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REVIEWS OF Terre Haute Regional Hospital IN Indiana

Amanda ReelWhite

James Snapp


I got the utmost very best of care while I was admitted from the emergency room. I arrived by ambulance from home after getting chest pain and passing out for what my hubby said was at least 3 minutes, The ER doctor dr. Worley gave me a good once or twice check over and had me in xray and cat scans blood draws and IVs before I hardly knew it,The nursing staff was courteous professional and oh so very kind to me. I was admitted and taken up stairs where I had a private room (which I prefer as I snore so I keep people awake.) The nurses all genuinely cared for me and my well being. They made sure I was as comfortsble as possible at all times checking on me continuously I will never use any hospital even if I have to and am able to I will make the extra miles to go where I get the utmost best care and my life will again be saved !! THANK YOU REGIONAL HOSPITAL AND STAFF FOR YOUR CARE AND HELP!!! ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ GODSPEED AND BLESS REGIONAL HOSPITAL

Amy Pryor

Had Day surgery there yesterday...the nursing staff was awesome ....and Dr.Kleinman was super amazing and very attentive to my needs only complaint would be the younger anesthesiologist was a tad arrogant and seem to not completely get the severity of my anxiety problems with surgeries

Casey McClure

My father was taken to Regional after being hit by a car while walking. He had a large gash in his head that required 7 staples to close along with injuries to his foot and shoulder. When my sister and I arrived his nurse just rude and not very willing to answer our questions. When his bed alarm went off no one came in to shut it off so I had to go get someone. When I got to the nurse's station all that was there were Ivy Tech students. Finally one of the students came to help us get the alarm off. They ended up discharging him in less than 24 hours from his accident. They didn't really treat the injury to his foot just gave him a boot. They said their was no need to follow up until he had to get the staples out 2 weeks later. He ended up having to go to Union to get his injuries looked at again and they found that bones in his foot were broken. He had to see a Bone and Joint doctor to get that fixed. The whole situition was just terrible.

Ronnie Carlson

Amelia Fenoglio

Darice Warpenburg

Scott Chase

Mother in law was having chest pain and breathing problems, so we went to the ER, the receptionist had her checked in and said to standby and they'd be right with us...its been almost 30 minutes and we are still waiting in the waiting room, like wow I didn't know we had to call ahead for a reservation

Lori Wade

This is our 4th time to Regional ER. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer. Most of the time the experience is ok, i sat in here 7 hours last time for them to decide to admit my mom which the oncologist Already said we were going to. Today i see no compassion, just that busy hirried look in everyone. This could be thrir family member someday. Remember to keep the compassion. Not just asking for morphine, cancer is in the bone and it hurts already

Kim Schoffstall1959

Kim Head

Mendy Treadway

I was early for my appointment and the brought me right in and got me out before my actual appointment time. Staff was very helpful and curtious

Jonathon Bell

all the nurses stand around watching different patients instead of helping the ones in need. no doctors check up on you, especially when you are the one in need of care the most. they don't take the patients decision into consideration. they bring the government into situations instead of getting consent from the wife/husband before making a decision. this is one of the worst hospitals.

Jack E Miller

Traci Sailer

Martha Holaday

Pre-op was easy to do, didn't have to wait long. Surgery day went smoothly, checked in, was sent to area for prepping within 5 minutes, surgery went very well, recovery, then home, in all about 5 hours total. All the staff were great, introduced themselves and also had a name badge. My comfort was very important to them, they also made certain that my husband had what he needed and they kept him updated during the surgery.

Linda Phillips

Amanda Greene

I can understand being busy with actual severe cases, but the staff just seemed... rude at the ER. While my issue didn't turn out to be an emergency, hearing the nurses loudly saying "she can sit and wait a while" in a derogatory tone doesn't help my willingness to go to the hospital when I think it's a severe issue. I've been to the ER three times in my life, with 8-11 years between each one. The doctors did, however, get the issue taken care of with recommendations for follow-up.

Matthew Burton

Debra Haskett

Marijune Burton

I was taken good care of during my bone density test.


The staff in the labor and delivery department was beyond amazing and took great care of me and my newborn son. Thank you for all you nurses do!

Marcia Tozer

I would never in a million years recommend Terre Haute Regional Hospital.

Angela Rollings

Justise Mobtgimery

Ben here since 5 its almost midnight and still no answers to wats going on

Lori Burch

Professional staff, kind and caring.

Canton Noblity

Jacquelyn Gallman

Had surgery here in November and everyone was amazing. Great ER team and my nurses on the floor were so sweet. Really happy with the care I received!

Christina Enyeart

Casey Arnt

As a result of lack of inspection during diagnosis in the ER I now have a ruptured ear drum. I was given the wrong medication and not thoroughly checked out when I went in for a pain in my inner ear. Not pleased at all and I plan on writing a letter to the administrator as well.

Melli B

Horrible service. After three hours of waiting ended up just walking out. Save yourself the trouble and go to union.

Kelly Woody

Sara Morris

Alisa Bilskie

The nursing staff was more than compassionate to me. They treat you like family!

Jane Doe

Beware of Surprise Billing - I was sent to the ER by an urgent care facility. My experience with the staff was excellent. Everyone I interacted with was kind, considerate, and compassionate. All in all I was there for around 5 - 6 hours which did not bother me at all. I was checked on frequently and they did everything to make sure I was comfortable. I have no complaints at all about the service. What has been a shock has been the "out-of-network" bills that have begun to roll in. So far out of the 6-8 separate bills of the visit 2 have been "out-of-network". So despite having excellent insurance my out of pocket expenses to date are over $2,500.00 and still coming. Apparently you consent to this when you check-in. Just be advised that even if the hospital is "in-network" not all of the services they provide for you will be billed as such. UPDATE to my review: increased from 2 stars to 4. I was able to work with Anthem BCBS and they paid the majority of out-of-network expenses.

David Owen

Betsy Bobbsey

I had an MRI of my knee. I wish I could remember the girl's name who took care of me because she was so professional and compassionate. I also appreciate that doctors read my films right away so I could find out why I am in such pain. I always recommend Regional Hospital.

Ethan Rayburn

Our special needs son received outpatient speech and occupational therapy for a number of years from Regional Hospital until that program was terminated in June of 2017. We absolutely loved our therapists and point towards that experience when describing many milestones our son has reached. We suffered a major billing headache just a few months ago that took some time to resolve -- but was resolved in an extraordinary way. This resolution has restored my faith in this hospital and its commitment to service and quality care. Highly recommend.

Norma Last

Jena Schoffstall

Dawn StJohn

Sharon Wilson

Gloria Pilkington

Brent Hylman

Drs and nurses are very ice and always willing to help.

Daneesha Higginbotham

Bryan Weaver

Caring and considerate employees

Manda Asbury

If i could give no stars i would ... the nurses in the pediatric ward was great .. but everyone else in the building was a joke. My son had a injury that needed child services called on they waited till we were walking out the door to tell us we had to wait till they came to talk to us. This hospital is a nightmare and a joke. The trama doctor talk to my son and i like we were dirt on the bottom of her shoes. If you'd like to be talked down too like you know nothing .

Trey Bolinger

The hospital took very good care of my dad when he had a heart attack. Doctors and nurses were very caring and watched over him closely to ensure the best recovery, didn't matter if he was in the ER, ICU or up in inpatient, he was watched over closely. Thanks for taking care of my pops THRH.

Florence Stamm

Rick/Sam Bertagnolli

Waste my time and no staff at 5:30AM

Michael LeFevre

W.J. Foster

Alex Phipps

The hospital took the time to make us feel welcome and explained everything that was going on. My father was ran over by a semi and when arrived the rushed him in and did what they could to make him as comfy as possible.

Roger Bailey


Everyone was very nice and I was happy with the care I received.

Terri Moscan

My outpatient visit was totally positive. Friendly efficient staff and clean environment. Definitely recommend.

Cindy Smith

Simply wonderful staff , Anesthesia Drs were great.Kuddos to Dr.Killmann on a great surgery .Would definitely recommend this Hospital only place I go!God Bless you all.

Debi Beddow

W. Tad Foster

Very professional, competent and caring. My operation and stay were as pleasant as possible given the circumstances.

Bill Doan

Everyone there are so,nice and polite, and know what their doing, it doesn't take forever to get in and out of there no matter what I've had done. Recommended before any other hospital, AND I been in them all. A shame Dr Cacdac,is still not with us, and i miss Dr.Bilotta ,they were the best all around. Thank you so much for the best medical services I can get. Bill Doan.

Bill Sullivan

Boss's girl

James Hillman brought me here tonight 2/17/19 to be seen. My name is Sue Vanalstyne. Great place! Good staff Lisa, admin was great and Autumn who took my labs was awesome!

Garrett Keefer

Chance Morlan

We ended up waiting over two hours after our scheduled appointment to be seen.

Barbara Perkins

V Sierra

The team that works at Regional Hospital is horrific. They are heartless, arrogant, insensitive and incompetent. Avoid them at all cost or have a lawyer picked out before you go.

Beth Littlejohn

Lori Taylor

I arrived at the ER by ambulance on Thursday afternoon. Had great care there and after I was moved to ICU. Brook and the other nurses made sure I was made as comfortable as possible and tried to make taking meds easy. After a over night stay there I was moved to the 5th floor where I felt like I was stuck in a room and soon forgotten. One nurse came in to help get me into bed took my lunch order and left. I had been in the room for about an hour and a half when I needed to go to the restroom. Didn't know if I was allowed to get up on my own yet so I hit the call button and waited. And waited. And waited. No answer back, no visit to see what was up. Not from ANYONE. After 45 min my husband helped me get up and get to the restroom. Back in bed another 15 minutes goes by before someone comes in to take vittles. I asked her if she was answering the call button, she said no but she can help with what ever I need. Never mind. About 2 hours after that a nurse comes in and tells her name and lets us know she just found out I was there. When I asked how many she was taking care of she said 23 people. Ok that makes it hard to get to everyone often. But is only one person allowed to answer the call button? At very least answer over the handset. The person in the room next to me had there button on when I arrived and it was still going when I was discharged 5 hours later. I never heard anyone enter that room. If I'd had to stay the night I would have walked up to the desk and started having a melt down to get someone to turn that thing off. Not sure how this place got its 10 spot in the state but they didn't having anyone staying there to tell what goes/doesn't go on. Never been my first choice in hospitals, not just for my care but for the care of other family and friends. If I'd had a choice I would not have come here.

Vivian Tracy

I cannot thank Dr. Esper and the ICU staff enough for saving my husband's life. He was transferred from Vincennes, Indiana after a cath showed ( 6 ) blockages. He had ( 5 ) bypasses. All the nurses are supercalifragilisticexpealadotious. I want to mention one who was special to us. We called her "Mother Mary". She was THE perfect nurse for my husband. They clicked and we totally love her. I want to say a giant thank you to everyone at Regional. His surgery was April 16, 2013 and we were totally surprised he ended up in open heart surgery. Dr. Esper should be called King Esper. Thank you thank you thank you! We can never thank you enough. God bless and keep up the good work.

Dan Burnett

Amber Sefcik

This place is consistently awful, the nurses and "doctors" are always misdiagnosing people or not even caring about their patients! People like this only practice in Terre Haute because it's the only place that will have them!


Absolutely horrible service. Had pitbull bites and went into the ER. Took them 3 and a half hours just to rewrap my wounds and give me 1 shot. THERE WAS NO ONE IN FRONT OF ME I WAS FIRST IN LINE. Almost 4 damn hours for 1 shot and to rewrap my bandage.

Samantha Garner

sara stolze

We went in last night about 9pm. My 1 year old fell down and bumped her head knocking herself unconscious. The wait wasn't too long, but that was the only positive. Once the Dr came in she asked me what happened. I told her and she asked if baby really knocked herself out because if she did it is a different course of action than if she didn't. I said yes, she was unconscious for 5-10 seconds. She said if she really did then they need to do a CT scan and give her radiation. If she didn't they just monitor her. I again said yes she did. She asked me if I wanted to do a CT scan. I said if she needs it. She acted like she didn't believe me. She tried to talk me into changing my story. They never did the CT scan and only monitored her. We were discharged after an hour with a she should be fine. I'm sure she was fine, but it would have been nice if they would have treated her the way she needed to be treated instead of acting like I was making up a story. Next time we need emergency care we will drive the extra time to another hospital.

Kathy Walden

Tammy Allsup

This was the worse experience!!! Being 49 th kidney stone the nurse was determined to prove i wasnt hurting and prove that she was in no big hurry after 2 hrs n 45 minutes another nurse came in and got my pain short in 20 secomds! This in itself was pitiful not to mention all other doings with this episode and Regional Hosp. Clan!!

Jakob Harsin

This facility is in network with Anthem, but guess what, not all of their providers are! Just got an $1100 ER provider bill because "their contacted provider" is not in network with Anthem. And we never saw a physician, just an Nurse Practitioner. Complete Ripoff.

Kimberly Dwigans

Outstanding knowledge, care, and compassion.

Risan Umarov

I regret coming herr its a waste of my nite and waste of doctors time., very unhappy gettin see here super offle doctors and nurses treat s you like a first grade and non experienced attitude

Chris Hollander

The doctors and nurses are rude and unprofessional. They provide a "customer service" line if you have questions about care or aren't satisfied and the "customer service" people act like you're wasting their time. Absolutely pathetic!

Shannon Sorlie

It was an overall good experience. Nursing staff was very professional and everything was told to me before i went back. Nice being talked to and treated like i wasn't a dummy.

Susan McKee

Had great, compassionate and professional care. Cheryl and Merry were amazing❤️

Gilberto Sampaio

Larry Samm

Amy Holbert

Ann Servis

I'm a patient at the cancer center at regional, the staff is so wonderful and caring highly recommend them

Emily Isbell

The only reason I’m giving them one star is because zero was not an option. The people who work here have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing. They are very inconsiderate of their patients personal belongings and lost my boyfriends fit bit and my best friends earring which has a large amount of sentimental value to it. Not to mention they made her sleep in a hallway. I would rather bleed out on my way to union before I went to regional.

Kay Krackenberger

I had surgery on Mar 8th and was in ICU till Mar 9th. Could not ask for a better Nurse. Her name was Brianna (Bri). She was amazing!! Thank you, Regional Hosp and Bri for being such great place to go! This is the only Hosp I will go to

Danielle Jones

James Holloway


Dan Albright

nancy hayne

Chris Newlin

Our care for services in the Outpatient Surgery department were wonderful. From the time we walked in the door to register; to all the nurses, surgical staff and of course the physician. I would highly recommend this hospital which is rated the highest score for patient safety according to the Leapfrog hospital safety scores.

Rikki Vestal

I had the worst experience at this place, I would never go back.

Deborah oestermyer

It went very well, am getting my dosage of infusions updated to really help. Thank you

Cindy Drake

This is an excellent hospital...I didnt have to wait long for my appointment and the girl that did my test was very helpful and caring...she explained the test and answered all my questions....I have never had a bad experience at t h regional.

Pat Pintar

I have been in Regional quite a few times in the last couple of years. Every time I have been there I have had nothing but courteous, bright and passionate care from all staff in the hospital. I think they do outstanding work.

Sue Rhudy

Took a friend from out out of town to the ER.He was in there less than a hour. The Doctor just took a quick look at him.No test. Said its a infection and gave him 2 RX .one for an infection and one for pain.The next night it was worst so off to Union which I hate, but they abmit him.The problem was taken care of.Really disappointed with Regional. Havnt got the bill yet.Really don't think he should be charged.

Jackie Chastain

stacie white

Azure West

Tobi Fisk

I want to share with you the bill this hospital charged us for on 12/27/2018. My son went to hospital with an ear infection at 10pm at night. I might add the only reason we went to ER is everything else was closed in Terra Haute. The bill for a 45-60 minute visit was over$1000.00 per our insurance negotiated rate. Which I was under the influence we would pay a $135 insurance copay. Which if we paid that night would be $108. Which we paid. No test were run except a physician looked in my kids ears and his Vitals including temperature was taken. An atibiotic was prescribed and 2 Tylenol were given. $1000.00 for use of the ER for an hour or less. This does not include the Dr bill. That is seperate. This hospital will not tell you the price before you come in. Only after they treat you. After beeing offered a 20% deduction today Dec 2018 my bill would be $792.20 plus the $108 I already paid and the amount I paid the Dr. I asked repeatedly for the cash pay price and was denied that information. Be careful if you go the ER even for something minor. They will price gouge you! It's funny how you pay more with insurance than you'd pay if you paid cash. Your hospital is one of the reasons the government has gotten involved in healthcare. It cost more for a 45 minute minor hospital visit than a few night stay in a Ritz Carlton hotel. Don't go to the ER unless you are truly having an emergency. The prices don't justify the treatment. If it can wait then wait.

Margaret Martins

John Washam

The nurses for my visit in April were horrible. They were extremely rude, and acted as if they didn't want to be there. The employees at the desk were trying to bill me before I had even received any care. Fast forward to today when I got a bill that wasn't sent until MONTHS after my care(which was poor at best). This is a ridiculous way to run a business, and if I need medical care EVER again, I would rather wait for an ambulance to come from Lafayette which is 2 hours away then be treated with the disrespect, and deal with the horrible split billing system.

Cindy Presnell

Mary Ann Martin

Sean Feeney

Billed $12,199.75 by three parties for an unhelpful cat scan and no diagnosis whatsoever. A terrible ER that should never be visited staffed by unskilled "doctors." Had to go to a real hospital a few weeks later to get a real diagnosis and have surgery.

Jay Safford

Was the nicest hospital and employees that ever cared for me very considerate!

Tom Bowker

Everyone was very nice and got me right in. Care was great too

Tatyana Turner

We couldn't have had better care anywhere else. The doctor and nurses were kind, actually cared, and gave the best care to my autistic son Brandon. Thank you all so much!!

Connie Fell

Rita Drake

Tina Price

My problem isn't with the staff. It is with the hospital's policy. They wait until the day before or the day of surgery to ask for a large payment. And when you can't cough up the several hundreds of dollars they want, they tell you they have to get approval before you can have your surgery. Thus, making the patient wonder if they are going to get to have the procedure done or not. As if the patient isn't under enough stress having to have a surgical procedure, the business office employees act all judgmental and high and mighty. Even the surgical nurses were apologizing for the business office!!

Jeremy Duncan

Son broke his arm. Fastest Dr visit ever he was being x rayed with in 10 minutes of being there required small procedure to fix break. Everything went smooth and everybody was awesome. Doctor even made a special trip to his office to give my son the color cast he wanted thanks to all involved.

Ivy Kardokus

I’ve been going to Regional Hospital for several years now, one of the best ! Very friendly staff and great care. Makes you feel comfortable. I would recommend them for anything you need. Thank you for all the care I have received these past few years !

dan campbell

Great facility,doctors will listen and take time for every problem.

Hannah Waterman

Ranjith cherukuri

Scott King

The Doctors and nurses are very caring and genuinally concerned. I have never been so well treated by any other Emergency room. Other Hospital's could learn a lot from from Terre Haute Regional Hospital. Scott King

Lora Orr

It was ok. I was not thrilled about the mat I laid on for 3 hours waiting for my procedure. The paper gowns were very uncomfortable too. Sharing a bathroom with someone was not great especially when I was there for a colonoscopy. My billing at that hospital has been so messed up before and was turned over to collection agency (and no I was not getting my bill). So hopefully this time around, billing will get it correctl

Jeri Grogan

Joy Minor

Lori Shaffer

Been here for over 3 hrs an only seen nurse 1 time pain shot ordered at 1015 am an it now 1205 pm still have not been in with it the dr keeps apologizing but this is her

Virginia Cheeseman

First of all I don't wanna leave one star.My daughter had to be taken to the emergency department around 830 pm and she was under mental distress the nurse that took care of her had to be the daughter of Satan, himself because one wouldn't treat an animal the way she treated my daughter the lady had no compassion whatsoever. The doctor couldn't tell the truth even if he was in front of God himself! Im deeply concerned of the treatment of people going on their. The state needs to be involved with those two. I wouldn't recommend regional emergency department to anyone not even an enemy.

Stacy Russell

My daughter was transferred to Regional Hospital on Wednesday afternoon (6-6-18) from Union! She had a 7mm kidney stone that required surgery. Dr. Cromley was very professional and came in late Wednesday night to do her surgery so she didn’t get pushed back if more dire emergency came in. The nurses & assistant on the 4th floor (surgical) were amazing. They took such good care of her. I mean not many nurses will help you put your nose ring back in!! So to the nurses & assistants who worked while she was in there 6/6/18-6/7/18 y’all did an amazing job!! I couldn’t have ask for any better nurses or assistants. I know the night nurse name was Jade but I can’t remember her assistant name and the morning nurse was Lindsay. Thank you all for everything you did and all your compassion to my daughter!!! Her name is Kailee. I hope someone tells you about this review or you see it!!!!

Wanda Taylor

Richard Clendenny

Went to have blood work done and the receptionist tells me I'm going to have to wait since I'm a walk in and I dont have an appointment! And was rude about it. I walked out and then came back over to where my wife is having a colonoscopy and asked about a bathroom and they tell me since I'm a male I got to go back out to the lobby and then when I get out to the lobby the mens bathroom is clear on the other side of the registration area! Who spaces men and womens bathroom that far apart? And it dont help any that I walk with a cane and it hurts to do all this back and forth walking! Everyone I know that comes here has a problem! Something is wrong with this picture!

Ms. Debbie Hillman

Not the hospital its self but had an MRI done and it was the most awful horrible experience I have ever had getting one!!!! The tech was not helpful at all I cant lay on my back for long periods but if I would have had help getting comfortable I think my MRI would not have look so bad to my Dr.

Ann Marie Foote

I was in and out in under 40 minutes for my CT scan. Everyone was great.

Ryan Christian

Rude staff. Put in uncomfortable, cold, slum like room. Moved to another room, them kicked back to slum room to make room for another patient. Was told everything was done, and 10 mins for discharge papers and have been waiting currently over an hour and ten mins. Usually have good experiences here, but today was ridiculous.

Jacquelyn Fink

Very friendly and caring. Quality care

Linda Nowling

I went to the FastTrack ER. The service was excellent. I didn’t have to wait. Everyone was friendly.

Deborah Hayes

This is a great place! The ER Staff is EXCELLENT! I would recommend it to everyone!

Stella Switzer

Well! That figures! I just wrote this major book review of Terre Haute Regional Hospital!!! But couldn't get it to post!!!! Apparently I had to punch on the stars first!!!! Dang it!!!! I am getting FACEBOOK SYNDROME now, so I will just make this short and sweet!!!! Twenty (20) weeks ago this very morning Terre Haute Regional Hospital HEAD TRAUMA SURGEON DR. CHRISTINE TOEVS saved my pathetic life!!!! I had two holes blown in my stomach from an ulcer that I have had 12 plus years!!!! I will never forget her or the staff at Terre Haute Regional Hospital! The 4th Floor East Wing Nursing Staff, my Therapy (Walking assistants) the Financial Ladies, even the Food Service (Sudexo) and Housekeeping Staff were amazing!!! Dr. Matt Lee, Physicians Assistant to Dr. Toevs came with her everyday to check on my progress!!!! They let me act really crazy with them! So I would not agree with the person who said the Doctors don't care about you! Please, just as with anything else, do not group all as one!!!! One Bad Apple Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch Girl!!!! Ha ha!!!! They were all amazing!!!!!! I wrote a letter to Terre Haute Tribune Star about them but they would never print it!!!!! Said they could not put in a format their readers could understand!!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET THEM OR BE ABLE TO REPAY THEM WITH ENOUGH KIND WORDS!!! I LOVED BEING THERE, except for crappy hospital beds and the food was a little bit to be desired! To which Matt Lee said on my last day, "Stella, if the beds were good and the food was good, no one would want to leave!!!!" True, true! I didn't want to leave because they were so good to me!!!!! Had to have emergency surgery and they kept saying I was dying, I was really sick! Dr. Toevs told my husband and family after surgery, "50/50 chance, I have done all I can do, it is in God's hands now!!!" My sister is a Housekeeper there and told me Dr. Toevs was on Real Life Stories of the E.R. once! I googled it! Really good story, she had to remove a chainsaw from a tree trimmer's neck!!!!! I told her, "I'M NOT WORTHY!!!" She was very distinguished, yet really down to earth! Let me hold her hand and I asked if she would adapt me! She says, "Absolutely!!!" ha ha! I cannot say enough about these wonderful people! Nurse Cindy! With her "I am gonna do three things for you each time she would come in! (Older/experienced nurse) My Jade!!!!! Kendyll, Anna, Faith, Volunteen, I could go on and on and on! They will know who they are and how good they were to me! I will never forget them!!!!!!! The student intern and lady that took my stomach tubes out!!!!!!! OMGuts!!!! That hurt worse than having a baby!!!! She said, just keep talking Stella!!! ha ha!!!!!!! I probably cussed them out a little! Well, I will close for now! Maybe write again later, because so many good memories of Friday, June 29, 2018!!!! Given a SECOND CHANCE at life!!!! OH, and get this, One day before my Health Insurance was to expire because had quit my job on June 2, 2018!!!!! If had still been at work, at the top of stair in Lincoln Quad doing summer work would probably be dead!!!! SO< PRAISE GOD AND DR> CHRISTINE TOEVS< MATT LEE AND TERRE HAUTE REGIONAL HOSPITAL!!!! I will praise them every day! Whether anyone likes it or not!!!!! Thank you for listening!!! STELLA SWITZER

pat miller

Teresa Scank

The MRI tech Ashley was amazing and helped me get through the MRI process as well as find my phone and called me personally to let me know they had it.

Annette Scott

Horrible exeperience. Took almost an hour to be seen by a nurse or a doctor even though I had a 135 bpm heart rate at rest. Whole place was dirty, the waiting room, exam room, bathroom had pee all over the place, dirty toilet paper on floor. Nurse was rude, told me I shouldn’t have came in for what was happening.

John Eversole

Judy Barnes

Denise Crawford

Tanner Doty

Nice and helpful staff. Can't say about treatments as I had nothing done

Darrell Graves

Rebecca Fortune

Rissa RaeLynn

Jim Fisher

A first time visit for X-Ray. The check-in woman was fantastic, guiding me courteously through the usual paperwork. After no waiting, the X-Ray technician was equally wonderful - both caring and informative. I was out in no time. I would highly recommend this facility.

Ashley Neuberg

It is always a waste to go to this ER. The nurses are always good but the doctors act like your wasting their time. I went to this ER with bronchitis and a bad Sinus infection and the doctor told me there was nothing he could do. I went directly to another ER and got great treatment, a breathing treatment and antibiotics and steroids. Don't waste your time here.

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