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Kate Vaughn

the hospital employment doesn't sounce nice. they was being impolite on the phone. i was trying to get some help and never felt great about myself when anyone being impolite. i thought hospital willing help me and they seem not nice and not friendly. i am being honest with my true joseph, i may feel sorry for you being impolite on phone while i'm asking for some help. you turned into two-faced at me and being awful hospital which i refuse go there. you are losing all your patients if you are being rude. i wish i could ask nicely and you do the fair. show your respect and love. as nurse and doctor cares about people and save their lives.

Annon M

Overheard staff say there are beds but no staff. I fear the worst. Nurse was nice but incompetent. Dr was good. IT'S VERY DIRTY HERE. YUK.

Mandie Grosjan

I wish I could put a zero because my finance is in ICU n they r jerks I over heard a nurse yelling at one of her patiences so sad it was because the lady or guy keep taking off his blanket. I'm going to see about taking to a head nurse. I hate this hospital so much. If my life depended this hospital I would never ever let my dead dog come here. Worst hospital in fort Wayne in. This was on 7/ 18/19

Suzanne Green

Cassandra Richards

They treat patients very poorly.

Rachel Busche

Terrible hospital ,terrible staff ,terrible care

SergeantMom Coop

A Ft Wayne VA doctor observed something odd with a vet's pedal pulse on one foot and immediately got him admitted to St Joe. Their doctors were fantastic. St Joe's tests showed over 90% blockage from hip to toes. The timely and exemplary treatment and care provided by St Joe's specialists saved my friend's life as well as his foot. I, too, have been sent to St Joe by Ft Wayne VA for special tests and was taken to a different Ft Wayne hospital for treatment of a broken arm; I can say without hesitation that if given the choice, I'd get all my civilian provided care at St Joseph. St Joe staff, like Ft Wayne VA staff, are top notch. I can't thank them enough.

Terrence Maxwell

Bridgit Moore


Rachel meade

This place told me that I pulled a muscle then a couple days later had to have an emergency surgery because they have to pull my appendix out because it was a an acute appendix and was inflamed but it was a pulled muscle I will never ever go back to this place for ER visit again I would go to Parkview for all my emergency visit. If i only want the ice I will go to st.joe. The nurse had told me to go pee in a the thing four a pee test I told her I don't need to go potty she made me anyways nothing came out until the third time and that was because they had but IV in me and was putting liquids in me . I think I shouldn't pay $75 for that stupid visit that they told me it was a pulled muscle but it was actually my appendix.

Adali Guerra

Brionna Adams

Rude they do not give you the best care and respect take yourself and your children to lutheran hospital only


My Cardiologist went through St. Joe hospital, I spent a week and half in ICU at St. Joe and it was good.


They always put you on hold for a long time . They are rude . They transfer you and keep doing it so you will hang up .

Adrian Wells

Visting and it is a reminder why I don't come to place. Smh a complete mess. Still can't wrap my head around if a person has had a stroke/heart attack why they are not on a cardiac unit? I come here looking for the room and can't find it because it is in the old burn unit. Then to have several workers pass me and see me puzzled; do you think they asked did I need help. No they didn't. If I was at Parkview they would have ask did I need help and took me to where I was going to. Nurse had no bed side manner.

Alan Wilson

They've got very kind staff and treated us well. Very happy.

Alicia Smith

I was seen quickly on a Wednesday morning in the ER, but when given meds by a nurse I was horrified to find coffee grounds at the bottom of my cup. The excuse was that the cups were located next to the coffee. He then tried to rinse out the cup and give it back. Never again unless I receive severe burns....

Patricia Clem

visiting from out of state...had a tooth ache, my sister called to get info of if I should come in or medical advise over the we went, the p.a. was rather stupid, saying we don't work on dental...i said I knew it was a waste of my time..she didn't even know which broke off, and then said she could give anti/something for pain...which I walk out...mad, hurting...called my Dr in florida..left message to call for anti to be sent mean time called st back..the rm from first trip, mary was very emphatic takin stats, but the other th informed me that since I was not discharge I would have to come back thank you...rn's very good.. phy/assist was not too smart:(...fw native visiting...

Josh Nibert

My husband is lying in Goshen Hospital fighting for his life after being at St. Joe. What a poor excuse for a hospital. I wouldn't recommend it to my worse enemy.

Danial Rothgeb

Elizabeth Altizer


I was airlifted to the St Joe Burn Unit after a severe electrical accident. I had multiple surgeries and skin grafts. I was given amazing care by the doctors, nurses, and staff. I was never kept waiting or neglected. It is obvious that each of them has a passion for excellence and helping people. Also, the rooms were cleaned every day, and as much hospital food gets a bad rap, the meals were good. I would recommend this Hospital to everyone! THANK YOU Saint Joseph!


The worst hospital in fort wayne!!!!!!!!!

Keith Robinson

I have to say this hospital was the most caring hospital that I have been to in a long time the staff drs and nurses was so kind I just want to say thank you to all of them



These people do not kno how to do there job right every one should be fired

Brian Pugh

You never want to be in any hospital, but if you find yourself needing to be this is a decent place. It is old, and outdated as far as the building. Patient rooms are the size of a large closet. But they are getting ready to build a new hospital right behind this one. Than they will tear this one down. Staff is wonderful, smart, and kind. They really know there stuff.

Sara Silver

The Billing Department is soooooo RUDE! I tried to call and ask a question about my account and the woman on the phone was such a jerk. It is not my fault that she hates her job so why does she take it out on me. The entire LUTHERAN HEALTH NETWORK sucks! Seems like all they want is money and do not care about their "patients". Guess I will go to Parkview Health from this point forward because at least they are not RUDE AS HELL!


Horrid had to ask for ems to go to another hospital before they took me serious. And actually use the words "pretty sure" they figured out what was wrong with me by only looking in my ear. You're better off going to a ready med for sure.

Lisa Wade

Maung Wan

Lexy Ellis

Worst experience as expected from the last visit Pretty pathetic visit Treated like I was a burden

Andrew Francis


Worst hospital ever rude & disrespectful & they will kill you in there if your life was at stake

Kelsey Felger

A family member was in the burn unit. Where people drive hours for this burn unit. There were some great nurses. But we had several nurses that ignored him in extreme pain because his nurse was on lunch. We were not the only people with problem with this nurse. When we filed a complaint and no one would even listen just insisted she was a good nurse. She made a med error and again the hospital would not even acknowledge, she made a mistake and left a man hyperventilating for a half hour before anyone came into the room and actually did something. We asked to speak to a doctor about a different pain regiment and they send s therapist in. This hospital actually acted he burned 25 percent of his body so he could have drugs. They had nurses new to the burn unit that had no experience dealing with burn. I took two weeks off of work because I did not trust this hospital with the care of my loved one. I’ve had long stays in other hospitals. And I’ve never ever been so angry at the care of this hospital. Now we are in outpatient burn care and he called them all week and no one will answer. He’s left messages. No one will call back. Same thing with insurance and Workman comp they could never get ahold of them. Unfortunately it’s your only choice in this area for a burn unit, and if it’s emergency’s you’ll get sent here automatically. Its just amazing how they’re the only burn unit... and still be so TERRIBLE

Ed Savage

N Brown

The nurses was so evil I will start going to Parkview they are not worth my insurance

myat soe


shante ochoa

TERRIBLE SERVICE VERY RUDE STAFF I brought my mom here today for an X-ray ,as we're walking back to our room a woman was searching for her shoes someone stole them,as I entered my room someone stole my iPhone charger as well DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!!if the staff likes you they MIGHT treat you okay

Wendy Ferguson

I worked @ St. Joe and was treated really bad. My fingers got stuck in an elevator and they basically acted like I lied about it. I can no longer streighten my fingers right. They would not allow me to second opinion, because they said insurance would not cover it. Even though I had a witness who helped me get my hand out. A lot of the nurses treat the patients bad. I would never take my any of my family members to St. Joe Hospital. I know it is normal for people to put their hand in front of elevator doors to keep them open, but please be careful not to do this. Even though I can use my hand and fingers. It hurts up my arm and my fingers get very sore. I am really scared that someone else may get hurt even worse than I did.

Kindra Sorensen

jake sexton

Awful place. So many times they said "nothings wrong" when there was. My moms ankle was broke multiple places and they couldn't tell. They told a friend nothing was wrong with his son and he literally collapsed at their front door leaving and flat lined before reaching another hospital. They told my mom nothing was wrong with her gallbladder and 3 days later she neded emergency surgery. They told my girlfriend nothing was wrong with her appendix and she just needed emergency surgery a couple days later... The surgery incidents happened not even a month apart ill never trust them again

Racquel Ervin

My girlfriends brother got burned really bad and we went to the hospital and they cleaned it up and told us to go here the next morning. So we came in and now we sit and wait for hours while he is in pain because they only run by appts. Well if someone is in sever pain I would think to be taken care of first ask questions later. But no. He has to sit here in pain.

Tay Brooks

Worse service ever

Nick Gordon


I was sent here because my doctor told me I should because I mentioned I'd been depressed for years. Ok, no big deal. A few days later, I went to the front desk in person. I didn't know what to expect, but I told them that my doctor asked me to come here for something. They took me through (and charged me through) the EMERGENCY ROOM. My life's savings, gone. All I did was sit in a bed for a little while, not knowing how much anything cost, not knowing why I was there. They asked me a few questions, called a few expensive experts, and left me to rot for a few hours. They didn't code it as anything, so my insurance didn't cover it.

Dutch Rose Master

I thought I liked this hospital until I realized their doctors don't have experience the e.r paternity doctor needed assistance from a nurse a doctor is suppose to be in charge not the nurse.

Alexa Anderson

My aunt was here and the care was horrible. There were dirty linens in her bathroom that were not hers. The staff was extremely impolite and there were always people yelling in the hallway. Very very VERY unimpressed. I have never experienced this amount of unprofessionalism anywhere.

Deb Morrow

I took my husband to the ER at St. Joseph's on two occasions: Aug 17 and Aug 19 2019. Best thing I ever did. We walked in on Aug 17 and he was descended upon like a flock of pigeons on a single piece of popcorn in the park!! They had him gowned, undressed, plugged into the saline solution and the EKG machine, vitals taken, blood drawn and off to the lab, and scheduled for a CT before I could figure out the number on the room we were in!!! Two hours later, Dr. Troy Crouse was shaking my hand and making sure I was fine, hold my husband's hand and explaining everything to him, eye to eye, and making sure he understood EVERYTHING that had been done, should be done and what the next steps were and reassuring him as if he was the only patient that he had and the only one that mattered at all. In between, his nurse, Sam, had been in and out, making sure everyone (my husband AND I) was okay and had everything we needed - something to drink, a TV controller, etc. I was just amazed at the kindness, efficiency and thoroughness of this place. Dr. Crouse told us if the symptoms returned to come back and on the 19th, we returned and lo and behold, Sam and Dr. Crouse were on duty again. They redid everything, explaining before they started, why they had to re-do it all and what they would do, if this or if that. Again, the kindness, the thoroughness, the personal touches. Sam is the best nurse ever and if you ever have an emergency, pray you have a doctor like Dr. Crouse - he CARES!!! He's good - no, he's GREAT - and he means what he says and says what he means. No mincing of words and nothing hidden. I'm so glad we found St. Joseph's ER. We are from FL and working at the genealogy library in Ft. Wayne. St. Joe's was 2 blocks away. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thanks to Dr. Crouse and Sam and the rest of the staff we saw. From the check in desk to the check out, it was the best ER experience we've ever had.

Ellen Bogan

One year later my daughter Mary Beth is fine! So many thanks to you all. Will be forever greatful. You rock!

Darren Jellison

Hold on to your fannys and strap yourselves in because I am about to learn you a thang about the St Jo @ Fort Wayne Burn Unit. My friend was in an accident and he's not much older than being just a wee little tot. He was airlifted there from out of town. He is the bravest lil tot I know so I'm sure he was doing just fine, but it takes a special piece of heart to provide piece for someone who's alone and unsure of the future. The staff being sent from the sweet baby Jesus on high, have him doing extremely well. In fact he was discharged today. I don't know who these people are, and I didn't have the comfort of being with my friend, but from what I've heard over and over is that they are the best staff of all time. Thanks you St Joseph Burn Unit for your work, and for taking care of the people I love. My friend is coming home today. *drops mic*

Taysha Carter

JAKE midwest sound labs

worse hospital in the area i was released with a broken neck after coming out of a coma goto another hospital

Connor Green

I had a pleural effusion diagnosed out of state and came back to St. Joe's for treatment. When I arrived, they responded well, gave me a room and treatment, and performed the procedure effectively. Another time I came back with a stress rash all over my body and my throat was beginning to swell up. The doctors again, gave me a room, diagnosed the problem and gave me drugs that worked AMAZINGLY. In a week, there weren't any sensitive areas or itchy spots left. Overall, I would say the people complaining about the hospital are people who expect more from an ER than should be expected. Sure there may be some cases of bad negligent nurse or doctor experience, but childbirth IS different than heart pain. An ER is for EMERGENCIES. Not a cough in the middle of the night.

Madeline Garvin

Evening staff doesn't wear ID badges! Night ER nurse is inefficient; doesn't enter data in computer; attendant at registration desk doesn't listen well; the security & X-ray tech are the only 2 worth their salt b/c I wasn't even triaged upon arrival, but left in a waiting room for 45 minutes.

Matt Jones

The health care sucks the staff is friendly

amanda erhardt


They are strong staff doing a good job multiple tasks in burn unit very good at tending to patients needs and doctors orders prompt at nurse calling helpful in assisting me finding a decent hotel at my asking they were busy but made a couple minutes to guide me I'm grateful for that

Kennedy Film Production

I went in the ER with a bandaid on my head from a head injury and had a cut. They did nothing and made me wait on the bed to only give me a another bandaid. They said everything was ok. My mom, a diabetic, came in with swollen legs to the point where she couldn’t walk. And after waiting 5 hours, they told her to see a cardiologist and to “elevate her legs”. Wouldn’t recommend this place at all!

Daniel Betz

We took my mom to the emergency room. She has dementia and can t make decisions on her own. While the sign says no more than two visitors in a room, neither me nor my wife were allowed back with her. We waited an hour and a half before my wife asked to go back there with her. By the time we were finally allowed to go back there, my mom was being discharged.

Shanoa Russell

Tashia abbie thea took very care of my daddy they deserve a raise. Keep up the good care. They went above an beyond

Crystal Hapner

I had a very horrible experience at this hospital and I do not recommend anyone to go here. I was seen quickly by a doctor, trying to explain to her that I had nerve pain and that it often got worse at night, to the point that it was difficult sleeping at night and caused behavioral and cognitive problems. I looked the symptoms up and I believed it was possible I may have fibromyalgia. I tried to talk to this doctor about it and she kept believing that I was too stressed out or that it was diabetes. She didn't listen to me at all, and when they tested my glucose levels using a test I later looked online to see if it was true that you couldn't eat anything before you took it, and they claimed my glucose levels were extremely high (and the doctor said that I had diabetes with a smile on her face, not at all being sympathetic). I told them that I actually ate before I took the test, as I am taking a medicine that requires me to eat before I take it. I tried to explain this to the nurse and she claimed I was wrong and I needed to go to a diabetes class every week, when I had to go to work and I wasn't going to waste my time going to a class for something I knew I didn't have. When I explained I thought they were wrong about their diagnosis on the phone, the nurse got very rude, even claimed that I was hanging up on her when I was in a store with very bad reception (she also called my mom's phone despite it not really being an emergency). They called me so many times throughout the day about going to a class and taking my diabetes medication to the point that it was harassing and I had to shut my phone off. I went to a different doctor eventually, and they tested my glucose levels. They were normal. I wasn't even close to being diabetic.

Debbie Cooper

Went in ER with a TIA......Er was great. The floor nurses never brought my meds. 1 vital done. Never explained anything to me....try to make me take meds my Lutheran doctors didnt prescribe. Ice pack no pain relief....the hospital doctor was in such a hurry he didnt get my info nor try to help me. Im a 3 time cancer survivor plus had a stroke t yrs ago....Ive never been treated so bad...even laughed at in all my medical times. I plan to call and meet with the RN director plus Director on floor nursing....horrible, scary experience!


I wasn't impressed with the courteous and professional manner I expect when Ian forced to visit an ER. I believe the staff's opinion of what may not seem to b a qualifying emergency to them could b kept to tthemselves instead of the manner in which I was instructed. Everyone has an off day though.

Tonia Douglas

I never said this

Ashley Scribner

They took 5 hours to tell us that my 8 month old may have asthma, when we requested to leave the dr on , 10/13/2016 between 10 am and 3pm could only say that his death would result from us leaving. He said this more than 3 times. They are rude, my son's mother was in tears because they wouldn't tell us any information. We only got info because I had to act out and call them dumbasses out of there name.

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