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REVIEWS OF St. Vincent Heart Center Carmel IN Indiana

Debra Henderson

Cassie Jones

I would give this hospital no stars if I could. My dad was sent there by ambulance from another hospital. When he got there he was told 3 blockages 85%, 90% and 100% wasn't an emergency and they didn't have the rooms and sent him home.

Jean Darling

Everyone, from cleaning crew up to doctors, was extremely nice and always smiling. You could tell that they loved working there. The nurses and their helpers were exceptionally great!!! However, when I checked out, the case manager told me that I could no longer come to their facility, because my cardiologist and primary doctor were from a different hospital facility and I refused to change them for one of their doctors. This hospital is closest to me and my family and in an emergency this is where I was taken. This just doesn't seem fair to me, since the hospital my doctors are with is at least 3 times as far.

Natalie Chandler

From the moment we walked in the door, I was at ease. The greeter at the entrance, and the nurses and doctors that worked with me put every concern and worry at ease for me. The care they gave was compassionate and professional. I left understanding my next steps and feeling confident with what care had been given to me while I was there. I'm grateful to have chosen this hospital and would return if needed.

Jill Spencer

Speaking for both the patient and myself (his wife), we could not have had a better experience over the four days we were there. Yes, they saved my husband's life using technology and tools and training and protocols that most "local" hospitals do not have. But the entire staff also had a warmth and compassion and desire to connect and communicate and comfort that many local hospital staffs do not have. It was a pleasure being cared for by them. Our life-saving doc was Dr. Hodes, but four or five others consulted, all just as nice and honest as him. (I might add that we have been in LOTS of hospitals in several states, often in crisis mode, so we've got something to compare St. Vincent's to!)

Jim Logan

They found blockage in my heart and opened it up

Jason V


My son-in-law had a bypass that had problems and was sent here. He got excellent care from the nurses and doctors. And that's off to Anni the R.N. on the 3rd floor. She was wonderful to our family and never once did we feel like we were a bother when we had questions or requests.

Leanne Miller

Amazing, outstanding hospital & staff. They implemented innovative technology including therapeutic hypothermia when my father suffered from a severe heart attack & cardiac arrest event. He survived. Dr. Elaine Moen performed a surgery and inserted 8 stints. He is a success story and is walking around today! THANK YOU to ALL the doctors, nurses and medical staff that cared for him during his stay, and especially Dr. Moen for performing a successful surgery which was understandably very high risk. Also special thanks to those night nurses that stayed by his side and cared for him! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

Gessica A

At the end of last month my father had a heart attack. Hearing so many good things about St. Vincent Heart Hospital I made the decision that this would be the best place to take him. He ended up having a quadruple bypass. I was extremely impressed with our surgeon Dr. Zanotti. If able I would give him the full 5 stars. Not only was his bedside manner impressive but the surgery went perfectly and it is hard to find a surgeon that comes to check on you three times the following day but Dr. Zanotti did just that and was in to see him everyday after and was extremely concerned about his condition. The care we received from St. Vincent Hospital after surgery was below standard. It seemed as though no one was on the same page about care, they were short staffed, they made very large medical errors of which I documented and voiced major concerns. A few serious issues that occurred while I stayed with my father included: -Staff putting him in his chair with no nurse light or pain pump two days after open heart surgery. -Arriving one morning to find him doubled over in severe pain only to look over at his bedside table and see he had pills stuck to the side of his medicine cup that had not been taken. I asked the nurse which pills were stuck to the cup as I was showing them to her and she was unable to identify them even after looking through his chart. -A staff member was handling him roughly when he was in severe pain trying to get his blood pressure. I expressed he was in severe pain to the nurse and said I was disappointed with how the tech handled him. I was told by the nurse that typically the tech was "good" but that they were short staffed by five technicians that evening and the technician was just "overwhelmed." -One evening we pushed our light and had to wait over 45 minutes for pain meds after the nurse said she'd return in 15 minutes. I went to flag her down and she said, "you'll just have to wait." Meanwhile my father was doubled over in pain. -A week after surgery I expressed to the PA that my father had 20 pounds of water weight on his legs and feet and I was very concerned about it. They ordered lasix pills for a few days. On that Friday we were told by the PA that he would have to stay until Monday or Tuesday until some of the water weight was under control. I was satisfied with that answer. The next morning a new PA entered and said, "the water weight is not a reason we can keep you here we want to send you home today." I was beside myself. It was as though each day a new staff member had their own opinion and we were at the mercy of what they told us. I told the PA he had no where to go if they were to send him home in this condition due to the water weight and him not being able to go up and down stairs well. Therefore she had to re-evaluate his case because he had no where to go and it was a weekend and no facilities would come evaluate him so she said, "I guess we'll keep him." Fast forward to Monday when a nurse practitioner came in and could not believe he was not ordered IV lasix over the weekend and said if the PA would have sent him home in this condition he would have been back in 3 days with a medical emergency. Unbelievable! -I kept notes on my Dad's care and I expressed them to the hospital's President. The President met with my father and I that afternoon. I expressed to her my concerns and opened my black book to the incidents that had occurred. She apologized and said his chart was being looking through and that everything from here on out would be exceptional. There was another error in two days...and more to follow. My goal in writing this review is to warn families that just because you think you are at the best hospital with the best care they too make mistakes. Please keep notes, ask questions, observe what is happening, visit your loved one as often as you can in order to make sure they are being given the best care possible.

Mike Heins

I just was discharged after triple bypass surgery. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Heimohnson and the St. Vincent Heart Center. This is a first rate place with methods that are up to date. It is completely clear they have everything handled, from the get go. I am someone who participates in my own health care, and I have been a heart patient for 26 years. I could find virtually nothing to fault them on. Moreover, not just the surgical staff but the pre-op and post-op care organizations are top notch. Some of the stars among RNs: Amanda, Lori, Laura, Taylor, Kristine and Christina. Of the techs, Talia and Bridget stood out. I liked all of the PAs and nurse practitioners, they are obviously deeply experienced and dead competent. I have had some experience with this, having had 8 stents and many, many, hospital visits. This is quite a group. From what I understand, all the heart surgeons in the Midwest who need surgery come here. If you need surgery and are fortunate enough to have been referred to St. Vincents, don't pass the chance up. I don't know how you could do better short of the Mayo Clinic or a similar level of organization. (Even the Cleveland Clinic sends tough cases here.)

Linda Mae Callahan

tina kennedy

Here nothing else more to say

RS Law100

Transported from Hancock to here with heart issues as this hospital is so known and recognized for its ability to handle heart issues. I will say the doctors all seem truly top notch. I am positive the hospital gets its reputation however ONLY from its doctors. The nursing staff was one of the most unorganized I have ever seen. I was in for 3 days so I had plenty of time to have a opinion. I cannot give all the specifics as there were far too many to even remember but I can say with all truth a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the staff under the doctors are this hospitals weak link. I mean no harm to them but the leadership and structure just simply isn't there.

Scott Anderson

Vernon Hintt

They take very good care of you here. Great staff, Thanks for caring!

A.B. Farrington

Fantastic!! From the moment we walked in everyone was kind, courteous, friendly, and professional. The surgeons took time to come and tell us how the procesure went and answered any and all questions. My 91 yr old Dad had TAVR and a stint. The entire staff has been wonderful! Theres a hotel 2 minutes away if you need an overnight stay or family needs a place. One family member can stay in the room. Those complaining about getting woke up all night - its a hospital people; not a 5 star resort! The service was absolutely stellar!!! Thank you St Vincents Heart Center!!

Rebecca Salley

Scott Pfenninger

Two weeks ago today, I took off work to bring my fiance for a Heart Cath/Stent. This was recommended by Dr. Waller in New Castle. She has had, and still does have symptoms. A Dr. Kingsley Annan came to the patient room and proceeded to tell me there was nothing to stent, Heart of a Child. Today, another Cardiologist diagnosed CHF, and a probable leaky valve. Being a Heart patient myself, I'm extremely disappointed in the way Annan addressed my fiance first of all, and me. He seemed more concerned about his shoes and glasses than anything else. You need to know how callous that interaction was. Thank You.

Asia Cox

Henry Cavazos

Bill VanLandingham

L.E. Evans

Incredible doctors and nurses. Highly recommend

julie carnes

Very clean, the staff members are very nice.

Francis Amanda Rush

I've been in hospitals in 4 states...this is by far the best for both innovative care and recovery.

Phil Millage

Went for a heart scan in Fishers, St. Vincents today--logged in on the computer. 45 minutes after my appointment I left. Everybody goes before the heart scan people. No money made on us unless we really have a problem. Not cool!

Tanya Dullen

Nikki Smith

I am so over & disappointed how my mother has been treated. I will take care of it when she is released. And they call this the best place. Not for my family. Family from out of town had to experience how rude a nurse was to my mother. Now my mother is nervous & not able to focus due to worry over these nurses. You can't complain to any charge nurses they make excuses, oh these are some of the best nurses...REALLY?! WOW. We cant even go home & get rest to be strong for my mother because of how we have been treated.

Linda Woodburn

Wonderful experience inspite of the reason we were there! My husband was attended to very quickly by very capable, caring, friendly professionals. We are so very appreciative to have such an amazing facility available when needed.

Roxie Pepper

Star Robbins

Best Doctor and went from AWESOME nurses yesterday to perhaps the worst nurisng experience ever. Brennen is rude, does not listen and is argumentitive. Was very hard on my family. The nurses really hurt my family member tonight. They now refuse to call our doctor for us.

Alyson Heller

Becky Gibson

Very friendly and personable. Felt comfortable and confidant with Nurse Sandra and Dr. Adlam !

Dean Ballenger

Anytime I been there to visit family, they have always been taken great care of.

ann clark

Terrible and rude nurses. Doctors have no idea whats going on. No communication between staff at all.

Matt Hays

father in-law admitted last night so fresh off the experience. much like most health care centers, some of the staff staff and nurses are rude, doctors are arrogent and don't listen and one leaves wondering how a reputable business could be so poorly run. as long as the consumer does not really have a choice and is at the mercy of main provider and insurance for referral nothing will change. in other words, they will continue to get away with this treatment because unlike most for profit businesses the consumer is not seen as the payer/customer. example, wife calls nurse this morning to check on father, nurse says I can't tell you anything without your pass code. wife says no one has shared a pass code. nurse says you will have to talk to your father let me put you through - it goes on and on. again this afternoon, wife asks nurse how father is doing, nurse replies why don't you ask him how he is doing. i am not making this up.

melissa White

Greg Sinise

Good patient service

joe Scott

It's the wrong hospt I'm not in india

David Puckett

been trying to get my medical records for six months to mt new cardiac doctor in North Carolina ... medical records will not return my calls and never anyone in the office to pick up ... too bad, as Loved my care.

Jeff Wray

Wow, where do we begin? Let's start with March 2014, when a local hospital said symptoms were just stress and Jeff needed to rest the weekend then return to work on Monday. The symptoms returned on Monday, this time feeling that there was something that was being missed we headed North to Carmel to the Heart Center. I was impressed from the moment we got there. They immediately to my husband and I back to an exam room in ER. There was an sense of urgency, yet, calm atmosphere.We had several people in our room, all doing their assigned task: someone drawing his blood, another putting on a blood pressure cuff, another talking to Jeff regarding what he was feeling, another asking me questions. Each was very professional and caring, within the hour, we knew that Jeff would be admitted to Heart Center. The next several days were a blur. But, on Thursday, we were told that he had 2 heart valves that needed replaced, aortic and mitral valves were in bad condition due to rheumatic fever as a child.The following Thursday we came up, spent the night in the motel and had surgery on Friday. I am so glad we went ! I know, all the nurses and doctors we have dealt with these last 3 years have been great.


They almost killed my dad. Nurses with dirty nails, doctors not knowing what each other was prescribing and etc.

Freddy De Freitas

They are great. Just Terrific.

Essence Davis

Clint Adams

Kimberly Shaffer


Marine1122 Gaming

Kim Outlaw

VERY, VERY, Unprofessional! This is the worst experience I had in a medical setting and I wasn’t the patient. Please do your due diligence before going there. The doctor was rude and very arrogant, not what anyone needs when dealing with health problems. The medical assistants and nurses uniforms were dingy and wrinkle. They were late, loudly talking on the phone in personal conversations, eating food, running in late, Simply A Mess!!! LORD HELP US ALL!!!

Sheila Wade

They are great here,take great care of the patients.

Kim Krumel

Great place, wonderful caring doctors and nurses. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful.

Shelby Strasser

Great care and staff .

Harley Davidson

Brian Gilbert

From environmental & dietary services to the techs to the nurses and even to the doctors I had no problems with anybody. I was treated with the utmost dignity. I was well respected & I was given the best care. I highly recommend this facility.

Phillip Henry

Neil Mack

Arlene Delph

They took great care of my daughter-in-law and the staff was very attentive. My only issue was not being able to see her more often

Maria Martino

Gary Browning

Thay did a great job with my heart I wouldn't go any wear else treated me with the up most care and respect.

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