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REVIEWS OF Saint Luke's North Hospital–Smithville IN Kansas

Amatay Boutte

My sister came her for drug abuse. Instead of teaching her coping mechanisms, they doped her up and let her out early. She immediately relapsed. No help at all.

Tim G

I went to the hospital for pain due to kidney stones. Everything was very nice, everyone was helpful. I thought the staff was great. I went in at night, and was seen by a nurse practitioner. Definitely a rural smalltown hospital, but I was well taken care of.

Jordan Smirl

My girlfriend recently spent a few days here for mental health purposes. She's had bad experiences at similar facilities in the past, so she was very nervous. The staff at St. Luke's North Hospital proved exceptionally kind and accommodating. They showed great compassion, providing help that was geared specifically to her needs and making special exceptions when they were necessary for her comfort and recovery. I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for inpatient treatment for mental health.

Ryan L

This is not a hospital, this is an extended stay doctor office at best. What Little equipment they have is not functional or looks like it came from the original down town hospital. But their billing system works just like a full scale hospital, at least the amount they bill you for. Make sure you double check the drugs they give/perscribe you for interactions and allergies. A quick Google search can save you from a bad reaction.

Lisa Landis

I've never had a bad experience at this ER. Very caring and they get things done in a timely manner.

Nola Dybvig

Everyone was extremely polite and helped me the best they could. They made sure I was feeling better before I left and did all the necessary labs to rule out what could have been wrong. The only thing they couldn't do was an ultrasound but recommended a nearby hospital that could.

Brandy Wallace

Worst hospital ever! Horrible customer service and a 4 hour wait, with not one patient in the ER. DON'T COME HERE!!

Donnie Moss

Dragon Snake

I was addicted to alcohol and my bipolar & pan-anxiety medical conditions were exacerbated. I called 911 due to a severe panic attack and withdraw symptoms that were causing me to have S/SX of impending delirium tremens which have a 30% mortality rate. Upon arrival at the Saint Luke's North –Barry ED I experienced the single most astonishing lack of competent care that I have ever received. The physician spoke to me maybe 2 or 3 times at the most throughout a stay that lasted about six hrs. I was hyperventilating so bad that my arms to my hands had gone numb, and my legs to my feet had also gone numb. My body was jerking so bad that I felt as if I was having a convulsion while conscious. I could barely speak. I was profusely diaphoretic. I also could not urinate because of tonic spasms. The nurses on duty blatantly made fun of me calling me a drug-seeker, and even claimed that I was refusing to give them a urine sample because, “You just want us to touch your penis: You’re a pervert!” After about 3 HRs of not urinating, a nurse followed by a trainee came into my room and said, “I'm going to insert the largest ‘straight-catheter’ in you that we've got! That’ll teach you!” The trainee followed her lead and said, “Perfect!” It took catheterization for 5 minutes while they exerted pressure on my bladder to empty my it, which was necessary because my bladder was locked-up into a tonic spasm. I have never suffered so much, for so long, and in so many ways; I was humiliated, insulted, laughed at, & then ultimately ignored to the point of patient abandonment. These nurses, this doctor, and the Saint Luke’s ED need to be shut down, lose all licenses, & along with CEO of the Saint Luke’s, who I believe is Mr. Matthew J. Wenzel should suffer both civil and criminal charges with imprisonment for the metaphoric genocidal holocaust that they play a key role in when any psychiatric or alcohol/drug addicted patient seeks their “care.” This ED and its staff are an abhorrent disgrace upon healthcare. I implore you; if you have been a victim of their negligence and breach of duty, please seek legal counsel immediately, notify the AMA & the Missouri Nurse’s Association. I implore you to be enduring & do not give up until justice has been rendered. At the Saint Luke's North Hospital–Smithville ED just hours later, the nurse there insulted me & lied to me: She & the social worker told me that “Smithville Psychiatric Center does not have any alcohol detox protocol or treatment.” Upon hearing this, I decided that I needed to commit suicide. Upon hearing “suicide” I discovered that they were then obligated to admit me to the Psychiatric unit. Within 10 minutes of being admitted to the psychiatric unit the medical physician & nurses concluded that I was at a high risk of entering delirium tremors, & a severe fall risk. They immediately placed me on their ALCOHOL DETOX PROTOCOL of a sliding scale of Librium. Over the next two days I was weaned off the Librium and experiencing no more withdrawals from alcohol. No thanks to either of Saint Luke’s EDs, I am not only alcohol free but literally thriving in every aspect of my life, thus proving that these ED personnel had mislabeled me as a drug seeker. I am doing so well that I now help others who need to find a way out of their addictions and the illusion of a seemingly ‘endless abyss of despair’ that mental illness often creates. I won, but rest assured, if patients who are victims of the Saint Luke’s ED “Healthcare” System’s blatantly negligent incompetence, do themselves justice by seeking legal counsel, reporting these abhorrent people to the appropriate authorities, Saint Luke’s EDs will cease to exist, to which I will gratefully say, “Amen, thank you Lord.” As a final note, I will say that I filed a complaint with the CEO who said, “Your vital signs remained stable throughout your treatment” as if that is a reliable sign of competent care. Even a prisoner of war can be WATERBOARDED & still have “stable vital signs.” This is not indicative of competent or compassionate care!

Shawna Almendarez

I have four children, and believe me when I say we have made a lot of trips to the E.R. in the past few years of living here in Smithville. Every time we get in right away and leave in a very quick time period following admissions. They are always very friendly and right to the point. I as well have been there my fare-share of times, one of them being a trauma accident and they saved my life. I have a huge amount of respect for this hospital, and all the doctors in it. We also have our family physician in this location as well. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Rebecca Baskins and we love having Dr. Bluml as our main Doctor. Thank you Smithville Hospital, you all do an amazing job!!!

Pretty Prudent

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Staff here is dishonest; A few of my belongings were stolen from my suitcase during my stay. I would suggest bringing very little with you...and certainly nothing of value.

Aisha Wright

Customer service is not what they do. All the employees were rude. Apparently hospitals are refusing to help people with pain because of others abusing the system. I say let them, may they die and let those wiith real problems have help. Stop treating people like they are all drug addicts looking for a fix. So stupid. Overall a worthless place. As most all hospitals are.

Jamie McCarthy

Do not go here, did not even listen to the reason I was their. Not a real ER. Rude people. I asked to see the Dr again and the nurse said no and discharged me.

Austin Fansher

NOT an ER! NOT equipped!

Bob Schmidt

Andrew SpidyyMannn

The St. Luke's North Hospital's ER department is a joke. I've been there a couple times & each time there wasn't even a MD Doctor. So pretty much you have a Emergency Room in a decent sized town operating w/o a Doctor pretty much able to treat anything.

Darla Todd

My husband and I moved to the area last summer. I have a chronic pain condition and I typically end up at the ER about once a year. I had to go this last Sunday because the pain meds I have prescribed weren't working. Initially, our visit was fine until we met with the doctor. There didn't seem to be any one else there but our overall visit was about 2.5 hours. I'm not sure how long it took to see the doctor but I know this was most of our wait. Still not that different from most hospitals. Then the doctor came in to see me. I had already started vomiting and had a bag of vomit in my hand. The doctor left the room with the vomit asking the nurse what to do with it. When the doctor came back in, I informed him that I have chronic pain caused by nerve damage in my sinuses which is what I have been told by at least two of the four ENT's I've had including a neurologist and a pain management doctor. The ER doctor told me a few times while we were talking that he had never heard of this. He proceeded to examine me including pressing on my sinuses to see if it was painful. I guess he missed the part about my having nerve damage in my sinuses which causes horrible burning pain which will spread to a headache if untreated. Then the doctor began to tell me about sinus sprays and how they can affect my sinuses. I stopped him more than once to tell him that I don't use sinus sprays because in the past they have made my pain worse. The doctor questioned the judgment of my last ENT for giving me a lidocaine nose spray which is just to help numb the area when I'm having pain. He did give me some information on the long term effects of lidocaine which I had never heard before. My typical ER visit typically includes an IV for fluids, something for the pain and then something for the nausea. The IV is very quick and helps relieve my pain fast. The doctor opted for two shots in the rear which I received maybe 20 minutes after he left and then they took another 20 minutes to kick in. The pain wasn't all the way gone but the nurse apologetically said the doctor would not give me anything else and was ready to discharge me. My biggest complaint of this hospital is that the doctor's bedside manner was poor and he did not seem to have much compassion for the pain I was experiencing. The doctor opted for a slow method of pain relief after I had been throwing up due to the pain. The doctor behaved as if he didn't believe me, never asked my pain level, and didn't care if my pain was better or not when he was ready to discharge me. The nurse, however, apologized even as I was leaving about the doctor's choices. I regret that I was somewhat rude to her but I had been hurting all day and had hoped to get more relief by going to the Emergency Room. I don't think we will go back to this hospital next time I need it. We will take the longer route to Heartland or maybe North Kansas City Hospital.

Amanda W

Evelyn Rodriguez

Amy Cooksey

The program specialist was not helpful or professional. She continually tried to tell me my insurance did not cover a surgery when in fact it does. Yes there are qualifications, however she would not help me determine how to meet the qualifications just continued to tell me my insurance did not cover the service. She gave me no other guidance or alternatives. I asked multiple times for help but received none. When I finally spoke with her continued to tell me my insurance would not cover it and my only option was self pay. That would have been fine if she had spent the time to explain this option. Her response "I do this everyday" should mean that she be educated enough to speak with anyone in any situation, yet all it meant was that she felt she could continue to speak down to me.

James Evans

Dalton Willard

Good care.

shirley henel

Found them to be professional, I have only seen Dr Abernathy and like him very much.


Elizabeth Dix

Psych unit was worst place on earth. It was hell! Don't go unless you want to be abused! I was 7 months pregnant and they didn't feed me the whole time! I was there a month and lost 40 lbs.! Don't know how my baby survived the torture! I was held down on the floor or bed and given shots. I didn't fight but they held me so hard I left with bruises all over both arms from the nurse with long blonde hair digging her nails into my arms! I was isolated from everyone in a section with 3 rooms and locked door to other rooms. I was the only person back there for a whole month! They left mw for dead! This is not a joke or story I made up! This happened in July 2011. I luckily was transfered to truman downtown because they decided after a month my baby should be looked at since they had no prenatal care for me there. Sadly I was so traumatized from st.lukes that I couldn't tell them all that happened from them and they didn't ask or take pics or do my intake right. They at least treated me like a human and fed me and let me walk around and go to classes and socialize again. I am deathly afraid of psych hospitals now. Luckily I haven't been to one since my 2nd daughter was born in Sept. 2011. I am lucky to be alive and lucky she is healthy and alive! I'm begging anyone reading this to tell everyone you know to never go here for anything! I can barely drive by this place without wanting to cry in fear of someone else getting this treatmemt. I have a huge heart and am very empathetic and it makes me so sad to know there are people out there that did this to me and may still work there. The memories are all there even though they tried to drug me up so much to erase them. If you are a little depressed or anxious stay home and watch a good movie or read a book. Anything is better then a psych unit all alone with absolutely nothing to do but lay on your back all day and get tortured and held down or strapped down for no reason. I've been to around 7 in St.Louis and KC, Missouri and most all were terrible places that would make you crazier then when you walked in. St.Lukes Smithville was the worst by far!

Sean Shaughnessey

Initially good. Horrible follow through.

Ashlee Martine

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