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When I was around 15, I was entered into the hospital just to balance anxiety medication. I’m originally from Winfield, Kansas. I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder before I arrived. This experience made all of my issues worse. The staff was horrible. The doctors were horrible. There were only a few nice staff members, that could only be counted on one hand. It was ridiculous. I, being really shy and trying my best to be polite, was bullied by the staff and the doctors. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. EVER. I still have issues with dealing with what happened to me, 3 years later.

Jeffery Clark

This place is the worst place you could ever imagine. I would rather my kid would end up in kid prison instead of this place. The staff is completely unprofessional, their lack of care or compassion for not only the kids there but also the parents is horrible. We were hung up on asked what we wanted when they first answered the phone. One of the staff members there when asked why my daughter was being medically neglected said if you have a problem I get off in 30 minutes and you can meet me by my car. This place is more than a joke it should be shut down. They do not care about helping your child they care about the insurance money to get paid. The front areas are a gimmick that you see to believe your child is going to get awesome treatment, when in reality they get treated like scum and worse than prisoners. We had to go in the middle of the night and remove our child in order to then take her to the emergency room to find out that she had a severe form of dermatitis that when left untreated became extreamly painful and broke open and bled all the time. When picking her up they gave us her clothing tote which we had brought with her when she was admitted there and was told everythings in there search it if you want. When arriving home we come to find out that none of her clothes are inside the tote it was filled with empty plastic bags almost as if it was used as a storage box. Please for the love of god read the other reviews and stay away from here. My daughter therapist Greg was a creep as well once my daughter was discharged he continued to try and call us and continued for weeks trying to reach us. All in all stay the hell away from here and keep your children safe and far away. You would legit have better luck with them in jail than here this place would scar them for life! My daughter lost $200 worth of clothes that were given away because “they didn’t fit her no more” and we had to replace every single clothing item that was stolen from us and given away with out our permission. I was robbed lied to and my child was so neglected she has nightmares of this place to this day. Thanks for screwing me and my family over KVC I really wish someone would step in and shut this place down!

Eileen Almon

This was an awful experience. My child was having a manic/psychotic episode. He was able to get to a phone twice and make outgoing calls without supervision. We asked that he have a medical evaluation for a head injury and were refused. We asked for a med evaluation and change and were refused. We weren't told of his outbursts during his stay but worst of all ZERO discharge arrangements had been made to help him transition out of care. I had to make all calls and arrangements. When I picked him up at discharge, the discharge paperwork was not even completed. He was no better than the day we dropped him off. This was a miserable experience and they did not help us one bit.

Tanise Smith

The staff are caring and supportive.

Christina Martin

To the owner are you a robot

Suzy Roeder

This is a detention center, not a therapeutic center for your troubled child. My son needed help for suicidal thoughts but was thrown in with criminals and the worst if cases. It set us back terribly.


Worst. Just the worst. They ran out of rooms and "boats" for me to sleep in, so I had to sleep in the lock down place. Since I was lactose intolerance they continued to give me things with cheese and milk. I asked for soy milk but they refused. I asked for a different meal but they told me not to eat. It was honestly a horrible place. I hated it with my life. In all honesty I just wanted to kill myself more.

johnny gat

Everyone trust me don't ever take your kids to go there because your kids can be end up getting beat to death and staff don't care...KVC is like prison jail.

Travis Richeson

Whenever a person within a company or corporation reviews theirself it seems to be a ploy to skew the rating in their favor or at the very least just "bad practice". The majority of the five star ratings of this place are from upper management. Hey Ronald Mc'd how's that hamburger treating you? "O man it's great you should come buy some!" Michelle Lawrence gives it a five star rating - Also the Vice president at KVC Health Systems, Inc. Lonnie Johnson five stars all the way - Vice president of business information technology at KVC Health Systems, Inc. Renny Arensberg... Yup five stars - KVC Behavioral Healthcare Executive Vice President Vee Bill another five stars - A medical billing company, A.K.A. a customer of KVC. (The customer is always right) Two thirds of the five stars are "fake" reviews. Without them the real overall rating is 1.9 not the current 2.9 rating. Disclaimer - I have never been to this location or used any of its facilities. My review is solely based upon the staff of KVC Health System's painfully obvious attempt to mislead customers.

Teagan Eiken

i dream of tearing this hospital down. i would recommencement two rivers to a friend, but

Sunflower Health Plan

When we needed the support of our network to successfully coordinate a complex case, KVC performed exceptionally well in service to our member. They are a valued partner in case management and therapy for Kansas' children and families. - Sosunmolu Shoyinka, MD, FAPA, DABAM, Medical Director, Behavioral Health, Sunflower Health Plan

Kendal Graham

The staff is friendly. But it's difficult to get ahold of someone to get any information. Also - they lose the patient's things. Then it takes forever to get someone to find or replace the items lost.

Melicia Evans

Google account

Renny Arensberg

I recently had the opportunity to attend a training session with several staff members and leaders at Prairie Ridge. Their genuine commitment was impressive along with their desire to develop new strategies for helping children and families succeed. I learned how challenging their work is and how important it is to keep improving our skills. I was honestly impressed!

Anthony Pray

Mary Van Winkle

Took my daughter there for help dr tells her that "her problems arent important as everyone elses " im sorry if a child is asking for help which my daughter did and thats what she is told is WRONG we went to visit and she had been there almost a whole day no meds was adjusted or even given as the dr told me on the phone they would be and she would not receive any other counseling until monday. And this is friday. So basically just a vavation for kids who share stories and they are all put together and still allowed to harm themselves when i told counselor one girl was cutting herself with her fingernails her response was WE KNOW like they didnt care..... And kids are sleeping on mattresses in hallway and they dont care Needless to say i pulled my child out and brought her home..DONOT TAKE UR KID THERE FOR HELP

Lonnie Johnson

The staff and administration at Prairie Ridge Hospital are very professional and compassionate. The "No Eject, No Reject" policy they administer says a lot about how committed they are to providing treatment to any child regardless of the behavior issues they may have. They use modern and state of the art treatment along with the latest in technology. If my child had to go to residential treatment, I would want them to go to KVC Prairie Ridge.

Austin Green

Aislinn Johnson

This hospital is terribly unprofessional. The children wind up involved in staff drama, the staff are not held to very high standards. They have some great staff but the bad apples far outweigh and are unfortunately the ones in control. There are better psych facilities for children and teens out there, I would never willingly send a kid here as a first resort. They are “no eject no reject” meaning they take anyone in and don’t kick anyone out. They say they take “the worst of the worst”. So never seek out this place until you’ve exhausted all other resources. There’s a reason they aren’t picky about who they take. At first I thought it was a beautiful concept, but after working there I see it’s all about money. The kids aren’t lying about sleeping on the floor, couches, in “boats” or having to sleep in locked rooms if all other rooms are full. I could go on for days.... I was so onblivious until I was no longer there... I took everything I knew, saw, all inconsistencies and injustices go head of HR upon my termination and was paid out my full PTO..... who does that if you don’t CLEARLY know you’re in the wrong? I wish I was smarter and had better resources/know how to put this places “dirty laundry” out for the public’s view to review before considering placing or sending a child there. The corporate HR director couldn’t argue with ANYTHING in my 8 page rebuttal letter to my termination. EIGHT PAGES.... and I held back! Again, if you terminate someone, the LAST thing you’re going to do is pay them out all of their PTO.... I demanded it with my response to my termination and after much ado, was awarded it. If that doesn’t scream guilty....... they don’t treat their staff any better than they treat their kids, that’s for sure. (Unless you’re in the “in” crowd of course...the crowd saturated with all of the nasty happenings at that hospital). Don’t take your kids here.

Paul W

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm sure there are some very caring people who work here. But if you or a loved one is having a mental health crisis and needs a bed or an acute assessment, go to Wyandotte Center for Community Health instead. The KVC inpatient services are perpetually under-staffed and under-resourced. They don't have enough beds, people get released too early, and unfortunately many inpatients get ignored. They are now under the management of KU and hopefully getting better. I'm sure their outpatient services are fine, this review is only for people who are needing an inpatient bed due to mental health crisis.

Alexis McNeal

Elizabeth Smith

My daughter was admitted to KVC Prarie Ridge in KC and was there for 5 days. My child had a good experience while there. She was able to bring back documentation of what staff worked with her on. She seemed more confident. The staff were very respectful every time I would call to speak to my child or if a family member visited. The Psychiatrist Dr. Naved and Therapist Bethany stayed in contact with me regarding my daughter and answered any questions I had. We have a long ways to go, but I feel this was a good experience for my child. The only area that needed assistance was resources for transportation when its time for your child to leave. The insurance was able to provide transportation to drive us to pick up my child and bring us back home. Thank you Best Cab driver Tom.

Michelle Lawrence

I recently visited Prairie Ridge Hospital and met with several staff. I walked away thankful for the team of professionals at Prairie Ridge who dedicate their lives to helping children. This children's psychiatric hospital is led by innovative leaders who research and apply best practice in their field. With their help, children return home and maintain safety.

Bradly Peterson

I just got out last Thursday and I am thankful for nothing that they did worst place in the world it’s like a prison I was taunted by staff threatened mutiple times by kids.

Anna Frazier

Being a former employee at this facility, IF, I had a child, I would never, ever them send to Prairie Ridge.

Christina Fleming

My grandson has been at KVC for a couple of months now .We are more than pleased with the care he is given . We have constant communication with his care team. We are notified immediately of any concerns or incidents. The staff have gone above and beyond for our grandson. I admit I was extremely worried and skeptical at first due to a lot of the reviews but we put it in God's hands and on faith .We are so glad we did . The staff, teachers, and staff are wonderful, caring ,and I feel loving towards all the children there . I would definitely recommend this facility if you are needing this type of care.

Rebecca Storm

Terrible place to go. I stepped in pee going to the bathroom, there was poop on the wall, blood on the toilet seat, employees would stick the screaming kids into a room, the employees would cuss infront of the kids, the male employees were very touchey, no exercise while Iwas there, staff didn’t care about your needs, no treatment was given to the pregnant teenager that was there, the staff was very bossy and they would be so loud while you were trying to sleep, the staff would talk very poorly on the kids, I found hair in my food multiple times, my room was so cold because the windows weren’t well sealed and it was February, the list could go on. Someone really needs to investigate the place and shut it down for good.

Jaden Preator

I was there for a week and they kept me in a “boat” more like a plastic bin under a light. I had my blanket taken away because I was trying to block out the light. The staff would be talking very loudly at 3 AM and treated everyone like garbage. We got yelled at if we didn’t sit “properly” in the chairs ( back again the back rest, feet on floor facing forward, hands on knees) I was about 107 pounds and all I got to eat was a carton of milk and green apples that whole week! The only good part about that place was my roommate. They don’t let you give out personal information for obvious reasons but I just want to make sure that the friends I made in their are ok. I want to see how much they have changed and how much they improved in their lives. KVC will not give any last names. That place is supposed to be for healing but it felt like a adults trying to take advantage of some young teenagers, just like a daycare teacher can take advantage of toddlers.

Jourdan Goode

Not good, I didn’t feel safe and their was a lot of bullying. Some of the staff that were watching the kids didn’t seem to care about my mental health or understand why I’m there in the first place they just assumed I was a bad kid and didn’t have emotional challenges. But the psychologist that I met with was very helpful, and gave me the correct diagnosis.

David Daigneault

Very unprofessional staff, they have been heard referring to the kids they work with as 'loco' and 'psycho'. My child witnessed a staff member threaten to punch a 4 year old child in the head. This type of behavior is ridiculous and I wouldn't expect it from any adult. It's even more disappointing considering the field they are working in. The staff will also tell you that your child can have items, then just lock them up in storage. There is no reason a child shouldn't be able to have a book about positive thinking. They are inconsistent with their rules, sometimes they follow proper procedures, sometimes they don't. Their medical staff spoke to us about some concerns and we agreed with them, but they went ahead and went against what we all agreed about on the phone anyways. Putting my child in an environment that their own staff and us agreed wouldn't be a good situation for her to be in. DO NOT use this facility if your child needs to be treated. The environment the staff creates is toxic for the kids there. There are also security holes due to the inconsistency of following the rules. Also, the review below that states they will also 'lose' personal items is 100% true. They claim they are gonna replace the items, I will update if/when it happens.

Stacy Brown

My son was taken to this facility for Anxiety and Depression and we met with the intake person and what a salesman he was. Do NOT take your child to this facility if they need help. My son was taunted by staff, put in a choke hold by another patient on his first night there. He never received a room, they had him sleeping in a "boat" in the hall. This is nothing but a juvenile detention center. The kids were disrespectful and were getting in fights. My child was there for almost 3 days and never spoke to a therapist. I left several calls for an administrator and his therapist to call me about my sons treatment and never got a return phone call. They have them watch movies all day to pass the time. I went to the facility to take my son out and not one person greeted us or asked why we were taking him out. This place is a SCAM and they are only interested in getting your money. This place will make them worse.

Angela Carney

This is a great program with well trained staff. I would recommend it highly.

Mireya Cantu

Jina King

I work for the company

Cynthia Cook

Jessica HARRIS

I really thought this place was a great place at first ..but after my child spent 16 days there ( bec of halusanations and anxiety) i found out his bed was givin up and he was to sleep on a "boat" I was irritated over this but let it go bec I knew he needed help either way ....All to get him home and hes still having halusanations ( after being told that problems gone away ) Kvc maybe you tryed everything you could to help him and you couldnt but just be honest about it ....Thank you for doing what you could I guess....


I was a youth sent to this god awful facility for a "temporary" placement thanks to KVC. My KVC worker said I would only be there for four days but the moment a work week had passed they kept me there for at least 7 to 8 months. The moment I had gotten escorted past the front desk (which is by far the most peaceful area you will see) I was shuffled into an elevator. Everything seemed commonplace until the elevator opened. The child's unit sounded like a war-zone with rapid banging and incessant screaming. The first kid I saw was slung five feet in a choke hold. He was merely running in a hall. They stripped me of my clothing, gave me scrubs that felt the same as a table cloth and stuck me into a ward. I had had no prior problems but defying authority and no other place to live yet the moment I had gotten there they tried to load me down with happy pills. I refused. I was put to bed in a "boat". I am a lanky fellow and found it an intricate process to get comfortable. The next morning (And every day I was there until I left) we were forced to voice our aspirations and have a new goal. Mind you, while being mentally stable I still despised standing there and having to invent a fake goal for the day. So imagine what anyone suffering from anxiety or any other mental condition felt. If you didn't invent one the staff would slow down the meeting until or you would be penalized for not doing so. All in all fights, poor hygiene displayed from other patients, radical behavior from the severely mentally ill, totalitarian staff who could get away with murder, little food that tasted like dryer lint and a lack of activities too vent the ever-increasing frustrations made things only worse. Everything there sucked. My therapist never saw me often, staff just ignored me, the advent of even worse kids made getting through the day without conflict impossible. Don't send your youth here. They will be scarred and mentally damaged from a place that claims to help them! If I had a dollar for every slur or bias thing a staff has said to us kids who speak up my Bugatti would be yellow. It is better than jail at best. Although it has gave me a great degree of discipline and patience. Send as a punishment, not a remedy. I still haven't seen my record or been reprimanded for their actions. Thank you for reading my lanky review. Message if you have questions. We also never got to use the "scenic" environment.

Shay Slonaker

I doubt it changed to much over the years. I went here as a child and to everyone that reads this and is thinking about sending your child here. Don't! Horrible. Horrible place I STILL have nightmares about. My mom fought tooth and nail to get me out of here and I pray for the children that have been admitted. Little girls were swallowing paperclips, to get out of there.

x_x empty

I can't believe this place still exists! Use to be called kaw valley. I know for a fact that years ago girls were molested by male staff members and they all covered for each other. Sending your child here is the wrong decision. They will have more issues when they are discharged.

Andres Mexicano

My child has DMDD, ODD & ADHD ect... We sent him here because of his anger I needed help well his therapist called me yesterday and told me they were going to call DHS on me because he has been there 3 times and Everytime he comes home he has gotten worse.. I guess that's what you get for trying to get your son help.. I'm 33 and have NEVER had a call until he was sent here.. I have tried everything but I guess nothing is good enough! Good luck to the whoever decides to send there child here!

Suzan Biswas

Makayla Robertson

Shelly McMullin

Sarah Jane Taggart

If I could give this place NO STARS, I would. It's been a year and I'm still just as angry about the disgusting lack of treatment that actually goes on in there. The therapists aren't even official therapists; they're barely counselors. My assigned "therapist" would demonize and belittle me countless times. She never actually tried to listen or understand me, just go on about either what I thought a good safety plan was when I would have no idea what to really think of and she'd offer no real support, try to take MY personal experiences and twist them into less traumatic, or act like I was incapable. She completely failed to understand the fact that I was doing internal work even with a staff advocating for me. Everybody always said she was so sweet but in all actuality, she was very very different towards my mom and I. The last thing I have to say about it is she would undermine her behavior as "just being honest." Wasn't therepeutic whatsoever. I requested a new therapist in hopes of being able to actually work on my treatment. I never got to switch even though she was an incredibly big obstacle but of course, they didn't care. As far as the environment on the unit, there are definitely some staff who clients are able to reach out to and work with but not all. Yes, clients often hear about drama going on with staff. Yes, clients can end up rejected by staff without any communication for that sort of decision. KVC was by far the most chaotic placement I have ever been admitted to. I am not saying I was an innocent client by any means but it wasn't a good environment to be in when I already dealt with problems of my own daily. Clients themselves, while I was there which was for 4 months, often helped out during crisis situations due to such lack of staffing. Speaking of staff, they will hire basically anybody to work there. As far as specific chaos, I'd be more than happy to fill you in on a couple situations. I remember a day that a girl who struggled with self harm addiction got hold of scissors that were in the STAFF OFFICE, which is supposed to be locked at all times unless someone is in there, and was cutting herself in the bathroom. Guess who noticed she was in there for awhile? A client. Another incident was where two clients managed to jump from a window and elope. The only reason staff knew of this occurrence was due to a client reporting it to them. They of course went after them but, again, we were understaffed. Thus, staff from hospital were callled over. Lastly, there were more minor incidents where clients who were in crisis a day before or even on AWOL risk were allowed to go on outings. In case you don't know, that means off facility grounds. If you think the residential is bad, the hospital is even worse. The only reason I had left was due to my insurance deciding it was no longer worth funding. KVC is one of those placements that wants all the money but without a noticeable amount of effort being given to the kids. Behind the front that they all try so hard to help kids is the uncomfortable fact that they are not as professional as they want you to believe. They are human and make mistakes but I highly doubt any company worthwhile would have this much drama and conflict on top of failing to have my mom sign discharge paperwork. If you are looking to place your child in a safe, caring zone, TLC is the only PRTF that I believe offered me real, consistent help. P.S. I don't want any superficial apology.

Susie Kalousek

I was treated decently, although I couldn't say the same for my peers. One girl had a health condition that required immediate medical attention if it acted up, but they refused to get her help, and instead she sat in misery for days. The staff used the terms, "wrapped up" as a form of punishment for nothing more but talking back, not for legitimate psychological reasons. There were people there for "temporary placement" that had been there for almost a year. These people hire trash for staff members. Kids with anger issues were treated like garbage and spent most of their time in confinement. This place should be shut down. It's nothing more than a prison for kids with issues and for kids with no where to go.

Damon Traylor

Jasper Lucas Scott Kendall

This place is vilint. Mean. Scary. And alot of unlawful things happen here..

Steve Dinneen

Can't rate our whole experience yet because my child is still there. First you are told your child will be there for 3 to 5 days so you make arrangements to miss work and then they tell you maybe 7 days and they also tell you that you can contact your child anytime from 8am to 8pm but the last 2 nights from 7:20 on all you get is an answering machine. For God's sakes people say what you mean and mean what you say. We are already in turmoil with our children being there. Have some sort of normalcy for us, please.

Dylan Brunkow

Janee' Poe

The staff is very to kids. Still they are strict and keep the rules. My son seems to be in a much better frame of mind. Thank you KVC


Never take a loved one to this facility. These people beat up and threatened my significant other. They threatened to kill him and they bashed his head against the floor multiple times. He has a bruise in the shape of a boot on his chest, bruises all over his arms and a broken tooth from them bashing his head on the floor. You tell me if this is ethical. What's worse, is that the administrator, Bobby, knew of this and did nothing about it. These men who hurt him still have jobs. Are you kidding me??? He threatened to kill himself the day before he was supposed to be released and despite my attempts to call the therapist, who never calls back, they still release him knowing this information. They are unethical and they do not care about your loved ones. This place needs to be shut down!!!

Angie Carney

They really care about kids there.

Lisa Carbon

My son is currently there. Been there since Thursday and I've heard of nobody except his dr!!! He hasn't seen a therapist, no groups and NO BED!!!! Why would you say you had an open bed if you didn't. Oh yea for the insurance money!!!! So incredibly disappointed, he will not get better in this environment!!! Wish this place actually cared...he also stated he will just tell the dr he is better to go home!!! Will be requesting a transfer ASAP

Cooper Lopez

This place is hell. Never put ANYONE, you have EVER cared about in this hellish building. One day, my mother casually pulled me out of my class in the middle of the day, saying I needed to get a tetanus shot, which I wasn't really opposed to, considering I had just gashed my thumb open with a knife (on accident) to the point of needing stitches. The drive up was rather silent, but it was weird, because we were going far from our home at an apartment in Overland Park, and I was beginning to get worried, even though I was not scared of needles, and could handle the pain. We pulled up to this place, which I thought was some sort of run down clinic or something, but she took me inside and we waited at the front desk, as a man came to talk to us, I joked with him about not being scared of needles, and he looked at me strange. At this point, I knew something was wrong. When they took us into the room to sign me in, they told me I would only be there for 1-2 days. I was there for 5. They made it sound like puppies and rainbows, but it turned out to be terrible. Tiny rooms with no door, small, uncomfortable beds on either side of the room, which was shared. The staff were total jerks, except for a few of the nice ones who understood my situation and wanted to help me out of that hell hole. I eventually talked to the lead psychologist/doctor at the place, and I told them about all of the abuse from my mother that happened previously, and I was out I THINK the next day or that day, don't quote me on that. My mom only visited me once or twice. My dad visited me as much as possible. I took away from his surgical practice, his valuable, VALUABLE time, and hurt all of the hearts of our family. Don't. Go. Here. EVER.

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