had surgery at KU for a meningioma. The care I received while in the hospital and during follow up visits was excellent. However my experience at KU opthomology has been horrendous. I received my first pair of glasses, I had difficulty seeing clearly, I made a follow up appointment on June 29th with my opthomologist only to find out they had ordered the wrong prescription. Mind you this was on June 29th, I am still waiting for my glasses 4 weeks later. I have called numerous times I always get voicemail. Sometimes I get a call back, sometimes I do not. I find their service very disorganized and uncaring. I am a registered nurse and have not been able to return to one of my PRN jobs due to my inability to see clearly due to their mistake. I will never use the services of this department of KU again, nor will I recommend this office to anyone seeking eye care.

shawna mesa

This is an amazing Hospital! We were in Oncology Unit and everyone was helpful. The hospital is a learning hospital not only for staff and students but for patients and family as well! Care is personalized and patient centered. I am very thankful for all the resources available in this area. Wonderful Hospital and wven more wonderful staff!!!!

Karen Madison

This was by far the best hospital care I have ever experienced. I originally had surgery and was in Unit 53 for an overnight stay. I went home the next day and within about 4 days I ended up back in with a small bowel obstruction. Not related to surgery as far as they could tell. I was put back in Unit 53 and was there for about 6 days. The doctors, nurses, aides and everyone else that I had the pleasure of meeting during my stays there were the most professional caring medical staff (even for the unpleasant situations) I could have asked for. I don't know how to thank them all enough so hope this message gets to them all. I also work in the medical field and if I was staying in the area I would definitely be seeking a job at KU Med to be part of this amazing medical facility. I can only hope that I can find a job working for a similarly amazing facility in my near future. So thank you all for your professionalism, best medical care and best bedside manner I have ever had the pleasure of experienced, regardless of the fact that no one WANTS to be laid up in the hospital.

Leelah Paige

Was comfy and made it feel more home-y but the seats are too packed and doors are dangerous

Russell Muir

RIP OFF...they charged $7400 (+) for Radiology and Imaging for a "basic" CT scan and $1000 (+) for the Pharmacy (dye). After Insurance it's still over $500 to the patient with no prior authorization given. Can't proceed with my follow up due to their extravigate billing. Don't waste your time or your money.

Jean Crossland

Its been a yr. now that I had rods put in my spine,with bolts and screws to help my scoliosis and degenerative spine. Dr Doug Burton,MD. who works at the U. Spine Center is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. My operation took nearly 10 or more hrs. I spent a few days in their ICU and a few more in the hospital. I can't say enough about how great he and his team treated me while I was in the hospital. He himself came up in the early am. and in the eve to check on my recovery. The best part about my experience is that now I have NO PAIN and take NO PAIN PILLS !!!

Chanee Collins

Great friendly staff

David Manderscheid

They treat you very good

Bernie Schoep

had a farm accident got hydraulic injected into my chest they nothing about it went to a hospital in st joseph missouri they got me on to surgery and took care of it.

Mike McGee

My wait time was well over 2 hours for a scheduled appointment. I was getting up to leave and a nurse caught me. I did not want to stay, but did anyway. I was given a MyChart sign up code that has not worked to this day. I have sent in two mail requests and have not received anything. I have called several time to just wait on hold for 30 plus minutes. I leave messages and never get a call back. They want my to pay my bill but wont answer the phone and wont let me sign in to pay. Horrible systems, horrible wait times, mediocre Doctors. Im still waiting to get my lab results. Will do everything it takes to never return.

Rodney Taylor

One of the area's top hospitals. I highly recommend KU Medical for all sorts of ailments. Great place to be born. Tons of new technology and they are always on The Cutting Edge of new treatments. The staff including the nurses and doctors are always great!

Glen Scott

Not very responsive, disappointing follow up service for hematoma.

Terry Bolte

The University of Kansas Hospital is the best! That being said...I am annoyed about the new parking validation issues. What the hell????? Why do you think ANYONE IS at the med center. We ALL have business there. We are only there because we have a patient there, are visiting a patient there or transporting a patient there. Now all of a sudden after spending 5 months there with my brother as a duultime in-house patient and a year of follow-up care I have to state what I'm doing there to get validated????? I have spent $30 on parking there in the past 2-1/2 days!!!! I shouldn't need to account for myself! I've spent $600 on hotel while he's been in this time! $100+ on food! If u want to save 2 freaking dollars on parking I think I'm entitled. And DO NOT give me budget excuses! That parking MORE THAN pays for itself. I cannot even park my car, get into the hospital and back out to my car in the 15 minutes that is allegedly free!!!

Baby Like Rubby

My little brother (6) broke his arm at school and we got to the hospital at 12 am and they did his X rays at 5:40pm They didnt feed him or nothing, horrible place.

nova murrell

I love the way that they treat patience they work as a team and overall the best hospital I've ever had the experience to work with I would recommend it to anybody's family that is critically ill or any kind of illness

Kivalina Gwynn

I go to the University of Kansas Health System in Kansas Cirt Them I give 500 stars . This review is for WESTWOOD ,KANSAS .... I want to know why they have sent me 4 letters asking me to donate money to Other patients. What about ME? IF they Cared ABOUT patients they would also know what ones had extra money to donate. They suggested I donate 500 dollars. This is my whole SSI check for 1 month. What do I live on? How will I pay bills? Poor whoever who needs all us to pay his bill for him because he had brain surgery but he was up dancing with his kids the VERY next day.. Okay. Like I believe that. Your surgeon told me ro my face he was afraid to do surgery on MY brain tumor , but I am expected to be happy to pay someone else's bills. Funny. No way. Removes my Tumors . Yes you see that S on end of word tumor more than 1. So Mr. Bob Page stick this in your pipe and smoke it. Beg your non patients. You do not ask other patients for money we are already paying you enough dont you think?

Matthew Russell

I was admitted and spent about a month here due to the medical issues I was having, and for the most part it was as pleasant as it could've been despite my situation. Pros: All but one nurse I had was absolutely great. I needed a lot of help doing things and they never acted like it was a strain on them. I wish I could remember their names, but a couple went above and beyond what they needed to. Most of the staff in general was really kind including the janitors, room service, and those that would come in daily to scan equipment. I had multiple rooms during my stay and they were all kept very clean as well as my sheets and gown changed on a regular basis. They literally saved my life. I'd be dead now if I hadn't been admitted. Cons: I had multiple teams of doctors, which isn't bad itself, but I got a lot of disjointed information about my situation as if they didn't all talk to one another before delivering it to me. There were times I'd be in quite a bit of audible pain and it would take someone 30-45 minutes to give me anything to dull the pain. I was scheduled for a major surgery at around 7am so I couldn't eat or drink anything after 12am. They weren't able to start operating on me until around 11am. In conclusion, the bedside manor was definitely what I'll remember the most. Despite the cons outnumbering the pros, you could do worse than here.

Nely Rojo

Thank you to all the Doctors and nurses, thanks to everyone I'm still here with my family. God bless you all.. :)

Btittany Solomon

I unfornately didn't receive the best care 04/05/19. I went to Family Medicine clinic for a check up and Dr. Tika was extremely rude and unprofessional. I was in shock! The environment is always welcoming and friendly but Dr. Tika unfornately allowed my experience Friday to be a nightmare! I won't go into detail but I'm extremely sad. Hopefully next time is better.


The Emergency Room staff was so pleasant! Very slow at processes, but pleasant indeed. My only complain - It's frustrating when I overhear about someone's weekend went, while my time is spent sitting unattended in a bay.

Calli Price

If I could give this hospital and its affiliate facilities a 0, I would. So many negative experiences (orthopedics department, emergency department, urgent care, etc.) I don't even know where to begin. They release patients from their care before they are well enough to go home just to free up their beds. Their patients' well-being does NOT come first. Their departments are unavailable for appointments for months, their doctors are not thorough, they do not follow-up whatsoever...this place is a nightmare. Save yourself the hassle and DO NOT put your care in their hands.

Charlee Hodgson

I had a vein procedure done through this health system. I was happy with the job done on the procedure, however the billing system is horrible. I was made to prepay $1600 which is fine, but 6 weeks after the procedure I starting getting bills in the mail for what I had already paid. The bills showed no payment. When I logged into their mychart site it said that I was owed 400$. Upon inquiring, I was told the money just hadn't been moved to reflect what it was for after the insurance came through. So just to lay it out. They waste both of our time and their money billing for things that have already been paid and forcing the patient to figure it out. I was told that's just the system. I would expect better.

Jeanna McGatha

Awesome place to be when your life is on the line! I owe it all to them and Dr Duchene for taking such good care of me!

Anthony Ward Jr

It's a hospital and I hate them

LeeDell Lowe

This a great hospital. The nurses are very friendly and helpful. This is the place to come if you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer.

Eric Lleras

I've been bleeding internally but this hospital will not do anything to relieve my pain. I'm reporting these doctors to the board of directors. If you ever get a nurse named Kellie Sargent I suggest you ask for another nurse. She is cocky nurse and this hospital can do better!

Layla Ali

Very rude never go back and none of my family will also go there anymore ... it’s all about business they don’t do nothing for you and here they send a lots of bill to pay and when you asked them to set a payment plan they send you to collections and sue and stuff very unprofessional.. there’s no way to pick zero because one is star is even more for them . It’s good to know what they are . Harassing people to collection

Lindsay Perez

I was left alone by the staff on the triage labor and delivery unit. I delivered my stillborn baby alone with no one on the unit, no call light to call for help. I had to scream for help many times before anyone showed up. It's a small 4 bed unit on triage. This was not the first time I was left alone on that unit. Earlier in the month I was left alone several times on that unit during a visit. My OB Dr. Baldassaro wouldn't see me for an appointment following an ER visit or the KU ER and L&D triage visit. I have always gone to KU for all my medical care but after experiencing patient neglect and patient abandonment first hand, I'll never return. I notified the patient relations who spoke with me and was supposed to contact me the following day. No phone call returned. I called several times, then called Bob Page's office. They spoke with me after that. I would hate for anyone else to experience what I did in that facility but they have not acted like it's a priority. My safety wasn't a priority. Now I'll have to find all new physicians for my care.

Pretty Prudent

Beautiful, modern facilities. Snooty, teenage-brained nurses. Remember, it’s a business – not a place that actually “cares”.


Worst place to ever go. The doctors have no compassion and their student staff is just as bad. They want to perform unnecessary tests when they already have a diagnosis. Their excuse is that they want to dig deeper into it. If you already have a definitive diagnosis the best test to do is how to fix it. If you want to dig deeper into it, grab a medical text book! Living people are not torture guinea pigs! Would rather go to North Kansas City Hospital even though they have the higher death rate. Even if this was the last hospital on earth, I'd rather suffer with whatever is wrong with me.

Marsh Monster

Dr. Smith Manion and The Spine Center is amazing very professional, and very funny very light spirited. And just amazing at giving up a girl's he has given me 5 over two-and-a-half years period not 5 series of three but five shots. And been able to hit the spot every time. George his nurses also got a wonderful personality a day or a flexible work with.

Lori Dusterhoft

This hospital is the best around the Midwest. My mom had Cancer and they got her in quickly for surgery. The Cancer was localized. She is now Cancer free! The physicians and staff truly care about patients and their family!

Andrea Simkins

I stayed here from 12/27 - 12/31. Not by choice. It was the closest to me. However, i am truly thankful for the ED nurse admittting me. I didn't want to be. But she did the right thing!!! And I'm forever in debt to her!! I had acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. The only problem is, I'm still not sure what that is or what happened to me. It was not very clear at all. I was just told to stop smoking (which i have! 10 days now) I called and was told I'd receive a call back and haven't yet about my hospital stay. All of the aides were amazing, especially Aspen. Nicole, one of the RNs was horrible... I seen her one time her whole shift. Horrible communication about home meds but Missy and Eddie helped me through that!!! Briana was the absolute best RN I've ever come in contact with!!!! She made everything so much better!!! He definitely deserves a raise as well as my discharge nurse, Rachel. Congrats on making charge nurse!!! Dietary was horrible but eh, it's a hospital! My overall experience was about a 7/10. Thank you KU.

Randy Watson

The KU med center emergency room experience is the worst I have ever experienced. My wife has been here for 6.5 hours so far with possible appendicitis. She has still not seen a doctor, only a triage specialist. I would strongly advise going to any other hospital in the region. Don't plan on seeing a physician in a timely manner unless you arrive by ambulance.

vanessa matthews

I had to wait 3 weeks before the scheduled my appt even though, my doctors office and myself kept calling and leaving appts. I get to the appt and was told they didn’t get my referral yet somehow had my medical records from my PCP. They called to schedule the appt not me. Then they also didn’t have verification that my insurance would pay for my appt. that I needed to wait for them to call and verify or pay to see the Dr. which I did pay for the appt and also was already over an hour late to see her due to them not doing there job. Dr was amazing but everything else about this hospital is not. Needless to say even though I am scheduled to go back, I will be canceling my appt.

Edward Huffman jr

Just after your money!!! Waste of time. Go somewhere else.

Adam Elrod

Highly unsatisfied. I wouldn't give any stars if I didn't have to. I haven't been to the hospital itself, but I have been to the cancer center, and while they do treat you well, you will pay an arm and a leg. They set up payment arrangements to people who can't afford treatment, but they don't stick to them and they force you to pay extreme amounts. every other day you'll get a different bill in the mail forcing you to pay or it will go to collections. I've had a horrible experience and would never suggest anyone go there. I didn't suffer to live so I could live to suffer!!!

Kelsie Hamburg

I went to the ER and got into an exam room almost immediately, although i did have to wait a while, which is expected, I had a couple tests done and they found out that I had appendicitis. From there everything went very quickly, I had surgery the same day with very good results and a very quick recovery. Overall I'm very happy with my results and stay at the hospital

Tisheena Donnell

Family medicine has went down the drain here.. I don't know what's up with the people they've been hiring lately.. but I can say they've been very unprofessional as well as just unfriendly.. I miss the warm feeling I used to get coming here.. I really wanted to deliver my baby here but it's time for me to find a new hospital to begin healthcare with... bc they just don't really care here anymore

Patrick Brown

Beautiful campus. Could use some trams, walks are excessive.

Jeff Bethune

This is the absolute the best hospital I have ever been in. They have been very very good to me. It is so hard for me to sit in the waiting room and listen to people talk bad about petty things they hate about this hospital. I would not be here if it wasn't for all the great professional people at this hospital.

Jack Tillery

Dr manion and staff treated me with great care and compassion. Ive had several epidurals from many doctors and he is the best. Very mindful and focused on me not "get em in get em out" billing however causes lots of problems as others have noted.

Nancy Brewer

I've had a kidney/pancreas double transplant in 2001. Excellent drs., nurses and support staff. I've doctored with KU since 2010 and even though I live 3 hours away, ALL my drs.are at KU. Worth the drive. I need to add an edit to my review. I accidentally transposed my year number. Rather than just from 2010, I had my transplant in MARCH 2001!! I've had it 17 years. Dr. Dennis Diederich was my doctor until he retired last year. He was a WONDERFUL man and doctor. I not only see doctors at the transplant center, I chose to keep my primary care physician there. Dr. Micolee Polsak. She is a 5 star doctor also. KU takes very good care of me!!! Thanks, Nancy Brewer from Carthage, MO.

D'Shawn Williams

They have given me the most caring, and professional Healthcare that I could ask for...

Tage Gillahan


shelly welburn

Went to KU sports medicine by the stadium and had a horrible experience. They couldn't get an IV in me and after several failed attempts I told them I had enough. Today I went to the main KU to complete my MRI and the team there was FABULOUS! They called for the IV team to place my IV and Troy was AMAZING! One stick and my IV was placed and I didn't even feel him stick me. The rest of the staff was caring and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I've had to have several MRI's over the years and this was by far my best experience ever. Thank you so much!!

Carole Sanders

The hospitality greeters, maintenance staff, techs, nurses, doctors surgeons all that I came in contact with during my husbands recent surgery went above and beyond in providing excellent care and making us feel comfortable.

Farshad Fazli

Best hospital besides all the recognitions.

Brian Dallas

Been here for over 9 hours waiting ,no food or drink , They keep saying its busy but all I hear is a lot of chit chat and no ones checked on us. Thanks

Bryan Chidester

They got my brother in law the correct diagnosis. And potentially it will save his life

David Libby

Took my wife who was in excruciating pain from what was determined to be three blown disc in her lower back. We arrived at the around 7pm and after checking in told to wait in the waiting room. Which we did for two hours before being finding called back to a room, where we waited an additional four hours before they even address her pain. In all we waited 12 HOURS!!! This is totally unacceptable service! One positive note was our nurse Tim but other than that it was a horrible experience that no one should of had to go through.

Thomas Maia

I have had an orthopedic surgery scheduled for over six months with doctor Kelly Hendricks in August. I received a call this morning stating that my surgery was cancelled because he left the group to start his own practice. They didn't even bother to reschedule it with another doctor. Now I have to start the entire process over again.

Aaron Bombardier

Care had little problems but billing will never call you back. They made several mistakes on our bill and we called 3 times and either didn't get anyone or were told "someone will have to call you back". We even Left several messages with no replies. Called complaints also received no call back even after waiting several days. They don't seem to care if they make a mistake. They just want you to shut up and pay I guess.

Captain Anonymous

Yesterday, I had to take a family member here, and it was my first time going to KU Med. I'd always thought KU Med had an outstanding reputation; after my visit, I'm honestly wondering why. It's a dump, and all the non-medical personnel seem to have a serious attitude problem. The parking garage was a mess, with more than half of it being closed off for "renovations." Not to mention that no one should ever pay to park at a hospital. If they need extra revenue that badly...then tear down the kiosks and fire the people in them. If you have two kiosks and three people manning them, then you have no idea what you're doing in the first place. The people at the reception desk were too busy with the phones to deal with people like me; when I finally did get their attention, I didn't appreciate the snippy response to my question. We eventually got to Radiology, where the bathroom was so disgusting, it was as if people were missing the toilet on purpose...which wasn't a big deal, apparently, because no one was ever going to bother cleaning it. The lady at the window spent ten minutes ignoring us (after she called us to her window), and we eventually just skipped her nonsense and went back for x-rays. Pro tip: Don't bother filling out the blue sheet, sticking it in a basket, and waiting for your name to be called - just go wherever you need to go. Hey, I shouldn't be "taking a number" when I have an actual appointment. Everywhere else I've been wants me to check in and wait, not throw my name into a hat and hope to win the raffle. I've been to clinics (affectionately known as "doc in a box") that are far more professional and effective than all the effort KU Med could muster. Having a medical background (I'm a former EMT and retired Army medic), I'm absolutely disgusted by the sheer unprofessionalism and incompetence displayed by KU Med. One or two problems in a single visit probably wouldn't be a good sample size, but I'm confident that my one visit accurately represented the behavior in this place. If you have medical issues, and you have ANY other option...SKIP going here.

Michael Choat

The worst care I've ever seen!!!!! My mother came in at 10am and it's now 3:30 in the afternoon and we still haven't seen a doctor... We don't know any info and Everytime I call for someone while my mother is in screaming pain she gets ignored!!! I wouldn't recommend this hospital to save anyone's life!!!! Update!!! My mom was discharged and never saw one doctor!!!!!!!! She left at 6pm and is now going to st. Luke's.. she got 2 antibiotics and was given Tylenol for pain relief... She was at a 10 every time on the pain scale and they sent her home with Tylenol... What a joke of a hospital..

Juli Maschler

Going into the hospital is no fun for anyone. I recently had reconstruction surgery there. I was put in the burn unit ICU after surgery so that my tissues would meld together right away. I cannot Express enough how much I loved the whole experience. (What pain?) Dr. Butterworth is probably the best surgeon around that does this surgery. I was completely amazed by the friendliness and competency of the nurses and other staff. A special shout out to Jamie and Katherine, the nurses that cared for me on the burn unit floor . They were wonderful and kept me laughing and having fun and welcoming my guests. K U is a top notch hospital and I would recommend it to anyone! No one compares! Thank you for making a scary experience into a great one! You definitely Rock Chalk!!

Brian Fleck

Other than waiting 2 hrs before surgery not bad

A Avalos

This is the absolute the best hospital I have ever been in. They have been very good to me. I recently had surgery there the doctors and nurses took well care of me while I was there thank you So much Doctor Berbel for the surgery u did on me umbilical cord Hernia ! U are the best the doctor I could of have ! One more time thank ❤️

Sally Drennan

I cannot say enough good things about this hospital. My mother was transferred here from Joplin, Missouri. My entire family lives at least 3 hours away. They kept us up to date on any information we needed or wanted to know until we got there. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer but every single person on staff has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The level of care and kindness is unlike any I have encountered at other hospitals. Not only were they concerned with the well-being of my mother but also my sister, my two nieces, and me who were there with her. They took a very dark moment in our lives and made it bearable. I felt at ease leaving her in their care when I had to leave and come home to Springfield. I know she will be in good hands until she is transferred back home for hospice care.

Larry Byrum

Comparing KU to the two other Hospitals I have been to in the last two weeks. KU Med Center had the best staff and people to take care of business!

Zainab Imam

Please save your time, money and energy and do not go to the ER dept. here. I had an unfavorable experience. When I mentioned my experience to the patient relations department, they claimed that they will investigate and make the situation right but of course they sided with their staff. I had planned to choose my primary care doctor at KU but not anymore.

Roger Meyer

Great doctors very caring people work here. Very knowledgeable and always answer all of my questions. They will keep working with you for the best medical care with the least side effects.

M Scott Creecy

Great nursing care, knowledgeable, professional, skilled, and competent physicians, nice updated facility.

Dwayne Walker

Best hospital in the Kansas City area.

Nick Brown

Extremely poor hospital as far as courtesy to patients and timeliness of wait times. I waited 5 hours in the ER and was never seen. I ended up leaving as they would not tell me when I would be seen and offer to assist in my pain. When I told the nurse I was leaving she simply said ok with no thought of even checking on me. Extremely poor experience and non courteous or welcoming staff in the ER.

Sniffany D

Made appointment to have throat surgery 2 months in advance. When it came to the day before I got a call and was told check in was 11am... I arrived at 10:30 and at 11:30 asked about getting called back. I was then told "oh well surgery is not scheduled until 330pm." So we are supposed to wait 4 1/2 hours. And we get an... "I don't know I'm sorry." "You can evaluate us " I'm not unreasonable I understand things come up, but I have to wait 4 1/2 hours. Because they "dont know"... Come on...I went over the check in time 3 times over the phone and was told specifically no water after 7am. Get it together.

Jessica Cambo

My father in law had excellent care and nursing staff that were very attentive to his needs. He was in the Cardiac unit and we are now definitely changing doctors to there for his pacemaker!!

Thomas DeMann

This area is part of town to stay away from. The Self entitled children pedestrians abuse right of way and aimlessly wander into the street while looking at their phone, engaged in drunken banter or dart out directly into oncoming traffic just waiting to be hit. Avoid the risk and use another medical center. The youngsters and millennials are luxiouriously bathing in an all about ME bubble bath and care nothing about their own safety and what is going on around them. Transplant these guys to NYC please where they will most definitely learn hard lessons about the world and it's not about them in their little "LOOK AT ME!" boxes. They do not look, they do not even look up in front of them they just expect the world to be handed to them like mom and dad still do while they're in there mid to late 20's. They are unsafe, they do not use the crosswalk signs available to them that light the intersection up nor do they use the sky walks that they should be using because they do not care about their own safety. . They're in college to be in the medical profession yet they haven't learned elementary life skills such as "look before you cross", or "push the crosswalk button". This is a sign of bad parenting and bad education. KU Med Please create a mandatory class for all employees and students on how to safely navigate crosswalks, because right now your whole campus looks like they probably should be still at home languishing with mom and dad to keep them safe. To all drivers in this area, steer clear of Ku Med, I would not even risk going here, go to St. Lukes in Missouri where the pedestrians are clearly smarter and the City infrastructure is better maintained. To be clear it is the Staff and the Students of Ku Med that this review is for. Update: While it has been several months The KUMED Team has done nothing about these children and staff members haphazardly and aimlessly meandering into oncoming traffic. Again, not looking before you cross, not using the tools available to them etc. I am going to start videotaping them doing this and forwarding this to the Apporpriate departments. ATTN: People incoming to this hospital!!! IF THE STAFF, INTERNS, DR's, DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN WELLBEING WHY SHOULD THEY CARE ABOUT YOURS OR YOUR LOVED ONES! DO NOT GO HERE!

Todd Henderson

Great hospital but way too busy.

Bob Amyx

Staff is good, slow, but good. Time is more like a suggestion. Food awful.

Daniel Sink

My wife was brought in with chest pain and associated symptoms and then was dropped off in the waiting room. She was left alone with no recheck on vitals until I insisted. Their response was "we only check vitals every two hours". As a healthcare professional for 10 years I know this is wrong especially for chest pain. This is why people die in ER waiting rooms. This hospital is too small for the volume of patients they receive. I am surprised that they haven't lost their accreditation because they constantly close to ambulances. Once inside the care was good but their triage system is a joke. Some day they may be sued. I will probably never return to this location.

Doug Halenbeck

Lively atmosphere with obvious dedicated workers everywhere.

Casandra Gerstner

I'm still in the hospital. I have had the best doctors and nurses! The care is amazing. I'm on the neurological floor and the best nurse is Julie, she takes the time to make her patients feel better! She and the other nurses have made me feel like I will get better and most of all made me laugh!

Kyle Runyon

KU Med is the only hospital I will ever go to.

Mike D

Excellent Hospital. Between the Transplant Clinic and Cancer Clinic. They have saved my wife's life in the past 2 year's. Staff is excellent and very helpful. Words cannot describe the level of care the doctor's have for their patients.

Lee Lacy

Medical billing is awful, invoices are often wrong and cannot be understood. It is assumed KUMC will bill the insurance company, but on more than one occasion this did not happen, causing claims to be denied. They won’t answer the phone, nor return calls. My polite efforts to resolve billing problems through the CEOs office were ignored. It seems this taxpayer supported public institution has money for celebrity endorsements, but not the money to fix their billing system. There are better choices in Kansas City.

vallie guillory

They didn't summit the proper documentation for a lab test that was rejected. Billing department . . . Hateful. According to Kate she's the only one hired to answer guest services . . . And she interrupts before you have a chance to explain the situation. 24 hours after initial call, still haven't talked to anyone that can help.

Susan Hofmann

The University of Kansas Health System is an outstanding health center. Recently, I was an outpatient at the Indian Creek Campus and had an amazing patient visit. I was welcomed and cared for by highly compassionate, respectful and professional staff. They were simply the best! KU does and will care for you!

jessica goodson

Would recommend this hospital for anyone. My dad had an appointment with a heart specialist here kept in the room 4 1/2 hours sent the records of what they did to him to our regular doctor. Our family doctor told my dad that everything was fine that they didnt find anything wrong with him. Well he went to work the next day and passed away of a massive heart attack. Why would they lie about stuff like that I lost my dad because these people didnt do a good enough job of running test on him. I will never recommend them to anyone

Tieara Johnson

This hospital doesnt care about their patients. All they give a damn about is money. If you die, it's your problem, as long as they get paid. Thanks so much for ruining peoples lives. (Negetive 1 ⭐)

Reuben Howell

I've never been a patient there, however, I'm here 40 hrs a week!

Mark smith

Checked into ER, was throwing up blood, stomach was on fire, Was told to go sit in waiting area and watch TV, they had more important patients to see. I checked myself out and went to Lee's summit Medical Center where I received prompt and courteous medical care.

KaiShon Cole

This is the WORST emergency room to go to....came here last week and sat here 9 here 6 that afternoon and left at 130 in the morning just for them to take my blood and give me a couple shots....NOW im back here, and its been 4 hrs so far! Over this raggedy hospital....I would NOT recommend!

Monika Kellner

Great staff, they do their best to heal and really research if not sure of issue (s)!

Dick Herbel

The very best medical center. The very best doctors and surgeons from Mid America Cardilogy practice at KU MED. I owe my life to Dr. Gollub & Dr. “Trip” Zorn, I am forever greatfull.

Denna Gaskill

This is the best hospital. We have been going to this place since the mid 70's. Have seen many wonderful changes over the years. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Very satisfied with care and Drs

Greg Cunningham

The only hospital I will go to

Mesilva Refalopei

1 visti for a swollen eye, and my bill is 5000 some? Really? I went to truman 2 times and my bill from them was 2000 some. Smh

Craig Niehaus

Doctor apologized because my former foster son (now adult)....had his electroids removed a day prior to the end of seizure study. Miscommunication between doctors. And don't plan on getting discharged anytime soon on a Sunday. Doc told us 6 hours ago we would be leaving shortly....still waiting.....then it's off to the other sides pharmacy.....hope we make it before it closes.

John Price

First visit, Ibuprofen. Second visit, told I was fine and to go home. Third visit they threatened to have me kicked out. First visit to North Kansas City Hospital, Diagnosed with Non hodgkin's lymphoma. Started chemotherapy and radiation the next day. KU almost cost me my life.

Rod Ivers

I'm a KU Med Cancer survivor! They saved my life, so I can not understand folks that rate their quality poorly. Sure sometimes thing aren't to your liking but it is a teaching hospital and they do have students, but their overall results are VERY favorable.

Julie Sonnier

I would like to Thank the Doctors and Nurses at KU Med in the ICU for saving my sons life I am forever grateful!!! Thank You! Nothing but kindness and great care

Juile Skivers

The care I received at KU Med when I had colon cancer surgery was fantastic! The staff was caring and professional all the way!

Marcella Kendrick

I got bit by a cat my whole hand and arm kept swelling my doctor kept writing antibiotics scripts nothing was working the last one cause been bout 3 days by then said if you don't see improvement by tomorrow go to ku they have a hand specialists next day still nothing I debated and debated to go finally did Long story short after xrays and stuff they were going to do surgery the next day I winded up having emergency surgery 12 midnight pus started a new path around my wrist headed straight to a major blood vessel winded up staying 3 days but ku saved my life!!! I kept asking to go home everyday and til I could close my hand on my own they wouldn't let me! I was so glad when I finally could!! But I wouldn't be here writing this if it wasn't for them! If I waited another day not knowing what was going on and how another path developed I would of died! I thank me for making myself go and ku for treating me the way they did! I still have a scar on my hand been bout 2 years now people notice and ask me it is kind of ugly but I would rather have a scar any day than what could of happened Thank you KU!!!!

Diane Ba

Killer University Hospital.If your child is in college and needing care, do not trust KU will care for your child because you are paying them. Not every staffer, nurse or doctor can be trusted to do their job. Everyone that was suppose to care for my 22 year old failed. He Died. My son is dead. HE had Insurance and his Girlfriend begged them for Five (5) Days, yet they were ignored until he, a healthy football player died. He was black and his Girlfriend was a White Registered Nurse. After he died, I realized all of them were too lazy to even document his care. Dr. ASHLEY Bennett gave my son a high five every morning, but made no documentation as he allowed his staff to Kill My Baby. He did this one (1) week before his Little Brother High School Graduation. As he laid dead, Everyone kept saying "You are Lucky He's at KU.." Don't Believe the hype. They Destroyed our Family because they did not feel like Working..Killer U

Monica McDermott

I give 5 stars for the doctors and nurses/hospital staff!!! I give 0 stars for the garage money collectors So I had to give a 3 stars for overall. If you can, avoid the garage! They are rude and miserable people.

John L

Best heart doctors ever cant thank them enough and the nurses are amazing

myra box

Best medical center in the Kansas City metro.

Annette Butler

I was on a trip to Wisconsin, stop to see my sister in Kansas City. I had an AFIB episode. She took me to KU Med Center. From the security guard to the person that brought my meals, everyone was super nice. The cardiologist I had was Dr. Bhagat, he was very professional, intelligent, and thorough. Thank you Dr Bhagat for taking care of me. Also the Internal medicine team was awesome. The nursing staff from the 4th floor cardiac unit was awesome. Thank you nurse Amanda for taking good care of me and also the other nurses sorry that I forgot their names. Logan took care of me in the ED and he was very pleasant. Sarah was my the ED and.She took good care.of me as well. Just wanted to give these people a GREAT review,. This hospital is the best facility I have ever been to. Thank you all and Mau God bless you all and your families.

Shana Burton

This hospital is a joke!! They have hurt me and traumatized me twice now. I will never come back!! I was here two and a half years ago and I was so traumatized my husband had me moved to a different hospital and I did outpatient therapy for 6 months because of what happened to me. I was in for internal bleeding and ended up getting septice while I was here. I complained of a headache one morning when the doctor came to my room. She grabbed my ponytail as hard as she could yank my hair tie out started looking around in my hair. I asked her what she was doing And told her she was hurting me. She said she was looking for head lice I said how does head lice make me have a headache. She said because you're a dirty and nasty person. Which I'm not I'm very clean and I have OCD. Then she put somebody in my room because she said I gave myself septice how in the world am I going to give myself septice. That makes no sense at all this person followed me everywhere I went I couldn't even pee in private. Which made me start having flashbacks of being hurt as a child. Now I'm back with internal bleeding and severe tachycardia. I did not have to wait to be put in a room but I waited for hours before anybody would give me nausea medicine. Then the GI doctor came in and grilled me like it was an police investigation. I was in severe pain and ask for pain medicine but was refused. The next morning the hospitalist came to my room told me I was faking it and he was waiting on GI to see what they were going to do but he did not think they were going to scope me. GI I finally showed up at 6:30 and attempted to tell me that she was going to send me home that night and the reason she wasn't going to scoop maybe wad becuase the propofol is bad for your mind when you get older and she doesn't want me to have problems with my mind as an elderly person. And if I start bleeding I just need to come back. I called my lawyers this morning they told me to let them discharge me and we will be suing for negligence and malpractice!! I will never come back here or use any of their services or go to their sister Hospital

Colette Clift

Brought a friend up for pre op appointments. 5 stars for the staff. 2 for restroom cleanliness. Minus 5 for parking. For one thing there was literally no open spots in the parking garage. No spots whatsoever for ER patients. Finally found one in the main garage and it was as far away from the entrance as it was possible to get. And I have a disabled placard. Very few handicap spots. Information directories were scarce. And ridiculously expensive! Went to an appointment, paid $3.00, left for another appointment at the cancer center, got sent to the ER, ended up admitted and parking cost was another $5.00. Very disgusted with the whole experience. If I need care in the future I will go to Joplin or Springfield.

Leah Cross

You have one of the best NICU nurses in the world in Shannon! She is an amazing woman and mother, and truly cares about all the babies she helps, and their families! What a blessing to have her on your team!

Jeff Hartl

doctor was great. went to cafeteria for lunch, filthy tables filthy floor, poor hygiene. makes you wonder what else was dirty

Nichole Blankenship

I'm inpatient as right now 3/12/17, I am pregnant with Cystic Fibrosis and type 1 diabetes. The high risk OB team has been dreadful. They switched both of my insulin types and regimens without explanation, my blood sugars were perfect before coming in last week on Wednesday. They consistently patronize me when I argue numbers, and they will not put me back on my normal ration I have been on for 3 years. I know with pregnancy, the body needs more insulin but they won't wait for the gradual change, they are instead pumping me with double the insulin. Horrible experience so far.

Carmen C

OKAY as far as care is concerned; I'd say the nursing staff and physicians did their duties and did them well. HOWEVER this review is mostly to characterize the INTEGRITY of one of the employees they have decided to hire. Who this is, I'm not so sure. But in the window of 48 hours my spouse's wallet was stolen. Who decides to steal a patient's wallet while they are out for a procedure? Meanwhile we have rent to pay, a car to pay for, HELLO IT"S THE END OF THE MONTH AND WE ALL HAVE ******* BILLS TO PAY And you decide to go troll around Kansas City, Shell and Family Dollar and rack up over 500 dollars that we can't get back. We are already going to have medical bills up the @$$. I realize that this can happen anywhere. But it makes me sick to my stomach that this happened while the person I care about most was a patient in this hospital. At least the staff at KU Med suggested before he was discharged that he could check lost and found; too late for that!

Robbin Manchester

I had the best care by Dr Gary Johnson. I couldn't have had a more compassionate and caring treatment team. I am still receiving this same compassionate care 9 months after my surgery with Stacy Ford and Dr Chapman

TJ Doss

Excellent Hospital and Medical Center. First Class!

Claire Engel

I had a terrible experience with the department of gynecology. I went in for intense pelvic pain that I've been having on a daily basis. It took awhile between appointments -- my situation was not addressed with any sense of urgency. I saw Dr. Gray multiple times. The final time, we had a surgical consult, and I was told I would be called to schedule the surgery after I left. Two days later, the doctor left me a voicemail saying she would no longer do the surgery because she wasn't "confident" that my fibroid was causing it, but she had NO theories about what else it could be. I left KU med out several hundred dollars, having wasted several months where I could've/shoudl've been getting proper care. I left with no solution at all. During this time, they did not treat my pain in any way. They refuse to do so, and will treat you poorly if you ask. But they will refer you to a pain psychologist. Let that sink in: a department specifically for women will not actually treat pain or help you with it, they'll just refer you to a psychologist.



Dianne Crowell

Er experience was quite perfect if one can have a perfect experience in an er. Fast,efficient and plenty of staff i felt cared for and in a city of 2 1/2 million we do have plenty of hospital choices. Nursing and medical staff explained plus listened. One recommendation Please keep your bathrooms cleaner !

Levi Hubbell

This hospital is taking great care of my wife for almost 2 months while they're helping her with necrotizing fasciitis.

JT Shelton

Worst hospital ever. I’m here right now and my fiancée is in labor (with major contractions) and they won’t even let me back there with her. She is currently in the hallway waiting to be seen in the triage center. Birth is supposed to be a expierence for both the mother and father, but apparently not according to KU Med. Something told me to go to Saint Luke’s to a real hospital. I don’t know who designed the hospital this way but this is ridiculous. The father is supposed to be there every step with the mother, but instead I’m in a noisy waiting room. If I knew it was going to be like this I wouldn’t have even took off work. It’s basically the same thing. If they send us home, we are definitely going to Saint Luke’s. I’ll be sure to hire KU staff to be my pallbearers so they can let me down one last time.

Thomas Strickland, Jr.

Best hospital/doctors/health personnel in a four state area!

Mary Brewer

The elevators are so dirty they need to be cleaned.

Tai Smith

Best place to be when you're fighting for your life!

Harley Quinn

They should change their emergency room name to 'Long ass wait, so prepare to be here for 3 hours, better yet just pick a different hospital' room. And staff have zero compassion.

Rosy Cardoza

Worst experience ever.... they just don't Care about no body we been here for 4 hours just for nothing.... we get in here in the ambulance IT was an emergency and they not even check on us yet!! So upset with the staff members..

Stacy Park

So many stories! They took really good care of my son. The staff from the ER to the staff on his floor. Made sure he was well taken care of.

yvonne castor hart

They helped me with my bill and the doctors are very good with me when I had surgery and plates and screws in my wrist.


Two nurses left my dad by himself on the toliet. He had a massive stroke a couple weeks before and couldn't use his left side. He fell on the floor and had a big bump on his head and missed out on rehab for a week. The doctors a very good though.

Connie Carcione

My daughter was transported by ambulance because she was only 34 weeks pregnant and her water broke. We get to L & D and the waiting room is filthy mess. I set my daughter's birth plan on the table and pick it up and it has nasty stuff on it. There were dirty blankets and towels everywhere and garbage on the floor. I used 5 different restrooms while I was there and each and everyone of them were horrible. Yesterday, a lady with a badge came out of the one in the NICU and said to me, you might want to have her clean it before you go in. I spent an hour in the cafeteria between lunch and dinner. There were only a handful of people in there and EVERY table was dirty and not one person every came out to at least clean the tables before the dinner rush. A friend came to visit my daughter and her new baby and said to me, "Isn't this supposed to be a state of the art hospital? It is filthy." I also think it is CRAZY that my son-in-law has to pay for parking. We have NO idea how long his baby is going to be in the NICU and he has to pay for all of that time. That is a DISGRACE!! Shame on KU!! This is his newborn and he wants to be there with her and he is racking up a bill for her to be in the hospital and one for him to park and be with her!! The parking lot is a joke. The spaces are so small that people with larger cars park in two spots. It rained yesterday and the foyer to the parking lot was flooded. We had to walk through two inches of water just to get the parking lot. I'm not sure why the inside would be flooded. What I do appreciate, is that the babies in the NICU have their own rooms.

Patty Gabel

I have been going to KU Med for over 10 years now due to my disabilities. The doctors and nurses are pleasant and we'll educated. If I have any questions or concerns they address them right away.

Matthew & Ashley Campbell

My father was a recent patient at KU Med. He had to have surgery and an overnight stay. I cannot say enough good about this hospital. Every single person we encountered was kind, accommodating and went out of their way to make our time here wonderful. If anyone needs to come here, know you are in great hands.

Ryan S

Good patient care. Was charged $800 for basic elbow x-ray with no forewarning. This is the garbage that makes our healthcare system what it is. Greed that is no different than a car dealership. Shame on you KU.

David Chinnery

The University of Kansas Medical Center is a place built of happy people who care for the well being of others. I believe this so much, I have written may letters of thanks and also told all my friends. Therefore, when I come across someone who clearly has no passion or genuine care for others, to a point she can’t even fake it, such as Kim in Gastro-Internal Medicine, its glaring. Possibly she would not look so terrible, if everyone else was not so amazing. Avoid Kim at all cost.

Candy Baker

This wonderful hospital!!! These awesome doctors and nurses, all of the staff that saved my life starting on April 8, 2019. Thank you!! This is the best hospital on earth!!

Woodie Parker

Doctors and all staff are friendly and very helpful

Daris Wyatt

There are a few good people at this hospital, but for the most part they have no sympathy for their patients or their families. My brother is in the trauma center with a severe brain injury. We were in the waiting room and the charge nurse came in and told us to pack up our stuff and go to a friendship house. They didn't want us in their waiting room and at that time, there was nobody else there. Talk about making an already devastating ordeal, worse.

Rebecca Miles

This business is not transparent. They are not EEO employers. They practice nepotism in the work place. They have people apply go thru multiple qualifing test, 2 or 3 interviews, say you have the job. Then the night before your first day the CEO's inform the person hiring they have to hire their family member they have never met, unqualified individual just because he just got out of school. The hiring person is not given a choice if he wants to keep his job. The new employee is called the night before his first day and has to spend months now scrambling for a job from their unfair, ILLEGAL practices.

susan willoughby

I am 58 years old and never before have i been to a hospital that was as wonderful as KU from the Doctors to the Nurses to the support staff. When I thought i would lose my arm, The Doctors were not having it, so after several surgeries and lots of recovery i currently use my arm now with minimal impairment. I can not THANK EVERYONE there enough for fixing my arm and returning my faith in medicine. Thank you all so much Susan Willoughby

Ruth Stark

Treatment was life-changing. Doctors and nurses were incredible. Facilities were lovely. Overall just a very well run hospital.

jerry james

Everybody is friendly there.

Barton Bedwe;;

I started working there last week as a"valet" driver! The work is not hard and the tips are helpful!

Christian Zamora

Recently moved to KC love my doctor, the staff could be a little more friendly. But other than that great place to be cared for at!

Pam Liberty

Nice hosp...really huge though

Karen Stratton

KU Hospital and their doctors and surgeons saved my life, along with God. Couldn't ask for better care!

Joe Ann Edge

My Grandson was in a near fatal wreck several months ago. His name is Zachary West Higgins. I am in S.C. and unable to travel at the time. My son and his wife kept me closely informed of his situation. All comments regarding his doctors and other staff where outstanding! I just wanted to let you know that all your work and assistance with him and my family are indeed greatly appreciated! I know that God is the one dealing the hand but, he chose to give each of you a great ability to help others. Not all people in the medical field are as compassionate as you have been. I thank you from the depths of my heart!! Sincerely yours, Joe Ann Higgins Edge P.S. I found out my pulmonary doctor did his residency at your hospital and assured me my Grandson could not be in better hands. His name is Dr. Mansaur.

Innovative Group

Nice awesome staff facility & many other things

Tom Malmberg

Great Hospital!!!! Not found a bad Dr., Nurse or staff member here yet. Been here for a week for cancer treatments!!

Shelbi Edwards

I've been going to this hospital since I was born. And it has been sub par. 9/3/15 While pregnant I was definitely a month overdue and was told to just let her come naturally but thank god for the student doctor working with mine. She got me in within a week to deliver. The delivery itself was awful. The epidural didn't work but they assured me it worked. I went through 19 hours of labor the nurses were rude my doctor literally told me she waited to deliver my baby last. They didn't have room for me in the mommy and me ward so I stayed in the room I gave birth in. The nurses had no clue how to discharge me so I wanted 6 hours to leave. They shoved breast feeding down my throat even when I expressed how much it hurt they never showed me how to get her to latch properly. The just told me to keep going. My baby is great now. 3/14/17. I went in today to get my nexplanon removed and was told they didn't schedule it for a procedure it was for a consult on birth control. I could hear the doctor in the hall tell the nurse that he didn't want to do the procedure he had too many patients to see and he wanted to get out on time. So he came in and talked to me and basically told me to reschedule for a correct appointment with my original doctor. So he gave me an appointment with my doctor and left the room. Definitely not impressed with the doctors here

Virginia B

Came in to be seen cause I was in a car wreck and they where quick to check me in but then I sat in the lobby from 11:45 till 1:47now still haven't received any help

Ashlea Scott

I would give a 5 due to the excellent service HOWEVER the PARKING IS AND HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR SO LONG!!! You can not get to appointments or to visit anyone without a very long jaunt that is easy to get lost and isn't signed well...I was told the parking will continue to be this way for another year at least

Change World

There's a young lady named Katlyn Hilton and she's a RN there! She is so rude and doesn't take care of you really good! She needs to work on her attitude and people skills! I would highly recommend a different RN!

Victoria Schulte

I delivered my daughter here last month. I had a great experience. The nurse was there the entire time, and the anesthesiologist and the resident doctor were both very nice and humorous. afterwards in the mother baby unit my favorite nurse Blair was the best. I am very glad I had came here for this special moment. I will definitely come here for all medical needs.

Tara Johnson

Today, will be a 4th orthopedic surgery for a family member at KU. We are impressed with every visit except 1. But, they were quick to make it right. Our surgeon Dr. Tilley is great!!

Robert Burnett

Great cardiac care.

Elizabeth Herrera

Very rude and unprofessional staff. They refused to see my mom because she didn't have insurance even though she stated that she would be paying for her appointment out of pocket and any other medical expenses that she might have during that time. They recommended that she'd find a doctor in her own state that would help her with her back problems. I can only imagine tge type of treatment she would have gotten if we were there. As doctors you take an oath to help people not to worry about how someone pays their bills at the end of the day.

Loleta Stakley

Everyone is very friendly and very helpful.

D Esp.

I was provided a referral here and was never contacted. I called my referring doc's office for followup a month later and they resubmitted the referral. This office still never contacted me (even though my doc's office said they would be contacting me within the next week). I received a voicemail from a nurse telling me to register via phone. I did this and called their office and left a message. Still no response. When my referring doc called their office, she was told that Kansas Medical Center hopefully still has my records sent about a month prior. Good thing I waited on a phone call and didn't drive here (I'm from MN). This place is the most unprofessional I have have ever experienced. It has been almost 3 months since the initial referral was made. I am assuming I will never heard from them.

Carol Ricke

Everyone we had contact with was awesome. All were attentive caring, efficient. Didn't have a bad experiece with anyone there

Ramonet Harris

Their cancer program is a JOKE! They welcome everyone to get paid but can't cure a damn thing. Go at your own risk.

Cheryl Freind

This an incredibly corrupt hospital. I’ve never before been through anything like this in my life. I’ll never go back for any reason. Md Anderson did not approve them to be in cooperative care with them for good reason. Run away! Go to Advent Heath or any other hospital. Don’t believe the propaganda you see on television. They are self promoting geniuses. But believe me the place is corrupt and evil. Pray and find peace before you do anything. Do not rush into treatment or any hospital in fear. But I would definitely fear this place.

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