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Larry Beebe

Very large place but easily navigated. Everyplace is tagged to floor and elevator. Elevators are arranged with "A" being on the north and "M" on the south. Very friendly place with many to help if puzzled about where to go. Doctors and nurses are world class!

Cecil McQuoid

Thank you so much with my hole heart you where there for my Brother my family

Shayla Hargrove

I really hate this hospital they let our best friend died yesterday morning. Then couple years ago they couldn't do anything to help my God cousin. She died then my God mama she died at this hospital they didn't save her either. This is my experience I don't like this hospital. Prefer Mercy hospital they're more faster plus they got better equipment.

Steve Moore

I'm so impressed with all the people who work here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. My doctor is my hero.

Conrad Law

Great health care provider.

Robert Matthys

Wonderful place. Very caring and understanding. Thank God for this hospital.

David Perez

Its been almost a year now since my daughter was born, she was born early at 31 weeks and as little as 3 pounds and 4 ounces. I wanted to say thank you with all my heart in taking care of my little girl and my girlfriend! A LONG story short we were living more than an hour away and we've had some issues before her birth with going in and out of the hospital in Waterloo and Iowa City several times. We were told we needed to be under watch because of excessive bleeding and so was stationed in an NICU room for more than several weeks. I was traveling back and forth everyday after work, having our 2 year old son, then getting up around 5 am to drop him off to a babysitter and then getting to work on time before and even after she was born was just the beginning. We had nothing but upfront honesty, and was told the steps of every process so we knew what to expect. We were very terrified of the fact of staying at the hospital and the thought of what could happen but every single person whom we came across of was friendly and kind, even down to the Cafeteria or Library! It's an experience we'll always be greatful for and a memory we'll never forget! I always wanted to write to you guys/girls but never gotten around to do so. I find it funny sometimes on how good I can remember to get to the hospital from home and even how well I can find my way around the hospital! Even tho I can keep writing all I really wanted to say thank you again and thank you for your services, your kindness, your respect and helpfulness that we've experienced before, and after her birth to even now to her check-ups! THANK YOU from us & Delilah!

jim Pospisil

Great place! Great staff!! Been cooped up her over a month and they're awesome

Wesley Park

Told me and my parents they accepted my insurance with $50 copays. Only for me to get a $980 hospital bill a month later. Called insurance and they said since I didn't go to an actual physician in the hospital for my hand I have to pay 80% of the bill. Don't trust this hospital. They only care about taking advantage of college students. Now I have to drop out of school this fall semester in order to work full time to pay this bill.

Christina G

My absolute worst experience ever. I had my baby here. After numerous attempts at telling the nurse baby was coming she refused to check as i was only 5 centimeters dilated 5 minutes ago. Needless to say i delivered my baby on my hands and knees in the bed and now she is in the NICU there where I have literally no say in her care and they keep her there for no good reason at all. She eats. She breathes. She just lays there while they do this and that to her. This is a teaching hospital and i feel like my baby is an experiment as there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Its been 11 agonizing days with no end in sight. We've begged and pleaded with the drs to let us bring her home without luck. This hospital and especially the NICU is a money pit that ruines bonds and families. Dont deliver here. They will find any excuse to make money at the expense of your baby. Update! We had baby transferred to st lukes and they discharged her!!

Joyce Dunbar

I love my physical therapist Stephanie Evans she is the best.

Matt Oliver

My doctor left one of your clinics and all I wanted was a refill of a simple medication I've consistently taken for years. I ended up having to schedule an appointment with a P.A. whom I've never had before that cut medication in half! Then I was charged for an out of network doctor. Over $240 for a half prescription refill.

marcia robinson

Love this place, friendly staff

Nancy Owen

Everyone was more than helpful, excellent doctors and nurses. Everyone went out of their way to show us where to go. Very positive experience , especially for a difficult time. Thank You.


Caring very detailed in your care

Linda Fristoe

They are very thorough and very compassionate.

Melissa Braggo

I've not been there yet but, have communicated via email, phone and mail with team members taking care of my case. Will be going there the end of this month. My experience has been positive so far.

Debra Henderson

Good care. Sometimes a long wait.

Richard Wildhirt

Very thorough and professional care.

James Teng

Best hospital in the state of Iowa. World class services, and well trained doctors.

Angel Ortiz

I will give 2 stars for the fact that we got 2 kids born there and the facilities are great. Also some MD are really good at what they do and care for people. The reason I don't give more than 2 is for 2 reasons. 1. It's frustrating when you go for a visit or appointment and they send a student to see you and guess what you have... then you have to wait for the M.D. to come and see if the student did it right. Waste of time. I know the students needs to learn and graduate, and maybe they'll be great M.D., but you are paying for the visit. You don't get a discount. Is like you are paying the M.D. and the student with the high prices they have.... which leads me to the 2nd reason. 2. They charge a lot of money for simple visits. I'm surprise they don't charge for the toilet paper you use on the restroom. You get charge for everything. My brother requested for an appointment, 20 mins to cut some dead skin. Got charged over $3,000, including, use of facilities, use of visturi, and all basic stuff. For that amount of cost I would say they visturi was made of gold with diamonds. At least he should have been able to keep it if they are going to charge for everyrhing. My point... UIHC is a really expensive clinic/hospital... and the least they can do is to ask people if they want to be seen by a student first. People don't have always time to waste. I got late to work a couple of times due to this bad habit they have. We are the ones paying the bills and needing care, so we should decide if we want to be seen by a student or straight to the M.D.

Anthony Kosgard

They were great with my son

Todd Westerlund

I'd give it less if I could. Spine doctor told wife to come here for a MRI. Get here to er , they say they have to do xrays first. Been here since 1217pm on 9/17. It's now 132am on 9/18. They took xrays over 9 hours ago. Last visit to this er ended up being 14 hours, even though it was then releasing her to soon that caused us to return, fluid pocket at surgical site from back surgery. Having seen both first hand I'd rate the VA 5 stars over this.

rosemary cormican

We came here as my doctor recommended for my 3 year old daughter. She has severe GI issues and we were hoping to get some answers after our doctor thought it was serious. We went to her apt where they tried to check her. Well 3 year old's don't always take well to someone checking "back there" and they attempted to force it resulting in her bleeding from her back end for 2 days. They told my husband they were unable to check her but said to go ahead and continue giving her fiber. We were so disappointed. We thought this was suppose to be one of the top hospitals. We were left right back where we started with no answers. After a couple of weeks we received a $580.00 bill for that appointment! I was shocked. I called several times finally getting to a person by the name of Cody Chang who would just send me letters saying more of less sorry your unhappy with the appointment but you need to pay. They didn't even check my daughter. They didn't offer any other ways of checking her, she has had a serious issue since she's been 1.5 years old. Save yourself time and ALLOT of money and go elsewhere. My experience was that these people don't care once s ever, they see dollar signs and are not whiling to take the time to diagnose. Terrible service.

Micheal Hobbie

Transplant center seems okey so far. Can't speak too rest of the facilities.

Felicia Nocentelli-Franklin

Absolutely the worst hospital to go to if you are black and/or poor. You go to the hospital because you are sick but if you are black and poor don't bother! The staff will ask your symptoms and medical history, go talk to their supervisors, come back with their supervisors to talk to you, ask you the exact same questions, only to try and guess what is wrong with you. Then send you home feeling worse and aggravated and you still won't know why you are sick. Then they ask you where you are from. Why????? If I say I'm from Chicago or any other place, is it some special cure you all carry? I mean what does that have to do with why I am sick. This place sucks for black people. I mean it. They have some of the most ignorant people I have ever met in my life. Their bedside manner is nonexistent if you are a person of color. This entire hospital's staff need some racial sensitivity training. They talk to you like you are slow in the head but if I attempt to correct them, then I am an angry, aggressive black woman. I am sick of these so called medical professionals. They send you home with Google printouts. That is hilarious to me. So if you are sick and black, do not go to this hospital! Go to Mercy or Google your symptoms, diagnosis yourself and printout your plan of care. Trust me that is exactly what they are going to do at the so called #1 hospital. That's a joke, this hospital is a joke and their medical professionals are a joke. They do not care about black people or the health of black people and it shows. One of the worst hospitals in the world!

Ward Haynes

Don't think to much of a pain clinic that lets you leave in pain

Brian J

Very busy, top notch for healthcare


It's huge, but personnel are friendly& will help you find where you need to go. I've been going here since 2005 every 6 months. They have top doctors & will do their best to make your life better. Good food & lots to choose from in dining. Coffee islands on 1st floor, so quick snacks or drinks available. Handicap accessible throughout. Children have their own hospital within this building. Relax- you're in good hands.

Mai Trang

This is the BEST hospital I have ever been to. My doctor was awesome and super helpful throughout my treatment. She even helped connect me with the Patient Assistance Program at the hospital so that I have free medication until I could find a job and a new insurance. The nurses were always welcoming. UIHC and the University of Iowa are what represent Iowa for me.

Brandie Bray

Gave birth to two babies here, one of which went to the NICU for a few months. The medical staff here are so caring and nice! I'll never forget when they were there for us through some of the hardest experiences we've ever had to face. We unfortunately don't live in the area anymore and honestly I will miss having this hospital around the most.

Amy Clark

Convenient, multi specialty,


Had surgery done at this hospital in 2000 went very well and have never had to have another surgery sense for scoliosis I was age 12 at the time

Karen Starbuck

Today I sent to Emergency Room for a Foot Infection from U o I Quick Care. I got to Emergency Rm@ 1 Pm had vitals took sent back outto sit. Then Lab work sent back out to sit. Then exrayed then back out to sit. At 6 pm I asked how longer before being seen was told I was next in line. Still 8pm my name no called. I went up asked again the gentlemen behind desk was very rude. I said sir I been here since 1pm. Sat back down. Finally 9:30 pm comes along and still my name is not called I went up again. I ask do you have any attention of getting me in tonight. He says we have 80 people here to be seen. I said I came here at 1pm why am I waiting so long to be seen. Because there people sicker than you he said.... !!!!! I asked do I need to go to mercy Hospital. Yes if you want. Ok well give the gate ###!!! Talk about rude and slow service or no service at all!!! People were walking out though out the night in sever pain. Come on Uof I

bruce leibold

On 9 10 2019 having cardiac issues and gi issues requested help at the er got no help I suffered heart issues in the past and alls they keep saying there's no room. I called a number of times for help no one helped at all. Police were called I requested to be transferred to another hospital they refused to transfer me to another hospital. So here I sit in the er with no help being ignored, told me one more thing I was told I was here before so I know what it's like that's sad letting people suffer especially when your 2 hours away from family n friends and can't even get help. Plus I was harrassed by other people in the hospital for no reason at all. Nothing's been done nothing been done about that neither. It's time to take legal action have them held responsible for Mel practice. I just went to patience experience this morning what a joke there making me feel I shouldn't be in the hospital at all. They wanna have a meeting hell with your meeting. They made me feel I'm not welcomed here where I need to be medical after what that security guard did you should of just transferred me to mercy I'll be fighting this. Didn't deserve how I was treated don't know anybody here Iowa city now I don't feel safe after talking to patience experience I won't be at that meeting. Worthless no comps no apologies nothing sad. Sad part I Afto be here for medical. That's one more thing they complained about me being there I have a lot of medical issues a lot of appointments and pharmacy and a lot other issues need to be there for. Sad Bruce

Oscar Cardona

Just a great place to go for medical Attention.

Roy Block

Amazing place with amazing people doing amazing things! Keep it up!

Allison Baumann

I spent 6 hours total in the emergency room last night. When I walked in, I had a fever of .1 shy of 103 (in other words, .1 away from being very dangerous for my health). I arrived at the hospital around midnight and was taken back for vitals around 12:30 and then I wasn’t seen by a doctor until 3:30 in the morning. I sat in their waiting room with a 103 fever for nearly 4 hours before I was seen by a doctor while they took back other people with seemingly less severe ailments. After being taken back to see the doctor, it took nearly an hour for him to come in in which he walked out in the middle of my consult to take a phone call. The night ended with them telling me that they could write me a prescription that has nothing to do with my fever and flu-like symptoms. I felt EXTREMELY uncared about at this establishment and think it is absolutely ridiculous that I spent over 4 hours before I was seen by a doctor. Even after being seen by the doctor, I still feel even worse this morning and feel as if they have done nothing for me. For my own future reference, I will not be going to this particular emergency room again unless brought in by an ambulance because it seems that’s the only way you’re seen as important.

Shawn Westbrook

I love my doctor at the university, I started being seen by Dr. Banu in 2014! This lady is an excellent doctor, she actually listens to me when I tell her about my body, if she has any concerns she orders test immediately, if she doesn't feel like you need certain medications she will tell you, she not the kind of doctor that will waste your time or make you feel as though you don't know what your talking about because you don't have a degree in medicine. I am very happy with how she takes care of me, and I highly recommend her!

Nancy Townsend

This was my first time for being a patient at the Hospital. Very helpful, friendly and caring staff. Dr Chad Tracy and Nicole Miller provided excellent surgery and care for me. All the surgical team was very nice and explained things very well. Nurses were caring and friendly.

Ken Cappel

Came in for a mental evaluation. I have me sitting in a hallway for the past 8 hours. With NO care. They have only came up and talked with me for about 30 minutes the whole time I've been here.

Nathaniel Stephens

I would like to start this off by thanking the staff that helped me out, on what I thought was one of the hardest days of my life. If there are doctors and nurses that read this and wonder how to save a life. Give these guys a call because they saved mine.

Stephane BONZI

Awesome services and care for the patient's

Samantha Phipps

Pre op today was a little snow but surgery was over an hour sooner than expected

Melody Nees

They're the highest trauma level hospital close to us. Mayo Clinic is the next step. Glad we have their resources.

Jon Moore

Privacy issues with information

Jeffrey Svarverud

Great service for a big hospital. Very busy but very clean and organized. I highly recommend this hospital if you need their services.

Jim Collins

Fantastic hospital my opinion best in the nation

Saraya Merritts

Was here for my diabetes as I was going into DKA. I started having seizures on the way to the emergency room, upon arrival, no one bothered to check my blood sugars or ketone levels. I had my own supplies on me and continued to check myself during the four hr wait and after seeing my blood sugar drop to 40 and was still running Ketones while waiting in their waiting room and still not able to see anyone, I found it best to leave because to them you might as well already be dead before anyone bothers with you. I could have easily lost my life and this goes to show how they care for their patients

Nathaneal Gaff

Went to their dermatology clinic for a persistent skin problem. They told me they could identify it, but the test "could cost a couple hundred dollars". They later send me a series of bills totaling about $4000 after insurance payed their part. Now I have new problems. Admittedly, they were very nice. I think they are just accustomed to local college kids with near-endless family money.

Chris Douglas

Reputable staff. Grossly overcharged for a blood work sample that was for informational purposes. Billing department difficult to work with. Advise that you have exceptional insurance when walking through their doors or be prepared to pay.

Garcia Johnathan

The burn and wound didn't help my mom out one bit the doctor itself is really annoying and didn't wanted to give my mom the best help

Becky Eisenbraun

Doctors and hospital staff were so kind and caring, information desk was extremely helpful.


This hospital is full of incompetent and unprofessional people who dare call themselves medical professionals. I sincerely believe that gross negligence by certain individuals directly resulted in the death of my loved one. You’ll be hearing from me and/or my family’s attorney.

Shannon Haus

Excellent cleft palate surgery team lead byDr. Fletcher. He operated on two of our boys and it went well. we were rested great!

mary burke

Exceptional medical care, best in the state, some things the region, a few the country! Parking is the biggest drawback, paying to visit those hospitalized seems wrong.

ray cox

To long of wait.

Claudia Mayfield

Might be a good hospital but they people skills suck. Especially when you from out of town

abdi maalin

There's nice people like Sarah and Dr David burn center for kids and ogher ladies there were so nice to me while my baby treatment her burn .I would like to tell that place thank you for saving my daughter's life

proud to be a livestock hauler

This is so dumb of all places you would think. There changing tables would be safe

Kimaya Reese

They act like they don't car with been waiting 5 hours my pain is getting worse told them that I'm getting worse from when I got here and they just brushed it off as if it was nothing better off going to mercy at least I don't have to wait 5 hours

Dustin Menke

I saw Dr Timothy Brown in your orthopedics department. During my appointment he called me a liar and then he proceeded to lie in his dictation regarding our encounter. During my consultation he interrupted me and rarely let me finish a statement. After looking at his watch several times he eventually walked out of the room. My sister was a nurse who witnessed this entire appointment and circus show take place. I complained with patient affairs who did nothing, well they conveniently changed what my complaint was to help their doctor, but that was it. After doing no test what so ever and claiming the great University of Iowa couldn't do anything to help me, I learned something. Healthcare isn't about health. It's a business... I personally couldn't be more disgusted with the University of Iowa Clinics. I would never step foot in your doors again.

oscar cardona

Great service,caring and quality you don't just find anywhere.

Slime Twins

My father had surgery yesterday..not doing good and my mom still hasn't been able to talk to a doctor. unacceptable !

Patty Beiner

I've got Parkinson's and Dr. Terri Thompson/Movement Disorder/Neurology Saved my life. My Neurologist in Waterloo had my DBS settings 4X's higher than normal... I came to Neurology Department & Between Dr. Greenlee/my surgeon, & Dr. Thompson, the adjustments were made & I sobbed. My Speech was gone, Brain Synapses hadn't slept in three Year's & ALL my Muscle Tissue was shredded. After three Year's w Speech & Physical Therapy, I can walk w a walker a mile or two everyday. My speech will never be the same & that fills me, w saddens me as I 'USED TO BE' a Morning Radio Talent. I Will be forever greatful to The Entire Neurology Department. They listen, are kind & definitely touched by the hand of God.

a from the shell

I have nothing to say but appraise to all the doctors and staff here that is so nice and caring. Five Star

Shaun Engle

I’m paralyzed only supposed to sit in my wheelchair 15 mins at a time due to pressure ulcers. Left me sitting in the waiting room for 5 hrs sitting on the same pressure ulcers I came to have treated . I needed emergency help and didn’t receive nothing hastily. I’m about to leave as a result.

Johan Zioka

We were there for like 6 hours, so we left.

Suzie B

Every time I go to a specialist, they do exams not covered by my co-pay. Without even asking! I assume it's part of the routine exam, then get slapped with $400 bill! Never again will I go there! Not only do they drain your pocket book, they send you away clueless as to what to do next. I figured out what to do next..I went to Mercy. Excellent caring doctors and staff. Tell you everything up front. No surprises. .and they follow up on your needs.

Dakota Wood

Great facility with very nice people. Couldn't ask for better nurses. But they take forever to get anything done. When we went to the ER months ago we were there for 7 hours. No one had seen us in 4 until I walked out and asked to be discharged. They said "you're still here?" So basically they forgot about us. Today however we have been waiting for someone to read the paper on our son's heart murmur. We were told someone just needed to read it 4 hours ago. Our lates update? Someone just needs to read it. If you like spending time admitted to hospitals this is the place to go. If not look elsewhere if possible. Everything is great EXCEPT the fact that they take too long. If it weren't for our nurses, the rating would have been a 1.

Gregory Walters

fast great service.


This place is a joke. My girlfriend is in there now. Been in there a few days now and hasn't even seen a doctor yet. One Dept just keeps putting blame on another Dept. Can't get any answers from anyone. Nobody knows anything. Basically a hotel that smells like a hospital. And make sure you don't get sick or hurt late in the week because nobody works weekends there. Gotta wait till Monday when maybe a doctor might come in. It's just a roll of the dice and the odds aren't in your favor that's for sure. Asked about getting her to Mayo and they said we would need to sign a paper that we are leaving. Then your on your own. Don't care if ya die as long as ya sign a paper saying they aren't responsible.

Mike Caples

My son goes here and it's the best hospital in the United states.

Kristi Endelman

The Hampton at Coral Ridge has exclusive discounts for University of Iowa employees!! Super pet friendly! Located along bus route!

Jenny McCloskey

I would give this ER no stars if I could I have been sitting waiting for 4 hours with a 160 plus heart rate and severe low blood count. I am about to pass out and was told I was not a priority, there were sicker people ahead of me. So someone with a possible broken bone is higher priority. Had to leave as sitting up I was going to literally pass out and needed to lie down. I could have died in there waiting room and they could have cared less

Greg Link

Thank you Dr. Dunkelberg and staff at the Digestive Diseases Clinic. Great health care. Also the Radiology department!

Revbill Barr

This is the best hospital in iowa.

Kelsey Block

They can't get their billing straight... we have told them many times that it's filed under workmens comp but they are still sending us bills and it on our record and bringing our credit down... their service is just as bad as their billing

Rob Seemuth

It's the best in town. But takes for ever.


Very busy and a maze to get through, but the staff is great! My wife has CF and the crew here is an awesome team dedicated to helping her. Always upbeat and smiles with what we go through. We live over an hour away, and it is worth the time and drive to get here. Thank you to the nurses, staff, and doctors who work here.

Dusty Little

u. t .. the m. g c t t. .. sht

Amy Windus

I have gone here for xrays for my sparained ankle. The staff work very fast and are accurate. I only spent xrays and out. The staff is very friendly and caring at their jobs.

Alicia VanCannon

Doctors and radiologist's have no bedside manners. Herd you through like cattle. I always leave feeling like I really don't matter. Doctors might be smart but they are pretty arrogant. If I didn't have to go there i wouldnt. Gave me a diagnosis but refused to explain what it was or what that meant for me. The nurse was snotty and told me to ask my family doctor...that it wasn't their job. Yep. That's their level of caring. Disgusting.

Mark Bramble

Best psychiatric services I have ever experienced. I also had medical issues so they had a facility that met both psych and medical needs at the same time. Multiple approached team that worked together so not to miss any issue. 100% comfortable with hosp. Would go back if needed. Great referral for after service's in another city.

good safety

I love this

Casey Shwe

I had an open heart surgery at the University of Iowa Hospital back in 1990. I came around the world for a mended heart. The procedure was very complicated, a couple of things need to be repaired in my heart. Even though it was last 28 years ago University of Iowa Hospital was one of the top ten hospital listed in America. First I thanked to the Lord has sent me to the best hospital, second I thanked to all the doctors and nurses who took care of me back in 1990. The cardiologist are phenomenal and the nurses are very kind. Before I was discharged from the hospital the reporter asked me how I feeling, and the next day my picture was printed in Iowa's newspaper. Now I live normal and I grown up as a healthy adult woman. As long as I live always thank to the surgeons and the nurses from the Iowa University Hospital form the bottom of my heart. I highly recommended going there.

Nicole Palacios

I you have a child that needs special attention and help I highly suggest you take your child to a hospital that actually cares about the life of your child. Miscommunication is no excuse when your child may have to get tested for cancer when time is so limited to your child. I wish I had better insurance to take my daughter somewhere else because we have been waiting for almost three months for a blood test and now we have to wait another four weeks for the results. When my daughter has a serious case and I didn't answer my phone once, doesn't mean you leave her to die. I'm so glad I've been non stop calling for the past three days been and have been transferred to person to person for 45 minutes waiting for answers. If this was your child with a illness you would be upset to. How can you say you left me a message and only called once when I never received anything? If this hospital really cared or couldn't get ahold of me why couldn't you send me a letter or a email that I provided for you? I hope this never happens to someone else's child and the stress the family has to endure when playing the sit and wait game. If you go here and havnt gotten any word from them just keep calling and bugging them till someone answers because not all of us has unlimited time.

Frank Breitbach

Dr Patrick Hitichon does not care about his patients. When you complain to the hospital about the doctor they cover it up and lie to you. I did call patient relations four times. They are the one who lied and covered it up. In my eyes nobody in this hospital cares about the concerns of their patients.

Lorikay Bridgman

Lovely people the nurses and Doctors are great couldn't ask for better place.

Trish Moyer

World's Greatest Medical care. We moved to Iowa to enjoy these wonderful care givers

Randall Nettles

Nothing like sending your family members home while still half sedated and having issues coming out of it. Quality of care is hit or miss, sometimes it's above average, other times I'd say you'd be better off taking your chances with the crackhead in the alley doing whatever procedure you're having done!


Very nice health care

Danielle Imhoff

Great Hospital & Dr's. The ER could be better. But overall best place around!

Tami Swarts

It is a good place for .medical care.

Rhonda Howes

I've had good experiences here I've saw people in bad shape come here with no insurance and be treated with hospital stay. They helped him a lot treated him with respect. Good hospital

Jessie Hills

Great Doctors and staff. Excellent hospital.

Albert Ratner

Most of the Docs are very good and committed to getting things right. There are a few who don't pay attention and just want to do things their way even when it's not the best way.

Jenna Irrer

I was admitted for a severe migraine n sudden onset of blindness. It was the worst experience of my life. If I ever have to go to a hospital again it will never be this one. The head of neurology had no idea what was going on with me, cold turkeyed me off 95% of my normal medicines, which pushed my blood pressure up, plus they tried to force me into taking a medication that caused a previous stroke. Not to mention my $3000 diamond necklace has disappeared along with my diamond earrings. So sad that such a supposedly good hospital was so awful! There was 1 nurse that was kind, understanding, respectful and in general an amazing nurse. The nurses who cared for me, were rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate n definitely didn't have my best interest in mind. It took them hour's to figure out I needed Benadryl for an allergic reaction to some medication. I'd rather die than ever go back to that hospital again.

Jaimee Alcaraz

My fiancé went in for a bone marrow biopsy (his 3rd by the way first one here) never has he ever had one this painful. The guy that did it Scott Was so unbelievably rude. My fiancé told him very clearly he was not ready for the procedure to start he was still very aware of what was going on your doctor went ahead and did it anyway. He was screaming and pounding as they were drilling into his bone and then tried to give him an ice pack for the pain he can’t move and is crying still and it’s been over an hour since the procedure. When he requested a wheelchair Scott mumbled as he was walking out the door “you can walk”.

Mark N.

They saved my angel's life. I had never seen anyone that ill before. Actually I have, but they died. I'd never seen anyone THAT sick who survived. Not everything was perfect (we were there 3 weeks) but for an Iowa hospital, these folks are the best in the business. Also, if they do something you feel is wrong, tell them through a patient advocate and if the hospital agrees, they will work toward improvement.

James Terwelp

Was quoted an amount to have an IVF procedure done. A year later I've been billed over double the amount on the quote.( A quote I had to pay to get) the surplus charges are facility fees that are not disclosed.Trust no one at this facility. Go to a hospital that dosent rob you a year later with fraudulent charges.

Big Truk

Amazing hospital great staff

Jay Santana

Excellent treatment!! Great staff and residents. My only complaint is that the wait time is often excessive.

Jessica Dodd

Love the doctor my son has for his heart

Jeff Kurth

Great place, doctors and staff awesome

Rachel Delacruz

The ED is disappointing. I understand that there are some people that might be worse off then others...but when you are waiting going on over 4 hours now. something is wrong. Having severe pain in lower chest upper stomach and told they are sorry. after 4 hours called for ekgs then right back to waiting room..really.

Dirk Morrow

Very super friendly ER, very impressed , very Nice People.

John Fels

The care we recieved here was like no other, they cared for my son like he was their own. We extremely Thankful to have this care here!!

George Laurie

Ok I just helped a client up to the floor she needed to b on

Ronda Boken

Love Dr. Crosset she saved mothers sanity when other doctors screwed her medications and other treatments up. Then when my father was sick. The doctors in my area said there was nothing more they could do, took him to Iowa city he lived 3 years longer then what the quakes in my area said

Tera Hoffeditz

I was a patient there on the 8Jc unit following a horrific car accident. I was treated wonderfully by everyone. Thank you so much for going above and beyond with very caring loving hearts. Thank God for such a staff.

2 IamGrog

My daughter is currently a patient here. She is in pain and they ignore her requests for meds. The Dr. says every 3 hours she can have more... just ask. She had a dose at 9 am... and after 3 hours started asking for more. She received it around 3 pm. SIX HOURS. It is now 7 pm. We have been asking for an hour. I went out to the desk to ask when she was getting it and I told the nurse she's in pain and was told she could get it every three hours, its been four. She said yes, on request. Well she's been requesting for an hour... she requested TO THE NURSE I WAS TALKING TO! She has also been asking for a nicotine patch all day. We still have not received it. The Dr. Approved it this morning. It is 7:15 at night! I called the office of patient experience... guess what! They are closed!!!! She has been begging for ice chips every time someone walks in the door. STILL NO ICE CHIPS! The Dr. Approved it hours ago, too. What could possibly more important than your patient's comfort? She hasn't had anything to eat since yesterday. She is so hungry and when they approve ice chips THE LEAST THEY COULD DO IS GIVE HER A DAMN ICE CHIP. The nurse finally came in just now and gave the pain meds.... 20 minutes since I complained. I should not have to beg these people to DO THEIR JOBS. She said she's still working on the patch. Really? It's been HOURS. My daughter will be financially burdened for months after this and these people should at least CARE about her comfort.

Lottie ramsey-morrison

It has all types of Drs and specialists.

Hanna N.

We were referred by our primary care doctor to see a specialist for my daughters. The intake was a little overwhelming but when we saw the doctor it was all worth it. The doctor was amazing and took his time to focus on my children. Worth the time and trip!

Jeffrey Megown

Who needs Mayo when we have UIHC!


A great hospital and has a great staff.

Lori Price

Kind and compassionate staff and doctors

wsad ahh

The child psychiatry unit is not a place you want to be in (no freedom) , they had great foods and good people you could get along with, then all of a sudden your leaving and so happy about it but the only thing you will miss is the people you got along with.

Asoumita999 Asma

It was wonderful experience, I gave a birth there. Nurses and drs were very nice.


I am due for surgery Monday and up until now my experience has been great with the staff/nurses/doctors that I have had to interact with. However, yesterday I had a tech who seemed to hate his job, never gave a warning for anything he was doing. Today I had a question for scheduling and a Michelle answered and right away "scheduling this is Michelle!" harsh tone in her voice like I personally did something to her, I asked my question and she was just beyond rude huffed and puffed and talked down to me like I was stupid. Why would you treat someone like that?! On Monday I will deny service if she helps me because I do not want my care in the hands of someone that does not seem to care about patients or their concerns. Do not go into a profession if you do not have the heart for it.

Ed Bartels

Terribly slow the ER took almost 8 hours to complete.This hasn't be en the first time either.Totally rediculouse

Becky Riney

the doctors were friendly and I received proper Medical Care here

Lizabeth Werner

This past May my psychiatrist from the university had been refusing to put me back on the regimen I was on when I lived in Nebraska and literally cannot give me one good reason why other than she wanted to "try something else." Why would you mess with someone's meds if they were working just fine? Literally.what.the.f***??? So, she messes around with my meds for a bit and then My fiancé and I finally convince her to put me back on my old meds... Too little too late, because I had a full blown mental breakdown over the span of like two-three weeks that ended in me trying to overdose. And wouldn't you know it I ended up at the university... While I was there they left EEG glue (that I'm actually allergic to) on my scalp and face for over a week which caused blisters on my forehead and burns on my scalp, and they completely changed all my psych meds again (instead of just taking me off the med I overdosed on, like sane people). The meds they put me on made my hair fall out and its literally not growing back no matter what I do. I stopped taking the meds a week after I started taking them because I'd already lost a ton of hair in that short period of time. And I'm trying everything to grow it back but my body is just ruined from them thinking its a splendid idea to mix Lexapro and Topamax. PSA: It isn't.

Jamie Casper

I am very disappointed with the university of iowa hospital. They don't keep there word and i have been treated with disrespect from several departments and staff. I am disabled and i do have serval disabilities including medical and mental disabilities/disorders. I have decided too move all my medical out of the university of iowa hospital.

Josh Rzepka

I would give 1000 stars if they were available. We were there for 11 days with my father in law. He was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer. EVERYONE was amazing. Couldn't ask for better staff!!

Diana R

Excellent Drs. I don't mind the residents or fellows. Everyone has to learn, but I don't want them doing delicate procedures. Just my preference


This hospital does not care about family members. My loved one (family) went into the ER this morning. I had to work. He told me to call him there. I called him on my break, and the ER would not tell me how he was and told me to call back later. I called back hours later, he was still in there. They refused to tell me how he was or to let me speak to him and said his nurse would have to call me back. She never did. The end of the night, by midnight they'd put him on a floor. I called the floor to try to speak to him. The person that answered the phone said, "I'll let you speak to his nurse," before ever speaking to him to ask anything. I said "I don't want to speak to his nurse, I would like to speak to him." I was put on hold while he got the nurse for a very short period. The nurse got on the phone and said, "He doesn't want to speak to you right now. He is resting and you can call later. He is fine." She was more concerned about her busy job and how many patients she had to see. I know she lied, because he told me to call him. He told me to speak to him. She lied and said he didn't want to speak to me because she simply didn't want him to! I don't get to speak to him or really know how he is doing and the ENTIRE hospital carried this complete SHAM out all day long. They DO NOT care about families of patients AT ALL. I said, "What am I supposed to tell his children?" They don't care. Didn't get to speak to him and still don't know how he is or what has gone on, because they are so much more important than us apparently.

Anthony Morrill

If you want to be seen by a medical professional,in the E.R., come here. If you want to be seen by a medical professional In The E.R. same day? Go to Mercy..

Matthew Zimmerman

The best hospital go every year for cochlear implant check up ever since a baby

Erin Garnmeister

Great doctors and staff. These people know what they're doing!

Cary Miller

Overrated. Go to Mayo Clinic or the University of Minnesota. Minnesota's health care system is leaps and bounds over Iowa's.

Jennifer Flaherty

I was referred to the U for transplant services with very good private insurance. Unfortunately though my insurance doesn’t cover organ procurement. Even though Medicare covers such an extensive procedure, after 5 WEEKS of discussion I have been declined for service. Not only am I devastated because we’ve lost 5 weeks, I’m upset that a monetary issue is making me find another hospital who will service my needs. Likely having to drive more than 3hrs now for care. I am extremely disappointed in the U.

Chantel Harris

I've never dealt with a level if unprofessionalism like this before it's been 3 weeks trying to get an orthopedic appointment for my son ...the doctor at the pain clinic has tried and I've tried myself. The level of arrogance these people have is unreal...and still no call back about an appointment I most definitely won't be taking my son here!

Patrick Daly

Overall our experience with the orthopedic surgery department has been excellent right up until today My wife has had numerous surgeries performed there including two shoulder and a wrist replacement by Dr. Brian Adams. When she went to make an appointment today, she was told that he was no longer there. I understand that people move on and change positions in their career, but to be in pain, to have placed your trust in someone, and to get no advanced notice that the next time you may need his skills they will not be able to help you is unconscionable. U of I Clinics - you failed on this one.

joyce hagen

Big place easy to get lost.but friendly employees

The Larson Family

Love the service of the couple of obgyn doctors and the ultrasound techs I have seen. Got me in before my appointment time which is really convenient for me. Can't wait to have my child there in March. Plus I'm a Hawkeye fan so can see Kinnick Stadium.

Josh E.

One of best hospitals in the country. Some of most professional staff that really care about their patients. They do a great deal of research that helps people from all walks of life. I highly recommend going here!

Benjamin Bennett

They took excellent care of me

Jacob Thomas

We celebrated the birth of our first child here, and could not have been more satisfied with the experience. Dedicated staff, world-class knowledge and faculty. Nobody is ever totally happy to be in the hospital, but Iowa does a very nice job.

Shawn Selch

UIHC is a nationally ranks hospital in several areas. Great staff with lots of different specialties.

Jessica Wenner

So friendly and talked with easy terms so could understand


I was in the ER 3 weekends straight and each time was horrendous. 1rst weekend a month ago I was there from 5pm to 3am that next weekend again 8 hours again then the next weekend from 5:30p to 11:45am the next day. I used to swear by this hospital thought it was a class act from the physicians, residents & students now its like they are overwhelmed and over-worked and the fact that they don't have a triage person to give pain meds is absolutely ridiculous. Just wondering is helping people with their pain so they can help those who need more attention not a factor at the UIHC ER. It was a guy there with a bleeding arm who was sent from another hospital from another city was bleeding all on his pants going in and out of sleep., even in my own pain went to the desk and ask for help for him. They came and got him 10 minutes later but he had been sitting for 45 minutes to an hour. This is unacceptable then when asked about pain meds for myself she said she couldn't help because triage leaves at 8 so I sat from 6:30pm to 3 am in pain. Just a awful experience.

bruce fields

I've had mostly good experiences with primary care doctors and dental providers at this hospital. Oh, I will say though that the building itself is kinda ugly and absurdly hard to navigate, just a poorly thought out design, but I mean, most things in Iowa City are. Where they've really disappointed me is in their coding and billing. Similar to another reviewer, I saw a specialist here--I was having neurological disturbances that I thought could be seizures--and she agreed that they could be, and ordered me a few tests. One of those was an EEG, which seemed pretty standard to me. Didn't find anything. Anyway, a few months later, I get a $3200 bill for the service. This is, first of all, a pretty outrageous price for a 3-hour monitored EEG. I call, find out that procedure wasn't covered by my insurance. Or, more specifically, it WOULD have been covered, had the hospital coded it correctly, and had they been paying any attention when the claim was denied. Insurance told me that the difference between the covered coding and the non-covered coding was a single word. Would've been an easy thing to amend, and I asked them many times to amend it, reached out to the neurology dept, billing services, the patient satisfaction people, and nothing. I also got a letter that my neurologist had moved to another hospital in the middle of all this. Two of my doctors have ended up leaving the hospital in the time I've been a patient. Wouldn't surprise me if they had retention issues. Anyway. Because I make very little money, I was able to get the bill down to $600ish through the financial assistance program. This is still over a third of what I make in a month, so not exactly a trivial amount to me. Had I made more money, I would've had to pay the whole thing. Though I am grateful that the hospital has the financial assistance program, I know I shouldn't have had to use that in the first place. I had good insurance, and a specialist at the hospital deemed the procedure medically necessary. FWIW, another friend of mine was shocked by a five figure charge on her bill, which was an error on the billing dept.'s part--they'd double billed her. But the only way she got it taken off was by catching it and hounding them down to look into it. If someone was a little less observant or unfamiliar with the health care system (she works in medicine,) then they could've been stuck with it.

Pamela Wildebour

Good place for kids and they are awesome with the care they provide

Ammi Hugo

The doctors and nurses are superb, I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. The treatment and care I received was wonderful.

nathan diss

Parking is a pain and it is easy to get lost while here at the hospital. But the staff and doctors are great and very helpful.

Tyler Nelson

Over all good long waits

Brian Roach

My moms is in ICU bay 2 a nurse Morgan that been with my mom 3 days through bad times and I cant thank her enough the way she treats her, she raises moms spirits and makes everyone feel good, your people are awesome

Kris Fultz

Broke my right elbow and NOT A THING WAS DONE ABOUT IT with Dr Mary Graves. Also had my ACL surgery there by Dr Wolf and ended up with the top of my right foot with nerve damage (and my knee/leg) cuz can't feel part of the top of my right foot at all and my right knee/leg is very sore to the touch to my ankle. Now have a left broken elbow and workmans comp is sending me here for help! I'm thinking it won't get taken care of either!! Now I'm here again. Might have broken my ankle. Don't know yet cuz I have at least a 9 hour wait to get an x-ray to find out!! Will be seeing the hospital administrator after I'm done here in the emergency room!! I give this place NO STARS!!!!! Over all I rate this place at half a star!!

Fair field108

Post surgical care at this hospital is a nightmare. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Had multiple surgeries here. Inexperienced, immature nurses who barely know what they're doing. After one surgery was put in a ward with someone who should have been in intensive care. The multiple alarms she was hooked up to kept going off all the time for days--nurses did not come until I also rang the alarm to get them to come. I'm supposed to be recovering from surgery, not worrying about whether a patient is in distress and trying to get understaffed or lazy nurses to come. Another surgery was put in a ward with another woman who had severe injuries from car wreck. Had to smell her foul poop for days. On top of that had to share the room with her husband who was also sleeping in the ward. They both snored loudly. Nurses refused to give doctor prescribed pain meds after two of the surgeries until I called the on-duty surgeon. I was also abused/assaulted during one of my surgeries and came back with two black eyes and bruising. There are multiple other stories from this institution I don't have time to write about. A poor culture with most of the ARNPs and PA's dressed to get laid or otherwise inappropriate. Absolutely abysmal supervision in some of the test centers and lab techs who barely speak English and smile at you with grey green teeth and simply act creepy. DON'T GO TO THIS HOSPITAL for surgery EVER! They also keep you waiting for hours for appointments, no apology. The legal process in Iowa makes it almost impossible to sue medical practitioners and hospitals like this. Many of this hospital's crimes and transgressions go unreported and are effectively covered up. The only positive thing I can say is that this hospital's record keeping gave me a good laugh--because it's laughable. Lots of unhappy doctors there and many lost souls on staff. Or, in some sections, the culture is like a dark, comedic sitcom with staff more concerned with their own little subculture and personal issues and egos than with patients as people. Be warned!


I have been going to this doctor since forever. I have scoliosis and every few months I have to go to the hospital. But the doctors are nice, so I learned to not care that much. Plus, one time I had surgery and almost got paralyzed by it. Thanks to Dr. Weinstein, I was never paralyzed. And sorry to all the other people that had bad experiences

Kelly McReynolds

I could not ask for more caring staff for my mother, she’s been there twice for her liver failure. This time she’s in palliative care and they are the most patient staff. They go above and beyond to make sure the patient and family are taken care of. The social work team is also excellent. I’m so very thankful for these services.

Lisa W

My mother was sent here for open heart surgery and cardiac stents. The entire staff at this hospital was amazing. The doctors, nurses, everyone was very caring, compassionate and kept us well informed of what was going on. Dr. Jay Bhama and Marge, the nurse practitioner that works with him were great. The ICU nurses and doctors were great. Hospital was clean and the Helen Rossi foundation even helped us with a local hotel discount since our mom had a long hospital stay. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. People in Iowa and all over are lucky to have this hospital to go to.

Clay Turkle

My only complaint is the wait time can be a little extreme. Otherwise, every clinic I've visited has been extremely knowledgeable and very helpful!

Annette Mole

Hospital that's on the cutting edge of technology and innovation .

Rachelle Coughenour

A wonderful place. The doctors and clinic is a Godsend that meets all of my family's needs!

Jeremiah Franklin

Dr. Patrick Brophy Is A Awesome Dr This Place IS Truly A Great Hospital And they Care About there Patients as well as children

Jake Anderson

I got referred here from a doctor in Des Moines , IA. I went there to see a specialist about a cyst I have in the left side of my face that pushes up against all my facial nerves and causes extreme pain. Although the intern that checked us in was very nice and very professional the doctor that saw me was very unconfident about the way he talked and acted as if we didnt plan to come to iowa city an entire week in advance. He also talked to me as if I was a complete idiot. I do not write reviews but they then charged me for storing my CT scans that were done in DSM. The same CT scans that they couldnt find to review them with me at the appointment. He then told me that he thinks that I should just live with it in my face. This wouldnt be a big deal if I was towards the end of my life but im in my early 20s still. He actually looked at me and asked if I think I should get an MRI. Then looked at me nervously and said that we should probably do it with some question in his voice still. I am still fighting the billing department on the bill for storing the CT scans that they couldnt seem to find for the appointment which comes out to be over 200 dollars. I am now scheduled with methodist to have surgery where they treat me amazingly in Omaha and the surgens are very confident. If I could do it all over again I would start out driving the longer distance to see some actual professionals.

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