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REVIEWS OF St. Vincent Carmel Hospital IN Indiana

Rhea Richardson

Shannon Gant

I do not recommend anyone having surgery in this hospital. My doctor was awesome, but once I was wheeled upstairs to my room, it was all down hill from there. I have been to Community North in the past for several things. I have always been treated with kindness and empathy. The way I was treated and left alone was the worst experience in a hospital. The nurses generally did not care and acted annoyed if I asked for something. Most of them had attitude and my husband was so pissed, he went to my doctor's office and told her the issue. I just had major surgery and had to literally beg, to get anyone to help me. When I did call for help, which was rare, I was greeted with such annoyance, that I didn't ask for much. The nicest lady was the cleaning lady and she helped me order my food, etc. They forgot my breakfast and didn't even order my dinner. Can honestly say I will never step back in this hospital. Very bad service. : (

Rocky Rocheford

Eliza Limon

If I could give 0 stars I would! This is the worst hospital i have been to in all of the United States!!! I went in for a respiratory infection, sinus headache, and non stop coughing. I ended up having bronchitis but i never even spoke with a doctor so they could explain anything to me. The nurse gave me a shot in my leg for pain supposedly and a coctail drink for intestinal stomach problems when I absolutely had no stomach problems. Then before the nurse discharged me he was arguing with another coworker about how they made him look stupid and whatever else. They were very unprofessional and I came out way worst then i came in. I didn't even get cough medicine or antibiotic.

Justin McKay

McKenna Ralstin

Mary Hogan

Great ED experience last week, all Associates were wonderful during my visit. Highly recommend and thank you to all who helped me.

Kyle Smith

You're billing department must be filled with morons

Jacob Phillips

We brought our two year old son there to treat a cut on his lip that we thought might require stitches. Waited hours, then when we were admitted, we asked for ibuprofen from the nurse. Nothing. Hour later, a doctor arrived and smuggly assesed, maybe stiches, maybe not. Again, we requested at least ibuprofen for a toddler writhing in pain. Nothing. He came back and stitched up our two year old sons lip without anything other than a localized shot of lidocaine. If you want war triage without basic pain management - then this is your place. Sick and seriously disturbing treatment. We were and always have been, well insured.

Innovative Landscape and Construction

Worst hospital I have ever been to. Bedside manner terrible, horrible nurses, they ripped out my IV and left a bruise that stayed for a week. They use doctor’s assistants and charge you doctors fees, and all of them are young attractive women. Hmmm, see where this is going. They think that gives them the right to talk to and treat people however they want. What a joke. Community Hospital North is the best place to go, because Riverview and IU both are the same.

Sam Price

This hospital will take advantage when you are not totally coherent and run many unnecessary tests. Then when you are done it’s impossible to get anything done with their billing department, financial assistance, or even get your medical records.

Sara Wood

debra boutwell

I went in for a simple colonoscopy came out feeling like my insides had been torn out. I requested a little extra pain medicine because I have a high tolerance I for it because of past surgeries. I spoke to the nurses I made a note on my chart and I also told doctor Gupta that I needed extra med of some kind to help me from feeling the pain. During the procedure I was screaming please stop and ouch please stop, on my gosh it hurts please stop. I heard it's almost over and then it felt like so much longer the procedure continued. After the procedure the doctor spoke to my husband in recovery mean told him we should have requested an anesthesiologist. He said the doctor that orders the test or performs the test should request that knowing the procedure. And my past history from other colonoscopy is of had. Before the procedure she had the nerve to ask me was IA patient of doctor t I said yes, she said are you sure you're a patient of doctor t. Still not sure what kind of sideways come in that was but she seemed like an angry person. I'm tears all the way home wasn't given anything for pain for when I got home she was way too rough.

Kiana Graham

Chrissy (Nurse) was rude as all get out and extremely irritated while answering a call light . Very unacceptable. If you are not happy with your job you should find another career because your beside manner is extremely horrible .

Ayden Escalera

Shiree Gilbert

I spent 3 nights in this hospital last week. I don't even know where to begin with how our experience went... I was a transfer from a sister hospital. We got there at 5 and weren't spoken to by anyone until 8. We didn't know what was going on, who my nurse was, or my status. When a nurse finally came in she didn't even acknowledge my husband or tell us anything. I had to ask when the dr was going to talk with us and her response was... I don't know. Later that night I woke in the middle of the night to my husband asleep on the chair without a blanket or pillow. After 2 complicated pregnancies, we are champs at hospital stays... I have never been to one where no one offers him anything. It was just strange to us. Day 2...we began to feel like there was a strong lack of communication between staff because no nurse knew anything and didn't bother calling to ask what was happening. What was our last straw was after my arm started to swell after having the iv in for 2 days and I began to feel really cold. I spoke with a nurse who said it's flushing so it's fine... 2 hrs later I started to feel water coming from my arm... the iv had gone bad and instead of removing it right away she left it in for a few more hours because and I quote " I would hate to start a new one" it took me telling her I didn't want it in my arm and it needed to come it for her to ask another nurse to come in an start a new iv... 4 hrs of a bad iv in my arm and me freaking out praying they don't try and out any meds in it! The only high light was my very last nurse joy who was fantastic. But we were sure it was because we complained about our treatment that we got a nurse who doesn't normally work the floor we were on. I can honestly say if I had the choice between this hospital and a farther one... I would take the extra miles. The way they treated us was horrid and I am so thankful I made them take my iv out after speaking with a nursing friend and learning the possibilities of complications. This hospital should really teach their nurses hospitality

J Steward

The staff are GREAT! I have nothing but good things to say about them. I had two babies here (2017 and 2019) and was very happy. The billing system is AWFUL. I've been nickle-and-dimed for my most recent delivery. The cost of my first delivery was on par with the national average. This delivery is $50k (before insurance) and counting. I have no idea what it might be after insurance because some bills aren't even making it to my insurer! When I call to ask questions about parts of my bill that have been mis-coded or things that aren't making it to my insurer, I can't seem to get get anything resolved. If St. V wants to get paid, they should make this easier.

Brooke Fischer

Great staff, waiting times a little long

Joe Hummel

Was sent to St. V’s Carmel Emergency Room. I was seen immediately and the staff was kind, attentive and very informative. The situation was unfortunate on why I was there but they were wonderful. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone. Thank you nurses, doctors and staff!!

brian immel

Discriminating ER doctor I was in critical condition I was bleeding I had to go to another hospital. All this hospital is about to get in some federal legal trouble see you guys in court

Jessica Patton

Er staff are bullies, threating to call cops on someone's wife and child. No posting of flu restrictions yet they hand my wife a letter that they ran behind and printed out to hand to my wife. How dare them. Yet they gave me morphine and other medication so I am unable to drive. Yet my wife got looked at in discust because she's a woman like me. Will be talking to attorney. They aren't suppose to be discussing my medical treatment with other staff members who aren't involved in my care. It's not securities business what test imI having done

Shayna Cummings

AWFUL EXPERIENCE AT ST VINCENT HOSPITAL TONIGHT Just leaving St Vincent Carmel Hospital and had the worst experience ever! After going through triage and getting an EKG and IV the nurse brought in meds to give me and when I refused one of the meds because she couldn't explain to me what it was for she said "You can take the meds or not. I don't care! I will just tell them that you don't want me to take care of you and you will have to wait a really long time for another nurse since there's only three of us! My blood sugar is too low and I haven't had lunch so I don't have time to explain anything!" I politely asked for the supervisor who spoke with me then sent the charge nurse in to "take care of me and administer the meds" of which I refused. So we will be looking for other drs and hospital for our services since all of our physicians are with St Vincent as well. If they are this short staffed and can't show their patients respect we will not be using their services.

Taylor Teppen

Wonderful doctors, nurses and techs! I have always had great service at the hospital.

Elizabeth Bemis

I recently had to make a trip to the ER. The male nurse, Craig, was rude and disrespectful when I explained what was wrong. Nurses don't have enough education to argue with a well-educated patient (Chiropractor with an undergrad degree from IU) who has lived with a genetic condition for a lifetime (now 60 years old). I found him condescending and arrogant. In 2011 I had a trip to this ER with a broken femur. There was another male nurse then, with the same sort of attitude. I had to be admitted for surgery and had metal rods implanted in my leg. The nurses in the med-surg department were uncaring, shallow, self-centered people who didn't give a damn, with the exception of one, a young African woman, who was kind, caring and concerned. I can't recommend this place to anyone based upon my experiences.


Our family had a very good experience in the emergency room. The doctor and nurses seemed professional and knowledgeable. Would go there again if needed and recommend them to others.

Suzie Freck

ER staff was great and very proactive to try to find out why my husband was have severe headache with nausea and ear pressure. However, once he was admitted the care received has gone downhill drastically. We are leaving with no answers except that the scans didn't show anything abnormal. Why not run suggested labs since there was already an IV hooked up? Instead we have to make another appointment to be referred to someone else to run those tests. STUPID!

Reola Bryan

Wanda Wright

I was rushed by ambulance from Seymour to here. I thought I was having a heart attach. They found out that my heart was in stress because of blood clots in my lungs and legs. They are a wonderful staff. They explain everything. I was taken care of so very well from every staff member. Love them for saving my life.

Yiru Mak

BaSanta Aryal

Good hoapital

Grant Kirsh

Great hospital

Beth Lafollette

I'm actually sitting in the ER with my daughter right now. We were waiting in the lobby for an hour and half. Watching people get called back that came in after us and not in serious need. They ordered my daughter a CT scan. A hour and half later they finally came and got her. We have been here now for 4 hors. She is in pain and didnt even bother to give her something to help. Im waiting for her to come back from the scan. Then im sure we will be sitting here for awhile just to hear "its just a kidney infection. Heres a script for antibiotics. Take care. Get out." I totally understand that there other patients but when I go into the hallway and see all the nurses and the one doctor in the whole hospital standing around talking about what they had for lunch....yeah I'm gonna be mad. I use to love this hospital but as the years go by this place has gone down hill. The staff is not friendly at all. Bed side manner is poor to say the least. I don't recommend this hospital to anyone.

Joel Baron

The Doctors, Nurses and everyone else who works for St. Vincent Carmel are fantastic. My family has had 4 procedures at this Hospital and they are top notch in everything that they do. On top of that their billing procedures are second to none as they always put the patient first before making money. I recommend St. Vincent Carmel and Dr. Evanson and their bariatric team to everyone.

Monae Clark

This hospital is not for Kemit people. The staff is very rude and disrespectful. I had a surgery to remove fibroids Tumors on the 12th of September. My Doctor Said told me she would be able to get the big fibroids. I woke up and was told by family that she didn't take none of the fibroids out. Yet i was in so much pain i had seven three big Cuts on my belly and four holes also. Dont go to this place if you are have brown skin!!!! It would be a night mare. I rate this place 0 stars. The staff also get the rating of 0

Staci Blazek

Knew nothing about this hospital until my daughter was born at 28 weeks. She was transported form our local hospital to here and for 72 days this was our home. the staff was great. always willing too help us in anyway they could. they made the scariest time in our lives bearable. Thank you for all your thoughtfulness and care for not only our daughter but the whole family.

Cassandra Reschar

I could go on and on about the exceptional care I have received from this hospital. From the moment I have arrived they've treated me with dignity and respect. The nurses were my patient advocates and always fought for me when I needed it. Two nurses have went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and care has been taken very serious. Brandy from the ER and Farideh in the admitted part of the hospital. I want to thank both of you ladies for the care and love you have shown me as your patient. It certainly hasn't gone unnoticed.

Loris Heck

Called scheduling to check on an appointment time that the reminder phone call did not specify time, just date. I have been left on hold for five minutes.

John Wilmoth

The doctors, nurses and staff are incredible.

carrie dorton

My 15 year old son was hit in the head with a baseball. When we arrived in the ER and explained what happened and what his symptoms were we were taken directly to an exam room. The nurse was in immediately to begin a pre-exam. The doctor was in to see him within 5 minutes. He ordered a CT and my son was taken within 10 minutes of seeing the doctor. While we were waiting for the CT results, my son began having trouble speaking. I notified the nurse and the doctor came back in and we were told that according to the CT results he had a subdural hematoma. They ordered an ambulance to take him directly to St. Vincent hospital in Indianapolis because it is a Trauma 1 hospital. The the care we received from the Carmel ER and the quick diagnosis allowed my son to receive the best possible care. All of the staff, including the check-in desk, the insurance lady, the nurses, the doctor and the ambulance paramedics were friendly and showed genuine concern for my son and his immediate care. We will definitely use Carmel St. Vincent Hospital for any future needs we may have.

Gretchen Boughner

I've had multiple surgeries here at St. Vincent of Carmel. The staff are all very friendly and experienced. I am a nurse also so they say nurses make the worst patients. Thank you St. Vincent of Carmel for making me feel comfortable and taking GREAT care of me.

Charles Harjo

Billing could not get their act together, I have a very very good insurance but these inept monkeys kept sending me $10 bills for items they didn't put in the original and I had to keep sending my insurance to them for over year

Diane White

Have made many ER trips for migraines while my neurologist is changing my meds. Generally, the nurses are always helpful & the doctors are very personable. I had to go back into the ER last night & met the most "judge mental" Doctor I've ever seen. I was there because of a reaction to a new med & had a migraine. He treated the reaction but got no results from the treatment. He refused to treat my migraine with anything other than Benadryl...I left the ER exactly the way I went in. Same symptoms & he said "I don't have an answer for you, call your neurologist in the morning.

Joy Flick

Today the emergency room was slow, intake staff was very rude.

Denise Mancera

Terry Robert Giesbrecht

My wife had surgery end of Jan. this year, the surgeon and nursing staff were exceptional. It's the administration that is terrible, billing department does not return calls, I've left two voicemails over three days and have yet to receive a return call.

Melissa Stevens

Marilyn Robarts

Norma Wilson

Emily Shaffer

Darrell G. Walton

Always seems to get things right from the ER to being admitted to the time I get to go home!

utpal nayak

Wonderful hospital and excellent staff service.


Will not be back. Been waiting to get stitches for a child for over 1.5 hours. No communication. People checking themselves out of this place because there is apparently not enough staff. Is this what healthcare is coming too? Riverview er in westfield can’t get here fast enough. Update: he was at the emergency room for over 4 hours total for nine stitches. This was after first trying to get this taken care of at a medcheck. The staff was friendly and I don’t blame them. They need more staff. This is a severely understaffed emergency room. Want to update that I have been to the new Riverview Hospital ER/Urgent care on 31/32 twice now and we have got RIGHT in with no wait. They are on top of things, super friendly, and adequately staffed. Will definitely be using them in the future for all our emergency room needs. (Hopefully we don't need it for awhile!)

cj carmel

ER IS ABSOLUTE TRASH! Extremely long wait times on emergencies, the nurses have attitudes and are not helpful.

Trevor Whited

hayven miller

The nursing staff would take an hour to get me a water when I was really thirsty. They only ever gave me part of my medicine and ridiculed me for taking pain medicine that I really needed

Marcos Borjas

K chido

Skip Surguine

I have to disagree with some negative perceptions here, as my Care when they discovered I had pertussis and blacking out was excellent. Very responsive and caring nurses. Caring staff.

Amanda Sjoerdsma

Peter Bustamante

Bob Hamilton

My daughter had her baby there and everything and everybody was just great... but they should lose the warm cookies in the waiting rooms... not a healthy choice for a hospital.

Chrissy Bloom

Had my daughter here last year everyone was amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a more kinder staff. Everyone from the nurses to the registration lady even down to the ones who bring your food. Everyone was so helpful the hospital is very nice and clean. I love how the rooms are right by the nursery so you don’t have to walk far to see your baby. The pediatrician was so gentle bathing my daughter and gave me so much first time mom advice. I am looking forward to having my next child here this year. Only thing I didn’t like was the food I had to get take out, but other than that everyone was awesome. Thank you for making my deliver and labor as enjoyable as it could be. Would rate 10 star if I could !!!

Dado Pro

audrey delello

I have had both of my babies at Carmel St Vincent and had great experiences both times! The doctors are great as well as the nurses! Both of our babies spent time in the NICU and they were nothing short of amazing!!

Rita Graham

Great ortho drs from Ortho Indy at this location.

Mona Harrold

Mustafa Z

It's just the best! I fall in love with this hospital LOL

Cindy White

Today I cannot say enough good things about St. Vincent Carmel's Emergency staff. I rushed my daughter in due to extreme abdominal pain. We did have to wait a bit longer than I would of liked (but who likes waiting). Once we got into the room, the staff was swift and thorough. All of them were very calming and caring, from the Resident to the Ultrasound technician (she was amazing btw) to the EMT (also amazing) and his student that administered pain meds to the ER Doc. If you have to have a visit to the ER, this was the one to have.


While the staff at this hospital is great, Ascension will rip you off when it comes to billing. Although the hospital is in network for my insurance, some of their ER doctors and their ambulances are not. But they cannot tell you that until after the service is received and they bill you fir thousands of dollars. I would Never use an Ascension hospital again for this reason.

Kevin Kniptash

Andrew Bigham

Lovely experience for the birth of my first child.

A. J.

0 stars! I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this place! The main nurse I had was not just rude, she was cruel. She made inappropriate comments, and when asked to refrain, she said I was welcome to leave. I've been a PA for 24 years, and worked around and with many healthcare professionals in that time and NEVER have I encountered such an immoral, unethical, obviously self-loathing group of providers. After telling friends of my experience I was told, "They have a nasty reputation for a reason." and I wish I'd known that ahead of time. But I'll make sure to warn others every chance I get! It's unacceptable to treat people who come to a hospital in need of medical care in such a vile way. Save yourself a lot of misery and go anywhere but here! If Jesus were here he'd have a lot to say to the employees at this establishment about his teachings!! This is NOT a true Christian organization! I'll be contacting the administration as soon as I'm feeling better! [Updated July 2018]

Tempest Archie

Pleasant and beautiful staff. The real is it's clean and just peaceful. I love the staff.

Ava Rose

They suck I have to wait hours even though it’s a SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT

John Kane

John Murdock

Orlando Ortega

Excellent and caring service.

Jenna Sharp

The people in radiology and the respiratory therapist we very nice, however almost everyone else I encountered did not seem to care about their patients one bit. I went in for breathing problems and not only did they NOT ask me what medications I am on but they also did NOT let me finish telling my allergies to medications. I will NOT be back to this hospital ER!

Austin Woodruff

Registration area is outdated! the glass barrier is not friendly. ER staff is great though!


I had an aortic aneurysm back in 12/04/14. They were the best ✨

Elizabeth Egan

Ok we took our sick 3 year old into the ER. The check-in process was fine. The nurse that called us back was rude and acted like we were a total inconvenience to her. No compassion, no introduction, interrupted me when she asked what was going on with my daughter. Zero patience, my daughter wasn’t feeling good and has a speech delay with tactile issues. After a failed weigh in, the nurse became obviously annoyed. Then we get to a room and she tries to put a heart monitor on my daughter. My daughter was scared and not feeling well and threw a tantrum. The nurse says, “ Is she always like this?” That’s when I tried to explain again that she has speech delay and gets upset easily plus she’s sick. She had nothing to say but just shook her head, The nurse then put her hands up and said we’ll just try that later in a very annoyed stance and tone. She practically ran out of the room, clearly frustrated. She didn’t say where she was going, what to expect or her name just nothing but annoyed with us. After 30 minutes of waiting without any communication and lots of laughing and joking around outside our room at the nurses station, we decided to leave. I have never encountered such a cold, unprofessional nurse in my life. I understand these professionals work very hard demanding hours and help all types of people, but the ball was really dropped on our visit. We went to Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital (part of the St. Vincent network). The difference was night and day. The men and women at Peyton Manning’s location have patience, compassion and have been trained to help children. It’s very obvious that they genuinely care. I can not say the same for our experience in Carmel. I have never submitted a negative review in my life but this was just frustrating and disappointing.

Eve Touts

GO TO ANOTHER E.R.! I wish I'd waited an extra 10 minutes and had my husband take me to IU! The nurse who came in to "care for me" was foul-faced and acted highly annoyed that I had the nerve to make her work. She asked me my pain level and I said 10/10, and she reacted as if I was lying and said, "It's the worst pain you've ever had?" YES. I waited almost 45 minutes to get an IV. Then I had to wait another 20ish for a DR to come in. He did an 2-second exam and ordered pain and nausea medication. I thought the suffering was over. WRONG! It took the nurse almost an HOUR to bring me the medication. I understand being busy, but this isn't Eskenazi and 1 hour is negligent! I was in tears and would've left had I not been so sick. Turns out I had APPENDICITIS!!! After she learned that, she suddenly stopped treating me like I was just looking for drugs, although she was still rude. I understand that's a problem these days, but MOST people just need medical help, not judgment and rude nurses. Go elsewhere or be treated like a lying, inconvenience! And forget about pain management, they'd rather watch you suffer (which I truly did!) on the off chance you're there for drugs! Why are you a nurse if you hate patients?! The doctor wasn't any better....

Lovely Sunshyne

I gave birth to my last two sons at this location. The staff was extremely nice! I enjoyed my stay entirely. This hospital gets an A+ from me.

Chantel Spurlock

Labor & Delivery 1st nurse was extremely rude 1st anesthesiologist refused to even do his job 2nd nurse was good 2nd anesthesiologist was good. However 2nd nurse and 2nd anesthesiologist administered MORPHINE due to a back injury in order to place the epidural CPS showed up today because the hospital reported the baby tested positive for morphine! REALLY??? BECAUSE YOU ADMINISTERED IT!!! This was my 1st delivery here. All the rest at St Francis. I can say this much.... You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! I have never been so disappointed in St. Vincent's as I was today. We see plenty of drs and specialist through St Vincent. And I am seriously ready to leave just based on the idiotic move they made this time.

RyAnne Watson

The slowest most unorganized hospital. I have been to. They can't tell you the right times. Been here twice now the first time was told to be here at 6 when it was actually 7. I was told I could come back into my mother's room immediately after going to get a bite to eat while waiting on her in surgery. The receptionist said oh no they will call you back. They didn't! So I didn't get to talk to her doc after surgery! Today was told to be here at 11 was here 10:45 wasn't checked in until 11:30 wasn't seen until noon.

Samantha Nielander

After having already went to another hospital for my injury and being misdiagnosed I came here. It was my first time going to this location and the doctors were great! The one specific I believe was Doctor Holmes. She listened to what I was feeling and what I was having problems with. I told her I had come there to get a second opinion and I am so glad she took the time out of her busy day to tend to me, knowing I had been somewhere else previously. Instead of being in pain and not being able to open my eye without the burning and waterworks, I am relieved and my eye is functioning very well. It seems like such a silly injury, but it's the fact she took the time to listen and make me feel better! So I thank you and my eye thanks You!

Donna Byers

I have been waiting in surgery area for 90 minutes. Coffee machine is broke. They were suppose to bring up coffee but have not. My loved one is on surgery. I need a cup of decaf coffee. Please!!

Just Alisha

E Croteau

They canceled my order for a baseline breast cancer screening MRI, per policy by some unnamed radiologist. I researched, and ACOG current guidelines don't even recommend interrupting breastfeeding for the agent used. They amended my record to say I need to stop breastfeeding for 3 months before they will do it! And while I was encouraged to call and speak to a radiologist directly, my calls have gone unreturned. Shame on you, Ascension Health for this potentially lethal delay of care!!!!

Joe Sappington

Not sure who designed this hospital but to have the nurses station right outside patient rooms was a bad idea. Especially when the nurses deside to talk all night. I realise hospitals are not a place to go for rest but sitting here at 2:00 in the morning listening to the I v pump which sounds like a dripping faucet, and then the bed which sounds like a jet taking off every 15 minutes. I can't even get to sleep for the nurses to come wake me up. Never again

Kelley Burnett

I have COPD. For the last 5 days I've had a very deep painful dry cough. Dr Smith knew right away what I needed & communicated with me on what he wanted me to have done & immediately got me something strong for pain/cough. Dr Smith was knowledgeable, friendly & kind. All the support staff including nurses I encountered were amazing. Upon discharge I felt 100% better. Thanks Dr Smith, and thanks to everybody who helped with my care. Kelley

Madison Hamblen

Absolutely horrible experience in the ER. Since June 2016 I’ve had 4 surgeries on my ovaries! Each time I have severe pain my OB sends me to the ER for immediate testing. Well today I waited almost an hour to get taken back. Then almost 2.5 hours to be seen. While I’m sitting I told the med student doctor that I was in severe pain. No pain meds or anything. Finally once the Physician assistant came in, she ordered some meds. After my ultra sound came back, she came in and went over results. She was very rude to start off. Also, when she came in she continue to be little me. Made it sound like I like being there as much as I have been. I’m a young female with severe problems. From there, she then REFUSED to do a catscan to rule out other things. I am very upset with how I was treated, and I think St.Vincents should do something with how their staff treated me as a patient. My nurse on the other hand was running around like crazy, but still was amazing!

Cj Sizemore

Terrible ER service. Then even worse follow up with Dr Denman ob/gyn.

Chloe Luka

We had our first daughter here a few weeks ago and were blown away by the service and care we received. The labor rooms are huge and have so much space as well as amenities for you to use! Each nurse we interacted with was kind, gracious and took care of us so well. We felt so loved and cared for the entire time that we were there. They always listened to me, were gracious with all my first time mom questions and were thorough in their care for us during our stay. Jamie, Katelyn, Lori and Jo were incredible nurses - we couldn't have done this without them and are so thankful for how each of them went above and beyond for our stay with them. I highly recommend this hospital if you are deciding where to go for having a baby! :)

Shalondra Harris

I'm very very pleased with this hospital been coming for 4 years.... Very frustrating with my issues but the hospital is alright with me....

Kathleen Spears

Alisha Lovell

I've never had better experience their all so friendly and helpful and comes right away

Taylor Johnson

I had my second daughter here and it was wonderful! My labor nurse was Carrie (not sure on spelling) and she was fantastic! I could not of asked for a better nurse! I see Dr. Said and while I absolutely love her, she was unfortunately out of town for my delivery. Dr. Moon was covering for her and she was great! I felt very comfortable even though I had never met her before. The whole experience made me want to have another baby!

Neil Mack

Registering takes forever. The wait was 40 minutes. I even did the pre-registration online.


Worst hospital experience EVER. They told me it was all in my head and was just anxiety. When I followed up with my primary care doctor it turns out I had PNEUMONIA and was severely ill. I will never return.

Charlie Goshay

The doctors really care.


I had first class care at St Vincent for emergency abdominal surgery! I was there 4 days and loves all the caregivers. They would go out of their way to see you were taken care of.

mark paynter

It's too bad they don't have a -5 star review my mother and older sister spent six and a half hours to admit my younger sister (with a scheduled admittance!)

Kaitlynn Powers

This hospital deserves no stars!!! I've never been so disgusted by a bunch of nurses in my entire life!! They are rude, hateful, a disgrace to ever being a nurse !! My grandmother has been in icu for almost 2 weeks now. I'll ask a nurse a question and they will get an attitude about what I have asked along with other family members! She'll need to be changed and they won't change her for almost 20-30 minutes EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO NOBODY!! THIS HAS BEEN A HORRIBLE TIME AND I HAVE TO STILL CONTINUE TO DEAL WITH THEIR UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE UNTIL SHE IS BETTER!! WHAT A DISGRACE !!!!

JOHN Herder

The ER staff was great! Art was not. He was condescending and tried to make changes to my Care Plan. My original Care Plan was very good. He can’t make changes to it in a five minute meeting.

Jacob Mettler

Brian E

I recently moved to Carmel. Upon arriving I received a welcome letter from St. Vincent Carmel Hospital offering to send me information. I took them up on it and it arrived promptly. Additionally, Sharon Payne RN sent me a letter offering to assist in finding a doctor. A short time later I received an introduction letter from Dr Puja Singh, again with an offer to call and schedule a visit. In the course of finding a new doctor here, I contacted Dr Singh's office and received the voicemail system. I left my contact information and requested they call me to set up an appointment. I never heard back from anybody there. So a few days later I contacted Sharon Payne RN at the number on her letter, to assist me. I also received her voicemail system and left my information with a request to contact me. Again, no response from her either. I visited St Vincent Carmel Hospital's main page in hopes of finding a phone number of email under "Contact Us". My only option was to complete the generic form, which I did and explained my situation about my requests for contact for an appointment never being fulfilled. Well, guess what? No contact from anybody up to this point. So despite St Vincent Carmel Hospital's warm welcome via letter, it seems nobody there wants to follow through and actually meet the needs of my family by assisting in, or setting up an actual doctor's appointment! I was able to make a call to a live person at an IU Health affiliated doctor locally and believe it or not, make an appointment on that very call. I guess in the end St Vincent Carmel Hospital might think about stopping with all the "welcome letters" and wellness offers, it might save them a few bucks. Because in the end they are not interested in actually doing what they are in business for, and that is to actually see patients to begin with.


We had our daughter delivered here in march 17... We had a wonderful experience for most of our stay. The only thing negative that we experienced with our visit happened to be the labor and delivery nurses who seemed to not have any personality or care what was going on. They were there to do their job and go home that's it. It was unfortunate experience but I don't want that to outshine the rest of our visit. This is a great place to have your child.

Brandee Fudge

Mercy Mandaza

Mike Clouse

Ralph Cline

Great place very nice my new daughter was just born there

Dakhota One

In the ER yesterday/last night and worst ER we have ever experienced!! DO NOT GO HERE. Checked in at 2:30 pm, they were to get my wife into a CT scan and drew blood to do blood work. The Dr. communicated she wanted her to get a CT scan at 5 pm or so. Blood was drawn around 4 pm. At 7:30 PM when no one had given us an update on blood work nor come to get her for a CT scan we summoned Dr./Nurse to come take out the IV so we could leave. Dr. and nurse entered the room and informed us her blood drawn had hemolyzed (gone bad and not useable to test). Also asked us why my wife did not want a CT scan. We informed them it was ordered two hours ago and no one ever came to get her or followed up on that. We had them remove the IV and got the hell out of there!! Yes, 6 hours and nothing was completed to help or diagnose issue. Symptoms were sever abdominal pains in the right side area and intermittent. This facility is BROKEN!!!!!!

Amber Tucker

It's been nearly a year since I delivered my daughter at this hospital. (Most) of the nurses seemed annoyed by the fact that I was in labor. I literally felt bad every time I had to ask them for something - one of my nurses, who was pregnant at the time, acted irritated by my every request. I tried to console her and engage in friendly banter, to no avail. Shouldn't she have been consoling me, the one who was actually in labor? I wondered why most of these nurses were in their profession if they seemed to hate it so much. We had two nurses, who I would say loved their job, which is really sad. I was a patient, but I felt like an inconvenience most of the time. The "complimentary" massage after you give birth is false. They did away with that program, but still continue to advertise it. I don't mind, but I don't like being told to expect something then not be given it. It just seems like false advertising. Visitors came and went freely. They never were checked by security or asked for a code. The desk didn't even meet their eyes or greet them. My visitors were surprised by this, as they boast about how secure the maternity wing is, and it wasn't. They fed my daughter formula without asking, and they gave her a pacifier without asking. As a mother who was trying to breastfeed, this was frustrating. As the program I took at this very hospital said to not do those very things. Every nurse had a different opinion, which left me, the new mother, very confused about what to do. Breastfeeding was difficult. Each time they stated to call Lactation. I called Lactation 15 minutes prior to feeding, to allow them time to get to my room. They would stroll in an hour later. At that point, I had already attempted to feed my hungry baby. My daughter had to have a tongue tie revision, which nobody seemed qualified to know if it had been resolved or not. They didn't offer suggestions of specialists I could go to in order to see if it was resolved. I was essentially on my own, which is scary and frustrating when you have a child with eating difficulties. I called Lactation on the phone at this location a few times, and when I presented my problems they had nothing to say. I asked them why they had nothing to say. The woman stated, "Well, you're yelling at me." I was in no way yelling or raising my voice. They made a very halfhearted attempt to try to help my breastfeeding issues. They essentially wanted to wash their hands of me and have me leave them alone. I wondered if they are used to "demanding/snobby women" in Carmel, so perhaps they unknowingly treat every one with disdain because they expect it. I was greatly disappointed, as I tried to be friendly and wanted my birth experience to be a positive one. When I look back on it, I get anxiety thinking about delivering at this hospital again. I like my doctor, but I wish she worked somewhere else. Regardless, a doctor didn't deliver my baby anyway, the nurse and my husband did. The doctor wasn't even in the room until after the baby had been born. The final thing that I was amazed by, was the fact that I asked a nurse for diaper cream, since my daugher's bottom seemed to be really red. The nurse told me she didn't need it because she didn't have diaper rash. When I took my daughter to the pediatrician, they told me she had severe diaper rash. As a new mother, I trusted the nurse because I figured she knew better than I did. Turns out she just didn't want to be bothered to go get diaper cream. The whole experience was just really frustrating and upsetting. I don't know what to do the next time I'm pregnant. Stay here and know I'll have a poor experience, or try to look for a new doctor/hospital. {Updated 2018} I went to IU North for my 2nd pregnancy and had a MUCH better experience. I would recommend them for Ob/Gyn services hands down over St. Vincent Carmel.

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