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Robin Lonborg

Lauren johnson

Labor and delivery was rediculous, the ER was bad, I had like 4 people check to see if I was dialated even before I made it to the labor and delivery, the people in labor and delivery Dr khory and his nurse we're stuck up and disrespectful... Acted as if I was wrong for coming in from severe abdominal pain even tho I am a high risk pregnancy and should go to KU for my delivery but I was closer to Geary and was afraid to try and drive on post to get seen. I live right down street from this hospital. Dr khory was more interested in my sons schooling than my pregnancy, if he is more interested in the school district than he needs to quit being a OB along with the way he spoke to me as if my pain was just legament pain, witch I am still in severe pain ,a day later... I never had ligament pain with my son but as I explained to him, he didn't even do a UA to check for a bladder infection due to it hurting when pee nor did he do a ultrasound to rule out other issues. Terrible. Unless you are one of them chicks with a quick delivery and isn't high risk and has easy pregnancies, this is the place for you. Other than that this is terrible. Never again!

Anthony Whitlock

Brought in wife for a 4 month long menstrul cycle with serious bleeding and pain today and doctors refused to let us go in together as well as didnt do anything, just grabbed her blood pressure and blood sample told her its normal and then kicked us out without discharge papers. The registration people were nice, the nurses seem to be on there period with a stick up there ass as well, what if she has a life threatening situation going on? Hopefully not or im gonna sue these bastards.

Terence Person

I love working there the people I work with are terrific and I would recommend working here or needing treatment to choose this one because it is a pretty normal hospital with people that care for patients. Also the people that work there are not to bad to look at :). Also the cafeteria has some great options and food to choose from when you want to eat breakfast lunch or dinner. I would recommend because because people from my high school even want to eat there for lunch so they spend the time to drive there. 5/5

Lyssa Kemper

I saw Tiffany Nakarato at the Rural Health Clinic todat and she was fantastic. She took time to explain things which I really appreciated. Her nurse Susie was also very helpful and listened to me. The front desk staff alsoade things very easy. I highly suggested going to see Tiffany at the Clinic.

Darrie Wayne

Did not get treatment at ER on post, and I am active duty. Went to ER at Geary Community Hospital, was checked in and fully treated within 45 minutes. And they gave me 2 days prescription till I seen my provider on post monday. EXCELLENT STAFF AND FACILITY!!!!!!!!

Dylan Cichy

Went in with severe abdominal pain after going to the ER on post 3 times I was in the room for 5 whole minutes without talking to a doctor before discharged. They said if I threw up to come back but I already told them I was throwing up the past 3 days

Alea Woodruff

Brian Fudge

I wouldn't even give it one star this is the worst hospital in the world, needs to be tore down, it's a waist of space in junction city, got a bill from 2012 and here it is 2018 and now they are sueing me after I paid off the bill, garnishing my check, tried to fight it in court with documents stating I paid it off and they still say I owe over $1,200.00, I wouldn't care if I was dying I would never go to this hospital, they make u wait 2 hours before even seen in the ER, and even going back to the ER room it's still another 2 hour wait!!!! This hospital remember sucks!!!!

phillip cordray

The worst service from the laziest non professional people in the profession! Don't waste your time. Manhattan is only 20 minutes away

Emily Piette

Worst emergency room ever. Came in because I was puking up blood and had a severe migraine and was having trouble breathing. Told them I was allergic to ibuprofen. Not once did they check my breathing and they gave me something that was in the same group as ibuprofen. Still having a reaction they gave me pain meds for the migraine and sent me on my way.

dogz courtney

My daughter went in the ER for a debilitating headache. Determined her blood pressure was very high, they gave her a shot for a migraine and sent her on her way. Did not even retake her blood pressure before she left. (Nursing 101) My daughter said that the nurse that took care of her "seemed distracted." I called the ER to complain and the charge nurse acted indignant and very nonchalant. Not even an apology. I would go anywhere else before I went to this hospital.

Lillian Garza

Very rude nurses. We were asking for more info about our sister and all they were saying is “we’ll have a nurse speak with you shortly”. Took almost an hour for the nurse to come out, when she did she was very rude. Will never go here again. I’d rather drive 30 min to Manhattan than go here.

Laura Shockley

The doctors have no clue, there are some nice nurses but some of them don't listen. My daughter went there due to extreme pain. The doctors told me he had no idea what it was. She was there for 1 1/2 days. We then went to Manhattan and within 3-4 hrs later we knew what was wrong.

Jax Smith

I went to the ER with a sting I am deathly allergic but I was more concerned with i wasn't getting the reaction I usually do. I was there for maybe 3 hours and not one person touched me. I was getting foggy headed and my ear was red and swollen and could not hear our of that ear. I was constantly moving and shaking trying not to pass out. a female Dr. comes in and introduced herself and left never seen again. finally i get a white pill. not told what it is and a shot of steroids. And after that about 30 to 45 mins later no one checking on me i stood up walked out of room and not one person looked at me I was checking to see if I can leave. with no response i walked out and sat in my car till I thought i could drive. I would rather die then ever go back to this non caring hell on earth. if i could they would get no stars ...oh and I dug out the stinger myself.


If I could give zero I would HORRIBLE communication with making appointments. It takes a arm and a leg to get ahold of anyone.

Thatoneguy .

I wish I could give it a zero. This is the laziest, worst piece of garbage hospital that me or my children have EVER been to. High majority of the staff are rude and lazy and the doctors bedside manner is APPALLING! Especially when speaking to children. I couldn’t even believe it. I even gave it a second and third chance. Nope. No time was this hospital even remotely kind or on top of things. Terrible experience all around on each visit. Make the drive and go somewhere else, ANYWHERE ELSE really.

Ann Tabb

We had an unexpected over night stay with our son and was pleasantly surprised about the care my son recieved. Our Male nurse Dannon (I think that's his name ) was excellent along with our night nurse Collet. Both were very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. We didn't come in through the emergency room so I cant say how that experience would be. (A lot of bad reviews) but during our stay they made me feel comfortable with the treatment my son was getting. Terrifying in the beginning, you know. I was thankful we weren't in Manhattan. (Now that place is terrible. ) Nothing but excellent ppl working on the 2nd floor. Thank you!


Worst hospital ever,call to talk to a doctor and a receptionist wont let you EVEN when your the doctors patient !!!! Asked me what I was calling for ?? What the hell do you think I'm calling for ,TO TALK TO MY DOCTOR !!!!!

Jason Waryan

I could not be more disappointed with the level of service. I work in the Junction City Community and at times work hand in hand with the staff at the hospital. I brought my girlfriend to the Emergency Room where she was brought back into a room without a bed. My girlfriend was suffering from pain, which was literally bringing her to tears. My girlfriend told the nurse numerous times about her pain and not being able to sit in the chairs and it even hurt her to stand. I know the Emergency Room gets busy, but you think after being told of pain they would attempt to make arrangements to move her to a room with a bed in the over 3 hours we were there. To make things worse, after my girlfriend resorted to lying on the floor to relieve some pain, we later found out her complaints were not relayed to the doctor. I often stand up for GCH when people complain about the staff or treatment, but I am not sure I can do that with the service I experienced. It was an embarrassment to me knowing I work so close with this facility.

Linda Signor


Janice Smocovich

Went in to er, with active seizures, chest pain, shallow breathing and speech issues. After triage I was placed in TRAUMA room 5 and nurse hooked me to ekg. After sitting in there still seizing, for 2 hours with NOBODY checking in on me. The Dr FINALLY walked in. DR.ELLIS was her name. She asked me what was going on and i responded that I wasn't sure and was hoping she could help me. She replied "I guess we'll check you over" and walked back out the room. Needless to say after that i pushed the nurse button and signed papers stating i am walkimg out w/o care. These nurses and doctors are rude, disrespectful and completely out of there place. I will be filing a malpractice suite about this.

Yolanda Bowyer

I recently underwent bilateral total knee replacement by Dr. Alan Holiday. It was the best decision I every made. The surgery went very well, there were no complications and my pain control was excellent. The hospital personnel was outstanding in their care, very professional. The hospital itself is very modern and clean. No one could ask for a better Medical Staff or facility. Our community is very fortunate to have this quality of care.

Brandy Sacco

AWFUL customer service!!! I have been on hold 9 different times for atleast 35 minutes or more trying to set up an appointment!!!!!!!!!! Ge another receptionist for GOD's SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Jason

Naomi Dorris

If you have ever been mistreated by the billing department or have issues with bills that you have paid, have no knowledge of or requested assistance and didn’t get it please email me. Billing department is completely corrupt and full of unprofessional, overweight and lazy staff! Join this fight with me.

Jennifer Brown

Rashel Greathouse

Angelica McClelland

I loved the fact we have alpha care for those times we couldn't get in to see primary care doctors but it has gotten to the point I will drive to Manhattan and use Kstat instead of being treated terribly. I went in Tuesday with my daughter because I couldn't get her in with pc(Getachew) which has become a regular problem and Konza couldn't see her for 2 days. Daughter was diagnosed and given a prescription and note for school. I was told if still not feeling good the next day to call and would extend note. I did just that and was told that is not normal protocol and she needed to be seen again. I explained Dr had informed me to do it and was told fine come get note. My husband went and got it and we didn't notice that the second note was exactly like the first note. I didn't bother calling back because I just didn't want to deal with it. That night my daughter got worse and I knew there was no way she would be better to go the following day. I brought her back up at 9 a.m. and as I was talking to receptionist she answered the phone and proceeded to laugh and have a conversation. Not one time did she day excuse me or I'll be right with you. She just cut me off while I was talking. Once she was done I continued what I was saying. She interrupted me and asked if I called her pc. I said no I was told to bring her back to them. I was then informed that wasn't very smart and I should always follow up with pc. The female Dr(blonde with glasses) that saw us was amazing and had a a great bedside manner! She apologized of how I have been treated and said my daughter is still sick!


Where to begin with this.....the Geary County Community Hospital (the city itself as a whole) is just horrid. I'm not saying ALL of the staff at this Hospital is horrible but the majority are, or at least the ones I've encountered. I won't go too in depth cause this would be beyond long but when applying to work at this Hospital--be prepared for how unprofessional they're. If you aren't from Junction City and have yet to make friends (typical high school clique behavior), you can't sit with these people! They will look at you funny if you have no friends to use as a reference for a minimum wage job at that. Guess we should go to the one and only bar in the city and hope to make friends? Lol, I'm born in this country but coming to Junction City is like coming to a whole different country especially with how they will treat you. Remember, for those of us raised in different states outside of KS and esp outside of JC, we're "transits" in their view because we aren't "locals". Can't wait to leave this dump!

Laquisha Carradine

The service here is terrible I don’t know how they even stay open. They have no concern for you or family. My family member tried ending life they took them then sent them home couple hours later he suffered from seizure. Another family was found half dead in the woods due to the negligence of this hospital of not admitting her and when I asked to speak to the nurse she went in back and told the receptionist to tell me she was not available. My grandmother could have died do you think they care no. I have made it a point now when anyone is sick or in need of mental help I have to drive all the way to mahattan...give me a break shut the hospital down or start really doing your jobs

Dee Wileman

Melissa Loya

In Regards to their NP Tiffany Nacarato, she was awesome when I first saw her 3 years ago. Lately, over the past 4 months, her quality of work has declined, the visits have become more rushed and I've been misdiagnosed one time. Her nurse is the worse, she has messed up my prescriptions several times. Her nurse has called in medications without dosage amount and has missed calling in some. She has even messed up my life dependant medication. When confronted, she proceeded to treat me like a drug addict in the midst of her embarrassment over a medicine that had not been filled in over a year. They make excuses for their mistakes and try and pin it on someone else. They are not responsible for their actions and ignore you out of pride. When I call to fix something they messed up, they blow you off.

Kareem Nance

Please do not go here if you are sick. None of the doctors seem to be in the network. You will get a separate bill from the doctor for 600 not covered by insurance and it will be an out of pocket expense.

Jordan McCord

Showed up at 2 a.m. For my girlfriend who was having bad stomach issues and was in serious pain. The girl in e.r. Registration said they want her to go back by herself I have to stay in the lobby. My girlfriend is in pain and doesn't want to be alone and they won't let me be with her. I've been to the e.r many time elsewhere and she or my parents have always been allowed to be with me. She then said the doctor was rude and seemed in interested in what she was saying. He also kept asking if it was a bad pain, we would be in the e.r. At 2 in the morning if it didn't hurt. It also took an hour just for the doctor to get to her and there was not a single person in the e.r. Terribly experience, will be driving to abilene or manhattan next time we have a problem.

craig wentling

As a 70 year old retired combat vet and Medivac pilot with compromised lungs from agent orange, was transported to GCH by ambulance for life threatening sepses and pneumonia. Spent a week in ICU and then in the main hospital. Nothing but great attentive professional care round the clock. Thank you all for helping me survive. Chief Warrant Officer 3, USA, INF, MI, AVN (ret)

Learn with Foster Academy

We have lived here and frequented this hospital/drs offices for about 2 years. The staff and doctors have been fairly pleasant to deal with but they are really struggling in their communications between departments and with customers. We were very unimpressed with our pediatric visit today and the customer service was very unprofessional and we will not be returning to this hospital for ANY reason. They have had to fix bills that they had confused with same name customers and other problems that they never contacted us about when they definitely should have. Not worth my time or money.

Kiana Thomas

I am a military brat so I've been a few places and this by far is THE worst hospital AND doctors I've ever had to waste my time on. I've had stomach pains for MONTHS now and each time I'm told its something so simple, and that includes the er AND on/gyb but my pain never goes away. Not to mention the receptionist at Alphacare had turned me away 2 times! I would seriously recommend driving to Manhattan, Topeka,or Kc instead of wasting your time at Geary!

Eva Turner

Taken to their ER after a horrible car accident. I was treated immediately and with respect and compassion. Thank you to the staff for the caring and assistance to myself and my family. My granddaughter was also here this past winter for tubes. She received terrific care. The Dr and all staff was amazing with her and our family.

Stephen Kraus

I'd rather die then go to this hospital

Sonny Helms

Emergency room is a joke a third grader could do better the clinical side it's fairly good they seem to care more than the emergency room I wouldn't take my dog to the emergency room though

Thomas L. Tessmer

Shelby Cole

They do not listen to you .they dont care about your health and your history

Igor Ancor

nice and friendly staff.

Ranger Davis

I WILL NEVER USE THE EMERGENCY ROOM AT GEARY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL AGAIN! Retired Vet, decided to go there because it was near. BIG MISTAKE! Went there for a small issue. Clearly I woke the doctor up that saw me. He ask me a few questions. Prescribed some medicine. Away I went. A couple months later I received a bill that was through the roof! After some phone calls found out they base the billing on a number. I'm guessing the higher the number the higher the bill! The doctor decides on the number! The staff there was even confused why my bill was so high!!! What a Joke. Life is all about experiences, lessons, and how we treat others as we travel life's highway.... right? Well I learned a serious lesson about Health Care and the crooked people that work in that profession. And one more time, just so everyone........ Vet, Dependent, or not understands me............................................................................. I WILL NEVER USE THE EMERGENCY ROOM AT GEARY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL AGAIN!

Michael Freeland

Kansas sucks and so did this place!

Tabitha Wolfe

Took my 5 year old daughter to the ER for severe ear pain while she cried and wiggled around for over an hour while they tried to sort out who knows what. The place was a ghost town, no other patients. The doctor told her she would have to deal with it until it went away. A toddler could do their job and probably be quicker at it. I was asked several times by the same nurse the SAME 3 questions and still kept coming and asking. I wouldn't trust them if I was having a real emergency. They can't even check an ear and write a script for an antibiotic in under an hour. And the bedside manner of the nurses and doctors is insane. Everyone looks like they've been dosed with Botox. Not a single smile or friendly handshake. All frowns and negativity. This place is super depressing.

Vee Bill

Alexis Gano

Ashley Sirianni

If I could give no stars I would . I was sent to the hospital due to the miscommunication from my doctor . All I needed was an ultrasound . Upon arrival I was sent all over the hospital because no one was sure where to send me . I ended up in the emergency room . They did my intake at which they asked me where my pain level was and took down all my info . I told them I did not want to be seen unless I was to get an ultrasound and they acknowledged me .Then I was put back in the waiting room where I sat waiting for 2 hours . Once brought in the unorganized nurses had me do a urine sample and couldn’t remember who had took it out of the room and came in asking if I had the sample . I proceeded to sit for four hours whilst listening to this woman force cough obnoxiously loud for 3 of them . Finally , the nurse came in and she did not know where any of the tools to do the exam were so I had to wait for her to get them. Luckily she was sweet because at this point I was ready to walk out . After doing the exam she proceeded to tell me “we can’t do an ultrasound and you have to go somewhere else “.There’s nothing else we can do other than check your iud which is EXACTLY what I told them I was not looking to do . After that was said and done she told me to sit and wait and she’d be right back with paperwork . The nurse never came back . I had to go out and search for someone and when I finally found a nurse I said “I’ve been waiting an hour for someone to come in with my paperwork “ and he looked perplexed . He looked like he had forgotten about me . Then within a minute he was in the room and Handed me the paperwork and said “you can go now”.

Monik Jumey

The pediatric receptionist was so rude to me and my husband. My baby's pediatrician was never even able to see him once. We've been there for probably 3 or 4 months. And we decided that was enough. This hospital offer very expensive service and don't even treat you with respect. Also we went twice to the ER because of my baby and the staff took xrays and the nurse that came was trying to get blood from my little one and poke him 5 times and not even once she did it right. Then she said she was going to try again later. Is like this hospital has the worst staff in everything. Worst experience ever. So we have another pediatrician in Manhattan that cares and the staff is very professional over there.

Mas Prosper

Always clean; friendly, kind staff. They are very caring.

Maiah Soule

Every time I’ve been there everyone has been extremely courteous especially the nurses and Doctor Cook.

Destiny Walli

Very degrading. If you don't feel degrated by the staff you will by the signs they'd think whoever represents the hospital could duo so without signs that would degrade kindergartner

Mat Stricklin

Nick Estelle

my daughter was born here great Nurses great doctors, very friendly hospital. I would have another child born here just amazing staff.

Jessyca Gott

Went to the er tonight with a bruised leg and in a lot of pain and the radiologist slammed the door aginst my leg, didnt appologize or anything snd during taking my xrays he grabbed and pulled on my leg like he was playing tug of war. This is not how people should be treated

Nicholas Morgan

Phenomenal experience from start to finish at the women's center! The entire staff goes above and beyond to make sure the arrival of our babies is perfect. The "WOW" meal provided before our dismissal epitomizes how they care for their patients on a personal level and want everything to be special! Needless to say, we will be back in the future as long as we are having more babies!

Justin Fuerst

It's a sad state when patients are worried and paranoid because the Nurses treat them so badly. The Nurses outright ignore Doctors orders and just do what they want to do. I don't know who is in charge at this Hospital, but you really need to retrain and get new Nurses.

Joe Padurano

Nicholas Bland

Horrible bedside manner they can't do their job just an over glorified transfer center shouldn't even be called a hospital

kamelian Williams

DeeAnn Graber

Not familiar with hospitals in this area of Kansas, my friend took me to the ER at Geary Hospital. I had a severe bladder infection which cause my heart rate to go over 150. Got in immediately! 4 stars for the care I received. I made them aware I was a self pay, I was told they would provide info for billing assistance. However, I was not informed that I would NOT qualify for the assistance because I was NOT a Geary county resident! -1 star for that. Should make patients aware of this when the patient is giving address!

Megan Shaw


This hospital is awful! I've been there twice now once for hard time breathing and the second for a VERY late period. They sent me home with anxiety without checking me out. A few the second time gave me a pregnancy test and sent me on my way. I already knew I wasent pregnant and was worried because I had symptoms of one and it was saying goes negative. My period is regular aND it makes me mad that they wouldn't check any thing!!

Shelby P.

When my son was born early here they didn’t try nothing to save him and he was living 10 minutes after birth and they didn’t do a thing for him also my appointment was an hour ago and I’m still waiting....

James Godspeed

Been here twice worse medical care ever cocky ignorant doctors first time I went in I said I think my lung is collapsed was in severe pain and told me no I never had one, ever in my life I showed him scars from where I had chest tube he called me a liar and said he was a trauma surgeon that he was rite and I was lying, , complete idiot... then I went in to er this morning after of course my lung collapsed two weeks ago with my x rays and medication because I was having severe back pain and vomiting, he gave me some pain meds did a CT scan and said I was faking it go home . As asked him what was causing my pain and he said nothing. Was full of it that was Dr riley pathetic excuse for a Dr this hospital is the worse I have ever seen ran by incompetent inbreeders , don't go unless your looking to die . I have worked as a paramedic for the last 15 years all over the country even the worst ran down hospital in NYC is better than this place should be shut down and sued for negligence and medical malpractice. Most of all they need new attendies that don't hate the world and have attitude problems cause they wake up every morning mad that they have small or no manhood, so they take it out on sick patients looking for proper care... I can only wonder what kind of person the hospital admistrator is allowing these people to be care givers in there faculty. .. should be ashamed of yourself .. have you ever read the hipocratic oath swearing to take care of patients and there well being did you all forget the ethics and just see dollars signs you make me sick I will be writing the health dept. My senator and anyone who will listen till something is done... people deserve proper care not attitudes and ignorance

Josephine B.

Kelsie Blaskowski

been in and out the last 2 weeks with serious abdominal pain... mind you im 21 weeks pregnant and they told me its an STD mind you im married. went to another hospital to find out i had a kidney infection/kidney stone. every time ive came to this hospital there diagnosis is me having an STD. smh

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