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REVIEWS OF Wellstone Regional Hospital IN Indiana

Akintola Oludele

A Very wonderful, patient service oriented place. I had a sign of relief when my wife was taken in after been to 4 different so called "big hospitals " all within 3days with no help. Worse part she was over dosed and make the situation got out of hand. Good job, wellstone

Austin Kinslow

Bace Ellsworth

Yes every psych hospitals has its own problem. However, some of these reviews are 99.9 from people who thought they could got their own way. I was there from last Saturday up until 2 pm today. I have seen patients getting an attitude like it has be there way. One patient was where if the nurse did not bring him his food to him and drink that they were doing their job. Other people thought the nurses behind the desk has to what the patient want and not their own job. Folks stop thinking that it is my way

Jesse Uzor

They had great doctors who were always ready to assist us.

Catherine Leach

Cassandra Stephan

Beware of thefts. I brought a family member in a large bag of new full size toiletries, new shirts, new socks and underwear, new pants, and other various personal items as well as some other clothes. Not only did I sign a paper itemizing the contains of said bag, I made sure they were approved items. She did not receive the items until days later and only a few of them, none of which were new items. I repeatedly got the run around from staff of where the bag was. She only received some of the bag. There are various signs posted and on the paperwork that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Beware. I have a hard time understanding how she only got some of the bag, but received no new items. Coincidence ? I don't think so. Again, beware with bringing anyone in items!!!!

Kaz Kaan

Please if you love your family member don't send them here, it'll be a waste of money and will not help with their recovery at all. I'm convinced all the people leaving 5 star reviews are being paid. If this were accurate they'd probably have a 1 star instead of a 2.7.

Earth Dragon Vibes

This place is a joke! Go across the bridge if you need help plenty of professionals.

Amanda Driscoll

Amazing hospital with amazing staff!!!

Patricia Warner

Kara Beard

This place is a huge scam. Love my therapist and the group therapy seems to work. I have nothing bad to say about the therapy, but they will bill you before they find out how many sessions your insurance approves and even offer you a discount if you pay upfront. However, if you don’t stay the full time because your insurance only approved so many days and you’ve already paid upfront your amount, they will make you go through hoops trying to get your money back. I had someone in their office tell me my insurance reimburses me...which didn’t sound right at all. Then I called my insurance and they confirmed that Wellstone would indeed be the ones to reimburse me. Which I knew all along. After speaking with their billing department, they said they wouldn’t reimburse me until the insurance paid their portion. None of it made sense. This place is just out to get your money.

Brittany Durbin

Finna Meme

Some lady yelled at me as i rode by on my bike with my brother and she worked there

Sarah Frazier

Lady who answered the phone when I called about trying to get admitted for suicidal feelings was VERY rude. She only told me to find somewhere closer (this is the closest place to me) and hung up on me. When I went before in 2015 I had bad panic attacks and all they would do is sedate me. One staff member yelled at me to get away from her after i walked up to the desk to get a pad. My roommate made fun of me constantly and nothing would be done about it. When I first arrived I broke down because the stress was horrible and I started crying and they isolated me. The only GOOD thing was the food.


This place is a joke. The staff is beyond rude, they won't let you make a complaint about a staff member, and they laugh in your face. You'll be much worse off after you go there than before you were when you walked in. I know that sounds like I'm just over-reacting because of a bad experience, but that's not it at all. I have been to numerous in-patient units in multiple states, and so I know how to spot a decent place from a bad one. This one has got to be one of the worst ones that I've seen.

Jeremy Wheeler

Katie Glover

OK, so I went here when I was 15/16 (I spent my birthday in). I was here for 11 days in early 2011. I keep seeing all the high reviews and it makes me angry because this place DOES NOT DESERVE IT, so I'm finally speaking up. Maybe it's easier on the adults, but for us teenagers....Firstly, I had two requests the whole time I was there. I wanted the bed by the window (looking at the stars relaxed me) and I wanted to change roommates---I don't feel either of those are hard requests, and I didn't demand them. Neither was fulfilled. I had a nice roommate my first few days, then she left and I got someone else whom I wasn't a fan of. She made me extremely uncomfortable the whole time I was there and I repeatedly requested getting a new one but they never did. I was given a folder when I got there that I drew in and wrote songs in but one night a couple girls got into a huge argument in the sitting area after I went to bed and after they'd all been sedated (with a tranquilizer shot in their butt!) I think everything out their got thrown away because I never saw any of it again despite asking repeatedly what had happened. I could have accepted them saying 'Sorry, we had to throw it out' (though I can't imagine why that was necessary), I just wanted to know. To their credit, they did accommodate me slightly, such as letting me keep a crayon at all times because I enjoyed writing. That is the only nice thing I have to say. I had to spend every waking minute with my group, and had a roommate at night. Outside of the rare bathroom break, I had zero time to myself. Ever. Now, most of the girls in my group didn't like me much (I even got death threats from one) but on my birthday they (mostly) banded together and made me cards. However, that birthday was still the worst of my life. I was in a great mood....until the 'teacher' there told me that I was being too happy and to talk to my doctor about getting my meds adjusted. That just killed it. She wasn't even nice about it, she was just blunt. Another supervisor said something hurtful to me and when she found out it hurt my feelings she laughed it off and gave a not-pology. The lady who checked me in was super rude as well. Honestly, I felt some of the people who worked there shouldn't be working there because they couldn't seem to handle people being the wrong mood. Now, about my doctor. He was nice enough. However, he diagnosed me before even meeting me with a disorder that I don't have. I've had a psych eval done since then that said I didn't and I was never convinced I did either. But no, he walked into the room, introduced himself, then told me that I 'might be bipolar'--almost in one breath. I was never able to fully shake that label, even after proof that no bipolar medication helped and never having a manic episode in my life. He also blew off my concerns that I had anxiety. I find out almost 5 years later that I do have it and can't help but wonder how much more manageable it would have been to have started on something for it at 16 instead of almost 21. The day I got discharged, I had to have doctor approval for it. He didn't come in until around 7 or 8 that evening. I was chomping at the bit all day to get out. Then, he spoke to someone else first (in all fairness I think she was being released too), and *finally* got to me. Then I get to the lobby and am about to walk out when I realize my textbooks are locked in the classroom (due to it being President's Day we didn't have class so I wasn't able to get them; also wasn't allowed to have hardback books in my room because reasons). So cue me and my mother waiting 45-freaking-minutes for them to find a key and get them out. By the time we got back home from picking up my prescription I basically had time to quickly sift through my belated birthday gifts and go straight to bed. I can't speak for the adult ward, but I can say, do not send your teenager here. It will not help them. It will cost you a lot of money. It's not worth it.

Lawrence White

Pat Bratcher

Karen Gerth

The only thing good about the place was the social worker. She seemed to be the only one there that cared about the patients. I was there for week and saw my doctor once for 30 secondd.

Danielle Phillips

Wellstone has always provided quality care for my clients that I refer to them. They are willing to go the extra mile to assist referring agency.

Linda Etzwiler

that place was horrible it sucks it really dose it helped me a little but it still hurts me that i was there for i think two weeks it suck because i could not see my family i cry most of the time i was there the first time i seen my family it hurt me so bad if i had a chose to where i go i would never go back , i really would love for you all to not think of hurting your self in any way please don´t hurt your self your amazing in your way no one else. <3

Tesia K

I was only 15 when I went here. It was not at all what we were expecting. I got transported here. We were told my mom could stay with me. We were told I would only be here 3 days or so. I was there for 2 weeks. I got to come home 2 days before Christmas and that was only because my social worker and Dr left on vacation and I had a different social worker at that time. I hated it here. Some of the staff was nice but I didn't belong here. I should have been sent home way sooner.

Jill Gerlach

Very supportive of community & individual needs.

Cristi Rucker

As a healthcare professional, I have seen great results from Wellstone with Geriatric Patients struggling with Alzheimer's and/or Dementia. The physicians and social workers are very thorough in their approach to find a resolution to the individual's crisis. I have personally witnessed the support and guidance that is given to families in their time of need as their loved one is going through treatment. I would definitely recommend!

Doug Drake

We refer to Wellstone Regional Hospital and have had good reports. The staff is very professional and we have all always had a good rapport with them. When we need help with a client they are always there.

Candace Rachel

NEVER take your child here or be convinced to. This place is horrible and not worth it. Look elsewhere honestly. There are much better treatment centers. Had my 6 year old less than 24 hrs and called to attempt to put her on an anti-psychotic.

layla squad for life

Hi my name is layla im14 and I was there for 2weeks....i hated it they took away my bra... And I didn't but I got it 3 days before I discharged.. But over all the staff was nice.. And my room mate left a day after me then I got a room mate that was wayy older then me) She made uncomfortable bc she would talk about inappropriate things. The food there was ok.. But not the best. .. It took them for ever to get me admitd. I went there for self harm, depression and anxiety.. They yelled wayyy to much. And they had fire drills, All the time and it made me scared bc I hate loud noises. . Well let's go back a little bit The lady that got me in was road she told me I don't make sense. But over all if u want your kids to get help this isn't the place

Judy Sauerheber

Robin Dartt

This place is horrible took my 6 year old there they had him for 2 weeks came out worse than what he did when he went in don't take ur kids here

John Oneoneseven

Mad Ladin

Alex Courter

I've been in the adolescent unit 2 times. They are very unprofessional, rude, and not helpful to someone going through serious mental health issues. I was crying all day my first day, about two months ago, and I was told to stop crying, that I was triggering people, and had to wait to have my phone call last because I was upset. The staff that mostly upset me was Mr. Wes. The food was good, but other than that, I wouldn't suggest anyone go there for mental health issues. Also, they don't treat eating disorders which was one of the main reasons I was there. They said they'd put me on two hour bathroom restirictions (they didn't), they said they would monitor my caloric intake (they didn't), and that they'd provide whatever care was needed (they didn't). Don't ever go to Wellstone. Also, they didn't provide me with my birth control.

Kiya Simpson

I never thought anyone cared. And I was right I was 17 the LAST time I was sent to wellstone. It was 2 months before I turned 18. I walked in about 7pm but had been in the lobby for about 2 hours. That entire day was tough so I didn’t expect anything less from the first night but I was wrong. The nurses had a few questions for me so I was standing at their desk with tears in my eyes when MR. W ( I’ll use initials for privacy) came and stood beside me and told me I was okay and I was safe there. HE HAD NO IDEA WHY I WAS THERE. But he told me that I was safe and I felt a small amount of pressure lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t get any sleep that night but every 15 minutes for checks I did have a nurse come and ask me how I was. The next morning was also hard but all me staff actually cared to learn something about me they cared to know how I was feeling. I’ll skip some time now and move to my biggest suprise by wellstone. It was my 4th day there and I had an awful day but I had a break at night no not a relaxing break a mental break I was seeing things and hearing things. They were the thins that had me put in there. Imeadiatly without hesitation MR. W grabbed me out of my chair along with MR.J and they took me to the quite room where I explained what had happened. MR.W looked at me and again reassured me that I was safe there . The person couldn’t get to me no matter what and I felt safe for the first time in my life. I was the oldest person there and MR. J was really close to my age so he asked if I would like to walk the hall to get air and calm down and that’s what I needed. While we were walking he explained some things and I knew I wasn’t alone. BUT I did give wellstone 3 stars for a reason. The caseworker sucks she only kept me there 10 days because insurance stuff knowing dang well when I got out I was screwed she asked me if I could go home and I explained to her that I couldn’t but she sent me home to be kicked out 2 days later she didn’t help me with anything she made everything there worse. Nobody wanted to send me home except for her.. it has now been 6 months since I’ve been out and I can’t wait to be able to thank the workers in person❤️

Nicole Smith

I have had a great experience working with the staff at Wellstone. The immediate service they provide to children in crisis is fantastic, and I love the after care options/resources they give to families at the end of their hospital stay.

Raeann Craig

Staff was friendly but strict, food was good most days, and the treatment groups were totally worth it. You might stay longer depending on the doctor, though.

Ashlie Combs

Our 14 yr old daughter attended this facility. Worst experience we have ever incurred. They were upset because they couldn't force medication down our daughters throat. We refused. They alienated our daughter against us, told her we were a pain for refusing the medication, advised her they were going to report us to Department of Children's services. Our daughter is a normal 14 yr old child (slightly depressed due to hormones and suffering consequences for her teenage actions) (typical teenager) who has perfectly normal loving parents. They also only allow 2 changes of clothing, paperwork states they wash the clothes daily, our daughter sat in dirty clothing for 4 days. This facility was a disgrace, highly recommend never sending ANY child to a place that alienates a child against their family or parents! Thank u.

Luke Mogan

It helped me not want to commit suicide

Adrienne Farley


Shannon Johnson

As a School Social Worker, I work with many community mental health agencies. Wellstone Regional Hospital services many of the families in our community and is a wonderful partner. Their free assessments are essentials in families getting the care that they need; and staff there are always willing to collaborate with the schools as long as there is parent permission. Mental health treatment is not something that can occur in isolation. Having agencies that are willing to collaborate is a necessity. In addition to providing services for students and their families, Wellstone also provides opportunities for learning through their "lunch and learn" series. I have found these opportunities to be beneficial in maintaining and broadening my my knowledge of critical mental health issues.

Counsel House

Amazing group of people. I have worked with them for years and they always give 100%

J Winters

My experience was brief but good. I would return in the future if necessary. On a different note, I did want to remind readers to take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. It is entirely possible that they are true. Remember, though, that people like me and others who check in to psychiatric hospitals are there for a reason. They are often emotionally unstable as a result, and they see life and their experiences in it through a negative filter. They can't help it. This would of course affect any review they'd give. Also, remember this hospital treats thousands of patients and there are only two reviews, both negative, which is the only reason people bother to write reviews -- to vent. If you are a parent, and your child is having a severe and potentially dangerous reaction, you should probably go to an urgent care facility or even the ER. A psych hospital was a questionable recommendation from a PCP. If any complaints result, direct them that way, and not a hospital that has standards and procedures in place to protect patients from leaving the facility early, potentially putting them at risk for a lot of things, including self harm. Remember, not all patients can make rational decisions, and when it comes to children, they need to be extra cautious. And who knows, maybe PCP's tell people to take their kids to psych hospitals because they suspect there is a psychiatric component to that bizarre behaviour -- a question that should be asked.

Marcus sutherlin

Lori Sympson

The entire facility was infested with ants and very overcrowded! They let patients get away with too much as well. In group, some of the staff are extremely rude, mean and should be patients there themselves! They could do better on beds as,much money as they're making from the patients. Flat out, this place needs a lot of improvement! They tore up a brand new 15$ bra of nine and will not even repay me! They didn't help me one bit the entire time I was,there, only made me worse. This facility is a huge joke.

Casey Cline

The staff, most of them, are very caring and there to help. The food is good too.

Stacie davis

Awesome people compassionate helpful always smiling great if you need someone to talk to

Theresa Clark

Darcie Frazer

My sister was here ..we visited her and all the nurses staff were nice and very competent except one person the receptionist with Bob hair cut..she was very rude and didn't give anyone the paper I had to sign to get HDR out I waited over an hour

Joseph Ridenour

Anyone who tells you to take your child here either doesn't know how bad this place is or doesn't actually care about your child's well being. They will dope your child up, no actual treatment plans, won't answer or return calls, no one on staff actually capable of giving a legal diagnosis.

Brooklyn Phillips

Great enviorment, and great staff (:

Jenn Caldwell

They were very kind to me. And helped a great deal, however as soon as I was released they no longer were helpful in any way in order for me to continue care.

Stevie Nicole

Some of the staff is wonderful. Especially the nurse techs Alexis and Debbie, the nurses Jackie and David, and the dietitian Chris. They were all supportive, helpful, kind, and didn't make me feel like a burden. Unfortunately there were some staff members who were very unprofessional, rude, insensitive, and treated me like a burden. However, this place is like a vacation compared to the third floor at Clark Memorial. You're allowed to have snacks all day, you don't have to share a toilet or shower with every other patient, only your roommate. The groups are educational and helpful. I'm thankful they take my insurance because I've been to Clark for a week 4 times and always came out more suicidal and more triggered to relapse on drugs/alcohol. Although it's not perfect, it's a paradise compared to some places and you actually get to go outside sometimes if the weather is nice and they actually tried to accommodate for my vegetarianism and eating disorder. Meant the world to me because Clark couldn't care less if I starved or not despite being pregnant.

meghan stephens

I will never to go wellstone ever again. The nurses treated me like an animal. They were giving me some types of medicines that i wasnt suppose to take but they made me take it and i felt very judged there too.

Chris G

People seem to either hate this place from experience of loved the service they provided when they were there. When I was there I can honestly say it saved my life and can't express my gratitude to the facility enough. The amount of food that is offered to you is unbelievable.

Lyric December

I went there March last year. I was in the kids unit seeing as I was 12 and the day staff was RUDE! I was sent there for my depression and they showed me way to cope with ANGER! Not depression! The food there was terrible also! The only good people there was my doctor.


this place is terrible literally don't ever go to this hospital i spent 12 days in there and it was for nothing

Tiffany Collins

Andrea Johnson

My daughter was there for 11 days. She is still having nightmares about this place. Do not let anyone you love go there. Never again will she go there.


Just a huge scam. They charged me 50.00$ for "not showing up" when they're the ones who cancelled the appointment. I'm extremely pissed off that they had the guts to try to trick me like that. I will not suggest anyone to go here. Floyd County Baptist Health is much much more reliable. Go there to make any appointments.


this place had helped me. I was there 11 days. I gave it 4 star's because there where some rude staff there. I was a cutter and wanted to die. they where really concerned about me Finley the phy change all my meds and now lot better. This was my 4th stay with in 3 months and last hopital stay.

Avery Jones

Kayce Orwig

My sister begged to be admitted and they still turned her away. What type of doctors and staff do they have? She already told them that she needed help badly yet turned away.

Bayleigh Deacon

Jay Michael

I ended up going to wellstone for depression but what I found there was a mentally ill Mental Health Technician named Kelly who was so much more than disrespectful... She was in fact emotionally abusive and terroristic in her approach to patient care. And her nonsense was always cosigned, confirmed, and reinforced by the R.N. On duty. The place should be called Hellstone Regional Hospital.

Nick Berkeley

Amber Connell

We pulled our 10 year old son from this horrible place today. This is our sons 2nd hospital stay and I thought this would be a better place than the last but I was WRONG. Bloomington medows was WAY better!!! When I spoke to my son he begged me to take him to the other hospital, not come home,but the other hospital. They call the kids bad and they are there because they dont know how to behave. Those kids are NOT bad they need help! My son was there for depression and self harm not because he has a behavioral issue. My son said they were rude and treated them like they are nothing. They allow other kids to hit, punch and hurt others. They put their hands on the kids and try to explain it away. The lost 40 dollars in clothes of my sons and all they keep saying is they cant find it. The did the inventory sheet wrong but we have pictures of what my son was wearing the day he got there. They never gave him his clothes other than one outfit during his 3 day stay. He has a stuffed animal that is a comfort item for him and they took it away from him and wouldn't allow him to have it back until he left. They didnt give him the meds he takes at night and his depression meds were upped without our approval. If you love your children do NOT take them here! I will use Bloomington medows from here on out even if they dont do one on one therapy. My son had hit his head (on purpose) it's due to his other issues, and the staff there clapped and were using mocking tones. All the fears parents have about putting their children in a place like this come true when your child is left at wellstone. I had asked on more than one occasion if they just allow ANY person off the street to have a job. They dont know how to handle kids at all and dont have the education or training. Worst place I have EVER dealt with in my entire life.

Roger Morin

This place is awful gave my son wrong medication and refused him a pillow and blanket then the social worker asked us what kind of drugs he needed to be on. This place is a bunch of BS and I wish I could give them a 0 there is alot more just would take forever to write it all.

Justin Goldman

Tawny hall

Please choose a different place for your children. The school referred us here and I will forever regret trusting them. My child (who is 8) sat in the same clothes for days because they lost his clothes (and others who were there at same time didn't get theirs either.) We addressed it and it still wasn't handled 24 hrs later. They made it clear they were not going to look for them. He was made to sit in a chair at all time, even at night. Did anyone at this hospital actually graduate with a degree? My child cried when I spoke to him... He is actually worst off now. Had I known how bad it was, I would have spent the time it took to get to Peyton Manning each day. Please believe the reviews you see and don't just hope your child will have better... They will not!!!

unknown unknown

After my prescription ran out I left several messages and had my pharmacy fax multiple refill requests with no response. I went through wicked withdrawl from having to stop my meds cold turkey and nearly had to be committed. Dont waste your time here, dr mian books appointments 1 to 2 hours before he even arrives anyway

kylie stakelin

This place is a huge joke. The food made me nauseous every time I was around it, had to be put on a diet so I wouldn't puke everyday. The staff are very immature. They laugh at you, they don't keep your information confidential, they don't care about your needs, and they don't pay attention, always on their phones. They just simply don't care. This place needs so much improvement, I will never go back. (been here twice). DO NOT LET ANYBODY YOU LOVE GO HERE. I still have nightmares.

Kelly Bolte

They saved my life. I appreciate everything they did for me to get me thru a severe mania cycle. This was 4 years ago & I'm still doing pretty good with the help of continued therapy & meds. The facility was alright. Not fancy, but that's good because you need to work on getting out of the hospital. If it was more like a resort spa, it'd be tough to get us out of there to live our real lives.

Rob Walden

I was there a few years ago without any problems from staff they are all very carrying I was back last year and a lot of the staff was still there, and still treatment was great.

Betsy Dixon

I was there 2 weeks ago...8d stay. Nursing staff, social worker, activities & food were good. I did fill out 2 grievance forms & the DON and part of administrative staff had a meeting w/ my whole unit....i feel blessed to of been a part of their family for that short time.

Faith Colmore

I I mean it was a good place but I still missed home it's just the people that were very strict

Ronnie holladel

Elizabeth G

We trust Wellstone with the care of our mother in their geriatric with issues related to dementia. They over sedated her, allowed her to become severely dehydrated. Now we are planning her funeral.

Alexis Kimberly

Sondra Daly

This place is a JOKE! Our appointment was initially at 9pm. Waited for over an hour before they decided to tell us they needed to reschedule due to lack of staffing. Came back at 11:30pm for our second appointment and now it's 2am and they still haven't heard back from the doctor. Do yourselves a favor and go across the bridge. They are more professional and actually are considerate of other's lives and time. OLAP never made us wait for 5+ hours before receiving a response. Another guy walked out as well but he didn't wait nearly as long as I did before coming to his senses!!! Very unprofessional place and I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. Was lied to numerous times and told 5 different stories as to why we haven't had a response from staff.

Justine Karlis

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