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REVIEWS OF Schneck Medical Center IN Indiana

Kelsey Kaiser

Edgar Dominguez

very bad service I do not recommend this hospital they are only interested in the money of the insurances

Marvetta douglas

I wish that I could leave a negative 5. I called the lab to see if they used a company called LabCorp and they told me that they did. So I went in to have the bloodwork that my doctor requested. Not all of the test for ran nor did they use LabCorp. So the doctor asked me to go have the test ran again. I went someplace else to get my lab work done. Then I called Schneck Medical Center to find out what the problem was. The the person told me they have never used LabCorp. She said I don’t know who would have told you that we have our own in house Lab. I was being billed $351.94 for something that was not complete and was not processed with the company I requested. She said I will have someone call you because I don’t know what happened. Five phone calls later they have someone from the lab call me. She told me she did not know why I would think that someone at Schneck wold tell me that because they have their own Lab. Basically calling me a liar. I did go in several months later to pay the $351.94 bill (That was the amount after my insurance paid) But told them I can make them two guarantees. One being that I would never use their hospital ever again . Secondly that I would leave feedback letting others know what to expect of their service and customer service. Hope this information will help others!! Also I only paid $35.04 after insurance with LabCorp.

Charlie Benitez

Nathaniel Taylor

This post is for my mother patty taylor, My mother was sent home with very poor breathing problems, because your own staff cant start an IV or draw blood properly. Or even give the patients there rights when it comes to how many times they want to stick you she had no patient rights at this hospital and some very rude lab people.

Clyde Reber

Seymour Hospital, To the third floor they was out of sight when I took my wife over there they cap her over night and done some testing and they got her filling better The third floor staff was out of sight just like the V A hospital Louisville Ky Clyde Reber

Mya Eglen

Extremely negligent in letting me know results from my tick borne disease blood test. I would have had about as much luck if I had taken myself to a veterinarian. Keep driving past Schneck Medical Center to the next hospital, whatever direction that is for you. You will be better off.

Bonnie L Decker

My husband was seen in the ER in early March of this year. The professionalism and absolute rudeness of the ER personnel was horrible. They made a number of error's and mistakes and when brought to their attention they did not want to hear it. First, they put the wrong attending physician name on his paperwork and the and when leaving they even gave me a work note that had another patients name on it. I called the Patient Care Services line and left a message....3 weeks later, I've still had no response. I even sent an email, again no response.Neither of us will be returning to Schneck. They certainly do not care about their treatment of patients.


Barb Stuckwisch

Andrea Sons

Terrible hospital. it's nothing but a band aid place, The doctors don't know what they're doing half the time.

Diana Boknecht

Candy was wonderful before I went in for my back injection surgery. I had a doctor's order for my routine blood work, I told her about my orders to have my routine blood work done and she went ahead and drew my blood after she put my IV in. I was very happy that she did this because I am a very hard person to get blood drawn from. It saved me another trip to the hospital to get my blood work done since she went ahead and drew it then.


Cameron VanNatta

Six grand for a colonoscopy that found nothing. Can only apply for debt relief once a year, so I'm stuck with it.

Debra Scott

I took my son to the Emergency Room for severe back pain. He has fought it for years. The nurse and Dr the took care of him were excellent! This was on 12/3/18.. hes been treated terribly at other hospitals.. very impressed ...

Rick Jackson

I had an emergency with a broken leg I haven't been to a hospital for 50 yrs, I was treated with such compassion and professionalism from everyone I meet, wow made horrible experience very tolerant. Thank you staff and Dr Gerth !

Jessica King

Bobbie Tarr

These people have jerked my daughter around for 4 month's and when we come in the nurse's are the most rude I have ever seen!!!! I would not bring my dog here to be treated so rude!!!

Peggy Findley

My husband was treated with dignity and received great nursing care. Dietary was very helpful when eating became a problem.

Tammy allen white

Julie Reichert

I have been in and out of the hospital many times over the last 3 years for numerous reasons BUT I know that from now on if I need to be seen I will be going back to Schneck Medical! I was treated with respect and kindness and generosity! They treated me as if I was thier only concern for the day and I was thier only reason they came to work that morning! When you are the one receiving treatment and people are willing to go that extra mile you don't forget! Thank you to all the lady's on the second floor surgery! May God bless you all for your time and kindness!

Brilynn Roberts

Amazing Care!

Teresa Powell

I was going thru the Bariatric process, which is a very long process, I had jumped thru EVERY hoop. The day I was to have my long awaited surgeons appt they tell me that Psych wanted to put it off because I was not ready! Seriously?! They don’t even know me! What they wanted was more money! I am soooo done! I would NOT recommend! All they r is money suckers!

Candace Freeman

Ivan Pendaz

F Hurley

treva cooper

The nurses was wonderful. Took very good care of me.

Debbie Cook

The receptionist is excellent. All the nurses, techs and doctors I have had contact with are excellent. I would hughly recommend this to everyone in need of medical help.

Dave Rose

Vee Bill

Timothy Baker

Nikki Sicks

Quite frankly, I would not even take my dog here. Got surgery here and it was a horrible experience. Post-op was horrible (vague on follow-up care). I even had to come back to the emergency department the same day I got my surgery and was abused by the ER doctor. Morel of this story, go to Columbus Regional if you want to be treated with compassion and respect because you will not receive that at Schneck Medical Center.

Paul Belmont

We had a recent experience in the maternity ward and I cannot say enough good things about our the people at Schneck. The nurses were so kind and attentive and made us feel so warm and welcomed during such a stressful time. Even the ladies who brought our meals up were very kind. Thank you very much for everything.

Jennifer Irene

I was a patient in your ER, Tuesday morning, November 25, 2014, and even though the symptoms I was having were not indications of a serious condition, I felt as if I were in the right place had I been in serious trouble. Each person who provided care for me, from the gentleman who greeted me at the front desk, to the team of three nurses who did my assessment, to the doctor who treated me, and even the technician who x-rayed my chest, was kind, friendly, caring, and efficient. The nurse who continued my care was knowledgeable and personable. The nursing director even stopped in to greet me and to check on me, which was very thoughtful and reassuring to me. I thought the whole experience was notable, because instead of being simply clinically excellent, the atmosphere was bright, clean, comfortable and welcoming. With six children and a large extended family, I have found myself in various hospitals in and around Jennings County over the past few years, and Schneck is definitely the finest hospital of those I have visited. I know this was not a lucky, one-time event either, because this past summer, my husband was a patient in your ER, and his care and our experience was just as excellent then too. So not only will I recommend you to family and friends, I will add “having a wonderful hospital close by” to my list of things for which to be thankful. Thank you for the excellent care I received, and may God bless you!

Daniel Bohm

Friendly staff

Diana Zárate

Ryan Seay

Taylor Anderson

John Perry

Had the most clueless doctor here a podiatrist that kept misdiagnosing my condition. He's in his mid 30s and has a crappy attitude and his staff screwed up my appointment in the first place. Don't go here unless you're dying and can't get to some other facility. If anything do your homework and find competent medical help

Holly Shrum

Nick Schroeder

Very efficient and friendly service. Wait times are usually not too long.

Mindy Roeder

Awesome! The staff are knowledgeable and nice, the physician I saw spoke very intelligently and was down to earth and this place is very clean. I felt well taken care of.

Travis&Justice McCorkle

I had surgery May 5th 2018, Everyone was fantastic except the nurse back in the ER part, She was highly rude and treated my husband like dirt, If you don't want to be friendly to the patients & Do your job then please go clean bathrooms somewhere! Other than that My nurses were great & So were both doctors I seen.

Matthew Franke

This place isn't like Scrubs at all

Colin Spiekermann

Brandi Holbrook

My wife has a service dog. She was rushed to the hospital for emergency help due to her heart. She asked if her service dog could come in and they told her NOT without paperwork. That is against the law. Her dog is not a emotional companion and is self trained to handle her seizures as well as protect her while she is seizing. There is NO paperwork required and the ADA law's stand by that and so do Indiana laws. She didn't want to fight with them due to having a heart attack at the time and not enough energy. Pos hospital and a ada lawyer is being talked to on her behalf

Barbara Darkis

I had surgery 1/12/2016. I was treated so good from the time I was prepared for surgery until I went home the next day. I want to thank everyone on the second floor for all the excellent treatment and compassion I received. You were all so great to me. You were all so cheerful and made my healing and my stay so much better. Thank you all so very much. Barbara Darkis

Andrew Dickmeyer

Place sucks

Mike Barracuda

Mom Singing

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