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Here you have all the opinions of real people like you who know the services and products of VA Central Iowa Health Care System (Hospital) in Iowa.

Nowadays the firm receives a rating of 4.2 stars over 5 and that rating was based on 148 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF VA Central Iowa Health Care System IN Iowa

Michael Maloney

Charlotte Hunter

John Davis

The staff is dedicated to providing care for veterans

richard sweetman

As a veteran it provides quality healthcare services to veretans. I am a Viet Nam veteran and have used this facility for my medical care needs and have been VERY SATISFIED with the care they have given me.

Lloyd Santee

Very thoughtful, caring, and responsive to this disabled veterans needs. Thanks again for a job well done.

Charles Clow

Michael Waldron

Tasha Marie

Horrible place...horrible service at front desk...vets are not their top priority

Aaron Lerberg

VA has gotten a bad rap from people who have never used its services. Being the second largest Department within the Federal Government, VA covers a lot of patients. VA Central Iowa has been good to me on a wide range of issurs and responded above and beyond to the challenges I faced as a patient. They even approved experimental treatments performed by non VA clinics that my private insurance refused to cover. I owe VA Central Iowa for my good health.

Linda Cramer

Bed sided manner is awesome

Jaymie Underkofler

Good. Care. For veterans

Mac Meeker

Staff is nice!

Larry Cunningham

Always have great care.

Mayka Alonso

best VA i have ever been to, people here really care.

Vane M

Friendly and caring staff. Good service and treatment for my husband. Thank you VA!

Phillip Pooley

they listen to what you say to them and they do not make you feel stupid for asking about something that you do not understand.

Stacey J. Hopkins

World class healthcare for warriors. An exceptional VA location. Professional staff, state of the art imaging, and advanced Quality Program.

kbeautiful killerwhale

Brandon Broadwell

lafe denton

I always get the best care here.

Ron Isaac

People that actually care about Veterans.

Kathy Mace

Micheal Hobbie

As a vet this is the best place to come to.

Kevin Edwards

Brad Rozell

Good people that genuinely care and want to help.

Anthony Smith

It's the va better than others but still the va.

Mike Siegel

Lois Lehmkuhl

Tammy Tallman

Michael Vercande

Other than the parking, the staff is pleasant and efficient.

Nick Wilkinson

They like to pass the buck and make light of serious ailments etc. and they like to put a "bandaid" on things to get a completion on file for next top their name and the clients

Benjamin Yee

cornelius frazier

Caitlin McElroy

I have never met so many unprofessional employees all localized in one place. Some employees treat Vets and their problems like a joke. Don't want to take the time to listen to Vet's problems. Quick just to offer pharma drugs and move on. Patient advocates get so many complaints and nothing ever improves. Ignore important data when processing benefit claims. Witnessed them lying straight to a veteran's face. I'm sad to pay taxes for the horrible services they offer. This facility needs a complete evaluation from an outside source. I'm confident if this was done, 75% of their employees would be terminated. Shouldn't be judging veterans when employees cannot offer professional or reliable care.

dave rahn

Great and careing staff.


Jeff Cook

Melanie Lee

Always good they take good care of me

Larry Burt

I always go there. The best staff, medical care and good friends!

Glen Gutzman

Ed Kuyrkendall

Wouldn't know what to do without a beautiful place

ghost 1s

I wish I could give it zero stars. It's almost impossible to get an appointment, and when I do get one, they cancel it without informing me. The VA is garbage. Thanks for taking care of your combat veterans, America.

joe Kash

It is a hospital, but it dosn't really feel like a hospital, more friendly and Real compassion are on display there !!

Brian Kampling

Master Sargent

Andrew Shoemaker

Better then one in Iowa City!

Daniel me

Fast and efficient service

robert ackelson

Jonny Cakes

They deny coverage at your local ER, even when it's an emergency. And they lie about talking to your local doctor about the situation. Proceed to the ER at your own risk

Quince Kreb

Everything went very well to get my meds filled while being considered a Traveling Veteran..even without the usual long wait that the Denver, CO VA has!! Even updating my info so I can get an appointment here soon went quick & smooth! So from today's experience, I'm very impressed from their service to Veterans & the facility!

truomega wolf

Jim Fine

Isaac Welling

The best health care provider I have ever seen!

Don Bishop

Arab doctors not caring to truly help Iraq / Afgan Veterans...Im ashamed of my service to a country that repays me like this.... I was the same leaving there as I was when I arrived, thanks for nothing Uncle Sam. 09/19/2016

Skyler Dahlseng

Thomas Moore

Brian Kays

Heather Reiling

It's a hospital for people that have served our country. What more can I say? Well it's pretty clean and people are friendly for the most part. The canteen has a nice variety of inventory although they didnt have the pretty figurines they used too:(

Ismael Romero

I went in for an emergency and the lady who attended me said I needed to go back home to Phoenix to get what I needed.

Geri Braun

Its the VA

Ken Snook

ryan ross

Always treated me right.

Michael Mcfarlin

Michael Joens

Services for my dad have been great.

Luella Strasser

Kenneth Peterson

I am here to see MY diabetes management team, blood labs and pharmacy. They have a Starbucks here and veterans cafe to eat breakfast, lunch closes at 3pm, and they have a store for vets, patients and active duty military personnel, this VA is excellent, the Doctors and nurses are the Best, the staff are friendly and Professional, housekeeping and kitchen staff are great. VETERANS are given respect and Professional care.I would like to add INSURE your paperwork IS UP TO DATE, less problems.

Samuel H

This is literally the best VA I have ever been to and possibly the best hospital I have ever been to in my entire life!! Everybody was so caring and dedicated to their profession. They were so helpful and understanding. Very efficient! Got me in and out of the emergency room in an hour! This is an example of how every VA in the country should model themselves after.

Carol Hyslope

All my care in one spot. It's great!

Tyler Whalen

I can not say enough positive things about this facility. My uncle suffered a severe stroke and was lucky enough to get roughly 90 days at this facility. The therapists truly care about seeing their patients progress and put in the extra effort. Our family has came to visit my uncle weekly to check on his progress and the staff always takes the time to update us on everything that has happened in the last week. We never thought that my uncle would walk again, but with the help of David, he is back up on his feet! Thank you for everything you guys do!

Stephanie Wuestewald

after being transferred 10 times, the final person said "sorry ma'am but you will need to go to BLDG 3 at the VA Hospital and stand on VA eligibility's desk." I'm the VET so was seeing if family is covered. I leave work to do as told. They were closed!!!! ridiculous!!!!

Larry Dursky

Excellent care. No problems like I have heard from some others.

Blues man guitar for you tubers

cleighton Barber

Worst customer service ever at the guift shop I wouldn't even give it a star at all if I could some I've the most hateful people I have ever met I will never go back and will never recommend anyone to buy from there!!!

Ike I

Eric Bartel

Excellent care provided.

Craig Wymer

Most of the staff are great! But there are the others.

Jo Anne Folkers

M Bartz

I really can't complain, especially after hearing horror stories of VAs around the US. Glad this one is decent.

Jennings Sage

Justin Ross


Good parking, friendly enough.

Brittany Meyer

Jeff Hummel

Matt Kraushaar

After all the grief that people give the va hospitals I feel lucky to use the Des Moines va over all they have always treated me right and worked with me to get better. I do admit it can take some time to get an initial appointment in some offices but over all i feel like they do their best to help you. I do hate calling to as the automated call system is lengthy and a pain. Especially if your not feeling well.

Willie Wilson


Martin Ortiz

Hope Bever

Mechell Beacham

Marv Effin

Carl Berglund

Best care for our veterans

Preston Davis

Sharon Purvis

John Schumacher

Egregious waste of time. Instead of solving a simple problem, you will get months worth of unnecessary appointments and ineffective treatment options.

Dave Darrah


Angela Thompson

Chris Enderson

Patients will get you friendly care.

John Donahue

Great staff

Lisa Spilman

Joshua Brown

James H

Probably the best V.A. hospital around. They attempt to keep the process easy and it mainly is. I'd gripe about parking, but they just started building a parking complex. The state grounds are always government kept (not necessarily well kept or poorly kept..just....cheapest bidder kept). The staff has always been helpful. Mental health (bldg 6m) have most of their psychiatrists on short term contract basis, outsourced from far away states with people whom have never been in the military; so beware if your doc changes frequently. Overall, the healthcare is great, the facility is great, the staff are empathetic and kind, and renovations are always happening. An enjoyable part of the hospital are the veteran volunteers selling their wares on the promenade. Every day there are volunteers with smiles on their faces and eager to help. The hallway is a large dose of social interaction. Beware. A+

Brandon B

All you hear about from the media regarding the VA are horror stories about VA heathcare. I dont know if this is a case of misinformation or "fake news" similar to how the media reports on other subjects or not... But I can tell you nothing could be further from the truth as far as my experience with the Des Moines VA. I feel not only did I receive excellent and timely care, but every single medical staff or employee that I interacted with went above and beyond to ensure that I was as comfortable as possible while they cared for me and I feel that said care was top notch. Thank you to Dr's Phillip Linquist, Angie Goodson, and Kevin Massick. And all of their nursing and support staff and really everybody at the Des Moines VA.

Leonard Overton

I have used this facility for over 50 years and have received top quality treatment. Any veteran who is qualified to use this place would be foolish not to come here.

Mary West

Excellent care, great staff.

Matthew Wolka

Great staff

Delores Phipps

Delvinwe Weaver

We get treated real well here my father is a patient of Dr Steven Nickelburg he provides caring & friendly service ! Thank you! Patti Weaver !

Rick Lawton

Jennifer Johnston

jeannette gerloff

Steve Rivera

Not a bad place but still has away to go.

Todd Hageman

I've always received great care and attention at this VA hospital. My longest wait to be seen was 20 mins, and it's usually much less. The staff is courteous and competent and the building itself is always very clean and well-maintained.

herbert garrison

It is what it is.

al withe

Is there a gym for employees here?

Cyclone 515

John McAnear

Someday, all healthcare will be as good as the VA, but for now it's just for US Vets.

Jacob Phillips

Don Bean

Everything I've experienced at this V.A. Hospital was a 5 STAR rating. The E.R. staff is not only a highly skilled one, they seem to all posses something that you can't train others to have, and that's they were as a whole sincere personable. Now I'm not saying everyone is perfect. Don't expect that. But from my experiences at other hospital E.R.s in this city, this by far is the best one.

Roger Fleener

Best VA CARE available

Bill Hirdman

The VA here in Des Moines has to be the best in the country. Every person I have spoken with here has gone out of their way to help and find the right answers. Unlike the west coast and east coast and so many other places where our vets wait months just to see a doctor. Bad comments here for the Des Moines VA? My guess is that the bad commenters have never been outside of this area. Vets here in Iowa are lucky to have such a caring place to go to. And who cares how old the building is? My old jeep and old truck will out run any new car/truck sold today! WAY TO GO VA OF CENTRAL IOWA!!!!!!!!

David Adams

The system is broken.

Jon Kozak

Friendly personnel

Joe Crip

Andrew Rupiper

Mark Schallhorn

These folks are dedicated to there profession thank you

Valerie Hawkins

I get excellent care here and the clinics are clean and the staff are always courteous and kind.

frank betts

I have not had a negative experience with anyone associated with the Des Moines VA facility. Everyone generally goes above and beyond my expectations. The parking is generally a source of anxiety, but the shuttle busses save the day.

Cricket Wireless

Got great help when I needed it most! Also. Treated well during my stay at domiciliary

Audrey StandingHawk

Brenda Sinclair

Vikki Lynn

They are kind and considerate to my feelings.

Mj Clarine

Waiting almost 1 1/2 hours for a hearing aid adjustment. And still waiting.

Fiswiz Fw

service is good

Ann Zenk

Not enough physicians. Physicians unwilling to provide care veteran has had in the past. Too long a wait to see physicians. Protocols on cataract removal, stimulant drugs are out of touch with reality and other quality medical care. Good patient advocates leave out of frustration

Richard Ochoa

Take care and honer all Vets

Brittney Cummings

This Place is literally breaking my heart! My grandpa was in vietnam got agent orange and delt with everything else. He has recently gotten cancer. The doctors here do not care what so ever. They made him wait longer to start chemo than he was supposed to. And after his last round of chemo he was supposed to get a shot to boost his white blood cell count! They signed off on the wrong person!! My grandpa now can not get the shot since its past the 72 hours!! Im beyond Hurt he does not deserve this at all!! Now last night my grandmother and I had to argue with a doctor so he could get his cancer meds like seriously!! This place is nothing but a joke Veterans deserve so much more than this! UPDATE: October 15,2017 My grandfather passed away due to not getting the shot after chemo he developed pneumonia and could not breath. The VA has been nothing but a joke. They ALSO did his death certificate wrong. I hope this place gets help and starts treating Veterans with the respect they deserve.

Mike Godwin

Barb Leduc

Nice , friendly staff, clean.

Angie Breese

Michael Lough

Absolutely Wonderful – the Des Moines VA has been very supportive when I went through Rehab for Alcoholism. Everyone was 'there to help' I'll never forget how kind/supportive the VA was.

Betsie Jo

Just terrible

Peterson Pierre-Paul

Provides great medical and psychological care. Iowans truly do appreciate our service to the country.

robert deffenbaugh

Everybody was very friendly and helpful. As a first time visitor I was made to feel at ease and welcome.

Iowa Shots

They are busy but try to be kind.

Walter Lloyd


Thomas Miles

There is no better medical coverage anywhere unless it would be another VA. Caring, dedicated doctors & staff one and all. Very pleased with all VA services!

James Lemker

Central Iowa VA Health Care System puts Veterans FIRST and its Veteran approved !!

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