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REVIEWS OF St. Vincent Fishers Hospital IN Indiana

Lauren Morton

literally the worst experience at an ER I have ever had. We checked in at 6pm, he was looked at by a nurse around 7:30ish and it took until 9:45 to even have the procedure done, which only took 20ish min. to do and did not require the doctor... we then had to wait another 20 min to be discharged and because this entire process took so long, we are informed that the only place that we can get his pain meds filled is at a 24 hour pharmacy 40 minutes away from where we lived because all other pharmacies closed at 10... Mind you it was only past 10pm because they took so long to begin with.. we then drive out to the pharmacy to fill the RX only for the pharmacist to tell us that the nurse didnt even sign the prescription!... we had to drive all the way back to the hospital for them to sign it and now need to go back to the stupid pharmacy at 11:45pm and wait for the medication before we can go home.

Lindsay Hewitt

Wonderful care both times I had surgery. Dr. Micon is an amazing doctor and his staff are amazing

Egon Lassnig

I have been to St Vincent on two occasions in the emergency room. I was welcomed and was immediately seen by a doctor.

Elisa Gee

Let me first say that I had a wonderful experience with the nurses and staff in the Maternity ward. I gave birth there last April. This review is for the Emergency room. I have never dealt with such unbelievably rude nurses in my life. I went to the ER for kidney stones and was shocked by the treatment I encountered. First, the male nurse made me undress in front of him to put my gown on, and offered no help whatsoever when I began to vomit due to my pain. I asked for two hot packs one for my kidney and one for my bladder and he told me "let's just start with one." (Anyone who's suffered from Kidney stones can tell you the pain is severe both in front and in back) The female nurse who administered my morphine didn't tell me what she was administering and also gave it to me quickly, so I felt extreme heaviness in my chest and felt like I was having cardiac arrest. It was extremely scary and when I expressed my concerns the nurse just ignored my obvious anxieties. I told her "I think there is something wrong" and she said, "I'm giving it to you slowly,." I will NEVER return to this ER and will be telling anyone and everyone who will listen to never go to this ER. I also plan to file a formal complaint with the hospital. It's truly a shame because the Maternity ward as well as the OBGYN of Indiana located in this building are wonderful establishments. Update: I was contacted by an administrator from the a Fishers Hospital. She assured me that they would be looking into my complaints and assessing the situation. it doesn't change my experience, and I am still unsure if I will ever return to this hospital, but I did appreciate that an administrator tracked me down to let me know they were sorry for my the treatment I encountered and would address it with the nurses who gave me care.

Connor Buhl

I'm writing this review from floor 3 right now in a hospital bed if that gives any reference. 3 weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital through the ER for Diverticulitis. Having a hospital that actually addressed my problem has been a relief as I have had other hospitals tell me it isn't possible for someone my age (I'm 21 years old). I was sent home after three days to heal and came back yesterday for a sigmoidectomy. Life hasn't been horrible as a semi colon but the facility here varies in quality. Dr. Micon was my surgeon and is a friendly, calm, and efficient doctor. He took time to respectfully explain everything to me and answer any and all questions I had. The nurses are a bit of a mixed bag and the reason I have to give a 3 star review. It is apparent that they do not communicate at all or spend so kuch time consulting each other that they abandon you. Some nurses went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and comfortable. One nurses I saw maybe once during their shift as they would rarely come with my call light and never stop by unless I was having an emergency. Some nurses were condescending and rude (An all too familiar instance when you're young in a hospital) and often made things worse than they were before. One nurse didn't believe me when I began questioning their call on a matter of treatment as the doctor had told me I was to receive a different course of action. One nurse thought I was faking my pain WHILE I WAS WRITHING IN BED and, instead of actually giving me medicine through my IV, pretended to thinking I was too stupid to know how the process worked. A different nurse began to apply pressure and fiddle with a sensitive spot and also DIDN'T BELIEVE I WAS IN REAL PAIN because she assured me I wasn't and continued what she was doing until I begged her to stop.The one thing that all nurses share in common though is it will take them anywhere from 30 minutes to an HOUR to respond to your call light. 30 minutes is likely the fastest response I have experienced. However, the real issue facing the hospital isn't apathy, but understaffing. Me and three other patients all required a nurses help all at once and she was, as a result, able to help none of us. Housekeeping has always been very amiable and courteous. I always felt that Denise should have been my nurse instead as she always put a smile on my face with her friendliness. Food is not great and the water here tastes kind of funny but this isn't a restaurant so it can't be expected to be gourmet really. I would recommend this hospital to anyone in the area, but bring someone with you as you won't get all the help you need from the nurses or caretakers.


To be perfectly honest l HAVEN'T been to the hospital as OF now But based on My DOCTOR JUST transferred to this HOSPITAL.I know ON a personal basis.And He is not one who WOULD jump,Or should I say He would check into what I'm feeling out at the moment,just to see what people have to briefly say about their experiences at this St.Vincent HOSPITAL at FISHERS INDIANA.Then He probably might no a DOCTOR ? But I know for a fact He is the type of DOCTOR and friend who left no stone overturned before He made His decision to bring His practice here to St.Vincent HOSPITAL here in Fishers Ind. SO as they say to make a long story short ! I trust in My friend and Doctor for the decision He has made.And to NOTE, I have to travel 80 miles to see Him.Thats what kind of trust that I have in Him.

Brianna Tinker

Went in for my foot and stayed in the waiting room for an hour and a half. The staff was friendly enough but the waiting was ridiculous. Nothing to do while waiting but to look at the Peyton Manning shrine. Next time I'll doctor myself and it'll be cheaper and less time consuming.

Karma Dequincy

ER setup is horrible and they aren't very helpful when they take you back. I felt like some one them just didn't want to be there but there were a few good nurses and doctor's.

Rebecca White

Had surgery at another location in August. I was seeing spots, dizzy, and passing out a few days later, so I went to the ER. The ER doc said that it was a result of my medication, and that my doctor wasn't prescribing it correctly. He said that particular medication shouldn't even be prescribed for anyone. He basically said my doctor was incompetent. I'll die before I go back there. Made a complaint, but the ER manager never got back with me after her vacation.

Rebecca Mahoney

Anne DeWeese

I had a scheduled Caesarean section here with my third daughter. My OBGYN was Dr. Elizabeth Nowacki. She and the staff were absolutely terrific! Dr. Nowacki went out of her way to make sure that I was comfortable and all my needs met. She is a doctor I can tell anything to without judgment. She truly is the best. Her partners in this practice were also wonderful! I saw each of them during my pregnancy. I would deliver here again in a heartbeat! Especially for the delivery and recovery! During recovery the staff at the hospital were so kind and thoughtful. They would ask me if I wanted them to take my daughter for a couple hours every night and hold her so I could sleep, which I did and it was awesome! They didn’t come in my room at all hours of the night if they didn’t have to. It was only hospital staff that came too, it wasn’t a huge host of different hospital staff from varying departments all leaving packets. I had the most restful recovery of all three births here at St. Vincent. I also had the best C-section and recovery from the section from the doctors here. I highly recommend!

Amanda Taggart

My daughter was taken here to deliver my grandson. They waited so long that she had to give birth natural. I've never felt so helpless. They would not listen to anything we said n took an Extreamly long time just to answer the call button. I've been around the medical profession all my life n this was the most disappointing hospital I believe I've ever been in. I would not take my dog to these people. If you find yourself needing medical attention please go across the street to IU.

Mr Sport

I have been to STV Fishers many times since this facility opened, and I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences there. A lot of the negative reviews seem to point towards wait times and I have never had to wait longer than 10 minutes to be seen in the ED. Everyone is always fast, friendly and very efficient.

WillowWolf Gaming

By far the worst experience I have ever had with any hospital in my entire life! AVOID THIS ER! I wish I had read the reviews before taking my infant there in the middle of the night! The nurse & Dr were both extremely rude & very condescending! The room was dirty, it had random caps & trash under the bed from the previous patient. The nurse injured my infant resulting in him bleeding!!!! She gave him double the dose of tylenol that Riley Children's Hospital recommended, she tried to give it to him laying flat on his back & got mad when I insisted he sit up so he would not choke, she put the medicine syringe on the bare counter & then put it back in my baby's mouth even though I commented on contamination. She came back from leaving me alone for 45 minutes smelling like she just finished smoking a cigarette. This is not all, I could go on & on about my horrible experience! In the end they said they couldn't do anything for my baby. So I went to Riley Children's Hospital where we were admitted for 3 days & 2 nights while we got real QUALITY care & were treated with love & compassion the entire time! DO NOT GO TO ST VINCENT FISHERS! I was so sad to see all these other horrible reviews & realize that it was not just us who they abuse & neglect! They should be ASHAMED of what they are doing to people when we all came to them for medical care!

C Su

Worst experience in this customer service in regards of billing! I had a balance of $1,315 and paid in full a month ago (have credit card statement to show) online and they still tell me my balance is $1,315. After calling the customer service, he admitted that was an error and advised me to disregard the second statement. I was supposed to receive a zero balance statement weeks ago and never did. I called again and apparently they still show I have $1,315 balance. What a nightmare!

myritta paul

I was an ER patient and had timely and friendly care. Megan Bishop, PA was excellent!

Trudy McDaniel

Our doctor was wonderful! The surgery was serious and everything went very smoothly. The procedure required a two-night stay. I'm only rating this hospital a 2 because our young daughter's stay at St Vincent Fishers was below average. The nurses we had the first 24 hours were attentive and caring. The next two days were challenging as our daughter was in a lot of pain. The nurses were not as attentive and crabby at times, especially the one we had Friday night. An older female nurse acted like a drill sergeant. The FOOD was horrible! It may sound like a small detail, but you want good food so you can start feeling better. We had to bring food in for our daughter the entire stay. The cafeteria did not use real plates with stainless covers. They use this strange material that was almost like a composite. All the food tasted like this material. I'm sure it's easier to clean but probably same used in prisons. Even the toast had a taste of the weird plates they used. If I or any of my family members ever have to have surgery we will go to St. Vincent's Carmel or 82nd Street. Thirteen years ago I delivered my daughter at St. Vincent's on 82nd Street. The food was wonderful as was the care! If you want to compete with other hospitals in the area you need to change a lot of your practices. Dr. Alex Meyers and Dr. Nowacki are amazing at this facility, just don't spend the night.

Omamezi Victoria Osuya

I loved the experience, I live in Canada but I had my daughter in 2014 and everyone was so nice and organised. they met all my needs.

Codie Pate

I would rather bleed out going to another hospital than go back here. The ER is God awful. Four and a half hours to do a CAT Scan. Two and a half hours in the waiting room and then another two hours doing the scan and waiting for results. The ER wasn't even busy, five people in there at the most. So my insurance is going to get charged for me sitting in a chair for 4 hours waiting and 30 minutes of work. I will never go here again and never suggest it to anyone. Update: Total Charges CAT Scan: $850.00 Emergency Room: $2,621.00 So I'm paying $3,471.00 to be forgotten in the ER because St. Vincent has doctors that would rather take naps than do their jobs and discharge patients. I will never go here again, I would give St. Vincent a zero star if it was possible.

ashley stevens

This hospital doesn’t even deserve one star. I went her last weekend with severe, sharp, tearing pain in my upper abdomen. They kept saying I was over reacting and it was just heartburn. They finally went to run test and I was born with one kidney. They told me I was getting contrast in my MRI. I told them multiple times my dr ordered me to NEVER get contrast and they wouldn’t listen to me. Contrast is super rough on kidneys and they gave it to me anyways. They found out I had some other issue with my esophagus and a UTI. Will never be back here again.

Kelly Bolinger

We brought our 3 year old to the ER twice in a span of 10 days. Once for a febrile seizure and once for croup/stridor. During the second trip to the ER, there was a woman ER doc and a man ER doc that immediately recognized her breathing problems as an emergent situation and got my girl the help she needed and fast. I am so thankful for this ER.

Tasnim Jui

Staffs were not very open but their service was good.

Kim B

My boyfriend had his shoulder surgery done on 02/02/2018, the staff was awesome, we were very impressed with the cleanliness of the hospital, would highly recommend it.

cris roush

Went to the ER for stomach pains. Seen quickly and eventually was admitted and had surgery. From the ER staff to the nurses and doctors and surgeon they truly went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and completely informed. Even the housekeeping staff would stop by and check on me. The food was wonderful, fresh and delivered hot and in a timely manner. They addressed my needs as if I were family. Honest compassion and raising the standard of care. I'm in the military and work out of town more times than none and it makes me feel great knowing that my family is in great and professional hands should something arise when I'm out of town. I will not hesitate to visit St. Vincent again for any healthcare need.

Tina Murphy

They used to be a great place but have dramatically declined. They sent ER Results to the wrong doctor, forgot to send MRI results to the doctor ordering the MRI, my son had to wait an hour to be seen despite over 80 percent of his body being covered in hives and they got the billing wrong. Frustrating does not begin to describe our experience.

Krista Newill

We were just there last weekend for an ER visit for your young son who fell and needed stitches. The doctor (Pyko) and nurses (McKinna and Brianna) were all fantastic and did a great job taking care of him and keeping us informed of all our options and everything they were doing!!! It's was a very nice and clean, plus we had a kids room with rocking chair that helped him relax while we waited. I rated them 3.5 instead of 5 stars because we were EXTREMELY disappointed about the check-in area. There is solid glass across the entire area and the admins had to use a speaker to talk to us. Obviously we were upset and trying to communicate we couldn't hear them and two of them were trying to talk to my husband and I through ONE speaker. It's ridiculous and proof that is a BAD set-up is they spelled my sons name incorrectly on the med tags we were wearing. We have never seen anything like it! Clear, and quick communication in an ER is vital.

Emily Harrison

Went to their emergency room in the middle of the night because my mother in law was having horrible stomach pain and could not stop screaming and crying. Received pathetic and immature Doctor Kubek for treatment (or lack there of). Kubek proceeded to talk to my mother and law like she was a 5 year old, told her and I quote "I'm here to treat emergencies and I don't see an emergency with you, I just see a whiner" and then said "I'm not speaking to you until you put your gown on right" (mind you she was in unbearable pain and couldn't do anything for herself). She bawled her eyes out and begged them to do something for her, and they gave her sugar water and very low pain meds without examining her belly, just touching it lightly once or twice and saying "yep you're fine." Mother in law actually started hallucinating because she was so hysterical. Went to tell Kubek this and he acted as though I had offended him by interrupting his social time with the nurse and said "Cool. Noted" Absolute worst hospital ever and I do not recommend it at all. Kubek is only interested in power play games and playing God. Doesn't actually give a crap about any patient and showed just what a complete ass he was.

Jason Silvey

Had our first born here and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Wonderful people all around. They treat you more than just a patient and are very genuine.

Catherine Moulder

Ashley Acra

I have always had a fantastic experience at this Hospital. The staff is always been very friendly and very knowledgeable. I felt like my wait times to go back we're fairly short and the time in which I was scene fairly quick. They always communicated well with my doctor who happens to be with a different company and they were very honest and thorough.

Shannon Spence

Sevine Elizabeth

AVOID THIS EMERGENCY ROOM!! I'm not exaggerating when I say that the nurse, Beverly C., was the most insolent, contemptuous, downright hateful nurse I've ever come across in my entire life (and I'm a R.N. myself). I finally asked for another nurse, and she immediately went and LIED to the Charge RN saying that I'd been rude by asking her to leave my room. I wasn't rude, I was assertive and apparently she doesn't like being held accountable for her actions. I don't know how or WHY they'd employ such an awful human being, who clearly represents nothing Christian. Aside from her, this ER is more like a bandaid station, and the only reason I ended up there was because we got confused trying to get to Saxony and I was in too much pain to care (I had broken my distal tibia).

Anon Ymous

Hi, if you're looking for a place that will mess up your ER bills month after month this is the place for you! They are second to none in completely egregious over billing. My autistic son was looked at for about 15 minutes 9 months ago, and after no stitches or x-rays, we were billed for nearly $2,000. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. I'm still not done dealing with their incompetence. And after dealing with Heidi Able manager of the ER dept multiple times, they slapped me with an even higher bill after she said it would be less! I could list about 10 other people I've dealt with and absolutely none of them know what they are doing. None. This place is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with our healthcare system in general: People that are incompetent for the job, and ridiculous overcharging for services rendered. If my life depended on it, I would not go to this ER department. That says it all, doesn't it?


Was there in 2015 with a bad case of Pneumonia and had excellent care. My 220 hours at St. Vincent Fishers Hospital was exceptional!

Taylor Archer

Top notch care! Go here instead of 86th!!!

Jane Hendrix

Excellent care

Amanda Brown

Jill Lloyd

Medical care has been ok so far. However, their handling of Insurance matters and billing leaves much to be desired. I pre-registered for my ultrasound and gave insurance card upon arrival for said ultrasound, yet started receiving bills quite quickly saying I had no insurance and they had none on record. I had to call them and gave my insurance information a third time, then had to call all other services involved and give all of them insurance info. Then I began getting annoying robo calls from someplace called Med Assist that I know nothing about. They claim they got my info from St Vs. this is quite horrifying to me that you didn't bother to call me and say you had a problem with my insurance and ask me for correct insurance info, but felt ok to send my info off to a third party. I have a procedure next week and hope I don't have to deal with all this again.

Jill Garden

Dr. Laura Maves - wonderful doctor

Jenna Fisher

My ECG tech was very kind, and explained everything to me.

Emily Scott

It is now 5 months post-delivery of my daughter, and I am clear headed enough to write a review worth reading. Most of the nursing staff on the L&D unit was less than helpful to my husband and I as we embarked on the journey of delivering our first child. I will say the triage nurse was excellent. She really advocated to get me admitted and was very supportive to me, a woman about to become a first time mother, who was full of anxiety. The next set of nurses, though pleasant, appeared to have the knowledge of a high school aged kid working for the first time. They didn't have any confident answers to our questions, and even told us information that we found to be incorrect after researching online, or the doctor coming in to tell us something different. Once the baby was born, it got worse. We were not told about being able to order food until our discharge day, so my husband was going out for three meals per day buying us food at local fast food joints, or rummaging through the nourishment room for snacks. The first night, the nurse asked repeatedly to take the baby away so I could rest. Little did she understand, that I wanted my baby with me, and for her to stop coming in every hour asking ridiculous questions. I can’t tell you how many times she came in, waking us up, to ask if the baby had fed or peed in the last hour. The next day takes the cake when the nurse mentioned the need for a Rhogam injection due to my negative blood type for my future divorce along with my next pregnancy by another man. Not only is this question irrelevant as I am no longer pregnant, but extremely inappropriate to suggest I may get a divorce and become pregnant by another man as I hold my baby that is 12 hours old. I was floored, and in my sleepless stupor was unable to respond with what I should have said. This woman should be penalized for such a comment. Needless to say, we were ready to go. However, when the time for discharge came, the nurse handed me the paperwork and immediately asked if I had any questions… It was quite difficult to have any questions for information that was not given. Last but not least, the hospital got my daughter’s name wrong so when I received her birth certificate and social security card in the mail, I was faced with the task of getting it all fixed. Shouldn’t this information be reviewed with parents before submission to avoid such an error? I expect much more!

Mark Anderson

Incredibly slow, poor bedside manner. 1 hour before first doctor sighting, followed by “ be right back”... another hour later, a nurse pops in... “be right back”. 4 hours for a simple stitch up... avoid at all costs. Could have been in and out of Community Health 3 times in that span... AWEFUL EXPERIENCE

Peter Bustamante

Ashleigh Talbot

Received great care in the ER after many misdiagnosises from other doctors.

Heather Goldinger

Sarah Sadowski

Horrible Horrible billing error....IV antibiotic given to my daughter was imput wrong into their system as 800 units rather than 8! We were charged $44,000, no that's not a misprint $44,000 for that ONE IV med. We ONLY found this out bc we received a bill for an outrageous amount and so we requested an itemized statement and saw the charge for ourselves. spoke to billing on two separate occasions being told- "sorry, you can apply for aid/discount" based on income. Well, my husband was not accepting this answer because we knew it was wrong. He went in and said he needed to speak with someone who could go over every single charge- when they say the $44,000 charge they were immediately apologetic...but BILLING didn't think anything of saying to us "sorry, that's your balance!!" It ended up being realistically $3,000 so still very high but come on a $44,000 mistake that we had to be the ones to catch. Get your stuff together over there

Blaine Reeser

Pat Rand

Tanya Lott

Nicole Tasker

In and out

A. J.

I was seen in the ER for excruciating abdominal pain (my appendix had burst). I waited to be seen by a MD for 2 hours, and another 2 hours before I was given anything for pain and sent for scans. I got lucky that I didn't die waiting on them to treat me! When I arrived there were only 4 cars in the lot and as I was taken back there was a group of employees just sitting around talking, so I'm unsure why it took so long when I was in so much pain, had a fever of 103.8F and was vomiting. The nurse, BEVERLY C, was as rude and inconsiderate as they come. She also made several OSHA violations, which can endanger lives. Avoid her at all costs if you MUST go to this ER, but with so many others in the area, and IU health right across the way, I would avoid this small, unprepared, understaffed, incompetant hospital at all costs. I saw Dr. Gardner who was very nice, but appeared stoned/high on narcotics. All has been formally reported. [Updated July 2018 - OP 2016]

stewy kgb

I'll have my neighbor operate on me before I go here

aman kaur

Pathetic place to go...waited for an hour to get discharge

Coco Cayne

Was injured by a nurse, they admitted she did wrong and caused injury to me, went to be seen and they REFUSED TREATMENT because their nurse caused the injury, then proceeded to make jokes.

Amy Williams

Barb Rath

Eve Touts

Rude nurses. Wish I'd read the reviews before taking my son here.

Tina Renz

I have nothing but great things to say. I have always gotten in quickly to ER both with myself my husband and my aunt from out of town. They got me back within minutes. My aunt fell and had gash in lip and memory loss. They got her back immediately. They did a MRI quickly no waiting. They had a neurologist evaluate the MRI and ruled out a stroke. She had a small brain bleed as she was in blood thinners. They held her overnight. When she got back to town her dr called to get results which they sent to her within a few minutes and sent her whole records to them. Her doctor commended the hospital saying that they had the most efficient hospital she has worked with. My aunt thanked me and told me that her doctor said I am lucky to have such a great hospital down the road. My daughter fainted 3 times in a row while coming out of shower. The ER doctor had a heart monitor on her to rule out any cardiac problems. We had 2 nurses quickly moving to run tests and assess her. I highly commend the ER. I also recommend the lab. They are the quickest in Noblesville and Fishers area.

Cruising Diva

The ER got my son in right away. They are excellent.

Kel Kel

Slow,rude,won't take of your emergency needs and you'll end up in another hospital. Dr P is very unprofessional. They don't have much work in there to be as slow and incompetent

Brittany Hall

Love this place .


Smitty B

I hate leaving reviews like this, however I am very upset and beside myself with my experience. I went to the ER, with severe neck pain, and unable to rotate my neck. The nurses were great, however when the doctor finally spoke with me, I was told I had neck pain and needed to go to an orthopedics speacilist.. Ummm, ok!!! I couldnt move my neck, I was in severe pain, and I know this hospital has x-ray and the whole nine yards! I just spent hundreds of dollars for an ER visit, to be told I have neck pain.. Wow, so dissappointed. I even had a nurse apologize to me and didnt understand it either!! So now I am home, still in pain, and unable to move my neck! I will be reporting this to my insurance company as I feel this is Fraud, you pay for a service and get nothing. Oh, its just neck pain, dont mind that big bulge on back of your spine on your neck, take some aleve. Unreal, I cant make this up folks! Luckily, I have an appt with ortho indy tomorrow. Dont waste your time or your money, go somewhere else that will actually examine you the right way!!! I apologize for the negative review, but this was not acceptable for me...

Kia Montgomery

I went into the hospital on 9/27/2017 labor and delivery, the nurses was absolutely amazing! Nurse Cammy, AJ, Jenna & Lisa were all very nice and helpful in many ways, they all had smiling faces! In all my child birthing experience's I've never felt love like the love they gave me and my family. I wish I could give them a bonus check, they earned it!

Bobby Singer

Very slow. Clean and quiet, but if you need quick and efficient medical care then go to IU Saxony across the street.

Josh Gwaltney

physical therapy here is on time and nice people but do not go here for imaging over an hour after our appointment still havent been seen if i could review the practices separately i would

Cierra Concepcion

jasvinder singh

I been here twice, first time my mom and dad got very sick , at the front desk they checked us in right away, the nurses and doctor was very nice , they checked and treat them very nicely but in emergency we had to wait like 2 1/2 hours for test results ..... And second time I went there with my mom coz she fell dew to her low BP And they checked in us very quickly , She got checked by Nurses and Doctor right away then had some test done but the results took forever Like 4 and half hour .... That's the only part I hate it Other than that every thing was better

Kelly Hinshaw

I went to St. Vincent Fishers for a CT of ABD and pelvis since they were the only once that could get me in urgently for what Abdominal pain, AFTER WAITING 9 hours for someone to let me leave "hold and call" I found out that they NEVER even contacted the provider.. I received my $800 bill in the mail (which i was making small payments on).. I received another letter in the mail that they send my bill to COLLECTIONS! I reached via my patient portal and they basically told me I was out of luck. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will not be returning, and to top this all I'm a former St. Vincent employee.

Tracy Gray

There for the birth of my grand baby, everyone was nice & professional! Great experience!

Aaron Fox

St Vincent's hospital in fishers is by far the worst hospital I have ever been too. I was in there for ten min and with out a test or X-ray of any kind, I was diagnosed. Doctor stated I assume there is one to multiple things wrong with you. Sorry St Vincent's I came to you for facts not assumption.

J Michael

Ran into the Er with our bloody baby in our arms not a soul there, nurse at the desk dident even get up just said have a seat security guard had to help us to a room and call doctors. Our child was alive when we got there untill staff proceeded to kill her by cutting the cord knowing they dident even have incubators. We were lead to believe they had Nic-U facilitys but they dont. Peyton Mannings childrens hospitle yeah right! God help you if you go there staff is incompetent at best!

Leizez_355 Leizez_355

Worst place ever, I’m fully covered with my insurance and provided them everything, everything is being paid but they still gave the bill to collections and they put on my credit, just because of there confusion they f up my credit

Brian Thomason

Your staff and your facilities are garbage. If I could give less than 1 star I would.

Anna Miller

Gave birth here. My nurses were wonderful.

Tanya Yeagley

I am completely shocked and extremely upset at this facility! I would not recommend it AT ALL!

Jill Hagan

Had medical imaging done on the afternoon of Dec 31 (New Year's eve). Was surprised that they could take me same day that the Dr. ordered the tests, especially since it was a holiday. Ended up with three MRI's with and without contrast which took close to 3 hours of MRI time, plus about a half hour to get records from Community docs needed prior to the test. The radiology technicians and front desk staff were all very kind and efficient and I can't thank them enough!

Richard Viduya

Linda Mayer

Great ladies checked me in and wonderful nurses and Doctor!

Sarah Surber

George Shanley

These nurses know what they are doing when it comes to respiratory issues. Fantastic, quick, friendly service.

Kathryn Marcuson

I had to go to the emergency room and spend a night at St. Vincent Hospital in Fishers on Olio Road. I received prompt and excellent care. Now I am going to St. V for physical therapy. I can’t say enough good things for the attention and care I am receiving. The entire staff has been courteous and caring in every visit.

marissa anderson

The absolute worse experience in my life. I had some serious symptoms and the lack of treatment was disturbing and the concern for my health was non-existent. They didn't even take my vital signs, no temperature check...oh they managed to put the little thing on my finger once! Woo-hoo! When I told the nurse about something I had newly experienced while at the hospital she said, "hmmm....that's weird"... and not another word about it. When I described my ear nose and throat problem it was completely disregarded because they didnt look in my face at all. I was sent home with no treatment. And all i wanted was a damn antibiotic. Basically a complete waste of my time and money.

Kyle Alexander

Went in for body completely numb with sharp nerve pain. Took a xray and said I had a herniated disk and needed therapy. Wrong I have Lyme disease. And got 5500$ bill for being idiots.

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